______________    ____________ 
                     \  __________ \  / ________  /
                       \ \         \ \/ /       / / 
                        \ \         \  /       / / 
           ______________\ \______   \/       / /______________________ 
          /  ________    ________ \          /          ______________ \
         /  /  ____  \  /  ____  \ \        /          /              \ \
        /  /  /   /__/ /  /   /__/ |       /          /                \ \
       /  /  /_____   /  /_____   /        \         /      __          \ \
      /  /_______  \ /_______  \  \         \       /______/  \         / / 
     /  ___     /  /___     /  /  /          \                /        / /
    /  /  /____/  //  /____/  /  / _          \        ______/        / /
    \  \_________/ \_________/  / / \          \       \             \  \
     \                  _______/ /   \          \       \____         \  \
      \                /        /  _  \__________\           \         \  \
       \              /        /  / \   __________           /         /  /
        \_________   /________/  /   \  \         \_________/         /  /
                 /______________/     \  \                           /  /
                                       \  \                         /  /
                                        \  \_______________________/  /
                                          ASCII ART by Viktor Nilsson

                          SSX 3 Complete FAQ
                         Version 0.7 (11.03.03)
                           Compiled by gondee

        |  Advice by members of the Merqurycity.com Message Boards, |
        |     the PS2 SSX 3 Gamefaqs.com boards and Internet        |
        |     contributors: gondee, Vix, ssxtitan, Viktor Nilsson,  |
        |       Dreaming Gamer, YoshiXL, countercycle, MrChaos,     |
        |  confessor, Silverstarfire, Gamer EX, DeathloksBear,      |
        |   UltimateApocalypse, Cody Ritchie, Krystony, Ghoti,      |
If you are an author listed on this FAQ, and you want me to remove your
submission, just e-mail me: gondee6@yahoo.com.

Table of Contents:
Prelim: Introduction
   a. FAQ Introduction
   b. Is this official 
   c. Submission Policy
   d. About the different sections
1. Gameplay System 

   a. General Overview
   b. Character Attributes
   c. Gameplay Controls
   d. Assorted Features
   e. Combo System
   f. Tricks - Uber/Monster
   g. Handplants and Board Presses
   h. Monster Tricks 
   i. Frequently Asked Questions

2. Track Guides - Walkthroughs

   Prelim: Mode Explanation 

   PEAK 1
   a. Junction
   b. Metro-City Breakdown
   c. Crows Nest
   d. Snow Jam
   e. R&B
   f. Happiness
   g. Peak 1 Race
   h. Peak 1 Jam 

   PEAK 2
   i. Intimidator
   j. Style Mile
   k. Schizophrenia
   l. Ruthless Ridge
   m. Launch Time 
   n. Ruthless
   o. Peak 2 Race
   p. Peak 2 Jam 
   PEAK 3
   q. Kick Doubt 
   r. Perpendiculous
   s. Gravitude
   t. Much2Much
   u. The Throne
   v. All-Peak Race
   w. All-Peak Jam

3. Challenges 
   a. BIG Challenges 
   b. Career Highlights
   c. Platinum Medals 
   d. Frequently Asked Questions

4. Collection 
   a. Collectibles 
   b. Rewards
   c. Hidden Characters
   d. Frequently Asked Questions

5. Characters
   a. Character Bio
   b. Bolt-Ons/Accessories
   c. Frequently Asked Questions

6. Various Details
   a. Music 
   b. Cheats
   c. SSX 3 Online
   d. Frequently Asked Questions

7. Measuring Up
   a. Merqury City Scoreboard
   b. Online Records 
   c. Frequently Asked Questions

8. Epilogue: Assorted Details
   a. Legal 
   b. Thanks and Credit
   c. Contributors Section
   d. Version Details 


a. FAQ Introduction
SSX 3 is the latest installment in Electronic Arts Snowboarding Series. This FAQ will 
attempt to cover every aspect of this ginormous game and provide a single go-to source
for help should you need it, (and you will probably need it, heheh.) Judging simply by the
size of the game, you will be playing this game for tens, if not hundreds of hours if
you want to get everything and bask in the glory of your 100% completion. It won't be
easy, but I can guarantee you it will be a lot of fun. 

b. Is this guide official?
Nope. In the spirit of 7-Up (proud sponsor of SSX 3, lol): "Never has, never will be."
This guide is nothing more than an attempt by fans of the game to help out others and
provide a means of assistance to master SSX 3. The info in this guide comes
from various sources across the internet, and I will wager, will often be much better
than any official source you can buy. The collective SSX Community is one smart group, 
and players always find better methods of playing a game than a guide that was written
before the game was even released. 

I will always attempt to validate any info here, but as with any FAQ, there can be 
errors. If you would like to report an error, please read the submission policy in the
next section. 

c. Submission Policy
This guide is a huge undertaking, and is going to encompass, literally, hundreds of
hours of work and dozens of people. If you want to be one of the people who help
contribute to the Complete SSX 3 FAQ, please let me know: gondee6@yahoo.com.
I will gladly take any submissions you can give me, but don't forget to take a
look at the Table of Contents to get a good idea of what I'm looking for. 

All authors will recieve an author credit as well as a short bio in the "Contributors
Section" at the end of this guide. Read my SSX Tricky FAQ to get a good idea of what
this will entail. :) 

Please note that I reserve the right to edit any submissions for punctuation, grammar 
and spelling, in order to make the guide the best and most readable it can be. This 
doesn't entail altering the guides in any editorial way, however. As author, what you 
have written is yours. However, as compiler I also have the responsibility to keep this
guide streamlined, and this includes the right to remove those parts of the guide that 
are obsolete or incorrect. For the most part, however, your work will remain in the 
guide as is and complete, for good. 

Again, send any submissions to gondee6@yahoo.com. Thanks!

d. About the different sections
There are six main sections of this guide. All are organized (I think) relatively well
and should be easy for readers to navigate. This guide is primarily written to be 
easy to read and printout (no useless ASCII stuff other than the pretty header, heheh)
as well as detailed and complete. 

The GAMEPLAY section will explain all the various intricacies of the control system
that you need to learn when playing SSX 3. This section also attempts to explain the
trick system and cover it in detail. The trick system in SSX 3 has been given an 
overhaul, and is now more detailed than it has ever been. In years past, gamers 
have uncovered advanced techniques to get the most out of the trick system, and
these techniques will be explored here. 

The TRACKS/WALKTHROUGHS section will have explanations of all the different modes 
in the game, as well as xtremely in-depth walkthoughs for EACH track. Pay attention to 
these, they can help you get over those rough spots and also set records. Each track 
should have multiple guides, and I will label the difficulty of each guide from 
"beginner" to "Master" in order so readers can pick the best one for their skill level. 
Each track will also have a time or score goal so you can know what the goal for each 
walkthrough was when it was written. 

The CHALLENGES section will list all 88 BIG Challenges in the game and offer a 
paragraph or two on how to pass them. Not to be taken lightly, the BIG Challenges are 
some of the most difficult parts of the game, and each Challenge will be rated in 
difficulty from "easy" to "insane". The reward for each Challenge will be listed as 
well, so you can pick those challenges you want to do to get the rewards you want 
the earliest. 

The COLLECTION section (hey, that rhymes) will list all the various things you need to 
collect in order to complete the game 100 percent. There are two basic modes to SSX 3: 
Competition and Collection/Adventure. The Collection portion of the game is enormous,
with over 1000 Bolt-ons (accessories), dozens of tricks, hundreds of rewards and other
things as well. 

The CHARACTERS section will list bios for the characters and initial information about
them, as well as the specialized collectibles that only those characters can use. 
It will also contain information (with spoilers) about any returning or hidden
characters that may (or may not) be in the game. 

The DETAILS section lists the various items that didn't really fit into any one category. 
I will cover the music section, the cheats and online play here, and explain anything else
that may crop up that doesn't fit into any one category. 

The MEASURING UP section encompasses the various means of competition available to SSX 3 
Players. It will cover both the Merqurycity.com SSX 3 Scoreboard and give an explanation 
of the Online Competition available. 

The EPILOGUE covers all the various legal, thanks and version updates. I've placed this 
at the end of the guide so readers can get directly to the meat of the SSX 3 FAQ. 

End of Explanation. In the words of DJ Atomica: "Enough talk...time to ride." 


                              SECTION ONE: GAMEPLAY SYSTEM 

a. General Overview
The gameplay system in SSX 3 is very complicated, and this section will attempt to 
document all the various facets of gameplay. 

There are Four Basic selections to choose after you press Start at the title screen. 
Single Play, Conquer the Mountain, Multiplayer and Online Mode. 

Single Play mode is strictly an opportunity to play events. No freeriding or exploration
is available here, and you can only play those tracks that you have unlocked in Conquer
the Mountain. 

Conquer the Mountain is the main event. Here you power up your characters and do basically
everything that is possible in the game. In order to unlock tracks in Single Play, you 
need to pass them here first. 

Multi-player is a chance to race your buddy. Two player, etc. 

Online is a game selection available for Playstation 2 only - see the Details section in
section 6 in order to get the lowdown on how to play online. 

All character attributes are rated from 1 to 11. 
1. ACCELERATION is the rate at which your rider achieves top speed. The higher this 
attribute is, the faster they can reach 75MPH/120 KMH. 

2. EDGING is the ability to turn. The higher this is, the sharper your boarder will 
be able to turn and navigate the twisty tracks of the mountain. Your boarder will 
take wider turns the lower this attribute is.

3. SPEED is ability to maintain top speed. All boarders top out at 75MPH/120KMH, 
eventually, but at lower levels you will not be able to achieve this until you 
have fully powered up your character.

4. SPIN is the ability of your character to spin and flip during jumps. The higher
this attribute, the easier you will be able to perform 180s, 360s, flips, backflips
and so forth. 

5. STABILITY is the factor which affects how easily you land tricks and wipe out 
when you are turning sharply. At lower levels, you need to land perfectly to not
get a stumbling animation, and you will also wipe out if you turn too sharply. 

6. TOUGHNESS affects how easily you can be knocked down when someone punches you and 
how easily you wipe out when you collide with something. At low levels, a simple tap
of a shoulder button can knock you down. At higher levels, the person will need to
charge their punch before they will knock you down and simply tapping the shoulder
buttons will only cause you to spin out if you are hit by a punch.

7. TRICKS is the factor that boosts the speed of your Ubers and Super Ubers. Your
level 1 Ubers will be much slower to initiate and finish at lower levels. This
affects all Ubers, but most noticeably the level 1 Ubers.  

Purchasing attribute points is essential to winning and conquering the mountain.
You can buy attribute points at the Lodge at the different stations on each peak.
Buying attribute points becomes more expensive as you get your character more 
powered up, so you'll need some serious cash before you can get them all the
way finished. Each point, one through eleven, is made up of five "units" and
these units are more expensive as you increase your characters skills. Each
unit for the first point costs $250. At level 11, each unit costs a whopping
$5000 points. At $82,000 dollars to power up one attribute, it will cost $574,000
to fully power-up your character, so get crackin'! 

Controls coming soon. Read the instruction booklet in the meantime. :) 


The Boost (or Adrenaline bar) shows the boost you've obtained from doing tricks 
on the mountain. You use boost to speed up when you are on the snow, boost down
rails and to increase the heighth of your jumps. There are 3 boost levels, each 
signified by a different color. The speed boost for each level increases, with
white causing the most increase in speed. You have a time limit in which to fill
up the boost bar before it runs out, signified by a beeping reminder and a soft
sound effect. 

CLEAR -  You have no boost at all - do tricks! 

RED (NOT GLOWING) - This is the initial level of the boost bar that you must
         fill up.  Once you have filled up this particular bar, you can do
         Uber Tricks.
YELLOW (GLOWING) - You have reached level 1 of your boost bar and can now do 
         Level 1 Ubers. It takes 4 Level One Uber tricks (spelling "Uber" in 
         letters above the boost bar) before you can reach level two.
WHITE (GLOWING) - You have filled up the second level of your boost bar and 
         can now do Level Two Ubers. Once you do five Level Two Ubers (and
         fill up the world "Super" above the boost bar) you achieve the final

RED (GLOWING) - You have now spelled out "SUPER UBER" above the Uber bar and
         are given unlimited boost for a limited amount of time (usually two
         minutes or so.) During this time you can boost without running out,
         and if you manually reset you will not lose any boost at all. You
         will hear a small beeping and the red sphere above the boost bar
         will slow down as you near the end of your unlimited boost period. 

MANUAL RESET: (Select button for PS2)
Pushing the manual reset button causes your character to immediately reset their 
position on the track. This feature is critical to get out of spots where you may 
be unable to move or are trapped in the terrain. The bad part of this is that 
using the manual reset button nearly drains you entire boost bar upon reappearing. 

During some crashes you will see a bar appear near the bottom of the screen. This is the 
crash recovery bar - tapping the boost button (square for PS2) will allow you fill this 
bar up and recover from crashes while still keeping your boost. It will also allow you
to recover in midair and continue to do tricks if you fill it up before you land. If you 
do NOT fill the crash recovery bar, crashes can sometimes go on for 10 seconds or more! 
In some cases, filling the crash recovery bar will reset your character as though you 
had tapped the manual recovery button (Select for PS2). In most of these cases, using
Crash Recovery allows you to keep your boost, whereas pushing the manual reset button
uses nearly all your boost.  

There are a new set of point and multiplier icons in the game and they may take some
getting used to because many of them look the same. Here is the basic breakdown: 


Speed Boost - looks like a lightning bolt and causes your rider to hit max speed
for a short time without using any boost. 

Trick Boost - looks like a purple set of arrows coming out from a single point. This
icon greatly increases your trick ability enabling you to pull of some crazy tricks. 
I would say it easily quadruples your point stat for a short time. 

There are many more icons to identify in Freestyle events, but they fall into 2 
basic categories - point bonuses and trick mulipliers. Thanks to FishEye for this info.

Point Bonuses:
Yellow er... "spikey ball" = 2000 points 
Blue Square = 3000 points 
Whitish (it's probably Platinum) colored Square/Diamond = 5000 points 
Black Square/Diamond = 10,000 points 

Trick Multipliers (multiplies the total of your trick by the number indicated): 
Yellow "X" = 2X multiplier (doubles your trick score)
Blue "X" = 3X multiplier (triples your trick score)
White (again, probably platinum) "X" = 5X multiplier (total times 5)
Black "X" = 10X multiplier (trick total times ten)

e. Combo System
The combo system in SSX 3 is a completely new feature that may take old
SSX veterans some time to get used to. You will see within playing the game
for a few hours, however, that the trick system is absolutely vital to master
in order to achieve many of the game's point requirements for gold and 
platinum medals. 

The trick system works like this: once you engage in anything that scores points;
rails, a jump, board press etc, a combo string begins. After you finish your current
trick and begin another one, a counter will appear at the top of the screen that
says "1x" - this means you have completed a combo of one move. The small circle 
above the 1x is the time limit that you must do another trick to continue the combo.
The time limit between combo moves is around two seconds. With each successive move,
the counter increases one ( 2x, 3x, 4x, etc.) and the combo bonus you get increases.

In order to get the full bonus of the combo bonus, however, you must finish the combo. 
If you wipe out before finishing your combo, you will lose the ENTIRE combo bonus. 
That means the longer a combo goes on, the higher the score and more risk to you 
that you may crash and lose the entire bonus. 

The combo system may seem simple, but the scoring system behind it is actually
very complex. To explain, we got an explanation straight from EA Big itself,
in the form of SSX programmer Cody Ritchie: 

"When you do a trick, you points immediately get counted and add to your
score.  If you're doing a combo, a portion of the trick's score goes 
into the combo score, or 'pool'.   The higher your combo is, the higher the
portion that goes into the pool. So when the combo is low, only a small 
part of your trick goes into the pool, and when the combo gets higher & 
higher, a lot more of the trick goes into the pool.  It even goes above just a
portion, so that double your trick goes into the combo!  So the least 
you get is trick x1.5 (trick score + half trick score) and as high as trick 
x 3 (trick score + 2x trick in combo score.) So if you do a huge monster 
trick worth 50,000 and your combo is high, then it would give you 0k into 
your score right away, and add 100k into the combo score.  If you finish the
combo (or cross the finish line) then the entire combo score gets added 
to the real score and that's your total.  If you wipe out at any time, you
always keep your regular score, but lose the entire combo pool.

Now, as far as multipliers are concerned, they DON'T affect the trick 
combo score, just the regular score.  So if you bust a huge 50,000 point 
trick through a 10x multiplier, and your combo score is high, you get 500,000 
into the score (trick x10 mult) and the BASE trick x2 into the combo 
(100,000), for a total of 600,000 (if you land the combo)

Some hints for high scores would be:

* Do big scoring tricks after the combo is high, or you're missing out 
on points (you'll only get 1.5x instead of 3x, half as much!)

* On big airs, it's more worth it to hold a single uber the entire 
time, than doing several in a row.  The points accumulate faster for
holding than when switching, plus you can get a long grab bonus. 
If you're trying to fill the uber meter, then do several small
ones to get to the bigger scoring tricks.

* Monster tricks are great for smaller jumps: it takes quite a big jump 
to do a 50k uber trick, but some monster tricks are quick and can be 
landed off a short jump.  They can be tricky to pull off in a pinch though,
find simple ones."

