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It cannot be altered and it can only be reproduced in electronic form only. It cannot be published in magazines, articles and any other form of reproduction. The FAQ is not meant for sale. Any offenders will be severly dealt with. If you want to use this FAQ for your website or webpage, please seek the author's permission and link it to my site. Any un-authorized duplication in ANY way will result in immediate action. You are allowed to print the FAQ out, but make sure that you did not sell it for cash! Copyright (c) 2006 by Gabor Kocsis, all rights reserved. The newest version of this FAQ will always be available at: +----------------------------------------------+ | GameFAQs www.gamefaqs.com | | IGN faqs.ign.com | | NeoSeeker www.neoseeker.com | | Cheat Portal www.cheatportal.com | | Cheat Happens www.cheathappens.com | | Cheat Planet www.cheatplanet.com | | Cheat Code Central www.cheatcc.com | +----------------------------------------------+ The following is a list of sites that may not host this FAQ. This is because they have been known to steal FAQs without permission in the past, and I will not condone these actions. I repeat, if you're on this list, don't even ask to host this FAQ, because you will not receive permission!! Cheat Index http://cheatindex.com Cheat Matrix http://cheatmatrix.com Cheat Search http://cheatsearch.com Cheatstop http://www.panstudio.com/cheatstop/ CNET Gamecenter http://games.netscape.com/Faqs/ Dirty Little Helper http://dlh.net Dark Station http://www.darkstation.com/ Dreamland http://kirby.pokep.net Games Domain http://www.gamesdomain.com Game Express http://www.gameexpress.com Games Over http://www.gamesover.com/ Mega Games http://www.megagames.com Ultimate System http://www.flatbedexpress.com VideoGaming.net http://www.videogaming.net/ If anyone sees any of these sites are using this guide, please notify me immediately!! Thank you. <<-- CONTACT INFO -->> This will be my information to you and will provide the guidelines for contacting me, and my info. So, you can reach me at the e-mail provided in the game card in the beginning of the guide. Now, this does not mean you can e-mail for random garbage, but you can take advantage of it for other things. These include asking for help for this game, or, if you wish to make a suggestion on how to improve upon what has already been done in the FAQ, you may do so. Also, if you wish to submit information not already found in the FAQ, send it on in. If, and I mean if, the information submitted is already in this guide or if it's currently under implementation, it shall not be added. And a few last things, one being that if you happen to spot a spelling error, do not e-mail me for it, as I eventually find it, and if I don't, you're lucky. :) Also if you find a mistake in some of the information, contact me as soon as possible and inform me and I'll fix it quickly giving you full credit. <<-- GAME INTRODUCTION -->> For fans of online role-playing games, the release of Neverwinter Nights in 2002 was a revelation. The game shipped with a robust suite of world-building tools, giving wannabe dungeon masters the ability to create their own scenarios and modules to share online. The game was an immediate hit, and while it was a big departure from the previous Dungeons & Dragons games from BioWare, like the esteemed BaldurÂ’s Gate II, the game and its expansion packs went on to sell over a million copies (!!!). EXCELLENT GAME ALERT!!!! Now, over four years later, Obsidian picks up the mantle with Neverwinter 2. The game is superficially the same as Neverwinter Nights, but is improved in almost every way, especially for fans of in-depth single-player role-playing games. While the story of Neverwinter 1 was serviceable, the game was built around the multiplayer arena, and thus, even in the single-player game, you could only control one character, and your partyÂ’s maximum size was all of two characters, which was a far cry from the five or six-person parties of the older Infinity Engine games. In Neverwinter Nights 2, though, these limitations have been erased, and your party cap is now four players, all of which are individually controllable in battle. (At times, you may find yourself with as many as seven or eight characters or creatures in your party!) The gameÂ’s storyline has been given the standard Oblivion touch, as well, with character romances, the ability to shift alignment from good to evil, and the ability to influence your followers as you advance through the plot. All in all, the package is a devilishly compelling one for fans of in-depth computer RPGs. <<-- PERSONAL INTRODUCTION -->> Hello, my name is Gabor Kocsis from Hungary, a little country in Central-Europe! Welcome to my first FAQ I've ever created, not just on Gamefaqs but anywhere. Not so many people know who I am, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if nobody did. The truth is as I did come to GameFaqs very regularly, I really never posted anything on the message boards or made myself known. I'm sure there are a lot of other people like that out there and hope no one holds it against me that it took me so long to get involved and contribute to the community. My experience with games is great, mainly RPGS, and have played and beaten just about every RPG. So if my credentials meet your standards, go on with my guide, if not then escape now! Now, something from this stuff, I have played this game's first episode so I