Conker’s Bad Fur Day Faq Contents 1. Introduction 2. Main Menu 3. Characters 4. Walkthrough 5. Multiplayer 6. Weapons 7. Cheats 8. Tail Locations 9. Money Location 10. Contact Info. 11. Thanks Info. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1:Introduction:1 Hello. My name is Jonathan Pelegrini. This is my first FAQ, so let’s get to it! Anyways, this is my first FAQ and I started it out with my first favorite game ever made… Conker’s Bad Fur Day, this Faq is for those who need help with the game, so let’s get to it. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 2:Main Menu:2 Main Menu contains: Story1: The first story-mode slot. Story2: The second story-mode slot. Story3: The third story-mode slot. Multiplayer: Play 7 mini-games for 1-4 players. Options: Pick the sound settings that you think is best and insert cheats. Chapters: Play any previous chapter without going through the whole game. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 3:Characters:3 Conker: A naughty squirrel that just wants to go home out of the whole adventure. Berri: Conker’s girlfriend, she dies in the end of the game. Birdy: A scarecrow that helps Conker with the Context Sensative Pads. Gargoyle: A mean gargoyle that won’t let Conker get passed the Hungover bridge. Queen Bee: A depressed bee that always gets her hive stolen and will reward Conker to get it back. Wasps: The thieves behind the Queen Bee’s always stolen hive. Jack: A plain old talking block that will reward Conker for getting rid of Marvin. Marvin: A dumb mouse that just threatens Jack to give him cheese. Burt: Jack’s best friend of a block. Fajo: The money in this game. Ron: The swearing paint pot. Reg: The follower of Ron’s every word. Franky: A pitchfork that only attacks Conker because his “friends” are forcing him to. Haybot: Boss1, a big pile of Hay on the outside and a big pile of metal in the inside. King Bee: Queen’s Bee Ex-Husband, a poor bum that’s in love with a sunflower. Ms. Sunflower: A sunflower that has huge breasts. Monks: Lizard monks that just spend time reading their stone tablets all day. Jizza: The Dung Beetle owning the Poo Cabin. Metal Imp: Imps that are indestructible filled with metal. Bull: Bull that hates anything colored red. Martha: A cow that likes Prune Juice and poos until she dies. Mrs. Catfish: A fancy-talking Catfish that’s sworn rivals with Mr. Bullfish. Mr. Bullfish: The “brute” that has troubles with people, animals or things that goes near him. Carl: The 1st side of a whole cog, he’s the mean one. Quentin: The 2nd side of the same cog, he’s the nice one. Mr. BigCog: Quentin’s best friend, and likes to spend time with Quentin. Ms. RedCog: The 1st cog that assists Carl. Ms. BlueCog: The 2nd cog that assists Carl. Ms. GreenCog: The 3rd cog that assists Carl. Barry: A blind bat that wonders where everyone is. Armor Imp: Super-indestructible imps and can kill you in one hit, ONLY can be seen in Bat’s Tower. Fire Imp: Imps with element of Fire, with a touch your on fire, they are also called “The Drunk Imps”. Big Balled Boiler: Boss2, a big boiler with the british accent and will flame anything on his way. Great Mighty Poo: Boss3, just think of him as a giant pile of poo, that throws shit at you, and sings. (Weird combination lol) Assistant weasel #1: A tall dumb weasel, thinks Conker is an elephant. Assistant weasel #2: A short smart weasel, believes Conker is a squirrel. Rock Monsters: Just plain old monsters with rocks over them and go after you. Uga Bugas: Cavemen that pretty much die in the whole part of Uga Buga, but 4 of them gains trust in Conker when he has a hat on. Don Weaso: A weasel from the mob, that gives Conker little jobs. Paulie Red: 1st of Weaso’s henchmen. Frankie Blue: 2nd of Weaso’s henchmen. Ali Yellow: 3rd of Weaso’s henchmen. Chicho Green: 4th of Weaso’s henchmen. Buga the Knut: Boss4, a large Caveman which claims he has a “big boner”, but actually doesn’t! Juga the Knut: Buga’s girlfriend, she keeps hitting on Conker. Gregg: A.K.A.=the Grim Reaper, he hates anything that won’t die the first time…especially cats! Zombies: Come in two different genders…Dead Girl, and Dead Boy! Count Batula: Conker’s great, great, great, great grandfather, he lives for some reason. Count Conkula: Never seen in the game, but has his private tomb in the Garden at Spooky. Mr. Barrel: Your ticket into and out of Spooky. Army Squirrels: The “Good Guys” of war. Army Tediz: The “Bad Guys” of war. General Squirrel: The General of the “Good Guys”. General Tediz: The General of the “Bad Guys”. Rodent: Conker’s old-time friend, he bumps into him at war. Experiment: Boss5, Ze Professor’s newest creation to stop and kill the squirrels. Ze Professor: The Panther King’s professor, the creator of the tediz, and the creator of The Experiment, and Heinrich. Heinrich: Boss6, last boss and a black alien as appearance. Panther King: The King and ruler of Heist. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 4:Walkthrough:4 Hungover: Scaredy Birdy It starts out with a Scene. Once you gain control of Conker go to the other side of the fence and into the vegetable garden. Scene. Now go to the other side of the scarecrow and press “B” on the Context Sensitive Pad. Scene. Now go to the other fence and press “B” on that pad. Scene. Once it’s over swim to the water to that grassy platform on the other side. Head for the wooden platform. Then walk all the way until you reach the top. Grab hold of the switch and pull it down. Then go back half the way you got up and go inside the newly opened door. Hungover: Pan Handled This is a rather short chapter, but run around the room until a scene happens. Go near the key and press “B” and you should’ve hit it. Then grab it before it gets back up and open the door again. Scene. Then get back up and cross half the bridge until you get interrupted by the Gargoyle. Hungover: Gargoyle Scene. Then try out your brand new frying pan on the Gargoyle with “B”. Scene. Now a rock has blocked your path. Jump on it and hover to the right until you reach a wooden platform. Press “B” on the context sensitive pad and that should explode the rock. Enter the cave that will take you to Windy. Windy: Mrs. Bee Scene. Now go get the 3 pieces of chocolates and that should heal your life bar completely. Then head to the “Nice” part of the sign and talk to Queen Bee. Scene. Now go to the “Nasty” part of the sign and follow the path. Once at the end touch the hive for you to pick it up. Scene. Now run for your life back to Queen Bee before the Wasps sting you, if they do then start all over. Once you delivered Queen Bee’s hive back to her then…Scene. Now head to the bridge to you left when you get your first pack of money. Continue the path. Scene. Now go to the Blue Context Sensitive pad. Scene. Then press “B” and swing the catapult on all four dung beetles. After that go up the path until you reach a fork. Scene. Head to the right path inside the cave. Barn Boys: Marvin Now swim across and head left. Go up the mound and talk to the bottom block. Scene. Now your objective is easy. Just go back down the mound and head to the right this time and avoid the jumping blocks. Head to the cheese farm and talk to another block. Scene. Now that the door is opened it is easy to grab cheese and deliver them to the mouse. Do so now. Scene. Now he wants another one. So then Repeat. He wants one last cheese. Repeat again. After you deliver the last piece of cheese. Scene. Now that the mouse exploded and that the larger top block went down from the other block. Climb the smaller block and jump onto the bigger one. Jump on the pipe on the opposite direction the blocks are facing. And continue jumping. Once you reach the roof press the button and grab the money. Jump back down the