Thanks Cody! :) 

f. UBERS - Rail/Air
RAIL UBER TRICKS: New to SSX 3 are Rail Ubers. You do Rail Ubers by pushing
one of the shoulder buttons (L1, L2, R1, R2) anytime when you are on a rail
and your boost bar is at least at level 1. There are four Rail Ubers in
the game, and they are the same for every character. Each is initially worth 
between 3-4000 points and are holdable, like all Ubers. Rail ubers, however, 
accumulate points much slower than Air Ubers. They still count towards your
SUPER UBER total, however. A cool little trick with rail ubers is that you 
can get many more in a row if you go very slow on a rail instead of boosting
past it. Just use the left analog stick to keep balanced on the rail and 
touch the boost if it looks like you may fall off.

AIR UBER TRICKS: There are three levels of Uber tricks, but these "levels" mainly 
denote how long the animations are. The higher the level, the longer the
animation and time needed to pull off the trick. Although the Ubers each 
character initially has are different, you can reassign any Ubers in the 
Lodge (except for Level 1 Ubers, those stay the same, and each character is
given one particular set and it is unchangeable.) However, if you weren't
given that Uber from the start, you must buy them using the money you have
earned. The Cost column below shows the cost of each Uber that you can purchase
from the Lodge.  
STALEFISH - R1+Square buttons
Springer             Level 1             Cost: Default by Character
Tricky Flicky        Level 1             Cost: Default by Character
G-Money              Level 2             Cost: $10,000
Superman             Level 2             Cost: $10,000
Smithereen           Level 3             Cost: $15,000
Torpedo              Level 3             Cost: $15,000

INDY - R2+Square buttons
Extended Play        Level 1             Cost: Default by Character
Can Opener           Level 1             Cost: Default by Character
Mattrickulater       Level 2             Cost: $10,000
Karolicker           Level 2             Cost: $10,000
Judo                 Level 3             Cost: $15,000
dnL Boost            Level 3             Cost: $15,000

METHOD - L1+Square buttons
Reach Around         Level 1             Cost: Default by Character
Mahogany             Level 1             Cost: Default by Character
Jib-O                Level 2             Cost: $10,000
Indian               Level 2             Cost: $10,000
Hand in Hand         Level 3             Cost: $15,000
Kort Martial         Level 3             Cost: $15,000

MUTE - L2+Square buttons
Clean Sweep          Level 1             Cost: Default by Character
Counter Point        Level 1             Cost: Default by Character
Bar Hop              Level 2             Cost: $10,000
SSXorcist            Level 2             Cost: $10,000
dnL                  Level 3             Cost: $15,000
Katana               Level 3             Cost: $15,000

TAILGRAB - R1+R2 buttons
Amazing Spenco       Level 1             Cost: Default by Character
Jay Tear             Level 1             Cost: Default by Character
Morgan Grinder       Level 2             Cost: $10,000
Slinger              Level 2             Cost: $10,000
Svelton              Level 3             Cost: $15,000
Lukeloo              Level 3             Cost: $15,000
Acrobat              Level 3             Cost: $30,000
Superman Barspin     Level 3             Cost: $30,000
Capo                 Level 3             Cost: $30,000
Banger               Level 3             Cost: $30,000
Pommel Me            Level 3             Cost: $30,000

NOSEGRAB - L1+L2 buttons
Big Unit             Level 1             Cost: Default by Character
Kickin A'            Level 1             Cost: Default by Character
Madonna              Level 2             Cost: $10,000
Vacation             Level 2             Cost: $10,000
Vacation             Level 3             Cost: $15,000
Footloose            Level 3             Cost: $15,000
Trickitello          Level 3             Cost: $15,000
Walking the Dog      Level 3             Cost: $30,000
Sugar Rush           Level 3             Cost: $30,000
LaLaLa Lock Step     Level 3             Cost: $30,000
Piruotte             Level 3             Cost: $30,000
Guillotine           Level 3             Cost: $30,000

Monster Tricks are tricks that are an added feature to the trick system in SSX 3. 
They seem, initially, like a sort of trick book, but they are in fact specialized
tricks that are named after different bands whose songs are featured in the game. 
You discover the names of these tricks by doing the Career Highlights in the game. 
(See section 4 for Career Highlights.) 

Why should you use these particular tricks as opposed to just flipping like crazy 
and using your own ubers? Well, there are added bonuses for using these tricks. 
There are 3 levels of Monster Tricks based on the level of Uber that is done during
the Monster Trick. All level 1 tricks get an immediate trick bonus of 10,000 points,
Level 2 tricks get a bonus of 20,000 points, and Level 3 tricks get a bonus of 30,000
points upon completion! In most cases, this will help offset the points lost by doing
these tricks, many of which are simpler compared to what you can pull off with a fully
powered character. 

Remember that Monster Tricks only have their full bonuses the first 
time you do them. Like every trick in the game, the value of the trick decreases
by half or more if you do them more than once back to back. However, according to 
PD CofC, after you do a few tricks, the "trick recorder" resets and you can do 
another Monster Trick for the full bonus.  

* FS 540 G-Money / Da Housecat / 10,000
* Triple Backflip Superman  / Aphrodite / 20,000
* FS Rodeo 720 Smithereen / Thrice / 30,000
* BS 720 Torpedo  / Swollen Member / 30,000
* BS 900 Mattrickulater  / Yellowcard / 20,000
* FS Double Backflip 540 Karolicker  / Alpine Star / 20,000
* Backflip Nosegrab to Judo  / MxPx / 30,000
* Fs Rodeo 720 dnL Boost  / Ultimate dnL Boost / 30,000
* Bs 900 Jib-O  / Black Eyed Peas / 20,000
* FS 900 Indian to Late Stiffy  / Deepsky / 20,000
* BS Misty 900 Hand in Hand  / Basement Jaxx / 30,000
* BS Backflip 360 Kort Martial to Late Stalefish / Fischerspooner / 30,000
* Double Backflip Bar Hop to Late Mute / Overseer / 20,000
* FS Triple Backflip 180 SSXorcist  / X-Ecutioner / 20,000
* FS Double Frontflip 360 dnL Flipit to Late Indy / Ultimate dnL FlipIt / 30,000
* BS 720 Indy to Late Katana  / Juana's Addiction / 30,000
* FS 1080 Morgan Grinder / Audio Bully / 20,000
* BS Backflip 360 Slinger  / Finger 11 / 20,000
* FS Misty 720 Svelton to Late Nosegrab  / N.E.R.D Fly or Die / 30,000
* Triple Backflip Nosegrab to Late Lukeloo / Chemical Brother / 30,000
* BS Double Back Flip 180 Madonna / Stoneage / 20,000
* Double Backflip Vacation to Late NIFTY Shifty / Autopilot Off / 20,000
* BS 360 NIFTY Shifty to Late Footloose / The Automator / 30,000
* BS 540 Indy to Late Trickitello / Placebo / 30,000

g. Handplants and Board Presses
The trick system is rounded out with two moves that are essential in making the 
most of the courses in SSX 3. These moves are the Handplant and Board Press. 

BOARD PRESSES - Right Analog Stick Up or Down
The board press is the new move in the SSX 3 Trick arsenal that is absolutely 
vital to continuing combos when there are no jumps or rails to take advantage of. 
A board press causes your character to lean their weight on the board and ride 
it on either the front (Up) or back (Down) . This allows characters to continue
a combo string on flat ground, basically indefinitely if you are good enough. 
Once you start a board press your character will begin tilting their board and
riding it on it's lip.

It's important to pay attention to the visual cues your character is giving to 
see how your board press is coming along. If your character is waving their arms
and looks to be off-balance, you are in danger of falling and should either stop
the board press by letting go of the right analog stick, or rotate the right 
analog stick to the opposite direction you were holding. This causes your character
to spin on the boardpress and renews their balance. If you do not you will tumble 
and lose whatever combo you were trying to achieve.

HANDPLANT - Circle Button
The handplant might at first seem odd when you do it in the game, as it completely
kills your speed and momentum down the track. But the handplant serves a very useful 
purpose - it can be used to gain access to those parts of the track you wouldn't 
normally be able to get to and also can be used to continue your combo in places where
you may not otherwise have been able to. 

For example, if you launch off a jump and are approaching a billboard or tree branch, 
pushing circle will cause you to handplant onto it. While you are planted, you can 
affect your balance by using the left analog stick, and the longer you hold the 
handplant the more points the trick is worth. 

Why should you use this move then? There are several instances where it is vital: 
1) If you are approaching a rail from the side in slopestyle, you can handplant off
of it to continue your combo. 

2) If you are approaching a rock or similar obstacle in the Backcountry that it looks
like you may crash into, try to handplant on it, it may save you from wiping out. 

3) In Superpipe events, there are certain areas of the track you can only get to if 
you use the handplant to get up there. For example, in the Peak 3 Superpipe, 
Perpendiculous, there are pipes well above the track you can only get to if you
handplant onto the thin red bars located at the very end of the pipe. Similarly,
in Schizophrenia, there are alternate pipes on either side that you must get to by
handplanting at the top of the middle pipe and then letting go and dropping down
into the alternate pipe. 

j. Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why can I not spin or flip as fast during jumps as I see other people spinning?

A. Most likely you're not prewinding. When you come to a jump, holding down a 
DIRECTION on the D-Pad in addition to holding down the jump button allows you 
to "prewind" a flip, allowing you to flip/spin much faster than you could if 
you pressed the jump button alone. Learning how to prewind is absolutely vital, 
and the first skill you should learn if you are new to SSX 3. 

Q. Are there any hidden techniques you're not telling me about?
A. A few, but they're not secret. An oldie but goodie is boost tapping - tapping 
your boost instead of holding the boost button down allows you to increase your 
speed while extending the life of your boost. Since boost can be hard to come
by on certain courses, using this technique can help you quite a bit. 

Additionally, "select tricks" or warps are back in this game, though the price 
for using them is now much higher if you don't have SUPER UBER spelled out and 
have unlimited boost. Select tricks are points in tracks where you push the 
manual reset button (Select for PS2) and are immediately respawned further ahead
in the track. It's a warp of sorts, taking advantage of a system setting that 
keeps players from getting stuck in tough spots like crevasses and boulders. 
In past games this glitch came at the cost of a little boost, but in SSX 3 the 
cost of pushing manual reset is now nearly your entire boost bar. Be sure it's 
worth it before you decide to use a select trick. The only time this trick will
not cost you any boost is if you have spelled out SUPER UBER and have unlimited 
boost, then you can do it safely. 



The TRACKS/WALKTHROUGHS section will have explanations of all the different modes 
in the game, as well as xtremely in-depth walkthoughs for EACH track. Pay attention to 
these, they can help you get over those rough spots and also set records. Each track 
should have multiple guides, and I will label the difficulty of each guide from 
"beginner" to "Master" in order so readers can pick the best one for their skill level. 
Each track will also have a time or score goal so you can know what the goal for each 
walkthrough was when it was written. 

Tracks are listed from the bottom of the Peak up, so if you are looking for a 
typical event towards the top of the mountain, scroll down. This section is constantly
filling up with new walkthroughs, so feel free to check back frequently until all the 
tracks are filled up. Once the tracks are completely filled up, I will update this 
guide to version 1.0. 

Basic Mode Explanation and Tips: 

Race is racing, as always. Look for the best shortcuts and link them all together
to get the fastest time. There is no "special boost" out of the gate in SSX 3, so just 
hold up until you jump out of the gate to get the best time. Additionally, some of 
the shortcuts on certain tracks can only be done by fully-powered characters. 

Big Air: 
Big Air tracks are short and sweet. You must reach a certain point total on a 
very short tracks. 1 heat and then the finals. 

Superpipe may seem easy, but it is actually pretty challenging to get high scores. 

There are a few basic things to remember on all Superpipes: 

1) Holding ONE single Uber per jump ALWAYS scores more than doing several.
Holding it allows the Uber to build up its score and you also will get a 
4000 point "Style" bonus for holding a single Uber the entire time. 

2) You should ALWAYS boost when you prewind your jumps - boosting makes 
your jumps so much better than not that it's not even an issue not to 

3) Change spin/flip directions often to avoid duplicating tricks. Throw a 
stall or late flip/spin in there to differentiate each trick. 

4) To reach monumental scores, you MUST keep a single combo going from start
until you cross the finish line. This huge combo bonus is what makes the 
scores for Platinum medals possible.  

Slopestyle is to SSX 3 what Showoff was - it features a huge track where you 
must find the best "line" or path on the course to both get the ever-important
multipliers and get enough chances to increase your combo. Comboing is the 
single biggest thing to get huge scores in Slopestyle, and a lot of the later
scores would be next to impossible if you did not string together combos that
give you huge bonuses.

                                      PEAK ONE

Qualifying: 160,000
Final: 180,000
Platinum: 700,000

Walthrough Author: ssxtitan
Walkthrough Goal - 700,000
Skill Level - Hard

3 Steps to the Junction Halfpipe
1. Dropping into half pipe 
2. Route and technique inside half pipe 
3. Exiting the half pipe 

1. Right out of the gate there is little lip in front of you, do a double
flip (combined with whatever trick you like), and then land with the board press!
Landing with the board press will enable to begin your combo string! Once you
have landed you will want to turn slightly to your right and go up the side of
the half pipe. (Donít hit the two triangular barricades though.) It is important
to angle yourself a little bit off this first half pipe jump, because when you come
back down you want to hit the other side of the half pipe, and not end up
shooting back up the hill towards the starting gates. When you take this first jump
if you donít see a 3X or 4X COMBO at the top middle part of your screen, then you
have failed to start your combo string in which case you may want to restart as
this will cost you some points, since you will end up with a smaller combo
string total ( by 3 to 4 obviously)! 

2. O.K. you're now in the pipe and you have a combo string going of at least
3X or 4X! Now is when the real fun begins! Strap on your oxygen tank cause
weíre going for crazy altitude! This part is pretty straight forward, you
will see that along the course there are 6 yellow spheres, and above those
there are 8 shiny diamonds! You want to get all these! The trick to big air
is jumping right at that last second, you also want to pre-wind the second
you land as to maximize your spin in the air. While in the air, try to be
creative use monster tricks, and ubers, you can hold ubers too and watch
your score go higher the longer you hold it. Style points certainly help too
and u can get these by combining different ubers in a single jump. Be
creative though, and try not to use the same ones over and over as they 
are worth less each time you do them in an event! You can see your style
points when you are jumping, they should appear next to the score you are
getting for that particular jump! I have found that if you manage to hit
one of the diamonds, that you are more than likely on a good line to hit
them all! So if you do hit one, when you come back down and land, do not turn
the board at all! Fly up again, and if you hit the jump on the other side
of the half pipe you should fly up to the next shiny diamond, and then
just repeat this process! If you manage to pick up all the shiny diamonds,
then go back and try to get the yellow spheres! You can shoot yourself
back up the half pipe by landing a jump and then angling your board towards
the beginning of the half pipe. I suggest not going at an angle more than
45 degrees, because you want to be able to get some air, so that you can land
in the first part of the half pipe, and still have momentum to continue jumping. 

3. Time to go! When you're down to about 10-15 seconds left you will want to
think about getting to that finish line pronto! There are a couple of ways
to get there. The first which is little risky, but certainly yields more
points (and is my personal favorite) is to make sure that you are at the very
end of the half pipe, and pull the same kind of 45 degree angle jump that you
would use to make your way back up the half pipe, but only this time, instead
of angling your jump so that it faces the beginning of the half pipe, youíll
want to angle so that you're shooting towards the finish line. The camera angle
is a little weird off this jump, so be forewarned, but I can tell you that if
hit it well you should be able to do at least 3 ubers before you land! With any
luck you should land in front of the finish line and cruise in for a score of
anywhere between 700,000- 1,000,000+ !!! The other way is to simply land that
last jump, and right when you land make a hard turn for the finish line, 
sometimes I have trouble stopping my momentum, and instead of turning sharply
and cruising towards the finish line on the ground, I will fly up and take
another jump, in which case I run out of time. But if you can get your character
to turn sharply enough so that they donít jump and just head for the finish
on the ground, then this method works just fine!! Have fun and good luck!!

TIP: Author - Ghoti
Do a few tricks as you approach the start gate, and you'll come off the starting
line with some gas in your boost meter already. 

If you're not Uber by the time you hit the first jump in the pipe, you can be so
easily by mixing up each of the Uber grabs; I can usually get UBER spelled out
and can usually get 'SUP' or so of the next level of tricks. Once you're 
Super-Uber, nail those SuperUbertricks with style (go for Stalls, Off-Axes,
and Inverts for max style points). Always land with a tail or nose press
for a freebie Combo link in your chain. If you get 10 jumps, that's 10 more
tricks in the Combo!

Heat 1: Beat 3:07
Heat 2: Beat 3:02
Heat 3: Beat 2:48-2:54
Platinum: 2:30

Walkthrough Author: UltimateApocalypse
Walkthrough Goal - Platinum, or under 2:20
Skill Level: Moderate

NOTE: When I say do uber off a jump, I mean if your boost is not full.
As you all know, big jump sometimes take more time because you *stay* in the
air for quite a bit. So only jump and do uber if you need the boost. If the
following procedures are done correctly, you should be able to use boost all
the time and finish the race with 2:20 or less. Good Luck!

1. Out of the gate punch someone then do 2 ubers of the jump. If you 
cannot do it, then just do a trick + spin + flip of the first jump and your
boost meter should be full when you land.

