Basic Boxing Guide

The Punch

Comes in five flavours: the jab, the cross, the hook, the uppercut and the haymaker.
It's your only legal way of taking your opponent down, and needless to say, the more
powerful your boxer, the more likely he is to inflict damage with his punches. You 
cause more damage when your stamina is higher too, so keep an eye on that gauge 
while you're fighting.

The Block / Lean

Unlike other fighting games where blocking is for wimps, Fight Night Round 3 demands 
that you learn how to block. Without the block, you're going to get taken out quickly.
It's easily the most important skill you'll learn, so pay attention during training and 
early fights.

The Counter Punch

These little beauties will take off more health than the regular punch, because they'll 
land when your opponent is off-balance. Hitting home with a counter-punch is all 
about timing, so once again, practise really does make perfect. Once you can counter,
you'll win the majority of your fights.

Pound For Pound

This where you and your opponent go toe-to-toe and exchange punches at close 
quarters. It's a great tactic if you're more powerful, but slower than your opponent, 
but it isn't great if you're weaker. If a more aggressive opponent steps up and tries to
 batter you, use the Stick And Move (below) to keep him at bay and wear down his 
stamina bar.

Stick And Move

Very useful for lighter, quicker boxers this one. First you throw a jab or cross-punch,
then you move - always keeping your opponent at arm's length. This means more 
powerful adversaries can't set their feet to throw a big hit at you, which in turn, 
means you're more likely to survive a fight or tire out an opponent. A great technique
for first-time boxers, who are yet to build up enough power to go for the knockout.