Good day and welcome to my guide about harvest moon DS.  It's Darkranger
  again and I am writing on harvest moon DS this time.  Okay, the nickname
  is corny as all get out, but there is a long story behind it that I
  don't want to share here. Anyway as many of you know, the game was just
  released the second week of September and there aren't too many guides
  out for it yet.  I have been playing it quite a bit since I bought it
  and I am starting to get a little ways into the game.  So, I thought I
  would throw this guide together to help everyone out a little bit.  If
  you would like to contribute any information that can be accurately
  verified, please feel free to email me at the address listed in the
  legal section at the bottom of the guide.  
  Several of my friends and siblings have also purchased the game and we
  have learned quite a bit about how to find the harvest sprites and some
  other useful information between us.  This guide will be a work in
  progress which means that I will update it as more information becomes
  available.  So, without further ado here we go.
  I finally had a child and I am looking forward to see what becomes of
  him.  I am sending out a desperate cry for help with this undertaking at
  this point.  I only have one kid and I don't have the time to replay the
  game a dozen times to check each of the other brides.  I need help with
  developing the later years section. Please send me anything you have
  about your kids so, I can make this section as complete as possible.  
  Again thanks to everyone who sends information along for the guide. 
  This work would not be possible without all your contributions. I really
  appreciate your input into it.  
  0. Updates
  This is just another section that I am adding to keep track of the
  progress of the guide as it develops.  Listed below are the version
  numbers and the updates made during each one.
  v 1.00  
  The original version of the guide.  I released this about a week after I
  got the game.  I had enough information to provide a little useful
  information, but nothing all that special except the quick start mining
  trick.  It contained basic information on crops, animals, tools, some of
  the buildings, how to find several of the harvest sprites and a quick
  section about the copy write and contact information available for the
  After another week or two of play, I found quite a bit more about the
  game.  I decided it was time for an overhaul to update the existing
  sections of the guide with the new information I have available, and it
  was also time to add some new sections that I finally have enough
  information to construct.  I added the mining and home shopping sections
  and updated the crops, tools, animals, and building's sections.
  Another much needed update.  I am adding a couple of new sections this
  time and finally adding some of the email input to the game.  Keep it
  coming.  Also, a new section this time is an Analytical look at harvest
  moon.  If you have some time on your hands and want to see what makes
  the game tick inside have a read over it.  Sorry its so long but it is a
  complex topic that needs explaining and exploring.  I have also updated
  most of the major sections with new information and added the credit do
  some others whom without this guide would not be possible. 
  Additionally, I added some new sections including the much requested
  marriage section and an outline of how to hire the sprites and their
  casino games. Keep the submissions coming.  
  Another week and another update.  The guide is finally starting to take
  its final shape.  I added a four more new sections this time on the
  information I had available and updated a couple of older sections.  The
  guide is finally starting to take its final shape now that most of the
  major sections are in place.  I will continue to update them as more
  information becomes available. I will also begin working on the
  walkthrough in the near future as well as the family life.  
  Another much needed update to the guide.  This time I added several new
  sections including recipes, fishing, resource management, accessories,
  and a FAQ.  Additionally, I updated several older sections slightly.  We
  now have all the harvest sprites and how to unlock them and I finished
  updating the price list for the home shopping network.  All the major
  sections of the final guide are now in tact except for the walkthrough,
  which I plan to start working on soon.  This will be the last major
  update to the guide for a while.  The walkthrough will take some time
  and I need to get deeper into the game before I can write a complete
  one.  I will update some of the other sections as information becomes
  available periodically.  But, I won't be adding any more new sections
  until I have a child or finish the walkthrough.  Keep the emails coming
  thanks to everyone who contributed.  You have made this guide a success. 
  Well, we have another update to this growing guide.  I have done quite a
  few corrections this time.  I have also update several sections
  including information on animals and tools.  I have also finished the
  marriage section, though I still need to write one on family life once I
  have a family.  I am married currently and expecting a child in about a
  season.  I also added a section about the remaining town's people and
  their likes and dislikes. Finally, I got around to starting on the
  walkthrough for the game.  It is located as the last section down below. 
  The walkthrough is currently in it's beginning stages, but there is
  still some useful information there so take a look.  This guide has come
  a long way from my original intentions of just sharing some useful
  information about the game.  But, were getting there.  Thanks to
  everyone who contributed to the guide keep the emails coming.  I also
  converted the guide to a website format at    .  Check it out if you
  want to. 
  Hello again everyone.  Another couple of weeks and another update to the
  ever popular growing guide of harvest moon DS.  This is a simple update
  in contrast to the last few of them.  I am adding only one new section
  which, deals with events in the game. I have been playing a few other
  games and got away from harvest moon DS for a while, but I am back now. 
  I am also expanding the several existing sections of the guide with new
  information.  Finally, I am redoing my legal agreement do to the
  confusion I have been receiving in emails over the last month. If you
  submitted something or are hosting this guide please take a look at the
  updated and revised legal section concerning the new rules. Not much has
  changed, but I wanted to be a little more precise this time. Also, I
  finished the first season in the walkthru in case anyone would like to
  look at it. 
  Table of Contents:
  0.  Welcome and Updates
  1.  Crops
  2.  Animals
  3.  Tools 
  4.  Buildings 
  5.  Unlocking the Harvest Sprites 
  6.  The Harvest Sprite Casino and Medal System
  7.  Mining
  8.  Marriage
  9.  Shopping Network and Other Items.
  10. Fishing 
  11. Resource Management
  12. Accessories
  13. Cooking and Recipes
  14. Quick Start Mini Guide
  15. The People of the Valley
  16. Festivals and other events
  17. Legal Stuff and Contact Info
  18. Email questions I will not answer
  19. Thanks and Acknowledgements
  20. Linking to Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town
  21. Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)
  22. Glitches and secrets.
  23. An Analytical Look at Harvest Moon
  24. Marry the Mermaid
  25. Coming soon
  26. Website Version of the Guide
  27. Walkthrough
  1. Crops
  Crops are nothing new to the harvest moon series.  They are one of the
  best ways to make money early in the game and they can provide you with
  a multitude of income later in the game.  Crops come in two varieties,
  ground crops and trees.  You can buy ground crops from either the
  supermarket or Vesta's farm.  However, you can only get trees from
  Vesta's farm.  In order to grow crops, you need to have both the hoe and
  the watering can.  The process is the same as it has been in the last
  few harvest moon games.  I am going to cover the basics and provide some
  information on crops and profits in this section.  Later, I will provide
  you with which crops to grow to make the most of your time and effort. 
  For now just go with the one with the highest profit margin.  The
  profits assumes that you harvest the bag once, but some crops regrow so,
  you can harvest them multiple times and make more money.
  Ground crops: These are the crops that you plant in the ground and they
  grow for one season and die off.  Note, grass seed is the exception
  because it grows for multiple seasons and years.  In order to grow on of
  these crops you need to take the how and plow a 3X3 area and sow a bag
  of seeds over it.  You should also leave one space between the areas, so
  that you can reach all of the plants, unless you want to use the harvest
  team to gather the crops for you.  You might also want to leave one of
  the outer spaces on the pattern blank so you can reach the middle crop
  until you get the silver watering can or better.  This way you don't
  have to wait for the middle crop to finish growing if you want to plant
  the same plot of land multiple times.  If you are growing a renewable
  crop, you probably won't harvest the center plant until later anyway. 
  You need to water the crops for the specified number of days and then
  you can pick them and ship them or sell them to Van for a profit. They
  can also be used as cooking ingredients or as gifts.  
  Trees:  You can purchase tree sees from Vesta's farm and plant them
  anywhere you could grow crops.  To prepare the area, plow out a 2X2 area
  with the hoe.  Stand in the upper left hand corner of the plot and
  spread the seeds over the area.  Make sure you leave one space all the
  way around the outside of the tree.  Once the tree matures, nothing will
  be able to grow in that area anyway. You cannot plant trees right next
  to each other.  You need to water the tree everyday until it becomes a
  saporling.  Afterwards, you just need to let the tree grow.  It takes
  several seasons for a tree to mature and bear fruit.  Trees will only
  bear fruit during a specific season.  They will bear fruit every couple
  of days, which you can ship or cook with.  Generally, trees require less
  maintenance once they become saporling, but ground crops yield a better
  profit in the long run.  
  Crop    Grow time  Regrow time  Shipping price 1 Bag Harvest price
  Spring Crops
  Turnip      5 days    none          60g               540g
  Potato      8 days    none          80g               720g
  Strawberry  9 days    2 days        30g               270g
  Cucumber    10 days   2 days        60g             540g
  Toy Flower  13 days   none          130g              1170g
  Cabbage     14 days   none          250g              2250g
  Summer Crops 
  Onion       8 days    none          80g               720g
  Tomatoes    10 days   2 days        60g               540g
  Corn        15 days   3 days        100g              900g
  Pumpkin     15 days   none          250g              2250g
  pineapple   21 days   5 days        500g              4500g
  Pink Cat FL. 7 days   none          70g               630g
  Fall Crops
  Spinach     6 days    none          80g               480g
  Sweet Pot   6 days    2 days        100g              900g
  Carrot      8 days    none          120g              1080g
  Pepper      8 days    2 days        40g               360g
  Eggplant    10 days   3 days        80g               720g
  Magic Red fl 11 days  none          200g              1800g
  Peach 250g
  Banana 200g
  Orange 200g
  Apples 100g
  Grapes 200g
  Grass grows in all seasons but winter and regrow every 15 days or so to
  make fodder for building or animal feed.
  You can plant any of the ground crops or trees anywhere on the map
  including your farm or any of the other fields available around the
  town.  I have noticed that the crops will grow at a different rates in
  different areas.  The table above list the time it takes for them to
  grow on your farm.  The take another day to grow if you plant them in
  the many fields located around the main part of the city.  They will
  grow one day faster if you plant them in the fields located near the
  waterfall in front of the dig sit.  Crops will grow the fastest if you
  plant them in the secret field behind the waterfall.  You need the
  Legendary Swords from the second mine to break the rocks blocking your
  way to the waterfall cave field.    Regardless of location crops sell
  for the same price everywhere. 
  Crops also have multiple levels.  Crops begin at level one and can go
  quite high, I haven't found the upper bound on them yet, but I know they
  go above 10 levels.  Higher level crops will ship for a lot more than
  their lower level counter parts.  For example, level 1 sweet potatoes
  sell for 100g each, while level 10 sweet potatoes sell for around 8000g
  each.  As you can see, leveling up seeds can quickly lead to a higher
  profit margin.  However, this takes quite a bit of work to achieve.  The
  process to obtaining higher level sees is quite simple in nature, but it
  takes a great deal of patience and time to achieve.  The process is
  described in detail below.
  Raising the level of crops is very simple, all you need to do is plant
  multiple bags of seeds on the same 9 squares of land overtop of each
  other.  The seeds you plant all need to be at the same level, and you
  need to plant at least two bags in order for them to advance a level. 
  You simply water and harvest the crops in the manner described above as
  you normally would.  However, when you pick the crops, there is a
  reasonable probability that some of the crops you harvest will have
  increased one level above their standard seeds.  The more bags of seeds
  you plant on an area, the better chance each particular crops has of
  increasing one level in value.  Planting multiple bags of the seeds that
  you buy from the store will yield level two crops.  Unfortunately, this
  is as far as you can go with the crops from the store.  To advance their
  levels higher, you need to purchase the seed maker from the black smith.