had extremely high expectations of this sequel. This game is completely different then any other RPG's I have ever played. And because of that, I decided to make a full guide, not just a little walkthrough. While this game uses a special included RPG system (AD&D 3.5) and if you haven't played any Neverwinter-Nights- like-game before, it will be hard for some people in the beginning, but I personally find it a breath of fresh air. For those who're new to the NWN series think of this as your first step into magnificence. The way that this guide is set up is a basic-things-to-know section, then the main walkthrough. Yes, all of the subquest and bonus quest will be included in the way i think it should be completed. Since most of these quests are not mandatory, but if your one of the people like me that like to complete every quest, then they are in order of how you would encounter them! And one important thing in the end. Since most of the chests in this game give random items I cannot give lists of items, furthermore I like it that way because this is a linear game and since it is that, you should really try and do most of this on your own. I will point out important items that you will need just incase you would miss them but normal loot from chests, boxes, tables and the like will not be listed. Now that you have received this amount of orientation and know-hows, you may proceed with using and enjoying my first ever created FAQ!! +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +=========================[ I ]=[ THE UPDATE HISTORY ]=========================+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ -[0.1a]- . First appearance of the FAQ . Finished the main layout and format of the guide . Completed the disclaimer and the personal introduction . Added an ASCII art to the top of this guide . Added partial stuff to the table of contents . Started some other aspects of the guide . This version was not released to the public on this date, only started it + Updated: 2006/11/04 + File size: 10,1 KB -[0.2]- . Added the credits section . Added more stuff to table of contents . Added contact information . Added game introduction content . Added partial content to Chapter 1 . Finished the Tutorial section of the Walkthrough . Some spelling errors corrected + Updated: 2006/11/04 + File size: 24,6 KB -[0.3]- . Corrected some typos . The guide have been reformatted to 80 chars/line . Added some XP info to quests . Added the game's original story . Added a sub-quest to section [5.2] . Finished the walkthrough up to secton [5.3] . Started the game basics section . Minor enhancements on the guide's readability + Updated: 2006/11/07 + File size: 39,1 KB +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +=======================[ II ]=[ THE TABLE OF CONTENTS ]=======================+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ - A - Legal Disclaimer - B - Contact Info - C - Introductions -[I]- The Update History -[II]- The Table of Contents -[III]- Character Information [3.1] Creating a Character [3.2] Races [3.3] Classes [3.4] Alignments [3.5] Abilities [3.6] Skills [3.7] Feats [3.8] Spells (Arcane & Divine) -[IV]- Game Basics [4.1] What's new in NWN2? [4.2] D&D rules and information -[V]- Walkthrough for the Game [5.0] The Story [5.1] Prelude / Tutorial CHAPTER 1 [5.2] West Harbour Under Attack! [5.3] The Ruins of the Past !!!!!MORE TO COME!!! +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +============================[ IV ]=[ GAME BASICS ]============================+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ This chapter discusses the basics you need to know to play the game. It covers the concepts of D&D rules and how the general interface works, including memorizing your spells, moving and interacting with objects, game-playing know- hows and much more. This is a basic coverage of these elements, go check section three for more details about character classes, abilities, spell lists etc. Now start this! +================[ 4.1 ]=[ WHAT'S NEW IN NEVERWINTER NIGHTS 2 ]================+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ It's been several years since Neverwinter Nights was released and much has changed. You'll immediately notice many major graphics improvements, a new epic storyline, and numerous other enhancements in every element of the game. This section describes the biggest gameplay changes between the original Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2. + Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 : Neverwinter Nights 2 uses the new rules of D&D 3.5. Please pay close attention to the details, especially if you have played D&D 3.0, but are new to the 3.5 rules. + New Races : Added several new races from throughout Faerun as playable options. Most of these are races with level adjustments, which means that their abilities are great enough that characters of those races advance slightly more slowly. In addition to the default races presented in Neverwinter Nights, you can now choose from the following races: sun elf, wood elf, drow (dark elf), gold dwarf, duergar (dark dwarf), svirfneblin (deep gnome), tiefling, aasimar, and strongheart halfling. + New Prestige Classes : Going back in time, we noticed that The Shadows of Undrentide expansion introduced prestige classes and Neverwinter Nights 2 adds more of these advanced character classes. Your character can now become an arcane trickster, duelist, eldritch knight, frenzied berserker, Shadow Thief of