Crazy Taxi (Sega, Driving Action Game, DCast)
Secrets FAQ
V1.1  2/2/00

Written by: Richard Uyeyama (ru e ama best com)*

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Table of Contents:

0. Document History
I. Basic Stuff
   1. The purpose of this document
   2. Notation and stuff
II. Pre-Cabbie Select
   1. No destination mark
   2. No arrows
   3. Expert Mode
III. At Cabbie Select
   1. Special Taxi (Bike)
   2. Another Day
   3. Both Special Taxi and Another Day
IV. In-Game
   1. View Change, and Speedometer
V. Crazy Box
   1. Finishing Crazy Box mode
VI. Some Technique Notes
   1. Crazy Dash notes
   2. Crazy Backdash notes
   3. Limiter Cut notes
VII. Thanks and Stuff

0. Document History

V1.1: 2/2/00
      Special Taxi scores are marked in Records.
      Technique Notes section added.
      Site recommendations added to Thanks and Stuff section.
      Minor editing in a couple sections.
V1.0: 1/31/00
      Launch version.
 (1/27/00: Dreamcast Crazy Taxi now on sale)

I. Basic Stuff

I.1  The purpose of this document

     This document is an informational resource for the Dreamcast version 
of Sega's Driving Action game Crazy Taxi.  In this Secrets FAQ (side note: 
I'm using "faq" herein with its more colloquial definition of "document of 
organized information", rather than its more traditional definition, which 
implies organizational headings in the form of questions...), I'll be 
covering codes and secrets and other such information which may be of 
interest to Crazy Taxi fans.
     I will not be comprehensively covering game techniques in this 
document, since there are already a number of resources on the Net (for 
the arcade version, but all of the techniques (including the Limiter Cut) 
are still the same in the home version) covering those.  Neither will I be 
covering game strategies in this document; you should probably consult a 
more general FAQ (as opposed to a Secrets FAQ) for that.  =)
     This document is based upon the J version of the game.  However, I 
suspect that at least some of the information presented herein will 
probably apply to other versions of the game as well.

     Crazy Taxi basic info:
        1 Disc (HDR-0053)
        1 Player
        Works with: Racing Controller, VMU (23 blocks), PuruPuru Pack,
                    VGA Box

     Note on codes: Codes have been tested with the standard Dreamcast 
controller.  Alas, I don't have a Racing Controller, so I don't know how 
the codes may differ when using one of those...

I.2  Notation and stuff

     In order to avoid any potential confusion, here are some of the 
standards of notation I'll be using in this document:

       A       A button on Dreamcast controller
       B       B button on Dreamcast controller
       X       X button on Dreamcast controller
       Y       Y button on Dreamcast controller
       L       Left trigger on Dreamcast controller
       R       Right trigger on Dreamcast controller
       Dr      Hit "Drive" gear
       Rv      Hit "Reverse" gear
       AccON   Hit accelerator
       AccOFF  Release accelerator
       BrkON   Hit brake
       BrkOFF  Release brake
       +       at the same time as
       ,       then

II. Pre-Cabbie Select

II.1  No destination mark

     Before the Cabbie Select screen, hold down: L+START.  When the Cabbie 
Select screen appears, the message "no destination mark" should be printed 
(in red) in the lower left corner (and will remain there during your 
entire next game).  Select your cabbie, and during your game, instead of 
the normal green cage that marks your passenger's destination, there will 
only be a green outline on the ground.

II.2  No arrows

     Before the Cabbie Select screen, hold down: R+START.  When the Cabbie 
Select screen appears, the message "no arrows" should be printed (in 
yellow) in the lower left corner (and will remain there during your entire 
next game).  Select your cabbie as normal, and during your game, you won't 
have any directional arrows indicating the direction of your passenger's 

II.3  Expert Mode

     Before the Cabbie Select screen, hold down: L+R+START.  When the 
Cabbie Select screen appears, the message "EXPERT" should be printed (in 
white) in the lower left corner (and will remain there during your entire 
next game).  Expert Mode is a combination of "no destination mark" and "no 

III. At Cabbie Select

III.1  Special Taxi (Bike)

