Chili Con Carnage - hands-on

The game with the stupidest name ever - except for Earache Extreme Racing - is a fantastic example of a title catering to PSP’s strengths. Rather than try to crowbar Total Overdose’s free-roaming city into the handheld sequel, Developers Deadline have instead created a series of focused single-player missions and the game is all the better for it.

Flying around performing loco moves in glorious slow-mo is a revelation. We defy you not to giggle with delight as you flip off a wall, shoot three guys in the head and then catch their sombreros on your noggin before they hit the ground. Now that’s a spicy move.

Above: The delicate balance between man and nature continues.

Trouble is, this fluid combat is offset by some - at present - rather inept platforming. As Ram, you can defy the laws of gravity and physics for the most part, but somehow can’t clamber over a three foot box. The level design can also be a little confusing, and you’ll frequently get lost after clearing an area of mean hombres. Still, when a game lets you hang out a speeding tractor, shooting at chubby Mexicans in chicken suits, then it deserves a little slack.


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