2. Right after you land, go to the left where you see a SSX sign.
Grind the rail and do an uber on rail. After you land, you should see two
rails ahead, one straight ahead, the other to your right. Go to the one on
your right, grind a rail and do an uber on rail.

3. Now there is a big jump ahead, aim for the center of the building
where you will break the glass. Be careful do not jump too high or you will
hit the building. You should be able to do 3 ubers from this jump.

4. After you land, aim for the center of the track where a narrow pathway
goes between the buildings. There is a jump and a Trick Boost at end of the pathway,
do 3 ubers. You should fly over the main track and the billboard, land on a narrow
track between the buildings.

5. Keep going between the buildings and do 2 ubers on the last jump.

6. After you land, you should see a little ramp ahead which leads to the
covered bridge. Aim straight for the ramp and do 1 uber.

7. Right after you land, you should aim a little to the left. A section of the
bridge is broken, you have to jump over the gap and land on the second part of
the bridge. If you aim to the left correctly, you should land on the side of 
the bridge and grind all the way down.

8. One the left hand said, you should see a SSX sign, go through the sign
there is a jump. The main track goes under the ramp and there is a REALLY tall
building ahead. (I personally could not jump over the building). Align the bottom
of your board to the building so that you will not tumble.

9. After you fall to the bottom of the building, you should land right on
a fence and grind all the way down, and you should fly over the train.

10. Right in front of you is a Speed Boost and a ramp with a Trick Boost. If
your Super Uber is not full, do ubers off the ramp with the Trick Boost. Or, take 
the left of the ramp and head down the slope.

11. On your left, you should be able to see a rail, grind the rail and you should
land on another rail. After the second rail, there is a red jump.

12. You can do a uber off the red jump if your Super Uber meter is not full.

13. You should see the track turns right with a rail in the center. Grind the rail.

14.   After you are off the rail, the track turns sharply to the left. Right after 
the turn, you should see a rail on the right hand side of the track. Get on the rail.

15. Off the rail, the track should turn right with a red jump and a Trick Boost.
DO NOT take the red jump. Instead, go to the left of the track before it reaches
the red jump. If you aim correctly, you should fly a short distance  and land on
a rail.

16. Go all the way down the rail, with the correct speed, you should land on 
another rail.

17. After the second rail, you will see a red jump ahead, do 2 ubers off the jump.

18. Another red jump ahead, jump and do uber, or not if your boost is full, 
and break the glass.

19. Aim for the center and grind the pipe all the way down and you will see
the track turn right with a rail on the center.

20. You probably will not be able to grind the rail from the start with the
velocity you gained from the pipe. So, aim for the center section of the pipe
where it makes a almost 90 degrees turn to the right. Right before you reach
the rail, do a little jump and that should make you grind the rail.

21. All the way down, you should see 2 red jumps. Then a pipe in the center
of the track with red jumps on the side. Go on the pipe and boost all the way
to the finish line.

       Big Air
Qualifying: 60,000
Final: 70,000
Platinum: 300,000

Walthrough Author: MrChaos
Walkthrough Goal - 250,000
Skill Level - Hard

*Please note that all moves must be linked with a board-press if you want 
to achieve a high score.. Also this was done with a full powered up Mac.* 

1. Immediately out of the gate, do a misty/rodeo. 

2. Do 2 misty/rodeos off the next jump. This should give you full adrenaline. 

3. Launch off the next ramp doing whatever uber you want with some spins for
   around 20-25K. 

4. When you land, get ready to do an uber off the next the pipe ramp also nailing
    the 3000 point bonus... You can get around 20K here... 

5. When you land, board-press to finish, but quickly turn around and head toward 
   the long rail. 

6. If you get on the rail slow enough, you can do a rail uber for about 10K.

      SNOW JAM  
Heat 1: Beat 3:12
Heat 2: Beat 3:14
Heat 3: Beat 3:00-3:07
Platinum: 2:30

Walthrough Author: YoshiXL
Walkthrough Goal - 2:30
Skill Level - Hard

1. Out of the gate punch someone.

2. At first red jump hit 3 ubers, Follow the next red jump with 6-7 ubers.

3. Take the upcoming right turn on left side take the log, keep the line and
you' ll find another log when you land positioned the same way. Again keep
the line.

4. Next, there is an ssx sign to your left, take it a cautious speed.
Grind the upcoming logs. 

5. Straight ahead is a nice red jump, dont take it, instead go left of it and
keep boosting. Ahead is a trick boost with a jump. Slow down at that point
so you don't fly out of control plus you want to grind a log thats on your
right when you land.

6. Keep the line then repeat with 2nd log when you land. 

7. Time to refill boost. Jump over next logs on ground with ubers. After the 2nd
log there is a jump thats hard to see, jump it with an uber.

8. Straight ahead is a pair of red jumps, take em with ubers.  After 2nd red jump
make a sharp left and jump with your last (hopefully) uber.  Now boost freely
and don't jump!!

9. There should be a hidden log to the left to grind, then another if you
keep a good line. 

10. Now stay on the main path and boost and near the end there is a bridge with a
trick boost and lots of cables. Grind it if you can then ahead you'll see the
last red jump. Dont take it, instead head  left to it and go smoothly but fast
to the finish line!!! 


Walthrough Author: gondee
Walkthrough Source: FirebrandX
Walkthrough Goal - 2:20
Skill Level - Master

1. Out of the gate, punch someone to get full boost and do an Uber off the 
first jump. Skip the next big ramp in the middle and instead ski off to the 
side, doing two more Ubers once you hit air off the decline. 

2. Go around the next right turn and look for a wood branch that makes a ramp off 
the turn. Boost off that, doing a rail Uber and do another Uber as you land. 
This shortcut will put you over the hill directly by the next jump. Look for 
yet ANOTHER branch that comes out of the left of the jump. Boost off that, 
doing yet another Uber. 

3. You will land by an "Out of Bounds" sign (ignore it) and a metal structure
that you ski under as you continue on the track. Do an uber off the ramp past 
this and continue down the track. Go over the next drop off and look for a 
blue rail that pops up from the middle of the track. Ride it, doing a Rail 
Uber on it and continue down the track. 

4. Up ahead you will see the double ramp that looks tempting to jump off of, 
but ignore it and instead ski past it on the right side. You will cross cut the
next turn and continue down the track until you reach the big ramp that
sends you through a misty dropoff into the forest. Do any remaining Ubers you 
need to here to get to Super Uber status. 

5. Ahead you will see a right turn, then a left turn past the big trees in 
this area. Go around both, (don't jump over the embankments as tempting as it 
might be) and immediately after the left turn (past a big tree on the right)
look for an "Out of Bounds" sign and break through that. 

6. Ski down this path until you reach a green rail and boost down that. You 
will go over a large log (very cool) and make SURE you jump at the end - 
you are aiming for the large hollow log "loop" ahead. You must make it through
this loop to continue on the shortcut. 

7. Once you have made it past the loop, look for a speed boost ahead (lightning
bolt) and catch it. You will ski through another quick tunnel of a tree and 
catch another green rail coming out of it. Hop to a second rail and then jump 
off the end back onto the regular track. 

8. Cut immediately to the right (past the turn) and look for a jump ahead - 
jump off the track to the left of the ramp and shoot for the space by
the huge tree ahead. Go to the RIGHT of the big tree once you are there and 
catch a wooden rail that pops out above the track. Follow it around the right 
turn, doing any additional ubers you need to to continue having SUPER UBER 
status. As you go off the rail you will pop through a small rock tunnel and back
onto the regular course. Go over the small yellow ramp ahead and down the main

9. Ahead to the immediate left after the rock tunnel is a wooden branch you must
grind (look for two purple flares showing the location). Grind this and fly off 
the end, connecting with a second additional branch below that shoots you back
over a hillside and back onto the track. 

10. You now continue down the main path for a ways - bisect corners and do not
jump over the small ramps to save time. After another short jump you will see 
a bridge ahead. Grind the rails on the bridge to the right and do a short trick
at the end. You'll go through a quick Ice Loop here as well. 

11. Ahead is one final jump - ignore it and instead ski off to the side of it 
and boost your way to the finish line! 

Qualifying: 250,000
Final: 300,000
Platinum: 1,500,000

Walthrough Author: MrChaos
Walkthrough Goal - 1 Million - 1.1 Million
Skill Level - Master

*Please note that all moves must be linked together to achieve this high score* 

1. Immediately out of the gate, do 2 misty/rodeos off the first hill. 

2. Get on the very right rail and pre-wind. Launch off the rail hitting
an uber through the 3X. 

3. If you did step #2 right, you should now be on a rail. Toward the end
of the rail there is a 5X. Do a quick 2 misty/rodeo uber off it for about
40-50K. TARGET SCORE: 90K 

4. When you get off the rail, follow the path doing a few misty/rodeos for
some quick points. 

5. You will come to an area with a rail. Get onto the rail and hold a rail
uber until the end. 

6. When you get off, veer to the right and get on a rail holding a rail uber
for around 12K. 

7. Getting off this rail, you will see an upcoming hill. Jump over it with 2
misty/rodeos. Get ready to pre-wind off the next hill. Launch off it and fly
through the 5X netting yourself an easy 130K-150K. 

8. When you hit the ground, go to the right. You will enter this cave type area.
Straight ahead you should see a hill with a 3X in the air. Launch off the hill
doing an uber through the 3X. 

9. When you land, if you land right, you will have enough momentum to zoom up
the pipe and hit a 10X for around 140K. TARGET SCORE: 600K-650K 

10. When you land, you will see 3 rails. Get on the very left rail and do a
rail uber. 

11. Getting off the rail, get onto the tree branch and launch into the air
doing an uber for about 10-12K. 

12. Landing, jump off the right incline doing 2 quick misty/rodeos. 

13. If you jumped right, you will land on a huge fallen tree. Speed off it and
jump through the 3X doing an uber for around 30K. 

14. When you land, you will see an upcoming ramp. Launch off it and do an uber
through the 3X high in the air. This can net you around 80-95K.

15. Next, you will see a blue rail. Get on it and hold an uber. Do the same for
the next rail, but let go halfway into the air. 

16. Off the next the ramp to the right, do an uber for about 15K. 

17. When you land, get on the right rail and fly through the 10X doing an uber
for about 120-150K. 

*If you followed this guide correctly, you can easily get well over 1 Million*

Happiness Race: 3:15-3:20
Happiness Race Platinum: 2:45
Happiness Jam: 65,000-70,000
Happiness Jam Platinum: 400,000

     PEAK 1 Race
    Time Challenge
Peak 1 Race: 13:20

      PEAK 1 JAM 
    Score Challenge
Peak 1 Jam: 130,000 

                                      Peak Two

Heat 1: 3:17
Heat 2: 3:15
Heat 3: 3:06-3:15
Platinum: 2:45

Qualifying: 350,000
Final: 450,000
Platinum: 1,000,000

Walthrough Author: MrChaos
Walkthrough Goal - 2,500,00
Skill Level - Master (!)

Style Mile guide with MONSTER TRICKS: 

*Please note, this guide was done with a fully powered up Mac with all 11 stats* 

1. Out of the gate, do 3 mistys through the 2X with some grabs. This should give
you full adrenaline. 

2. When you land, do at least 3 different ubers over the next hill. 

3. Next, do 1 long uber through the 2X to the right. 

4. Veer to the right and get read to do whatever monster trick through the 10X
for an easy 275K-300K. 

5. Do any monster trick you want off the middle hill through the 3X for an easy
75-80K. Target Score: 420K-450K. 

6. When you land, veer left and prepare to boost up the hill while holding a
board press. Let go near the top. If you did this correctly you can pull 
off a monster trick and attract the 2X. This can net you 40K. 

7. Landing, do an uber off the next little slope. 

8. Veer to the right to see a little a green hill. Do any monster trick for
about 15K.
9. Next, you will see a green rail. Get on it and hold a rail uber. 

10. Do any monster trick you want off the next hill through the 3X for an easy 80K. 
10. Don't boost off the next hill. Do a simple uber through the 3X.
11. Next, hold a board-press and start to boost up the hill. Jump midway and do
any monster trick you want through the 10X for an easy 250-275K. 
Target Score: 850K-875K 

12. Get on the next immediate right green rail. When you get on it, jump off
doing an uber. 

13. Boost off the next hill doing an uber. 

14. When you land, veer to the left. You will see a green hill. Launch off it
about halfway doing an uber through the 2X for about 30-35K. 

15. Veer to the right and jump off the hill halfway up. If you do this
correctly, you will launch over the rocks and hit the 2X.
Target Score: 950K-1 Million 

16. Next, you will see an upcoming hill to the left. Launch off it doing a
monster trick through the 2X for an easy 40K. 

17. Launch off the next hill attempting to hit the 5X with an uber. 

18. Go past the house on the right. There is a short incline where you can
do an uber for about 10K. 

19. You will see an upcoming green rail. Get on it and hold a rail uber
hitting the 2X for 40K. 

20. Do the same on the next rail, but make sure you have SUPER UBER all
highlighted out so you can easily do the next part. 

21. NExt, you will see an upcoming hill. If you launch off it at the
right time, you can do a monster trick through the 10X for an easy

22. When you land, you will see a green loop de loop rail. Get on it
and go around. Do a monster trick off it through the 5X for an easy

23. You should have a good 30-40 seconds left. Spend them doing
random flips and mistys.

Qualifying: 220,000
Final: 260,000
Platinum: 800,000

Walthrough Author: gondee
Walkthrough Goal - 600,000+
Skill Level - Hard

Superpipe may seem easy, but it is actually pretty challenging to get 
high scores. Schizophrenia is a very aggravating superpipe, because it 
has higher walls than either of the other two Superpipes and it's very
easy to lose your combo and crash if you do not start off well. You 
also only get 2 minutes to jump here, so your scores will be lower 
than the other pipes.

There are a few basic things to remember on all Superpipes: 

1) Holding ONE single Uber per jump ALWAYS scores more than doing several.
Holding it allows the Uber to build up its score and you also will get a 
4000 point "Style" bonus for holding a single Uber the entire time. 

2) You should ALWAYS boost when you prewind your jumps - boosting makes 
your jumps so much better than not that it's not even an issue not to 

3) Change spin/flip directions often to avoid duplicating tricks. Throw a 
stall or late flip/spin in there to differentiate each trick. 

4) To reach monumental scores, you MUST keep a single combo going from start
until you cross the finish line. This huge combo bonus is what makes the 
scores for Platinum medals possible.  


1. Coming out of the track, find a way to build up your boost meter. A 
quick Misty/Rodeo or such is usually the best way. Do a few to build up 
your combo meter as well. 

2. As you enter the first jump, you want to get to yellow Uber bar status
ASAP. Be sure to enter that first jump with enough speed to get decent 
air, because if you don't, Schizophrenia's high walls will make it next
to impossible to get a decent combo going. Basically, my motto is if you 
crash, start over. 

3. Do a misty/rodeo grab and enter the second jump with yellow bar status. 
As you land from your first jump, prewind a direction and hold BOTH the 
jump button and the boost button. Holding the boost button is the key to 
getting big air in superpipe. By this time you should have a combo between 
5-10 going - you don't want to lose this combo because it is what gives you
the big bonus at the end that allows you to get the Platinum medals. As you 
enter your third jump, you have two options: 1) either do 4 quick level one
Ubers to get to Level 2 status, or hold one Level 1 Uber on each jump. I 
personally go for the 4 level 1 Ubers so I can get to the higher scoring 
Level 2 ones. 

4. Once you have reached Level 2 status, the pipe mainly becomes automatic. 
You may have the temptation to handplant into one of the alternate pipes 
on either side, but experience has told me that doing so always kills your
momentum and makes it hard to continue your combo. Additionally, the pipes
on the side have much shorter walls than the middle one and can throw off 
your timing if you are used to staying in the middle pipe. The bonuses on
the side ones are just not lucrative enough to make it worth switching. As
with all the Pipes in the game, stay in the middle one the entire time. 

5. After four jumps, you will find yourself near the end of the pipe. 
Watch out for this - it's very easy to jump too far and fly out of Schizo. 
As you get near the end, tap the left analog stick BACK towards the 
beginning of Schizo and jump that way. If you fly out of Schizo and land
on the area outside, you CANNOT get back in. 

5. Each trick you do in Schizophrenia should be different - you want to 
avoid duplicating tricks as it kills your score. You should be getting big
enough air to go up past the banners way up above Schizo (you can handplant
onto these, and while it looks cool provides no discernable advantage.) 
If you are well below that, you are not getting all the air you should.
Try to jump about 3/4 of a board length from the top of the walls, this
makes your character get maximum air time. 

6. Continue jumping in Schizo until the timer reaches around 15 seconds. 
You can either ride towards the finish line (use the board press to 
continue your combo all the way to the line) or on your last jump, point
yourself at a 45 degree angle so you jump OUT of the pipe and towards 
the finish line. If you are lucky, you can get a long Uber in right before
the clock hits zero. 

7. Remember that you need a complete, uninterrupted combo from start to 
finish to get the best possible score and win the platinum medal. 
With any luck (and practice) you can get platinum plus a few hundred K on 
Schizo. Good luck! :)

Heat 1: 3:11
Heat 2: 3:04
Heat 3: 3:03-3:14
Platinum: 2:40

      Big Air 
Qualifying: 90,000
Final: 120,000
Platinum: 200,000

Walthrough Author: MrChaos
Walkthrough Goal - 250,000 - 300,000
Skill Level - Master

*Please note that all moves must be linked together if you want to
achieve a high score. Also note that this run was done with a 
fully powered up Mac.* 

1. Out of the gate, do 1 misty off the first hill followed by 2 misty/rodeos.
   This should give you full adrenaline setting you up for the next jump. 

