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       /\     \  /   /   /   /\     \  /    \   /   /   \
      /  \    / /   /   /   /  \    / /     /  /   /  /\ \
     / |\ \  / /   /   /   / |\ \  / /     /  /   /  /__\ \
    /  | \ \/ /   /   /   /  | \ \/ / /\__/  /   /  /____\ \
   /___\  \__/    \__/   /___\  \__/  \_____/   /__/     /__\

         :::;    ::;      :;    :::;     :::;    :;  :;
        :;      :; :;     :;    :; :;    :;_     ::: :;
       :;  :;  :;''':;    :;    :; :;    :;      :; ::;
        :::'  :;     :;   :;    :::'     :::;    :;  :;

                       For Microsoft X-BOX
                           Version 0.4
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                   E-mail: antseezee@epix.net
                         Created: 03/04/04
                       Last Update: 03/07/04
                    Copyright 2004 Chris Zawada 

Author's Note
Ninja games have always been an innovative genre full of surprises. You never 
knew what would fall out of the lump-filled bag. In many cases, ninja games 
have always held elements of stealth, lots of blood, and a sense of foreign 
justice unforseen in other games. This is where Ninja Gaiden gets tossed into 
the mix. Originally an NES classic which never truly blossomed (past the 8-bit 
era), Team Ninja decided to recreate the 2D-action game back to the modern 
era. Ninja Gaiden is an exclusive title only available for the X-BOX, and is 
believed to be one of the most anticipated action games this year. The 
following walkthrough will detail strategies, how to acquire secret 
weapons/items, and a full step-by-step description of how to complete the 
game. You'll also discover boss tips and elements of the sorty. Be warned as 
SPOILERS are present throughout the guide. May vengeance thrive off your soul 
like some Ramen Noodles cooking on the stove!

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have 
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than 
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If 
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask. 
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me 
with what you want to know!

=03/07/04= v0.4
- Scarabs can only be carried through on the same difficulty (thanks yehfang)
- Head Ninja is higher than Master Ninja (thanks to GJoker)
  -> Also posted a useful way to earn the rankings (thanks to GJoker)
     >> Listed Under the Original Ninja Gaidens section [Chapter 10]
- Added Chapters 4 & 5 to the walkthrough, plus additional bosses and
  scarab locations to their respective sections
+ Looking to complete Chapters 6 & 7 walkthroughs by Monday

=03/06/04= v0.3
The entire guide is roughly around 30% complete. Yes, I know it's not much, 
but the dire need for help out there must be sufficed. This guide will be 100% 
complete by March 20th, and I'm currently working on Chapters 4-6 for an 
update by Monday. Enjoy what you can for now.

=03/04/04= v0.3
Started the FAQ. I'm expecting this to be one of my best guides thus far as 
this is an incredible game, and I'm sure plenty of readers out there will 
require help. You can expect 100% completion around March 20th. I'm undecided 
on whether or not to submit the guide partially complete (due to the high 
amount of requests for the game).

- I've now added a Quick Search function to the guide. Press CTRL + F, and 
type in the designated (#.#) to be quickly forwarded to that specific section 
of the guide.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Ninja Actions
             > Special Abilities
             > Screen HUD
             > Characters
          3) Game Modes
             > Description of each
          4) Walkthrough
             > Chapter 1: The Way of the Ninja       (4.1)
             > Chapter 2: The Hayabusa Ninja Village (4.2)
             > Chapter 3: Skies of Vengeance         (4.3)
             > Chapter 4: Imperial City Infiltration (4.4)
             > Chapter 5: The City of Fiends         (4.5)
             > Chapter 6:
             > Chapter 7:
             > Chapter 8:
             > Chapter 9:
             > Chapter 10:
             > Chapter 11:
             > Chapter 12:
             > Chapter 13:
             > Chapter 14:
             > Chapter 15:
             > Chapter 16:
          5) Items
             > Weapons
             > Scarab Locations
             > Technique Scrolls
          6) Enemies
             > Common
             > Boss Strategies
          7) Secrets
          8) Codes
          9) The Original Ninja Gaidens
         10) Common Questions
         11) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
         12) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
The simple stench of revenge always manages to get its way. Ninja Gaiden is 
one of the most popular ninja video game series ever created. Originally 
created back in the late 1980s, its design was created for the NES. Not only 
was the original Ninja Gaiden released for the system, but also two sequels 
helped progress the story of a young ninja named Ryu Hayabusa. Several years 
later, a developer named Team Ninja decided to reinspire the idea of an action-
packed ninja game full of moves and blood-splattering decapitations. Ninja 
Gaiden is basically a new installment in the series which takes place in the 
20th century. You take the role of a ninja named Ryu Hayabusa, who is a rising 
warrior in his family's clan (the Hayabusa clan). Their main role in the world 
is to protect a dark dragon blade from getting into the hands of evil. 
Suddenly, Ryu's entire family is slaughtered by an opposing warrior clan, and 
the dark blade is stolen by a mystic person named Lord Doku.

These are the beginning trots of how Ninja Gaiden starts off. However, what 
makes the game so unique is the sheer fact that it's quality over quantity. 
Team Ninja has literally designed this game for several years, with numerous 
delays occurring that would annoy the gaming society. Ninja Gaiden combines 
fast-paced action with huge combos, mature violence, and an aurora of graphics 
that only the X-BOX could handle. Much like the Grand Theft Auto and Wind 
Waker of the competitor systems, Ninja Gaiden has been considered to be 
a "system seller" itself. This is the reason people buy an X-BOX, to play this 
game. Prepare yourself for a bewildering journey of top-notch graphics, 
engaging difficulty, and the life of a radical ninja.

Here's a brief excerpt from the instruction manual (credit to Tecmo):

   "/'\" Prologue "/'\"

The evil Dark Dragon Blade...
A legendary sword, said to have been carved out of the bones of a Black 
Dragon, it brought plague and death to the world during the age of ancient 
myth. It has been sealed by those of the Dragon Lineage since the dawn of 
history because of its incredible capacity for evil, made possible by the 
souls of the vanquished Black Dragons that dwell within it. It is said that if 
the Blade's seal were to be broken, it would gather the hatred and evil of 
mankind and confer it upon the one who wields it, transforming him into the 
Devil incarnate; however not even those of the Dragon Lineage who protect it 
know the true extent of its power...

The Dragon Sword...
Another weapon protected by the Dragon Lineage since ancient times. This 
sword, which is said to have been used by Ancient warriors to slay the Black 
Dragons, is now handed down from generation to generation in the Hayabusa 
Ninja Clan, the modern descendants of the Dragon Lineage. And now, the Dragon 
Sword is gripped firmly in the hands of young Ninja Ryu Hayabusa...


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1
Developer: Team Ninja
Released: 2004
Rarity: common
Special Features: HDTV 480p, Content Download, Scoreboards, X-BOX Live
ESRB: Mature (17+)
Cover Art on box: 
- Shows Ryu Hayabusa in a crouched position holding a dagger in a serene, dark 


- 2) Game Basics           -
The X-BOX controller fits fairly well to the entire Ninja Gaiden theme, 
although it can feel a tad kwirky at times. For the most part, controls are 
organized well, although there's a good solid hour of learning time before you 
can actually master the controls. Move lists for each weapon will eventually 
be listed under the Items section - Weapons, whenever I get a chance.

KEY representation for each button:
     Thumbstick = left/right thumbstick pads (black)
    Control Pad = left directional pad (black)
              A = A button (green)
              B = B button (red)
              X = X button (blue)
              Y = Y button (yellow)
              R = R trigger (black, underneath right side of controller)
              L = L trigger (black, underneath left side of controller)
          START = Start button (black, center)
           BACK = Back button (black, center)
          Black = Black button (black, right)
          White = White button (white, right)

/Menu Controls/
  Thumbstick - selects menu items
 Control Pad - selects menu items
         L/R - turns page
        BACK - returns
       START - pauses game, exits
           B - returns
           X - confirms

/Game Controls/
  Left Thumbstick - moves character, navigation, attacks
 Right Thumbstick - enters first person view mode
                L - blocks
                R - centers camera behind player
            START - starts game, pauses, displays menu screen
                A - jumps, moves forward underwater
                B - toss projectiles
                X - attack, interact (when available), confirm selections
                Y - strong attack, charge attacks, special attacks, combos
            Black - displays current level map
            White - shows Karma score, plus important information

- Moving Ryu is a simple process. Tilt the left thumbstick at a greater angle 
to cause for him to run, or a lesser angle to walk. Blocking allows you to 
prevent physical attacks from hurting you, but stronger attacks can usually 
breach through. Blocking can be combined with countering, and rolling later on 
in the game. Centering the camera is useful for regaining your view in case it 
loses focus. When you press START, you'll be brought to a massive inventory 
menu. You can equip different weapons, use items, check your current status, 
and so on.

- You may only single jump in the game, however, you can combine your jumps 
with wall running, and various techniques. These are discussed under the Ninja 
Actions section. Projectile weapons are ranged weapons. You'll come across a 
few during the game. Once you find the bow (with some arrows), you can equip 
it, and fire it from a first person view by holding down the B button, and 
releasing. Normal attacks are quicker, jab-like stabs perfect for combos. 
Stronger attacks are designed as finishers, or power blows to yield high 
damage. They take longer time to perform though. Charge attacks, and Ultimate 
Techniques are discussed later in the guide.

/Ninja Actions/
Most of your gameplay in Ninja Gaiden will comprise of performing various 
ninja actions. While these seem minor to most people, they are the key ways 
you'll be navigating through levels, and discovering secrets later on. If 
reaching a certain area looks doomed, there's always another way around it. 

   ~[ Walking and Running ]~
- Tilt the left thumbstick in a greater/lesser direction to walk/run 

   ~[ Jump ]~
- Ryu can jump by pressing and holding down the A button. Most jumps perform 
in a linear fashion, meaning he'll jump forward, and not change direction in 

   ~[ Melee Weapon Attack ]~
- Both X and Y can be used for close range attacks. Y performs higher damaging 
attacks which take the risk of being greater exposed. Mix the two attacks 
together to form tremendous combos.

   ~[ Projectile Weapon Attack ]~
- You can toss projectile weapons by using the B button. Keep tapping it to 
toss multiple projectiles (normally shurikens), or hold it down if you have a 
bow and arrow equipped.

   ~[ Ninpo ]~
- This is the special type of magic you'll receive during the game. Most of 
them must be purchased or discovered, however, you can use them by holding 
down the Y + B buttons. Ninpo magic is split up into three categories:

   --> The Art of the Inferno = (fire element)
   --> The Art of the Ice Storm = (ice element)
   --> The Art of the Inazuma = (lightning element)

   ~[ Blocking ]~
- Hold down the L trigger to block enemy attacks. This is pretty much a 
NECESSARY action in the game as most bosses and normal enemies require you to 
block. Great for fending off enemy attacks whenever you perform a large combo, 
or are recovering from a giant blow.

   ~[ Interact ]~
- You may only interact with certain objects in the game when an "Interact" 
logo appears at the bottom of the screen. Press X to see what the object is, 
if you can take it, or if there's some puzzle solving involved.

   ~[ Wall Running ]~
- To wall run, simply jump at a wall, and hold down the left thumbstick while 
you're on the wall. You may only wall run for a limited amount of time, before 
falling back to ground level. You may also continually wall run if you jump 
while wall running onto another wall surface.

   ~[ Wall Clinging ]~
- When you jump towards a wall, let go of the left thumbstick before reaching 
it. Ryu will temporarily grab a hold of the wall, before falling down. You may 
jump from the current position on a wall cling as well.

   ~[ Wall Hanging ]~
- If a small ledge or railing exposes itself, sometimes Ryu can grab a hold of 
it for leverage. When you hang on a railing, use the thumbstick to shimmy back 
and forth. Press A + Up to jump upwards (if space is available). Otherwise, 
press A + Down, to let go of the ledge.

