Closing The Ring review

Contrary to the title’s suggestion, this isn’t the tale of one man’s battle with the repercussions of his vindaloo – though that’s not to say there isn’t a dodgy whiff about it. Dickie Attenborough’s plodding, earnest period drama follows the romance of a young Yank WWII pilot (vacant newcomer Stephen Amell) with feisty Ethel (Mischa Barton), who grows up to be grouchy Shirley MacLaine, a remorseful old biddy discovering heartbreaking connections to her past in Northern Ireland. Despite boasting cinematic pedigree on-screen and off, Closing The Ring is amateur and predictable – from Peter ‘son of Edward’ Woodward’s clunky soap opera screenplay to unimaginative lensing and ropey SFX. Looking for wartime passion, non-linear era-hopping and a palpable sense of regret? Watch Atonement instead.

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