Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X FAQ
Created on December 7, 2002 and finished on December 14, 2002 by Jeffrey 

Copyright 2002 Jeffrey Dura
Any reproduction of this document in part or in whole without the author's 
consent is strictly forbidden. If the reader wishes to use the FAQ for his or 
her personal and private use only, then a printed copy may be made.
If you wish to use this guide on a website, please contact me.  Currently, it 
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I have been playing the THPS series since it came out.  Ever since I got Tony 
Hawk 2 for Playstation, shortly after it came out in fall 2000, I regarded it 
as one of the best games of all time.  I have played THPS2 on GBA, PS, N64, 
and Xbox.  The many times that I have completed it has caused me to remember 
the locations of most of the items and how to complete the goals.  I often 
help friends when they are frustrated with a Tony Hawk game, or if they want 
help with some aspect.  There is also a need for a THPS2X guide on GameFAQs.  
These are my reasons for making this guide.


A- ollie (jump).  The longer you hold down the button, the higher you will 

X- flip tricks.  By hitting a direction and X, you will do a flip trick.  For 
example, left+X would do a kickflip.

Y- Hit this button to grind almost any sort of edge.  You can grind ledges, 
benches, rails, edges of pipes, and many other things.  The Y button is also 
used to wallride.  Ollie alongside a wall, and press Y to ride the wall.  You 
do not need to hold the button.  Also, press A when in a wallride to wallie.

B- The B button is used to perform grab tricks.  Hold a direction and B to do 
a trick.  For example, left+B may do a Melon.

L/R trigger- The triggers serve many purposes.  They can be used to spin left 
or right in the air.  Pressing left or right on the directional pad or analog 
stick can also be used to spin.
When not in the air, the R trigger is used to change your stance (switch or 
Hit the L trigger before you ollie to nollie.

IMPORTANT- Manual- the manual is very useful.  It can allow you to link 
multiple grinds and air combos.  To do a manual press up, down to manual.  
You can also press down, up to do a nose manual.  Without this move, you will 
have an incredibly hard time with getting high scores.


Repeatedly hit the A button to get up quicker after falling.

To perform a lip trick, many people try to go up to a ledge at a 90-degree 
angle.  An easy way though is to not hold down A at all, and then try to do 
the lip trick.  It works every time.  It can become a little tricky when you 
need to ollie off a QP and do a lip trick on a higher object.

Riding in switch can make a difference.  You will not go as fast or have your 
normal balance while riding in switch stance.  This can matter in goals that 
require all the speed you have.  Increasing your Switch stat can help this.  
Switch tricks are worth more, though.

Use as many specials as you can, and link them together.  Try to do a few 
special grinds, maybe a special manual, and then an air special.

Spinning while doing a grab increases the score greatly.  Hold down the grab 
button when you do the trick, and hold down one of the triggers.

Tap up once or twice to do a No Comply or a Boneless with your ollie.  These 
tricks add points and air.

Career Mode Options-

Stat Points- stat points determine how good you are at grinding, how fast you 
go, etc.  The first stat point costs $50, and every one after that costs $50 
more ($50, $100, $150, and so on).  

Tricks- you can buy new tricks to your skate, or change the button 
combinations.  You can do this for all specials, and most regular tricks.

Skate Shop- here you can buy different decks for your skater.  The first deck 
is $250, and each deck after is $250 more than the last one.  Order is 
unimportant.  You can also adjust your trucks to tight, medium, or loose to 
adjust your turning.  

Career Mode Walkthrough-

Notes- I have decided to leave out detailed explanations of the score goals.  
I may put hints on where to get a good combo, but getting these goals is 
really about your skill and abilities.  There are also some tips on getting 
high scores in the controls section.
The need for moves list and prices also seems unnecessary.  All of this is in 
the game already, under the Edit Tricks screen.  I have listed only the cash 
locations for the hard-to-get ones, not the obvious cash.   The gaps will 
also be left out because there is already a complete gap list for THPS2X on 

Tony Hawk 2 Levels-

High Score 10,000
Pro Score 25,000
Sick Score 75,000 
Scores- For the high scores, do grinds on the edges of the QPs along the 
border of the level, and manual off, going into an air trick.  Do this a 
couple times and you're set.