2. Do any uber off the nexr hill making sure to hit the 2,000 point bonus.
3. When you land, do another uber off the hill. Make sure to hit the 10,000
   point bonus for it is crucial to getting a high score.
4. Landing, launch off the hill and hit the 5,000 point bonus with an uber.
5. Board-press to the finish line but quickly turn around and head to the rail.
6. Get on the rail and do a rail uber for about 10K before crossing the finishing line.

Ruthless Race: 3:25-3:30
Ruthless Race Platinum: 3:15
Ruthless Jam: 140,000-150,000
Ruthless Jam Platinum: 500,000

     PEAK 2 Race
    Time Challenge
Peak 2 Race: 19:00

      PEAK 2 JAM 
    Score Challenge
Peak 2 Jam: 350,000

                                      Peak Three

Qualifying: 650,000
Final: 750,000
Platinum: 1,200,000

Walthrough Author: MrChaos
Walkthrough Goal - 1.7 Million
Skill Level - Master

*Please note, this guide was done with a fully powered up Mac, all 11 stats* 

1. Out of the gate, do 2 mistys. If you did tricks before the start of 
the course, you should now have full adrenaline. 

2. Do 4 ubers through the 2X in the air. 

3. Veer right and you will see an upcoming yellow rail. Try to either A. Jump
off the hill doing a monster trick through the 10X or B. Get on the rail and
jump off it doing a monster trick through the 10X. Target Score: 200K-220K. 

4. When you land, you will see a red hill. Launch off it doing whatever uber
you want. 

5. Next, veer left and do a monster trick through the 2X for 40K. 

6. Landing, you will eventually come to a green hill. Launch off it on the
right side doing a monster trick through the 5X for an easy 100-110K. 

7. Do whatever uber you want off the next jump after landing step 6. 

8. You will see an upcoming red hill. If you launch off it correctly,
you can do a monster trick through the 2X for an easy 45K. 

9. When you land, you will see a red hill to the left. Now comes the
tough part. You want to launch off this hill on the right side of it
with a good amount of boost. If you do this correctly, which can be
tough, you will be able to a monster trick through the 10X for an
easy 300-320K. 

10. Landing, do a simple uber off the next hill trying to hit the 2K point bonus. 

11. Go straight ahead and do a monster trick off the next hill for 20-25K. 

12. Veer right and you will see a long curving yellow rail. Get on it and
hold a rail uber. 

13. Do the same for the next rail through the 3X for 40-50K. 

14. Get on the next rail, but jump off hitting the 2X. 

15. Do a simple uber off the next hill for 10K. 

16. Do a monster trick off the next red hill. If you launch off this 
hill correctly, you will come down and attract a 2X for an easy 40K.
Target Score: 800-850K. 

17. Go straight ahead and do an uber off the next hill. 

18. Now comes the crucial part to getting a high score. Straight ahead
are a trio of hills. Veer left and launch off the hill. If you do this
correctly, you will be able to hit a monster trick through the 10X 
netting you upwards of 400K!!!!

Qualifying: 500,000
Final: 540,000
Platinum: 900,000

Walthrough Author: gondee
Walkthrough Goal - 1,200,000
Skill Level - Master

Perpendiculous is my (and a lot of other people's) favorite halfpipe. The 
design is very well done and you are given 2:30 to do tricks here. It's 
very satisfying to have a great run and watch your score bust 1 million 
points here. 

There are a few basic things to remember on all Superpipes: 

1) Holding ONE single Uber per jump ALWAYS scores more than doing several.
Holding it allows the Uber to build up it's score and you also will get a 
4000 point "Style" bonus for holding a single Uber the entire time. 

2) You should ALWAYS boost when you prewind your jumps - boosting makes 
your jumps so much better than not that it's not even an issue not to 

3) Change spin/flip directions often to avoid duplicating tricks. Throw a 
stall or late flip/spin in there to differentiate each trick. 

4) To reach monumental scores, you MUST keep a single combo going from start
until you cross the finish line. This huge combo bonus is what makes the 
scores for Platinum medals possible. 


1) Coming out the gates, do a few tricks to build up your boost and your
combo meter. Keeping a continuous combo is essential if you want Platinum
on any of the Superpipes. 

2) Be sure to enter that first jump with enough speed to get decent 
air, so you can reach Yellow bar status ASAP. 
3) Do a misty/rodeo grab and enter the second jump with yellow bar status. 
By this time you should have a combo between 5-10 going. As you 
enter your third jump, you have two options: 1) either do 4 quick level one
Ubers to get to Level 2 status, or hold one Level 1 Uber on each jump. I 
personally go for the 4 level 1 Ubers so I can get to the higher scoring 
Level 2 ones. 

4) Once you have reached Level 2 status, the pipe mainly becomes automatic. 
The biggest question anyone ever asks on Perpendiculous is "How do I get 
into the Upper Halfpipes." Near the very end of the pipe, there are very short,
red rails attached to the upper pipes. The trick is to jump without doing any 
big tricks and HANDPLANTING onto these red rails and then dropping down 
into the upper pipes. You must reach the level of these pipes to handplant into
them - a good strategy is just to jump and then hold down the handplant button. 
Many times you will gravitate towards the rail and handplant onto it. 

5) There are 2,000 (yellow) and 5,000 (dark blue) point bonuses in the main center
pipe, and 5,000 and 10,000 point bonuses in the upper pipes. So, you say, this 
means I should get into the upper pipes ASAP, right? Well, no, not really. :) 
The problem with getting into the Upper Pipes is once you handplant onto the 
red rail and then are successful in dropping into the halfpipe, (not always 
a sure thing) your momentum is COMPLETELY killed. If you do not immediately 
boost, jump and do a short grab, you will lose your combo, and that is the
single biggest no-no in Superpipe next to crashing. The additional problem 
with the upper pipes is that the red 10,000 point bonuses are very difficult
to get, and if you have to restart your momentum in the upper pipe, it will 
take 4-5 jumps to do so. All the while you could have been getting massive 
air in the middle pipe, so you are losing tens of thousands of points in 
going to the upper pipes. IMO it is not worth the time and difficulty to
get into the upper pipes. Even if you get every SINGLE red 10K bonus (around
80-100K,) I would calculate you would have lost 200K in score you could 
have gotten doing regular tricks in the middle pipe. It's up to you, however.
Having scored 1.6 mil in Perp though, I like to think I'm on the right path. :) 

6. As you jump in Perp, you will approach the end of the Pipe. The end of 
Perp is not as dangerous as Schizo, so you can hang around the end doing 
tricks and not be in too much danger. However, it is always a good idea 
not to play with fire, so stay in the final 1/3 of the pipe and shoot 
back towards the middle if you are straying out of the pipe. 

7) Continue jumping in Perpendiculous until the timer reaches around 10 seconds. 
You can either ride towards the finish line (use the board press to 
continue your combo all the way to the line) or on your last jump, point
yourself at a 45 degree angle so you jump OUT of the pipe and towards 
the finish line. The second method is preferable because as you fly out 
of the pipe, you can do one final big trick, and you will land on rails
that are outside the pipe. These rails are there so you can land on them, 
and as the clock is ticking down to below 5 seconds, boost off the rails and
immediately past the finish line. Perpendiculous is immaculately designed. :) 

8. Remember that you need a complete, uninterrupted combo from start to 
finish to get the best possible score and win the platinum medal. 
With any luck (and practice) you can get platinum plus a few hundred K on 
Perpendiculous. Good luck! :)

Heat 1: 3:00
Heat 2: 2:57
Heat 3: 2:41-2:48
Platinum: 2:40

       Big Air 
Qualifying: 160,000
Final: 180,000
Platinum: 200,000

Walthrough Author: countercycle
Walkthrough Goal - 1st-200K+, 2nd - 290K
Skill Level - Hard

This is a very important track, because it's the quickest way to earn 
money in the game: $50K for a platinum (200K) in about 2-3 minutes. 

Runs for when you don't start with boost: 

1) Board press out of the gate, then do a rodeo shifty very quickly. Land, 
do another board press, let go, do another board press, and then take the
first ramp. Getting your combo high will increase the combo points from the
first real tricks, so this is important. 

2) Off the first ramp, you're going to do a wild spinning rodeo/misty shifty,
holding it for a very long time. At the same time, rotate the d-pad in a 
semi-slow 360 motion to get more points. If you land near the second ramp 
(the left one, not the right one below), then just continue on: if not, make
sure to board press your way there. 

3) The second ramp is the hardest part of this run: you need to hit this jump,
do four level one ubers, and most importantly, land on the upper platform.
Boost up the ramp, and release right at the very top, and you should make.
Too early and you're likely to charge a punch: too late and you'll land on the
lower area (not all is lost, see 3b). The Can Opener (R1+[]) is your slowest
level 1 uber. Avoid it. Continuing spinning and d-pad rotating. 

3b) If you don't hit the jump platform, make sure to hold that fourth uber as
long as you can for more points. You'll need to keep your combo going, and hit
a massive jump on the ramp here (I've had luck with both sides) to get back up
to the top tier. If you do this, you can usually throw in a held level 2 uber
to get even more points. If you don't land on the top tier, restart. 

4) Land, and you'll have another quick ramp to take: don't take this at full
speed or you'll overshoot your next landing area, and not be able to make the
next jump. Do one held level 2 uber. 

5) The next jump is very short: just do a one rodeo shifty. 

6) Now you've got your big jump: you usually won't have to board press here,
so just boost, prewind, and take a big jump, and just hold the level 2 uber
for dear life. Make sure you're using a very long, high-scoring uber like
the acrobat or superman barspin. 

7) You should have 20-25 seconds left, so mess around on the bottom until
you're all done. 

* The Even Better Run (when you start with boost) (My record 290K): 

1) If you start with a near full boost meter, you should be able to get to
level 1 uber by the first ramp: on the first ramp, you will usually be able
to get out three level one ubers. 

2) Now, on the second ramp, you can do one long level one or level two uber,
which will be worth many more points. 

Even more improvements still: 

1) You could mess around at the beginning to get full boost before the first
jump regardless of heat. 

2) While it's more difficult in my opinion, there are more points to be had
by not taking the top route the entire time, but rather doing one long held
uber on the second ramp, followed by an uber going back up to the top on the
next jump. 

3) Monster tricks. Obviously. 

The Throne Race: 2:40-2:45
The Throne Race Platinum: 2:25
The Throne Jam: 230,000-260,000
The Throne Jam Platinum: 500,000

    Time Challenge
All Peak Race: 30:00

    Score Challenge
All Peak Jam: 1,000,000

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Where are all the walkthroughs? 

A. You have written one yet! :) You think I'm good enough to fill in the rest of these
tracks? Seriously, if you know how to get gold or better on one of the tracks, write up
a guide and send it in. I'll take any and all submissions at this point. :) 


                              SECTION THREE: CHALLENGES

The CHALLENGES section will list all 88 BIG Challenges in the game and offer a 
paragraph or two on how to pass them. Not to be taken lightly, the BIG Challenges are 
some of the most difficult parts of the game, and each Challenge will be rated in 
difficulty from "easy" to "Master". The reward for each Challenge will be listed as 
well, so you can pick those challenges you want to do to get the rewards you want 
the earliest.

A. BIG Challenges
Below is a list of each BIG Challenges you need to complete in the game in order to get 
100 percent. The list is long and organized by track. Each big challenge will contain a 
paragraph-long description on how to beat it. Each BIG Challenge has a name, type and
You need to pass each challenge to have it count towards your 100% completion rate.
However, each time you complete a challenge, it will get more difficult the next time, 
signified by a change in the pillar of light that signifies a big challenge. 
1st time - Green, 2nd - Blue, 3rd - Red, Final - White. There for each BIG challenge
must be passed 3 times.

Remember that a big challenge is not beaten until you've gotten the challenge to turn
white. As CpD 4224 puts it: "I didnt get this at first but a BIG challenge isn't beaten
until the light becomes white. So I was missing a ton of challenges I didn't even know
were there. Once you beat some of them once it'll turn blue, and its a little harder,
beat it again. than it'll turn red, its the hardest, beat that and you're done with it.
Remember, it's not done until it's white."

1) "Air Time" challenges: sometimes, jumping can help -- if you jump right before the
lip of a big drop-off that you've managed to point yourself at, you'll get only a
little air before landing on the side of the dropoff, and can switchback from there. 

2) A lot of challenges aren't timed. This can make them very, very easy. Spend your 
time going slow if you need to, or doing little tricks to build up your point totals
on point challenges if you need to. Remember, standing in one place doing a misty is 
relatively easy and is 3000 points towards a difficult point goal. 

3) Some of the slalom challenges are also untimed, so you can slowly inch downwards
looking for the next gate.

                                         PEAK 1
Session Points for Peak 1 

Author: Vix

The challenge is located in between the two points so start at the first point, duh!  

Stay Grounded: 6-7 
Danger: 5-6, the challenge is located right before the start of session point 6, 
             best to start at five and go from there. 
Dizzy Spells: 1-2 
Go Spelunking: 1-2 
Jump: 1-2 

Speed Demon: 1-2 
What Sign: 2-3 
Loop the Tunnel: 7 
Camel Back: 7 
Point Challenge: 2-3 
Thread teh Needles: 3-4 

Warm-up Gates: 2-3 
Point Challenge: 2-3 
Flip Flop Fun: 8 
Grinding Tin: 3-4 

- R&B 
Play Safe: 2-3 
Seek and Slide: 2-3 
Time Challenge: 7 
Tight Rope Artist: 2-3 

       SNOW JAM

Thread the Needles 
Jump though hoops, perform a particular trick or combo logs depending on the level.
Point Challenge 
Grab big points, depending on the level
Camel Backs
Do four grabs off four small hills. 
Loop the Tunnel
Ride the stone loop in the track

All you need to do is approach the left side of the loop and board onto it, 
apply boost and you should go completely through it, like a loop-de-loop
on a roller coaster. Watch out for some rocks near the end of the loop. 

Tip Author: ssxtitan

- just before large tunnel, about 3/4 of the way down 
- ride through the entire inner surface of the tunnel which forms a loop 
- use boost, and the stick it seems to be easier, and watch out for the
  rocks on upper right part of ceiling. 

What Sign?
Grind the entire billboard and watch it fall over.
Speed Demon
Navigate through gates within a specific time period. 

Tip Author: ssxtitan

- Just before extremely large jump in begining 
- ride through all the race gates before time runs out 
- watch out for rails, and one gate is hiding down and to the left
  of large jump. I think it's like the 10th gate 


Warm-up Gates
Pass through all the gates. 

There are 36 gates you need to hit in this challenge. There are two you need 
to jump through, and once you have jumped through each, slow down completely
as there are other gates close by you may need to hit. It is okay to turn 
around and go through the gates backward if you need to, but in some cases
if you miss the gates you should just restart. 

Tip Author: ssxtitan

- beginning on right, just before first turn 
- make it to the bottom without missing a gate 
- youíll probably have to take it a couple times to remember all the gates,
  and the right path 

Point Challenge 
Get a specific number of points on Metro City

This challenge will ask you to achieve a certain point total while
racing down Metro City. Relatively simple, just look for places to 
achieve combos and do more than one jump, like the "quarter pipe"
left turn about halfway through. 
Flip Flop Fun
Perform a front flip and double backflip.

This is very simple - simply do a backflip then front flip as required. 

Grinding Tin
Grind the four rooftops of the covered bridge.
Walkthrough Author: confessor

1. Make sure that you have max stats. Boost will also help, muchly. 

2. Cross the gap between the straight and curved overpasses using the
ramp... IIRC, you shouldn't even need to jump. 

3. Aim for the center of the road before you hit the next gap. 

4. Jump JUST in time, so the 'natural' boost that would normally help
you cross the gap without jumping will propel your character to the

5. From there, it's on autopilot... just don't do something stupid
like JUMPING again. 


Pop the Kitty 
GOAL: Pop the balloons
This Challenge will ask you to pop the balloons in mid air, first just popping them,
then doing tricks and other requirements. Be careful not to overjump, as that is 
certainly easy to do. 

Walkthrough Author: Silverstarfire

First level: Pop the balloons. The first one is right in line with
your start anyway; swing left to the higher ramp for the second, and
stay parallel with and just left of the pre-programmed line (someone
else's track on the course) for the third one.

Second level: Do the called tricks as well. Follow the same line you
use from the Green level, and do a trick on the way through each
balloon. First is a forward flip, second is a 360 spin, and third is a
double backflip.

Third level: Pop the balloons and score 50,000 points. Get uber on the
way here. Follow the same line as the first two challenges, and
perform at least two misty ubertricks through each of the first two
jumps; string them together with a boardpress. By the time you hit the
third jump, you should be at 30-35K just from the ubers, let alone the
combo. If you aren't/didn't combo the first two jumps, perform a
2-button (L1+L2 or R1+R2) uber, and spin a LOT on the third jump.

TIP: antimony

Pop the first two balloons, and then use the big jump as a half-pipe until you 
have the correct point total. Then pop the last balloon. (It's tricky to pop the
last one and still point back into the half-pipe, so do it after maxing points.)
Also, this one is actually somewhat easier with low character stats -- hitting
balloon number 2 is basically automatic if you can't jump well, but a more 
powerful character will fly over it. 