   ~[ Swinging ]~
- On certain poles and twigs in the game, you can swing on them much like a 
gymnist on a twisting bar. Simply jump onto the branch, and Ryu will start to 
swing back and forth. Press A when your momentum is at a maximum to get the 
farthest jump possible.

   ~[ Rolling ]~
- Better known as the Reverse Wind Technique, hold down the L trigger, and 
then press a direction. Ryu will roll in the direction pressed. This is great 
for eluding some of the most powerful attacks in the game, although you are 
exposed if you roll into an enemy.

   ~[ Wind Run ]~
- Press X + A to perform a wind jump. It's basically a jump that targets 
itself at an enemy. Sort of like a stun attack.

   ~[ Swimming ]~
- In certain levels during the game, you'll be forced to make use of your 
surrounding environment. You can swim by pointing the control pad in a certain 
direction, and pressing A to dive in that certain direction.

   ~[ Running on Water ]~
- To run across water, you must be stepping from land directly onto water. 
Rapidly tap the A button, and you should "twinkle-toe" your way across the 
liquid substance.

   ~[ Bow and Arrow ]~
- Once you obtain the bow in the game, you can equip it via the Weapons menu. 
Once equipped, hold down B to enter a first person mode. Release the B button 
whenever you want to release the arrow. You must estimate your target and its 
distance, because the arrow will arc downward after certain lengths. You also 
can only hold 15 arrows in the beginning of the game, although more arrows can 
be discovered, or purchased.

   ~[ 1st Person View Mode ]~
- Hold down, and pull the right thumbstick to enter a first person mode from 
Ryu's view. This is mainly used for finding secret holes, hidden entrances, or 
places you normally cannot see with the default camera. You can invert the 
controls of 1st person mode in the options menu.

   ~[ Aiming the Camera ]~
- If you're having trouble with the camera, or it's in a nifty location, 
simply press the R trigger to center it behind Ryu's current position. Great 
for aligning around corners, although the camera is a pesky enemy throughout 
the game.

/Special Abilities/
Throughout Ninja Gaiden, you'll come across several items or abilities that 
exceed simple slashes, and swipes. There's more to fighting then simply 
attacking enemies. The following section will describe special abilities that 
Ryu can possess, or come across.

     :=/ Essence \=:

- This is basically the leftover soul energy of your opponents after defeating 
them in combat. They look similar to colored energy balls that hover over the 
bodies of your dead opponents. Essence can be absorbed by simply walking over 
them, and there are varying sizes (with more essence provided). Essence is 
also split up into three categories:

       -> Yellow Essence = (mainly used for currency in the world, necessary to
                            buy weapons and items from shops)
       -> Blue Essence   = (restores Ryu's health, fairly rare)
       -> Red Essence    = (restores Ryu's Ki bar, very rare)

     :=/ Ninpo Magic \=:

- Although you already know that Ninpo magic is basically like special magic; 
it's drawn from Ryu's Ki bar. His Ki bars are small logos in the upper left 
portion of the screen. They light up when they currently have energy in them, 
but are disposed whenever magic is used. Ki energy can be replaced by 
gathering red essence orbs, or using Devil Way Elixirs. Ninpo magic is learned 
through using scrolls you find in the game. Ninpo can be upgraded to higher 
levels by finding upgrades, or better scrolls of a specific magic. It can be 
initiated by pressing Y + B.

     :=/ Wall-Based Attacks \=:

- To perform wall-based attacks, run up a wall like any other. While you're 
running along the wall, press Y or X to perform a crushing move that dishes 
out more power than usual. Wall-Based Attacks can be altered with combinations 
of buttons, or running at different angles (sideways, diagonally). This is the 
best way to deal out maximum damage without using essence, or Ninpo magic.

     :=/ Ultimate Techniques \=:

- As you progress in the game, Ryu can learn different Ultimate Techniques. 
However, the only way to actually perform an ultimate technique is by using 
Essence. To perform an ultimate technique, kill an enemy, and wait for essence 
to rise above the body. Now, hold down Y, and wait for the essence to strike 
Ryu. When it does, quickly release Y, and Ryu will perform a tremendous attack 
unparalleled by any other move. Absorbing more essence will cause for a more 
powerful attack, and each weapon in the game has a different type of ultimate 
technique. Some weapons do NOT have ultimate techniques (Nunchakus). Killing 
any enemy with an Ultimate Technique can sometimes double, triple, or 
quadruple the amount of essence released. It acts like a multiplier. The only 
problem is actually finding the time in battle, to stand still, and charge up 
for the attack.

/Screen HUD/
The following section will briefly describe what the Ninja Gaiden interface 
looks like, and what each bar stands for in the game.
 |                                                          |
 |/$$$\======= [1]                                  ":" [5] |
 |\[3]/ *****                                               |
 |       [2]                                                |
 |                                                          |
 | _     # Hit!                                             |
 || |     [6]                                               |
 || |                                                       |
 || |                                                       |
 || |[4]                                                    |
 || |                                                       |
 || |                                                       |
 ||_|                                                       |
 |                    [8]                                   |
 |           ________________________               [7]     |
 |          [________________________]        X - Interact  |

Meaning KEY:

   [1] - Health Gauge - shows your basic life bar, when it's empty, you die,
                        appears as a colored meter

   [2] - Ki Gauge - shows Ryu's magic power, the *'s become empty when magic is

   [3] - Ninpo Indicator - shows the type of Ninpo magic currently equipped,
                           (fire, ice, or lightning in a small circular emblem)

   [4] - Breath Gauge - only appears when underwater, slowly depletes downward
                        as you run out of air

   [5] - Item Display - shows specific status of a set item, usually arrows to
                        a bow, or something along those lines

   [6] - Hit Count - number of times an enemy has been hit in succession, this
                     is how to perform large combos, higher hitting combos
                     yields more Karma points, essence, and bragging rights

   [7] - Interact Display - icon lights up in the lower right corner of the
                            screen to tell you that you can press X to interact
                            with the object

   [8] - Boss Health Gauge - only appears for chapter bosses, shows remaining
                             health of the pesky fellows

While most ninja games hardly have social interaction, Ninja Gaiden does have 
a certain etiquette when it comes to character development. Most of the plot 
occurs between several different characters, and their reactions to 
situations. The following section will briefly describe each of the 
characters. I'd like to give credit to:


- for these character profiles, and race descriptions.

--== RACES ==--

+~+ The Dragon Lineage +~+
- An ancient race of beings that was said to have defeated the sinister Evil 
Deities in the age of ancient myth; the descendents of this bloodline came to 
be known in a later age as the Dragon Ninja, the modern-day Hayabusa Ninja 
Clan. The leader of these people has throughout history always carried the 
legendary Dragon Sword, used to defeat evil wherever it surfaced. It is the 
fate of the Dragon Lineage to be inexorably linked to their nemeses, the Evil 

+~+ Fiends +~+
- A race of monsters that is seen only rarely in the Vigoor Empire, they are 
the result of a transformation in certain humans and other animals that carry 
a susceptible genetic code; it is speculated that certain unique factors in 
the Vigoorian environment also facilitate this phenomenon. As a result, 
epidemiologists believe it to be endemic to the Vigoor Empire. The Fiends have 
long been subjects of fear and awe, and a culture of Fiend worship is still 
very prevalent in Vigoor. Fiends of a special rank and ability are known as 
Greater Fiends.

+~+ The Vigoor Empire +~+
- An imperialistic nation located in a land-locked area in western Asia. The 
country remains shrouded in mystery due to its long-standing policy of 
national seclusion. Vigoor maintains a unique belief system as its state 
religion. Its leader, the Holy Vigoor Emperor, holds supreme power in both the 
political and religious worlds; however, details surrounding him are slight.

--== CHARACTERS ==--

=~= Ryu Hayabusa =~=
- The main character of the game. A descendant of the Dragon Lineage, he is a 
young member of the Hayabusa Ninja Clan. His father Joe Hayabusa, the head of 
the clan, has left the village to train in the mountains and has entrusted Ryu 
with the Dragon Sword, an ancient sword that has been passed down through 
generations of clan leaders.

=~= Rachel =~=
- A Vigoorian Fiend Hunter, she is continually searching for a relative of 
hers who was turned into a Fiend. She possesses genes that give her abnormal 
strength at the expense of making her susceptible to turning into a Fiend like 
her relative. She can sense where Fiends are.

=~= Murai =~=
- A Master Ninja possessing unsurpassed skill in all of the Ninja arts, Murai 
also has a deep connection with Ryu. Although he was a member of the Hayabusa 
Ninja Clan, events that occurred in the past caused Murai to leave and form 
his own rogue Ninja organization, the Shadow Clan.

=~= Ayane =~=
- A kunoichi, or female Ninja, in the Hajin-Mon sect of the Mugen Tenshin 
Ninja Clan. Although she was born into the ruling family of the clan, certain 
circumstances forced her to be raised in partial secrecy. Highly skilled in 
all of the Ninja arts, she has become an important asset for Murai at the 
young age of 14.

=~= Kureha =~=
- One of the protectors of the Hayabusa Village shrine; she has known Ryu 
since childhood.

=~= Muramasa =~=
- A wizened old man, he appears to be over 100 years old. He runs a weapon and 
tool shop, but is also a renowned blacksmith. He has erected bronze statues of 
himself at various locations throughout the world.

=~= The Dark Disciple =~=
- A mysterious figure who disguises his true identity with a mask and black 
hood; his natural voice is undetectable through his machine-enhanced 
vocalization. He remains behind the scenes during the events that occur in the 
Vigoor Empire, observing the actions of Ryu and the movements of the Dark 
Dragon Blade.

=~= Gamov =~=
- A Special Agent of the Vigoor Empire Internal Affairs Bureau; he observes 
the movements of the infiltrator Ryu Hayabusa. It would seem that his interest 
as an intelligence officer lies behind Ryu, however...

=~= Alma, Greater Fiend =~=
- One of the Greater Fiends, a powerful group within the Vigoor Empire, she 
became a Fiend after lured in by Doku.

=~= Doku, Lord of the Greater Fiends =~=
- One of the Greater Fiends, he is a heavily armored dark knight. He lured 
Alma into the fold and turned her into a Fiend.


- 3) Game Modes            -
For the most part, Ninja Gaiden is a thoroughly entertaining action game. Team 
Ninja decided to toss in a few extra gameplay modes which you may find to be 
of interest. One of the newer inclusions is that of an X-BOX live tournament, 
which is supposedly going to happen sometime around May 2004. Anyhow, this 
section will briefly describe the options in the menus, and what not.

/New Game/
Starting a new game in Ninja Gaiden allows you to play an adventure that soars 
through 16 levels. A plot is revealed as you advance through the life of Ryu 
Hayabusa, and his quest for vengeance. Levels are packed with enemies, along 
with a level-ending boss. During the game, you'll collect Karma points for 
your accomplishment of missions by specific parameters, and you can find 
secret weapons, items, or objects to enhance your character. This is the PRIME 
gameplay mode of Ninja Gaiden, and probably what you will play most.

     Every new game let's you select from two types:

          + Normal
          + Hard

- It's basically the type of difficulty. Selecting a higher difficulty makes 
your opponents, stronger, faster, and tougher to defeat.

/Load Game/
Allows you to continue a new game you started. You may only load from special 
save statues (which you saved your progress at) that you have come across.

/Master Ninja Tournament/
This special mode can only be used through X-BOX Live. You must have XBL 
hooked up, and an account activated to play. After you have selected your 
gamer tag, you can then connect to see the details of upcoming tournaments. 
Unfortunately, I don't have XBL, so this is one reason why my guide will not 
cover the online options of Ninja Gaiden. I do know a few details though...

