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                   FAQ Writer: Steve 'Jimfish' Taylor
                   E-Mail: payne_feelit@yahoo.co.uk
              Faq Name: Big Mutha Truckers General FAQ
                             System: XBox


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Table of Contents:

A.       Introduction

B.       FAQ Version

C.       City Guide:

       I. Greenback
      II. Smokestack Heights
     III. Capital City
      IV. Salt Sea City
       V. Skeeters Creek

D.       Buying/Selling Guide:

       I. Buying
      II. Selling
     III. What you can carry for what truck.

E.      Good/Bad

F.      General Guide

G.      Acknowledgements/Thanks To

H.      Legal Information
A. Introduction:


This is the second guide I have written. And this guide is a
GENERAL FAQ and is NOT the full guide to completing the game,
because the game is not linear and what happens can be random. 
This guides teaches you of the different cities, different 
cargo, buying/selling and biker/police information. The guide
will only go up to Day 4 as by then
If you wish to contact me to ask questions etc., use my 
e-mail, payne_feelit@yahoo.co.uk

B. FAQ Version:

VERSION = 0.9, August 31, 2004

Guide ready to be uploaded. 
C. City Guide:

         I. Greenback

Greenback is inspired heavily by Las Vegas, down to the
Neon lights, casinos and everytime you see it, it's 
night-time. At the garage you'll meet a Russian who speaks
of comrade-ship and the usual. The store is a casino for 
some bizaare reason, and the bar is "Ali Baba" themed one, 
with Princess Shirley as the bar-keep.
        II. Smokestack Heights

Smokestack Heights is the Industrial heart of Hick State 
County. Here, the store is a warehouse depot, and Sam's Diner
is where you pick up your tips. The Garage is run by the ever
so friendly Otto, who you'd like straight away.

       III. Capital City

Capital City is a modern city, complete with a state-of-the-
art car showroom which is run by a snooty English man 
(Monocle included o_q). The bar is called "Sirens" and the 
store is strangely a museum.

        IV. Salt Sea City

Salt Sea City, is not really a city, or a town. Instead, it's
just a dockyard with the store and bar being ships, and the 
garage, a boat shack.


         V. Skeeter's Creek

Skeeter's Creek is a red-neck community. It's shop being a
gilapidated general store. The bar run by an ex-convict, and
the garage owned by a guy who sits in his rocking chair all 
day. You will like this city the most for some reason.

D. Buying/Selling Guide
         I. Buying:

The point of the game is to get a lot of money....the answer?
Buy cheap and sell high. So, for example, if you notice 
"Wood" was extremly cheap (Indicated by two RED arrows pointing
down) you'll want to buy it right away! So select it with the 
D-Pad and press A. Now choose how much you want with the LEFT
and RIGHT Directional-Pads and then press A to buy it.
        II. Selling:

Selling works much like buying, you select what cargo you 
want to sell, and then how much of it and then press A to get
your money. When you sell your cargo, make sure you get a good
price for it. You'll tell which one will get you the best 
price because of the two GREEN arrows pointing up. You have 
now learnt the basics of buying and selling.

        III. What You Can Carry For Each Truck: 
There are 3 types of trucks in the game, a Flatbed truck, a
refridgerated Trailer, or a tanker.

   Name of Cargo              Trailer?                        
=Canned Peaches            |  Flatbed       |
=Fruit Juice               |  Refridgerated |
=Milk                      |  Tanker        |
=Beer                      |  Flatbed       |
=Steers and Hogs           |  Flatbed       |
=Cheese                    |  Refridgerated |
=Iron Ore                  |  Flatbed       |
=Steel Girders             |  Flatbed       |
=Bulldozers                |  Flatbed       |
=Cell Phones               |  Flatbed       |
=Wood                      |  Flatbed       |
=Gasoline                  |  Tanker        |
=Refined Oil               |  Tanker        |
=Fish                      |  Refridgerated |
=Soothing Pile Cream       |  Refridgerated |
=Transfusion Products      |  Refridgerated |
=Porkbellies               |  Refridgerated |
=Coal                      |  Flatbed       |
=Pesticide                 |  Tanker        |
=High Octane Fuel          |  Tanker        |
=Crude Oil                 |  Tanker        |
=Platinum                  |  Flatbed       |
=Gold Bullion              |  Flatbed       |

E. Good/Bad

As you play the game, you will come across either police 
cars, or biker gangs. Ramming either of them will cause them
to chase you and try to make you stop. You can choose which
ones to attack.