     The Special Taxi, which is basically a bike-drawn cart (a rickshaw 
sort of thing), is accessible in one of two ways: via a code (which is, 
btw, different from the arcade version code), or by finishing Crazy Box 
mode (see the Crazy Box section of this document for more info).  Here's 
the code:
     At the Cabbie Select screen, input the following quickly:
     Basically, alternate L and R quickly three (or more, if you want) 
times.  Alternatively, you can hit L+R quickly three (or more) times, 
which also seems to work sometimes.
     Now select your cabbie as normal, and you should hear a bicycle bell 
chime twice.  When the city loads, you should have the Special Taxi (the 
bike & cart), instead of your cabbie's normal taxi.
     The Special Taxi, if I'm not mistaken, has better acceleration, 
braking, and top speed than any of the normal taxis.  However, it has the 
worst (by far!) traction, and so is quite easy to lose control of.  If you 
haven't mastered the Limiter Cut, then using the Special Taxi will 
probably improve your scores, but if you can pull off the Limiter Cut with 
ease, you're probably better off going with a taxi with more stability.  
Unless you're just playing for fun, of course; the Special Taxi is a whole 
lotta fun.  =)
     Oh, btw, after a game in which the Special Taxi was used, if you exit 
back to attract mode, the Special Taxi will be used during the next cycle 
of attract sequences.  =)
     (High score note: For records (Arcade, Original, and Crazy Box Modes) 
shown in Records Mode and Crazy Box Mode, scores for which the Special 
Taxi was used will have the cabbie listed in yellow, instead of white.  
The Top 20 lists shown during attract mode, however, do not seem to mark 
Special Taxi scores in any way.)

III.2  Another Day

     (note: for those of you familiar with Reverse Mode (or Reverse Track) 
in the arcade version... that's what this is)

     At the Cabbie Select screen, input the following:
        R,R(hold, and select cabbie)
     So basically, hit the R trigger once (or more, if you want), then 
again, holding it down while you select your cabbie.  After selecting your 
cabbie, the message "another day" should appear (in green) in the lower 
left corner (and will remain there during your entire next game), and you 
should hear a car horn honk twice.
     In Another Day, things will be slightly different.  Mostly, it looks 
like the passengers will be located in different places, and will have 
different destinations (and the general flow of passenger destinations 
will be going in a different direction than normal).  You also won't start 
out in the same place as normal (in Arcade Mode, you'll start out on the 
other side of the street, and facing the other direction; in Original 
Mode, you'll start out in a completely different location).

III.3  Both Special Taxi and Another Day

     Yep, you can do both codes for the same game.  Either do the Special 
Taxi code followed by the Another Day code, or simply hold the R at the 
end of the Special Taxi code, while selecting your cabbie (the Another Day 
code will ignore the L inputs from the Special Taxi code), as follows:
        L,R,L,R,L,R(hold and select cabbie)

IV. In-Game

IV.1  View Change, and Speedometer

     If you have a controller plugged into the P3 slot (port C), then 
after starting a game (Arcade or Original), press the START button on the 
P3 controller to activate the following commands on that controller:
        A   standard camera view
        B   first person view
        X   speedometer (kph) (press X button five times to activate;
                               thereafter, X button is on/off toggle)
        Y   third person view

V. Crazy Box

V.1  Finishing Crazy Box mode

     Crazy Box mode starts out with 9 stages, designated 1-1 through 3-3.  
After you finish all three stages along a particular row or column, a 
fourth stage will appear.  When complete, your Crazy Box stage select 
should look like this:
        1-1   2-1   3-1   S-1
        1-2   2-2   3-2   S-2
        1-3   2-3   3-3   S-3
        1-S   2-S   3-S   S-S
     Stage S-S will appear after all other stages have been completed.  If 
you finish Stage S-S (hint: mastering the Limiter Cut makes things a *lot* 
easier... though it is possible to finish without it), you will earn the 
use of the Special Taxi (the Bike) in all modes of the game, including 
Crazy Box.  In Crazy Box mode, simply scroll to the right of Gus to access 
Cabbie & Bike selections.  In Arcade and Original Modes, simply press up 
on the d-pad at the Cabbie Select screen.