    >> Players can compete for online rankings via their Karma rankings on
       completing certain levels
    >> Players should be able to compete in head-to-head matches to the death,
       so that a sole Master Ninja is crowned.
    >> Players might be able to download new content, such as levels, weapons,
       and items.

However, none of this is confirmed, and most of it will occur in the future. 
The next upcoming tournament is in May 2004.

Let's you customize Ninja Gaiden to its full potential. Great if you want to 
tune certain audio settings, or initiate subtitles.

    >> General Settings = you can view your total game play time
                          turn subtitles on/off
                          choose a flag of residence (for other players during
                                                      online play)

    >> Audio Settings = adjust specific channels for in-game music, sound
                        effects, and speech

    >> Controller Settings = customize your own layout of buttons
                             turn vibration on/off
                             inverted controls, and so on

    >> Video Settings = let's you alter the game window screen on your TV,
                        gamma settings, and brightness

    >> Warnings = displays warning, copyright, and infringement laws


- 4) Walkthrough           -
Believe it or not, many people consider Ninja Gaiden to be a game tougher than 
it "actually" should be. Yes, it's not designed for the goomba head gamers out 
there, but it certainly is challenging enough to be entertaining, time, and 
time again. The following section is a walkthrough of the entire game, through 
all 16 chapters (assuming the guide is 100% complete). I may include spoilers 
here and there, so expect to see the unexpected. Also, extra secrets may be 
tossed into the normal walkthrough in case I feel they're necessary for future 

   *The game begins with a short FMV showing the legendary Dark Dragon Blade,
    and speaking of how it's actually one of the most powerful weapons in the
    world. Apparently, it was carved from the bones of a Black Dragon, and has
    been protected by the Dragon Lineage. Whoever possesses the sword is
    exposed to great evil powers which can consume entire entities in a matter
    of seconds. All of this is about to change...*

/The Way of the Ninja (4.1)/
   SECRETS: n/a

  "In the mountains of Autumn, there is one who walks the path of the Ninja..."

You'll start off in the role of the legendary Ninja (soon to be), Ryu 
Hayabusa. Your starting position is in the Valley of Shadows. Proceed up the 
river, and climb the left stone stairway by jumping up the ledges. A pink note 
should fly by and hit the wall. Read it (press X), and it tells you how to run 
up walls. Run horizontally along the wall to cross the ledge. Then, run up the 
following wall, and Ryu should grab a hold of a small ledge. Shimmy to your 
right, and jump up. Read the next note, then turn around, and open the chest 
to receive an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Go back to where the second note was, 
and run up the wall. You should catch another small ledge. Jump up, then 
proceed left. Two brown ninjas will drop down from above. This will be the 
first battle you interact with in the game. They're fairly easy. Use your 
blocking attacks whenever they come rushing at you with attacks (or interrupt 
their attacks with a quick stab). Once you've dealt with them both, run 
sideways along the wall to cross the location.

Open the next chest to receive another Elixir of Spiritual Life. Head into the 
small cavern, and read the tutorial note. Position yourself in the narrow 
shaft, then perform the Flying Bird Jump. Simply run and jump up one wall, 
then quickly jump to the opposing wall in mid-air. If done correctly, jump one 
more time to land on the above ledge. You're basically ricocheting from one 
wall to another until you reach the top. Once above, run down the hall, and 
make quick use of the 3 brown ninjas. Go on the wooden grate, and jump upwards 
in a side-to-side pattern to reach the top. You'll now be in the:
\ Ninja Fortress }
Right near the steps of this massive structure will be two foolish ninjas. 
Make quick work of them both as they're the same practical enemies from 
before. Run up the stairs, and all the way to the end of the hall. Open the 
sliding door, and you must combat 3 fellow ninjas. Again, don't get clustered 
in the middle. Try using quick slashes, and follow up with strong attacks to 
finish them off. A chest inside has an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Open the next 
door, and the test becomes greater as you'll face 6 ninjas (3 at a time). Use 
the same technique from before, but try a few wall-jumping attacks as well. 
Make sure you block to save your life supply. If your life bar is low, press 
START, and try using the Elixirs of Spiritual Life. They can heal about 2/3 of 
your life bar. Once the doors are unlocked, head into the next location. You 
should now be inside a narrow hallway. Go up, and check out the Samurai 
statue. It's missing its face. Look to the left on the drawer for a Spiritual 
Life elixir, along with another one in the lower right corner (blind spot in 
room). Go down the hallway, and deal with the 3 ninjas around the corner.

Open the double doors at the end, and walk onto the white dojo mat. Battle the 
6-7 ninjas, then open the nearby chest for the Lives of the Thousand Gods. 
It's pretty much like an upgrade item. Now, go right, and there should be a 
lone pot in the corner. Look for a tall narrow carpet along the wall. Slice it 
to reveal a secret doorway. Inside, you'll be greeted by 2 Brown Ninjas, along 
with a special White Ninja. White ninjas can toss shurikens, so don't get too 
far away. This room has an INFINITE SPAWNING of opponents, so quickly engage 
them, then run to the top part of the room. Step on the dark-colored plates, 
and they're actually trap doors which will drop you to the Underground 
Storehouse. Break the nearby jars for some essence/power, and watch out for 
the red bats. You can slice them for essence if you desire. Head out of the 
cave using the pathways, and open the chest along the left wall for the Fangs 
of the Samurai. The cave should lead back to the outside area. Jump up the 
platforms, and then head up along the border of the Ninja Fortress.

Around one of the corners is two ninjas. Make sure they're dealt with swiftly 
and painlessly. Continue onward, enter the doorway, and open the chest for the 
Talisman of Rebirth (basically an extra life). Drop down into the hole, and 
you'll be in the dojo room from before. Make your way back to where the 
Samurai Statue was, and press X to place the Fangs of the Samurai in place. A 
special Key of Courage will be released from his hand. Go back to the right, 
but do NOT drop into the storehouse hole. Slice the tall carpet along the wall 
behind it to reveal another doorway. Enter inside, then save your game on the 
nearby Idol Statue. Once your game is saved, run up the stairs, and enter the 
wooden walkway. Two white ninjas should be located up above. Quickly charge 
them (they'll toss shurikens if you don't), and make quick work of them. 
They're a tad more challenging, but white ninjas tend to drop blue energy, 
which heals your life bar. After both targets have been eliminated, head up to 
the Inner Sanctum doorway, and press X to open it. If you gathered the Key of 
Courage (as following the instructions before), the door should open.

Proceed inside, and you'll have to take out five white ninjas. This can be a 
fairly complex battle, but keep on the move, and whip out any spare shurikens 
when you have free time. The door ahead will become unlocked once you've 
defeated all opponents in this room. Head inside to meet the first boss of the 

   *A large, muscular man will be meditating in the center of a dojo-like
    room. Although you're not aware of his name right away, this is actually
    Murai, who was a former member of the Hayabusa Clan. Murai is a master of
    the Nunchakus, and ninja arts as well. Before the battle begins, you'll be
    presented with an overwhelming swish, and swirl of combo attacks. He looks
    tougher than he actually is.*

  ~= LEVEL ONE BOSS  | Murai | DIFFICULTY: ***                              =~
  ~ Murai is a counter-like boss who tends to attack whenever you stand      ~
  & still too long. To defeat him, try to lure yourself close to his         &
  ~ proximity, then quickly block his fury rage of attacks. When he stops    ~
  & attacking, let go of the block button, and counter fire with a few weak  &
  ~ strikes of your own. DO NOT get caught up in any combo more than 4 hits, ~
  & otherwise, he'll catch you off guard. Murai also has a close-range power &
  ~ attack where he twirls towards you. The only way to prevent this attack  ~
  & from damaging you is to do a quick strike while he's coming at you. For  &
  ~ the most part, DO NOT overblock, otherwise Murai will grapple you to the ~
  & ground with nasty moves. Try wall attacks, and charged attacks if        &
  ~ possible. Projectiles are useless as he instantly reflects them back at  ~
  & you. This is a fairly tough battle for the first boss in the game.       &

   *Once you lower Murai's health bar to the minimal echelon, the battle will
    then enter an FMV sequence. Apparently, Murai and Ryu are excellent
    friends. The unfriendly welcome was just a normal test of the ninjahood,
    that many would-be gamers know nothing about. The battle ends up turning
    into a friendly conversation where Ryu tells Murai about how his father's
    clan is protecting the Dark Dragon Blade. Murai suggests that the blade is
    nothing more than a waste since no one is wielding the awesome power of
    the sword, but Ryu prefers to differ. Suddenly, a young girl starts
    sprinting through the Ninja Fortress. She blasts through the door to inform
    both of them that Hayabusa Village is burning, and under attack! Save
    your kindred before it's too late.*

/The Hayabusa Ninja Village (4.2)/
   SECRETS: (1) Life of the Gods
                Bow and Arrow

  "The village is burning. Before long, Ryu hears the screams of his

- Before sprinting down to the village, go speak with Murai. He'll actually 
teach you two different (and useful) Ultimate Techniques. These attacks can 
only be performed when yellow essence orbs are lying around on the ground, but 
they're useful nonetheless. The first attack is the Extinction Straight Slash. 
Hold down Y until you see a yellow orb come at you, then release it before it 
explodes. If performed correctly, Ryu will sprint straight forward in a blue 
beam of light, decapitating any opponents in the way. Another attack is the 
Level 2 version, which basically uses two orbs, yet extracts more essence from 
dead bodies. Just repeat the process, and wait for both orbs to strike you at 
the same time. Finally, speak with him a last time to teach you the Reverse 
Wind Technique. Hold down the Left Trigger, then press a direction to roll in 
that specific direction. You'll be using this often, so get use to it 
(necessary for many boss battles).

Start off by sprinting out of the dojo room, and back down the usual pathway. 
Run all the way back to the Valley of Shadows by leaving the Ninja Fortress 
(down the front stairwell), and dropping back down to the stone caverns. Drop 
to ground level, but sprint northward up the river. Check your map in case 
you're lost. You're aiming for a blue dot on the northern ridge. You'll 
eventually reach a "Shrine" area. Interact with the Shrine to receive the Art 
of the Fire Wheels. This is the first degree of Ninpo magic you'll receive in 
the game. You can enable Ninpo magic by pressing Y + B. For now though, just 
leave it in your inventory. The shrine will lower to reveal a secret elevator. 
Jump aboard, and press X. You'll now be lowered to a depressed canyon. Run 
across the opening by wall running, then open the chest across the gap. Inside 
you'll receive an Elixir of Devil Way, which can refill your Ki power (for 

Proceed into the forest, and you'll engage some of your first enemies. A group 
of three Samurais will come charging at you. These are slightly tougher than 
the ninjas from before as they tend to block your basic combos, but they can 
be penetrated quite easily. If you're surrounded, simply use the rolling 
technique, or jump out of the hairy mix. If one of them drops essence, use 
your ultimate technique, and lay down a fatal blow. Sometimes you can 
decapitate your opponents quite easily. Once they're dead, continue forward, 
and slide down the incline. Jump into the water, and swim forward. Climb out 
of the water via the nearby ledge, and you'll be forced to engage several more 
Samurais. There are roughly around 5 of them, except one of them is a special 
magic caster. He'll occasionally toss energy balls at you from a ranged 
distance. Your best option is to interrupt your fighting with the default 
swordsmen, then quickly toss shurikens at him to halt his spell casting. That, 
or you can focus your attacks on him first. Be careful though, he's skilled 
with two small weapons as well. If he warps close to you, quickly block, then 
counter attack after the furious combo.

