Dark Sector - updated hands-on

Viral superpowers, horrific metal zombies and nasty dismemberments make our latest look at the game a memorable one

The thing has uses beyond violence, though; it's also instrumental in solving most of the game's puzzles. By hurling it into the right environmental hazard, you can temporarily charge the glaive with fire, electricity or ice, enabling you to do stuff like short-circuit door switches (which might take a little creative maneuvering with aftertouch) or burn down invasive plants. A charged-up glaive is also more entertaining to use on enemies; electricity has predictable results, fire will either immolate enemies or make them explode, and frozen enemies are ripe for shattering, which you can do one body part at a time. You can even freeze a monster in mid-leap, which will completely shatter it as it lands.


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