  The seed maker costs 20000g and requires a piece of admit from the third
  mine to construct.  It takes several days like upgrading a tool does,
  and it is then delivered to your farm.  You need to purchase a maker
  shed before you can buy it from the black smith.  You can read more
  about finding admit in the mining section and the shed in the building
  section.  The seed maker allows you to turn harvested crops into bags of
  seeds at a 1 to 1 ratio.  The transformation is instantaneous.  Each
  crop you put in will yield a bag of seeds equal to the level of the
  crop.  For example, a level 2 crop yields level 2 seeds.  You can then
  take these new seed and plant multiple bags of them on the same plot of
  land to increase the crops one more level.  Then, you can repeat the
  process to grow higher level crops.  However, this is a time consuming
  process, because each time you do it you have to start growing the crops
  all over again.  It takes several game years, so be patient with it. 
  The secret waterfall field can be a big help here, because seeds grow
  faster their than on the normal farm.  I will add the profit increase
  equation later when I break it down.  
  Another interesting thing about crops is the ability to grow giant
  versions of crops in the game.  I have only had this happen to me twice
  so far, but it's a neat addition to the game.  Sometimes when you plant
  a bag of crops, a giant version will grow and take up for spaces on the
  screen.  These larger crops seem to be random and rare in nature.  If
  you are luck enough to have one, on the day that it is ready to harvest
  Thomas comes over and offers to take it off your hands.  If you accept,
  you will view a short cut scene where the harvest sprites from mineral
  town come over and take it.  Then you will find that it shipped out for
  several thousand dollars the next day.  I don't have any idea what
  causes it, but it's just another neat addition to the game.
  As far as strategy goes, I am still out on that one.  I would recommend
  getting your crops to the highest level you can because their shipping
  prices seem to grow at a geometric rate.  Try to focus on crops with a
  short growing time and a fast regrow period regardless of price.  This
  will allow you to upgrade their level quickly, and it will also allow
  you to get multiple harvests out of higher level crops without having to
  regrow them from seeds every time.  Unlike previous games, growing speed
  will ultimately determine the best profit margin unless you get all the
  crops to the highest available level.  If you have two different crops,
  and they are two levels apart, the higher level crop will sell for more
  than the lower level one.  So, you want to focus on speed over shipping
  value.  I would recommend sticking with strawberries, tomatoes, and yams
  for the time being.  I will add more on this as the guide develops.  
  Just another quick update, I now have the equation for the shipping
  prices of the leveled up vegetables.  I just needed about 10 levels or
  so to see what it was. The shipping price for a leveled up crops is:
  base price * level ^ 2
  Where the base prices is the shipping prices of a level 1 version of the
  crop and the level is the level of the seeds.  For example, if I wanted
  to know the shipping price of a level 19 yam then I would go the
  following calculation.  The shipping price of a level 1 yam is 100g from
  the table above and the level in this case is 19 so the shipping prices
  would be:
  baseprice * level^2
  =baseprice * level * level
  =100 * 19 *19
  =100 * 361
  So, as you can see from this example it is pretty easy to figure out the
  shipping price of an upper level crop.  You can multiply the result by 9
  to get the shipping prices of a bag of leveled up crops.  As you can see
  here, crops are the key to making money in the game.  For example if we
  look at a level 100 yam it would sell for 100^3 = 1000000g, so a bag of
  level 100 yams will ship out for 9 million dollars.  If you planted say
  100 bags of level 100 yams you would make almost a billion dollars for
  one harvest of yams and you can harvest them 13 times in one season. It
  would take about 4 game years of leveling up seeds to get the quickest
  growing ones to level 100, but by then you should have pretty good money
  The Basement:
  The basements are another way that you can grow crops in the game.  It
  is a useful addition to your house, because it allows you to grow crops
  out of season. This will allow you to upgrade your crop levels quicker
  than just growing crops in their own season.  In order to build the
  basement you need to have the second house upgrade purchased.  You can
  have up to three floors to the basement.  Each floor is like the first
  except that the first is the only one that has a watering hole in it. 
  In order to grow some thing in the basement, you need to have the
  appropriate season's sun.  You can find them in the third mine and the
  process is well outlined in the mining section of the guide.  You simply
  place the sun on the box on the appropriate floor and plant the crops as
  you normally would above ground.  Multiple levels will allow you to grow
  crops from different seasons at the same time.  The costs and
  construction of the basements are located in the building sections.  
  Trees are another good source of income in that they produce fruit that
  you can sell or use for cooking.  Trees require less maintained than
  ground crops and will produce fruit year after year once they mature. 
  They can also be upgraded like ground crops, but it takes a long time
  because they require a long time to grow.  To plant a tree, till a 2x2
  area of ground and stand with the seeds in the upper left hand corner of
  the formation.  Keep in mind, that nothing will grow in the squares
  surrounding a tree.  So, plan your planting carefully and give them
  plenty of room.  You can buy tree seeds from Vesta's shop for between
  800g and 3000g each.  Once the seeds are sown, you will need to water
  them for about two weeks until they grow into a saporling. 
  Once a tree reaches the saporling state, you can stop watering it and it
  will mature on its own.  It take two seasons for a tree to mature and
  another one before it will bear fruit.  A tree will blossom one season
  before it will bear fruit.  Banana and orange trees bear fruit in the
  summer and apple, grape, and peach trees bear fruit in the fall.  A tree
  will bear one piece of fruit every other day.  Trees really don't
  provide as good of a profit margin as ground crops do, however they are
  low maintenance because all you need to do is pick them. The fruit from
  trees is used in several of the recipes and make good gifts for people
  around town.  Trees take too long to grow to upgrade them effectively. 
  Tress will not bear fruit in the basement or behind the waterfall.  
  2. Animals
  Like all of its predecessors, Harvest moon DS. has a wide variety of
  animals that you can keep on your farm in order to make money and have.
  However, a few things have changed from the previous games.  This time,
  you don't start with barns for most of the animals you get.  You have to
  build your own before you can buy animals.  See the building's Section
  for the price and requirements to construct the buildings.  The wood
  cutter will make all of them for you if you have the right amount of
  money and material.  The game's touch screen also adds a more impressive
  interface with the touch panel gloves to caring for the animals.  You
  can now pet, milk, and wash your animals with the tough panel gloves
  rather than only the other tools if you prefer.  Just a side note, I
  prefer to focus on Crops rather than animals, so I haven't kept track of
  how long it takes them to mature.  It takes a week or two for them to
  grow into adult form and start producing milk, eggs and wool, ect.  I
  will provide you with the information that I have available.
  You can move your animals outside on days with nice weather if you want
  too.  If there out on rainy weather or in a hurricane or blizzard they
  will often get sick.  This will also happen if you forget to feed them
  inside.  If they are outside for several hours, chickens and ducks will
  find food on their own and cows will eat mature grass if there is any. 
  Otherwise you will need to return them to the barn and give them food in
  their food box.  Cows and sheep eat fodder which you can grow or buy
  from yodel ranch.  Chickens and Ducks eat bird feed which you can buy
  from the poultry farm.  If your animals get sick, you can cure them with
  animal medicine, otherwise they will die after a few days.  Note, I
  usually leave my animals inside and just feed them.  That way they won't
  get sick unless their is a storm. 
  You can have only a limited number of animals on your farm.  Each animal
  requires a shed to live in.  Each shed holds a total of 4 animals.  You
  can have a total of 7 animal sheds which means you can have a total of
  28 animals at any given time.  Note, you also need a pond to buy ducks. 
  You can get new animals by buying them from one of the farms or having
  the ones you have reproduce.  You can get a new chicken by placing an
  egg in an incubator and letting it hatch.  This is cheaper than buying
  them from the farm.  It takes 3 day for a bird to hatch and a week for
  it to mature into an adult.  I don't really know how long it takes cows
  and sheep to reproduce.  It's better to just buy them as adults from the
  ranch.  The miracle potions only save you 1000g and they end up tying up
  one of your mature animals for a few weeks.  During that time period it
  still needs to each but won't produce anything. So, they end up costing
  you more money than they are worth.
  Listed below are the types of animals and some information about them
  Dog: You start with the dog and give him a name at the games beginning. 
  You can throw him or pet him with the touch panel gloves to raise his
  affection rate.  Also, you can train him with the ball that Thomas gives
  you on the first day.  He will play fetch with you.  Supposedly, he will
  chase away wild dogs from your land at the end of the day. Otherwise, he
  is pretty useless. 
  Cat: You also begin the game with the cat.  It can be picked and thrown
  and petted with the touch gloves.  It's basically a worthless animal.  I
  just ignore it because it severs no probative value.
  Horse: Tanaka brings you a horse after you ship about 1200 items through
  a shipping box.  You can pet it with the touch gloves and brush it with
  the brush.  You can ride it around the valley, which is faster than
  walking, but slower than the teleport stone.  It can also be used to
  ship items anywhere in the valley.  
  Chickens: They are bought from the poultry farm or hatch from eggs. 
  Chickens need to be feed bird feed once a day.  They can be thrown or
  petted with the touch gloves to increase their affection rating.  As
  their affection increases, the quality of their eggs will also increase. 
  Small eggs sell for 50g, medium for 60g and large for 100g.
  Ducks:  Ducks are similar to chickens in every way accept they cost more
  to buy and require a pond before you can purchase them.  However, their
  eggs sell for more than chickens do. Small 80g, medium 100g and large
  150g.  Ducks will only lay eggs every other day.  
  You can also purchase a manoise maker to increase the selling value of
  eggs slightly.  It is made by the blacksmith with adamant from the third
  mine for 20000g.  Or, you can use oil to make it in the kitchen. I don't
  have the maker's yet, so I will disclose their shipping prices in a
  future version of the guide.
  Cows: you buy cows from the yodel ranch for 5000g each.  They need to be
  feed fodder once a day and you can brush them and talk to them to
  increase their affection ratings.  You can milk them when they mature
  with either the touch panel glove or the milker.  The selling value of
  their milk increases with their affection rating.  small 100g, medium
  150g, large 200g. you can also get makers for cheese and yogurt to
  increase profits slightly.  
  Sheep: Sheep produce wool that you can sell and have to be shorn once a
  week.  They eat and have their affection increased like cows do.  You
  can use the touch panel gloves to wash and shear them, or you can shear
  them with the clippers.  The wool sells as follows small 100g, medium
  400g, and large 500g. There is also a yarn maker to increase their
  selling prices slightly.  
  The selling value of animal produce increases along with the affection
  rating of the animal.  You can make an animal happier by brushing it,
  talking to it, and taking it outside.  You can also use the touch panel
  minigames to increase the level of the products produced by sheep and
  cows by scoring high on the minigames.
  Birthing new animals:
  You can have your animals give birth to off spring in several ways. 