Now that you've finished off this small locale of a group, climb the nearby 
tower by pressing X. Open the chest to receive a map of Hayabusa Village. Jump 
down, and continue forward until you reach a broken bridge. Jump into the 
water, swim slightly to the right, and climb up via the small wooden platform. 
Jump to ground level, then save your game via the statue. Go to the left of 
the save statue to open a chest, and receive an Elixir of Spiritual Life.
\ Hayabusa Ninja Village }
 Now you're ready to save your hometown village. Charge in through the narrow 
doorway, and proceed forward. You're going to have to deal with 5-7 Samurais. 
Try using your Ultimate Techniques to make this battle easier than it is. Save 
your Ninpo magic for the bosses later. Once they're dead, go left down the 
first pathway. Check the dead body to receive an Elixir of Spiritual Life. 
Head back to the main entrance, and go forward. Go all the way to the end of 
the street, and a small statue head should be on the ground (looks brownish-
red). Pick it up, then return to the town entrance. Look to your left, and 
there should be a statue missing a head. Press X to place the head on the Jizo 
Statue. You will receive a Life of the Gods (extends your life meter after you 
use 9 of them). Now, head to the middle of the town, slightly past the second 
pathway. Look to your left for a few roofs and a window opening above. Jump on 
each roof, and then head into the small window.

Once inside, drop down to the first floor. Look near the doorway, and pick up 
the Bow. Now, check the nearby shelves for an Elixir of Devil Way, and one of 
Spiritual Life. Go check out the statue, and this was actually carved by the 
hands of an ancient blacksmith named Muramasa. These statues are spread 
throughout the game to act as "certain" shops you can purchase items from. You 
may shop, or talk to him if you wish. However, I highly recommend purchasing:

   (3-4) Elixirs of Spiritual Life -- 500 a piece
         Wooden Sword              -- 500 essence

Once you're done browsing through, exit the building via the double doorways 
opposite of the statue. Outside, you're going to have to deal with two magic 
wielders, along with several Samurai Swordsmen. Your best bet is to focus on 
the magic users first, as they tend to act as key support units. Block their 
combos, and counter attack. Use your reverse wind technique to roll under the 
energy balls, or out of danger. Check the nearby body for arrows (you can only 
hold a certain amount), and equip the bow for now. Once you're about ready to 
move on, head left past some burning rubble. Once you walk far enough, the 
rubble will collapse behind you, and two horsemen will leap over the rubble. 
This isn't exactly a boss battle, although it's fairly challenging to a 
certain extent.

>> First of all, there are 4-5 horsemen to engage with in the battle. Two of 
them have spears, while the others have arrows. Personally, I concentrated on 
the Arrow Horsemen first as they tend to be the peskiest. Use the Reverse Wind 
Technique (L trigger + direction) to roll under the stab spears of the other 
soldiers. DO NOT roll into the horses, but roll near them, then quickly start 
attacking the shins of the horses. After roughly around 25 shots, the soldier 
on the horse should fall off. Now attack and finish off that soldier. Repeat 
this procedure for the spearmen, and catch them from behind whenever they turn 
their horse around. You can usually get in about 12-15 stabs by simply tapping 
the X button. DO NOT use your Ninpo magic, at least not yet. Save it for the 
actual boss.

After you've eliminated the default horsemen, jump over the rubble which cools 
down. Check the body on the right for a Great Spirit Elixir, and then save 
your game with the nearby statue. You can check out the Graveyard to your 
left, but it has nothing of interest (as of right now). Instead, proceed 
forward onto the wooden bridge. It's nukem time.

   *A large wooden doorway will open up to reveal a Samurai Swordsman dressed
    in massive armor. Slowly but surely, he makes his way onto the wooden
    bridge along with a battle horse, and gigantic Mongolian spear-like weapon.
    Let's show him who the boss is.*

  ~= LEVEL TWO BOSS  | Samurai Horseman | DIFFICULTY: ***                   =~
  ~ This is a very tough battle for one of the earlier levels in the game.   ~
  & The Samurai Horseman also has two magic wielding swordsman by his side   &
  ~ for most of the battle. There are two procedures you can do from here on.~
  & You may either focus on killing the magic wielding warriors, and keep    &
  ~ killing their respawned forms until they stop respawning. Or, you may try~
  & to simply focus on narrowing down the horseman's life bar before it's too&
  ~ late. Personally, I simply focused on the horseman. Some key tips are to ~
  & roll out of the way (to avoid his spear attacks), then quickly sprint up &
  ~ and slash his horse from behind. The energy balls from the magic users   ~
  & can be a real pain in the arse. If you are in desperate need of health,  &
  ~ simply kill the magic users, and they'll drop essence. Keep doing this to~
  & refill your life bar, then re-engage the horseman. Avoid jumping as he   &
  ~ has extreme range on his attacks. If you decide to do the first strategy,~
  & watch out for the horseman to strike you from behind. Roll out of the way&
  ~ in timed intervals when you sense he's coming towards your position.     ~
  & Make use of the fire Ninpo magic as well. When his life bar is fairly    &
  ~ low, quickly cast the Fire Wheel spell, and run up to him to catch him on~
  & fire. This is perfect for making the battle come to a decisive end.      &

- After you've killed him, run up to the aura in the middle, and press X. 
You'll receive a Technique Scroll: Counter Attacks. You can now counter attack 
opponents by blocking an attack (holding down L trigger), then pressing X or 
Y. Basically, you'll attack them right after you block a swing with your 
blade. Enter the large wooden doorway where the Samurai Swordsman came from.

   *Yet again, another FMV sequence will open up. This time, we're presented
    with Ryu Hayabusa sprinting towards the inner temple where the Dark Dragon
    Blade is held. Most of his comrades are slain, and we see a large knight
    gallavanting through them like a knife slicing into butter. Suddenly,
    Kureha, who is one of the temple's protectors (a young girl), collapses
    and dies in front of Ryu. This angers him greatly as a childhood friend
    has been lost. He grips the Dragon Blade, and charges the mysterious
    knight. The first attack is blocked, then countered, and the knight finally
    slashes Ryu across the chest/leg. Ryu falls to the ground as a failure.
    We're then presented with a black crow flying to the scene above Ryu's dead
    body. Some say Ryu never died, and that Murai rescued him. Others say the 
    crow resurrected Ryu. Only time will tell...*

   *We're then brought back to a scene of Ryu getting dressed into a new
    uniform. Murai informs him that the man he fought was actually Lord Doku,
    leader of the Greater Fiends. There's some reasonable connection between
    them and the Vigoor Empire. Ryu decides to hitch a ride on an airship to
    get to the Vigoor Empire, where maybe he can beat some answers out of the
    senseless combatants. The game then zooms to a scene of the Vigoor Empire
    detecting an unwanted intruder on an airship (you). Alarms start to go off,
    and a gigantic electrified man is released (as part of the defense unit).
    Let's get this show on the road.*

/Skies of Vengeance (4.3)/
   SECRETS: (3) Golden Scarabs
            (2) Life of the Gods

  "The Hayabusa Village has burned, and the Dark Dragon Blade is gone. Ryu has
   stowed aboard an Airship headed for Vigoor Empire. His goal: Vengeance..."

This level starts off with you inside your cabin quarters. Go to the table and 
take the Elixir of Devil Way. Now, open your cabin door, and head out to the 
door opposite of you. Grab the Spiritual Life potion on the table, then leave 
this room. Go up, and open the next door on the left. Open the chest to reveal 
the Airship Map. Unfortunately, your gleaming discovery will be interrupted by 
two Vigoorian Guards who breach through the windows. You're going to face many 
of these throughout the level, so get use to them. The white uniformed 
soldiers are fairly weak, and easy to kill. Watch out for the black ones 
though as they have tazers. Once you've finished them both off, leave the 
room, and enter the 1-# door on the right hand side. Grab the Spiritual Life 
potion, and leave. Run to the end of the hall, and engage the four surrounding 
guards. When you're a certain distance from them, they'll pull out pistols and 
shoot at you. Be weary of your surroundings. Use the wall to your advantage, 
and try to make use of some Essence moves as well.

Once they're dead, check the aura in the middle to receive the Wing Key. Use 
the key on the double doors right next to you to reach the Main Deck. Run 
inside, and head around the protruding wall. Go to the upper left section of 
the room, and check the ship's galley to find a Life of the Gods. Leave the 
room, and head to the upper right portion. Open the door on that side. You 
should be in a room filled with spewed documents. Open the next door, and 
suddenly the power locks will turn red. Battle the four guards as usual, but 
watch out for the black ones. Once they're finished off, leave through the 
next door and you should be in a hallway. Enter the door opposite of the one 
you just came through. You should now be in the Captain's room. Check the desk 
for a letter.

   *Apparently, the ship has been having problems whenever emergency power has
    been forced to turn on. Because of the lack of power, whenever a power
    shortage occurs, all power locks on the ship are unlocked.*

Check the desk again for a scrolled up map which turns out to be a Map of 
Tairon. Also, you can find Golden Scarab #1 in the right hand corner of the 
room. Head over to the Captain's Elevator, and use it. This will lower you to 
the Fore Cabin. Run around the semi-circle room, and then use the next 
elevator. The ID door in this room is locked for now. Go down the elevator, 
and you'll be brought to an isolated room. You'll have to deal with 5-6 
guards. If you need to, make use of your Ninpo magic, although I found simply 
using Ultimate Techniques worked best. Use the counter attacks to your 
advantage. Once they're dead, an aura will appear in the middle of the room. 
Grab it to receive an ID card. You can now open certain powered locks on the 
floating vehicle. Open the door directly behind you, and retrieve the Life of 
the Gods inside the chest. Head back up the elevator, and use the ID card on 
the door to the left.

Once inside, you'll have to deal with a small threat of 2 Vigoorian Guards. 
Head through the following doorway, and then use the save statue on the right 
to note down your progress. Before heading on straight through, you can do the 
following to gain some "secret" inventory:

- Go up the spiral stairwell. Then, go down the opposing stairwell. You can 
find a Muramasa Shop in a nifty location. If you want, purchase some Spiritual 
Life potions (although I actually upgraded my Dragon Sword, 3000 essence). If 
you talk with him, Muramasa will yank your golden scarab, and give you a Life 
of the Gods. You can find out more about what you receive for handing in 
scarabs (in the Scarab Locations section). Anyhow, once you're finished 
shopping, head back up the stairwell. Now, make your way back to the Living 
Quarters. Open the ID-card door at the end of the hallway. You'll be in a 
cargo room filled with crates. Jump onto the left side of crates, and make 
your way to the middle section of the room. Leap straight across, and you 
should be able to reach the back part of the room. In the left corner is a 
chest containing a Talisman of Rebirth, along with a chest in the right corner 
holding an Elixir of Devil Way. Finally, check the small two-crate dip between 
both chests for Scarab #2. Head back to the save statue, and note down your 

Head on through the door, and you should be outside. Run across the small 
walkway, and enter the door to reach the Middle Deck. Check the crate on the 
left for an infinite supply of arrows (although you can only handle 15 at a 
time). Smash the crates for some essence, then start to unwind the wench (in 
the corner of the room), by tapping down X. Eventually, a few guards will 
burst through the windows, and attempt to ambush you from behind. Let go of 
the wench, and deal with them appropriately. Keep unwinding the wench until 
the large cargo door is slightly more than fourty-five degrees open. Pull out 
your bow, and snipe the 2 guards across the large gap. Run to the corner of 
the door, and jump up to reach a small dangling wire. Shimmy across to the 
other side, and run to the end of the current deck. Kill the black guard 
around the corner, then head to the other walkway around the corner. At the 
end of this walkway is a chest containing a Spiritual Life potion. Look on the 
right hand side for a window with a poor repair job. Use your bow, and shoot 
the window to smash it. Leap through the opening, and you'll now be in the 
power source room.