Amn, or war priest. The number of classes each character can have has been increased to four, allowing for more combinations and customization. + Four-Member Group : In Neverwinter Nights, you could have one companion. That's sucked big time! The Hordes of the Underdark expansion added another to cure this. Now in NWN2, you can have the classic four-person party! + Item Crafting : NWN 2 features an entirely new item crafting system. To make weapons and armor, as well as magical and alchemical items, you'll first have to learn the correct recipe, either by finding it within the game or figuring it out through experimentation. If you have sufficient skill to create the item, success is automatic - no random die rolls. Finally, magical items are created in part with essences, which are distilled from monster parts that you'll acquire from enemies. (Creation of potions, scrolls, and wands is unchanged.) + Interface Enhancements : In NWN2, you'll notice a host of interface improvements. New context-sensitive Dropdown Menus place all actions within two clicks, replacing the radial menu. A new Mode Bar lets you easily turn Stealth, Power Attack, and other modes on and off. + Stronghold : Throughout your adventures in Neverwinter Nights 2, you will eventually establish your own stronghold. This base of operations can be improved through construction and populated by people you persuade to join your cause. Your stronghold provides you with numerous benefits and serves as a testimony of your accomplishments. + Companion Influence : One of the great features of Neverwinter Nights was the detailed and intriguing relationships you could develop with your companions. In NWN 2, Bioware expanded this feature even further. How you act within the game, and how you behave toward your companions, will affect their loyalty toward you and how the story unfolds. +============[ 4.2 ]=[ DUNGEONS & DRAGONS RULES AND INFORMATION ]==============+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ This section describes some of the basic terms and concepts of the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) roleplaying game. If you come across terms within the game that are unclear to you, this is a good place to look for the answers. Later..... +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +=======================[ V ]=[ WALTHROUGH FOR THE GAME ]======================+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ So, you're ready to start this massive game? Just a few things to keep in mind before starting your journey: + Make sure to update frequently. There will be regular bug fixes no doubt about it, so make sure you always have the newest version of the game. + Change your settings to get maximum performance. This could take a long time for newbies, but you can change controls in every aspects of the game, display anything at all. + REST OFTEN!! I cannot stress this enough. By resting you get skills back that you already used, and also complete restoration of HP. You can do this anywhere as long as you're not near an enemy(s). + SAVE OFTEN!! You'll hate yourself if you run into a trap or die unexpectadly and your last save was hours ago. Rest and save are the most important things you can do! + Use your MAP often, even if you have it at smallest, you have the important locations on there, and can also add your own! + Set hotkeys! This is most important for spellcasters and especially important in multiplayer games. For item's you can drag them onto the hotkey, and for anything and everything (and i mean everything) else just right click on the hotkey slot. Right click to remove a hotkey as well. Hold shift or ctrl for another bar of hotkey possibilities! + When you get stuck in a part of the game CHECK YOUR JOURNAL, I cannot stress this enough, the quests that you have there will tell you what you have to do better then I can, so please DO NOT EMAIL me about not being able to get this or that or not being able to do something else. When the game is started and the commercial intros are over, you are in the main menu. Its very important before starting the game that you should change the audio/video settings in the Options menu depending on your PC. After this, pick the New Game option then select the default official NWN2 Campaign module and hit start! From here, you can create a new character or import an existing one from previous games! By default you haven't got any existing so you should create a new one! Head to Section III for in-depth information about character creation. After creating your character, your journey starts! +============================[ 5.0 ]=[ THE STORY ]=============================+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The Hells had come to the village of West Harbor. Ash drifted on the breeze like a black snow, born from fires that licked the moonlit sky above. The sounds of battle - steel on steel, the screams and pleadings of the wounded and the dying, the roaring of magic unleashed-rang out around the wizard, a deafening cacophony that tore at his mind, threatening the concentration he required to work his Art. The shadow creatures had come in force and unexpectedly, but their tactics were not those of an occupying army, nor of bandit raiders. The creatures were searching for something, and the wizard would be damned if he would let them have it. There was a sudden lull in the fighting; the shadows broke away from the wizard, swirling to the edges of the town square like