  This is required to unlock several of the harvest sprites later in the
  game.  To have a chicken or a duck reproduce, you simply need to put one
  of their eggs in the incubator located in the bird shed.  It takes a 3
  days to hatch and a week to become a productive adult. Sheep and cows
  are a little more complicated.  You need to impregnate them with a
  miracle potion from the yodel ranch.  Then you need to walk up to the
  animal you want to make pregnant and use the potion on it.  The next day
  the animal will be moved to the special pregnant box in the barn.  You
  will need to put feed in the special box while the animal is pregnant or
  it will become sick.  Sheep and cows stop producing milk and wool while
  their pregnant.  It takes 3 weeks for a baby to be born and another week
  to grow into an adult.  Afterwards, it takes another week before it will
  start producing milk or wool.  This is a waste of time and money in the
  game when it comes to cows and sheep.  It is more beneficial to just buy
  adult animals to begin with.  However, your sheep or cows need to
  reproduce 15 times to unlock one of the sprites.  Baby animals gain
  affection faster than their parents do.
  The animal festival:
  There is an animal festival each season other than the winter for a
  particular type of animal.  You can only enter one animal in each
  festival each year.  In order to win the festival you need to have 9 to
  10 affection hearts on your animal.  If you win your animal will
  increase one level and the products it produces will sell at a higher
  value.  Additionally, your animal's offspring will also start at the
  same level as its parent. This can be used to increase the productivity
  value of your animals on the farm.  The animals start on level 1 and go
  all the way to 100 supposedly.  You cannot level up a particular animal
  more than once.  
  Upgrading the milker and sheers:
  One thing that I recently found is that the milker and sheer's can
  upgrade to higher levels.  You can do this by milking or sheering your
  animals with the touch panel gloves.  They will increase slowly over
  time.  As they do, they can actually generate 99 milk or wool per
  sheering or milking.  They can also raise the selling price of product
  several levels which ship for more money.  
  3. Tools
  Tools allow you to perform work on the farm such as clearing the land,
  watering crops, caring for animals, or gathering resources.  They are of
  cardinal importance to the game.  Listed below are a description of the
  tools I have accumulated so far and their purposes and upgrades.  
  You can only upgrade the six main tools in the game.  Many of the tools
  such as the brush and milker don't have upgrades and only function at
  the first level.  To upgrade a tool, you need to gather ore from the
  first mine and contact the black smith.  The levels of upgrades are as
  copper   1000g 1 day
  silver   2000g 2 days 
  gold     3000g 3 days
  mystrile 4000g 4 days 
  In addition to having the required ore and money to upgrade the tool,
  you also need to have worked the tool to a certain experience level by
  using it repeatedly or performing work with it.  In order to upgrade a
  tool, you need to call Gary and Sabina when the blacksmith is open,
  11:00 to 4:00 except Thursdays and holidays, and provide them with the
  ore and money.  You cannot upgrade a tool if you lack the experience to
  do so.  You can view your current experience by touching your
  character's head portrait on the progress report screen.  The days are
  cumulatively spent but the money is not.  For example, it only takes one
  day to go from silver to gold level, but it still costs 3000g to
  upgraded the tool. So, you may want to go straight to mystrile to avoid
  wasting money.  Be aware that while a tool is being upgraded, you will
  not be able to use it.  To use a tool at a higher level, hold down the Y
  button and release it at the desired interval.  Using a tool at a higher
  level burns more stamina and fatigue, but it generally does more work
  than using the tool at the first level repeatedly would.  
  Tool List
  Hoe: You begin the game with this tool in your possession.  It can till
  soil to prepare it for planting or be used to dig in the mines.  It
  begins by tilling one square in front of you.  Each level you advance it
  up to mystrile will increase the number of squares tilled in front of
  you in a straight line by one.  You can only till one square at a time
  in the mine or dig site. The Blessed hoe tills three rows by 5 squares. 
  The mythic level does 5 rows by 10 squares in front of you.
  Axe: You begin with the axe at the beginning of the game.  It is used to
  chop tree branches and stumps to gather lumber.  At first you can only
  cut branches with it.  Increasing its level allows it to cut stumps by
  charging it up multiple times.  The higher the level you have, the less
  swings it takes to break a stump into lumber.  The mystrile axe can
  cleave a stump in one chop.  The blessed and mythic levels allow you to
  cut all the branches and stumps around you in one swing.  The mythic axe
  has the longest reach.
  Watering Can:  The watering can is used to water your crops.  It can be
  filled at any body of water or the watering hole on your farm.  The
  number of squares it holds and waters depends on its level.  
  material  capacity  waters 
  Iron        30       1 square in front of you
  copper      45       3 squares in front of you 
  silver      60       6 squares in front of you 
  gold        90       9 squares in front of you
  Mystrile    150      15 squares in front of you 
  blessed     255      54 squares in front of you 
  mythic      255      252 squares in front of you
  Hammer: You begin the game with the hammer and it has several uses.  It
  can break rocks to acquire stone for building.  If you upgraded it, the
  hammer can break boulders and even larger rocks into stone for building
  material. Like the axe, the more you upgrade the hammer, the more few
  swings are required to destroy boulders.  The blessed and mythic levels
  allow you to break all the rocks around you in one swing. This includes
  the very large stones by the mine, but not by the waterfall or on top of
  the hot springs. You can also use the hammer to dig though rocks in the
  mine and unplowed plowed land.
  Sickle:  You begin the game with the sickle. The sickle is used to cut
  weeds and mature grass to make fodder.  As you upgrade it, it will cut
  more spaces.
  material  cuts 
  iron       1 space in front of you
  copper     2 spaces in front of you 
  silver     6 spaces in front of you 
  gold       9 spaces in a arc around where you are standing
  mystrile   2 rows around where you are standing
  Blessed    6 rows around where you are standing
  Mythic     9 rows around where you are standing
  Fishing Pole:  To acquire the fishing pole, go to Galen and Nina's house
  around noon on a Saturday.  You will view a short cut scene where Galen
  found an old fishing rod and is passing it onto you.  The fishing rod
  allows you to catch fish in any body of water on the map.  The more you
  upgrade it, the better the quality of fish that you can catch with it. 
  The blessed and mythic fishing poles allow you to catch higher level
  fish.  The mythic rod fully charged can catch pirate treasure and
  fossils.  The are found on the beach during the summer and fall
  respectively and ship for 10000g  and 5000g respectively.
  The following tools cannot be upgraded.
  Brush: You can buy it from the blacksmith. You can use it to brush your
  horse, sheep and cows to increase their affection rating.
  Milker: This is also bought from the black smith.  It allows you to milk
  your cows with or without the touch panel gloves.
  Shears: These are purchased from the blacksmith and allow you to shear
  the wool from your sheep to harvest it.  
  Bell: You also purchase this from the blacksmith.  When you ring it, it
  calls all of your sheep and cows to where you are standing.  It comes in
  handy for moving them inside and outside quickly.  
  Touch Panel Gloves:  You can purchase these from either of the animals
  farms for 1000g.  They allow you to interact with your animals on the
  touch screen.  You can pet the dog, can, horse, chickens cows, sheep and
  ducks to increase their affection with them.  They allow you to wash
  your animals to increase their affection rating by equipping them at the
  same time as the brush.  They allow you to milk your cows by combining
  them with the milker. Finally, the allow you to shear your sheep by
  equipping them with the sheers. The touch panel gloves are a basically a
  minigame that you can use to increase the affection rating of your
  animals based on your score with them.  They will also yield higher
  level produce if you are proficient at the minigames with them.
  Seeds:  These are purchased from either the supermarket or Vesta's farm. 
  They vary in price and grow into crops that you can sell.  See the crops
  section for details.
  Animal Medicine: This can be purchased from any of the animal farms.  It
  cures an animals sickness when you forget to feed them or leave them out
  in the rain.  They keep sick animals from dying, so its a good idea to
  keep some on hand.  
  Miracle Potions:  There are two types, one for the cows and one for the
  sheep.  These allow you to have your mature animals have offspring. 
  They are pretty self explanatory.  Use them next to the animal and it
  will become pregnant.  It takes a few weeks to give birth during which
  time your animal won't produce items to ship. 
  Legendary Sword: 
  The legendary sword is found on the 255 floor of the second mine after
  you clean out all the monsters on the bottom floor.  You need to have at
  least one of your tools to the mystrile experience level before you can
  get it.  You don's have to have the tool upgraded, you simply need
  enough experience to upgrade it.  The sword is used to destroy the large
  rocks blocking the way to the secret field behind the waterfall.  You
  can destroy them by equipping the sword and walking up next to them. 
  Next, just push the A button and you will trigger a short scene that
  will destroy the rocks. The sword is also useful as a weapon in the
  mines and can be used to cut weeds, grass, and crops.  
  I have found some of the cursed tools.  They are located on various
  floors in the third mine.  The requirements to find and upgrade them can
  be located in the mining section.  
  4. Buildings
  As the game progresses and you upgrade your farm, there are several
  buildings that you can buy from Gotz the wood cutter.  You need them to
  store materials and to house your animals.  You cannot buy animals for
  your farm until you have sheds to house them in.  So, buildings are a
  very important part of building your farm up.  You can place an order
  for a building over the phone like you would to order any other service.
  Gotz is available from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm and is closed on Saturdays
  and holidays.  You can only have him constructing one building at a time
  and it usually takes him two days to construct anything.  So plan your
  time carefully when you order buildings and expand the farm.
  You can build each of the available buildings out of any one of four
  different materials with a few exceptions.  You can either gather the
  material for the building yourself, or you can buy it from Gotz or the
  Yodel farm if you want fodder buildings. You can also use any material
  besides fodder to make fences to keep your animals in and wild dogs away
  from them on the farm. Fodder is the cheapest building material but it
  is also the least sturdy.  You can buy it from yodel farm or grow and
  harvest grass.   Fodder buildings are relatively cheap to construct, but
  they can also fall apart in rainy or even sunny weather.  The only
  benefit is their cheap cost.  Next, you can build structures out of
  wood.  They are a little more expensive than fodder buildings, but they
  can hold up in most normal weather situations.  However, they can still
  sustain damage in a hurricane or blizzard. You can obtain wood by
  cutting trees and stumps or by purchasing it from Gotz.  Be aware that
  any animals in a building are killed if a building collapses so choose a
  good building material.  Here are their purchase prices.   
  fodder 20g
  lumber 50g
  stone  200g
  gold lumber 100000g
  The third and probably most economic option is stone.  Stone is very
  strong and will only risk sustaining damage in a heavy storm with a
  small possibility.  It offers stability and is still an affordable
  option.  You can obtain stone by purchasing it or by breaking stones and
  boulders with the hammer.  The final choice is to build things out of
  Gold Lumber.  Gold lumber is indestructible, but at 100000g a piece it
  really isn't affordable.  You can buy it from Gotz or complete Thomas's
  winter request to get one piece.  Listed below are all of the buildings
  I have found to date and their uses and costs.  You can only have one of
  any specific building unless its and animal or a bird shed.  In that
  case you can have a combined total of 7 of the two of them, which allows
  you to have 28 different animals.  Overall, stone is the best building
  choice if you can afford it.  I have included a table that show the
  number of pieces and the costs to expand purchasing the materials and
  providing them yourself.  
  House: You begin the game with a small house and you can expand it
  twice.  Your house is indestructible and constructed of lumber.  You
  cannot expand it using other materials.  Once you unlock the second
  harvest sprite channel, and buy a few items from the TV shopping
  network.  The option to expand your house becomes available from Gotz. 
  You can expand your house twice, which is necessary to open new items to
  buy from the home shopping network. You need to buy the table before you
  can get the first upgrade and the kitchen before you can buy the second.
