Dewy's Adventure

Water is mucky: Its transparent and innocent nature disguises rocky minerals, sewage, treatment plant chemicals and all manner of grim things that fall off human bodies and get sucked down the drain. And so it is with Dewy’s Adventure, a watery challenge that flows through and pilfers from countless gaming strata like a bottle of Perrier with a swag bag tucked under its arm.

Emerging from the water-on-the-brain, crazy Konami developer types that flung room-tossing title Elebits into the world, Dewy’s Adventure is best seen as a dressed-up Kororinpa, with a drip of Monkey Ball, a splash of Elebits and a gentle pitter-pattering of Mercury Meltdown Revolution - in other words, it's all about rolling around a lot. When archfiend Don Hedron poisons the great Deku Tree - sorry, Elder Tree - with his who-the-hell-wrote-this-stuff black water, it’s up to measly droplet Dewy to rise, or at least slurp, in the face of adversity.

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