Midtown Madness 3 FAQ/Guide Version 0.26 Author: Josh Farquhar aka apoceclipse Email: apoceclipse@hotmail.com Started Guide: 3/4/04 Last Updated: 7/4/04 Platform: Xbox Developer: Digital Illusions Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios _________ _ __ __ / //_/ / / / / / _ _ / _ ____/ /_/ / _____ _ _ _____ / //_// // // _ // _// _ // /_ / // _ / / / / // // /_/ / / / / /_/ // // // // / / / /__/ /__//_//____ / /_/ /_____//_______//_/ /_/ _________ __ / / / / / _ _ / ______ ____/ /_____ _____ ____ ____ / //_// / / _ // _ // _ // ___ // __// __/ / / / / / /_/ // /_/ // / / // ____//__ //__ / /__/ /__/ /____///_____//_/ /_//_____//____//____/ ____________ / / /_______ / ____/ / / / /___ / ________/ / / / /___________/ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ TABLE OF CONTENTS ***** Note: I have not added chapter numbers yet in case I want to add a chapter in somewhere along the line. ***** [] Introduction [] Sectioning Explanation [] Version History [] Car List [] Explanation [] Car List [] Work Undercover [] Explanation [] Paris [] Washington D.C. [] Single Races [] Blitz [] Checkpoint [] Cruise [] Paint Job Locations [] Glitches [] Secrets and Extras [] Contact Me [] Copyright Information [] Credits +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [] INTRODUCTION Welcome to my first guide! I decided to write an FAQ for Midtown Madness 3 because I had always wanted to write one, and this game I think is a brilliant game to start with! I will not be including anything from the game manual, such as controls etc. because it is just a waste of time and space when it is already written in the manual, which you obviously have if you have the game. Yeah, so I don't think it is necessary for a complete guide, so it won't be included. Thanks for choosing to use my guide and I hope it fulfils its purpose for you. +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ |[] Sectioning Explanation| =+ +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Chapters are marked like so: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [5] WORK UNDERCOVER Sections are marked: +=-=-=-=-=-=+ |[5.2] Paris| =+ +=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=- Sub-sections are marked: +====================+ |[5.2.1] Delivery Guy| ==+ +========= Races are marked: +-------------------------------+ | Race Name: Marauders | +-------------------------------+ Contributions by others are marked: /===== |[Contribution goes here] \===== ***** Note: Races do not have chapter numbers. ***** +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [] VERSION HISTORY Version 0.26 - 7th April 2004 - Added a Contact Me section, with guidelines on contacting me and making things easier for me. Performed a spell check on the whole guide. I found 8 spelling errors! But they're fixed, so everything is all good! Version 0.25 - 6th April 2004 - Added the Paris Security Guard missions, updated ASCII art to look a bit cleaner and more professional. Added some tips for Undercover missions. Added a Glitches section, with a couple of glitches in it. Version 0.21 - 5th April 2004 - Added a few more Undercover missions, updated dividers to look nicer, and to not use as much room. Added explanations for some chapters. Version 0.20 - 4th April 2004 - First version of guide finished, finished car lists, finished some Undercover missions. Added copyright information, added cruise section. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [] CAR LIST +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ |[] Explanation| =+ +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Here is an example of a vehicle card: ____________________________ | CADILLAC Escalade | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>...... 3/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Mass: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | | Handling: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | ---------------------------- The Make of a vehicle is in capitals; in this case it is CADILLAC. The Model of a vehicle is in capitalised lower-case; in this case it is Escalade. ***** Note: Some vehicles do not have a Make, such as the Garbage Truck. Note: Some vehicles' model names are capitalised because this is how they are originally written. ***** > is a filled statistic module . is an empty statistic module All following statistics are out of a possible 9: Top Speed - The fastest a vehicle can go. The higher the bar, the faster it can go. Acceleration - The rate at which a vehicle reaches its top speed. The higher the bar, the faster the vehicle will speed up. Mass - How heavy the vehicle is. The higher the bar, the heavier it is. Handling - How well a vehicle can take corners, and how responsive it is to steering. The higher the bar, the better the handling is. Durability - Refers to how easily the vehicle can be damaged. The higher the bar, the harder it is to smash it up. +=-=-=-=-=-=+ |[] Car List| =+ +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= * denotes secret car ____________________________ | PARIS Bus | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>....... 2/9 | |Acceleration: >>....... 2/9 | | Mass: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | | Handling: >>....... 2/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | WASHINGTON D.C. Bus | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>....... 2/9 | |Acceleration: >>....... 2/9 | | Mass: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | | Handling: >>....... 