Collect S-K-A-T-E- Head down the start, and grind the rail over the halfpipe 
for the S.  Then turn left a little and use the QP to get the K.  Head back 
down the QP, and ollie over the plane, getting the A.  To get the T, head 
right a little, and transfer over the wall.  The E is above the entrance to 
the secret room.

Barrel Hunt- First go down the starting slope and get the barrel to the left.  
Then get the barrel in the halfpipe.  The third barrel is on the other side 
of the halfpipe.  Transfer over the wall to the other side of the level, and 
the next barrel is next to the T in SKATE.  Then head to the room where the 
secret tape is.  The last barrel is at the entrance.   

Pilot Wings- The first pilot wing is over the entrance.  Transfer between the 
QPs to get it.  Then grind the propeller on the wall near the halfpipe to 
unlock a secret room, and to get the second pilot wing.  Skate to the 
dividing wall, and grind the rail for the third wing.  Transfer to the other 
side and get the pilot wing that is on the QP near the helicopter.  The last 
pilot wing is across from the T, on the on the other side of the dividing 

Hit 3 Hangtime Gaps- Ollie over the halfpipe in the first room to get the 
first gap.  Use the ramp on the airplane or the wing to transfer over the 
plane near the halfpipe.  To get the last gap, use the ramps near the 
helicopter to jump over it.

Nosegrind the Pipe- As soon as you come down the slope from the start, keep 
heading straight and do a nosegrind (up+Y) on the rail that goes over the 
halfpipe.  It is extremely easy.

Find the Secret Tape- Skate to the side of the level with the helicopter.  
Ollie off of one of the ramps that is facing the helicopter and grind one of 
the blades.  The helicopter will take off and smash open a secret area 
nearby.  Go into the room, and there is snow and a quarterpipe with the 
secret tape on it.

100% Goals and Cash- After completing all of the goals, you must get all of 
the cash.  One of the hardest cash icons is floating above the main halfpipe.  
To get it, go to the other side of the hangar.  Grind the helicopter to get 
it out of the way.  Then you will need a special and lots speed to transfer 
over the QP that is against the wall that separates the level.  While in the 
air, grind the rail over the halfpipe, and ollie off at the end to get the 
money.  Make sure to grind the propeller on the wall near the halfpipe to 
open the secret room.  There are four cash icons in there.  A cash icon is 
also in the room with the secret tape.
School II-

High Score 15,000
Pro Score 40,000
Sick Score 100,000- I grind the bike racks near the Opunsezmee Rail, and 
ollie off to the right, and do an air trick on the QP.  You can also do a 
grind on the planter at the start, and continue down the stairs.  There are 
many possibilities in this level.

Collect S-K-A-T-E- Go right from the start, and grind down to the S.  The K 
is on the QP in front of you, in the air.  Coming down the QP, go through the 
left opening ahead, and grind the Opunsezmee Rail to the A.  Then turn right, 
and the T is on the QP.  Come back down, turn right and the E is on another 

Wallride 5 Bells- Wallride the bell to the right of the start, and then grind 
the ledge below to get to the picnic tables.  Once at the tables, turn right 
a little, and there will be a bell on the wall ahead.  Go along the bike 
racks, and another bell is at the end wall.  Then go left, and head straight 
to see a bell above a dumpster.  Then go back to the bike racks and past the 
Opunsezmee Rail.  Turn left, and wallride the last bell in the corner.

Collect 5 Hall Passes- Go to the right of the planter at the start, and grind 
the ledge down to the hall pass.  The second hall pass is to your left as you 
come out of the tunnel with the first pass.  Head forward and there is a hall 
pass between two rails.  Skate forward and take a left at the corner.  The 
hall pass is on the QP here.  Head straight ahead, and the last pass is on 
the edge of a planter.

Kickflip TC's Roof Gap- Skate straight from the start, and go down the 
stairs.  Keep heading in the same direction, until you get past the picnic 
tables with the hall passes.  Ahead you should see two trailers.  There are 
ramps leading up to each one.  Ollie off one of the ramps, onto the trailer.  
Kickflip (left+X) across to the other trailer.

