Chris Nolan helming Inception

Now we know how Chris Nolan will follow up The Dark Knight: he’s tackling sci-fi for Warners.

The studio has thrown down millions to nab Nolan’s script, which is still wrapped in silence but apparently a “contemporary sci-fi action pic set within the architecture of the mind”.

So… A brainy thriller, then?

Warners is planning to make it a big summer 2010 release, and keeps the director close at hand in the hopes that he’ll be inspired to keep making Bat-movies.

But hopefully this will put to rest all that chatter about Nolan being deep into pre-production on a new installment of the Bat-franchise.

Give the man some space, people – if TDK proves anything it’s that allowed a breather, Nolan comes back better than ever.

[Source: Variety ]

Are you excited to see Nolan taking on SF? Give us your plot pitches in the comments!


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