Burnout revenge
	Burnout revenge guide
	For PS2, Xbox, and Xbox 360 
	Version 1.0
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Table of contents

1. Legal info

2. Introduction

3. Ways to takedown people

4. Ranks

5. About Each Type Of Race

6. Crash junction levels 1 - 20

7. Q&A

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2. Introduction

This covers most of the levels and abilities for Burnout Revenge.  This covers all 40 crash junctions 
(the game chooses them for you and 10 duplicate) where you can choose your car. It shows the ranks and 
it even tells about Burnout Revenge.  This guide should help you if you are having trouble understanding the 
game. It shows 20 of the crash junction levels (1 - 20). It might even give hints if you look at 6. Crash 
Junction Levels.   I hope this guide will help.


3. Ways To Takedown People

	This will show how to takedown an opponent from each side: ahead and/or behind, to the left and/or to the 
right of you in a race. 


	1. When an opponent is ahead of you, slam into him in the rear of his car.  Then go to the side of him, 
push him into the wall, and then let him go.  Do this over and over again till he has been taken down.

2.  When an opponent is behind you, slam onto the brakes and he will crash into you (you must be on an open road).  
Then go left or right and let him go. Then go right behind him and boost into him (must be on a straight road).  
He will go left or right.   Then keep boosting and crashing into him (this will damage your car at least 3%).

	3. When your opponent is to the right or left of you, slam into him. Then boost into him again and again.  
Then do this over and over again.

4. When an opponent is behind and in front, you must boost into the guy in front of you and then stop. The guy 
behind you will hit you.  Then shove him into a wall and keep rapidly shoving and hitting him into the wall. 
When he has been taken down, catch up to the guy that was in front of you. When you see him, boost into the back 
of the car (it will push him closer to the finish line in the race) then let him go. Then bang into the side of 
the wall and push him into a car (that will count as a takedown).

	5.  When opponents are on the left and on the right of you (which will probably never happen) smash one 
guy, and then smash into the other.  Then keep damaging one of the guys until they have been taken down.  When the 
other is ahead of you catch up and smash into his rear of his car. Then smash him into a wall until he has been 
taken down, or you can smash him into another car.  It will not take as long as trying to smash into him.  This 
will damage you 2.7% and will take 2 minutes maximum and .45 seconds minimum.


4. Ranks

	Rank 1, entitled Harmless, is an easy rank.  You can beat any race in this rank if you have practiced hard 
enough on any other Burnout.  It is an easy rank because it is the 1st rank and because it has the computer-opponents 
not going as hard in races and road rage.

	Rank 2 which is unsafe gets a little harder the computers get 10% harder and the unsafe is just rank 2 and 
you have to get 21 of those * thingyÂ’s and the computerÂ’s get harder every rank.

	Rank 3 is reckless and it is still 10% harder and when there are races they are not easy unless if you have 
beaten this game before. This rank is as hard as an oven baked cookie.

	Rank 4 is offensive and it is 15% harder in my case and it gets as hard as the cookie is right now. This game 
is getting harder by the rank and it gets worse on 5 - 10.

Rank 5 is fearless and I hope you are fearless of rank 5 and it is hard let me say that.

	Rank 6 is dangerous and I hope you are exploding cars by now and getting those gold medals.

	Rank 7 is insane and you must be getting gold medals by rank 7 and 7 is hard.

Rank 8 is maniac and the computers are not as easy as they are in rank 1, 2, 3, 4, it is harder than all those 
ranks and it is getting harder by the rank.

Rank 9 is assassin and it (as you know is harder) and it is almost the hardest rank.

	Rank 10 and last is dominator and it is the hardest rank in Burnout Revenge and it is the last rank in 
Burnout Revenge.


5. About Each Type Of Race

	Race:  A race is a competition of who can cross the checkered finish line 1st (but in this case 
who can get to the finish arrow 1st).  This is a complicated, dangerous, and exciting competition.

	Road Rage: Road Rage is a competition (in the game, of course) where you have to take down people, 
which you do by damaging them out, and you have to take down a certain amount of cars in the amount of 
time you have.

	Crash:  Crash is a timed race.  The more cars you hit, the more time you get.  When you hit a car that 
is going the same way as you, you get points and time.  When you run out of time, you get to know how much 
points you got and if you won a gold, silver, or bronze medal.

	Crash Junctions:  A Crash Junction is a competition where you have to crash into vehicles.  It makes a 
explosion, and you have to cause the explosion on others.  When the explosion is done, vehicles crash into 
your mess.  When the meter at the bottom-left is full, it will go down.  Press R2 rapidly.  Then when the 
timer is a big 5:00 it will count down.  When it is at 0:00 you will see your score and be awarded a Bronze, 
Silver, or Gold, or maybe you wonÂ’t get one at all.  Nobody knowsÂ… it just depends on where you hit a car.

	Special Events:  A special event could be a Race, Crash Junction, Crash, or Road Rage.  Nobody knows; 
it just depends.  They are special because they are harder than others and because nobody knows what they are.

6. Crash Junction Levels 1 – 20                                                                            
Rank 1 “harmless”                                                                                          
Motor City                                                                                                 
	001: Dock fight                                                                                    
	002: Deconstruction site                                                                           
	003: Cars attacks                                                                                  
Angel Valley                                                                                                                              
	004: Hollywood spills                                                                              
Lone Peak                                                                                                  
	005: Off the beaten truck                                                                          

Rank 2 “unsafe”

Eternal City

	006: Road to ruins
	007: Circle of strife

White Mountain

	008: Swiss roll
	009: Dangerous swerves

Central Route

	010: Crispy Fried Truck


Rank 3 “reckless”

Central Route

	011: Prawn Smackers
	012: Tram-A-Tized
	013: Street Car Set On Fire

Eastern Bay

	014: Intersection Dissection
	015: Smashed In Translation

	Rank 4 “offensive”

Angel Valley

	016: Brain Damage

Lone Peak

	017: Round The Bend
	018: Forest Bump
	019: Mount Crushmore

Eternal City

	020: Circle Of Strife #2


7. Q&AÂ’s

1.	How can I decide which way to crash into vehicles in order to make the most points in Crash Junction?

A.	First before you start your speed tap the x button and then crash into the middle of the traffic at full speed.  
	Then hold R1 and this will make you able to crash into other vehicles for a short time and Walla!

2.	 How do I make to takedowns at once?

A. Well, you have to have 2 opponents side by side go next to them and smash them into a wall or car.

3. How do I instantly make a U-Turn?

A. Hold square and x and press which way you want to go on the left knob.


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