blocks. DO NOT JUMP OUT OF THE ROOF! You can lose either your life or a chocolate bar. If you ever lose your life there will be a scene (See Scenes section). Now go to the front of the barn and go inside the door. Scene. Now go to the Northeast part of the barn and talk to the tools. Barn Boys: Mad Pitchfork Scene. Now you have a pitchfork after you. Just go to the back of the jumping haystacks, he should perform a move that will hurt the haystacks and leave you alone. But just do this repeatedly to every haystack. Then he will walk back to the other two guys. Scene. Now he’s hanging himself to the rope. Just go to the Northwest part of the barn now and pull the switch hanging from the wall. This should open the Barn door. Go to the door and leave. Scene. Barn Boys: Sunny Days Now once outside talk to King Bee just outside the front door of the barn. Scene. Then go talk to that sunflower he mentioned in the grassy field. Scene. Then go back to where the Wooden Box is jumping around. Scene. Now you have a group of bees with you. You have to get five and they are scattered all around Barn Boys. But whatever you do, do NOT touch water, if you do they’ll leave you and you’ll have to start over. The first is already with you. The second is on one of the edged mountains in the Cheese farm. The third is near the entrance. The fourth is on the same roof where you pressed the button to activate the front door of the barn. The last is the most trickiest, and it’s at a large height and surrounded by water. So get on the roof where you found the fourth group and get on the roof after that one. Climb the ladder and you’ll get all the way to the top. It looks like a large bucket with water and you’ll be walking on the edges. The bees are somewhere on the edges. Now once you gather them and you jump down you will die immediately. So climb down the ladder onto the lower roof and jump down the two blocks into land. If done correctly you shouldn’t have died. Now give those groups of bees to the sunflower. Scene. Jump on her breasts onto the little cove behind her on he wall. Barn Boys: Barry+Co Now after that is finished of, go to the middle to where the Jumping wooden box was and wait until he stops jumping. Once he has he should be near the wall of the barn. Jump on him and jump to the little hole on the barn wall by the outside. Scene. Now you have two choices. Either walk the poles leading to the next platform and Press “B” automatically once you hear a bat noise, or just jump to each platform and skip all the burning. Once at the last platform, press the “B” button that’s on the floor and hit that golden ring on top of the string that Franky is hanging on. Scene. Now jump down, don’t worry it’s just one chocolate bar. Scene. Barn Boys: Buff you Now hop on Franky’s back. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss: Haybot (Part1) Difficulty: Easy Beat: To beat him is easy! Just go around to his back and press “B” once since he‘s calm. It should angry him a little and he should turn in fire! Now repeat by hitting him again, watch out for his hand slam. It could take 2 chocolate bars at times. So once you hit him again, he should turn around and turn back at you and show his mechanical eye! He is really annoyed now! And he is starting to take shape of his second form. Hit him again but it’s harder because he’s quicker and so are his attacks. Once you hit him he gets pissed and starts banging on the floor and it falls apart. Barn Boys: Haybot Wars Scene. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss: Haybot (Part2) Difficulty: Medium Beat: So now that you see his true form, this could be a little tricky. Also Conker injured his leg so he’ll walk slower too. The way to beat him…there are four pipes on this area. Hide behind one until one of his rockets damage it causing oil to come out of the pipe. He will stop and come to you, stay behind the pipe until you see some electricity come from him, then follow him as he backs up. He will stay in the center of this area and start rotating 3 times. Once his back is revealed high jump in the air and press “B” as a light bulb comes up. He should lose one of his pieces! Hide behind another pipe and continue but do not use the same one. We have to have all those pipes damaged. He will hit it again with his rockets and do the same jumping to you and have electricity come out of him and just back up and rotate the same way! Repeat the “B” button process. Then do this one last time in the last pipe. Once all pipes are damaged and he loses all his pieces. Scene. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Barn Boys: Frying Tonight Now that the Haybot guy is out of the way and Franky can still make it. It’s time to get out of here before the oil reaches the electric wires and can fry you tonight! Swim to the ladder behind one of the pipes and climb to the top! Some dramatic music will be playing and it’s kind of scary music. There will lead a “B” button pad, go onto it and press “B” once pressed you’ll get out some throwing knives. Now throw the knives to the top of the electric wires from where they are hanging! Just throw it at the ones you can see. Then when no other are in your sight just fall to the pool of oil. Then wait until you can see another ladder. Climb that one and take out the rest of the electric wires. Once they are taking care of jump back and the place should be dark. Wait until you can see a platform sticking out. Jump on it and go inside the little cave. Once you went inside you should see a lizard monk. Jump on the stone that they are reading and stay there. You should soon be in the air and go to the higher floor of there. Grab the money and exit through the door. Barn Boys: Slam Dunk Now you’ll see this big thing leading to the bucket with water before! But now guess what the bucket has no water. The water must’ve been the oil in the battle. If you want any extra cash then climb to the top, but avoid the wasps at all costs. If they pass through you just climb quickly. Once you get to the top you should see everything in good view. You should also see some chocolate bars. Eat them if you got hurt or anything. Then jump of the skinny wooden platform and you should see a light bulb, press the “B” button. Scene. Now you can earn your cash. Climb the ladder and climb down the OTHER ladder. You should remember this place. Now go down to the lower roof and continue down by the blocks, as soon as your done go to where those jumping blocks are and go down that pit. Go through the newly opened cave and grab your cash and swipe the tail on the wall if you ever died. Now exit Barn Boys and go back to Windy. Windy: Poo Cabin Now once your back take the left side of the fork this time and you should see a place piled of poo. Scene. Now go to the little cabin in the middle that you see. It’s the only house there. Scene. Now once your inside and that other scene finishes, go to the corner and you should see a light bulb. Press “B” and take the platform down. You’ll see more poo. Just go to the rope and climb up all the way to the top. Once you see a visible rope jump on that one. Then climb to the top. Once there, look on the opposite direction. There should be another rope. Jump on that one and climb until you see a hole. Jump on that hole and ride the slide up. Windy: Pruned Now you’ll see a small field with a bull in the middle. Ignore it now and go to the left of where you start and go down. You’ll see a little path. Go to the path and head all the way up. Dodge the poo balls by high jumping over them. Once you reached the top you’ll see a nozzle. Go on circles around it with the direction the arrow is pointing at, and pretty soon there will be a scene. Now it’s time to Bullfight. Windy: Yee Haw Go