Now it's nukem time. Pull out your sword, and start to slice all of the 
controls in the room. Once you've destroyed most of the panels, an 
announcement will start to play over the intercom:

   *Announcement says that all locks have been disabled due to a shortage of
    power. Emergency power supply has been initiated.*

Leave the room, and go back to the Fore Cabin. Just shimmy across as usual, 
and make sure you refill your arrows on the way out. Once you're back at the 
Fore Cabin, save your game. Go up the spiral stairwell, then make it back to 
the hallway before the Captain's room. Head to the far end where there should 
be a large metallic door (with a different kind of lock). Fortunately, the 
lock is now open because you disabled the power supply. Open it, then proceed 
up the stairs. Pull out your bow, and snipe the two pistol-wielders above. Go 
all the way up, and you should reach a dead end. However, behind you is an 
elevated platform. Go to the right or left hand sides, and then jump directly 
up to reach the above area. Kill the three guards above (you might take some 
fire on the way up). Run straight ahead, and open the chest for a Great Spirit 
Elixir. Engage the two guards up ahead, and go to the metal cargo box in the 
corner of the room (behind a grated wall). You're going to have to do a flying 
bird jump to reach the top of the metal box, then another wall jump to reach 
the metal walkway above. It might take a few tries, but boost yourself off the 
solid to flip up to the area above. Scarab #3 should be up in this area, along 
the walkway. You might have to wall jump to reach a platform above. Use your 
first person view to see what I'm talking about.

Run down the walkway, and there should be a ladder shaft. However, before you 
can head on up, the hatch is actually locked. What you have to do is perform a 
multiple wall jump to reach the part I'm talking about. Position yourself in 
the center of the red shaft, then jump against the left wall, run up, and 
jump. Repeat this process three more times, and Ryu should land in a red side 
area. Run to the end of the hall, and hit the switch. It'll unlock the hatch 
above. Now, jump down, press X to climb the ladder, and Ryu will be on top of 
the airship. Unfortunately, you'll also be met by an Electrical Mofo (as I 
like to call him).

  ~= LEVEL THREE BOSS  | Electrical Mofo | DIFFICULTY: **                   =~
  ~ Some players tend to have trouble with this boss mainly because of his   ~
  & massive power on attacks. Basically, he's equipped with a gigantic       &
  ~ electric gun, that shoots out blasts of electrical charges in small      ~
  & intervals. What you should do is keep distance between him and yourself. &
  ~ Keep running in circles, but DO NOT jump (makes you an easier target).   ~
  & You can try rolling, but keep running in circles until he fires about 5  &
  ~ laser blasts. Suddenly, his gun will discharge, and it'll be jammed for a~
  & few seconds. Quickly sprint in, and lay down a few power slashes. If you &
  ~ want, you can also cast Ninpo magic to assist in causing more damage.    ~
  & Just repeat this strategy, and keep retreating/approaching. If you stay  &
  ~ close too long, he'll grab you, and shoot you point blank with the       ~
  & weapon. Also, try to keep several potions on hand when facing him. You   &
  ~ might take a few hard hits along the way. Aside from that though, he's   ~
  & not as challenging when compared to other bosses faced.                  &

   *Our gigantic boss will start to scream in agony as he has been defeated.
    Not only is he all sliced up, but the rain causes for his suit to
    malfunction. He explodes into millions of tiny organic pieces. Before he
    dies though, his gun discharges and takes out a nearby Vigoorian Airship,
    which leaves us with a very covert exit. However, the zeppelin starts to
    burn in a furious manner. It's getting a little too hot to be standing
    here for long.*

/Imperial City Infiltration (4.4)/
   SECRETS: (3) Golden Scarabs
                Technique Scroll: Guillotine Throw
            (1) Lives of the Thousand Gods
            (1) Life of the Gods
                Windmill Shuriken (Legendary Weapon)

  "Ryu has escaped from the crash of the Airship. Spread out before him is the
   city of Tairon, capital of the Vigoor Empire..."

   *We're brought to the scene of the magnificent airship slowly but surely
    but surely burning down to crash on the ground. The camera then zooms out
    to show Ryu standing upon a nearby power line. Using his metal wrist bands,
    he slides along the electrified power source as if he was skating upon a
    sheet of ice. You're now in the Outskirts of Tairon.*

Start off by saving your game at the nearby save statue. Jump to the street 
below, and start to run down the alleyway. Around the corner are 3 Vigoorian 
Guards, and make their existence quick and painless. Keep going down the 
pathway, and a Kunai note will fly by. Read it, and it'll tell you to go visit 
Han's Bar. Apparently, they have information on where you can find this Lord 
Doku. Keep going forward, and you'll reach the Twin Serpents Plaza. Look to 
the left for a small doorway behind an enclosed fence. Go inside, and open the 
chest to receive a Great Spirit Elixir. Now, go down the left hallway, and 
kill the 3 Vigoorian Guards. Yet again, nothing we haven't seen before. Open 
the doorway, and you'll now be in front of the Military Gate. Go along the 
left wall, and check the ninja's body for a Technique Scroll: Guillotine 
Throw. It's a fairly useful move that can be operated by jumping at an enemy, 
and pressing Y (while above their head). Run up to the gate, and check the 
other ninja body for some much needed arrows. Go right towards the door with 
the yellow dot on it.

Suddenly, three Vigoorian soldiers will drop down. One of them has a nade 
launcher, so avoid the nades, and take out the usual grunts. Now's a great 
time to use some ultimate techniques considering you have vast space to 
navigate with. Once they're dead, head up to the yellow door, and press X to 
open it. Three soldiers are on the other side, and again, make their lives 
worthless. By now, you should see a "Skull" door to your right, along with a 
shiny treasure chest, and golden scarab on the ground. You cannot reach this 
area yet until later on in the game. Run straight down the street, but don't 
go left. Keep going straight, and turn right around the corner. Go to the end 
of the street to find a Top portion of the Stone Tablet. Again, this is a 
puzzle you will accumulate throughout the game, so no need to worry about it 

Run back to the T-way from before, and three Vigoorian guards will be there. 
Kill them all, and go down the steps you passed before.

- The 3 Vigoorian Guards you just fought are actually part of an infinite 
respawn pool. You can check out the Secrets section on how the process exactly 

Once you run down the steps, a Kunai note should hit the ledge. Read it, and 
it says that anything blue can solve your problems. Pull out your bow, and 
snipe off the guard on the platform to your right, and straight ahead. Once 
they're dead, look where the Kunai note landed. There's a small blue ledge 
there. Run off the ledge, and Ryu will flip (but hang) onto the railing. 
Shimmy to your right, and jump up. Open the chest to receive a Life of the 
Gods. Shimmy back to where you were, and look to your right along the building 
wall. Look slightly up, and there should be a highly-placed blue railing. Walk 
down the steps a bit, then turn right, and wall run. Ryu will grab a hold of 
the ledge. Shimmy to your left, then jump onto the guidance wire, and cross 
the opening. Open the next chest for a Thousand Lives of the Gods. Quickly 
pull out your bow, and snipe the 2 guards that pop out (from the stairwell you 
were on before). Now, jump down to the street level. There should be a door on 
your left marked with a "Lily" symbol. Remember this location. Run down to the 
end of the streetway, and open the door to enter the Clock Tower Plaza.
\ Clock Tower Plaza }
The entire region looks sort of like this:

_________    /=========/                   / Green  |
] Red    \  /Nunchakus/                   /   Door  |
]Door     \/         /  ___________      /          | 
]_____               \ [Multi-Color]    /Muramasa's |
      \               \|   Door    |___/ Shop       |
       \                                            |
        \                                          /
         \        ____DOOR________________________/
         |       /
         |       |
         |       |
         |       |
         | START |

Start off by taking the left pathway, then making a right at the Y. Check the 
ninja's body for the Nunchakus. This is the first alternate primary weapon you 
can find in the game. Unfortunately, the nunchakus don't yield a lot of 
damage, nor do they have an ultimate technique. The excellent trait about them 
is that they can yield high-hitting combos. Now, go right towards the green 
door, and a quick cutscene will pop up. One of the doorways from before will 
lock. You'll have to take care of 4 Vigoorian Guards, including two captains 
(with grenade launchers). Once they're dead, prison bars will slide up from 
the DOOR (listed on the map above). Run to this doorway (it's a yellow arched 
doorway), and run up the stairs. Fight off the three guards in the stairwell 
(block the pistols shots, and run along the wall). Then continue to the very 
top. Walk past the Clock Tower, and you'll have to face 3 Black Ninjas. These 
are one of your most formidable common enemies throughout the game. They're 
equipped with explosive shurikens, and have fast attacks. Always BLOCK against 
them. You can get more in-depth strategies under the Enemies section. Once 
you've killed them, check the chest near the edge of the wall for a Spirit of 
the Devils. Use this item; it'll upgrade your Ninpo by one level.

Run back down to the Green Door, and hit the lever to the right of it. This 
will unlock it. Now, open the green door, and proceed inside. Again, you'll 
have to face 3 Black Ninjas that drop down from above. Use the same tactics 
from before, and use Ninpo Magic if the situation is desperate. Avoid powerful 
attacks though, as you'll be exposed too long. You'll also receive a Kunai 
note saying that these ninjas are part of the Black Spider Clan, one that 
opposes the Hayabusa Clan. Make sure they do not leave the city alive. Look to 
your left for a water fountain. Walk up to it, and press X to receive Golden 
Scarab #1. Keep going straight, but this time, go left along the partial 
stairwell. It should elevate you slightly, and guide you along a large fence 
blocking in a city square. Look to your left for a small alley. Run in there, 
then wall jump 4x to reach an area above. Jump across the small pit, and run 
sideways along the blue-colored portion of the wall. Check the ninja's body 
for Suke's Diary.

   *The Diary is apparently of a ninja from the Black Spider Clan. He suffered
    a mortal wound, and is about to die, but during his life, he met a "very"
    beautiful woman in Tairon. Sounds like a cheesy sex novel.*

Anyhow, it's just to provide some background information about a character 
you're going to meet. Grab Golden Scarab #2 on the ground, then jump across 
the small pit. Open the chest to receive a Great Devil Elixir. Hit the lever 
to unlock the multi-colored door below. Before jumping down below, head back 
to the Green Door area from before. Rather than going left (to where that 
alley was), head down the right street. Go all the way to the end, then go in 
the nearby alley. Perform a running side jump two times to reach the balcony 
ledge above. Drop down, and you'll be forced to deal with four black Ninjas. 
Be careful though as the fighting arena is small, and has four pillars (you 
can use them for shelter). Once you've finished off the ninjas, open the chest 
in the far corner for 5,000 essence. Now, head back to the multi-colored door. 
Open it up (thanks to the switch above unlocking it). Ryu will now be on 
Pleasure Street. Move straight ahead to Han's Bar.

   *A brief cutscene will show a bouncer telling Ryu that he cannot enter the
    party without a ticket. He must have a ticket to enter.*

Go to the right of Han's Bar, and look along the building's wall. You should 
see a bulletin board there. Press X to read it.

   *Apparently, Muramasa has a contest out. Whoever purchases items from his
    store can receive a ticket to Han's Bar. The contest ends today.*

- Before leaving though, a Kunai note should land against the wall (near the 
corner of Han's Bar). Read the note, and it says that Ayane left a "legendary" 
weapon in Tairon. Only a Ninja can reach the place of its hidden location. 
Look to your right, and there should be a zig-zagged alley as shown below.

      \Scarab\                       To reach the area, look along the alley
       \ #3  |                       walls for BLUE zig-zag lines. You should
     >>/     |<-- Secret Weapon      see the blue panels where the arrows are
    >>/    /                         pointing to in my guide. Take Ryu, and run
      \    \<<                       SIDEWAYS along these blue panels, but jump
       \    \<<                      at the end of each so Ryu ricochets from
     >>/    /                        one wall to the next. On the third and
    >>/    /                         final panel, jump, and then press X while
                                     in mid-air. This will give you a temporary
                                     boost in height, which should be just
                                     enough to reach the secret weapon.

- The secret weapon is inside a small metal chute. Press X to yank it out of 
there. You have receive the Windmill Shuriken. It's basically a shuriken that 
does tons of more damage, and can decapitate enemies. Also, check the power 
statue to the right of the weapon to refill all of your energy. Jump down to 
the alley, and run to the end of the alley to receive Golden Scarab #3.