  It is also required to get married later in the game.  
  House Upgrades    provide own material     purchase from Gotz
  1st upgrade material required 200 
  stone                   33000g                 43000g
  2nd upgrade material required 700
  stone                   115000g                150000g
  Bird and Animal sheds: These buildings are required to house your
  animals on the farm.  They are basically the barns from the previous
  harvest moon games.  Each of them can hold up to four animals and come
  with a place to feed them.  Bird sheds hold ducks and chickens while
  animal sheds hold sheep and cows.  They also each have a place to
  retrieve feed if you have a silo and an indoor shipping bin.  The Bird
  sheds also have an incubator where you can place eggs to increase the
  number of birds you have.  You can have a total of 7 sheds for a total
  of 28 animals.
  Material           Provide your own     Buy it from Gotz
  Bird shed requires 420 pieces of material.  
  fodder              500g         8900g
  lumber              5000g             26000g
  stone               10000g       94000g
  gold lumber               100000g     42100000g
  Animal shed requires 500 pieces of material 
  fodder              680g         10680g
  lumber              6800g             31800g
  stone               13000g       101300g
  gold lumber               130000g        50130000g
  Silo, Lumber, Stone, and Gold Lumber storage:  These small structures
  each holds a specific type of material you gather.  The silo holds
  fodder and the rest of them hold what their name implies.  You can put
  material in them and remove it when needed.  Basically they just give
  you a place to store material outside of your ruck sack.  Each of them
  requires 100 pieces of material to build
  Material        Provide your own       Buy it from Gotz
  Silo, Lumber, Stone shed
  fodder              200g      2200g
  lumber              2000g          7000g
  stone               4000g          24000g
  gold lumber               40000g   10040000g
  Gold Lumber shed
  fodder              3000g          4000g     
  lumber              20000g    25000g
  stone               40000g    60000g
  Gold lumber               100000g  10100000g
  Mushroom Shack: The mushroom shack is another little building that you
  can get from Gotz.  The shed allows you to plant and grow mushrooms
  similar to the wild ones you find in the fall.  The process is pretty
  simple. Inside the shed, there are several platforms.  You need to place
  a piece of lumber on each of them and then you need to plant mushroom
  seeds on them.  Next, you need to water the mushrooms for about two
  weeks, when they will first start to grow.  The type of mushrooms you
  get are vary from the toadstools to the truffles.  Once you harvest
  them, if you continue to water them they will regrow at a much faster
  rate than their initial growing time. Basically, it's just another way
  to get a renewable crop to grow.  A thanks to Kayla D for the
  information provided here from her email. It requires 320 pieces of
  material to construct
  Material        provide your own       Buy it from Gotz
  fodder              1000g                7000g
  lumber              10000g         25000g
  stone               35000g
  gold lumber         200000g        30200000g
  Pond:  The pond allows you to buy and raise ducks on your farm.  It also
  allows you to store the fish you catch.  Finally, it is a requirement of
  you want to Mary Leila the Mermaid.  It can only be made from stone and
  requires 600 pieces and 100,000g  if you provide the material and it
  costs 220,000g if you buy the stone from Gotz.
  Maker Shed: This shed allows you to store the makers that you can
  purchase from the black smith.  Each maker costs 2000g and requires
  adimante from the third mine and three days to make.  They will increase
  the shipping value of your crops and animals produce or allow you to
  make seeds out of your crops.  You need the second house upgrade and an
  animal barn to purchase the maker shed.  Once the shed is built, you can
  buy makers from Gary.  They cost 20000g and require 5 days each to make.
  They also require a piece of adimante to construct from the third mine. 
  The maker's allow you to ship items for higher profits or cooking.  Then
  important one is the seed maker that allows you to upgrade your seed
  levels.  It requires 360 pieces of material.
  Material        provide your own       Buy it from Gotz
  fodder              5000g                10200g
  lumber              30000g               48000g
  stone               60000g               132000g
  gold lumber         600000g              36600000g
  Basement:  The basement allows you to grow crops out of season.  You
  need the appropriate seasons sun from the third mine to grow crops.  You
  also need the second house upgrade to purchase it.  I don't recommend
  building it out of anything but stone, because the losses of your crops
  will be devastating if it collapse.  The second and third basement will
  also be destroyed if the first falls. You need the second house upgrade
  before you can buy it. It requires 400 pieces of material and costs
  400000g to build from stone if you buy the material from Gotz.  The
  second and third upgrades each take 999 pieces of stone to buy and cost
  950,000g and 3,200,000g to build respectively.  They are the same as the
  first basement except they lack a watering hole.  Having more than one
  basement will allow you to grow more crops or crops from different
  seasons at the same time.    
  There may be another building or two, but I haven't unlocked them yet. 
  If anyone has the information feel free to email it to me.  Otherwise I
  will add it at a future update to the guide.
  5. Unlocking Harvest Sprites
  The harvest sprites were sent to another world by the witch princess in
  order to look for the harvest goddess.  You can bring them back by doing
  various things on the farm and return them to your world.  Some of them
  require you to do a specific task several times while others just
  require you to stand examine a specific square.  Anyway you look at it,
  it takes a lot of work to get them all back.  It is rather unlikely that
  you will find them all, but you should try to return all of them that
  you can.  It takes 60 of them to find return the harvest goddess, and
  you have to find all of them in order to Mary her. 
  Additionally, the harvest sprites can help you work on your farm.  In
  order to get them to work, you need to go to their tree and talk to Guts
  their leader.  You can then hire a team to help you on your farm for a
  couple of day to do a specific task.  In order to hire a team, you need
  to have medals to exchange for their services.  You can buy medals from
  Roller at 10g each or you can gamble them up playing poker, black jack,
  or a memory game when you unlock the dealers for each of the game. 
  Roller also runs a shop that you can exchange medals for items and Jet
  runs a shop at the tree that sells some other useful nick knacks.  Also,
  the harvest sprites function at the new TV on the submenu with channels
  about everything you can learn about farming.  Overall, they are one of
  the main objectives of the game and make it a lot easier to play and
  enjoy.  Listed below are all the sprites we have found so far and what
  is needed to find them.  Let me know if anything is incorrect.
  I will be listing the harvest sprites by their team. You need to find 60
  harvest sprites to unlock the harvest goddess and some are easier than
  A very special thanks goes out to ExpertatFF for the additional sprites
  he has provided.  I added a few more of my own. Thanks to everyone who
  contribute.  We now have them all.  
  Note: Examine means to push the A button while facing the edge of the
  indicated object.
  Casino/Store team
  Guts: Leader of harvest sprites in charge of hiring out groups.
  Unlock: He is around from the begging of the game.
  Jet:  He runs the store that sells various items in exchange for money.
  Unlock:  Examine the crate on the second floor of the inn where Van has
  his shop
  Roller:  Sells medals for money and exchanges medals for items
  Unlock: Cross the bridge to Vesta's farm on the 8th of spring.
  Jackie:  Keeps you from leaving the valley
  Unlock:  Try to leave the valley by taking the path leading to mineral
  Tep:  He is the Black Jack Dealer at the Casino
  Unlock:  Examine the chimney thing outside inner inn in the fenced off
  Jum:  He is the memory game dealer 
  Unlock:  Examine the front of the fountain in front of the villa.
  Hops: He is the poker dealer.  
  Unlock:  Examine the well next to the bar.
  Baby:  The white harvest sprite, he can be given gifts to up his
  affection towards you.
  Unlock: Examine the large pot to the left of the harvest sprite counter
  in the tree after you unlock 60 or more other harvest sprites.  
  TV Channel team
  Channel 1: Reports the next day's weather.
  Unlock: He is unlocked at the beginning of the game
  Channel 2: This is the TV shopping network.
  Unlock:  Buy at least one item from the supermarket every day for 10
  Channel 3: Gives you information about the harvest sprites
  Unlock:  Find 20 harvest sprites
  Channel 4: Gives you information about farming. 
  Unlock: ship out 300 of the same item (upper bound)or so I am not sure
  about the exact number.
  Channel 5: Allows you to change background music
  Unlock: Buy five records
  Channel 6: Tells you about festivals coming up during the season
  Unlock : go to three festivals 
  Channel 7: This shows a variety of shows that can be useful for finding
  recipes and other things 
  Unlock: Get 100 friendship points with one person in town.
  Channel 8: This channel has tutorials about how to play the game.
  Unlock:  The channel is unlocked when the game begins. 
  Channel 9: It is a quiz show supposedly.
  Unlock:  Ship 100,000 of the same item.  
  Animal Team
  This team brushes and feeds your animals.  From here on, I am just going
  to list their names and how to unlock them.
  Red Ribbon:  Have 10 adult cows
  Woody:  Ship 300 animal products
  Liam: Ship 500 animal products
  Wooly: Ship 1000 animal produce
  Bade: Shear a sheep 100 times with the touch panel gloves.
  Channy: Sheer a sheep 300 times with the touch panel gloves
  Ole: Sheer a sheep 700 times with the touch panel gloves
  Stuart: Milk a cow with the touch gloves 100 times
  Magic: Milk a cow  300 times with the touch gloves 
  Bali: Milk a cow 700 times with the touch panel gloves
  Mick: Have 10 chickens or ducks 
  Woohoo: have 20 chickens or ducks
  Harvest team: Collects resources on a specific area.
  Oran: Give Thomas what he wants when he gives you his winter request for
  an item.  It triggers a cute cut scene
  Bran: Cut 100 pieces of wood
  Decoy: Cut 250 pieces of wood
  Woody: Cut 500 pieces of wood
  Piere: Bread several stumps between 15 - 20
  Tilus: gather 100 stone
  Stone: gather 250 stone
  Rash: gather 500 stone
  Alpen: Break 5-7 boulders
  Rocky: Break 15-20 boulders
  Valie: Use the Mystrile Axe once  
  Fen: Have the cursed hammer blessed
  Animal Team Brush and Pet's Animals 
  Canary: Have your sheep or cows give birth 15 times.
  For the next few sprits, you need to pet, throw, or talk to your animals
  without the touch panel gloves X times.  Referred to as happy up animals
  from here on out.
  Kali: Happy up animals 50 times
  Johnny: Happy up animals 350 times
  Brushy: Happy up animals 900 times
  Mouton: Pet your pets with the touch gloves 50 times
  Boohoo: Pet your pets with the touch gloves 100 times  
  Canal: Pet your animals with the touch gloves 300 times
  Meow: Pet your animals with the touch gloves 500 times
  Beta: Wash your animals with the touch gloves 50 times
  Aaron: Wash your animals with the touch gloves 100 times
  Pompon: Wash your animals with the touche gloves 300 times
  Zoo: Wash your animals with the touch gloves 500 times
  Harvest Team: Harvest crops and wild plants
  Forest: Use the mystrile sickle once
  Fraw: Ship around 1000 items
  Ridge: Ship around 5000 items
  Ali: Ship 10000 items
  Cady: Ship 30000 items
  Paddy: Ship 500 items
  Veggie: Put something into your basket
  Kevin: ship an item using the horse
  Kamar: ship some cabbage 
  Moor: Ship pineapples
  Vail: ship some peppers
  Mathew: Have the cursed sickle blessed
  Fishing team: Catches and ships fish.
