FIFA Achievements Guide

Win On Perfect (50 points) - There are two ways to get this one bagged. Firstly you 
can start a match as World XI versus Liechtenstein and try to crush the worst team 
with the best. Secondly, start up a game and let your opponents score all over you. 
Then, just before the final whistle go into the pause menu and change the team you're
 controlling. You'll then be awarded with the win.

Win A Custom Knockout (100 points) - Okay, the minimum number of teams you need 
in a custom knockout to get this award is eight, so select eight easy teams on the 
Amateur difficulty setting, set the match length to four minutes, and make sure you 
specify that teams only meet up once. Then play through and you should get the 
award with ease.

Win A Custom League (150 points) - Same again. Short games, easy teams, Amateur 
difficulty setting. This may take a little longer, but you should rack up enough wins to 
bag this award in a couple of hours.

Win The International Open (200 points) - Pick the best team (Brazil) and grit your 
teeth. There's no easy way to get this one, so just get stuck in and keep trying until 
you've lifted the trophy.

Win The World Masters (200 points) - Same again. Go for the best team and plug 
away until you've won.

Qualify For The World Cup (300 points) - Head into the Road To The World Cup mode 
and choose one of the game's top teams. Make sure match lengths are as short as 
possible then plug away until you qualify. It isn't that tough, but if you mess up too 
many games it can be frustrating when you have to restart the campaign.