Once you've done this, run back to Muramasa's Shop in the Clock Tower Plaza. 
His store is located on one of the street corners. Enter inside, and buy 
ANYTHING from him. Heck, it can be a simple arrow, or a new technique scroll. 
Right before you leave, he'll hand you Han's Ticket as part of the promotion 
offer you read before. You MUST read the ad on the bulletin board, otherwise, 
he will not give you the ticket. Run back to Han's Bar, and an FMV cutscene 
will open up.

   *Suddenly, before we can enter, all of the party guests inside will sprint
    out of the building. A large dinosaur creature will leap out as well,
    causing pure havoc/terror. Suddenly, a very "gifted" woman leaps out, and
    bashes the creature with her gigantic warhammer. She introduces herself as
    Rachel, the Fiend Hunter. They both go to the rooftop, where Ryu explains
    that he's currently searching for Doku, Lord of the Greater Fiends. Rachel
    tries to explain that she would have killed him before if it was possible,
    but apparently it wasn't. She knows nothing of his whereabouts. Rachel
    then flings away using a grappling hook. A new character named Gamov
    appears out of thin air, and let's Ryu know that he's been watching his
    every move. Before Ryu can get any definite answers, Gamov leaps off a
    building edge, and vanishes into thin air.*

                           [[[  NO BOSS - Wahoo!  ]]]

/The City of Fiends (4.5)/
   SECRETS: (3) Golden Scarabs (one currently not known where)
            (1) Lives of the Thousand Gods
            (1) Life of the Gods

  "Tairon is full of mysteries: strange creatures called Fiends and Rachel the
   Fiend Hunter. However, Ryu still has no clues to the whereabouts of Doku..."

You'll now be on the roof of Han's Bar. A Kunai note will come flying down. 
Read it, and it tells you to go visit the Dworku Monastery. Apparently, they 
might have some intel on where you can find this Doku. The Dworku Monastery is 
located in the Dworku district, across a wooden drawbridge.

Open the red chest right next to you for the Lily Key. Also, save your game 
via the nearby statue. Rather than using the ladder, drop down the ledge 
(Where Gamov jumped off). Once you're down there, open the chest to receive an 
Elixir of Spiritual Life. Start to head down the stairs (out of Han's Bar), 
and you'll have to deal with 3 Vigoorian Guards. Nothing new, but I recommend 
blocking until their ranged weapons run out of ammo. Run down, and open the 
nearby chest for another Elixir of Spiritual Life. Keep going down the stairs, 
and rid of the next three guards. Jump all the way down, and grab the Elixir 
of Devil Way off of the bar. You might also notice an "Arcade Machine." This 
is where you take your unlocked Ninja Gaiden cartridges to play the original 
games. Make sure you grab the Map of Dworku off of the right side of the bar 
as well. Anyhow, exit Han's Bar, and you'll have to deal with three Vigoorian 
Guards waiting to ambush you. Proceed back to the yellow door (in the Clock 
Tower Plaza), and head through. Run back to the Lily Door (which was by the 
blue beams section from before). It's located along the wall. Use the Lily Key 
to open it up, and you'll now be close to the Dworku District.

Continue down the alley until you reach a dead end. You'll probably see an 
elevated platform, but it can't be reached from simply jumping once. Move back 
a bit, then jump, and wall run sideways (along the right wall), then jump 
again to reach the elevated platform. Open the chest to receive an Elixir of 
Spiritual Life. Around the corner are more of those pesky Black Ninjas (three 
in total), use the usual tactics from before. If you look down in the water, 
you can probably see a gigantic fish swimming around. Head into the sewer 
tunnels to the right, and you'll pass a door on your left that requires a 
Pegasus Key. Remember this location for later. Continue forward until you 
reach the red door. Hit the lever to the left of it to unlock it. You can now 
use this red door to easily transport you between the Dworku District, and 
Clock Tower Plaza. Save your game via the nearby statue. Go up the stairwell 
to your right, and kill the three Vigoorian guards up top. Again, not too 
hard, just watch out for the captain guard.

Look around to the left side for a blue-dotted door. Open it up, and head 
inside. QUICKLY, sprint up along the walls to avoid the oncoming shots of the 
3 Vigoorian Guards. You'll have two captains to deal with this time, so try to 
get close, and use an ultimate technique. Check the chest on the left for the 
Pegasus Key. Now, sprint all the way back to the sewer tunnels where you 
passed the door before. Use the Pegasus Key on the Pegasus Door, and it will 
be unlocked. Hit the lever, and it should lower the drawbridge. Go back to the 
red door, and use the save point to note down your progress.

- Before proceeding across the drawbridge, I recommend purchasing (or having) 
at least 5-6 Elixirs of Spiritual Life. You can get them from Muramasa's Shop 
for 500 essence a piece, and you can refill your essence by using the infinite 
spawn spots on the map. The next part of the game is sort of a stretch as 
you'll be forced to face numerous amounts of enemies.

Once you're ready, head up the stairs, and finish off the three guards. Cross 
the drawbridge, then go left. Run up the Drawbridge Hill, and near the top, 3 
Black Ninjas will drop down. These are very ferocious enemies, and I highly 
recommend blocking. Roll out of the way whenever an explosive shuriken lands 
near you. But do not roll more than twice in a row (you'll get plugged with 
shurikens). Once you've killed them, save via the the progress statue inside 
one of the buildings. Look to the right of the statue for Golden Scarab #1. 
Head out, and now go down the right pathway. You'll start to walk down some 
stairs. Look near the bottom of the stairs for a small alley to the left. 
Golden Scarab #2 is resting in the small indentation. Move a bit further to 
find another chest (along the left wall, in an alley), which contains an 
Elixir of Spiritual Life. Keep going straight until you reach the Monastery 
Plaza. Suddenly, the gates will lock, and you'll soon discover that it's an 
ambush. Look to your left, and two guards should drop down. Finish them both 
off, then 2 Vigoorian Captains will drop down. Repeat the same moves, and make 
use of essence if you delight. Once they're dead, the gates will drop down.

The front gate to the Monastery is locked. Look to the left of the Monastery 
for a street. Head down, and you'll get ambushed by 4 Black Ninjas. I 
recommend using the back alley to your left for shelter, and when you fight 
them. Kill them all, then open the chest in the back alley for a Great Spirit 
Elixir. Head out of the alley, and you'll be ambushed by 3 more Black Ninjas. 
Again, try using some Fire Ninpo Magic to make the battle less painless. Go 
forward down the street until you reach the Monastery Inner Plaza. Run to the 
far side until you hear a rumble. Vigoorian Guards will drop down. Fight off 
two of them, and an FMV sequence will occur.

   *A large rumbling noise starts to pound against the ground. The two guards
    stop fighting, and so does Ryu. Suddenly, a large Reptilian creature comes
    out, and eats one of the guards from behind. The other guard decides to run
    but is soon eaten in entirety from behind. Now it's just you against 3

- Although this isn't exactly a boss battle, it's certainly like one. To 
defeat the three fiend creatures, use a combination of wall attacks, and front 
combos. Personally, I lured the creatures towards a wall, and waited till they 
ran into it. This temporarily stuns them. Quickly wall-attack them, or run 
around them, and lay down a few slashes. Personally, I only laid down about 
four hits, before retreating out with a hit, and repeating the process all 
over again. You can also attack the Fiends from the front, but they have a 
nasty grapple technique (grabs your whole body, and takes a crunch out of it), 
which yields nearly 50% damage.

   >> Try to stay agile. Roll out of the way when they get close, and jump 
over them in desperate situations. Use your Ninpo magic, but try to hit at 
least 2 of them before it lights out. Use your potions if you have to; the 
boss isn't entirely that hard.

   *After you finish off the three Dinosaur Fiends, Rachel will appear from the
    Monastery Wall. She's thoroughly impressed with your skills, and how you
    dealt with the three fiends. She states that she became a Fiend Hunter
    because Doku lured her sister, Alma, into becoming a Fiend. Rachel also
    has special blood which gives her unique powers, but she risks turning into
    a Fiend as well. Before she can truly state her intentions, a large
    creature grabs her, and swallows her whole! The Giant Tenticle bursts
    through the stone wall, and charges at Ryu. Let's get this show on the

  ~= LEVEL FIVE BOSS  | Tenticle Fiend | DIFFICULTY: *                      =~
  ~ One of the easiest chapter bosses in the game - if you know what you're  ~
  & doing. To start off, the Tenticle Fiend is a giant dual-wielding tenticle&
  ~ boss with eyeballs spaced around its body. The easiest way to defeat him ~
  & is to simply slash off both of his tenticles, and quickly attack the     &
  ~ paralyzed blob. Repeat this process 3 times to defeat him. Another useful~
  & strategy is to jump (A), then press Y. Ryu will jump and slice through   &
  ~ the blob like butter. The best way to rid of the tenticles is to use a   ~
  & jump + X attack. Keep doing this to the tenticles until they fall off,   &
  ~ attack the generic form, and repeat. The tenticles will reappear after   ~
  & about 10 seconds, but you can usually knock his life bar down 1/3. Also, &
  ~ watch out for an attack where he swings the tenticles in circles. Simply ~
  & jump over the swinging tenticles, and avoid them whenever he whiplashes  &
  ~ them at you. Very, very simple boss.                                     ~

   *After you defeat the boss, an FMV appears to show Ryu dodging a tenticle
    attack, then retaliating with a fierce blow that kills the creature in
    whole. Rachel falls out all wet and slimy. Ayane appears to give you
    message that the Fiends have been having problems recently. Perhaps it has
    something to do with the Dragon Blade. Rachel spits out some information
    that Doku is believed to be in a pathway below the Dworku Monastery. That's
    why she came here in the first place. Ryu tells Ayane to take care of

   *We're then forwarded to a scene of Gamov speaking with the Vigoor Emperor.
    Although his identity is kept secret, he has arrived just in time to see
    what's going on. Ryu has become stronger and more powerful than expected
    in the short amount of time.*



- 5) Items                 -
Throughout the adventure of Ninja Gaiden, our young hero will receive various 
items that assist him throughout his journey. As a matter of fact, items are 
the reason why NG is so alterable. Without them, you'd have the same old stale 
sword, and the same rotting game. Instead, you can now test out different 
weapons with varying moves, plummet the game for extreme replayability, and so 
on. The following section will go over each of the weapons, along with their 
move lists, and locations for finding such items.

These are your primary ways of attacking opponents in the game. Weapons act as 
your messenger when it comes to beaming down your hidden meaning. Different 
weapons in Ninja Gaiden have different attack speeds, essence withdrawal, and 
damage counters. Throughout the game, you can take your weapons to Muramasa's 
shop, and have them upgraded for a hefty price. HOWEVER, based on what Chapter 
you're on (during the main game), you can only upgrade a weapon so far. There 
are upgrade restrictions until you reach a certain part in the game. Weapons 
cannot be carried over into a new game after you beat the game once.
     )]^ DRAGON SWORD ^[(
      SPEED: ***
     DAMAGE: ****
     LEVELS: 4 upgrades

   LOCATION: Ryu is intially handed this weapon by his father when he left
             for the mountains. The Dragon Sword is believed to have been
             carved out of the fang of a dragon. Not only does it have decent
             damage, but it's one of the primary weapons you'll use throughout
             the game. It combines an essential mix of speed, power, and slice-
             like moves. It can be upgraded 4 times (only 3 by the blacksmith).
             The final upgrade comes as part of a plot twist.