2/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | Garbage Truck | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >........ 1/9 | |Acceleration: >........ 1/9 | | Mass: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | | Handling: >........ 1/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | Fire Truck | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>....... 2/9 | |Acceleration: >>....... 2/9 | | Mass: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | | Handling: >>....... 2/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | ---------------------------- ___________________________ | Cement Truck | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: ......... 0/9 | |Acceleration: ......... 0/9 | | Mass: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | | Handling: >>....... 2/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | Armored Car | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>...... 3/9 | |Acceleration: >>....... 2/9 | | Mass: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Handling: >>>...... 3/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | FREIGHTLINER | | Century Class S/T | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>....... 2/9 | |Acceleration: >>>...... 3/9 | | Mass: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | | Handling: >>>...... 3/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | HUMMER H2 SUV | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>...... 3/9 | |Acceleration: >>....... 2/9 | | Mass: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | | Handling: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>>>. 8/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | FLE | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>...... 3/9 | |Acceleration: >>>...... 3/9 | | Mass: ......... 0/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | | Durability: >........ 8/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | Limousine | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>...... 3/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Mass: >>>>>>... 6/9 | | Handling: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>... 6/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | CADILLAC Escalade | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>...... 3/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Mass: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | | Handling: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | Ambulance | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>.... 5/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Mass: >>>>>>>>. 8/9 | | Handling: >>>...... 3/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | PARIS Taxi | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>..... 4/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Mass: >>....... 2/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>... 6/9 | | Durability: >>>>>.... 5/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | WASHINGTON D.C. Taxi | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>..... 4/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Mass: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Handling: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>... 6/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | PARIS Police | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>.... 5/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Mass: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>... 6/9 | | Durability: >>>>..... 4/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | WASHINGTON D.C. Police | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>.... 5/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>>... 6/9 | | Mass: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Handling: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>... 6/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | CHRYSLER PT Turbo | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>..... 4/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>>... 6/9 | | Mass: >>>...... 3/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>... 6/9 | | Durability: >>>>..... 4/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | OPEL Astra | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>.... 5/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Mass: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>... 6/9 | | Durability: >>>>..... 4/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | CADILLAC | | 1959 Eldorado Seville | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>.... 5/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Mass: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | | Handling: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>... 6/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | RENAULT 1985 R5 | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>..... 4/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Mass: ......... 0/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | | Durability: >>....... 2/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | MINI Cooper S | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>.... 5/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>>... 6/9 | | Mass: >........ 1/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | | Durability: >>....... 2/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | CHEVROLET SSR | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>>... 6/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Mass: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | | Handling: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Durability: >>>>>.... 