VI. Some Technique Notes

Here are some notes which may not be entirely obvious, in regards to some 
of the techniques in Crazy Taxi.  I've decided to write up this info here 
because some (some) of it I have not previously seen in any English 
language resources...

VI.1  Crazy Dash notes

     The Crazy Dash (AccOFF+BrkOFF, Dr, AccON) does not necessarily have 
to be done from a complete stop; it can be done at any time, even while 
moving.  Doing a Crazy Dash while moving may briefly give you a small 
burst of speed, so doing the command repeatedly on unpaved ground (or 
other conditions of slight hinderance) may actually help you out 
(speedwise) a bit; if you're on paved ground, however, the gradual 
accumulation of speed after a single Crazy Dash should get you to a 
velocity higher than if you do multiple Crazy Dashes.

VI.2  Crazy Backdash notes

     If you've done a Crazy Backdash (Crazy Dash, R), you've probably 
noticed that after the initial boost of backwards speed, your taxi's 
velocity drops to a more normal rate.  The Crazy Backdash, though, like 
the Crazy Dash, does not have to be done from a complete stop.  So if 
you're trying to drive backwards to something a moderate distance away 
(for example, if you're trying to pick up the passenger to the back of the 
starting location in Arcade Mode), just do multiple Crazy Backdashes.

VI.3  Limiter Cut notes

     The Limiter Cut (after Crazy Dash, AccOFF+Rv, (wait), Dr, AccON) is 
basically like a Crazy Dash in a Crazy Dash.  As mentioned above, however, 
if you simply do a Crazy Dash followed by a Crazy Dash, you'll only get a 
small, brief burst of speed out of the second Crazy Dash.  So basically, 
you have to "reset" things so that the second Crazy Dash will give you a 
boost of speed similar to the first Crazy Dash, allowing you to surpass 
the normal velocity limit a Crazy Dash has; that's what you're doing when 
you do AccOFF+Rv.  The wait is critical, though; if you don't wait for 
long enough, you'll probably end up with a Crazy Drift instead.  So here 
are some timing notes:
     The timing actually seems to be fairly forgiving on the far side.  So 
if you're having trouble pulling off the Limiter Cut, simply increase the 
wait.  As far as the near side... well, try timing it to the music.  If 
you're familiar with the song used during the Arcade Mode attract (it's 
also used during the game sometimes), think of the phrase "Yeah Yeah Yeah 
Yeah Yeah!" (the first phrase of the song).  If you do AccOFF+Rv on the 
first "Yeah", then wait until the second "Yeah" before doing Dr,AccON (the 
actual minimal wait is slightly shorter than that, but once you get the 
hang of the Limiter Cut, you can experiment on your own to find the actual 
minimal timing).  If that still gives you trouble, then try waiting until 
the third or fourth "Yeah".
     One last timing note: After your first Crazy Dash, you have to wait a 
little while before doing a Limiter Cut, or your Taxi will jump a bit (and 
waste some time).  You don't have to wait until your taxi is at its top 
speed, but you do have to wait a little bit.  There is no such wait 
necessary after doing a Limiter Cut, before doing another, though; the 
timing for doing multiple Limiter Cuts is similar to that for doing 
multiple Crazy Dashes.
     Anyway, hope the above makes things clearer, for those of you having 
trouble doing the Limiter Cut!  Once mastered, the Limiter Cut is a lot of 
fun, and should improve your scores significantly!  =)

VII. Thanks and Stuff

Thanks to:
   The Dreamcast secrets site at
      (, for
      pointing me in the right direction on the Another Day code, the
      Special Taxi code, and the P3 controller codes...
   BFL's Crazy Taxi page
      (, for helping me out
      with the Limiter Cut!  And for confirming some of the DCast version

And some sites I would recommend, for more Crazy Taxi info:
   BFL's Crazy Taxi page (Japanese)
      The Arcade city map has been quite helpful (and it looks like a
      Dreamcast city map is planned too!), as has the techniques page.
      Overall, a very informative and organized site.
   Prisoner's Crazy Taxi page (English)
      Informative English language page.  Also has links to lots of other
      Crazy Taxi pages.