     )]^ WOODEN SWORD ^[(
      SPEED: ***
     DAMAGE: **
     LEVELS: 7 upgrades

   LOCATION: This weapon can only be bought from Muramasa's shop. It costs 500
             essence, and its primary design is for only practice combat.
             However, it becomes one of the most special weapons in the game if
             you spend, and upgrade it 7 times. It turns into Unlabored
             Flawlessness, which is sort of like a giant wooden oar. It costs
             about 107,500 yellow essence to upgrade it fully. Some people
             claim it becomes one of the best weapons in the game. Others say
             it's just a waste of money. You be the judge. The oar form updates
             with an entirely new move list.

     )]^ NUNCHAKUS ^[(
      SPEED: *****
     DAMAGE: **
     LEVELS: 0 upgrades

   LOCATION: First obtained around Chapter 4, nunchakus are basically nunchuks.
             In simpler terms, they're two circular edges attached to each
             other by a metal chain. You'll often see them twirled around like
             batons, but at a much faster rate. Nunchakus are the simplest
             form though, as they do not have any upgrades. There are other
             variations of the Nunchakus which are more powerful. These are
             sort of like a "training" version, per say. Perfect for the
             highest combos in the game though.

      SPEED: ***
     DAMAGE: ****
     LEVELS: 0 upgrades

   LOCATION: This is the "Legendary Weapon" obtained in Chapter 4. It can be
             obtained by heading over to Han's Bar, and reading a Kunai scroll
             that comes flying into the wall. You should see a zig-zag alley
             with blue coloring along the walls. Take Ryu, wall run sideways
             on the blue areas, and jump from wall to wall. On the last jump,
             press X while in mid-air to give you a temporary boost to reach
             the area. For a more in-depth approach, please read Chapter 4
             of the walkthrough (it shows how to do it, with an ASCII map).
             It's basically a quadruple folding shuriken, that yields lots of
             damage. It returns to the user like a boomerang, and if it hits
             an opponent, usually causes decapitation.


/Scarab Locations/
One of the most sought out side quest items in all of Ninja Gaiden are Golden 
Scarabs. Golden Scarabs are basically an extremely rare treasure hidden, or 
scattered throughout levels. You must accomplish special tasks just to reach 
them. They are very desired by collectors, however, the blacksmith Muramasa 
has a keen sight for them. Whenever you find scarabs, go speak with Muramasa 
(at one of his statues), and select the TALK option. You'll hand over your 
current scarabs, and he usually hands out rewards for the total amount:

     1st Scarab - Life of the Gods
     10 Scarabs -
     20 Scarabs -
     30 Scarabs -
     40 Scarabs -
     50 Scarabs - 

>> Just for your information, there are NO scarabs in Chapters 1 or 2. All 
scarabs can be found from Chapters 3-16.

>> Scarabs CAN BE carried over to your next game on the SAME difficulty. So 
you could collect all 50 on one game, or all 50 over the second time through. 
However, you cannot use the successive play option by going from Normal, to 
Hard difficulty.

>> 50 Scarabs unlocks the original Ninja Gaiden game.
  \ \
   \ \_
    \__> Chapter III (3 total)

        #1 - In the right hand corner of the Captain's room, near the Main

        #2 - Once you retrieve the ID card, head back to your Living Quarters.
             Open the nearby power-cell door right next to your state room.
             Jump on the crates, and head to back portion of the crates. The
             scarab is located in a small two-crate pit in between two chests.

        #3 - Make your way to the gas compartment (room filled with metal
             objects), and you have to climb 3 stories. First, jump up and
             eliminate the 3 guards. Go forward, take out the next two guards.
             Jump on the metal crate by wall boosting. Then, bird jump to the
             top ramp. The third scarab is supposedly located on a platform
             near the upper area. Use the right thumbstick to search for it.
             I overlooked this one on my way through the game.

         Chapter IV (3 total)

        #1 - In a water fountain past the Green Door, near the Clock Tower

        #2 - Head through the Green Door, and proceed along the left wall. Go
             up the left pathway, then look for an alley. Do a flying bird jump
             four times to reach an alley area above. Navigate through this
             top area until you reach a ninja's body. The scarab is on the
             ground nearby.

        #3 - Near Han's Bar, in an alley marked with blue streaks along the
             wall. Head to the end of the alley, and the scarab is located on
             the ground. You can also obtain the legendary weapon here.

         Chapter V (3 total)

        #1 - To the right of a save statue, on Drawbridge Hill (in Dworku

        #2 - Move to the right of the save statue on Drawbridge Hill. Head down
             the stairs. The second scarab is located in a small alley at the
             bottom of the stairs, along the left wall.

        #3 - ?? Reports say it's somewhere near the drawbridge, along a ledge.
             Haven't confirmed this. You have to wall run and jump to reach it,
             but you take the risk of falling below.

/Technique Scrolls/
Throughout the game, you'll come across various articles of information which 
permit you to learn new moves and streaks. Technique scrolls are basically 
just that, items which let you learn new moves to conquer the evil of the 
world. Some may be obtained from defeating bosses, while others are discovered 
in hidden locations. The following is a brief list of where each can be found, 
along with their performing function.

    #| Counter Attacks |#

    RETRIEVED from: Chapter 2 Boss, in center of bridge
       COMBINATION: L (while blocking) + (X or Y)
    - Ryu counters with an attack while your opponent is swinging aimless 
attacks towards you. Great as it's quicker than releasing the block button to 
manually swing your sword.

    #| Guillotine Throw |#

    RETRIEVED from: Chapter 4 Ninja body, to the left of the Military Gate
       COMBINATION: A (while jumping) + Y
    - Ryu should jump towards an enemy, then pick up their head, and fling 
them vertically while in mid-air. Causes extreme amount of damage, and 
produces one heck of a neck strain.


- 6) Enemies                -
In the world of Ninja Gaiden, enemies are your most ruthless combatants. 
Although the environment can be considered an enemy as well, in most cases, it 
aids you in numerous attacks. Enemies are the primary reason you became a 
Ninja, to defend against threats with evil intentions. Understanding what 
you're going up against, and how to defeat it decides every little ounce of 
victory. This section will describe some of the common enemies throughout the 
game (along with brief strategies), as well as boss strategies.

/Common Enemies/
 ___               ___
/X=X\ Brown Ninja /X=X\
One of the first true enemies you meet in the game. Brown ninjas first spawn 
on Chapter 1, inside the Ninja Fortress. Fairly easy to kill as they have 
many "slash" combos, but not much aerial style. No ranged attacks make them 
easier to kill than some of the poor ants crawling around outside.

 ___               ___
/X=X\ White Ninja /X=X\
Sort of like a "captain" of the ninjas in the Ninja Fortress, White Ninjas are 
slightly tougher to defeat. When provoked from a certain range, they'll toss 
shurikens at you. They also have decent jumping skills, and a few more 
powerful combos. Most white ninjas drop blue essence.

 ___                     ___
/X=X\ Samurai Swordsman /X=X\
First met during the attack in Chapter 2, Samurai Swordsman are sort of 
like "advanced" basic ninjas. They have much better defensive techniques, and 
also moderate combos as well. However, they're not that strong, and their life 
bar is only mediocre. You can make quick work of them by blocking their combo, 
then simply counter attacking. That, or wall based attacks shred them to 

 ___                        ___
/X=X\ Samurai Magic Caster /X=X\
Again, like the above enemy (and met in Chapter 2 as well), except like a 
Captain variation. Magic Casters are larger versions of Samurais, except they 
are equipped with two fang-like daggers. They have a nasty close range five-
hit combo. Also watch out as they teleport three times whenever you get close 
to them. After they teleport, they try to attack you from a blind spot. In a 
ranged position, they launch large energy balls at you. Most of the time, they 
drop blue essence.

 ___                   ___
/X=X\ Vigoorian Guard /X=X\
One of the more common enemies for the first half of the game. Vigoorian 
guards wear white suits, with black segments here and there. Their primary 
choice of weapon is an electric-tazer sword that acts as a saber. They're 
fairly weak though with a low life bar, and can be decapitated by most power 
blows. No real strategy here. Watch out though as they fire pistol bullets 
from a lengthy range.

 ___                     ___
/X=X\ Vigoorian Captain /X=X\
One of the tougher, albeit worthy guards in the Vigoorian army, captains are 
much tougher, and have a grenade launcher on long ranged attacks. Their combos 
also can consist of four to five moves. Run up close to them, for them to pull 
out their melee weapon, then block their attack. DO NOT block too long as they 
will use a grapple move on you. Once you block their combo, counter-attack 
with your own, and make sure they explode into a pile of blood.

 ___               ___
/X=X\ Black Ninja /X=X\
Probably the toughest common enemy in the game for the sheer fact of their 
nuisance-like abilities. Black Ninjas are part of the Black Spider Clan, one 
that opposes all movements of the Hayabusa Ninja Clan. You'll first meet them 
throughout the streets of Tairon (Vigoor Capital). Black Ninjas are VERY fast, 
and have EXTREMELY annoying explosive shuriken attacks. They look like small 
bombs that detonate after a few seconds. Be careful as they throw explosive 
shurikens often, and without mercy. The only TRUE way of stopping Black Ninjas 
is to block, and keep blocking. You can deflect any tossed shurikens at you. 
They do not have grappling techniques, so block all you want, then quickly 
counter attack.

- Some players try to get all of them grouped together, block, then counter 
with a large power swing that has plenty of radius. Try using the Dragon Sword 
when facing Black Ninjas.

- Some players claim that using Nunchakus is much better, but I prefer to 
differ. The damage amount simply doesn't count up.

- Whenever an explosive shuriken lands near you (but not on you), roll out of 
the way to avoid the explosive radius. Keep blocking though to prevent further 
attacks. Avoid any attack that requires plenty of charging time. These ninjas 
are fast, and primarily use three different combo attacks (leaping twirl, five-
hit combo, four-hit combo). Just remember to BLOCK, and counter attack.

/Boss Enemies/
Usually at the end of each level is a Chapter Boss who is MUCH stronger than 
your traditional adversary. In many cases, these bosses can be the sole reason 
why you fail, or prevail in a level. The following section will briefly 
describe the styles of each boss, along with "short" strategies to defeat 
them. Please read the walkthrough for in-depth strategies.

 ___                     ___
/O=O\ Murai (Chapter I) /O=O\
Murai is skilled with the Nunchakus, and twirls them like a beach towel. Not 
only that, but he has massive muscles, the ability to perform grapple attacks, 
and can reflect projectile attacks. Here are some key tips:

- Block his initial four/five hit combo, and wait till he recovers back to his 
normal stance. Quickly counter attack with four hits of your own. If he starts 
to block them, let go of your combo, and jump the heck out of there. Repeat 
this procedure a few times.

- Lure Murai towards a wall, then quickly run up the wall. In the meantime, 
press Y to perform a wall-jump power slash that can yield lots of damage, yet 
prevent a counter-attack on his part. Repeat this procedure.

- DO NOT try to jump over Murai. His Nunchakus have extreme range, and tend to 
hit you while in mid air. Not much else you can do.

 ___                                 ___
/O=O\ Samurai Horseman (Chapter II) /O=O\
A fairly tough boss that relies upon the help of his magic-tossing minions to 
do the dirty work. This battle takes place on a wide wooden bridge, along with 
roughly around 12-14 Magic Wielders (only face two at a time). The horseman 
himself is equipped with a very long scythe-like weapon, except it has 
Mongolian origin.

- Kill all of his magic casters first. Twelve of them will respawn (not 
infinite), but you will be forced to deal with the main boss attacking you 
from behind. The magic casters drop blue essence which can replace your 
health; that's a plus. After they're finished off, you can focus on the boss 
by catching him from behind with sword slashes, or shooting arrows at him.

- Focus on the boss primarily. Use your fire ninpo magic, and get very close. 
Try to catch him on fire, then get at least a six hit combo in. Repeat this 
procedure, or use the A + Y slice-through attack. Whenever he reaches the end 
of the bridge, his horse will studder around. Slash the horse in the tail (in 
the front you'll get trampled). I recommend killing an occasional spell caster 
to give you some blue essence, rather than constantly wasting potions.

