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  • Giant Toilet and a LOT of Balls

    Entry location: Agency Tower
    When you do the "pebble dash" achievement at the bottom of the chimney stack is a giant toilet that has some ducks around.if you get out of the toilet then you"ll see many balls.If you survive that is. Level 5 agility is recommended.
    Submitted by VHKN1
  • Perfect Dark and Crackdown 2

    Entry location: Anywhere
    Have a saved game of Crackdown 2 and download Perfect Dark for Xbox LIVE Arcade and play Perfect Dark the play Crackdown 2 and when you go into multiplayer for Perfect Dark you will have unlocked a multiplayer skin/character.
    Submitted by Gamer Tag One Epic Quail
  • Easy Strength orbs

    If you want to level up your strength fast, the easiest thing to do is go to an area with a high concentration of freaks, get a big group of them around you, then when you're surrounded just start swinging away. Works well with explosives too, just remember to jump away from the explosion.
    Submitted by Tribok
  • Freak killing spree

    Entry location: Night time anywhere
    if you're having trouble trying to unlock a new vehicle, this will help you out a lot and faster at night time get a vehicle, get into and just drive, drive around town, and just run over every single freak, it's much easier if they in hoards and walking together that way you get more driving energy so just keep running over freaks and squishing them repeat this until you unlock the vehicle you would like to unlock
    Submitted by James Dix
  • Orb finder

    Entry location: While playing game
    When playing press ^ on the d-pad and it will show you to the nearest orb.
    Submitted by Axcearelxkiller

Crackdown 2 Easter Eggs

  • The Agency song

    Entry location: the area near the first freak breach
    go to the area of the first freak breach during the day time and you will find a man playing a guitar and singing a song about the agency.
    Submitted by gothicfreak

Crackdown 2 Hints

  • Flying Tank

    Once you unlock the agency helicopter, you can use the Mag Grenades to magnetize the Tank to the Helicopter. Have one person get in the tank, while the other flies the helicopter and you now have a rocket firing wrecking ball.
    Submitted by Tribok
  • How To Unlock The Agency Helicopter.

    Entry location: Agency Tower.
    Agility required - Need the Wingsuit.

    Go to the agency tower and go to the helicopter tower. Don't try to jump up because you won't make it. But if you look around and you will see a bunch of stairs they go up diagonally upwards and connect then same pattern again. But go right to the top until there is no more.
    Then look in the direction of the tower and jump off and glide. (it also helps if you have the ground strike unlocked). It has to be quiet precise or you will go off the edge.

    It might take a few tries but you should get there in the end. And when you do happy flying.
    Submitted by Agent9723
  • Get to Agency Helicopter without Level 5 Agility

    Entry location: Agency base
    When you have unlocked the Agency SUV drive up the wall to the closest you can get to at the Helicopter pad. Then try and get a speed boost when driving toward the Helicopter pad and then jump.
    Submitted by Vampireluigi27

Crackdown 2 Unlockables

  • Achievement List

    First Hurdle (20 points):
    Survive Agent Diagnostics and earn deployment into Pacific City.

    Get Connected (20 points):
    Locate and activate an Absorption Unit, alone or with another Agent.

    Plugged In (50 points):
    Locate and activate every Absorption Unit in Pacific City, alone or with another Agent.

    Big Bang (20 points):
    Oversee the deployment and successful detonation of a Beacon, alone or with another Agent.

    Hope Springs Savior (50 points):
    Detonate every Beacon in Hope Springs, alone or with another Agent.

    Green Bay Savior (50 points):
    Detonate every Beacon in Green Bay, alone or with another Agent.

    Unity Heights Savior (50 points):
    Detonate every Beacon in Unity Heights, alone or with another Agent.

    Light Bringer (20 points): Detonate every Beacon in Pacific City, alone or with another Agent.

    All Under Control (20 points): Secure all Tactical Locations within one Cell stronghold, alone or with another Agent.

    Location, Location, Location (50 points): Secure every Tactical Location in Pacific City for the Agency, alone or with another Agent.

    Pest Control (10 points): Clear out and close down a Freak Breach, alone or with another Agent.

    The Closer (20 points): Close down every Freak Breach in Pacific City, alone or with another Agent.