Reach for the Sky 
You must jump a certain height into the air in this challenge. This height 
requirement gets higher each time you do the challenge. 

Walkthrough Author: Silverstarfire

First level: 20 meters
Second level: 28 m
Third level: 32 m

Get your boost bar filled up on the way to this challenge, and use it
right up until you launch, especially on the final jump. You may need
to improve attributes (Speed and possibly Acceleration) before being
able to do level 3.
Walkthrough Author: ssxtitan

- right before railroad bridge on the right 
- get at least 20m of height off the last jump in the big air event-
 go for one super big jump right away then finish, jump right at the
end of the jump and use boost for max height 


Play Safe 
Here is a challenge where you cannot crash before you make it to the bottom
of the course. This can be very challenging, but the first time you should
just focus on taking it slow and not doing anything crazy. 

During later levels, you must meet a points requirement as well. THAT is 
when the creative thinking and skill are required. 

Seek and Slide 
This challenge makes you grind different objects, each with a different 
difficulty level. 

Tip Author: Silverstarfire

When you first see the challenge, you immediately start thinking about
how many rails you can find, right? Try just hopping on one rail: you
can get up to six of the eight grinds in the first level challenge
on the first rail you come to. Same thing with the noseslide level:
do a noseslide, put it down, do another, repeat. You can complete
the whole challenge in three rails at most doing it this way.
Time Challenge
You must race to the bottom of R&B within a strict time period.
Tight Rope Artist
You have to perform very specific rail tricks here.

Tip Author: ssxtitan

- beginning down and to right 
- do the rail tricks as they are called out 
- lots of rails on the right side, long ones too, I kept going back up
  hill to use the same rail 

Additional little tips that help: 

You use the D-pad to spin a 360 while you are on the rail. Your 
character will rotate the board and if you do it enough times that
will be a 360.

You can also spin while grinding by rotating the right analog
stick. Start the spin slowly and then speed it up and your character
will do a 360 on the rail.

Also, if you are having difficulty doing a handspring, simply tap
the handplant button (circle or triangle depending on 
setting) and let go. Do NOT hold the button or it will be a handSTAND. 


Brash Bash 
You are having a flashback to Pipedream in SSX Tricky with this
challenge. It's not terribly difficult - stay in the front part 
of the pipe and jump, trying to break the pains of glass. You 
may consider changing your camera to gauge where the panes of
glass are if you need to. 

Tip Author: ssxtitan

- Right before the pipe 
- break all 7 of the yellow pains of glass within the 2 minutes 
- donít use too much boost. Too much wasted time in the air 


Stay Grounded
Get less than 8 seconds of air time

Walkthrough Author: ssxtitan

- 3/4 way down on your right 
- find the line to keep your air time under 8 seconds/ no wipeouts 
- play it safe, go extremely slow, pull back enough on the d-pad so
that you are barely moving, there is no time limit, so take your time.
U will probably end up getting maybe 4 or 5 seconds of air, no big deal. 

Walkthrough Author: gondee

In order to make this challenge possible, bisect each large dropoff
as you go by them - instead of going past them perpendicular to the
way they run: 

Instead of:           --------------

Go like this:        ---------------

This allows you to avoid the air time and instead ski down the hill. 
Also, don't be afraid to crash, there's no penalty for it and it 
keeps you on the ground. :) 
You must avoid the ice that falls from the cave roof here. 

Tip Author: ssxtitan

- right before high sided canyon 
- dodge the falling ice and beat the timer. 
- donít go too fast they give you plenty of time. 
Dizzy Spells
Do the spin tricks the game asks for. 

Tip Author: ssxtitan

- beginning and left 
- do the spins as they are called 
- remember to go fast and wait for jumps to get the larger spins
  youíll fly right over the second one done 
Go Spelunking
You must find the items in the tunnels in Happiness. 
You must jump through five hoops in this challenge.

Tip Author: ssxtitan

- right in the beginning dead ahead 
- jump in air threw the 5 hoops 
- try to trick in between hoops to build boost, u will need it  

                                         PEAK 2
Session Points for Peak 2 

Ruthless Ridge 
Gate Masters: 2-3 
Point Challenge: 2-3 
Cherry Picker: 4-5 

Just Gates: 2-3 
Point Challenge: 2-3 
Missing Masonry: 3-4 

Style Mile 
Rail Wizardry: 6-7 
Target Practice: 2-3 
Time Challenge: 2-3 

Shoot the Hoops: 5-6 
Yard Sale: 1-2 
Ridge Runner: 6 


Gate Masters 
Once again, you have to make it through all 44 gates in a 
set time period. 

Question and Answer Help: Krystony, FishEye

Q: Can someone tell me the best way to get gate 8 on the 44 gate
challenge? it always pisses me off cause i cant figure out the best
way to get it. Also that one that you come to after the second
collapsing bridge make me so freaking mad. 

A: Gate 8 is still a pain for me, I tried doing it just now
to see which ones you're talking about and I could only hit it maybe
50% of the time. The only thing I can suggest is to drift through 
gate 7 with just enough speed that it'll drop you on to the back of
that next piece of land. Try to go through gate 7 close to the very
middle of the gate and pointing a little to the left. You need to
land in the middle of that next piece of ground and far enough back
that if you boost and then jump at the end of it, it should send you
straight through gate 8. 

As far as the gate after the 2nd bridge - having just tried it and
nearly sailed over it I take it that's what's happening. What I would
normally do for that gate was "cheat" and select reset as soon as 
I hit that second bridge. It should place you on the other side of
the bridge pointing directly at the gate. I use the select reset 
quite a bit on that gate challenge, mainly because you just get
going too fast and/or come off a jump pointing slightly the wrong
way and you don't have enough time to correct yourself before you
breeze past the gate. And 95% of the Gravitude gates you can't 
backtrack and get because the decline of the mountain is so steep.
I guess it may be cheating a little but oh well. :)
Tip Author: ssxtitan

- very beginning, hard to miss 
- make it through all the gates 
- go slow, theres no time limit. Make sure you boost for the last
  gate as it is right on the other side of a jump. 

Point Challenge
Trick and get 275,000 points in this challenge. 
Cherry Picker
Pick up all the various icons to learn a new path on this course. 

Just Gates 
You have to navigate through gates and beat the clock
in this challenge.
Point Challenge
Get 300,000 points on the race track in this challenge. 

Tip Author: ssxtitan

- very beginning straight ahead 
- get 300,000 points on this track 
- link ubers into one big combo the whole way down and you 
should have no problem.
Missing Masonry
You have to grind the left side of the bridge in this challenge. 

Over the Top
You must jump over the ledge and do a spin trick.

Tip Author: Silverstarfire

Get Uber, then enter the challenge, so that you have plenty of boost.
From the start point, boost all the way down to the jump ramp, then
get up and over the rock/snow outcrop. Hold the boost button, so that
when you land on the other side, you can do a 1080 spin from the next
jump ramp.

Tip Author: ssxtitan

- very beginning, right in front of gates 
- jump and get over the rock outcropping and perform an 1800 dergree
  spin off the next big jump 
- take the thinner longer jump ahead of u on the right clear the outcrop,
  then when u land immediately prewind left or right and jump well for
  the 1800 spin. Took me a few times. 

Big Tricks Warm-up 
You have to do the exact series of tricks the game says to do. 
TIP: Silverstarfire
First level: (easiest challenge in the game!) do a backflip.
Second: Do a triple backflip, then a double backflip.
Third: Do a backflip, a double backflip, and a triple backflip. The
game says 'in the same run', but what it means is "in order".


The Hoopsta 
You are a human basketball in this one, you have to jump and 
go through hoops on your way back down. 


Rail Wizardry 
Do different rail tasks.

Tip Author: ssxtitan

- behind Chinese houses, where you can euther go left or right
  toward bottom of run 
- grind all 3 rails without touching the ground or wiping out 
- pretty straight forward, get on rail, pput board horizontal, 
  balance and boost. The rail;s are all strsaight ahead, youíll
  boost right on 
Target Practice
Hit different targets on the course. 

Tip Author: ssxtitan

- beginning on the left 
- find and hit all five moving targets 
- go slow so you donít jump over any. Run through them, you just
  have to hit them, not jump and hit them 

Time Challenge
Another challenge to make it to the bottom of the course before
the clock runs out. 

Tip Author: ssxtitan

- very beginning left 
- beat the timer to the bottom of style mile 
- use the rails and boost and u should have no problem 


Shoot The Hoops 
The Challenge asks you to do various tasks.

Tip Author: ssxtitan

- hiding in left part of large cave, tucked behind rocks 
- backflip through each hoop gate 
- ride straight to rocks then reset to get lined up with first
  one, jump early on the second one, jump early and high on the
  bank on the third and the fourth ride the log through the hoop
  and then do a backflip 
Yard Sale
A skier has crashed and his gear is spread out all over the place. 
Ski around and collect it all. 

Tip Author: ssxtitan

- about 10 seconds into the run dead center in the track 
- help a skier(yeah right) pick up 3 pieces of equipment 
- go straight ahead til you see the poles (get 'em), then go right
  a little until you see gloves, then on the right youíll see boots
  or something like that. 
Ridge Runner
You have to grind 5 different objects in this task. 

Tip: Are you having a hard time finding where to start the 
grinding at? 

Go down the right path, ahead you should see a tree. This tree will fall 
over and you must grind it to begin your challenge. If it doesn't fall, 
try running into the tree first, this will lead you to grind a series of
rails and you pass the challenge. 

                                        PEAK 3
Session Points for Peak 3 
Author: Vix

- Gravitude
For both of these, it is suggested that you start at the top of the run as they
are located too close to session point 2 to be reached easily.
Giant Slalom: 1 
Point Challenge: 1 

Kick Doubt 
Grinder: 2-3 
Play It Safe: 1-2 
Time Challenge: 1-2 

The Throne 
Combat Training: 2-3 
New Line Collectibles: 3-4 
Play it safe: 1-2


Giant Slalom 
You have to make your way through a slalom course, so be sure
to make all the gates or you may have a tough time. 
Point Challenge
This point challenge is very high - 350,000. Be sure to pick the 
best scoring route and not a race route. Also, link all your tricks
together in one single combo using the boardpress for the entire 
track and you should be able to accomplish this trick total. Good 

You have to grind specific distances in this challege. 
Play It Safe
Another challenge where you cannot crash, except you must get
at least 300,000 points in this challenge. 
Time Challenge (Multi)
You have to make it to the finish line before the clock runs out. 


No Wings Needed
You have to get 23 total seconds of air time with this route. 
Popping Daddy 
The game will ask you to do different tasks with this challenge. 

Trick Sergeant 
Remember the old Trick Book? Well, it's back again! Do the specific
tricks the game calls for. 


Combat Training 
Your task is to take out your agression on punching bags located 
throughout the course. 

Tip Author: Rob

I have found a nice way of passing the Throne's aggression/punching-bag tasks.

Come to a complete stop on top of one of the punching bags and it will get
continuously get knocked down.

Of course coming to a complete stop might be the hard part...

New Line Collectibles
Find and get the collectibles. 

Walkthrough Author: Dreaming Gamer

There are eight in total. They look similar to the V-shaped arrows collected 
in the "Go Spelunking" challenge on Peak 1. First Collectible: Located in front
of you at the start of the challenge. As you jump, do a quick tweaked grab/spin
to build up some boost (you'll need it later). Second Collectible: The drop off
leads to a short curved cavern. Make a banking left turn, slowing down a little.
Up ahead at the end of the cavern is the second collectible. Third Collectible:
Crossing the land bridge, you'll see the third collectible floating near a
raised ridge. Aim for it so that you're approaching it slightly from the left. 

Fourth Collectible: Upon clearing the raised ridge, land and veer right over
the hill crest. There will be an extended narrow ledge leading to the fourth
collectible over a shallow gap. Aim properly and just coast off the edge of
the projected ledge. Fifth Collectible: Up ahead and to the left is a darkened
valley where the wind is blowing more strongly. Here is another drop and,
further ahead, a leaning tree next to a hole. The fifth collectible is in the hole. 

Sixth Collectible: Stay in the hole and proceed downward. At the end is a lighted
opening. Across from it is another narrow cavern, separated by an abyss. Floating
at the mouth of the cavern is the sixth collectible. Seventh Collectible: Proceed
forward through the cavern until you reach the opening, The seventh collectible is
up ahead, along the right lip of the leftmost "half-pipe." Simply drop off to the left. 
Eight Collectible: As long as you stay in the leftmost icy "half-pipe", this one is
pretty straightforward. Board until you spot a tree ahead of you. Grinding it will
reward you with the last collectible.

Play it Safe
Another challenge where you cannot crash - except this time you must get 250,000


Career Highlights are benchmarks in the game you need to achieve
to both unlock the names of the Monster Tricks and get 100% in 
the game. Below each I will put a track that is a good place to 
try to achieve these: 

Stay on a rail for 25 meters - Try it just about anywhere.
Stay on a rail for 120 meters - Any Slopestyle course, try Style Mile. 
Stay on a rail for 300 meters - Style Mile or the subway in Metro City. 
Hold a handplant for 3 seconds - Anywhere you can handplant.
Hold a handplant for 5 seconds - Anywhere you can handplant.
Hold a handplant for 8 seconds - Anywhere you can handplant.
Stay in the air for 5 seconds - Any Big Air Event. 
Stay in the air for 8 seconds - Much2Much
Stay in the air for 9 seconds - Much2Much
Knock down 3 people in a race - Any race. 
Knock down 6 people in a race - Any race.
Knock down 10 people in a race - Any long race.
Do 5 Ubergrinds in 1 event - Any Slopestyle event.
Do 8 Ubergrinds in 1 event - Any Slopestyle event.
Do 10 Ubergrinds in 1 event - Any Slopestyle event. 
Do 5 Ubers in 1 event - Any event, try Superpipe.
Do 8 Ubers in 1 event - Any event, try Superpipe.
Do 10 Ubers in 1 event - Any event, try Superpipe.
Get 150,000 in 1 event - Superpipe or Slopestyle.
Get 500,000 in 1 event - Superpipe or Slopestyle. 
Get 1,000,000 in 1 event - Try the All-Peak Jam on Peak 3. 
Do a 10x combo in an event - Try any slopestyle or superpipe event.
Do a 20x combo in an event - Try any slopestyle or superpipe event.
Do a 100x combo in an event - This is a little tricky. Either do it fairly and try 
                              for a 100x combo in any of the racing, slopestyle or 
                              Peak Jam events. Or you can be cheap and simply pick 
                              any event, come to a complete stop and do 180's over
                              and over in one place until you reach a 100x combo
                              and then finish (try Superpipe, heheh.) 

Monster Tricks unlocked by doing Career Highlights:
Author: Gamer EX

         TASK                       TRICK

Stay on rail for 25 meters:         Da House Cat
Stay on rail for 120 meters:        Thrice
Stay on a rail for 300 meters:      Swollen member
Hold a handplant for 3 seconds:     Yellowcard
Hold a handplant for 5 seconds:     Alpine Star
Hold a handplant for 8 seconds:     MxPx
Stay in air for 5 seconds:          Aphrodite
Stay in air for 8 seconds:          Ultimate dnL BOOST
Stay in air for 9 seconds:          Deepsky
Knock down 3 people in a race:      Fischerspoon
Knock down 6 people in a race:      Basement Jaxx
Knock down 10 people in a race:     N.E.R.D. Fly or Die
Do 5 Ubergrinds in 1 event:         Finger 11
Do 8 Ubergrinds in 1 event:         Autopilot Off
Do 10 Ubergrinds in 1 event:        The Automator
Do 5 Ubers in 1 event:              Black Eyed Peas
Do 8 Ubers in 1 event:              Placebo
Do 10 Ubers in 1 event:             Overseer
Get 150,000 in 1 event:             Chemical Brother
Get 500,000 in 1 event:             Ultimate dnL FLIPIT
Get 1,000,000 in 1 event:           X-Ecutioner
Do a 10X combo in an event:         Audio Bully
Do a 20X combo in an event:         Stoneage
Do a 100X combo in an event:        Juanas Addiction



                              SECTION FOUR: COLLECTION

This section will contain a list of everything you need to collect, unlock or buy, 
from Snowflakes to Ubers to the Items, etc. to help get 100% in the game. 

A. Collectables
This section will detail the number of collectables per track and point out the 
location of some of the more difficult to find. Collectables are, quite simply, 
the little light blue snowflakes you must collect that you get various amounts 
of money for ($500 on Peak 1, $1000 on Peak 2, $2000 on Peak 3.) 

If you would like to submit locations for a few of the harder-to-find snowflakes, 
by all means, e-mail me at gondee6@yahoo.com. One line of description about where
to look for them should do the trick and help others who have scoured the tracks
looking for the snowflakes. 

