Monster Rancher 2 Fact Sheet
Version 0.3 - 9/9/99
Author:  Doug Rosengard (
Thanks to Sean McCann for additional information
(Make sure to view this info in Courier or another fixed-width font.)

- Techniques have a Withering and Sharpness stat.  Withering appears to drain 
guts, but I'm not sure what Sharpness does yet.
- Drills do not earn you money; they only improve your stats.  Also, monsters 
can not only Succeed or Fail at a drill, but can also get a Great result (+20 or 
so), can Cheat for +1 gain, or go Truant and not even try. Once your skill 
reaches 350 or so, drills designed primarily to improve that stat are listed 
with two stars, and become much harder to complete. However, when you do succeed 
at the drill, you can gain up to 20 points at a time. Three stars are also 
possible later on.
- If a monster does not want to do a particular drill, he will give you a "yuck" 
gesture before you confirm "yes/no" to start.  So if you select a drill, and the 
monster goes "yuck", you should consider doing a different drill instead that 
- Battles now give you a single-arrow training boost to three random stats, but 
only if you win at least one match.  In fact, you gain about an equal number of 
total points from a battle as you do from one week at the Errantry.  The 
Errantry is still a better source of training, though, since the stats gained 
are not random, and since you can learn special techniques there.
- Just as you get training in a battle, you also sometimes earn money as a 
reward for defeating a wild monster while training at the Errantry.  Fighting 
wild monsters is more difficult than a normal battle for two reasons. First, you 
can NOT directly control your monster; your monster is automatically controlled 
by the computer.  Second, the fight has no time limit, and lasts until either 
you or your opponent falls unconcious.  Finally, your opponent comes from a 
random rank, so might be much more powerful or weaker than you.
- The Lab can now "Analyze" your monster for you, and give you insight into some 
hidden properties of that monster type.
- The Market now sells different monsters based on the season, giving you more 
than just the original three to choose from.  Also, you can sell your monster at 
the market, if you don't feel like freezing it at the Lab.
- Your training assistant is personalized based on answers you give to a 
personality test at the start of the game.  My guess is this has some effect on 
when she tells you something is tired, stressed out, spoiled, and so on.  For 
example, if you indicate you like to take risks, she probably waits longer to 
tell you your monster needs rest than if you say you like to play it safe.

All monsters gain Guts back at a rate determined by their primary monster type 
(i.e. what type of monster body and attacks they have).  Below are listed the 
relative amount of Guts each monster gets back in the same amount of time (e.g. 
In the time it takes a Zuum to get back 5 Guts, a Pixie will get back 10 while a 
Golem will get back only 3.) Only those monster I've had a chance to compare are 
Ape - 5         ColorPandora - 6     Gaboo - 4.5     Ghost - 10     
Golem - 3       Jell - 5             Kato - 5.5      Mammoth - 4     
Naga - 5.5      Nya - 4.5            Pixie - 10      Suezo - 5       
Zuum - 5     
The list below only has a few moves so far, and is just so I have a template to 
add new moves to later on.  Stats are listed as Force/Hit %/Wither/Sharp.  
Mocchi Techniques
Long Range     Mid Range       Short Range     Hand to Hand
               Roll Attack     Head Butt       Slap
               Sharp Tech #2   Basic Tech      Basic Tech
               Cost 27         Cost 12         Cost 10
               POW Based       POW Based       POW Based
               D/D/D/C         D/D/E/E         E/B/E/-
               Petal Swirl
               Sharp Tech #1
               Cost 16
               INT Based