    Tower Power (20 points): Complete the final phase of Project Sunburst at Agency Tower, alone or with another Agent.

    Tellin' Stories (10 points): Collect and listen to an Audio Log.

    Closed Book (20 points): Collect and listen to every Audio Log in Pacific City.

    In Plain Sight (10 points): Find and collect a Hidden Orb.

    Sixth Sense (30 points): Find and collect every Hidden Orb in Pacific City.

    First Rung of the Ladder (10 points): Find and collect an Agility Orb

    King of the World (50 points): Find and collect every Agility Orb in Pacific City.

    In the Net (10 points): Catch an Agility Renegade Orb or Driving Renegade Orb.

    Renegade Runner (20 points): Find and collect every Renegade Agility Orb in Pacific City.

    Renegade Racer (20 points): Find and collect every Renegade Driving Orb in Pacific City.

    Speed Demon (10 points): Complete a Road or Rooftop Race

    Street Racer (20 points): Complete every Road Race in Pacific City.

    Rooftop Racer (20 points): Complete every Rooftop Race in Pacific City.

    Wingsuit Racer (20 points): Glide through every Wingsuit Stunt Ring in Pacific City.

    Stuntman (20 points): Jump a vehicle through every Vehicle Stunt Ring in Pacific City.

    LIVE and let LIVE (10 points): Collect every Online Orb in Pacific City.

    Who's the Daddy? (50 points): Develop each of your skills to their maximum levels.

    Solid Block of Orbsome (50 points): Find and collect every Agility, Hidden, Renegade and Online Orb in Pacific City.

    Jack of all Trades (20 points): Complete one of every objective type in Pacific City.

    Pebble Dash (10 points): From the top of full-height Agency Tower, leap into the chimney stack and live to tell the tale.

    City Glider (10 points): Wingsuit glide through the airspace of all islands in Pacific City without touching down.

    Squad City Glider (20 points): 4 Agents, Wingsuit-glide through the airspace of all islands in city within 30 secs of leader.

    Open up a Can (10 points): Kill 5 enemies with a single gas cylinder.

    Co-op Keepy-Up (10 points): Pass a vehicle back and forth between Agents 3x using UV shotguns. Vehicle must not hit the ground.

    Yippee-Kai-Yay (10 points): Drive an Agency SUV into an airborne helicopter.

    Strike! (10 points): Kill 25 Freaks with thrown objects or vehicles.

    Victory Roll (10 points): Alone or with another Agent, kill an enemy with a mounted turret while airborne and upside-down!

    Mosh Pit (10 points): Land 20 successful hand-to-hand attacks in a chain. Under 3 secs between attacks to chain them.

    Scarface (10 points): Use the minigun to amass 20 enemy kills in a 10 second period.

    Zero Factor (10 points): Use a UV weapon to amass 20 Freak kills in a 10 second period.

    Street Sweeper (10 points): While driving a vehicle kill 5 enemies in a single power slide.

    Pin Cushion (10 points): Use Harpoon Gun to pin 5 enemies to a single vehicle.

    Bomberman (10 points): Create 30 explosions in 60 seconds.

    25 Ways to Die (10 points): Find 25 unique ways to destroy your cloned body.

    Car Jump (10 points): Leap from one fast moving vehicle to another.

    Chopper Stomper (10 points): Leap from an airborne Agency helicopter and using a Ground Strike, kill at least one enemy.

    Party Bus (10 points): Four Agents; one driver and three gunners, on a Battle Bus. Must jump through a Vehicle Stunt Ring.

    Pile Driver (10 points): Kill 5 enemies with a single Ground Strike.
    Submitted by CheatPlanet
  • Quacker bombs

    Entry location:
    After you have played the Chuck's Ducks 2 game on Facebook and it gives you the message that have something waiting for you in Crackdown, just start the game and go to the carnival that has the broken down Ferris wheel and look for a booth that has the Chuck's Ducks 2 sign hanging over it and there sitting inside it pick them up and save it at any drop location.
    Submitted by monk stunna
  • Unlock Glide Suit

    To get this you need to become level 5 in Agility.
    Submitted by ucancomeoveranytim9

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