NOTE: Mega-huge-ultra-ginormous thanks to Vix for the Checklist of collectables for 
each section. Without her help this section would have been completely empty at this

                          PEAK 1 - All snowflakes worth $500


[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5

SNOW JAM - 44 total

[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5 [_]6 [_]7 [_]8 [_]9 [_]10
[_]11 [_]12 [_]13 [_]14 [_]15 [_]16 [_]17 [_]18 [_]19 [_]20
[_]21 [_]22 [_]23 [_]24 [_]25 [_]26 [_]27 [_]28 [_]29 [_]30

METRO-CITY - - 35 total
[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5 [_]6 [_]7 [_]8 [_]9 [_]10
[_]11 [_]12 [_]13 [_]14 [_]15 [_]16 [_]17 [_]18 [_]19 [_]20
[_]21 [_]22 [_]23 [_]24 [_]25 [_]26 [_]27 [_]28 [_]29 [_]30
[_]31 [_]32 [_]33 [_]34 [_]35 

A few harder to find ones in Metro City: 
1. Directly off to the far right when you begin.
2. Off to the left near the end of the track
3. On the jumps where you break the glass, there a snowflake
on the right side through that glass. 
4. Hit the subway below the city for the ones you may have missed. 
5. Past the out of bounds sign at the beginning, grind the two
pipes and jump the building ahead. It's on top of the building.

R&B - 30 total

[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5 [_]6 [_]7 [_]8 [_]9 [_]10
[_]11 [_]12 [_]13 [_]14 [_]15 [_]16 [_]17 [_]18 [_]19 [_]20
[_]21 [_]22 [_]23 [_]24 [_]25 [_]26 [_]27 [_]28 [_]29 [_]30

CROW'S NEST - 2 total
[_]1 [_]2



[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4

HAPPINESS - 44 Total
[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5 [_]6 [_]7 [_]8 [_]9 [_]10
[_]11 [_]12 [_]13 [_]14 [_]15 [_]16 [_]17 [_]18 [_]19 [_]20
[_]21 [_]22 [_]23 [_]24 [_]25 [_]26 [_]27 [_]28 [_]29 [_]30
[_]31 [_]32 [_]33 [_]34 [_]35 [_]36 [_]37 [_]38 [_]39 [_]40
[_]41 [_]42 [_]43 [_]44

                         PEAK 2 - All Snowflakes worth $1000
[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5


[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5 [_]6 [_]7 [_]8 [_]9 [_]10
[_]11 [_]12 [_]13 [_]14 [_]15 [_]16 [_]17 [_]18 [_]19 [_]20
[_]21 [_]22 [_]23 [_]24 [_]25 [_]26 [_]27 [_]28 [_]29 [_]30

INTIMIDATOR - 25 total

[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5 [_]6 [_]7 [_]8 [_]9 [_]10
[_]11 [_]12 [_]13 [_]14 [_]15 [_]16 [_]17 [_]18 [_]19 [_]20
[_]21 [_]22 [_]23 [_]24 [_]25

STYLE MILE - 30 total

[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5 [_]6 [_]7 [_]8 [_]9 [_]10
[_]11 [_]12 [_]13 [_]14 [_]15 [_]16 [_]17 [_]18 [_]19 [_]20
[_]21 [_]22 [_]23 [_]24 [_]25 [_]26 [_]27 [_]28 [_]29 [_]30
Location Tips: Krystony and Fisheye

Q: Krystony - In the Style Mile... shortly after session 6, you can see
a snowflake on top of an SSX 3 banner, then to the right - and a little
further down - there's one on a HIGH billboard. They look like they're 
connected, but they might not be. Could anyone describe to me how to get
those two? 

A: FishEye - Not sure if these are the ones you're talking about but here goes - 

~ From the start of Session 6 stay on your left. Go around the corner and head
around the left side of the mountain with the hole in the middle. 

~ Continue following the path on the left. It'll curve a little to the right,
there'll be some jumps, etc. 

~ Eventually you should see an orange X multiplier on your right side. Continue
on past it on the left side and in front of you should be a hill. There's a small
rail right in front of you but behind that is a short rail that leads up to the

- Ride that rail up on to the billboards aand then across an SSX banner. You'll
need to have some speed going and make a jump before it makes it's final turn
in order to get on to the other SSX banner across from it. The Collectible on
this banner is the one you're talking about... I think. 

- Continue along this banner and you'll acctually be railing the edge of the
mountain which will eventually take you to some more billboards - the location
of the other Collectilbe you're referring to... I think (again). Don't take
the billboards too fast or you'll end up naturally leaping over it. 

LAUNCH TIME - 5 total

[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 
[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5

RUTHLESS - 44 total

[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5 [_]6 [_]7 [_]8 [_]9 [_]10
[_]11 [_]12 [_]13 [_]14 [_]15 [_]16 [_]17 [_]18 [_]19 [_]20
[_]21 [_]22 [_]23 [_]24 [_]25 [_]26 [_]27 [_]28 [_]29 [_]30
[_]31 [_]32 [_]33 [_]34 [_]35 [_]36 [_]37 [_]38 [_]39 [_]40
[_]41 [_]42 [_]43 [_]44

                         PEAK 3 - All Snowflakes worth $2000
GRAVITUDE - 30 total
[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5 [_]6 [_]7 [_]8 [_]9 [_]10
[_]11 [_]12 [_]13 [_]14 [_]15 [_]16 [_]17 [_]18 [_]19 [_]20
[_]21 [_]22 [_]23 [_]24 [_]25 [_]26 [_]27 [_]28 [_]29 [_]30

KICK DOUBT - 30 total

[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5 [_]6 [_]7 [_]8 [_]9 [_]10
[_]11 [_]12 [_]13 [_]14 [_]15 [_]16 [_]17 [_]18 [_]19 [_]20
[_]21 [_]22 [_]23 [_]24 [_]25 [_]26 [_]27 [_]28 [_]29 [_]30

MUCH-2-MUCH - 5 total
[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5


[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5 [_]6 [_]7 [_]8

THE THRONE - 44 total
[_]1 [_]2 [_]3 [_]4 [_]5 [_]6 [_]7 [_]8 [_]9 [_]10
[_]11 [_]12 [_]13 [_]14 [_]15 [_]16 [_]17 [_]18 [_]19 [_]20
[_]21 [_]22 [_]23 [_]24 [_]25 [_]26 [_]27 [_]28 [_]29 [_]30
[_]31 [_]32 [_]33 [_]34 [_]35 [_]36 [_]37 [_]38 [_]39 [_]40
[_]41 [_]42 [_]43 [_]44

B. Rewards 
This section will list all the various things you can get in SSX 3, from art to 
trading cards and list what you need to do to get them. Most of the items can be
bought in various lodges on the Mountain. If a specific Peak is listed, you must
go to that Peak's specific lodge to buy the item. 

1. ART 

Name                     Location             Cost
Concept Allegra 1        Peak 1               $1000
Concept Allegra 2        Peak 2               $1200
Concept Allegra 3        Peak 3               $1600
Concept Allegra 4        Peak 1               $ 500
Concept Elise 1          Peak 3               $1900
Concept Elise 2          Peak 2               $750
Concept Griff            Peak 2               $1000
Concept Kaori            Peak 1               $500
Concept Moby             Peak 3               $1200
Concept Nate             Peak 2               $1500
Concept Psymon 1         Peak 1               $ 700
Concept Psymon 2         Peak 1               $1400
Concept Viggo            Peak 2               $ 600
Concept Zoe 1            Peak 2               $2000
Concept Zoe 2            Peak 1               $1200
SSX Future resort        Peak 3               $1000
Banzaiiii                Peak 3               $ 750
Future stand 1           Peak 2               $ 800
Snowjam concept          Peak 2               $ 920
Future Start Gate        Peak 1               $ 360
Future stand 2           Peak 1               $ 180
Yeti and icebergs        Peak 1               $ 360
Slopestyle concept       Peak 2               $ 720
Start gate concept       Peak 3               $ 900
Avalanche                Peak 1               $1080
Crazy Slopestyle 1       Peak 2               $1260
Crazy Slopestyle 2       Peak 3               $1440
Tram Station             Peak 2               $1620 
Top of Mountain          Peak 3               $1800
Crazy city 1             Peak 1               $  20
Crazy city 2             Peak 1               $ 250
Metro-City nights        Peak 3               $2500
Sad trees                Peak 1               $  50
Banzaiiii trees          Peak 1               $ 500
Crazy Slopestyle 3       Peak 3               $5000
Junction Pipe            Peak 2               $1600
Beauty bank turn         Peak 1               $ 200
BIG tabletop             Peak 2               $ 850
I'm in trouble           Peak 2               $ 750
King of terrain          Peak 1               $ 320
Ancient start gate       Peak 2               $ 950
Slopestyle surface       Peak 3               $1200
Steep Terrain            Peak 3               $1000
Bamboo forest            Peak 1               $ 500
Heli take-off            Peak 3               $1900
Trailer park start       Peak 2               $ 900
Erie entrance            Peak 3               $ 720
Scary forest             Peak 2               $ 540
Ancient forest           Peak 1               $ 360
Beauty bank turns        Peak 1               $ 180
The BIG mountain         Peak 2               $1000
Peak shot                Peak 3               $1200
Ultimate start drop      Peak 2               $1600
Peak city 1              Peak 1               $ 500
Peak city 2              Peak 3               $1900
Crazy Superpipe          Peak 2               $ 750
Takin a shortcut         Peak 3               $1000
Skate style pipe         Peak 1               $ 500
Leaderboard results      Peak 2               $1200
Challenge concept        Peak 3               $1500
Banzaiiii 2              Peak 1               $ 700
Tight line               Peak 1               $1400
The best bank            Peak 1               $ 650
Sun and Snow             Peak 3               $2000
Nightshading             Peak 2               $1200
Top of slopestyle        Peak 3               $1000
Start lights             Peak 1               $ 750
Grandstand concept       Peak 2               $ 800
Bigger than life         Peak 3               $ 920
Off to Peak 2            Peak 2               $ 360
Diamond line             Peak 1               $ 180
Diamond line 2           Peak 1               $ 360
Sad trees 2              Peak 1               $ 720
Night peak               Peak 2               $ 900
Snow valley              Peak 1               $1080
Biggest air              Peak 2               $1260
Pipes and bowls          Peak 3               $1440
Big Air concept          Peak 2               $1620
Scary night forest       Peak 3               $1800
Snow Jam tree            Peak 1               $  20
Run the avalanche        Peak 1               $ 250
Early tree concept       Peak 3               $2500
Bamboo slopestyle        Peak 1               $  50
Beautiful                Peak 1               $ 500
Night Big Air            Peak 3               $5000
Snowy Mountainside       Peak 2               $1600
Pick your line           Peak 1               $ 200
Top down 1               Peak 2               $ 850
Banzai village           Peak 1               $ 750
Alps Big Air             Peak 1               $ 320
The pass                 Peak 2               $ 950
One big gap              Peak 3               $1200
SSX Valley               Peak 2               $1000
Hard lines               Peak 1               $ 500
Lush jumps               Peak 3               $1900
Valley canal             Peak 2               $ 900
Big trees                Peak 1               $ 720
Tower pass               Peak 1               $ 540
Emerald line             Peak 1               $ 360
Green Base station       Peak 1               $ 180


Name                      Location               Cost
Characters of SSX          Peak 1               $ 500    
The SSX Universe           Peak 2               $ 750  
Characters of SSX 3        Peak 3               $1000        
Women of SSX               Peak 2               $3200  
Men of SSX                 Peak 3               $2200 
Rookies of SSX 3           Peak 1               $ 250  
Vets of SSX 3              Peak 1               $ 850 
Group shot 1               Peak 1               $1000    
Group shot 2               Peak 1               $1500 
Group shot 3               Peak 2               $2000
Group shot 4               Peak 2               $2500  
Group shot 5               Peak 3               $3200
SSX Tricky Characters      Peak 3               $4900
SSX 3 Mountain             Peak 2               $3000
SSX 3 Runs                 Peak 3               $6000
Peak 1 - Happiness         Peak 1               $ 350
Peak 1 - Snow Jam          Peak 1               $ 350
Peak 1 - R&B               Peak 1               $ 350
Peak 1 - Crow's Nest        Peak 1               $ 350
Peak 1 - Metro City        Peak 1               $ 400
Peak 1 - The Junction      Peak 1               $ 400
Peak 2 - Ruthless          Peak 2               $1650
Peak 2 - Ruthless Ridge    Peak 2               $1500
Peak 2 - Launch Time       Peak 2               $1600
Peak 2 - Schizophrenia     Peak 2               $1550
Peak 2 - Intimidator       Peak 2               $1400
Peak 2 - The Style Mile    Peak 2               $2000
Peak 3 - The Throne        Peak 3               $2450
Peak 3 - Perpendiculous    Peak 3               $2500
Peak 3 - Much 2 Much       Peak 3               $2400
Peak 3 - Kick Doubt        Peak 3               $2750
Peak 3 - Gravitude         Peak 3               $3000
Mac by Adam Warren         Peak 1               $5000
Kaori by Adam Warren       Peak 2               $5000
Moby by Adam Warren        Peak 3               $5000
Viggo by Adam Warren       Peak 1               $5000
Zoe by Adam Warren         Peak 2               $5000
Psymon by Adam Warren      Peak 3               $5000
Nate by Adam Warren        Peak 1               $5000
Griff by Adam Warren       Peak 2               $5000
Allegra by Adam Warren     Peak 3               $5000
Elise by Adam Warren       Peak 1               $5000
SSX3 Group by Adam Warren  Peak 3               $5000


Name                      Location               Cost
Allegra figure 1           Peak 1                $ 550
Allegra figure 2           Peak 2                $ 950
Allegra figure 3           Peak 3                $1500
Elise figure 1             Peak 1                $ 570
Elise figure 2             Peak 2                $ 920
Elise figure 3             Peak 3                $1470
Griff figure 1             Peak 1                $ 350
Griff figure 2             Peak 2                $ 800
Griff figure 3             Peak 3                $1550
Kaori figure 1             Peak 1                $ 400
Kaori figure 2             Peak 2                $ 900
Kaori figure 3             Peak 3                $1300
Mac figure 1               Peak 1                $ 420
Mac figure 2               Peak 2                $ 680
Mac figure 3               Peak 3                $1900
Moby figure 1              Peak 1                $ 600
Moby figure 2              Peak 2                $ 670
Nate figure 1              Peak 3                $1950
Nate figure 2              Peak 1                $ 700
Nate figure 3              Peak 2                $ 850
Psymon figure 1            Peak 2                $1200
Psymon figure 2            Peak 1                $ 300
Viggo figure 1             Peak 2                $ 650
Viggo figure 2             Peak 3                $1150
Viggo figure 3             Peak 1                $ 400
Zoe figure 1               Peak 2                $ 900
Zoe figure 2               Peak 3                $1600
Zoe figure 3               Peak 1                $ 450


Name                      Location               Cost
Allegra figure             Peak 1                $ 550
Hiro Rookie SSX            Peak 2                $1000
Jurgen Rookie SSX          Peak 2                $1000
Elise Rookie SSX           Peak 1                $2500
Mac Rookie SSX             Peak 1                $2500
Kaori Rookie SSX           Peak 1                $2500
Moby Rookie SSX            Peak 1                $2500
Zoe Rookie SSX             Peak 1                $2500
JP Rookie SSX              Peak 3                $1000
Brodi Rookie Tricky        Peak 3                $1500
Marisol Rookie Tricky      Peak 3                $1500
Eddie rookie Tricky        Peak 1                $ 500
Luther Rookie Tricky       Peak 2                $ 500
Seeiah Rookie Tricky       Peak 2                $1500
Psymon Rookie Tricky       Peak 1                $2000
Allegra Rookie SSX3        Peak 1                $1500
Griff Rookie SSX3          Peak 1                $1000
Nate Rookie SSX3           Peak 1                $1000
Viggo Rookie SSX3          Peak 1                $ 500
Elise Sophomore Tricky     Peak 2                $2000
Mac Sophomore Tricky       Peak 2                $2000
Moby sophomore Tricky      Peak 2                $2000
Kaori Sophomore Tricky     Peak 2                $2000
JP Sophomore Tricky        Peak 2                $1500
Zoe Sophomore Tricky       Peak 2                $1500
Psymon Sophomore SSX3      Peak 2                $2000
Elise Veteran SSX3         Peak 3                $6000
Mac Veteran SSX3           Peak 3                $5000
Moby Veteran SSX3          Peak 3                $4000
Kaori Veteran SSX3         Peak 3                $4500
Zoe Veteran SSX3           Peak 3                $5500
Happiness pic 1            Peak 1                $5000
Happiness pic 2            Peak 1                $ 500
Happiness pic 3            Peak 1                $ 500
Happiness pic 4            Peak 1                $ 500
Happiness pic 5            Peak 1                $ 500
Happiness pic 6            Peak 1                $ 500
Happiness pic 7            Peak 1                $ 500
Happiness pic 8            Peak 1                $ 500
Snow Jam pic 1             Peak 1                $ 150
Snow Jam Pic 2             Peak 1                $ 170
Snow Jam pic 3             Peak 1                $ 190
Snow Jam pic 4             Peak 1                $ 220
Crow's Nest pic 1          Peak 1                $ 100
Crow's Nest pic 2          Peak 1                $ 110
Crow's Nest pic 3          Peak 1                $ 120
R&B pic 1                  Peak 1                $ 130
R&B pic 2                  Peak 1                $ 150
R&B pic 3                  Peak 1                $ 170
R&B pic 4                  Peak 1                $ 190
R&B pic 5                  Peak 1                $ 220
R&B pic 6                  Peak 1                $ 250
R&B pic 7                  Peak 1                $ 280
R&B pic 8                  Peak 1                $ 320
R&B Pic 9                  Peak 1                $1500
R&B Pic 10                 Peak 1                $1750
R&B pic 11                 Peak 1                $1250
R&B pic 12                 Peak 1                $1000
Metro City pic 1           Peak 1                $ 400
Metro City pic 2           Peak 1                $ 450
Metro City pic 3           Peak 1                $ 500
Metro City pic 4           Peak 1                $ 550
Metro City pic 5           Peak 1                $ 600
Metro City pic 6           Peak 1                $ 700
Metro City pic 7           Peak 1                $ 800
Disfunction Junction pic 1 Peak 1                $ 360
Disfunction Junction pic 2 Peak 1                $ 720
Disfunction Junction pic 3 Peak 1                $ 670
Disfunction Junction pic 4 Peak 1                $ 800
Disfunction Junction pic 5 Peak 1                $ 750
Style Mile pic 1           Peak 2                $ 600
Style Mile pic 2           Peak 2                $ 700 
Style Mile pic 3           Peak 2                $ 800
Style Mile pic 4           Peak 2                $ 900
Intimidator pic 1          Peak 2                $ 400
Intimidator pic 2          Peak 2                $ 450
Intimidator pic 3          Peak 2                $ 500
Intimidator pic 4          Peak 2                $ 550
Launch Time pic 1          Peak 2                $ 900
Launch Time pic 2          Peak 2                $1000
Launch Time pic 3          Peak 2                $ 100
Launch Time pic 4          Peak 2                $ 110
Ruthless Ridge pic 1       Peak 2                $ 130 
Ruthless Ridge pic 2       Peak 2                $ 920
Ruthless Ridge pic 3       Peak 2                $ 850
Ruthless Ridge pic 4       Peak 2                $1000
Ruthless pic 1             Peak 2                $ 250
Ruthless pic 2             Peak 2                $ 280
Ruthless pic 3             Peak 2                $ 320
Ruthless pic 4             Peak 2                $ 360
Ruthless pic 5             Peak 2                $ 950
Ruthless pic 6             Peak 2                $ 870
Ruthless pic 7             Peak 2                $ 970
Schizophrenia pic 1        Peak 2                $ 120
Schizophrenia pic 2        Peak 2                $ 820
Schizophrenia pic 3        Peak 2                $ 770
Schizophrenia pic 4        Peak 2                $ 900
Much2Much pic 1            Peak 3                $1000
Much2Much pic 2            Peak 3                $1500
Much2Much pic 3            Peak 3                $2000
Much2Much Pic 4            Peak 3                $2500
Much2Much pic 5            Peak 3                $3500
Much2Much pic 6            Peak 3                $2250
Perpendiculous pic 1       Peak 3                $1800
Perpendiculous pic 2       Peak 3                $ 650
Perpendiculous Pic 3       Peak 3                $5000
Perpendiculous Pic 4       Peak 3                $1600
Perpendiculous Pic 5       Peak 3                $  50
Perpendiculous pic 6       Peak 3                $ 100
Gravitude pic 1            Peak 3                $ 500
Gravitude pic 2            Peak 3                $ 520
Gravitude pic 3            Peak 3                $ 570
Gravitude pic 4            Peak 3                $ 550
Kick Doubt pic 1           Peak 3                $ 600
Kick Doubt pic 2           Peak 3                $ 700
Kick Doubt pic 3           Peak 3                $ 650
Kick Doubt pic 4           Peak 3                $ 620


Name                      Location               Cost
SSX 3 Intro Video          Peak 1                $ 400
E3 Video                   Peak 3               $12000

You may want to skip this section if you want to find out who the hidden characters
are on your own. 

There are 20 Hidden characters in SSX 3. You unlock them through various means, 
including buying them in different Lodges or achieving certain goals in the game 
in order to get them. Please note that the characters are just skins, they share 
the same attributes, Ubers and moves as the character you originally selected.
They have no accessories, voices, or special features other than Character-Ubers,
of which only a few have. NOTE: Prices are based on Peak 1. 

Author: FishEye

Jurgen - Collect all Peak 1 Goals. German Behemoth from SSX. 
Hiro - Collect all Trading Cards. Woman-screaming speedster from SSX. 
Seeiah - $40,000. Soulfah Sistah from SSX Tricky. 
Marisol - $20,000. Latina Dancer from SSX Tricky
Brodi - $20,000. Zenmaster from SSX Tricky
Eddie - $40,000. Master of the Worm. 
JP - $20,000. French Trickster from SSX and SSX Tricky.
Marty - $40,000. German Mac-simile from European and Australian versions of SSX Tricky. 
Luther - $20,000. Mulleted Mammoth from SSX Tricky.

AUTHOR: Fisheye 

Svelte Luther - Collect All Toys. 
Stretch - Collect All Posters. 
Cudmore - Complete the Peak 3 Earnings Goal.
Bunny-San - Collect All Art. 
Churchill - Finish all Peak 3 Events.
Gutless - Get a medal in all events on the Mountain.
Snowballs - Complete all Peak 2 Goals. 
NW Legend - Complete all Peak 3 Goals. 
UnknownRider - Complete the Peak 3 Race Goal.
Cannuck - Complete the Peak 3 Exploration Goal. 
Far East Myth - Get 100% on all Mountain Stats. 

~ Svelte Luther has a red baseball cap on backwards, a white tanktop and blue
speedos. He's also wearing those white tube socks from the 80s with the different
colored stripes at the top. I could be mistaken, but it appears you can actually
see sweat stains on the white top. Ugh. His board has a pot pie on the bottom of it.  

~ Stretch is the same Stretch from NBA Street. He towers over the other riders
and is wearing a white basketball jersey and blue sweatpants. His board has
a picture of him in the full blue sweats on the bottom and the new NBA Street
logo on the top. 

~ Cudmore is a cow with a bunch of wood blanks put together for a board. 

~ Bunny-San... is not what I expected.  You know, when I saw the head pic with
the name I just thought it was a big bunny. Oooooh, no. Bunny-San is a giant
sumo wrestler wearing only his sumo shorts and a pink bunny head...His board is
 some bamboo hooked together. 

~ Churchill is a robot with a head that puffs smoke as he goes. His board is
made up of some pipes. 

~ Gutless is a skeleton. The best part is, his board is a coffin! 

~ Snowballs is a giant snowman complete with a hat and a carrot nose. 
His board looks like a basic sleigh. 

~ NW Legend is (duh) Bigfoot. He's huge! His board is... nothing. He rides
on his feet. Makes it a little difficult to tell where the "board" really
is, but still pretty damn cool. 

~ Unknown Rider - This guy is covered in head to toe in a blue bodysuit, and 
has goggles and a Sub-Zero-like mask covering his face. His identity is unknown, 

~ Cannuck is a giant beaver. He's wearing a sports jersey of some kind.
His board is a log gnawed to a point at both ends. 

~ Far East Myth requires 100% game completion before you get him. At the time of 
this guide, he has not been unlocked. 

The best part though? Character ubers!! That's right, a few of these guys
have one specific character uber. Here's the list (all executed with L1 + L2 
+ square): 

Sadly the returning SSX characters don't have their old ubers.

Stretch - throws his board out a bit, a basketball appears in one hand
and he passes the ball between his legs and around the board! 

Gutless - lays down in coffin, hands crossed over chest  

Snowballs - pulls up into one ball and spins around above the board 

Cannuck - bends forward and gnaws from one side of the board (log) to the other 


                              SECTION FIVE: CHARACTERS

There are ten initial characters to SSX 3: Allegra, Elise, Griff, Kaori, Mac, Moby, Nate, 
Psymon, Viggo and Zoe. Special help credit goes to Dreaming Gamer for helping with this

Name: Allegra Sauvagess
Age: 18
Vertical: 5'5"
Mass: 115lbs
Nationality: French
AKA: Big Al
Stance: Goofy
Blood Type: O 

One Liner: Fresh, fierce, and barely constrained by gravity. 

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Boys
Thing To Hate: Boys
Place To Ride: San Francisco
Riding Partner: Boys
Victim: Elise Riggs
Other Sport: Skateboarding
Trick: Backside 360 - inverted
SSX Event: Slopestyle
Secret Spot: A chute in Chamonix, simply called 6
Food: Caffeinated burritos
Accessory: Flying V Electric Guitar 
Career Highlight: All of it

Rider Q&A
Boxers Or Briefs: Boxers. Men's. Extra small.
Things You Have Broken: Lots of boards
If You Weren't A Pro: Never happen
The Word: "Girls do it better."

Rider Bio
Allegra is, and always has been, a rebel. Fully entrenched in the snowboarding
scene, she is renowned for her jibbing talents as much as she is worshipped as
the embodiment of the ultimate boarding 'Betty' by pizza-faced punks everywhere.
The best description of Allegra? Fresh. She is the real thing, and shows it with
the drive of an Olympic athlete mixed with a healthy blast of teen enthusiasm to
keep it real. Once a girl simply content to ride with the boys, she now leaves
them behind in the clouds of her wake. 

Allegra-Specific Bolt-ons: 
Scorched T-Shirt - Orange T-shirt with tree emblem on it
Green Machine
Braids - Braid Hair Style
Black Elbow Support
Inferno - Dark Red/White overshirt
Unfair Advantage
Leather Straps - Arm accessories.
Face Factor - Gas Mask
Sunrise Bandana - A red bandana
Fifi Choker
Mural Pack - A backpack full of spraypaint cans
Spray Cans - Two spraypaint cans she holds
Vintage Flyer
Cherry Chopstick
Broken Wrist - A big huge cast on her right arm. 
Spare Change
Your Pal - The big oval head that is usually a generic bolt-on.
Road Trip

Name: Elise Riggs
Age: 26
Vertical: 5'11"
Mass: 150lbs
Nationality: Canadian
AKA: Bombshell
Stance: Goofy
Blood Type: O Negative 

One Liner: An imposing beauty and indomitable spirit. 

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Men
Thing To Hate: Flat Places
Place To Ride: Elysium Alps
Riding Partner: Eddie Wachowski
Victim: Mariso
Other Sport: Surfing
Trick: Frontside half-cab melon grab
SSX Event: Boardercross
Secret Spot: Smillie's Run - Whistler
Food: Portabella mushroom omelet
Accessory: Leather jacket
Career Highlight: Every win

Rider Q&A
Boxers Or Briefs: Thong
Things You Have Broken: Multiple records. The odd nail.
If You Weren't A Pro: Whatever I want.
The Word: "Snowboarding is life -- the rest is details."

Rider Bio  
Elise has, and always will be, a force to be reckoned with on the SSX Circuit.
She has successfully built her snowboarding success with savvy business and
modeling careers. Nothing about Elise is accidental. It's a pure love for the
mental stimulus of big wave surfing or fresh tracks powder riding that shows
the kink in Elise's titanium personality. She has a passion for the outdoors
and a love for the thrill matched by few others. This season has Elise evolving.
With no sign of relinquishing her hard fought success within the world of SSX,
Elise has set her sights on improving her riding. 

Elise-Specific Bolt-Ons: 

Drift - White zip up top. Long sleeve.
MotoXtacy - Black pants with Red/White lower legs. 
Ladyfingers - White gloves. 
Catwalkers - Boots.
Ponytail - Hairstyle.
Blue Zip Up - Blue Zip Up coat with white shirt. 
Sky Scream - Blue low cut pants. 
Shadow Like - Black low cut pants. 
Roughrider - Brown Cowboy Hat. 
Jacked In 
Tricky Tog - Black, Red and White longsleeve top.
Black Zip Up - Black Zip Up coat with black shirt.
Black Turtleneck - Black, form fitting long sleeve turtle neck.
Tricky Zippered - Light blue pants with white and black markings.
Horns - Little horns on the forehead.
Navy V - Dark Blue/Black form fitting long sleeve T-shirt
Canadian Pride - Swimsuit top with Canadian flag on front.
Hotpants - Black hot pants. 
Jean Shorts - Very short blue cut off jeans. 
Law Maker - A Police Sargeant's hat. 
Nice Huh? - Black Swimsuit top.
Stingers - Big Huge Red Boxing Gloves.
Halo - An angel's halo floating above the head. 
Angel Wings - White Angel's Wings attached to the back.


Name: Griff Simmons
Age: 13
Vertical: 4'7"
Mass: 75 lbs.
Nationality: American
AKA: Grommet
Stance: Regular
Blood Type: B

One Liner:  A sugar-stoked engine driving mad skill and one 
of a kind talent. 

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Video games
Thing To Hate: Going to bed
Place To Ride: Big Bear, California
Riding Partner: Nate Logan
Victim: n/a
Other Sport: Video Game Marathons
Trick: Sliding any and all rails
SSX Event: Slopestyle
Secret Spot: Rated M for Mature
Food: Sugar coated Anything
Accessory: Austronaut Helmet
Career Highlight: Winning the gold in my first competition

Rider Q&A
Boxers Or Briefs: Uh...what? You mean my gonch?
Things You Have Broken: I broke Nate's new goggles. Don't tell him. 
If You Weren't A Pro: Cowboy. No - a trucker... or maybe a pilot. A jet
                      test pilot. 
The Word: "Excellent...but the way that guy on TV says it - eeeexccccelant..." 

Rider Bio: 
Griff appeared on the SSX circuitís stage and instantly secured himself a
position as the definitive next gen snowboarding phenom. With skill and 
courage far beyond his years Griff has become a major competitor throughout
the tour. There are few photos of the astounding 12 year old where he is in
focus. Explosive excitement/energy/sugar levels keep him in a constant state
of vibration. Griff truly loves the whole SSX gig. His never-ending energy
and love for the sport is contagious amongst the other characters. He is a
highly giddy, walking/riding combination of unbridled energy, uncanny skill,
and fearlessness wrapped up in childish innocence.

Griff-Specific Bolt-Ons:
Chilled Layered T
Grippy Grips
Messy Lid
Burn Out
Blash Shields
Comic Cool
Geyser 3000
Health Food
2 Way Radio
Pumpkin Head
Loogie Hawk
Tall Rider
Night Peekers
Galaxy IV
Junk Food Junkie
Alien Invasion

Name: Kaori Nishidake
Age: 19
Vertical: 5'0"
Mass: 105lbs
Nationality: Japanese
AKA: Tricky Nishidake
Stance: Regular
Blood Type: B Positive 

One Liner: An electric animated package of positive energy and style. 

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Manga
Thing To Hate: Idiots
Place To Ride: Nagano, Japan
Riding Partner: Mac Fraser
Victim: Psymon Stark
Other Sport: Shopping
Trick: Cab 900
SSX Event: Slopestyle
Secret Spot: Big Sky resort, Montana -- it's so huge!
Food: Tiger treats
Accessory: Bear backpack
Career Highlight: Beating Mac in backcountry showdown

Rider Q&A
Boxers Or Briefs: You are very strange needing to know thisÖ
Things You Have Broken: My own expectations.
If You Weren't A Pro: I'd be shopping.
The Word: "Snowboarding is not to be taken seriously -- it's to be enjoyed."  
Rider Bio
Kaori has built a reputation on the circuit as being extroverted, fun loving,
and gregarious. She has always been tough to upset, but has had little tolerance
for thuggery in competition. Kaori has achieved a celebrity status few female
athletes in Japan could dream of. Fame and recognition have helped Kaori to grow
up and radiate a more sophisticated air. Her riding has progressed to a more 
assured and confident level. The boundless energy is still evident, but now it's
channeled and harnessed to get what she wants. 

Kaori-Specific Bolt-Ons: 

Happy Joy
Ladies Only
Cotton Candy
Goin' Around
Nicely Done
Blue Art Deco
Ice Cold
Super Mix
Power Lollipop
Spicy Lemon
Kitty Paws
Buchi Neko Hat
Nin Nin
Cuteo Cho Chou

Name: Mackenzie "Mac" Fraser
Age: 18
Vertical: 5'7"
Mass: 140 lbs
Nationality: American
AKA: Mac "Smack" Fraser
Stance: Regular
Blood Type: O Positive

One Liner: Always riding to the beat of his own personal soundtrack. 

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Thumpin' Tunes
Thing To Hate: Skiers in the Park
Place To Ride: Mammoth Mountain, CA, USA
Riding Partner: Kaori Nishidake
Victim: JP Arsenault
Other Sport: Skateboarding
Trick: Rail to Switch Nosepress, Hella Pop, Switch Backside Lipslide
SSX Event: Superpipe, Big Air
Secret Spot: Heidi's Playground
Food: Lemonade
Accessory: MP3 Player and Headphones
Career Highlight: Everytime I ride!

Rider Q&A
Boxers Or Briefs: Uhh...lemme check...boxers! No, briefs!
Things You Have Broken: Hearts baby - hearts. 
If You Weren't A Pro: An extra in a zombie film. 
The Word: "I may not be much, but I'm all I think about." 

Rider Bio: 
Mac is always first on the parks and pipes each morning and the last to
pack it in at the end of the day. The new SSX Circuit sees an older,
more mature and confident Mac Fraser. Mixing his passion for music and
riding has given Mac a constant groove and positive vibe that draws
others to him. Some would say he is unaware or ambivalent of most things
around him ñ in actuality itís more accurate to say that he is highly
selective of what he wants or cares to acknowledge. Macís quiet confidence
almost guarantees him a season-long spot up on the podium.