  Blue: Fish in the hot springs near the circus *
  Rod: Fish in the hot springs near the goddess spring *
  Poolo: catch 50 fish **
  Fry: catch 500 fish **
  Pedro: catch 1,000 fish **
  Gerik: catch 5,000 fish **
  Reese: catch 10,000 fish **
  Tricky: catch 50,000 fish **
  Sammy: have cursed rod blessed
  Fisher: use the mystrile fishing rod
  Yacht: fish in farms pond
  Fisher: Use the mystrile fishing pole
  Riveriara: Fish in your farms watering hole 
  *See FAQ to see how to unlock the two springs
  ** You can have the fishing team catch the required number of fish for
  you. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to get the larger numbers
  without them.  You still need to catch the final fish at each bench mark
  yourself to unlock the sprite.
  Heal team: recovers stamina.  To use them, use up all of your stamina
  and talk to them.  Then will recharge a little of it.  
  Violette: Use the hot springs by the circus 200 **
  Nette: Use the heal team 100 times *
  Holt: Use the heal team 500 times *
  Junior: Use the heal team 750 times *
  Sante: Use the heal team 1000 times *
  Anime: Eat 30 pieces of colored grass
  Powery: Eat 80 pieces of colored grass
  Spirity: Buy something to drink at blue bar 
  Souly: Have 50 drinks at blue bar
  Carrie: Use the hot springs near the goddess pond 200 times **
  Sage: Use the hot springs near the goddess pond 500 times **
  * Use the healing team means to have them restore your stamina.
  **Each use of the hot springs must be at least an hour in length. 
  Watering Team: waters your crops.
  Choriori: Water 1000 squares of crops personally.
  Walter: Water around 5000 squares.  
  Rainy water 10,000 squares
  Joro water 30,000 squares
  Patty water 50,000 squares
  Misti: Fill up the watering can somewhere between 9 and 12 times 
  Roli: Use the Mystrile watering can
  Maddox: Have the cursed watering can blessed
  Karaf: Examine your watering hole  
  Ceruleano, Eviran and Owen: You apparently need to water a random square
  someplace in the valley.  The mythic watering can help with this.
  Well, now we have all of the sprites listed here.  I had quite a few
  emails that just game me one sprite.  The major contributor is listed
  above, but I am trying to get the guide out in an expedient fashion. 
  Not everyone who contributed is listed here or in the thanks and
  acknowledgement section.  I didn't have time to sift through 700 emails
  looking for the names this time.  Rest assured your contributions were
  appreciated and I will have your names here in the next update.  Thanks
  again to everyone who contributed to making this section a success.
  6.  The Harvest Sprite Casino and Medal System
  I was originally going to make this section part of the harvest sprites
  section. But the more I thought about it, the more that it seemed to
  require its own section.  A special thanks goes out to Andrew who
  inspired this section with a lengthy email that he sent me.  The email
  points out that this is another way to make money quickly early in the
  game.  However, I have tried it and I have found that digging through
  the second mine will yield a better profit in the long run.  The tricks
  mentioned here can generate about half a million gold in two to three
  hours worth of work off of dumb luck.  A run of the mine stopping at
  every floor divisible by three or five will yield 8 to 9 hundred
  thousand gold.  But, this is another option.  
  However, I do like the idea of adding a section discussing the sprite
  casino and medals.  But I want to take a more structured and complete
  approach than the email outlined.  I am using some of the information
  from Andrew's email here, but I am going to add some more of my own
  thoughts and format to the plan here.  So, here we go.  
  Harvest moon DS takes quite a bit from the system that was developed and
  introduced in mineral town.  One of the items that made mineral town so
  popular was the fact that the harvest sprites could help you work on
  your farm.  Hiring the harvest sprites in mineral town allowed you to
  increase the productivity of your farm by not having to do all the work
  yourself.  The sprites could do work faster and more efficiently that
  your character could.  They could also get to places you couldn't, for
  example they can pick crops in the center of a formation without cutting
  one of the plants down to reach them.  This meant that you wouldn't have
  to sacrifice a plant on crops that regrow.  Well, the harvest sprites
  are back and better than ever, but there were quite a few changes to the
  system.  This section is going to go through them.  
  Well, the first major change begins with the number of harvest sprites
  available in the game.  Mineral town had only seven that could perform
  one of three jobs. Harvest Moon DS has quite a few more at 101 possible
  sprites and they can serve even more functions in this game.  But, the
  system you use to hire them is a little different this time around. 
  First, there are several teams of twelve sprites each that perform a
  specific task and this time you need to unlock them by doing various
  activities on your farm and around the valley.  A compiled list of the
  tasks is in the previous section for several of the sprites. Also, this
  time you need to pay the harvest sprite teams with medals that you can
  buy or win at the tree where they live.  The price depends on the number
  of days you want to hire them for and which team you hire. The
  experience system for increasing a sprite's productivity is still in
  place.  A harvest sprite will become more proficient at their job as
  they perform it over time.  
  The new harvest sprite hiring system is based on a currency of medals. 
  You can obtain medals either by buying them from roller or winning them
  at the casino.  Medals cost 10g each, but it is easier to win them if
  you are patient.  Once you have medals purchased, you can go choose a
  team to hire by talking to Guts in the front lobby of the tree.  You can
  only hire one team at a time and you cannot hire a team until you have
  unlocked at least one sprite from the team.  This means that you cannot
  distribute the work load as easily as you could in mineral town between
  the sprites, so choose which team you want to hire carefully and plan on
  doing the rest of the work yourself.  The sprites have a lot more
  diversity in the jobs they can do in Harvest Moon DS, but they can only
  do one job at a time.  Not all of the sprites can work on your farm. 
  Some of them work in the casino and serve as the TV station hosts.  Guts
  hires out the teams and Jet also runs a small store in the tree next to
  guts where you can buy several accessories and the records for the fifth
  channel. The items and their prices can be found in their respective
  sections in this guide.   I will have the accessories section up
  hopefully in the next update.  
  The Teams:
  There are a total of 7 different teams of harvest sprites you can hire
  to work on your farm.  The cost of hiring each team varies and you can
  only hire one team at a time.  I have grouped their unlocking
  requirements in the previous section by team.  However, I want to give a
  more detailed explanation of how each team functions here.  Note, the
  harvest sprites will no longer work on festival days.
  Healing Team (purple):
  The healing team is useful if you need to recover stamina and fatigue
  and don't have the hot springs unlocked or have the funding to purchase
  bodygizer and turbojolt.  To use them, hire the team from Guts and
  select an area on the map.  Go to that area and you will find them
  standing in a central location in that area.  Speak to one of them and
  they will tell you that they can heal you by 10%.  Then they will
  restore 10 points of stamina and fatigue.  You can use them multiple
  time in one day.  You just need to wait a game minutes for their powers
  to recharge.  The more experience they have, the quicker their powers
  will recharge.  If you have quite a few of them, it is possible to get
  healed multiple times without waiting.  Just talk to different ones.  
  Harvest Team (Green):  
  The harvest team does just what their name implies.  The go around the
  map and harvest items that can be shipped.  The will collect wild
  foraging items like colored grass as well as any ripe crops you have in
  the selected area.  The will begin the first area you selected and then
  move on to the next area after they finish with the first one.  They
  start out only able to handle a few bags of crops each, but as their
  experience increases, they can handle more and more crops.  They are
  essential to making a large profit from shipping out crops.  
  Animal Feeding and Collecting Team Red.:
  There are two teams that can take care of the animals in harvest moon
  DS.  This team feeds your animals and collects and ships anything that
  they produce that is ready to ship.  They are helpful if your animals
  are happy and you have a lot of them.  You can select different spaces,
  but since all of your animals are on your farm you will likely be
  selecting there more often than not.  
  Animal Brush and Pet Team (Yellow):
  This is the second animal team.  They will brush and pet your animals
  each once a day.  They are useful if you need to raise the affection
  level of your animals without tending to them yourself.  Be careful
  though.  You still need to feed your animals and collect their products
  yourself if you hire this team to work for you.
  Collection Team (orange): 
  When you hire the collection team, they will go to the area's you
  selected on the map starting with the first area you picked.  Their
  purpose is to collect the fodder, lumber, and stone locate in those
  positions on the map.  They will clean an area out and move onto the
  next area.  The amount of material they can collect depends on their
  experience.  They are useful if you don't have the time or stamina to
  collect building materials yourself.
  Watering Team (Light Blue):
  The purpose of the watering team is to have them water your crops.  They
  can handle multiple areas of the map and follow the same progression as
  the harvest team.  The amount of crops they can water is dependent on
  their experience.  The more they have the more crops they can water. 
  They are helpful when you want to conserve stamina on watering crops. 
  You can hire them intermittently with the harvesting team to make
  efficient work of harvesting your crops.  
  Fishing Team (Deep Blue):  
  The fishing team collects and ships fish from the area you select on the
  map.  They are useful if you want to expand your list of the fish in the
  game and they allow you to make a profit just by hiring them.  You will
  want to spread their area's out from week to week as you hire them to
  catch different types of fish.  The level and number of fish each sprite
  will catch and ship increases as they gain experience.  You will notice
  that they require a good number of fish to unlock.   You can hire the
  team to gather the fish for you, but you need to catch the last fish in
  each interval yourself to unlock the next sprite.  For example, if you
  wanted to unlock the 1000 fish sprite, even if the team caught 2500
  fish, you would still need to get 2501 your self to unlock the next
  sprite.  You can only unlock one sprite per fish you catch, so if you
  need to unlock two sprites you will need to catch 2 fish yourself.  
  Medals and the Casino:
  The new system for hiring the sprites works on medals rather than giving
  them gifts and razing their affection like in mineral town.  You can buy
  medals directly from Roller for 10g each or you can win them from the
  casino games.  Note, you must unlock Roller and each of the dealers
  before you can play their specific games.  Roller also runs a small
  store where you can exchange medals for seeds, accessories, and some
  pamphlets that reveal some of the recipes and the shipping prices of the
  level 1 crops.  A summary of the games is give below. 
  Poker: Dealer Hops:
  There are three games that you can gamble medals at and poker is the
  first from the left.  You need to unlock Hops before you can play poker. 
  To begin the game, speak to Hops and select play poker.  Then select the
  number of medals you want to bet by using up and down on the control
  pad.  You can bet between one and 10 medals on each game per hand.  Once
  you place you bet, push the A button to begin the hand.  You will be
  dealt five cards to make your starting poker hand.  The deck consists of
  52 normal cards and one wild card joker.  You will win medals on a pair
  or better.  After the cards are dealt, the game will highlight a winning
  hand if you have one, at this point you can discard any of the cards and
  draw more.  The joker is a wild card and can serve as any card in the
  deck.  The payouts are as follows:
  one pair: break even
  two pairs: 2 to 1 
  three of kind: 3 to 1
  straight: 5 to 1
  flush: 10 to 1 
  full house: 20 to 1
  4 of a kind: 50 to 1
  straight flush: 100 to 1 
  royal flush: 100 to 1
  Note: N to one means you win N time your bet. I.E. 2 to 1 means you win
  twice your bet.