5/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | SAAB 9-3 Turbo | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>>... 6/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Mass: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>... 6/9 | | Durability: >>>...... 3/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | VOLKSWAGEN New Beetle RSI | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>>... 6/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>>... 6/9 | | Mass: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>>>. 8/9 | | Durability: >>>...... 3/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | AUDI TT | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>>... 6/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | | Mass: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>>>. 8/9 | | Durability: >>>>..... 4/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | CHRYSLER Crossfire | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>>... 6/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | | Mass: >>>...... 7/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | | Durability: >>>>>.... 5/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | AUDI S4 Avant | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>>... 6/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | | Mass: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>>>. 8/9 | | Durability: >>>>..... 4/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | FORD | | 1967 Mustang 2+2 Fastback | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>>>>. 8/9 | | Mass: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Handling: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Durability: >>>>>>... 6/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | CHEVROLET Corvette Z06 | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>>>>. 8/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>>>>. 8/9 | | Mass: >>>...... 3/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>... 6/9 | | Durability: >>>...... 3/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | LOTUS Esprit V8 | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>>>>. 8/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>>>>. 8/9 | | Mass: >>>...... 3/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>... 6/9 | | Durability: >>....... 2/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | DODGE Viper SRT-10 | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>>>>. 8/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | | Mass: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Handling: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Durability: >>....... 2/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | KOENIGSEGG CC | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>>>>> 9/9 | | Mass: >........ 1/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>... 6/9 | | Durability: ......... 0/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | Serpent Mk2* | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>>>>. 8/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | | Mass: >>>>..... 4/9 | | Handling: >>>>>>... 6/9 | | Durability: >>>>..... 4/9 | ---------------------------- ____________________________ | Asp* | |----------------------------| | Top Speed: >>>>>>>.. 7/9 | |Acceleration: >>>>>>... 6/9 | | Mass: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Handling: >>>>>.... 5/9 | | Durability: >>>...... 3/9 | ---------------------------- +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [] WORK UNDERCOVER Here are some general tips for the Undercover Missions: - Remember you can restart the race as many times as you want. Sometimes doing a race a couple of times helps, because you know the route and can concentrate on the task at hand, rather than deciding what route to take. - You only have to complete the first 3 races in a section to unlock the next set of missions, however you need to do the fourth to unlock the car used in those missions. Remember that you can contact me with anything you think would be a relevant and helpful addition to this guide. Please read the Contact Me chapter before emailing me though, to make things easier for me. You will be credited accordingly for your contribution. +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ |[] Explanation| =+ +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Race Name: The title of the race Briefing: The message received on the load screen explaining the race to you. Type: See below for different race types Difficulty: How hard the race is, out of 5. The higher it is, the harder. RACE TYPES Checkpoint - Race one car through green gates. Checkpoint Race - Race many cars through green gates. Delivery - Pick up and deliver people to and from red rectangles. Survivor - If you get damaged out, you lose. Try to stay alive. Assassin - Ram someone's car until it damages out. Blitz - Drive from one point to another. Timed. Blitz Race - Drive from one point to another, racing another person. +=-=-=-=-=-=+ |[] Paris | =+ +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= +====================+ |[] Delivery Guy | ==+ +======================================================= Car Used: FLE Complete to unlock: FLE Taxi Driver missions +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: Delivery by Dawn | | Type: Checkpoint | | Briefing: This is our morning route. Pick up parcels and deliver them to | | their destinations. Get yours out before Mathilda, she needs an | | attitude adjustment. Now, GET GOING! | |Difficulty: >.... 