 ___                               ___
/O=O\ Electric Mofo (Chapter III) /O=O\
Probably an easier boss than most people make him out to be. Looks like a 
large cybernoid - mix of human and machine. Besides his huge mechanical suit 
is a large electric ray gun that shoots out bolts of lightning. Your fighting 
arena is on top of the airship.

- Start off by getting a decent amount of distance between you and the mofo. 
Keep circling him, but DO NOT jump, and try not to roll. Both of these 
maneuvers actually slow you down in a sense. After he fires off four or five 
rounds, he'll be forced to recharge his gun. Rush in for the attack, and slice 
him a few times. Repeat this process for victory.

- You can also try staying close to him the whole match, and using Ninpo 
magic. However, he has a nasty grapple attack which yields a point blank shot 
that takes extreme damage. Whatever method you feel is quicker.

 ___                              ___
/O=O\ Tenticle Fiend (Chapter V) /O=O\
Looks like something out of a 50s horror film. Basically a giant green blob 
with eyes spread throughout its body, and two large swinging tenticles (damn 
anime fetishes!).

- Simply attack both tenticles, and slice them both off. Once they're off, 
quickly attack the blob creature until the tenticles respawn. When they do, 
repeat the process, and he should die after 2-3 attempts. The tenticles 
actually drop red essence, so you may want to make use of your essence magic 
(or charge up for an ultimate technique) when he's exposed.


- 7) Secrets               -
There are literally hundreds of secrets throughout Ninja Gaiden. As a matter 
of fact, this guide will probably never cover them all without the help of 
user-submitted information. Regardless, this section will speak about any 
secret/unknown things you come across during the game. You can also include 
Unlockables in this section. I'd like to give credit to the GameFAQs Codes 
section & anyone who contributed them for this info. All of these codes have 

   |         Effect          |          Description                    |
   |      Movie Gallery      | let's you recheck all of the FMVs       |
   |   Future Ninja Outfit   |             --                          |
   |    Plasma Saber         |             --                          |
   |   Plasma Saber Mk 2     |             --                          |
   |  Very Hard Difficulty   |    hardest difficulty available         |

      Movie Gallery --> Complete the game on normal/hard difficulty
Future Ninja Outfit --> ^ Same as above, just press L when starting a New Game
       Plasma Saber --> Complete the game on normal difficulty
   Plasma Saber Mk2 --> Complete the game on very hard
          Very Hard --> Complete the game on normal/hard


***IMPORTANT: Each of these unlocks the original Ninja Gaiden games for the
              NES. However, to play the games, you must visit the Arcade
              Machine in Han's Bar (in Tarion, Vigoorian Captial). The machine
              is missing a cartridge. You're rewarded with each of the NG carts
              to be placed in the machine.

   Ninja Gaiden --> Gather a total of 50 Golden Scarabs, and return them to

                >> NOTE: You do NOT have to collect all 50 scarabs during
                         all 16 chapters. As a matter of fact, your scarabs
                         are carried over into a next game (of same
                         difficulty). Simply collect 50 in consecutive modes,
                         and Muramasa will give it to you as a reward.

 Ninja Gaiden 2 --> Get Master Ninja rank on all levels.

 Ninja Gaiden 3 --> Get Head Ninja rank on all levels.

*On a side note, Head Ninja is higher than Master Ninja. You can see the 
complete order of rankings in the common questions section (Chapter 10). Also, 
GJoker came up with a useful way of earning the ranks in a saveful manner. 
Check it out in the Original Ninja Gaidens section.

/Infinite Essence/
It's not really a secret, although it's fairly unknown to people. Spread 
throughout the game are certain "scenes" where enemies will constantly 
respawn, for an infinite amount of time. I'll ocasionally add more locations 
as I continue through the game, but here are a few key spots I've passed thus 

   [Chapter 1] --> Brown Dojo Room

- Proceed to the room where the white ninja, and two brown ninjas spawn out of 
the side white walls. It should be the room where the collapsable doorway to 
the Underground Storehouse is. Kill these ninjas for essence, then leave the 
room, and return again for more ninja actions. This is great for building up 
your supply of essence, so you can purchase items in Chapter 2.

   [Chapter 4] --> Street Corner, past Military Gate

- Enter the yellow circle dot doorway to a tri-way street. Head straight, and 
go around the corner. This eventually leads to a health upgrade near the end 
of the street. If you head back to the tri-way, you'll come across 3 Vigoorian 
Guards. Simply go around the corner, walk for a bit, then repeat the process 
to keep fighting 3 guards. Excellent method for earning essence before 
reaching Muramasa's actual shop.


- 8) Codes                 -
Despite how cheaters are often considered the scum of the world, it can 
sometimes benefit to get the extra nickel out of your game. Using a senseless 
code can often provide for enhanced fun, or extreme dimensions of enjoyment. 
Unfortuantely, as of right now, there are no known button codes for Ninja 
Gaiden except for one that allows you to keep a nifty uniform. I'll post any 
updates assuming there are newly found codes. Also, Action Replay codes will 
be posted as they surface on the internet.

  == Keeping the Blue Ninja Uniform for the entire game ==

>> Highlight the new game option, and hold down the L + R triggers. Now, press 
the A button and a scream should occur in the background. This means the code 
has worked. For the rest of the game, Ryu will keep the blue uniform he starts 
off with, rather than the new one he equips (in Chapter 3).


- 9) The Original Ninja Gaidens -
Long before the birth of our current gaming society, there was a ninja series 
developed for the NES. Although it may be unknown to most, this series is 
better known as Ninja Gaiden. The game ended up being a trilogy of ninja 
pumped action where you horizontally navigated through levels, slicing up 
anything that dared make an evil grin in your direction. Team Ninja decided to 
include all three original NES games as unlockable features. The following 
section will briefly tell you how to unlock each of the games, and also what 
the controls are for each. I am not going to include walkthroughs in this 
section as you can check out the NES FAQs on all three games.

***IMPORTANT: The instruction manual for Ninja Gaiden says you will learn how
              to unlock these during the campaign of the game. Although the
              manual says you can select the titles from the "Main Menu", this
              is actually the arcade machine in Han's Bar. Take the carts to
              the machine, and interact with it. You'll then be zoomed in to
              Classic Ninja Gaiden Mode.


***IMPORTANT: Each of these unlocks the original Ninja Gaiden games for the
              NES. However, to play the games, you must visit the Arcade
              Machine in Han's Bar (in Tarion, Vigoorian Captial). The machine
              is missing a cartridge. You're rewarded with each of the NG carts
              to be placed in the machine.

   Ninja Gaiden --> Gather a total of 50 Golden Scarabs, and return them to

                >> NOTE: You do NOT have to collect all 50 scarabs during
                         all 16 chapters. As a matter of fact, your scarabs
                         are carried over into a next game (of same
                         difficulty). Simply collect 50 in consecutive modes,
                         and Muramasa will give it to you as a reward.

 Ninja Gaiden 2 --> Get Master Ninja rank on all levels.

 Ninja Gaiden 3 --> Get Head Ninja rank on all levels.

  * Tip for earning high rankings (credit to GJoker for this)        *
  * When you first start off, make two save copies of the current    *
  * level you're on. One save point should be at the beginning of the*
  * level, the other for during a level. The reason is as follows:   *
  *   If you earn a master or head rank at the end of a level, save  *
  *   it to the first file. Next, ALL saves after it should be made  *
  *   on the second file. In case you mess up, and get a low ranking,*
  *   simply reload the first file (which is already a guaranteed    *
  *   master/head ranking on the previous level). That way, you don't*
  *   accidently goof up, and are forced to start an entirely new    *
  *   game. Repeat this process for the rest of the game, by         *
  *   continually saving over file one after you guarantee a master  *
  *   ranking.                                                       *

For these controls, I highly recommend using the normal control pad, and not 
the joysticks.

    Left/Right - runs
          Down - crouches
             X - attacks
             A - jumps
        Up + X - Ninjitsu Attack
         START - pauses game, confirms selection, skips cutscenes
A + Left/Right - wall jumps, keep pressing A in pinned down areas to multiple
                 wall jump


- 10) Common Questions     -

)) Gameplay ((

<< I'm having trouble beating a certain boss/enemy. What do I do? >>

- Check out the Enemies section, or the actual walkthrough. Boss strategies 
can be found in either section. Remember to use ALL surrounding objects to 
your advantage. If you have a wall, perform wall-based attacks. Try NOT to 
stand still. The whole idea of a ninja is to be a fast and agile attacker, 
while not being overly aggressive.

<< When can I expect this guide to be finished? >>

- March 20th, 2004. It's a daily goal in my life.

<< What should I purchase from the shops? >>

- Lots of people have trouble deciding what to purchase on their first time 
through the game. Most are indecisive on whether or not they should upgrade a 
weapon, or buy five potions for the journey up ahead. Here are a few general 
rules of thumb:

    1) Keep at least 5 Elixirs of Spiritual Life
       -> You never know when a huge boss battle can arrive, or if you get
          ambushed by a nasty creature. Happened to me frequently during
          Chapter 5, and those cursed Black Ninjas.

    2) Go for the Armlet of the Sun
       -> Many people say defense is more important, but I say screw it. I'd
          rather have my foes on the ground quicker, than giving them time to
          wield blows at me. Besides, a decent ninja never gets hit. Meaning
          you shouldn't have to worry about defense.

    3) Talisman of Rebirth are worthless to purchase. You can always find one
       every 2 chapters or so.

    4) The Wooden Sword can be one of the greatest investments in the game.
       Upgrade it to its full potential to receive the second most powerful
       weapon in the game.

    5) Muramasa also sells occasional Technique Scrolls, and better magic. Make
       sure you don't overlook them, and purchase them ASAP. Make sure you use
       them though.

<< What is, and where do I find the legendary weapon in Chapter 4? >>

- The secret weapon is actually the Windmill Shuriken. Check out the Chapter 4 
walkthrough on how/where to find it, or the brief LOCATION description under 
the weapons section.

)) Rankings ((

<< What are the order of Ninja rankings in the game? >>

- The order is as follows:

  + Head Ninja
  + Master Ninja
  + Greater Ninja
  + Lesser Ninja
  + Ninja Dog

<< How are rankings determined? >>

- For the most part, they're based on your Karma points earned during the 
level. Although the specific amount is not known, keeping Ninpo magic, 
clearing the stage under a certain time limit, and performing essence attacks 
will provide bonuses to your overall score. You also receive karma for killing 
opponents, performing high-numbered combos, and basically kicking butt.

<< Is there any advantage to earning a high ranking? >>

- Yes, you can unlock two of the original three Ninja Gaidens. Refer to the 
other sections for more information.


- 11) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted 
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO 
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your 
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website, 
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on 
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as 
its in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that, 
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling 
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time 
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

This is a list of the current known sites that host my FAQs:

- http://www.gamefaqs.com/
- http://www.ign.com/
- http://www.neoseeker.com/
- http://www.cheatcc.com/ 
- http://www.cheatplanet.com/


- 12) Proper Credit        -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ 

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life 
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) GameFAQ's Codes Contributors (( for providing the unlockables in the game. 
As a FAQer, I don't quite have the time to play as much as write. Because of 
your dedication to complete the game, you certainly deserve a lot of respect.

)) Tecmo/Team Ninja (( for producing one of the greatest action games I've 
played to date. Sure, it may have been overhyped, but this is the greatest 
action game in existence. I enjoyed your approach to actually making the game 

)) yehfang (( for telling me that scarabs can only be carried through on the 
same difficulty. I confirmed this through other messages, and it makes sense 
considering it would be fairly cheap jumping from difficulty to difficulty 
with all those rare treasures.

)) GJoker (( for correcting my rankings system, and posting a useful method in 
saving your progress, while not altering your mistakes. Very useful for anyone 
out there trying to earn the extra games.

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada