Clive Barker's Jericho - hands-on

You know all those personality traits that your girlfriend and the police constantly scold or arrest you for? Like how you sprint around and chew bodies into chunks with all-devouring bullet-barrages from your mini-gun. Or how you’ll just liberate the fire demon that lives in your arm and send it out to murder, or at least mangle your forearm so you can cast destructive spells with your voodoo blood.

Well buddy, your hunger for ultra-gore will inaugurate you as our Messiah in September 2007. This is when the horror-saturated shooter Jericho releases, and this is when gargantuan hordes of wretches overtake the earth, and who else is gonna butcher them? And you know that once you’re done slaughtering them here, you’re going to have to throw yourself backwards into history to maim them some more. Yup, perfect video game logic that’s explained in our previous preview.

You begin tramping around an apocalyptic wasteland, where the occasional wandering gimp with blades for arms will lunge at you, and you’ll have to shove it away with machine gun bullets. When you later visit the Roman Empire, you’d assume things would start looking more normal because you're moving back in time, away from the Armageddon. And they do.

See, you’re roaming the ornamented halls of an ancient temple… except you’re toting a mini-gun and you’re blasting down gangs of gladiator hellions crouching behind shields. Then you mosey on to the Crusades, where you find a squad of flying men with crosses on their shirts who’ve had their lower torsos chopped off. They float, their intestines dangle, and when they die, mobs of hungry flies quickly devour the flesh. Yum. So, yeah - nothing is really that typical here, either.


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