  If you get a winning hand, you can play another minigame to go for
  double or nothing or pocket your winnings.  The strategy you want to use
  is pretty simple.  First, if you have a winning hand, i.e. a pair or
  better on the start keep the winning hand and redraw the rest.  If you
  don't have a winning hand, look at your cards and try to get one.  It's
  tempting to hold the hire cards, but don't.  A pair is a pair and Aces
  have the same pay out as a pair of twos.  You want to look either for
  cards that are connected for a straight or save whatever suit you have
  the most cards in the go after a flush.  If you have the same number of
  each, go after the straight because it has a higher probability of
  coming up than the flush.  This is a mathematical fact.  The straight
  will come up 3:2 roughly over the flush.  
  Black Jack: Dealer Tep:
  Black jack is a simple casino game where you try to get as close to 21
  as you can with cards.  You have two options, you can either hit and
  draw another card or stand and keep your current total.  Your goal is to
  get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over.  Number cards are
  worth their face value and face cards are worth 10.  An ace is worth 11
  unless it would put you over 21 in which case it is worth one.  The
  dealer plays the same rules as real casinos, which means that it stops
  drawing cards when its score is 17 or higher.  The strategy is simpler
  really, you want to hit until you have 16 or more.  When you pass that
  mark, the probability is that you will more likely bust than hit under
  21.  Black jack pays 2:1
  Memory: Dealer Jum:
  Memory is just like the game we all played as kids where their are a
  bunch of face down cards and you try to find matching pairs turning two
  cards over at a time.  You can see what your opponent turns over, so if
  you match a card you can find its partner from memory hence the name of
  the game.  You and the computer alternate turns turning over two cards
  at a time.  If you get a pair you get another turn until you miss. 
  Whoever has the most pairs wins.  The computer uses a simple strategy. 
  First, it turns over a random new card.  Then if it know where the match
  is it will take it and repeat this process.  Otherwise it will choose a
  second random new card and try to get luck.  You should follow the same
  plan of action.  It will sometimes give you the option of who goes
  first.  Your odds are better if you go second.  Just trust me here, the
  mathematical proof is too long for this guide and is over most people's
  head to begin with.  
  Double or nothing games:
  If you win the first of the three games, you have the option of trying
  to go for double or nothing as part of two minigames.  They are listed
  High Low Draw:
  This game begins by showing you two cards, one face up and one face
  down.  You goal is to decide whether the face down card is higher,
  lower, or the same as the face up card.  If you select correctly, you
  will get double the medals you have won so far.  If you select
  incorrectly, you will lose all the medals you have one for the hand.
  Just pick the side of the card that has the greatest odds of winning. 
  9-A choose low, 2-7 choose high and the 8, go with your gut.  This game
  is the better choice for the double up. 
  High Draw:
  This game is another double up minigame.  Its pretty simple, you are
  shown one face up card and 4 face down cards.  You then try to pick a
  down card that is higher than the face up card.  The number of winning
  cards depends on the size of the card face up.  You will lose
  automatically if an Ace comes up and you don't get an Ace in the draw
  cards.  The other game is easier because you always have a chance to
  Okay, now that each of the games are outlined here, it's time to explain
  the best strategy for making medals.  To start with, you cannot win all
  that many medals for just betting 10 and winning a minigame.  To make a
  great deal of medals, you need to play the double up game and win
  several times in a row.  To begin with, but about 100 medals and save
  your game.  If you run out of medals, just reload your game and start
  over.  This way you won't have to worry about buying medals again.  The
  following strategy is based on Andrew's Contribution and partially on my
  own experience working with this idea mathematically and trial and
  error.  Thanks for the idea Andrew.  
  Alright, I am going to give some of the actual odds of winning.  You can
  verify these by doing some high level math.  I have and you can take my
  word for them.  I did this a while ago, so I can guarantee these are
  within about two percent.  Start playing poker!  The help on the game
  boy and the strategy above will show you what to do.  If you play black
  jack, using any strategy and the computer follows the Vegas casino
  style, you will only win 44% of the time in the first place.  There are
  several good books on the market that explain this probability well. 
  Playing the memory game, you will win about 52% of the time if you go
  second and 48% if the computer makes you go first.  Again, this is a
  simple problem but it involves a probability matrix that I don't want to
  explain here.  However, with a joker in the deck, the odds of you
  getting a pair or better without drawing cards is 58% roughly and if you
  follow the strategy above, the odds of winning are about 66%.  You
  should always bet 10 medals, the goal is to get to the high low double
  up game.  Also, look at the payouts above, black jack will always pay 20
  medals and memory will pay 100 at most.  However, Poker can outdo these
  payoffs quite a bit by hitting 4 of a kind or better.  So, clearly poker
  is the best choice.  
  Okay, once you get to the double or nothing game, you want to start
  playing the high low double up several times in a row.  By winning
  several times in a row at the double up, you can quickly earn a good
  deal of medals.  4 wins in a row will yield at least 160 medals and
  about 7 will yield a 1000 medals or more.  If you have more patience,
  you can win even more medals into the upper thousands, but keep in mind
  the odds of you getting more than three right in a row are less than 50%
  The point where you choose to stop is up to you.  I usually stop if I
  win a thousand or more.  Save each time you win a bunch, so you don't
  risk a major set back. You will likely have to play between 25 and 30
  hands of poker to win 1000 medals, but this will only take a few minutes
  and can save you a lot of money in the long run.  Andrew made an
  interesting point in his email.  If you have the patience to put
  together 65000 medals, Roller has the animal cape accessory that he
  sells.  You can buy it and sell it to van for more than half a million
  dollars.  You can then repeat this process by buying more cloaks to make
  more money.  Either way this is a very efficient way to get medals.  It
  takes a little trial and error to get the hang of, but I doubt you'll
  want to buy medals ever again after you figure it out.  
  Just another useful side note, while this trick is profitable and does
  work.  It is time consuming and relies heavily on luck to make money. 
  If you are willing to win the double up 17 times in a row, you can buy
  the cloak outright, but this is risky and terribly taxing on patience. 
  It takes several hours to get that lucky usually.  I have only been able
  to do it once.  I still recommend the mine trick over this route to make
  easy money.  While it takes a little longer, it is garneted to work and
  if you stop on every floor divisible by 3 and 5 it will usually yield
  between 800,000g and 1,200,000g per run. More than double the money from
  this trick.  Still, it is a good alternative if you hate digging in the
  mine.  Thanks again for the trick Andrew.  
  7. Mining
  I think it was about time that I put in a section on mining with mining
  trick in the ministart up guide below.  Be sure to take plenty of
  provisions with you into the larger mines.  They are perilous, and
  without supplies you will find yourself required to return to the
  surface or collapsing from being out of stamina.  
  Harvest Moon DS is home to a number of different mines each containing a
  different materials.  There are four mines in all. Each of the mine
  entrances are located at the dig site, however you cannot enter the
  until you trigger an small event with carter to open them.  In order to
  view this event, you need to go to the dig site between 9 and 11 pm on
  any game day other than a festival. All you need to do is walk into the
  dig site during the appointed time and make sure you have your hammer
  with you. Carter will greet you and tell you that he has found a hollow
  space behind the wall and asks to borrow you to use your hammer to open
  it.  You will then go to the back wall and open the passage way to each
  mine with you hammer.  Note, you can only open one mine per day and you
  have to meet specific requirements to open each of the other mines.  I
  will comment on each of the mines below.
  There are some similarities between the mines, but there are specific
  items that are unique to each of the mines including the ores found and
  some of the items found in the ground.  The digging mechanics are the
  same for all the mines.  You can dig in the rocks for the different ores
  with your hammer, and you can till the soil on the floor with your hoe. 
  Regardless of the level of your tools, each use of the tool will only
  allow you to open one space or break one stone.  Once you break a stone,
  open or dig on the ground, you might find an item or an ore that you can
  store in your runk sack, eat, or throw if you don't want it.  When you
  break rocks with the hammer, you can find nothing or some type of stone. 
  Stones vary by each mine, except junk ore that looks like three gray
  lumps.  This is a worthless stone that is found in all the mines that
  sells for 1g.   
  When you dig around with the hoe, there are a number of things that you
  can find.   The first and most common is that you won't find anything
  and you will need to continue looking.  Next, you can find a bag of gold
  which is worth a small random amount of money.  You can also find black
  grass which can be eaten to restore a small amount stamina and fatigue
  or can be shipped to ship later. You can also retrieve cursed tools and
  accessories located on specific floors on the third mine.  I will talk
  about these below. However, the two primary things you are looking for
  with the hoe are the stairs or holes in the floor.  A set of stair will
  allow you to descend on floor lower into the mine.  The upward stairs
  allow you to return to the surface of the mine at any time.  Just walk
  over them and select the return to surface option.  The holes will drop
  you a random number of floors lower into the mine.  The distance of the
  fall depends on which mine your in and random luck.  
  Thanks to the new runk sacks size and stackability, mining can be a very
  profitable career option.  Especially in the second mine.  Use the
  following sequence of moves to find whatever you are looking for on the
  current floor.  When you first arrive on a floor, save the game on the
  first diary.  Next, kill any of the monsters on the floor (see below.) 
  The dig up the floor using the hammer  and hoe and memorize where
  anything that you are looking for is located.  Next, reload the game and
  gather any of the valuable items on the floor and leave the rest.  Also,
  it's important to make sure you know the location of the way onward
  before you proceed.  Then, open the way onward and save on the second
  file.  Then you want to go down to the next floor and save the file in
  the first diary.  Then repeat this process on the next floor.  You can
  also continuously load the first file if you are unhappy with where a
  hole drops you to.  By reloading the file, you can control you decent
  with quite a bit more accuracy and more speed than digging up the stairs
  on each floor.  
  New and unique to harvest moon DS is the enemies that live in the mines.
  There is finally some fighting to be done in a harvest moon game, yeah. 
  Well, not really, all the enemies really do is get in the way and
  deplete your stamina.  Each time an enemy touches you will lose one
  point of your stamina or fatigue if your stamina is depleted.  You can
  defeat any of the enemies by hitting them repeatedly with the sickle,
  axe, hoe, hammer or the legendary sword.  The sword works the best,
  defeating enemies in few hits than the other tools, but it also uses
  more stamina than the other tools. The others all do the same damage,
  but the sickle swings the fastest and is probably the second best choice
  for a weapon.  Listed below are some of the many enemies in the game. 
  "hits", represents the number of times you need to strike an enemy with
  a tool to defeat it.  The sword will deliver equivalent damage of three
  hits with another tool.  
  Bugs:  Bugs come in different varieties and are located in the second
  and third mine.  They move back and fourth across the floor in a strait
  line either horizontally or vertically.  Killing them is optional,
  because they are actually quite easy to dodge if your patient with them. 
  Small Bug: moves horizontally, hits 1
  Big Bug: moves vertically, hits 1
  Animals: There are several musters that are basically dark versions of
  the animals you can raise on your farm.  Unlike the bugs, they are
  difficult to evade and you will likely have to kill all of them. They
  move in a strait line towards you taking the shortest available path. 
  If you run around for a little while, it is possible to get them to
  follow you in a group.  That way, you can conserve energy by hitting
  several of them simultaneously with the big hoe.  They are listed below. 
  They all move in the same way, the stronger ones tent to move faster
  than the smaller ones.  Keep this in mind when trying to group them
  Dark Chick: hits 1
  Dark Chicken: hits 2 to 3
  Dark Duck: hits 3 to 4
  Dark Sheep: hits 3 to 5
  Dark Cows: hits 4 to 6
  Individual mines:
  Dig Site: 
  Okay, its technically not a mine, but this is the best place for it.  It
  is the room located to the right of Carter's tent where you unlock all
  of the entrances to the mines.  You can dig up items here with the hoe
  to ship or use as gifts.  Digging her is the same as the mine.  You can
  save and dig up the floor to find the items.  Then you can load the game
  and dig from memory to conserve stamina.  The floor reradomizes itself
  each time you enter and leave the mine. It's a good place to make a
  little money when you are first starting out in the game.  Listed below
  are the available items you can find and sell.
  Item:                price
  Suntan lotion         43g
  Skin lotion           40g
  Face pack             47g
  Dress                 50g
  Bracelet              2000g
  Necklace              2000g
  Earrings              2000g
  Broach                2000g 
  1st Mine: 
  The first mine has no requirements to unlock other than viewing the cut
  scene with Carter.  It is the shortest of the mines having only 10
  floors and it contains the ores needed to upgrade your iron tools to
  levels between copper and mystrile.  It also contains junk ore, the
  black grass, and the bags of gold.  The mine has both stairs and holes
  that you can use to descend.  A hole will descend one floor in this
  mine.  There are no enemies located in this mine accept the one dark
  chick located on the 10th floor.  You need to defeated it in order to
  open the second mine.  
  Items:       floors          price
  junk ore:      any           1g
  copper ore:    any           15g
  silver ore:    3 and down    20g
  gold ore:      6 and down    25g
  mystrile:      10th floor    60g
  black grass:   any           10g
  bag of money:  any          10g-100g
  2nd Mine:
  The second mine is the equivalent of the winter mine in mineral town. 
  It contains some of the most valuable stones in the game and is the
  source of income in the quick start guide.  To open the second mine, you
  need to dig your way down the 10th floor of the first mine and defeat
  the dark chick there.  You also need to trigger the event above with
  Carter a second time.  The second mine is home to all the dark bugs and
  also the dark chicks and chickens.  So, fighting is a little more
  cooperative here.  The second mine is home to the most valuable selling
  gems in the game.  The mine has 255 floors this time and a hole can drop
  you anywhere between 1 and 10 floors deeper into the mine.  Descending
  takes a little more patience and control than in the first mine, but not
  all that much.  Use the above trick and it is pretty easy to manage. 
  The floors in the second mine vary in size based on their numerical
  values.  Most of the floors are a fixed size one screen in size.  These
  are easy to search, but most the valuable items are located on the
  larger floors.  The next size floor are horizontally the same as the
  first floors, but they are three times the vertical size.  They are any
  floors divisible by 3 such as 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, ect.  A valuable pink
  diamond or more is located on each of these floor greater than 100.  The
  ones greater than 200 can have as many as four of them.  The final floor
  size is huge and about 9 times the size of the smallest ones.  These
  occur on floors divisible by 10, i.e. 10, 20, 30, ..., 100, 110, ect. 
  These floors contain alexandrite, which is another high selling item. 
  They can have multiples of them.  
  The final feature worth noting about the second mine is the final bottom
  floor.  It is home to the maiden and the legendary sword.  When you
  arrive, you need to kill all of the enemies on the floor with any tool
  you have.  Once you defeat all of them, the big rock at the top of the
  screen will open leading you into the room containing the maiden.  The
  first time you enter her room, she will give you the legendary sword. 
  It is a tool you need in order to open the secret field behind the
  waterfall.  You also need to retrieve it in order to open the third
  mine.  Note, div means floor divisible by.
  Items:      floor       price
  Ruby:       any         75g  
  Emerald:    any         80g
  Topaz:      any         70g 
  Peridot:    any         68g
  Agate:      any         62g
  Amethyst:   any         60g
  Agate:      any         32g
  Firefly ST: varies      60g  
  moon stone: any         55g
  sand rose:  any         50g
  Diamond     201 and up  100g
  pink diamond div 3 >100  10000g
  Alexandrite div 10 >100 10000g
  3rd mine:
  The third mine is not as profitable as the second mine, but it is home
  to some of the most valuable items in the game.  In order to open the
  third mine, you must retrieve the sword from the second mine on the
  255th floor as well as triggering the event with Carter a third time. 
  The third mine had 999 floors and dropping through a hole will lower you
  between 1 and 100 floors at a time.  Be careful, because you can pass
  out from a long drop if you stamina is low or your fatigue is high.  The
  third mine has the same enemies as the second, with the addition of the
  dark ducks, cows and sheep.  It also has a stronger version of the bugs
  on the lower floors.  The floors in the third mine differ by depth
  rather than divisibility.  The first 300 are the small one screen size. 
  The floor 301 to 990 are the long vertical rooms like the 3 divisible
  rooms in the second mine. Finally, the last few floors are the largest
  size available such as the divisible by 10 floors in the second mine.  
  The third mine is not home to very profitable selling ores like the
  second, but it is home to the cursed tools and accessories and the
  valuable mythic stones need to upgrade the blesses tools.  Mine three
  also contains the adimante needed to make the makers.  Simply collect a
  piece of it and call the black smith to have a maker produced.  They all
  cost 20,000g and take 3 days to produce.   They can help you increase
  your profits greatly.  You need to build a maker shed in order to
  purchase the makers.  The third mine also contains all of the ores from
  the first mine, and they can be found on any floor.  It also has the
  suns needed to grow crops in your basement. 
  Items:      floor                price
  Admit        any                   50g
  Oricalco     any                   50g
  Spring Sun:  floors ending in 1    1g
  Summer Sun:  floors ending in 2    1g
  Fall Sun:    floors ending in 3    1g
  Winter Sun:  floors ending in 4    1g
  Mythic Stone: div 10 <250          20000g
  Note: The mythic stones are much scarcer than the pink diamonds and
  alexandrite in the second mine.  So, its better to go to the second mine
  if you want money.  The mythic stones are required to upgrade the
  blessed tools to the mythic level.  Doing so, costs 50,000g and requires
  3 days from the black smiths shop. The mythic stones will not appear
  until you have all six of the cursed tools blessed.
  Cursed Tools:
  There is a set of cursed tools located on the early floors of the third
  mine.  To find them, you need to dig them up with the hoe like your
  looking for the stairs.  You will often have to dig up rocks and plow
  under them to find them.  The cursed tools won't appear until you have
  upgraded all your iron tools to the mystrile level.  The floors they
  appear on are random and it can take some time to find them. Be careful
  when you find them, if you equip them you cannot remove them without the
  aid of the church, which costs 1000g each time you wish to remove them. 
  You can get them blessed for 100000g each by calling the church as well.
  Blessing a cured tool removes the curse and turns it into a blessed
  We now have all the floors to the cursed tools and accessories.  Thanks
  for the info Bryan Ng
  The cursed tools are located randomly on floors: 24, 35, 48, 52, 68, 71,
  87, 99, 106, 118, 124, 135, 142, 153, 162, 178, 185, and 197.  Try
  alternating every other floor while you search to find the tools with a
  higher probability.
  Cursed accessories.  
  There are several cursed accessories located in the third mine.  They
  are found and blessed in the same mannerism as the cursed tools.  Again
  thanks Bryan NG.  The accessories are located on floors: 324, 335, 348,
  352, 368, 371, 387, 399, 406, 418, 424, 435, 442, 453, 462, 478, 485,
  497, 724, 735, 748, 752, 768, 771, 787, 799, 806, 818, 824, 835, 842,
  853, 862, 878, 885, and 897.  The nine of them are randomly distributed
  among all these floors, so finding them will take some time.  
  4th mine: 
  This mine is rumored to have more than 65000 floors according to the
  game manual.  I have not been able to open it yet.  I will detail it in
  a later version of the guide.  
  8.  Marriage
  This is probably the longest overdue section in the guide. 
  Unfortunately, it has take quite a while to put this together from
  scratch. Between my brother's and myself, we have been chasing down and
  courting all of the main women in the game. We have found all the
  primary heart events for the main women that we can marry.  However, we
  can only each marry one girl, so I cannot comment on the married life
  with each of the different women beyond the ones we marry.  What I can
  add here is an outline of the marriage system and the heart events to
  each of the other girls.  I haven't actually chosen my bride yet, but I
  will update this section as more information becomes available.  If
  anyone would like to help it would be appreciated.
  Getting married in harvest moon is on of the oldest side objectives in
  the game.  The process has evolved a bit, but not all that much has
  changed.  You choose the girl that you want to marry and give her gifts
  to build up her affection rating towards you.  Then once her happiness
  level is high enough, you give her the blue feather and purpose.  If she
  accepts your proposal then you are married and you can begin a new life
  with her on your farm.  Harvest Moon DS haze a wide variety of women to
  choose from.  There are five primary girls you can marry from the valley
  and four special brides that you can also marry.  Additionally, if you
  link the game with Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral
  Town, (see linking section) you can date and marry one of the girls from
  mineral town.  Be aware, that doing so will cause you to move to mineral
  town and end your game.  You can only give gifts to the mineral town
  girls on the days they visit the valley on their days off.  This brings
  the game up to 14 potential brides to marry, which is quite a few heart
  events to track down.  
  The marriage system is pretty simple to understand.  Each of the girls
  begins the game with an affection rating of zero for you.  You can raise
  their affection ratings by giving them gifts.  If they like the item,
  their affection rating will grow between 100 and 800 points a day based
  on their liking of the item you give them.  If you give them something
  they don't like, litter anywhere but your farm, let one of your animals
  die or propose too soon it will cause their affection rating to go down
  some.  Only the first item you give them each day will increase their
  affection rating, so choose wisely.  Negative items and actions will
  still cause their rating to drop.  Also, all the points you get from
  giving them the gift won't come when you first give it.  If you give
  them something good, you will have to wait until the next day before the
  last 100 to 300 points will be added to their affection rating.  You may
  want to buy the friendship bracelet from Roller for 5000 medals.  It
  will allow you to see the girls affection rating when you talked to them
  with it equipped.  It can be helpful in tracking your progress.  
  You can keep track of the girls affection level with the bracelet above
  or by watching their heart change color.  The color of their heart is
  based on the number of love points they have.  
  0-10000 black
  10000-19999 purple
  20000-29999 blue
  30000-39999 green
  40000-49999 yellow
  50000-59999 orange
  60000 and up red
  You can propose to a girl when you have their heart at the red level or
  higher.  So, it can take quite a while to build up the 60000 affection
  points.  You need the blue feather to propose.  It will become available
  for 1000g at Karen's Store when you reach the 50000 affection point
  In addition to getting the points up there are some additional
  requirements you need to meet before you can get married.  First, you
  need to have the big bed from the home shopping network.  It will become
  available in the rotation of the items after you buy your second house
  upgrade for 10000g.  Secondly, you need to have returned the harvest
  goddess from the other world where the witch princess banished her.  In
  order to do this, you need to have unlocked 60 of the harvest sprites. 
  See the harvest sprite section for the details of how to unlock them. 
  Finally, you also need to purchase the blue feather from the store and
  get the girl's affection rating up to 60000 points by giving her gifts. 
  It is also helpful if you view each of the girl's heart events.  