Mac-Specific Bolt-Ons: 

Eye Candy
Goin' In
Plaid Shirt
Basic Balaclava
Decibel Phones
The Demander
Ton O' Tunes
Smile! Balaclava
Fro What?
MF Chain
Wheeled One
Monkey Brains
Disc Player


Name: Moby Jones
Age: 20
Vertical:  5'10" 
Mass: 195 lbs. 
Nationality: British
AKA: Mr. Jones
Stance: Goofy
Blood Type: A Negative

One Liner: An intensely cool UK funk junkie.

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Footy
Thing To Hate: Small talk 
Place To Ride: Chamonix, France
Riding Partner: Zoe Payne
Victim: Mac Fraser
Other Sport: BMX
Trick: Frontside inverts on anything. 
SSX Event: Boardercross
Secret Spot: Short Squaw - Red Mountain, BC
Food: Roti
Accessory: Downhill armor
Career Highlight: A gold in all disciplines - in one weekend. 

Rider Q&A
Boxers Or Briefs: Freedom in boxers, mate
Things You Have Broken: Left shoulder, jaw, most of me toes, 
                        an' all me fingers. 
If You Weren't A Pro: A spy
The Word: "I am what always is." 

Rider Bio: 
Raised in the rough and tough streets of Brixton, England, Moby used
a BMX bike to get him on the path to international recognition of his
extreme athlete prowess. Recognized as fearless and aggressive no one
went bigger or better. This time around Moby has raised the level of his
confidence and balanced it with a newfound chill. The opportunity to be
challenged in every event, every ride, has left him with a mindset that
is cool, calculating and strategic. He knows there are young riders lined
up to knock him of his perch and calmly rejects their ambition. He is
often described as a machine ñ able to win and ride with an almost
superhuman proficiency.

Moby-Specific Bolt-Ons: 
The Classic
Haz Beens
So Bankable
Medium Dreads
Down n' Out
Groovin' Bandana
Tough Guy
Skull Face Paint
hair Loss
Aye Aye
Morning News
Funk Tek
Color String Dreads
Sir Whoa


Name: Nate Logan
Age: 26
Vertical: 6'2" 
Mass: 215 lbs. 
Nationality: American 
AKA: Bull
Stance: Regular
Blood Type: A

One Liner: Driven by rock solid ambition and an indestrutible attitude.

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Riding backcountry
Thing To Hate: Cities, golfers
Place To Ride: Colorado, USA
Riding Partner: Griff Simmons
Victim: Psymon Stark
Other Sport: Motocross
Trick: Misty
SSX Event: Boardercross, Big Air
Secret Spot: Kicker built on his folks' property
Food: Steak
Accessory: My lucky hat
Career Highlight: Winning a race with only one binding

Rider Q&A
Boxers Or Briefs: White boxer briefs only
Things You Have Broken: Horses, trucks, nose, someone else's nose
If You Weren't A Pro: Still riding everyday
The Word: "Life's better in the mountains" 

Rider Bio: Nate Logan hails from the mountains of Colorado where two
things were a constant in his life ñ ranching and snowboarding. In the
end he realized his daydreams would always be about riding the slopes ñ
not farming cattle. The rise to fame and success for Nate was not a
long one ñ but it definitely wasnít easy. He earned his winter lift
money each summer by bouncing in backwater bars, logging, forest 
firefighting, or working construction ñ whatever it took. Winters were
spent following the circuit living out of his truck. He secured himself
a solid spot on the circuit through hard work and determination.

Nate-Specific Bolt-Ons: 
Shaved Head
In Range
Digital Ops
Action Fingers
Out of Range
The Wahoo
Blue Denim
Spec Ops
The Ancestor
Poncho Azteca
Mountain Pack
Rubber Bullets
City Slicker
Campfire Tunes
Cap Gun

Name: Psymon Stark
Age: 28
Vertical: 5'9"
Mass: 180 lbs. 
Nationality: Canuck
AKA: Sketchy Psymon
Stance: Goofy
Blood Type: B

One Liner: A catastrophic natural disaster just itching to happen. 

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Explosives
Thing To Hate: Cease-fire agreements
Place To Ride: Mount Seymour, BC, Canada
Riding Partner: Zoe Payne
Victim: Kaori Nishidake
Other Sport: Mountain biking
Trick: Guillotine
SSX Event: Boardercross
Secret Spot: Wildman's Wingding
Food: Pretty much anything cooked "rare" 
Accessory: Chainsaw
Career Highlight: Making a certain male competitor cry

Rider Q&A
Boxers Or Briefs: Jock Strap
Things You Have Broken: Everything I own, at least once
If You Weren't A Pro: Inmate
The Word: "Give me air - or give me death." 

Rider Bio: 
Psymon has been a maniac ever since he was electrocuted during an attempt to
jump his bike over some power lines on a dare. With the latest SSX season
underway, one thing seems clear - Psymon Stark has lost it altogether.
Psymon has raised an already high bar with tricks once thought impossible,
airs deemed improbable. Psymon manages to rage against it all. His riding
is faster and looser ñ his airs no longer astonishing but purely frightening.
He has rediscovered his strongest motivator ñ fear.

Psymon-Specific Bolt-Ons: 

Entry Burn
The Rippler
In Stitches
Standard Issue
Charred Soul
Laughing Gas
Horn Dog
Wound Up
Programmer T-shirt
Sniffin' Napalm
Uranium Miner
Tranquilizer Armor
Fish Bait
Bundle of Joy
Horror Show
Fish 'n' Chips


Name: Viggo Rolig
Age: 19
Vertical: 5'8"
Mass: 170 lbs.
Nationality: Swedish
AKA: Scanner
Stance: Regular
Blood Type: B

One Liner: Twenty pounds of atomic cool in a five-pound bucket

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Sponsor parties
Thing To Hate: The next day
Place To Ride: Talma
Riding Partner: Allegra Sauvagess
Victim: Nate Logan
Other Sport: Hot tub diving
Trick: Switch backside double helicopter
SSX Event: Big Air, Superpipe
Secret Spot: A certain face in Alaska
Food: Sushi
Accessory: Mjolnjir
Career Highlight: Being known for the biggest air in Europe

Rider Q&A
Boxers Or Briefs: Monogrammed satin high cut teal bikini briefs
Things You Have Broken: Nothing so far...
If You Weren't A Pro: Comic book artist
The Word: "Always though neuralblast was cool." 

Rider Bio: 
With parents working as high level ski instructors, Swedish born Viggo
has lived in nearly every major ski resort in the world. He continues
the mountain hopping tradition by relocating on a regular basis.
Throughout it all Viggo grew into a happy-go-lucky beacon of mischief,
tom-foolery, and daredevilry. He snowboards because, to him, it is the
ultimate celebration of everything that is good in life. He means no
harm ñ but inevitably leaves in his wake destroyed furniture, hefty
tabs, and demented dudes unable to stop their girls from falling all
over the obliviousñto-it-all Viggo.

Viggo-Specific Bolt-Ons: 

Fake Fur
What the -?
Ladies' Dude
Quick Exit
Super Fly
Break It
Fly By
Ice Cold
Life of the Party
Grunt Flapper
Backcountry Pack
Rocket Fuel
Old Skooler
Paper or Plastic
Mo Dat
Bright Idea
Blue Cheese
Nicely Done

Name: Zoe Payne
Age: 22
Vertical: 5'6"
Mass: 130lbs
Nationality: American
AKA: Royal Payne
Stance: Regular
Blood Type: B Negative 

One Liner: An exotic icon of adrenaline and a turbulent powerhouse. 

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Cutting loose
Thing To Hate: Inline skaters
Place To Ride: Crystal Mt., Washington
Riding Partner: Moby Jones
Victim: Griff Simmons
Other Sport: Mountain biking
Trick: Cab
SSX Event: Boardercross
Secret Spot: Refused answer based on "It wouldn't be a secret then."
Food: Turbo smoothies
Accessory: Piercings 
Career Highlight: Anytime I beat Elise

Rider Q&A
Boxers Or Briefs: What do you think?
Things You Have Broken: The sound barrier
If You Weren't A Pro: Owning my own bike/coffee shop.
The Word: "Less talk, more riding"

Rider Bio
Zoe's style has always pegged her as someone who gives little thought to fads
or trends. Instead, she starts new ones. To her, image is nothing, brand names
inconsequential, and the opinions of her peers secondary to her own self-image.
Zoe enters the new season with a fresh perspective and renewed commitment. The
off-season for Zoe was all about finding a balance. She took off on a series of
grueling and gnarly solo bike treks into the deepest and most treacherous jungles,
and across isolated mountain ranges. Her only motivation was herself. Physically
and mentally, she is now at a level few could ever hope to understand.

Zoe-Specific Bolt-Ons: 

Blacked Out
Rocked Out
Half Wits
Bare Back
Wicked Spex
Ripped Jeans
Snowball's Chance
Dookie Rolls
Full Brain Load
Mega Booster
Mega Masher
Mega Head
Bat Wings
Fast Food


The following section lists bolt-ons that are available for everyone. Bolt-ons are the 
programmer's term for accessories or anything that your character wears or changes
their character model. They are either bought or won, depending on the item. Most of
the smaller items (hats, beanies, etc) are all bought at various peaks on the mountain. 

Most of this info will be forthcoming. 

1. HEAD 

2. Upperbody

3. Lower Body

4. Boards

c. Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Are there other characters other than the original 10? 

A. Yes - there are 20 hidden characters you acquire by various means. See the Collection -
Section 5 for more information on them. 

Q. What are each of the character accessories and how do I get them? 

A. In later editions of the guide I will write a short description of each. You acquire
all items either by buying them in each Peak's Lodge, or by winning gold in a specific 

Q. How do I equip items on my character in Conquer the Mountain mode? 

A. You have to go to the logdge at the "Stations" on each one of the Peaks. First, pause
the game, then choose "Transport", then go to the peak you want to visit, then choose 
"Freeride" and pick the particular "Station" for that peak. Once you are at the station, 
look for a sign that says "Lodge" and ski towards that gate. It will ask you if you would
like to enter the lodge. Select "yes" and you will be taken to a menu - select "Equip Gear"
in order change what you are wearing.

Q. Weren't there other bolt-ons that people who went to playtest SSX 3 talked about? 

A. Yes there were. There were several accessories that myself and others got to see 
that EA had to remove to allow the game to qualify for an "E" rating with the ESRB.
(You may want to skip this list, it might just make you mad, heheh.) 

Elise: Thong underwear (was changed to Hot Pants)
       Halter Top
       Black full sleeve top with collar going down to the belly button

Moby: Battle axe 
      Sword (he used to be able to swing it around)

Psymon: Fireman's axe 
        Chainsaw strapped to his arm 
        Dynamite (was renamed to Firecrackers)

Zoe: Whip (riding crop) 

Others that I can't remember at the moment. Thanks to others for the info on 
this list as well. 

As for the "people who playtested SSX 3" - you mean the "SSX 3 Weekend" people
(aka Weekenders, heheh). Yes, I was one of those people, along with grandmort,
FirebrandX, happymachines, Krispy24 and dolphingirl. We each got picked and 
flown to Vancouver back in August to playtest the game and make suggestions
to Electronic Arts to help improve the game. You know the little "magnet" 
effect that draws bonuses to your character if you get within a certain 
range? That was our suggestion (or rather, we suggested a way to make getting
the tiny bonuses much easier to keep from frustrating players.) 


                              SECTION SIX: DETAILS

The DETAILS section lists the various items that didn't really fit into any one category. 
I will cover the music section, the cheats and online play here, and explain anything else
that may crop up that doesn't fit into any one category. 

a. Music 
Don't like the music in the game? Then change it! You can select a custom playlist in 
Conquer the Mountain mode by going to the Lodge. From there, select the Music option
and select "Custom Playlist." You are given a list of all the songs in the game. 
In order to customize your play list, however, you must buy all the songs you want 
to play - there are 35 total, though you don't have to buy the ones you don't want.
You are given six free credits to select six songs, and then buying each song after
that will cost you $5000. After you've bought a song, a checkbox will appear
beside it - simply fill in that checkbox with the songs you want to play and 
finish. Select that particular playlist and you're all set. 

b. Cheats ***SPOILERS***
Cheats are all entered at the lodge by selecting Cheats from the Menu. You are given a 
keyboard and must type in the words of the cheats in order to achieve them. Please note
that all cheats are case-sensitive. Typing "Worm" (with a capital W) will not get you
Eddie Wachowski, only all lower-case letters "worm" will work. NOTE: type only the words
INSIDE the quotation marks - do not type the quotation marks themselves. 

Here are the cheats that are currently known: 
To unlock EDDIE as a hidden character - type in "worm"
To unlock LUTHER as a hidden character - type in "bronco"
To unlock BRODI as a hidden character - type in "zenmaster" 

c. SSX 3 Online
If you have a Playstation 2 and an Official PS2 Network adapter (a USB adapter will not 
work), then hook up and play SSX 3 Online. 

This section will detail in the future the intricacies of playing online. For 
instructions on how to get online, consult the SSX 3 Instruction Booklet. 

d. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need to go online? 

A. A Playstation 2, an official Sony Network Adapter (AFAIK, USB Adapters that work 
on Madden and other EA games do NOT work with SSX 3) and an internet connection. It 
is recommended that you have broadband for the best experience. The lag experienced
with 56K makes the game almost unplayable at times. 

Q. Are there other SSX Scoreboards? 

A. Yep! Merqurycity.com runs SSX and SSX Tricky scoreboards and regularly updates 
them. Speaking of which...I need to go update the scoreboard...*rummages around for
score sheet* 


                           SECTION SEVEN: MEASURING UP 

The MEASURING UP section encompasses the various means of competition available to SSX 3 
Players. It will cover both the Merqurycity.com SSX 3 Scoreboard and give an explanation 
of the Online Competition available. 

The EA BIG SSX 3 Online site features online scoreboards that list all the current 
high scores achieved by players online. Register and look to see where you place 
in the current online competition: 



                              SECTION EIGHT: EPILOGUE

6a. Legal.
This FAQ is copyright 2003-2004 by all the authors herein, per their submitted
sections.  You may not alter/repost this entire FAQ without my permission,
or sections of this FAQ in any way without the expressed permission of the
author of that corresponding section.

SSX 3, SSX Tricky and SSX is a trademark of Electronic Arts and EA Canada.

This FAQ is allowed to be posted on these sites:

Any other site that has it posted without my consent is contributing
to copyright infringement. If you would like to host this guide, you must
e-mail me first and obtain my permission, and once you are hosting the guide, 
keep it updated. If you will not do this, I will not allow you permission 
to host this guide. 


Credit & Thanks
~ Author credit goes to vix, ssxtitan, MrChaos, Dreaming Gamer, Deathlok's Bear, 
FishEye, countercycle, YoshiXL, Silverstarfire, Gamer EX,  and myself, heheh. 

~ Viktor Nilsson contributed another great ASCII header for the guide. 
He's an ASCII Master, heheh. :) Thanks again, Viktor. 

~ Credit to Grandmort, the man who "changed the way we played SSX 
forever ;)", for creating and maintaining the premiere SSX site on 
the web - Merqurycity.com. Without him there wouldn't be a resource 
anywhere for SSX Fans to refer to. 

~ Special, everlasting thanks goes to Electronic Arts Big and, in 
particular, programmers and producers Larry LaPierre, Sinisa Karolic,
Klaus Monies, Cody Ritchie, Malcom Andrieshyn, Steve Anthony, Katrina
Strafford and even though I've never seen him in person, the 
ever-famous Steve Rechtschaffner. You've made our lives innumerably 
richer with your support of us and our love for the games you create. 
I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to say, simply, thank you. 

Contributors - Who are these people?

~ Vix is a member of the community at Merqurycity.com and is also, by 
her own admission, an insomniac. :) Luckily, the guide has benefited 
enormously from her condition in that she was gracious enough to type
up several detailed items for this FAQ. She has made my life much easier 
as a result. Much respect and thanks, Vix. 

~ ssxtitan is an up and coming scoreboard powerhouse and frequent member
of The Gravitude Bar over at Merqurycity.com. He is a skilled trickster and 
generous enough to share his skills in this guide. Look for more stuff from 
him in the future, I'm sure. 

~ MrChaos became one of the top SSX Tricky showoff competitors in a very 
short time, racking up top 3 on several of the showoff courses. He continues
this trend into SSX 3, much to the delight of walthrough-hungry people 
everywhere. Look for most awesome records from him in the future. 

~ YoshiXL is another new generation competitor, who excels in both racing 
and trick events, much to my chagrin (he broke several of my old racing records, 
heheh.) With this double threat, it won't be long before you see him on the 
scoreboards breaking records once again. 

~ FishEye is one of the old school SSX players (and FAQ writers), having helped
me with the SSX Tricky guide as well. Much appreciation for his thoroughness and 
willingness to help out with the SSX 3 FAQ. 

~ countercycle is a valued member over at The Gravitude Bar over at

~ Deathlok'sBear is a Gamefaqs community member who was kind enough to write an 
online guide for a BIG challenge that I copied to help others out. Thank you, DB.
confessor posted a similar guide for the same challenge that I used because
I had permission.

Version Details
~ Version 0.7 - Added ALL the rewards (so glad to be done with that!) 
Also added several new Superpipe Walkthroughs, added a Snow Jam
walkthrough, filled out many of the BIG Challenges (thanks to ssxtitan for
that) and session points for all the BIG Challenges as well (and thanks to 
Vix for that.) Also added newer, higher scoring slopestyle walkthroughs 
from MrChaos.