leaves on the autumn wind. They were waiting for something. The wizard steeled himself and invoked potent spells of protection. Shadows thrown by burning farmsteads danced madly across the green, slowly coming together and merging into an inky black pool. The pool of shadow rose up, resolving into a gaunt, humanoid figure taller than the houses of West Harbor. An air of icy malevolence, the charnel stink of an open grave on a winter morning, hung about the creature as it turned its burning eyes to the wizard. There was no sound as the creature struck-no roar of challenge, no hiss of breath, not even the crunch of feet on grass. Blades of pure, black shadow melted from the giant's hands, formed out of the nothingness of the Plane of Shadow. That blade arced toward the wizard's head in a strike swifter than a snakebite, only to strike hard and rebound from a sword of glittering silver. The wizard's blade shone like moonlight and rippled as though it were made from liquid mercury. The shadows shrieked and recoiled from its light. Even the shadowy giant seemed taken aback by the blade, and the wizard took advantage of the opportunity to launch a vicious counterattack. Violet sparks flashed where the blades connected, and the battle began in earnest, dancing silver clashing with shifting black. Arcane fire seared the night, only to be absorbed by the absolute emptiness of the shadow giant's form. Wizard and creature duelled across the breadth of the charred remains of the village, neither able to gain the advantage. As the tide of battle carried them toward the western edge of the green, a single sound rose out of the din of battle: a high, reedy noise, the unmistakable cry of an infant. For just a heartbeat's time, the wizard's eyes broke away from his opponent, darting across the chaos of the battlefield to find the source of the cry. There-a mother and her child, crouched behind the half-smashed rubble of what had once been the village headman's home. The mother's eyes, wide and bright with terrified grief, met the wizard's in a silent plea for help. It was only a moment, a brief instant of human contact in the midst of a duel to the death. But it was too long. The shadow giant's blade struck so swiftly it scarcely seemed to cross the intervening space. The wizard desperately brought the silver sword up in a parry, but his focus had been shaken. Bereft of the focusing power of the mage's will, the silver sword began to crack, jagged lines of light spider-webbing across its surface. The wizard desperately poured his arcane power into the blade, but to no avail. The shadow giant's eyes glowed with triumph as the silver sword shattered into a dozen pieces, its pure, clear light winking out like a snuffed candle. In the silence that followed, the child wailed. +=========================[ 5.1 ]=[ PRELUDE / TUTORIAL ]=======================+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The tutorial module in Neverwinter Nights 2 is more focused on teaching you the game's interface than showing you the inner workings of the D&D engine. That said, it'll still be a good idea to play through it, even if you've played the first Neverwinter Nights. If you want, skip it, though, you'll automatically be warped to the night after the events of the tutorial, and will gain most of the XP that you might've missed by playing through the tutorial. The game starts in a room with a strange named elf Daeghun and your created character. He speaks'bout the High Harvest Fair, which is a short tutorial about the game basics. You get the first quest in this dialog, and I can tell you this is nothing special. This quest you'll receive will revolve around a simple transaction: selling your foster father's furs to Galen, a wandering merchant, and using the money to purchase a bow for him. Retrieve the furs from Daeghun's chest in your house, and they'll be added to your inventory. Later on, when you find Galen in town, double-click on the furs to sell them to him, then double click on the special bow in his inventory to buy it for Daeghun. Deliver it to him (he'll be standing near the archery range) to polish this quest off. QUEST: The Fur Trade, XP: 400 MAIN QUEST: High Harvest Fair, XP: 1000 Much of the tutorial's gameplay mechanics will be explained to you through the High Harvest Fair, a collection of four challenges. Winning three of them will earn you the right to call yourself a champion, while winning all four will net you a special prize. To begin the competitions, meet your friends Amie and Bevil by the bridge leading into town (this can be achieved by exiting from the house where Daeghun told you some intro stuff and following the route); they'll join your party and help you out in the tasks. Speak to Georg in the town center to learn about the four challenges. They take the form of their own small quests, which we'll collect here. (The Harvest Brawl, The Archery Competition, Tomnery of Talent, The Knaves' Challange) SUB-QUEST: The Harvest Brawl, XP: 500, GP: 10 () Yeeee-haw! Time to celebrate the fulgent blossoming of all the year's labors by beating the crap out of the other kids in town. Head over to the small square where the priest named Brother Merring is administering the fights and speak to him. He'll tell you to grab some clubs from the barrel nearby, so pick them up, hand them out to your friends (press I and drag them from your inventory onto your party member's portraits), and be sure to equip them by dragging them to the