1/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ This race is pretty easy, but when I first started the game it took me a few tries to get it. There are a few corners you must take straight after you drive through a checkpoint, so make sure you check your map not just for the next checkpoint, but the one after that too. If you miss a corner, try to recover, but most of the time she it fairly close behind you, and you will have to restart the race. With some practice you will basically know which corners you have to take, and you should get all those boxes out before Mathilda does. Persevere if you can't get it, don't give up and eventually you will elude her and take out first place. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: Marauders | | Type: Checkpoint Race | | Briefing: Hey, Mathilda here. you wanna be in a box-throwing contest? If | | so, come see me and my friends tonight, if you dare. | |Difficulty: >.... 1/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ This race is also fairly simple, at the start try to get in front of everyone early, and you should be okay. However, your competitors seem to have an increased acceleration level, so if you see one coming up beside you, swerve in front of them to block them. Although after a few quick checkpoints with little or no crashes, you should be far enough ahead to beat them by a mile. Remember you don't have to take the checkpoints in the order the game tells you to take them, and normally in this race I switch the order of the last two, mostly because I miss the corner. Remember you can always reset the race if you get yourself stuck. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: Sven's Parcel | | Type: Survivor | | Briefing: A Scandinavian race fan, Sven, has forgotten a parcel on the bus | | station. Go and get it and deliver it to his hotel. Watch out for| | Mathilda; she wanted this one and is a bit upset. HURRY UP! | |Difficulty: >>... 2/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Now, this race can get extremely annoying. First, drive and pick up the parcel from the bus station which is marked on your map. Then, floor it out of the station and head towards the next point on the map. Mathilda will be sitting right behind you most of the time in her supercharged turbo semi trailer, and she will ram you at any chance she gets. However, it isn't her ramming you that causes the parcel to be damaged, it is the things she rams you into that hurt it. Running into sign posts and lamp posts will hurt you more than getting hit from behind by her. So just keep a level head, don't get annoyed at her - otherwise you will do stupid things, like I do sometimes heh heh - and focus on dodging cars and sign posts. It will most likely take you a few tries to get this one. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: The Kleinmann Issue | | Type: Checkpoint | | Briefing: Today's headlines are all about Dieter Kleinmann's visit to | | Paris, so I want you and Mathilda to get the morning issue of Le | | Journal Parisien out NOW! | |Difficulty: >.... 1/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Another quite simple race, you have to beat Mathilda through all the checkpoints. Remember to keep checking your map for the next 2 checkpoints so you know when and where to turn. The little white arrows that appear on the screen are a big help, so use them whenever you can. Some corners are tight, so don't just keep your accelerator jammed down for the entire race, you won't have to use the brake, just let your finger off the trigger and it should slow you down enough to make the corners. On the 13th checkpoint you might need to use the brake, as there are two stone statues which can seriously screw up a good run, so just watch out for them. You should have this one done in no time, and you will unlock the FLE when you have successfully completed it. +===================+ |[] Taxi Driver | ==+ +======================================================== Car Used: Paris Taxi Complete to unlock: Paris Taxi Chauffeur missions +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: Taxi Turns | | Type: Delivery | | Briefing: You'll be taking the day shift today, I'll give you assignments | | over the radio. Pick up and drive 5 passengers to their | | destinations before the shift ends. | |Difficulty: >.... 1/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ First Passenger: Easy to pick up, just remember to watch out for unbreakable things like statues that can really slow you down. When you near the checkpoint watch for the little white arrows on your screen, as they really help you get there fast without having to zoom your map. Delivery: Take the first right you see and get back onto the main highway, then you just have a straight run all the way to the Arc de Triomphe. I suggest going around it if you aren't too good at handling cars, because if you go through it there are poles sticking up from the ground that cant be broken down. You should just make the time on this one. Second passenger: as soon as you start, turn back towards the roundabout, and take the next street going anticlockwise, then you just have to go straight up the road. Remember not to go too fast towards the end, because you might over shoot the stop. Delivery: Work your way along the sidestreets back to the main road running along the river, then cross the bridge over to the tower. Watch for the white arrows. Third Passenger: First right, second left should get you here in time easily. Delivery: Follow the little road all the way up to a main road, turn right and head up to an orange building (on your map). Don't try to navigate your way through it, just go around, and there will be a small left hand turn at the end. Fourth Passenger: Keep heading forwards and take the first right you see, and head down this little road until it finishes, here, turn right and head down this road. When the little arrow tells you to turn left though, don't. head down a little bit further to where there is a diagonal street just after the left turn. Here is the next passenger. Delivery: Continue down a bit to a road and turn left. Follow this road all the way and it will curve to the left, keep following it, then take a right when the white arrow tells you to. You will go up a hill and there will be a big building in front of you, go left then quickly right and drop off the passenger. Fifth Passenger: Head straight down this road until it ends, then take a left, then the next right, and head along this road. Slow down a bit, take a sharp right and head up the hill. Follow this road around to the left and head back down another hill to where the passenger needs to be picked up. Delivery: Head over the river to the other side, and turn left up the main drag. Head up that road until you have to turn right, which is indicated by the radar and by the white arrow that appears on your screen. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: Night Driver | | Type: Checkpoint Race | | Briefing: Hi, Mathilda again. If you dare, meet me downtown and we'll go | | racing with a few of the others. You know what I'm talking about.| |Difficulty: >>... 2/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ OK, you shouldn't have too much trouble with this one, although there are some difficult parts you might have to practice before you get the race down perfectly. Remember your opponents will always be at your tail, so one wrong move and they will be so far ahead of you they are almost impossible to catch. Try to block them off when you see them coming up beside you, but mainly focus on taking the right turns to get to the next checkpoint. You don't have to take them in order, but this race's order is about as good as you can get anyway. Good luck. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: Meatballs | | Type: Delivery | | Briefing: Two Scandinavian race fans, Olle and Inga, are here to watch | | Dieter Kleinmann receive his award. Pick them up, and drive to a | | hotel where a guy named Sven is waiting for them. | |Difficulty: >.... 1/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Floor it along the road you start at. Keep going and take the left just before the road starts to curve, take the first right so you are on the highway on the other side of the river. Keep heading straight along this road to the pick up point. Make sure not to overshoot it. To your left there will be four streets right next to each other, take the last of these, and head up it. You should see a diagonal street going up and to the right, take this street. The next pickup point is straight along here. Turn all the way around, and head back down the diagonal street, and turn left at the street you came up before. Head down this street and keep going over the bridge, over one main road to another main road, Turn right here and just cut straight across the park to the drop off point. You should just make it in time. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: Down Under | | Type: Delivery/Survivor | | Briefing: I've tuned your taxi's radio into one of our biggest competitor's| | frequency. Snatch five of his customers, but watch out - Mathilda| | is working extra for this guy. | |Difficulty: >.... 1/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The first passenger and the delivery are easy enough to do without any help, seeing as there are a number of different routes to take, and they are not far away from each other. Mathilda starts chasing you about halfway through the first delivery, but you should be there before she catches you. For the next pickup, make sure you turn left up the hill early, because there are no other roads up there for a while. Mathilda will be right behind you, so watch out, but you should be okay seeing as this pickup is not too far away. For this delivery, follow the streets in the direction of the radar blip, you might have to go cross country down a hill, but this delivery is also pretty simple. Again, watch out for Mathilda. The next pickup is easy, just head straight along the road and turn left. For this delivery, turn around and head down the street, once you get a fair way along it, you will know where to go. This pickup, again, is simple. Remember you don't have to follow the roads, you can cut across parks, town squares, etc., but by doing this, you are taking the risk of running into something and getting stuck, so just be careful! This delivery, I find it easier to take the second right, rather than the first, so you will have a straight run down a diagonal road to the drop off point. The next pickup is right next to the last stop, its easy to find. Again, an easy delivery to make, just watch out for Mathilda. +===========+ |[] Chauffer| ==+ +================================================================ Car Used: Limousine Complete to Unlock: Limousine security Guard missions +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: In Hot Pursuit | | Type: Blitz | | Briefing: We have a Scandinavian named Sven who wants to go to the bus | | station quickly. He would like you to avoid any confrontation | | with the police. | |Difficulty: >.... 