Conan - updated impressions

Are you ready to pump? That’s the question you need to ask yourself if you want to mix it up with Conan and the muscular creations of the Hyborian age. Though not based on the Arnie movies from the eighties, this more authentic-feeling game does pack in the meat.

Entirely based on the pulp books written by Robert E. Howard, Conan was always on the darker side of fantasy fiction; a character driven by greed and ambition over any righteous desire to save the world.

It should come as no surprise then that the game being coded by Nihilistic is nothing if not rudely violent. The new code is graphic in its bloodletting and boasts a whopping 100 combos to master. A new suplex move will decapitate your enemy, bodies are sliced and diced, the stylized blood splashes about the dungeon and all is good with the world. We feel exhausted just watching our burly anti-hero deliver the goods. The best new move was when Conan picked up a pipe and threw it through the chest of his enemy - “letting off some steam.” Just because Nihilistic isn’t basing the game on the 1982 Arnie movie, doesn’t mean they haven’t seen the big lug in action.


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