Grind 3 Roll Call Rails- The first roll call rail is at the start of the 
level, and is a handrail on the stairs.  The second rail is near the bike 
racks, and goes down some stairs.  Go from the start, ollie down the stairs, 
and turn left a little to get to the bike racks.  From the start, the last 
rail is in the very upper left corner, near a dumpster.  Get up the sets of 
stairs, and then grind the rail all the way down.

Find the Secret Tape- To get the secret tape, head right from the start.  Get 
a special, and up the QP where the K was.  Head back down, and turn a little 
to the right.  You will want to skate on the skid marks.  Ollie when you hit 
the planter and you will go flying up onto the rooftops.  Ollie off either 
ramp to get the tape. 

100% Goals and Cash- The tricky cash icons are in a secret area, past the 
hidden tape.  Just go off the ramps onto the other rooftop.  Also, when you 
wallride the bell at the start, wallie up, and grind and head to the left.  
Ollie off and you will get the cash.  

This is a competition level.  Your goal is to get the most points you can, 
with bailing as little as possible.  Grind the edges of the bowls, and manual 
into an air trick when you start to lose balance.  Sometimes it is better to 
end the run early rather than bail and lose points with the judges.  Try to 
get the gold medal to get a lot of cash for stats and tricks.  You need a 
gold medal and all the cash to get 100% on competition levels.

Cash- There is a 100 along the main banner that is a little hard to find.  
Also, if you go right from the start, you should see a very long planter.  In 
the middle is a piece of wood against a tree.  Skate through the wood, and a 
secret area will open.  The cash in there is relatively easy to get.
New York-

High Score 20,000
Pro Score 50,000
Sick Score 150,000- Grind the ledges at the start, and continue until you 
head to the right.  When you get to a dead end, ollie to the right and go off 
of the QP.  A few combos like this will get you the points.  You can also 
grind the snack bar and benches around it, and go into an air trick near the 

Collect S-K-A-T-E- The S is to the left of the start.  Grind the ledge at the 
start, and keep going to get to the K.  The A is near the statue.  The broken 
bridge above holds the T.  Finally, the E is on a quarterpipe near the T.  

Ollie 3 Hydrants- Go straight from the start and you will reach a three-way 
intersection.  Head left and there will be a hydrant, and skate the other 
direction and there will be hydrant.  Go behind the start for the last 
hydrant.  You may want to go slow when trying to ollie the hydrants.  The 
game doesn't always recognize it.

Collect 5 Subway Tokens- Go straight and turn left at the intersection.  The 
first token is on the QP on the right.  Use the nearby ramp to get the next 
token.  The third token is on a rail near the ramp you launched off.  The 
left side of the broken bridge above the statue has another token.  Head 
right and jump off of the rock to get the last token.

50-50 Joey's Sculpture- Turn a little right from the start, and you will see 
a very long rail that slopes down to some ramps.  Ollie and just press Y to 
grind it all the way down.

Grind the Subway Rails- After collecting 5 subway tokens, head straight from 
the start.  Turn around after skating a little, and go up the escalator.  
Turn around again, get some speed, and begin to grind the subway rails.  
Don't stop until it a gap appears.  

Get the Secret Tape- Use the subway tracks to get to the other side of the 
level.  You will see a cement road curving upward.  You will need to grind 
the rail on the end, ollie, and then grind the other rail to the tape.

100% Goals and Cash- There is a hard $250 near the statue in the park (near 
the K).  You have to ollie when you hit the edge of the platform the statue 
is on, and you will go over the statue.  There is also some money in the 
secret area; one $50 is hidden in a dark side with a QP.
Venice Beach- 

High Score 40,000
Pro Score 100,000
Sick Score 200,000- The starting place is a good area to get large amounts of 
points.  Do special grinds on the ledges and fences, then manual to the QP 
and do an air trick. Now you are heading back to the start again, grind the 
fences and ledges again.  Ollie to the right, and manual into the QPs behind 
the start.  

Collect S-K-A-T-E- Turn right at the start, grind the fence, and ollie to the 
S on the rooftop.  Then turn right and ollie to the K.  Skate to the left, 
and there will be a QP against the roof with the A.  Use the kicker to get to 
the opposite rooftop with the T.  It is off a QP in the corner.  Come back 
down the QP, and turn left and ollie to the rooftop with the wires.  The E is 
at the end of rooftop.  The side acts as a QP for you to get in the air for 
the E.

