Brood and shoot: new Dirge of Cerberus screens

The frenzy surrounding PlayStation role-playing classic Final Fantasy VII continues. The US version of Dirge of Cerberus, the kinda-sorta sequel that puts a big ol' gun into your hand and lets you loose, is on its way. Today, Square Enix has let flyseveral new screens that highlight elements of the game we haven't seen before.

This action game was an unexpected departure from the series' typical turn-based RPG style, but we're getting more used to the idea now that we've got our hands on it. Check out the new pics, which show off bad-girl Shelke's wicked energy blades and hero Vincent Valentine, hiddenstud of FFVII, cooperating with some friendly soldiers - among other things. Then catch up on everything else you need to know in ourhands-on preview. There are alsoseven moviesof the game for you to choose from, so don't hesitate to gorge yourself on the mystery and mood.