Crysis - hands-on

This is not Far Cry. The nanosuit your character wears in this spiritual successor turns you into a full-blown superhero, and it renders you near-unstoppable.

That means they’ve had to make your task exponentially harder to compensate, of course. This time you’re taking on whole armies, fleets of vehicles, aliens the size of volcanoes and stranger things still. The resulting conflict is action of a higher order of magnitude. Every ten seconds something explodes, and a Crysis explosion is a hell of a thing to see.

You and a small team of similarly nanosuited marines are sneaking your way across a Pacific island, toward the place where a very large alien craft fell from the skies. The place is crawling with Korean troops - with whom the US can’t risk a war - but you and your black ops comrades are firmly off-the-books. That means you can kill them. Your teammates have their own objectives rather than following you like dogs, so they don’t cramp your style for the brief sections when you’re with them. And you don’t need to stick together much, because as you can see, one nanosuit tends to be all you need for a given situation.


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