If you attack cops: Biker gangs will leave you alone as they
fear you, but cops will attack you on site.

If you attack bikers: Cops will leave you alone as they 
respect you, but the bikers will attack and hi-jack you when
they see you.
F. General Guide

Day 1:

As you start the game, you are greeted with a choice of 4 
characters, Rawkus Jackson, Bobbie-Sue Jackson, Cletus 
Jackson and Earl Jackson. All the characters and rigs handle
the same (Since they all have flatbed trucks to begin with). 
But the choice of characters lead to what city and what 
cargo you carry first, other than that, it's a matter of 

If you pick Earl: You'll drive to Capital City with cell 

If you pick Rawkus: Taking Beer to Greenback.

If you pick Cletus: Going to Smokestack Heights with a 
cargo of Canned Peaches.

If you pick Bobbie-Sue: Steers and Hogs to Salt Sea City

Once you've choosen you'll witness the opening sequence
explaning what to the aim of the game is about. Once the
movie is over, you'll take control of your character.
Now, there will be 4 options avaliable to you on the menu:



-Head to the Garage and choose to repair your truck, refuel
it, add upgrades to it, customise the paintwork, or trade
your truck to another class. But because you haven't used
up any fuel, or damaged your truck, you can't refuel or 
repair, and to beable to trade trailers you'll need to sell
you'll goods.


-Go back inside Mamma's house and talk to her. Right now you 
can not ask her about how you're siblings are doing because
you're still on Day 1. But come back at a later date to ask


-This will confirm that you have finished for the day and are 
ready to move onto the next city.

Main Menu

-This takes you to the "Main Menu", from here you can: enter
"Mission Mode" (See Section G.), save the game, load a game,
enter options or quit the game.

You are most likely ready to cruise the highways now, so press
"Done" to get to your truck and leave. Congrats, you are now
driving your first truck! Now if you read the manual...which 
you should of done, you should know the controls by now, so
get driving along the empty road to the T-Junction, and take
it slow so you don't lose control and crash. As you do leave, 
Ma will tell you about the GPS system that's installed on your
truck that will guide you to your first city. It is best to 
follow where it tells you to go, just so you do get to grips 
with your control and the routes to and from places. It's 
best to select the full-screen camera mode as other cameras
may cause restrictions on what you can see, like missing your
turn off...or driving straight into a biker because you couldn't
see him only to be chased and shot at. But it doesn't matter 
really what you choose.

As you are driving along the roads, you may encounter some
police cars, biker gangs, neither or both. Depending on whether
you like to play as a good guy, or bad guy, you can choose which
one to ally with, and which one to attack (See Good/Bad). 

As you arrive at your city, you'll trigger a parking challenge, 
the challenge being is to steer round and avoid cones and to park
in the loading bay to win yourself "$10,000".

Tip: The speed limit is only 40mph in the challengem but you'll
have 5 seconds to slow down or else the challenge ends and you
end up with nothing, so the best thing to do is speed up, and then
drop down to 40mph at one or two seconds to spare, If all went 
well you'll be $10,000 richer.

Another Tip: When you make it inside the loading area, don't drive
straight to the end, because for some reason the game doesn't 
think you've finished the challenge, and so the timer still ticks
down, and so you need to reverse..which is a major pain. So the 
tip here is to park half way in the bay to avoid stress levels.

Once that is done, you'll be in your first city. Like back at 
Ma's house, you'll have options, but the ones in the city 
are different to the ones you used at Ma's.


-This is where you sell and buy your goods; hopefully for profit.


-This is the same as desscripted at Ma's Garage. 


-The bar is good for picking up tips and rumours of what city
wants what goods, perfect chance to raise your profits. Also, if
you are low on cash, you can visit the loan shark for a loan.


-This is the same as descripted at Ma's.

Main Menu

-This is the same as descripted at Ma's.

Head to the store first and sell your goods for a profit
(See "Buying/Selling" for info on how to sell). Once you have
sold your load, leave the store and go over to the bar. Once
at the bar, you can either use the fruit machine to try and
raise your cash the hard way, talk to the bar-keep or visit
the loan the shark. 

For now, talk to the bar keep for tips on what to buy.
(See "Buying/Selling to see if you can carry that cargo) If
you can carry it, then go to the store and buy it, if not, 
buy something really cheap and leave the store.