to where the target has opened up and the bull should be coming after you. Be directly right in front of the target! Once you see the bull in your screen coming after you. High-jump automatically. He should hit the target and you didn’t even lose one chocolate bar. Scene. Now there’s a bigger target. Jump on the top on this one and you don’t even have to move. The bull should have hit the target and got his head stuck in it. Now jump on top of the bull and you’ll be controlling it. Controls are easy. But it has bad control when moving. Control Stick: Move B: Charge Those are the only controls you have to worry about. Now control the bull and come right in front of the cow. Once there press “B” quickly and you should be charging at the cow. Once hit the cow…Scene. Now just go on circles around the field until you got in front of the cow. Do the same thing and she’ll die. Now you have 2 more cows. Do the same thing on each cow. After that’s cleared out of the way…Scene. Now go onto the hole that was opened by the bull after the fight. Windy: Sewage Sucks Now once inside grab the tail if you ever died. Then go onto the little room that you see on the other side and there will be a little open side. There will be a “B” button. Press it once on top of it. Scene. Now your able to swim underwater. So go back to the first room and swim underwater until you see the bull. There will be a room there next to him so go to it. Once there go exactly to the middle. Now go up to take a breather and grab the money. Then go back down and continue to the end of this room and go up. You should be where you were before. So go outside. Scene. Windy: Great Big balls of Poo Now go grab the big ball of poo on the side of the house. There will come 4 big balls of poo…this chart will tell you what to do with the big balls of poo: )====================================================( 1. The first one…go behind the house and to the right there should be a path. Follow the path as your ball of poo grows bigger and bigger. Dodge the dung beetles that are going after you. Once at the end. Scene. Now your first ball of poo is cleared up the second one comes. 2. This one will be used for an Imp. Go to the passage way on the right of the house. Continue it on and you’ll reach the end. Drop the ball of Poo on the pit. Scene. Now go back. 3. This one will be used too. Go to the front of the house and continue on forward. Then take a right and continue that path leading up. At the end there will be a hole. Don’t put the poo ball there yet. The poo ball should be huge. Jump on it and jump on top of the poo mountain. There should be cash. Grab it and go back down to where the poo ball is. Now put it inside the hole. 4. This one is useless. Just play with it for fun or just ignore it. )=====================================================( Then just jump all the way down but make sure that you jump on the poo like that you won’t even lose one chocolate bar because your head will just get stuck to the poo. Now go to where you dropped the second poo and you’ll see a ball of poo moving. Well it’s actually the imp inside of it. Behind it there is a button. Go on top of it and press “B”. Scene. Now just go to that place in the same area but there’s a cave that will lead you to Bat’s Tower. Bat’s Tower: Mrs. Catfish Okay let’s get right to it. Scene. Now just follow the water path until you see a bulldog fish. Scene. Now go to the little hole in the ground right next to you. Once inside follow along and then come up. Get out of the water and ascend the small stairs. Scene. Now go to that little rising platform in the middle top. Once at the top. Scene. Bat’s Tower: Barry’s Mate Now go to balance on the log you see there. If you fall it’s goodbye chocolate bar. But it’s only one and I think you’ve gotten yourself a lot of tails (If you died). Once you hear a bat noise press “B” AUTOMATICALLY! You’ll burn him and he’ll fall to the ground. Continue on and remember to press “B” if you hear a bat noise. If your too late then he’ll just drop you and take away a chocolate bar. Now continue along and climb the rope on the end of the next platform. Once you climb up once. Go just jump to the next platform since it’s short. But be careful these platforms are skinny and from exactly this height if you fall you should lose all your chocolate bars. So continue on and climb the rope. Jump to the next platform and climb the rope. Once you reach the top jump on the skinny wooden platform to your left and climb that other one. Then go on top of the edges of the tower and go along the edges. Make sure you don’t jump to the bottom to where you can find an armor imp. Just jump from a top edge to another and pretty soon you’ll bump into cash. Grab it and trace backward your footsteps and go to where you were previously after you climbed the last rope. Then go forward and you should see a fatter platform jump forward and you should be pulling a switch. Scene. Then you’ll land on a spider web. Don’t worry there are no spider here. So then climb down the ropes until you catch back up with the swearing cog. Then go back to the water. Bat’s Tower: Cog’s Revenge Go through the newly opened passage way and go to the end. Once there go through the cave and up. There will be a red laughing cog. Hit it with your frying pan and bring it back to the swearing cog. Scene. Now go back to where you got her and go through the small other room and you should see a blue and green laughing cog. Hit one of them and grab that one and bring it to the same cog. Scene. Now get the other cog you left out and bring her back too. Scene. Nothing to do now but go to the center and go on circles around it just like you did on the bullfight with the prune juice. Scene. Now go back and meet up with the fish ladies. Bat’s Tower: The Combination Scene. Now they’ll be following you. Go to where the Bulldog fish is and then half way there you’ll be interrupted with those Imps again. Just ignore them and continue on. Once you reach him. Scene. Now that the door is opened, go through it. Bat’s Tower: Blast Doors This is a rather short chapter, once inside. Scene. Now go to the “B” button in front of you. Press “B” and this should activate the catapult. Aim the catapult to the target and spell out the word “OPEN” by hitting the letters in order. Then there will be a little pit under you opening. Land on the “B” button on the water and recharge your helmet. Then go to the water. Bat’s Tower: Clang’s Lair Here you’ll see lots of Eyeswimmers. They have one green eye and make noises if your near them. Go to the closest hole that’s near the Eyeswimmer. Take a breather and go down when the Eyeswimmer passes you. Continue onward and at the bottom you’ll see a breather. Take some and go to the green neon lights with the hole in the middle. Go through the hole. And then continue on and once you reach the next room go immediately to the top and take a breather and recharge your batteries on the “B” button. Then go back down the water and go to the blue neon lighted hole. Once on the next room go to the top and take a breather and pull the switch. A place will open up. So go back down and take the yellow neon lighted hole and continue on. Then at the top there will be this strange yellow light (once you passed the yellow lighted hole), go to it and take a breather on the nearest hole. Then continue on and dodge the other Eyeswimmer by going on another hole with the breathers (bubbles included) the go on. Once the Eyeswimmer has passed you go to the top. Take a breather and go to the hole on this part of the room. Bat’s Tower: Pisstasstic Continue onward and jump down from there. Scene. Now go to that small room where those two fire imps were and get drunk by pressing “B” on the pad. Then go where those fire imps are and press “B”. You’ll be pissing. The Control Stick to piss where you want and hold Z to make the distance longer. Piss at least 6 of them and then there will be a scene. Bat’s Tower: Brass Monkeys -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss: Big balled Boiler Difficulty: Medium Beat: Just go to the corner and then wait for the Boiler to go to the sewer drain in front of you. Then High jump and pull the switch. He should be getting some kind of liquid all around him. Then he’ll back up. Go up to him and press “B” near his balls and you’ll damage him. Then go to the next corner and do the same thing! All corners have 4 switches on each corner. You have to use different ones though. Pretty soon he’ll die and there will be a scene. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now once the battle is over, get one of his balls and put it on the ground switch near the exit door. Then grab the other ball and roll it to the exit door. Scene. Now follow the newly cracked open door. Grab the money and leave the combination. Bat’s Tower: Bullfish’s Revenge Now once outside. Scene. Now it’s time to get the hell out of Bat’s Tower before that Bullfish kills you. So follow the path of water and then there will be a scene of the Bullfish being free out of the chain and he’s out to get you and the catfish. So quickly follow the path up and make sure you take a quick stop to each catfish. You can use them as a distraction to keep yourself safe. Even though they will die. So follow until you reach the last catfish. Once you reach the end and all those catfish died. Scene. Now that the Bullfish is trapped in the wall. Go on top of him and grab the three piles of cash. Now it’s time to move on. Get out of Bat’s Tower. Sloprano: Corn Off the Cob Now once your in Windy, go to the poo cabin again but do not go inside it. Go to the cave in front of it that you opened. You’ll be in Sloprano. (A.K.A. Chapter 5) Scene. Now go forward and you’ll see a second scene. Hit the Corn with your frying pan and carry it to the small peninsula in that same circled area. Scene. Now go to the next area and hit a corn and take it to the peninsula. Watch out for the poo hand which happens to be this boss area’s hand. Then hit the other corn and take it to the peninsula too. Go to the next area and hit one corn, take it to the peninsula, hit the next one, take it to the peninsula, and hit the last one and take it there too. Scene. Sloprano: Sweet Melody -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss: Great Mighty Poo (Part 1) Difficulty: Easy Beat: Just listen to the nice music and once he finished singing run around on that area and once he’s stopped throwing poo at you, go press “B” on the pad and this activates the toilet paper. When he sings “Ahh” then throw the toilet paper in his mouth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss: Great Mighty Poo (Part 2) Difficulty: Medium Beat: You actually just have to beat him the same way you beat him last time except this is more harder. Just enjoy the music and then when it stops go around the area in circles and wait until he stops. When he stops go to the “B” pad and throw toilet paper on his mouth when he sings “Ahh”. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss: Great Mighty Poo (Part 3) Difficulty: Hard Beat: Same exact thing except he’s even more harder. He now can throw poo balls on the location your heading to. He can also do more poo ball damage, and he also sings “Ahh” more faster not giving you enough time to throw toilet paper on his mouth. So just go on circles and when he throws a poo ball at you, just e careful because he can do it on your location. Once he stops quickly go to the “B” button and activate the toilet paper. When he sings “Ahh” quickly throw toilet paper when he says it before it’s too late. You’ll have to do that 2 more times. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sloprano: U-Bend Blues For this chapter you just have to get to that little cave that had glass but broke because of GMP’s singing. So head there. Pull the switch to flush him. Scene. And grab the money. Now go to one of the peninsulas and jump on the poo platforms to reach the newly opened door. Scene. Sloprano: The Bluff Now you’ll be in this strange area. Just grab the tail on the right from where you are and go on the water. Take a breather and this could be hard because you have to dodge those 3 fans. The first is easy because it slow. The second is Medium because it goes a little more faster. And the third is the hardest because it goes rapid. Once you get to the next area just go to the top to get a breather and go to the small cave. Once you get to the end. Balance yourself and climb the rope and then jump to the edge but make sure your careful of those moving spike things on the floor, they can kill you. Then climb the ladder. Once on top go through the narrow bridge and make it to the two weasel assistants. The tall one is dumb while the small one is smart. Scene. You paid them $1,000 but you’ll get it back. Now go through the big light. Uga Buga: Sacrifice This chapter will take a while. So what you do is once your there you’ll see a temple in the middle and some baby red raptors around it. Just get to the top by taking the maze doors and dodge yourself from the raptors. Once at the top take the money and go to the top of the statue and press “B” 3 times. Then you’ll be on the bottom. Go back to the statue and press “B” one time. That’ll open the door. Now behind you is a rock place! Take the red edges to the rock guy near the door and right next to him will be a rock. Roll it along the red edges and into the door you opened. If the rock guys co me to life just quickly roll it to the door you opened with the statue. Now continue on and roll the rock on the hole where the 2 cavemen are. Scene. Now follow that path. Scene. Now go down the path. And go to that big “B” button. This will activate the catapult. Now swing the catapult to the button on the top wall in the right. This will open a door. Then put back your catapult and go through that newly opened door. Then when your there you’ll spot a gigantic egg in the center of this whole place. It’s extremely noticeable. Then follow the path until you reach that egg. Go to the monk’s stone tablet and you’ll notice yourself on top of the egg. A light bulb will “Ting” and you press “B”. Scene. Now that your with a purple dino that will protect you from the cavemen and he thinks you’re his mom. Just bring him to the other room that you were previously in. Remember this dino will protect you. So just keep walking. Do not run or else he will lose you. Get to the next door. Scene. Now just go on down the path without running and lead him to the “B” button tat you were in to activate the door. Activate the catapult, while the dino eats almost all the cavemen. Then hit the same button you hit before. Scene. Now go to that sacrifice thingy that you raised and stay there with the baby following you. Then tell him to stay by making him put his steps exactly with the steps there, then just go to the “B” button again while he stays there, if he follows you try to make him stay again. Then press the “B” button and hit the other switch. Then just watch the rather sad scene. Uga Buga: Phlegm Now that, that chapter is taken care of, it’s time for a new one. For this one you’ll see the Dinosaur statue’s mouth opening and his tongue come out. Scene. Now go on the monk’s stone again and he’ll take you to the top of the dinosaur’s head. You may lose some chocolate bars when you get there but to prevent this, hover before you land. Now go to the end and grab the money. Then get the tail. (You should’ve already died