Ollie the Magic Bum 5x- Go straight from the start, and go through the gap in 
the walls with the graffiti.  The bum is laying there.  Go out, and head to 
the right, down the stairs with the rail.  The next bum is by the start, near 
the VB transfer.  Keep heading straight, and turn left.  Make another left, 
and the bum is near the grass.  For the last bum, head towards the start and  
you will see him. 

Collect 5 Spray Cans- The first spray can is left from the start, on one of 
the QPs.  The second can is down the stairs from the start, and on the ledge 
to the right.  Go back to the start and turn left.  The next can is on the QP 
with the first VB transfer.  Continue to where the second VB transfer is, and 
you will see two QPs with a spray can in between them.  The last spray can is 
down the Seaside rail, on the QP.  It is between the A and the T in SKATE.  

Tailslide the Venice Ledge- Turn left at the start, and jump over the wall in 
the corner.  If you do it right, you be on a path in the sand.  Don't go in 
the sand.  Follow the path to a ledge that slopes down.  If in a regular 
stance, press right+Y to tailslide the ledge.

Hit 4 VB Transfers- Head right from the start, and transfer from the right 
quarterpipe to the very left QP, going over the one in the middle.  Turn 
right after landing to go to the next transfer.  Head straight and you will 
see two QPs.  One of them is facing another QP.  Go off this one, and 
transfer over the roof to another QP.  The next transfer is before the 
rooftop with the A.  You will need to go transfer the QPs.  Go to the secret 
area where the Venice Ledge is.  The quarterpipes you need to transfer are 
next to the ledge.

Get the Secret Tape- There are two ways to get the tape.  It is to the left 
of the start, high in the air, on a wire.  If you have good speed and ollie 
stats, get a special and boneless off of one of the boxes and you can get the 
tape.  You can also head left and go to the rooftop where the A is.  Then use 
the kicker to get the other rooftop.  From there, you can use the ramp to get 
onto the wire, grinding it to the tape.

100% Goals and Cash- One hard cash icon is near the E.  When you jump off the 
rooftop with the T, grind the wires.  You will then need to ollie to the left 
or right (depends on which wire you grinded) and land on the wire that 
connects the other two.  Ollie up when grinding and you will get the $100.  
Another cash icon is left of the start.  Grind the planter and the fence, 
then ollie to the roof.  Turn around and go off the kicker to get the $250 on 
top of the statue.  There isn't any other difficult cash here, but remember 
to check the rooftops for money. 

Getting a medal becomes harder in this competition.  I recommend using the 
bowl near the start, and grinding around the edges and going into air tricks.  
I grind the bowl around and then ollie to the left once I reach the sign that 
is connected to the edge of the bowl.

Cash- There are also two secret outside areas that contain cash.  First, stop 
at the start and turn around.  Grind the rail that goes from one side of the 
halfpipe to the other.  The other rail to grind is near the big wave 
halfpipe.  Go the pipe, and grind to the left part of the level, and ollie, 
and continue on the rail that is hanging from the ceiling.  Each grind will 
unlock an area outside.

High Score 40,000
Pro Score 100,000
Sick Score 250,000- There are a lot of things to grind in Philly, and but not 
many halfpipes or QPs.  If you want to get some big combos, go to the secret 
area (see Liptrick 4 Skatepark Lips).  I recommend grinding the rails at the 
entrance to the secret area, and going into an air trick in the halfpipe.  
The bowls are also a good place for street and vert tricks.

Collect S-K-A-T-E- Jump onto the planter at the start, and grind the ledge to 
the S. Continue straight, and ollie off the ramp to get the K on the roof.  
Go left a little, and the A is on a ledge.  Grind the rail that leads up to a 
second story and ollie off to the left to get the T.  Wallride the wall to 
the left, and wallie to grind the ledge.  Then jump off at the end to get the 

Drain the Fountain- Grind the rail in front of you at the start, and ollie 
off the ramp.  Grind down the stairs, and ollie at the edge, and you should 
reach the balcony.  Hit the valves to drain the fountain.  Try getting to the 
bottom of the stairs in one combo, so you'll have a special.  You can also 
grind the wire with the secret tape, and keep going, then ollie down to the 
valves.  There is another way if your stats aren't high enough.  You can 
grind the rail down the stars at the right of the start, and wallride the 
wall ahead, wallie up, and grind the balcony.

Collect 5 Bells- Turn a little to the right at the start, at transfer between 
the ramps to get the first bell.  Continue down the stairs and turn left.  
Wallride the wall to get the second bell.  The ramps near the K are used to 
get the third bell.  The fourth bell is near the wire that is used to get the 
secret tape.  Turn around and the last bell is on a ledge.

Bluntslide the Awning- Hit the ramps near the K and the bell, and press down, 
down, Y to do a bluntslide on the blue awning.  

Liptrick 4 Skatepark Lips- Go to where the T is, and grind up the railing, 
but continue grinding up the wire.  Ollie up and grind again to gain more 
speed.  The wire will break and the secret area will be exposed.  Do a 
liptrick on the halfpipe and three bowls.  There will be a gap if you did a 
liptrick at the right place.
Get the Secret Tape- Go left from the start and stop when you reach the 
stairs.  Look right and you will see a wire.  Grind it until you get the 
tape.  Remember to ollie and then grind again for more speed when you slow 

100% Goals and Cash- There are some bills in the secret skatepark.  One is in 
the Mid Bowl, another you need to transfer from the halfpipe.  Once you go 
straight out of the HP, go left a little bit, and there is a thin QP against 
a pillar.  There is a cash icon up there.  There are also three cash icons 
near the balcony with the valves.  Once up there, you will need to leap off 
and get them.  For the last cash up there, get to the top of the building, 
above the valves.  You will need to grind a wire down to the money.

This is the last competition and the most difficult.  The easiest way to get 
points is to grind the edges of the QPs surrounding the level.  After 
grinding two or three times, manual into an air special.  Do this once or 
twice and you will get the gold.  You need at least 120,000 to get the gold.

Cash- Skate around the track where the bull runs (clockwise so you can see 
the bull coming), and skate through the four green piles of poop.  There is 
$250 in each green pile.  For the rest of the cash, go to the halfpipe at the 
start.  You will need to ollie up and grind the wires over the halfpipe.
Tony Hawk 2x Levels-

Only three levels here, nothing too hard, considering you've already gotten 
past THPS2.

High Score 50,000
Pro Score 200,000- Pro Score is a little high.  Make sure to use the dance 
floor to link grinds to air tricks.

Collect 5 Digits- Go to the room left of the start, and ollie off the ramp to 
get the first digit.  Then get out of the pool.  Skate up the ramp to the 
back of the room and get the second digit.  Then go into the main room with 
the dance floors.  Go right and there is a digit on the bar.  Transfer

Collect S-K-A-T-E- Go right from the start and the S is off of a QP on the 
dance floor.  Next, the K is at the bar.  Grind the poles up to the DJ to get 
the A.  Then, go to the room to the left of the start.  Go right and the T is 
on a QP.  Come back down the QP, and transfer over the next QP, onto the E.

Find the Secret Tape- Use the QPs on the dance floor to transfer up to a 
green platform.  Instead of going off the cement ramps, go to the sides of 
the platform, and smash through the glass.  Use the QPs to transfer up to the 
next level, up to the top of the room.  The secret tape is on one of the rail 
at the top.
Construction Site- 

High Score 70,000
Pro Score 250,000- I use the edges of the QPs in the beginning to link some 
grinds, then I ollie off and do an air trick.  Do it a couple times and 
you're done.

Grind 5 See Saws- Turn around from the start, and skate right.  Go straight a 
little and you will see the first see saw.  Turn right and the second see saw 
is behind the trailer.  Go past the trailers, and ollie down to the see saw 
on the right.  Turn around, and head towards the start for the fourth see 
saw.  The last see saw is left of the fourth one.

Collect S-K-A-T-E- Go right from the start, and go off of the QP to get the 
S.  Then go to the building.  Go off one of the QPs at an angle to get to the 
next level and get the K.  Ollie off the ramp to the second floor, and get 
the A.  Go off of the QP ahead, and transfer up to a wooden QP with the T.  
Do the same as before, transferring to the top of the building.  Transfer 
between QPs to reach the E.  

Get the Secret Tape- Go inside the building, and use the QPs to transfer to 
the next level.  When you reach the top, the secret tape is between two QPs. 
Skate Park- 

Grind the rails and manual into air combos.  Go outside if you need to.  
Getting the gold gives you 100%. 
Subway- No goals.
Sky Lines- No goals.
Tony Hawk Levels-

I won't offer any strategies for scores here (except competitions) because of 
a difference in the gameplay between the first THPS.  Unfortunately, the high 
and pro scores have not been raised, but the ability to manual is still 
there.  I guess it is good to have the extra levels, though.

Collect S-K-A-T-E- Go down the rollin to your left at the start.  There will 
be two kickers facing each other, with the S in the middle.  Head to the 
right, and then around the quarterpipe sticking out.  The K is on a QP 
against the wall.  Use the taxi funbox to get the A.  Ollie off the outer 
part of the halfpipe to get the T in the middle.  The E is on a raised area, 
behind the kickers. 

Smash 5 Boxes- The first box is next to you in the starting room.  Go down 
the slope and over the halfpipe.  The next box is to your right, under a 
rail.  The bulge in the quarterpipe on the wall holds the third box.  Then, 
go to the right of the kickers, and there will be a short platform with 
another box.  The last box is on the same platform as the E. 

Get the Secret Tape- Go down the rollin to your right at the start.  If you 
ollie off the right side of the halfpipe at the bottom, you will go through a 
secret room that is hanging in the air.  The secret tape is in there.  You 
may need a special trick or good air stats to get it.

Collect S-K-A-T-E- Go down the stairs at the start, and grind the rail to the 
S.  Go left a little and get the k between the kickers.  The A is right in 
front of you.  Then go to the long half pipe, and go off it to get the T in 
the air.  Come back down, and face towards the pool.  The E is on a rail to 
the left.

Grind 5 Picnic Tables- At the start, ollie off to the left, and there is a 
picnic table.  Then go to the left, down the long set of stairs.  There is a 
picnic table to the left.  Head across the bridge, and there is another 
picnic table to your left.  Look near the wall with graffiti, and there is 
another table.  Now go through the long half pipe to where the pool is.  Turn 
left and you will see the last table.  

Get the Secret Tape- Jump to the right from the start, and go up the ramp to 
the roof.  Take a left, and head straight to the end.  Turn around and you 
will see a ramp.  Ollie off it and onto a small building.  On the building, 
grind the rail, jump off, and you will reach a long walkway.  At the end is a 
secret tape.

Collect S-K-A-T-E- Go down the ramps at the beginning, and the S will be on 
your left before you enter the mall.  The K is to the right, on a ledge.  
Continue to the rails below the secret tape that hold the A.  Skate to the 
end of the mall, and grind one of the oddly shaped rails to get the T.  Go 
outside and hit the ramp to get the ramp.

Destroy 5 Mall Directories- Enter the mall and go up the first set of stairs.  
Smash the first directory.  Then ollie over the balcony, and go through the 
waterfall ahead.  Ollie at the end, and you will go through the next 
directory.  Continue skating straight through the level until you reach the 
escalator and stairs before you go outside.  The third directory is to the 
left.  Head down the stairs, and go left.  The fourth directory is right 
before the T.  Go outside, and continue straight until you see the last 

Get the Secret Tape- Go down to the main part of the mall, and stay on the 
right side.  You will see a car and a ramp.  Grind the ledge to the left, and 
ollie off at the end to grind the rail.  Ollie at the end of the grind to get 
the tape.  
Chicago Skatepark-

Just do a lot of grinds.  Also use the halfpipe and the pool.

Collect S-K-A-T-E- From the start, use the ramp to get onto the platform.  
Ollie off the ramp at the end, and grind the rail to the S.  Go to the 
fountain to get the K.  Turn around and head to the start, but make a left 
before entering the alley.  Go straight up the road, then make a right.  The 
A is on a QP.  Look to the right, and the T is in a tunnel.  Get some speed, 
and use the ramp to launch yourself into the tunnel.  Ollie onto the street.  
You will see the E above a rail on your right.  Get a lot of speed, and go 
off the ramp on the right and grind the rail.

