Madden 06 Easy Achievements Guide

That imposing 400 point Achievement for completing 30 years of Franchise Mode is 
simple, but a little time consuming, to snag. All you have to do is start a season as 
one of the top NFL teams (we went for the New England Patriots) and keep simulating
the seasons. It'll take a few hours, but it requires absolutely no concentration, so it's 
something you can do in the background while you're engaged in more mundane tasks 
like eating / vacuuming the house / taking out the trash... Oh, and if you do simulate 
30 seasons of Franchise, you will win the Super Bowl at least once, so there's another 
100 points in the bag.

Check out the History book, and Activate the RS card (click in the Right Stick) to grab
ten points each. 

Play a handful of Franchise games and you'll unlock the Franchise Win (100 points), 
Get a First Down (20 points), Score a Touchdown (30 points) and Complete an Offline
 Game (30 points).

Regular play will eventually get you the Pass For 350 Yards (100 points) and the Get 
Four Sacks (100 points) Achievements, but the 200 Yards Rushing (100 points) is 
harder to come by. One weakness Madden has that'll help you get hold of this award
is its strange game balancing. You'll find that getting a win is tough, because once 
you're ahead, your team will turn into weak-limbed sports losers who seem to fumble 
at every tackle, drop every pass, and mis-cover every opponent play until they're 
behind on points. But it works the other way too. If you're getting a beating, the AI 
will adjust to give you the advantage. You'll make almost impossible catches, be given
room to run, and your defense will turn into Quarterback sacking animals! So, if you 
want the chance to run for 200, or pass for 350 yards, let in a few easy Touchdowns
and the AI will give you room to move and grab the stats you need. Easy - but a bit