at least once) Now go back and go to one of his nostrils. But wait until some green gas comes out of his nostrils and the go to his nostril. One at a time though. Press “B” and you should’ve activated the pepper. He’ll cough and then get out. Wait for some green gas again and then go to his other nostril and do the same thing. Scene. Uga Buga: Worship Now that the green slime is off the dinosaur statue’s tongue you can ascend his tongue. Now once inside his mouth you’ll see this green slimy thing spinning back and forth. Dodge this and continue onward. Then take the left way which is easier by jumping from platform to platform. Or take the right way and you’ll dodge more of those green things. At the end there’ll be a last green thing and the continue. Scene. Now go back and retrace your footsteps, take whichever way and get back down the tongue. You’ll meet up with those cavemen again. Except now they worship you because of your new hat. Scene. Now go to where the rock monsters are and make sure you have all 4. Then you’ll start versing the rock monsters. You also have to hit them. When all 4 are finished talk to the bouncer. Scene. Uga Buga: Rock Solid Once inside you can start by going down the staircase and going to the opposite way. You’ll see 3 cavemen dancing. Behind them is a table. Behind that is a rock. Roll that rock back to the entrance and there should be a button there. Make it stay there and a door should open. Now get drunk by going to the “B” button that has a keg over it. It’ll make you drunk. Now go to the rock monster in the middle. Pee on him and make him go to the opened hole. Scene. Now wait until you get sick. Go to the “B” button on the stage and it’ll make you feel better. Now go through the door too and you’ll lose one chocolate bar but that’s okay. Once at the end you’ll see the rock that you dropped. Keep rolling it along but watch out for the rock girls that can come up and can drop him back to the lower floor. Make it to the end and make him stay on the button there. Now the other two door should open and that middle door should close. Fall to the first floor and you’ll again lose another but you can get more chocolate bars. Get drunk again and pee on both rocks making them go on their holes. Scene. Now you can stay awhile and dance if you want, or you could just get out of here. Now go get the money and get out of here. Uga Buga: Bomb Scene. Now you have a bomb in your position. It could run out anytime even during gameplay. Quickly run forward and through the door. Now continue going until you reach the room with the dinosaur statue. Continue on in any path and once you reach half the staircase just jump down it and go through the statue’s mouth. Once inside you HAVE to go through the left path through those green things. But be careful because if they touch you the bomb can explode killing you. Once you get out through the back you’ll hear the music getting more scarier. Run for your life to the end, if it explodes you have to start over. If not then you made it. When you make it to the end there will be a scene. Scene. Now the whole place is filled with lava and some rocks guiding you to the next area. Jump on each rock but hurry because they will fall to the lava. At the end just go through the hole. Uga Buga: Mugged Now it’s time to actually fulfill the action and racing. First comes a scene. Now what to do is go through that little hole in the front, right part of the area you start out with. You’ll see a hover board in front of you. Jump on and ride on. All you have to do is just not get too close to the walls, not hit any body part of the dinosaur, and make sure when your jumping, your jumping high enough. Like that you won’t damage your board and yourself. So once you get close to a caveman, all you have to do is press “B” and you’ll hit him with your frying pan and he’ll get hurt and die and you’ll get your money back slowly. So the first one is the statue of liberty one! (The one with the Statue of Liberty hat) the second is the afro guy with the bone, and the last is the Mohawk guy. Once you kill all of them you’ll get all your money back. But it’s still not over. You don’t have all your money back. On the last one the gates will change from the right to the left. But, then after the Mohawk guy it will switch back to the right. Now with your board, go to the left one (The one that is not covered by a gate) and you should see this ramp. Climb it with your board and jump at the end of the ramp and it should take you to the last money (only accessible when you destroy every caveman) Scene. Uga Buga: Raptor Food This is REALLY fun. If you like to control a raptor and eat people alive then this must be your favorite chapter. Let’s get right to it! Scene. Now go to where those two cavemen are. Scene. Now this raptor is after you. But use a caveman as distraction and quickly go to the blue “B” button in the middle of this arena. The press “B” and make sure that Fangy (the dinosaur) is after you when you press “B”! Scene. Now it’s the part where you control Fangy and must kill every caveman in sight. Once they’re dead. Scene. Now these guys have bones with them, if they hit the dinosaur you will fall out of him, and he wills still go after you. Go to the “B” button again if this happens. Once you kill them a bunch of Bow and Arrow guys will come! Kill them too and then a combination of Bones & Bow and Arrowed guys will come! Kill them. Now Buga is mad and is coming after you. Uga Buga: Buga the Knut Don’t worry about falling off the dinosaur now. He now has your trust and if you fall off him you can just climb on him. You are now friends with him. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Boss: Buga the Knut Difficulty: Medium Beat: The way to beat him will make him embarrassed but it’s the only way. First when he comes to you and raises his big bone! Bite his balls immediately. Then he will get hurt and his pants will fall down. Now go around the other way and bite his butt. You’ll have to do this 2 more times. But if you bite his balls to late he’ll stop you from doing that. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scene. Now that Fangy has left you, it’s time to get on with business. Go to where he dropped his bone and jump on the platform and go through the small hole. Scene. Now go through this small hole and at the end you will see your money. Grab it and jump out of the peninsula platform. Don’t worry you’ll recognize this place. You land on water. Now go through the hole that you came in of and jump to the exit. Windy: Mr. Barrel You’ll be in the Poo cabin, exit out. Scene. Now go back to Queen Bee, you didn’t see her for a long time already. Scene. Now you got yourself into more trouble. But this time the Pros are that your going to actually have some action, and your going to have quadruple the money she gave you before. So go to where you found the hive before and go inside the hive. Follow the honey path. Then when you reach the top you’ll see the hive, get closer to it you’ll see the machine guns open up. Get inside the hive and start shooting at all the wasps in your sight. It’ll take about 3 minutes until they’re all cleared. You should see a scene of Mrs. Bee coming in about that time and then you get out the hive and carry it. *Scene* Same old stinging wasps. What you do now is run out of this hive and until where Mrs. Bee is. Scene. Now you rescued her hive again, and you got your action, and money. Now go through the bridge again and this time head left to the mountain. Start by going up. Scene. Killer Worms! Just jump over them. Continue on and you should see more. Keep jumping until you reach the end. You’ll see a barrel and you’ll pay him about $10,000 dollars or so. Scene. Now