active weapon slots. You have to fight two fights in order to win the Brawl here. The first should be easy to win for any characters, but the second, against the Mossfelds, will be substantially tougher. To have a chance at it, it's best to complete the other sub-quests and earn enough experience to boost yourself up to level two before attempting it, giving you more hit points and possibly a better attack roll as well. If you do so, your chance of beating the Mossfelds will be quite a bit higher. Note that you can bet the Mossfelds on the outcome of the fight if you wish to do so, even though the priest tells you that it's against the rules of the tourney. The most you can bet is 10 gold, which is a pittance in the big scheme of things, but if you do bet, you'll earn some Chaotic points. Don't forget to speak to Wyl after the match to collect your winnings. SUB-QUEST: The Tourney Of Talent, XP: 400, Items: 3x Magic Scroll Speak to Retta Starling, the woman in the red dress just above the place where you fought a little earlier, to start the Tourney of Talent. Unlike some of the other contests, you can't really lose this competition; you'll be walked through the basics of spellcasting, make some generic spell effects like summoning, and win the tournament outright. Don't forget to hit F to call up your quick-casting interface. BONUS QUEST: A Man And His Pig, XP: 150, Items: 1x Pork Jerky After you win this competition, Orlen will approach you with an offer: prove that Lewy Jons has enchanted his pig in the hog competition, and he'll reward you. If you go and examine the biggest pig in the lot, Amie will report that it's definitely been enchanted. Speaking to Lewy will let you entertain an offer: he'll give you a potion if you report that the pig's clean. If you don't want to be part of his mischief, use the Lesser Dispel scroll that you won in the previous quest on the pig to dispel its enchantment (Amie can use the scroll if your character can't), then speak to Orlen to turn in the quest. SUB-QUEST: The Archery Competition, XP: 400 When you track down Daeghun, speak to him to begin the archery contest. After equipping yourself with the crossbow from the barrel and taking some practice shots on the three tables, you'll be told to take potshots at the bottles and jars mounted on the crates nearby. Again, it's more or less impossible to lose this competition, since adjusted rolls as low as 2 will still be counted as a hit. Knock down all of the bottles and return to Daeghun to be counted as the winner. SUB-QUEST: The Knave's Challenge, XP: 400 Speak to Tarnas, the village mage, to learn more about this challenge. It's a walk-through of the thief mechanics. If your main character can't do thieving, you'll be able to pick up Kipp, a hell of a child with rogue class, who's standing by the building near Tarnas's little tent. Your goal is to find three feathers hidden around the village. One is located in the woodpile near the brawling square (use Disable Device to remove the trap set on it), one is in the chest you passed by earlier (pick the lock on it), and one is in the pocket of the Man In Green (use Sleight of Hand on him after right- clicking on him). After you have all three, return to Tarnas for your reward. Congrats! All of the Fair's quest are completed! Feel free to run back to Georg and report your progress. He'll give you your rewards on the makeshift stage near the field on the edge of town, and you'll complete the tutorial, and earn the very helpful Harvest Cup as well as a magical cloak if you managed to win all four of the events. This is the end of the tutorial chapter, now we go into the real action! +==============================[ C H A P T E R 1 ]============================+ +====================[ 5.2 ]=[ WEST HARBOUR UNDER ATTACK! ]====================+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ After the events of the Harvest Fair, it would appear that everything is got bad. Yep, nothing to see here, just another sleepy little town. Sleepy, that is, until the forces of darkness invade in the middle of the night. As a member of the town militia, it's your job to see to it that the invaders are repelled. After gaining control of your character, flip the camera around and check the chest by the wall here. It'll contain some equipment that will be appropriate for your character class, so equip everything you can. You can also walk into Daeghun's room and loot his chest, as well. With that done, head downstairs and take out the three grey dwarves that bust into your house. Each of them will leave behind some loot, including a quarterstaff for Amie. Grab whatever you can nab from the workbench, as well, then head outside to receive your marching orders. When the priest is done blessing you, fight your way to the bridge nearby. When you've killed all of the attackers, you can speak to Georg to get the next quest, getting 50 XP. MAIN QUEST: Reporting For Duty, XP: 150 If you're going to protect West Harbor from the invaders, you're going to need to recruit the militia. Georg wants you to find at least five militiamen and tell them to report to the field on the far side of town. The first of these is Ward Mossfeld, who's standing near the fire that burns near the bridge. If you speak to him, you'll find that he's desperately wounded. If you're going for the evil route, feel free to cut his throat and put him out of his misery. Otherwise you can attempt to heal him (if you have healing spells, this