1/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Pretty simple, just remember the limo is long and can't take corners very well. Once you get out to the main roads you shouldn't have any trouble with the police. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: Graduation Day | | Type: Blitz Race | | Briefing: Two graduates have hired a limo from us. Drive them to wherever | | they want to go, and do as they say - preferably without wrecking| | the car. | |Difficulty: >>>.. 3/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ This race can take many tries to finish. The way I do it is to follow Mathilda all the way up the road until she turns right up onto the road which leads to the restaurant (towards the red road at the edge of the map), here, I keep going, and take the next right hand turn leading up to the main road, then I turn left, and I just get in front of Mathilda. Some smooth driving is needed, with minimal crashes, to stay close enough behind Mathilda at the start to be able to beat her at this crucial point. Then just floor it down the straight, keep driving carefully though, and you should make it to the restaurant first. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: Kleinmann's Arrival | | Type: Delivery | | Briefing: The famous Dieter Kleinmann is arriving in Paris to receive his | | award, and our limo service will provide him with transport. | | Go pick him up, and take him to the Palais Royal. | |Difficulty: >.... 1/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Follow the road straight down until you get to the big junction of roads. Turn left then quickly right and get phat air down the hill, then turn left so you are going along a road next to the river (You can take the safer road if you aren't good at jumps). Keep heading down here until you get to a big mass of roads, which when you look closely is like a tic tac toe grid. Here, turn left, and there will be three roads running parallel with each other, go on the left most one, and turn right before the orange building, and head down a diagonal road which leads to another orange building. Continue past this building until the road joins onto a main road at an angle, then follow this road down until you get to two main roads running parallel. Turn left at the first one, then left again and head into the bus station and stop in the red rectangle. Now that Kleinmann is in your car, it is time to deliver him. Reverse all the way out of the bus station and turn left, go down this road, then take a left, then a right and quickly another left. Head straight down this road, then turn right onto a road which leads to the front of an orange building. Turn left before the building, and head down along it, then turn right and drop him off in the red rectangle. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: Driving Mrs. Verywealthy | | Type: Delivery/Checkpoint | | Briefing: One of our most important clients, Mrs. Verywealthy, wants to do | | a few errands in Paris. Take her wherever she wants to go, but if| | you upset her I will hold you personally responsible. | |Difficulty: >.... 1/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Head straight down this road, and take the last turnoff across the bridge you can without missing the checkpoint. Weave your way through these streets and get her to the hairdresser. Turn around 180* and head down this road until the checkpoint is directly perpendicular with you, turn left then, and head down the street and drop her off to have tea with the ladies. Turn around 180* again, and head down until the checkpoint again is perpendicular with you, turn left here and head down the street to the mall. You will have to weave through a few streets to get there, nothing too difficult. There are numerous ways to get to the next checkpoint, you shouldn't have any trouble finding your way there. Turn around and head down the road that leads back to the main one running down the river. The road should curve to the left, continue down it and it will merge into the main road, a short distance away from her house. Drop her off and its mission complete! +=================+ |[] Security Guard| ==+ +========================================================== Car Used: Armored Car Complete to unlock: Armored Car : Paramedic missions +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: Go For the Gold | | Type: Checkpoint | | Briefing: Every day, we pick up sacks of money outside banks in Paris and | | take them to the main vault. Today it's you and Mathilda who will| | have to get the job done. | |Difficulty: >.... 1/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Very simple race, you start in front of Mathilda, you should finish in front of her, and keep her behind you the whole race. Remember to check on your map for the next checkpoint after the current one, its a bit less transparent than all the other dots. You should do this so you don't miss a turn anywhere, or turn in the wrong place. You have a pretty slow vehicle, so you have some time to make decisions about where you want turn etc. You can also drive through traffic if needs be and you will only be slowed down a bit, you just plow straight through. This one shouldn't take long to complete. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: Sven's Demise | | Type: Checkpoint/Survivor | | Briefing: Sven has been caught, and now that Kleinmann is in Paris, the | | police will deport him to Scandinavian authorities. We'll handle | | the transport, be careful, Sven's friends might try something. | |Difficulty: >.... 