get on him and ride down the mountain killing every worm and then once you reach the bottom. Scene. Then you’ll wake up. Now go to the wooden wallboard that was closed before. Spooky: Mr. Death Scene. Now go down the water path until you reach Gregg the Grim Reaper trying to catch those catfish that you killed before. Talk to him and then go back to the water and head to Gregg’s left and continue down that water swimming. Go through the door and you’ll be in another room Jump on the switch in front of you and pull it down. That should open the cemetery door. Head back to Gregg. Scene. Now you have a shotgun and I just have one question? Are you ready to kill some zombies? If yes, then go to the door you opened, if you chicken out you can’t continue this awesome game. Once there continue on the cemetery path. Scene. Now you got zombies after you. Remember the weak point to shoot is their heads. They’ll die automatically. Shoot a dozen of zombies (12), and Gregg will appear by the end of this cemetery. Walk there and ignore all the zombies. Congratulations, you cleared all the zombies….well actually there are more in the mansion. So in the next area there’s a path. Go up the path and you should bump into the killer worms you killed before. They’re dead but not quite yet. Shoot them and they should die 100%. Once they are follow the path to the mansion. Spooky: Count Batula Scene. Now that you’re a bat. It’s time to poop on villagers and feed your great, great, great, great grandfather. Start by the first 4 in the main hall. And then the 2 on the library, and then 1 at the garden. Scene. Spooky: Zombies This is a rather long chapter. You are locked in a haunted mansion, locked in, and have to find 3 keys to get out. Well I can help with this little chart right here! ====================================================== 1. This key is medium-typed difficulty! From the start go to the left of where you are and follow that path, on the side of the staircase. Continue on and if you see any zombies kill them. Just take that way and kill any zombies you see. You should be in the library. Once there climb the stars in your right and continue on. Then jump on the middle bookshelf or platform and you should see a “B” button. Press “B” on it and this should activate the crossbow. Kill the bats on each four corners. Then continue leading up and go through the door! Go along the path and you should see a broken down wall and there’s a boy zombie near it! Kill him and inside there’s also a girl zombie! Kill it too. Now go to the other “B” button in front of you and kill the 3 bats in the corners on the far end of this room! Then after that, balance your way to the end and grab the key, return it safe and sound to the Main Room. 2. This one is easy-type difficulty. First go to the right side path this time. Follow that pat and kill any zombies you see. Then, once you reach the dining room quickly run to the table and take our your gun. With you on top of the table the zombies can’t reach you. Just go by the edges and snipe they’re heads from here since you have an open shot. Then when they are taken care of go to the garden by taking the only door in the dining room that you didn’t take! Follow the path and snipe off the heads of any zombies you didn’t kill. Then continue on and go on top of the edges and snipe the two zombies near the memorial in the middle. Then grab the key and get out of the garden and make it to the Main Room. 3. This one is also hard-typed difficulty. You’re going to need to be good on balancing. First go to where you found the first key but do not go inside the room. In the left there should be a ladder. Climb it and then jump to the left platform! Finally, some good, nice, life-saving chocolates, but there’s only three. Your going to have to make good use of them before you exit the mansion. So eat as many as you need and then at the left of the ladder there’s a platform there. Hover to it and at the end you’ll see a bone-kind of switch. So pull it and these door’s will open. Go back to the Main Room and at the right attached to the staircase, there should be the opened door. Kill any zombies here and use that door. You should be in a place near the last key. Go grab the key at the end and come back to the Main Room the same way. ====================================================== Well now that’s the end of this chapter. Let’s get the hell out of Spooky now! Spooky: Mr. Barrel You remember Mr. Barrel? The one that got you in to this whole mess? Now it’s time to get you out the same way you got in. He’s in the left of the staircase. Get on him and ride off of this freaky place. Ride down the path with balance. Out of the cemetery, out of the place where Gregg is. And now go to the left water way that Gregg was in on his position. Then you’ll crash into an island. Then go to the hole. Now you’ll be back at Hungover. Grab the cash that you couldn’t catch before. Then make your way back to Windy. Scene. Now go to the “Nasty” part of the sign and go through the barbed fence this time and notice the door is now open. Go through it. It’s War: It’s War This is rather the shortest chapter in this whole game. Walk forward. Scene. That’s it for this chapter. It’s War: Power’s Off Now it’s more like the other chapters. But it’s also a short chapter. At the water in front of you, there’s an eel. First go to the little island on the right path and that has a ladder. Scene. Now in the water there is: Eel, and 4 little lighting things. You have to make the eel follow you into the rings so he can light it. After that’s taken care of. Scene. It’s War: TNT Now that the light is on, things could be more easier. Now what you do is go into the little upstairs way in the left part of the entrance. There should be a bathroom. Press “B” to knock. Scene. Now you have to go around the Sacrifice Imp’s back and push him down. But make sure the block in front of the entrance is pulled right in front of the slide. Like that he won’t fall into the water. Now push him down the slide and he’ll be right in front of the block. Now you have two choices. Take him to the right or take him to the left path ways. The left has lots of jumping blocks and stomping blocks that can easily kill your TNT guy. The right one has lots of metal spiders. It is easy nonetheless. Go any way and make it reach the end! Then go to the “B” button on the center of this place to activate the catapult, shoot off the TNT Imp. Scene. Now go back to the bathroom and get another one. Make it reach the end on the opposite way. Then go back to the “B” button and shoot off the Imp. Now the plane is cleared and all the boat’s moved out. Now go to the boat near the stairs and talk with the general. Scene. It’s War: The Assault Scene. Now it’s off to war. First use those little things for protection and continue on until you reach the end. Watch out for the Tediz shots. Scene. Now press “B” to take out the squirrel’s official war uniform. Shoot off the lock on the door next to you and go inside. Scene. It’s War: Sole Survivor Okay, first hide behind the block in front of you! When the time is right, shoot off every tediz. Once they all died the door will open. There will be lasers and this will be hard. For the first set just crawl under it by holding the “Z” button and moving. Tediz might even interrupt you. But that’s okay, you have a gun with you. Now once you reach the end. Scene. Now your on the second floor. Continue on until you reach the end. Scene. It’s War: Casualty Dept. This is easy at first but then there’s going to be this harder tedi later. Just kill all of them until this bigger looking one comes, there will be no music and this one tedi trying to kill you, that’s when you know he came. Now at the