will happen automatically, without wasting a spell), or you can run back to Brother Merrin to retrieve some healing mosses. Give these to Ward and he'll be the first recruit for the militia. This action earns you 50 XP! SUB-QUEST: A Magician's Arsenal, XP: 75 In the far south you can see that Tarmas got encountered a fight with a strange wizard. Tarmas tell you to stay out of this, but Amie attacks him anyway. She doesn't have a single chance against him. After Amie gets offed by the Githyanki mage, Tarmas will tell you to gear up for the fight by looting whatever's in his house. Go there (it'll be marked on your map), and steal everything you can find. The armoire is trapped, but since you can rest inside, you should be able to rest up to heal any damage that you take. Got another package of 75 XP! Now back to the main quest, the other recruit members are scattered around the town in the following order. You can speak with them to gather them to the militia, but in other cases you can use different, power ways. + Lazlo Bruckman: Standing near center of town's buildings. Speak to him to recruit, and you got another 50 XP. + Ian Harman : You can find him near Lazlo, just a little to the south. Speaking to him gets you another 50 XP. + Wyl Mossfeld : Standing near Tarmas. Cure his wounds to get 50 XP! + Webb Mossfeld : Near Tarmas' house. Another cure, another 50 XP. + Militiaman : Near the banks of the river, by Tarmas' house. Speak with him and get 50 XP. + Pitney Lannon : Near the farm where the Tourney of Talents was set up. Speak to acquire 50 XP. + Pierson : Barricaded inside his house, one of the smaller ones in the group of buildings. Talk your way inside or bash the door down, then guilt him into joining the militia. Looting the items in his house is both chaotic and evil. When you have 5/5 militiamen recruited (you can get more than that if you wish, and above 5 you can get the 50 XP, too), head to the field. Be sure that you've spoken to Tarmas, though. Also note the dying grey dwarf near the burning building; if you want some Evil points, you can threaten to burn him alive, then cut his throat. ThatÂ’ll teach him. Now everyone is in our army, so get back to Georg and speak with him to start the waves of fight! Bladelings and Duergars will be attacking the fields in force, but with all the militiamen on your side, you shouldnÂ’t have too many problems beating them back. Unfortunately, the third wave of enemies will bust through to the Starling farm, where BevilÂ’s brothers and sisters are located. ItÂ’ll be best to help them out, so accept the challenge and head over for a brief diversion. SUB-QUEST: Starling Standoff, XP: 75 You can loot anything you want in the Starling house, so search thoroughly. Remember that if a chest or armoire is locked, you can right-click on it to bash it. A Dagger +1 is located in the small bedroom near the front door, for instance. Bashing chests will break some items, but wonÂ’t destroy everything. If your main character isnÂ’t a rogue, youÂ’re going to be forced to bash in some stuff until you manage to take one into your party. When you speak to Retta, accept her offer to take the dogs along on the adventure, then head into the nearby room and kill the dwarves there. The children are located in the nearby room, so open it up and tell them everythingÂ’s going to be all right for some good points. You get 75 XP for completing this. With that done, return to the fields and get back in the fight. After leaving the Starling house, return to the field and fight as best you can. Daeghun will quickly appear and finish off the remaining enemies, thus ending the assault on the town. +=====================[ 5.3 ]=[ THE RUINS OF THE PAST ]========================+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Yehhaaaww, we finished off the attackers! Now in the next couple of events, you and the others counts the wounded in the previous fights. After that, you get the next quest. MAIN QUEST: Ruins Of The Past Daeghun will fill you in on a little secret: he found a silver shard after a major battle in West Harbor many years ago. Knowing that they were important, he hid it in the ruins outside of town. Said ruins are doubtless going to be dangerous, so he wants you and Bevil to explore them, find the silver shard, and return it to town. If you want, you can speak to the others, from Tarmas you can buy some stuff expecially for mages and clerics. It won't be a bad thing buying a couple of healing packs or potions. Head down to the swamp ruins when youÂ’re good and ready and start taking on the Lizardlings and Swamp Beetles there. If your main character is a weaker, non-fighter, like a mage or a rogue, get used to using Bevil as the character you control and moving with him; heÂ’ll be better able to take hits from enemies if you let him get spotted first. Eventually youÂ’ll come to a structure guarded by Lizardlings. (ThereÂ’s another building nearby, but you wonÂ’t be able to enter it anytime soon.) Kill the guards and head inside, but be sure to rest up first. To Be Continued.... +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +==========================[ X ]=[ CREDITS AND THANKS ]========================+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ I thank Bioware for their difficult work and wish them to continue create another great and exiting games. Special thanks to www.gamefaqs.com for their game FAQs. I hope that my guide would help some people in their difficulties.