Command & Conquer 3 invades 360

Did you know that by the year 2047, we don't need oil anymore? Instead, we massacre each other for glowing Tiberium

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Today is glorious for ruthless warlords with Microsoft console loyalties, because corporate super-power EA has bellowed for more TV-based bloodshed. They will bring the real-time-strategy epic Command & Conquer: 3 Tiberium Wars to the Xbox 360.

In Conquer 3, Tiberium is a destructive but erotically radiant alien substance that is slowly devouring our planet. Humans still desperately need it though, so they go to war over it. And in the future, genocide is most fashionable when committed with psychotic robots and flashing laser cannons. To learn more about the Utopia we’ll be living in 41 years from now, scan your cybernetic eyes over our previews of the PC version, as well as a couple of meager new genuine 360 screenshots.

According to omnipotent EA, the 360 version will feature overwhelming dosages of downloadable content, the first spoonful being a concept-art dashboard theme that eager generalisimos can pimp their 360s with. 

Godlike EA was able to translate Battle for Middle Earth II to the 360, and the elf-on-goblin strategic ultra-violence controlled decently with a gamepad. But can they serve us future-murder with the same fervor? We’ll have to pray at their altar until 2007, when they finally let us pay them money for this gruesome Tiberium-laced experiment.