Smash 5 No Skate Signs- Go a little left to the start, towards the fountain, 
and you will see the first sign.  Turn left a little to exit the middle area 
and you will see the next sign.  Keep going, and transfer up onto the 
platform with the gray QP around it.  There is a sign up there.  Head 
straight and up the road.  You will pass the start on your left.  Keep going 
until you see the next sign on your right.  Make a left at the next corner, 
and then turn right and you will see the last sign.

Get the Secret Tape- Go to where the T is, and continue going up until you 
reach the roof.  Get a lot of speed on the QPs, and launch through the 
opening to the other roof.  You should be able to get the tape in the air.
Downhill Jam-

Collect S-K-A-T-E- From the start, skate left and go off the ramp for the S.  
Continue straight until you see the two rails on the right with the K.  It is 
the same as getting the first valve.  Then, transfer up to the boxes above 
the halfpipe.  The A is on a QP up there.  Ollie down, and continue down the 
hill.  Like the valves, launch off the ramp to get on top of the rock.  Roll 
down and ollie at the end to get the T.  Get a special meter, and go off the 
QP to the right of the small pool of water.  Grind the rail, and you will see 
the E.

Hit 5 Valves- At the start, ollie off the small ramp and grind the poles to 
open the first valve.  Go left, and there will be the next valve on the edge 
of a ramp.  Then skate until you reach the halfpipe.  Go off the ramp to the 
left, and grind the rail with the valve.  Jump down, and continue skating 
until you come down a big hill.  Head straight, and there will be a ramp that 
launches you up to a valve.  Roll down this big rock and past the T.  Keep 
heading straight until you reach the pool of water with logs on either side.  
Go past them slowly, and as you go down the hill, the last valve is on the 
right side of the wall.

Get the Secret Tape- Go to where the A is (above the halfpipe).  Grind the 
rail to the other side.  Wallride across the gap, and then get on the rock 
bridge.  Wallride the next gap.  Make sure to have some speed, and ollie 
across to the rails with the tape.  

Try to focus mainly on vert here.  There are a few places to grind, like the 
edges of QPs.  I like to grind the ones left of the start and then go into an 
air trick.
San Francisco-

Collect S-K-A-T-E- Go up the ramp at the right from the start.  Go slowly 
down, not falling off the platforms.  Stop at the end, and the K is inside 
the glass.  Go right where the cop car is and keep heading straight.  Go 
right at the intersection, and go all the way up the hill.  Transfer between 
the QPs for the A.  Head back down, and keep going straight until you see the 
building with a rail going around it.  Turn right, and go off the planter to 
go through the window.  The T is inside.  Then jump out the window, and go 
straight until you come to some slanted rails and ramps on your right.  Ollie 
off one of the slopes and go through the window.  The E is above the bowl 
inside.  For the S, leave the building, and skate right.  Go left at the cop 
car.  There will be some pillars to your right, and some stairs.  Go up the 
stairs, turn right, and go up more stairs until you get the S.  (Yes, I know 
it was backwards, but does it really matter?)

Grind 5 Cop Cars- Turn around at the start, and grind the car behind you.  
Then go down the hill and turn left.  There is a cop car outside the shop.  
Head straight, and you will see two more cop cars.  Then skate to the 
opposite corner of the level, the upper-left from the start.  There is the 
last car.

Get the Secret Tape- Go down the hill, and left a little.  Head to where the 
cop car is.  You will see a fountain; go past it.  Then turn around, and 
ollie into the path in the fountain.  Go through the past, and ollie off the 
ramp ahead to reach the building.  Skate left and ollie to the next building.  
Keep skating until you reach the very top the building.  There is an awning 
with a wooden ramp at the end.  With a special meter, go straight off the 
ramp.  If you have enough speed, you will go crashing through the pagoda with 
the tape.  

This should be easy.  Just grind a lot on the halfpipes, and manual off into 
a special.  

Unlock Officer Dick- 100% the game with one of the normal characters.
Unlock Spider Man- 100% the game with a created skater.
Unlock Trixie- Get all gaps in the game.
Unlock the THPS2X Levels- Get a medal in each of the THPS2 competitions.
Unlock the THPS1 Levels- Get a medal in the THPS2X competition.
Unlock Skyline Level- Get 100% on every THPS2X level.
Unlock Subway Level- Get all of the tapes (30) in the THPS1 levels.
That's it!  I hope I have helped you complete this great game, and hopefully 
you will continue playing the Tony Hawk series.