1/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Take your first left and go over the bridge just where the one river splits into two. Continue down this road until the church comes into view, and the road ends, turn left here. keep going down this road until you get to the orange building. Here, turn right, go up this road and take the next left, then your first right. Go up this road, and slow down as you approach the dot; you don't want to stuff up here as you could get stuck somewhere stupid and run out of time. Turn right through the gates into the police station and stop in the red rectangle. Turn left straight away and head out the other gate from the police station. Turn right here and Sven's friends should pull out and start trying to kill you. Just try to dodge them a bit, but make sure to stick to your path. Don't go out of your way to avoid them and do something stupid like run into a statue or something though. Take the next left, don't try to cut the corner too late, because there is a small wall there. Continue down this road, keeping an eye out for the black vans attacking you. Take the next right, then miss the left hand turn that is there right away, and turn left at the next one. Continue up this road, but don't turn left at the road, keep going a little bit further and turn left into the bus station. Drive into the green circle, you don't have to stop in it so just keep accelerating right through it. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: Kleinmann's Award | | Type: Checkpoint/Survivor | | Briefing: Apparently, a delivery guy delivered a fake copy of Kleinmann's | | award to Sven a few days ago. The Scandinavians might try a | | switch, so take the real one to safety before the award ceremony.| |Difficulty: >.... 1/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Turn left out of the police station and keep going down this road until you go through a double archway onto the highway, turn left, and take your next right across the bridge. The Scandinavians will be hassling you the whole time, and your van damages pretty easily, so weave around a bit to try to avoid some damage. Again, don't go out of your way to do it. Continue down this road and take your second right. You should make it there safely after a couple of tries, possibly even one. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Race Name: Mrs. Verywealthy's Jewels | | Type: Checkpoint | | Briefing: Mrs. Verywealthy has ordered some jewelry and wants it to be | | picked up. Drive to the different locations, pick up the goods, | | and take it back to her. Before she gets angry. | |Difficulty: >.... 1/5 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Take the first street to your right that kind of merges off the main road, and follow it along and around the right hand curve. Then, take the fifth street on your left. It should be the street at the end of a big block of streets, before a large gap before anymore turnoffs. Go down this road, take the fourth right, onto the top part of the double highway, and keep going until you get the jewels. Keep your speed and keep going straight until you turn left onto a diagonal highway. Floor it down this road, and take the topmost of the three left hand streets that appear, your third left. Take this road up a hill, then take the next right. Continue along this road, and follow it down and around a curve. Get these jewels, and keep going straight along this road. Take your fifth left, which should be the topmost of two streets a short distance away from each other. Continue down this street until you get to the orange building, take a left, then a quick right so you are running up alongside the orange building. Keep going straight, and take the right to get to the next set of jewels. Now, avoiding the statues etc., turn left and head back out to the highway running alongside the river. Turn left again and floor it down the highway back to Mrs. Verywealthy's house, remember not to overshoot the red rectangle which you have to stop in. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [] SINGLE RACES Please email me if you have any suggestions for Blitz, Checkpoint and Cruise modes. Before emailing me, please check the Contact Me chapter to make things a lot easier for me. You will be credited for your contribution accordingly. +=-=-=-=-+ |[] Blitz| =+ +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I will be offering helpful hints for each Blitz Race: +========+ |[] Paris| ==+ +=================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Race #2 - Arc De Triomphe /===== |Here's a great strategy for this race submitted by Mitchinaman - |"Reverse a bit at the start to get the first checkpoint, then go straight | ahead down the road, and when you get to the first set of two checkpoints, | line yourself up between the two and drive straight through. This should get | you two checkpoints at the same time! Do that a couple more times until you | get to the Arc, go around it and your done! Now you can save valuable seconds | by eliminating the entire return journey, which is about half the proper | track! Please note that you can only use wide vehicle such as the two buses, | the fire truck, cement truck and the semi. Regular cars aren't wide enough to | get both checkpoints at the same time." \===== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ |[] Checkpoint| =+ +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= +=-=-=-=-=+ |[] Cruise| =+ +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= There are no actual objectives in Cruise Mode, but it can still be a lot of fun. You can use any car you have unlocked and do just that: cruise around the city. You can collect Paint Jobs for your car (see []), find jumps to go off, or find secret areas. Here are some cool things I have done in Cruise mode: - Made a car stand straight upright on its nose, and it stayed there. - Made a car do like a triple misty to rodeo 360, or something along those lines, by hitting it with a garbage truck at over 120km/h. - Made it around the loop, finally, and got the Paint Job there. Some fun things to try out: - Put traffic up really high, choose the garbage truck and floor it around the city, stopping for nothing! - Put traffic up really high, choose the fastest car you have, floor it, and try to dodge all the cars without hitting anything. - Some people might like to try and drive by the rules, it gets boring after a while and it is actually pretty hard to do. There are traffic lights but they are hard to see, plus, you can't use your blinkers because there is no button to turn them on with. You could also try this with a garbage truck or another large vehicle like a bus, and try to take the corners without hitting anything, its almost impossible to do without reversing or clipping a car or road signs. Give it a try. - Find some jumps and get phat air in fast cars, or just laugh at a garbage truck's attempt to get air. - Try to successfully get around the loop in Washington DC...in a garbage truck...I'm not sure if it's possible though... - Man I love garbage trucks, do everything in them for added humour! - See how many cars you can push into the river in Paris. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [] PAINT JOB LOCATIONS +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [] GLITCHES Okay, we all know a game can't be perfect. Here are some imperfections, or glitches, with the game. For people who don't know what a glitch is, it is something that happens in the game that is obviously not supposed to happen, read the examples below to find out. - At some points in the underground subway, you can drive into the walls and fall into an endless brown space. The game will reset your car after a couple of seconds. I have only tried this with two cars, but it probably will work with other cars. I think it will work on most parts of the subway, though I have yet to test it all. Check back later for updates on more tests of this glitch. - You see it all the time in Cruise mode if you are crashing into traffic and stuff: one car will fall into another car, but after a few seconds one will pop out of the other car and correct themselves! If you have any glitches to report, please email them to apoceclipse@hotmail.com . Please make the subject line clear so I know what the email is about. Be as detailed as you wish, although I may edit some parts out. You will be credited accordingly. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [] SECRETS AND EXTRAS +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [] CONTACT ME Email: apoceclipse@hotmail.com If you have any suggestions, hints, tips, contributions about the guide and its content, please don't hesitate to email me about it. Almost every contribution made will be posted if it follows the guidelines below. Your help will be greatly appreciated and you will be credited for your work. Here are the guidelines for contacting me. Please: - make the subject line of the email: Midtown Madness 3 FAQ, so I know what it is about and it won't get filtered to my Junk Mail - include your name or alias so I can credit you. If you don't, I can't post unless you give me permission to use it without crediting you or if you want to remain anonymous - state clearly which section, race, etc. you are contributing a tip for. It makes it a hell of a lot easier for me to add it in when I know where it is supposed to go - provide a clear explanation of the hint/tip/strategy you are contributing. If it isn't a decent standard, chances are it won't be posted - do not submit a hint/tip/strategy which is already included in the guide - take care spelling. I will correct any spelling errors, but do your best at spelling everything with care to make it easier for me. - be kind and polite! You should have no worries getting a submission added to the guide if you follow the above steps. If you do submit anything, thanks very much, it makes my guide even better, because I am not perfect! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [] COPYRIGHT INFORMATION This FAQ/Guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. The only websites allowed to host this guide are Game FAQs and Cheat Code Central unless I give permission for it to be used on yours. This guide is Copyright 2004 Josh Farquhar. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [] CREDITS Thanks to: - First and foremost, Game FAQs, and Cheat Code Central for posting my guide on their site. - Digital Illusions for an awesome game. - Various musicians, for providing me with music to listen to while I worked on this guide. - Aaron, who says this message will help people playing Midtown Madness 3: "Aaron Rules". He says to "carefully examine it, give some thought to it, think laterally, and all will be revealed". Good luck figuring it out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ/Guide Copyright 2004 Josh Farquhar aka apoceclipse apoceclipse@hotmail.com All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.