Kameo Tips

- Keep an eye out for Strawberries. Kameo uses them to improve the power of her
warriors, so collecting them means you're better equipped to face the challenges that 
crop up in the later levels of the game. As a general rule, doing side quests, opening 
chests, and shaking trees will yield enough Strawberries to keep you stocked.

- Use Crystal Orbs wisely. "That's a bit vague," we hear you say. Well yes, but 
each orb will benefit you in different parts of the game, so if you're having problems 
completing a certain section, try switching up your orbs. To make sure you have all 
these items, here's a brief guide to where you'll find them all (they're all hidden in the 
Enchanted Kingdom area):

Eye of Restoration (green)

Go to the section of beach nearest the shore and you'll find some giant shells. Use 
Pummel Weed's uprooter attack on them until you find the Orb.

Eye of Spirit (blue)

Head down into the dungeon area and use Ash's wildfire attack to burn open the 
chamber to the left of the portal. You'll find the Orb inside.

Eye of Protection (gray)

Travel to the top floor in the Ancient Tower and you'll find the Orb slap-bang in the 
center of this area.

Eye of Strength (red)

This one is inside Thorn's Statue in the Chamber of Living Portraits. Use Thermite's 
Lava Bomb to break the statue open and claim the Orb.

- Always look for alternate paths. If you're finding it tough to get through one area 
with the creatures you've got, there is often an easier way concealed by rubble or 
crates. Look high and low, because these alternate paths will need you to use certain, 
specific abilities of your Elemental Warriors.