Dewy's Adventure

You're a blessed dew drop out to save the world. Still with us? If you are, you could be in for a real treat- the just-announced Dewy's Adventure may look childish and saccharine, but hey, so does Mario. While we're not ready to put this Wii exclusive on par with Nintendo's main man, the game does sport some workable ideas that easily make it a title worth watching.

Making full use of the remote, Dewy puts you in control of the Saturday-morning-esque world rather than li'l Dewy himself. The horizontally held remote tilts the globe in a Super Monkey Ball style as the little dew drop slips and slides around. There are, obviously, obstacles like enemies and bottomless pits to avoid, so it's all about balancing your little guy and keeping him safe from harm.

If that were all Dewy had to offer, well, we'd be a lot less excited. To liven up the already blossoming visuals and tried-and-true gameplay, Dewy's state of being can be any one of three forms. As a dew drop, Dewy's original state is water. It's easy to handle but won't be much use against enemies. By using the Wii Remote's d-pad you can lower or raise the world's temperature, turning Dewy into ice or steam, respectively.

As a block of sentient, adorable ice, Dewy can attack foes but is a pain to keep on track (ice is pretty slippery, after all). The steam form could end up being the most unique, as it can't hurt anything nor can you directly control it, but it will allow Dewy to float up to previously unreachable heights. Shaking the remote vertically or horizontally will also wreak havoc on the world, causing gusts of wind and earthquakes that could open up new areas to explore.