Cruise considers spy drama...

Sony wants him for Edwin A Salt

He might be busy playing a turncoat Nazi for Bryan Singer in Valkyrie, but Tom Cruise is still in demand from studios he doesn’t actually own.

Hotel Rwanda director Terry George is busy developing the espionage drama Edwin A Salt for Sony. If he signs on, Mr Tom will play the title character, a CIA agent suspected of treason after a Russian defector brings evidence that he’s a sleeper spy. Salt goes on the run to clear his name and reunite with his family.

The strangest name attached to this one is Kurt Wimmer, a man better known for writing and directing sci fi epics Equilibrium (pants) and Ultraviolet (really, really pants). But before he ever broke into directing terrible movies, he had a healthy career as a scribbler. Looks like he’s getting back into the simply scribbling business.

But given the looming possibility of a writer’s strike, it’s not the only iron the Cruiser is thrusting into the fire. Warners is also dangling the possibility of a remake of German comedy Men, with Starsky & Hutch helmer Todd Phillips already on board. So, thrilling spy business or German comedy? The choice is his…

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