northeast corner there is this squirrel on a chair. Scene. Now pick any of those two. Both of them actually have him dyeing 75%. But he’s still alive though. Now go pull the opposite one and it’ll pen the door. Go through the door now! Scene. Now hide behind a block. This tedi is dangerous. Once it finished and it recharges go to the other block. Then when it recharges go right in front of it. Don’t worry it won’t hit you but you have to stay as close as possible to the turret. Then when it recharges quickly limb the rope on the other side and then hide behind the log. Then when it recharges again go to the “B” button on the end and activate the bazooka. Now’s your chance! BLAST HIM! Then you have total control of the turret. Tediz will come from one side and the other. Just kill them. Then pretty soon they’ll come from both sides. Kill them both and a door will open. Go through it and you’ll see a factory room. Study the billboard in this room because hat’s the next boss your going to have to fight. It’s War: Saving Private Rodent Scene. Now kill all these tediz and go talk to the guy. You’ll notice he’s Rodent. Scene. Now run down the path in the right. Scene. Now go onward and a bomber will drop in front of you! Just back up a little. Once you see a spider get up hide behind Rodent and you won’t get hurt and so neither will he. Now once you get to the end. Scene. Now jump to the water in your right. There’s a little “B” button pad on the water. Press “B” on it and break the four locks on the giant lock in the giant door in front of you. Some tediz might come, so blast them too. Now once every lock is blasted, go through the door. It’s War: Chemical Warfare Scene. Now go to the tank also and blast a hole in the small door in front of you. Then go inside1 here you’ll see 3 piles of hot goo, and 3 spiders. Once you jump a pile of goo you’ll see a spider. Then jump back and the spider will go to the goo and die. There are two more, so repeat. Then at the end there is a switch. Pull it and then get out of here as fast as you can. Go back into the tank and the door should be open. It’s War: The Tower This should be easy and fun. Go through the door and it will close behind you. Then look up at the tower. You should see a tank with spotlights. Make sure it doesn’t see you. If it does and your out of the tank, it could damage you. But if your inside the tank, it won’t damage you one bit. Once the spotlight isn’t aiming on you get out of the tank and from behind the bridge, jump on it. Then press “B” on the “B” button on the top. Then go back to the tank. Cross the bridge and you’ll see a tedi. Just squish it. Continue on and blast a yellow leg from the tower. You have to blast all four so it could fall, once at the end and you blow the last leg, the tower will fall. Now a log leads you the way to a hole. Balance on it and fall to the hole. It’s War: Little Girl Go to the center of the front stage. Scene. Now go to a “B” button behind one of the three small tunneled areas. One of them should have submarines. Press “B” there and take out your bazooka. Now destroy the submarines (3). Now go to the next one to your right. Go all he way down and press that “B” button. Take out those submarines (6), then go to the last one and take out your bazooka and kill them too (9). Scene. Now go back to the little girl. It’s War: The Experiment Now it’s a boss fight. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss: The Experiment Difficulty: Hard Beat: This is the boss from the bulletin board. First hide in a tunnel. Wait until the shot is over and he recharges. Then make sure your Shot Aim is aiming at the direction of the boss. Then move out and damage his weapons (Not him). Once the both of them are blown away he’ll be coming to you. Then aim your shot at the little girl puppet and blow her away. Scene. Now shoot at the back hole of the tedi experiment guy. Scene. Now do the same thing except this time instead of a mini-gun, it’s a magnova laser. And it’s more easier because it’s slower. Just hit both of them like before, hot the puppet, and then the back. And then go to the next one which is the missiles. Then hit them both again, hit the puppet and then the back hole. Scene. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It’s War: Countdown In this one you need to be a dodge king and quick. Because there’s a countdown in this base set to 4:30 and you need to get the hell out of here before the place blows up. And you need to be a good dodger because there are WAY TOO MANY lasers then before on the hall. Just go down the hall and know the place to dodge the lasers like that you can get to the bottom. Once you get out of the building there are no more lasers, but there is still the countdown and some bazooka tediz. So make it and go to that little triangle guarding thing and there will be one tedi after you. Take out your bazooka and kill him. And then there are two more, one from the left and one from the right. Just hide in the guarding thing and get a clear shot at them both. Then move on. But don’t go down. Hide in the nearest triangle thingy that’s on your right. There will appear a bazooka tedi and you can blow it up and he can’t because there is sand on the way, so you don’t even have to hide in the triangle thing but there still is a bazooka tedi in the right of the triangle thingy. Just put the triangle thingy in the way and kill the one in front of you first. Then take care of the other one. Then put back your bazooka and RUN to the triangle thingy all the way to your front. There will be 3 tediz surrounding you but if your too close to the triangle thingy, they can’t kill you. Just take care of them with the triangle thingy blocking you. Then with no more bazooka tediz and still enough time for the countdown just head forward, keep going and then… Scene. It’s War: Peace At Last This chapter is just a scene. Scene. Now get out of this base, and hey…it was a ice war, and if you ever want the same war you got Multiplayer or if you want the Story Mode war, you still got the Chapters Menu. Heist: The Windmill is Dead Okay now jump out the barbed fence and get ready for the last chapter of the game. It is a rather cool chapter though. They copied off the Matrix. Now head up the area in Windy where those worms were and notice that Queen Bee died, and so did the windmill. Scene. Now go down the windmill area and head through the hole. Now head to north and you should see the Feral Reserve Bank. You should meet up with Don Weaso again. Scene. Now you have the costumes and Berri by your side. Enter the door. Heist: Enter the Vertex Scene. Now head down and hide behind the pillar. Then when some police weasels come press “B” and start shooting at them. Just shoot them once. Once they all died there will be back-up. Kill them too. Scene. After that cool scene do the same thing on the pillar in front of the pillar in front of you. Then continue doing the “B” button things until back-up’s come. Kill them too. Cool Scene. Go head on the next one. Do the same thing. Cool Scene. Then do it one more time on the next pillar. Cool Scene. Now head to the elevator. Scene. Now ride your way up. Heist: The Vault Now this is part chapter/ part boss fight. So let’s get going. Scene. Now head down to the vault. Scene. Now collect at least three piles of money. Scene. Now that you’re a millionaire it’s time to worry about the alien. Go to the little switch right of the throne and pull it. Then go to the little dressing room and dress up. Then it’s time to kick some alien butt. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss: Heinrich Difficulty: Hard Beat: The way to beat him is to first hit him, this round is easy though. Hit him our times but keep pressing “Z” no matter what just don’t stop until you hit him four times. Then when he’s on the floor. Go around to his tail and start swinging him around like in Super Mario Bros. 64 with Bowser. Then aim for the Space Vent and throw him there. Scene. Now repeat this two more times except it gets harder and harder. Scene. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch the good old ending and Congratulations….you BEAT THE GAME! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5:Multiplayer:5 Now it’s time for the Multiplayer Walkthrough. Beach: Frenchies For this one, you have a time limit. You have to get to the hole under the Tediz spot. Or you can bomb the tediz with the little button switch near the mound right next to the bridge. Beach: Tediz For them you have to either pick between three weapons. Turret, Sniper, or Bazooka. The Computer usually picks the turret first so you have to pick Bazooka or Sniper. Then blast the frenchies before they reach a hole or push the “Bomb the Tediz” switch. Raptor: Caveman For them, you just have to kill Raptors and steal their eggs to put in your frying pan. That’s mostly it. Raptor: Dinosaur For the dinosaur you have to eat as many cavemen you can see, or give some to the baby raptor. It’s as simple as that. Heist: Any All the weasels have the same objective. Kill the opponents or steal the cash bag in the center of this whole area and take it to your colored vault. Deathmatch: Any This is a free mini-game. Just kill as many people as you can to get the highest high-score. It doesn’t matter which place or which character. Total War: Squirrels and Tediz They both have the same objectives. Kill the opponent team or steal their canister and take it to the sewer area square in the middle. Colors: Squirrels and Tediz Same objective. They have infinite life and have to steal the opponent’s flag and bring it to their base at the little square in the bottom floor, near the Uzis. Tank: Any Color Same objective. Destroy the other tanks or steal the little canister in the middle of the whole area and bring it to any base. Race: A This one has the right gate closed and you must go through the left one and make as many laps as limited. Race: B This one has the left gate closed and you must go through the right one and make as many laps as limited. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 6:Weapons:6 -Double Uzis: two black machine guns Location: Raptor, Heist, Deathmatch, Both Wars, Pros: Shoots rapidly, Quick Reload, Able to run Cons: None -Sniper Rifle: (same as title) Location: Deathmatch, Both Wars, Heist Pros: Able to shoot from far away Cons: Slow Recharge time and sucks for close encounters -Hand Cannon: Instant Death Gun Location: Deathmatch, Raptor, Both Wars Pros: Instant Death Cons: Walks slow -Bazooka (Rocket Launcher) Locations: Heist, Deathmatch, Both Wars Pros: Instant Death Cons: Can kill you if shoot too close to target, very very slow. -Throwing Knives (same as title) Locations: Raptor, Heist, Deathmatch, Both Wars Pros: Able to shoot long-range Cons: Doesn’t kill target instantly. -Auto Rifle: (Smaller Rifle) Location: Raptor, Heist, Deathmatch, Total War Pros: Shoots simatiously. Cons: None -Katana: (Samurai Sword) Location: Deathmatch, Both Wars Pros: Instant Kill if keep pressing “Z” rapidly. Cons: Short-Range. -Chainsaw: (Same as title) Location: Raptor, Deathmatch, Both Wars Pros: Instant Death Cons: Short-Range. -Flamethrower (Sinurator) Location: Raptor, Deathmatch, Both Wars Pros: Able to burn so people won’t get a shot. Cons: Take long time to kill someone, can get you burned if you touch the burning guy. -Baseball Bat: (Same as title) Location: Race Pros: Hit people and will fall in lava. Cons: Only in “Race” mode. -Tommy Gun: (Same as title) Location: Deathmatch, Heist Pros: Can take two chocolates out of a guy. Cons: Will shoot up for some reason. -Turrets: (Machine guns) Location: Deathmatch, Colors Pros: Will shoot rapidly. Cons: You have to stay in one place. -Shotgun: (Same as title) Location: Deathmatch Pros: Kill one person instantly if they’re near you. Cons: None -Crossbow: (Bow and Arrow) Location: Raptor, Heist, Deathmatch. Pros: Can aim at head and kill instantly. Cons: None -Frying Pan: (Same as title) Location: Story Mode (Main Weapon) Pros: Can use as much time Cons: Only in Story Mode -Bombs: (Same as title) Location: Some Mini-games Pros: Can kill someone instantly. Cons: Takes time for it to blow up. -Grenades (Same as title) Location: Some mini-games Pros: Can kill someone instantly. Cons: Takes time for it to blow up. -Bones (Same as title) Location: Raptor Pros: None Cons: None -Piss (Same as title) Location: Deathmatch (Bunkers) Pros: Funny and Hilarious Cons: None ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 7:Cheats:7 Billymillroundabout: Gregg the Grim Reaper in Multi Wellytop: Conker in Multi Chinditvictory: Weasel in Multi Bovrilballethore: 50 lives in Story Mode Beelzebubsbun: It’s War chapter Beepsagoner: Uncensored Weldersbench: All chapters. Clampirate: Bat’s Tower chapter Chocolatestarfish: Heist chapter Eastereggsrus: Neo Conker in Multi Anchovybay: Sloprano chapter Spunkjockey: Special effects if kill someone with Katana or chainsaw. Monkeyschin: Uga Buga chapter Spanielsears: Spooky chapter Rustysheriffsbadge: War Generals in Multi Beef Curtains: Zombies and Villagers in Multi Princealbert: Barn Boy chapter Xfyhijerpwal Ielwzs: Debug Mode ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 8:Tail Locations:8 Windy -Windy Sign Barn Boys -In the Cheese Farm -In one of the edges of the Barn. -In the cave under the Barn. Bat’s Tower -In the cave inside the waterfall Sloprano -In the glass cage where the money was -Where the poo water is, it’s in the right side of it from the door’s facing Uga Buga -In the top of the dinosaur statue’s head -On the ending area where the Temple door is there should be a little platform near the wall, follow there and jump on the top of the temple’s edged door and then follow the path. Spooky None It’s War None Heist None ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 9:Money Locations:9 Hungover -In the bottom of the waterfall should be a cage Windy -The first time you help Mrs. Bee -The second time you help Mrs. Bee -In the top of Poo Mountain -In the hive in the middle. Just go to the wasp’s big hive house, through the holes and it should lead you to the money. -In the that little open cave near where the bull dies in the water Barn Boys -In the little roof near the two blocks -In the little hole on top of the sunflower -After beating the haybot -In the little cave under the barn near the pit. Sloprano -In that little broke glass wall where the tail is Uga Buga -Near where the statue is on the first area with the red baby raptors -In the cage at the Rock Solid with Berri -On top of the dinosaur statue’s head -At the end where Uga Buga meets Sloprano and there’s diving platform peninsula, there is money there. (Where you go to land on the water) Spooky None It’s War None Heist -At the end there is a million of cashes jumping around ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 10:Contact Info:10 Well I hope you liked my FAQ, it was my first ever made, so let’s get on with this section. AOL Screen name: Patroopa33 E-mail: That’s all you can communicate me by! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 11:Thanks Info.:11 -Thanks for my parents, for letting me make a FAQ -Thanks for this site to put up my FAQ guide. -Thanks to Conker’s Bad Fur Day, by making this game and since I love this game I made a FAQ about it. -Thanks to me, for making this FAQ. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thanks for reading my FAQ, and feel free to Print it out so you can use it to your advantage. Bye! ^.^