Now, if you are low on fuel and or need to be repaired 
badly, then go to the garage. The prices for fuel and repairs
are expensive and repairs are expensive so don't waste money
by fueling up 100% or repairing a speck of damage, just be 
careful on the roads and you'll be fine. But because this is
you're first day, I will allow you to refuel and repair. Just
don't make a habit of it, or you'll be bankrupted before you
reach Day 3.

When you've done all that, choose "Done" from the menu to move
on to Day 2.

Day 2:

On Day 2, you'll be asked to race to another city by a trucker
for big money. You get to pick to where you want to race to,
or you can decline to race and save your money from being 
gambled away. But if you do decline ever time, you'll get a
reputation of being the worst driver ever. But it is best to
attempt the racing now, just so you know how good you are.

Tip for Racing: Take shortcuts across grass, sand, pavements
etc. to get ahead of the other driver.

Another tip for racing: Ramming the opponent's truck from the
side may cause him to swerve and stop, causing you to sail past
him letting your rival restart his truck while eating your dust.

3rd tip for racing: If your opponent is in the lead and slows to
turn a corner, speed up and use him as a barrier and speed round
the corner, and because you're friend is blocking the other exit, 
you won't swerve down it by accident.

*NOTE* Doing the second tip will cause damage to your truck and
is advised to only do it when you feel you will NOT win by pure
driving skills alone.

Follow the Sat-Nav's instructions as to what the best route is
and try to get ahead of your opponent. Once you do, you should 
win, but if you don't get an early lead then you might not beable

Once the race is over (It doesn't matter about the outcome), you'll
be entering your second city, and like at the first city, you'll
need to do the parking challenge, but you should of mastered it by
now and can get $10,000 every time.

Now, head to the store first and sell your goods. Then go to the 
bar, get your tips, then wander back over to the store and buy
whatever was the tip (Unless of course you can not carry it, then
buy something else) Then go to the Garage if you didn't 
fuel up/repair in Day 1.

Then once you've done that, press "Done" to go on to Day 3.


Day 3:

Like Day 2, you'll be asked to race again. Now depending on
how well you did last time, you can choose whether or not
you want to race. 

...You're now on Day 3. So park your truck, and go to the 
store, sell your load. Now this time, go to the garage, not to
refuel, but to trade in your trailer. You can either choose 
between "Freezer Trailer" or a "Tanker". You pick which one
you want and trade it. Now then, pick what you want from the
store without asking for tips (You have got to work out what
to buy yourself so you get a swing going on)

Now go to the bar and this time, use the Fruit Machine. 
It's simple to use, so gamble away for as long as you like.
Once you either feel cheated out of your money, or a smug git
for winning 3 times your body weight in coins, you can talk to 
the loan shark. Now loan sharks are very risky, so try not to
be late with your payments. Ask for his CHEAPEST deal, and accept.
Now go to the Garage and buy yourself a truck upgrade that you 
like. Once you've brought it, count how much cash you have left,
and work out if that is enough to payback the shark, if not, work 
for two days and return on the 3rd to pay him back.

Leave the city and go to Day 4.

Day 4:

By now you're into a routine of what to do, race, sell, check, buy,
fuel, repair, leave. Do the things you need to do, and then leave
to go to Day 5.

And that's it for this Guide, as I can not hold your hand for the 
whole journey. You should now beable to race, buy, sell, and
do a lot of other stuff that earns you money. Keep it up for 
another 56 days and you've got the game in the bag. 
G. Acknowledgements/Thanks To

I'd just like to thank all the people who have helped write
this guide (I.E Only Myself) And those who gave me moral 
courage and support on this guide, and they are:

monobrow, Sinister Intentions, dimebagdrl, MayorQuimby, 
madrushnc, guns, Tomba and Lime Cat.

Other people who I should thank are as follows,

"My Parents for loving me so much"
"Money, because without it , this game would never had 
reached my hands"
"The dark, for scaring me"
"God, due to his power and smiting techniques....and for 
putting me on this Earth."
"And Outsider X, just for being so awesome."
H. Legal Information:

This text file, "Big Mutha Truckers" may not be republished
and reprinted for any charges and/or profits. This includes 
being reproduced in books, magazines, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, on
other web sites other than GameFAQs without the permission of
the original author. Any changes to this file without the
permission of the author is wrong and breaks the law of 
copyright, so please don't it. And as the legal owner of this
guide, I bare the right to require any reproduced copies of 
this guides to be removed from any source of media that may
use this guide.

You are free to save it for later reference, and you may 
also print it if you wish. 
Copyright 2004 Steve 'Jimfish' Taylor. <(o_q)>TM