Pixie Techniques
Long Range     Mid Range       Short Range     Hand to Hand
               Kiss                            Pat
               Withering                       Basic Tech
               Cost 18                         Cost 12
               INT Based                       POW Based
               -/B/C/E                         E/A/-/-
                                               Basic Tech
                                               Cost 10
                                               POW based
(Monster Techniques Continued)
Zuum Techniques
Long Range     Mid Range       Short Range     Hand to Hand
                               Tail            Claw
                               Basic Tech      Basic Tech
                               Cost 12         Cost 10
                               POW Based       POW Based
                               D/A/-/E         D/C/-/-
                               Tail Lash
                               Basic Tech
                               Cost 20
                               Tail Combo
                               Hit Tech #1
                               Cost 19
                               POW Based
Rank A Opponents
Gaatrek    (Whale/Whale)         L485 P611 I219 Sk174 Sp206 D321
Sharkin    (Naga/Gali)           L404 P481 I527 Sk542 Sp199 D288
Siva       (Dragon/Dragon)       L364 P607 I615 Sk351 Sp223 D333
Rank B Opponents
Baluum     (Mammoth/Tiger)       L420 P456 I345 Sk291 Sp144 D190
Dewless    (Mono/Golem)          L205 P334 I326 Sk255 Sp025 D490
Epsilon    (Henger/??)           L290 P375 I311 Sk369 Sp357 D242
Ghoulshine (Tiger/Gali)          L244 P257 I455 Sk469 Sp340 D177
Liquel     (Hare/Gali)           L225 P405 I213 Sk366 Sp310 D144
Pirrateau  (Crab/Mocchi)         L188 P229 I182 Sk171 Sp165 D270
Robeneal   (Worm/Mono)           L398 P312 I366 Sk295 Sp145 D270
Sanjuras   (Gali/Gali)           L225 P356 I481 Sk256 Sp222 D287
Tiravail   (Plant/Suezo)         L320 P149 I345 Sk237 Sp166 D115

Rank C Opponents
Gunburn    (Suezo/Hare)          L165 P245 I338 Sk324 Sp245 D119
Hyoue      (Kato/Hare)           L127 P128 I399 Sk144 Sp375 D101
Nicolle    (Nya/Nya)             L251 P166 I185 Sk333 Sp340 D095
Ofrey      (Ghost/Ghost)         L111 P075 I293 Sk321 Sp369 D044
Pivorus    (CPandora/CPandora)   L424 P115 I108 Sk287 Sp255 D045
Recknen    (Gaboo/Jell)          L260 P255 I177 Sk170 Sp290 D095
Rockgeiger (Golem/Golem)         L201 P442 I129 Sk066 Sp051 D314
Susvain    (Naga/Zuum)           L199 P295 I043 Sk366 Sp117 D175
Zamber     (Zuum/Mono)           L262 P275 I184 Sk266 Sp190 D309
Waranmo    (Ape/Plant)           L355 P308 I135 Sk195 Sp178 D199

Rank D Opponents
Capella    (Jell/Naga)           L123 P165 I158 Sk195 Sp111 D217
Hailfall   (Arrowhead/Arrowhead) L136 P150 I103 Sk098 Sp074 D278
Millnum    (Pixie/Pixie)         L066 P089 I285 Sk222 Sp236 D070
Pup Face   (Tiger/Hare)          L234 P223 I338 Sk375 Sp349 D065
Rapid Fist (Hare/Hare)           L101 P344 I133 Sk197 Sp322 D111
Sleetbomb  (Mammoth/??)          L275 P223 I047 Sk099 Sp049 D182
Winston    (Tiger/Jell)          L086 P104 I225 Sk258 Sp211 D082

Rank E Opponents
Harikicks  (Zuum/Suezo)          L156 P107 I094 Sk149 Sp138 D133
Junomoule  (Mocchi/Tiger)        L152 P135 I127 Sk161 Sp158 D138
Leone      (Tiger/Hare)          L088 P103 I127 Sk152 Sp144 D077
Lontar     (Suezo/Plant)         L121 P096 I150 Sk129 Sp085 D095
Nats       (Hare/Hare)           L057 P139 I057 Sk104 Sp141 D047
Oakleyman  (Gaboo/Gaboo)         L199 P158 I023 Sk055 Sp147 D081

Unknown rank
Amoeba     (Jell/Jell)           L144 P159 I222 Sk217 Sp119 D298
Haze       (Kato/Hare)           L119 P099 I251 Sk115 Sp279 D134
Kitty      (Pixie/Hare)          L286 P278 I627 Sk501 Sp519 D225
Searock    (Arrowhead/Golem)     L343 P584 I212 Sk281 Sp255 D622