  Getting married is quite an ordeal in Harvest Moon DS.  But it is a
  bench mark and adds a great deal of fun to the game.  Unlocking the
  girls heart events and giving them gifts to increase their affection
  requires you to know their schedule and likes and dislikes.  But, I am
  going to take all of the guess work out of it for you.  Well, at least
  as much as I can.   While I have most of this information, it is a lot
  to keep track of and annoying to keep looking up.  So, let me suggest
  something simpler.  Each girl's favorite item will give them 800 love
  points a day.  However, all of the valley girls and the mineral town
  girls also like diamonds, which can be found on the floors divisible by
  10 greater than 200 in the 2nd mine.  Two out of every three rocks on
  those floors will have a normal diamond in them.  So, if you are using
  the mining trick to make money anyway, strip-mining those five floors
  entirely will usually yield about 100 diamonds.  Giving a girl a diamond
  will increase her affection by 700 points.  This is another good reason
  to use the mining trick, because it gives you a cheap and abundant
  source of gifts to give to the girls in the valley.
  As for finding the girls, it can take a few days of following them
  around to get their schedule down pat.  However, there is an easier way
  to find them to give them gifts.  Go to the casino and buy the teleport
  stone from Roller for 1000 medals.  It will allow you to go anywhere in
  the valley for two stamina by touching the stylis on the map for two
  points of fatigue.  It really is a useful item for saving on travel
  time.  You can get the necessary medals for 10000g or by getting them
  from playing the minigames and gambling the up.  Once you have the
  teleport stone, giving gifts to the girls is an easy task.  Just
  teleport to their residence before 7:00 am and give them the gifts. 
  Then you can teleport back to the farm and get on with your work for the
  day.  This will cost you 4 fatigue points, but it makes tracking the
  girls down easily.
  Heart Events:
  Each girl also has 4 heart event that you can view while you are
  courting them.  I am not sure if it is necessary to see all of their
  events in order to get married.  However, it makes it easier to marry
  them.  During each event, you will be give a couple of choices in the
  dialogue.  Use common sense and choose the option that best suits the
  girl you are trying to marry.  Each heart event you choose the correct
  path for will add between 1400 and 4000 points to the girl's affection
  rating.  Choosing a path against their wishes can cost you points so be
  careful.  Listed below are each of the girls and the heart events that I
  have found so far.  The color of the heart is the minimum heart color
  you need to trigger the event.  You can trigger past events and the
  events need to be triggered in order.  I have all the events for the
  valley girls, but I don't have all the heart events for the special
  girls or the mineral town girls.  They only visit the valley once a
  week, which makes it difficult to build up their affection quickly.  So,
  I only have the first two events for each of them.  If anyone has more
  information than what I have here please send it me and I post it here
  with credit of course.  
  Valley Girls:
  There are five normal girls that you can marry from the valley.  I have
  all of their heart events listed here.  I only have the time and days
  that I triggered them.  You can probably assume that the events can be
  triggered under similar conditions within one to two hours of their
  listed times.  I am trying to nail them down a little tighter, but it
  will take some time. If the day is not specified, it means that we have
  triggered it on different day and that the days seems to be unimportant.
  Nami is the first of the valley girls that you can marry in the game. 
  She has a well traveled and diverse personality.  She lives at on the
  second floor of inner inn.  She spends her early days and evenings at
  the inn and travels around the valley the rest of the day.  Nami doesn't
  like diamonds like the rest of the girls.  Stick with flowers or items
  from the dig site with her.  
  Heart Events:
  Black: Go to inner inn on a rainy day and ring the bell in the front
  lobby.  Nami will come out and talk with you. 
  Purple: Go to the inn around 10:30 am and Nami will trigger an event
  where she discusses your farm and her views on farming with you.
  Blue: After Nami's heart turns blue, she will visit your farm and
  trigger another scene.  This happened for me on a Monday, buy my
  associates each had it happen on a different day of the week.
  Yellow: Exit your house on a clear day Nami will ask you on a short
  Muffy lives and works at the blue bar in town located just down the road
  from inner inn. She can be found there in the early evening to giver her
  presents.  She also likes to hike down to the beach in the morning. She
  loves apple pie, but you can give her diamonds from the mind as well. 
  She is one of the easier girls to marry.
  Black: Go to the blue bar around 4:00 in the afternoon and Muffy will
  ask you what type of girls you like.  Choose her type to increase her
  Purple: I triggered this event on a rainy Tuesday around 10:20 in the
  morning.  Muffy talks to you and asks your advice. 
  Blue: Go to the blue bar around 6:00 pm.  Muffy will be there with a new
  drink that she wants you to try. 
  Yellow: Exit your house on a clear day in the morning and Muffy will be
  there to ask you on a short date.  
  Celia is another of the easiest girls to marry in the game.  She lives
  on Vesta's farm and can be found there during most of the day.  She
  wanders up to the goddess spring from time to time, but for the most
  part she sticks to the farm.  Her favorite gift is any type of cake, but
  diamonds or flowers will also work well with her.
  Black:  Visit Celia at her house around 6:20 pm and you will trigger
  this event.  She is helping Vesta with the dishes and shatters a plate. 
  Just be honest.   
  Purple:  Go to the Harvest Goddess's pond behind the harvest sprite tree
  around 5:00 pm. She will talk to you and asks you to walk home with her.
  Blue:  You can trigger this event by visiting Dr. Hardy's house at 9:00
  in the morning on a rainy day. It triggers a short scene discussing
  Yellow:  Go to the blue bar in the evening when Celia is there having a
  drink. It triggers a rather interesting little cut scene.
  Flora lives in the dig site with Carter.  She spends most of her time at
  the dig site.  In fact I don't think I have ever seen her cross the
  river.  Flora likes diamonds and flowers.  
  Black: Enter the dig site at about 11:30 at night.  Flora will come in
  and think you are a strange looking person.  Just let her get closer and
  see you aren't a threat.  Otherwise you get to see how a strong a
  working girls is.  
  Purple: Go to the inner in around noon.  Flora will be there wanting
  Ruby to give her favorite drink.  She is unhappy to hear they are out of
  it and goes to blue bar to get some.
  Blue:  Enter the right side of the river below the dig site around 11:20
  pm on a clear day.  Flora will take you on a treasure hunt that will end
  in unlocking the first of the hot springs by the circus.
  Yellow: Go to the dig site on a clear day in the late evening.  Flora
  will give you a good look at her deepest insights into life.
  Lumina is a sweet and spoiled girl as well as Romanna's daughter.  She
  lives in the vista and will take a walk up to the harvest goddess's pond
  during the afternoon.  She likes relaxation tea and diamonds 
  Black: Enter the villa around 6:00 pm and you will find Lumina and
  Romanna arguing over the old lady's health.
  Purple: After you get the DVD player, Lumina will show up at your farm
  and ask you how it works.  
  Blue: Go to the harvest goddess pond during the afternoon around 5:00 on
  a clear day.  Lumina has lost her necklace and wants to enlist your help
  in locating it.  
  Yellow:  Go to Lumina's room around 9:30 pm.  You will find her waiting
  for van to arrive with her own DVD player.  But when he arrives, he will
  be sold out.  Support you girl friend's wishes.
  Mineral Town Girls:
  I have linked the games together and the girls have come over on their
  days off.  However, I can only give them each one gift a week, so they
  haven't been keeping up with the other girls thus I have only found the
  first two heart events for each of them.  However, if you continue to
  increase their affection rating I am sure the remaining events will be
  easy to find.  Just follow them around the valley for a day and you
  should have it.  Keep in mind if you marry one of these girls, your game
  will end because you move to mineral town.  
  Ann is the daughter of Doug who owns the inn in mineral town.  She will
  visit the valley on Fridays once you connect a friends of mineral town
  cartridge into your other slot.  She visits inner inn and hangs out with
  Ruby when she visits.  She likes anything with cheese in it and
  Black: Head to the inner inn on a Friday around 2:00 pm.  You will
  trigger a cut scene where Ann is helping Ruby cook.
  Purple: Head to the inn around 3:00 pm. on a Friday It was raining when
  I triggered this event.  Ann is in town and she has bought a few things
  and discusses her business with you.
  Blue: If you leave your house on a Friday afternoon, she will show up
  and ask you on a walk.  You will go to the pyrotechnics house.  
  Yellow: Go to the blue bar in the early evening on a Friday.  You will
  get to watch Muffy and Ann duke it out over a stupid topic.
  Ellie is the nurse from mineral town.  She tends to hang out at the
  villa helping Romanna on her days off.  She visits the valley on
  Wednesdays.  She likes diamonds and flowers.
  Black: Pass out on a Wednesday and Ellie will come by and help you
  recover your strength.  
  Purple: Head over to the villa around 5:00 on a rainy Wednesday and you
  will find Ellie there helping Romanna.
  Blue: Go to Romanna's room at the villa during a Wednesday afternoon. 
  You can trigger an event where Ellie helps to nurse Romanna's ailing
  Yellow: Exit your house early in the morning and you will find Ellie
  there to give you Elli leaves as a gift.  She also teaches you the
  recipe for them.  
  Mary is the daughter of the herbal gist in mineral town.  She works in
  the mineral town library and will visit the valley on Mondays.  She
  usually hangs out at the villa with Lumina.  Like Lumina she likes
  relaxation tea and diamonds.  
  Black: Enter the villa around 10:00 am on a clear Monday and Mary will
  say hi to you and tell you a little about herself.  
  Purple:  This one is a little tough to trigger.  You need to have the
  mushroom house and have mushrooms growing on a Monday.  Enter the hut
  around 10:00 in the morning and Mary will come in and ask you about how
  the mushrooms are growing.  
  Blue: Grow a giant crop of some kind in your field and she will come by
  and view it during the morning.  
  Yellow: You will find Mary at the dig site investigating the myth of the
  legendary sword.  She read about it somewhere in a book and is nagging
  Carter about it.  
  The girl named after the wild herb who lives on the chicken farm. 
  Sorry, but she really needs to get a new life.  Potpourri will visit the
  valley on Sundays and you can find her hanging out on your farm.  How
  convenient.  She usually talks to Tanka about farming during the day in
  his house.  She likes flowers, Omelets, and diamonds.
  Black: Step outside your house on a Sunday morning and she will appear
  and thank you for all your business from her store.  After all your her
  only customer.  
  Purple: Go to Tanka's house around noon on a Sunday and you will find
  Potpourri there studying about farming with him.  She really needs to
  get a life.
  Blue: During the late afternoon and a Sunday when she visits, go to
  inner in.  It was raining when I triggered this.   Rick and her are
  having an argument about chickens.  He thinks she studies them too much.
  Yellow: Head into the back kitchen in inner inn during a Sunday
  afternoon and you will find her there.  She and Ruby are cooking up some
  weird dish that Potpourri's mother gave them the recipe for.  
  One of my favorite girls from mineral town.  She runs the general store
  and is also the heavies drinker in town.  Karen visits the valley on
  Tuesday and hangs out at ... you guessed it blue bar and on Vesta's
  farm.  She also wanders around the valley a little bit.  Karen likes
  Pizza and Diamonds.
  Black: Go to Vesta's farm on a Tuesday around 4:00 pm and you will meet
  Karen.  She will introduce herself and explain her friendship with 
  Purple: Go to the blue bar during the evening on a Tuesday.  You get to
  attempt to drink Karen under the Table.  She has had plenty of practice
  Blue: Go to the second floor of the in on a Tuesday night and she will
  invite you to go on a short date with her.  The two of you will walk
  around the valley and talk about your lives.
  Yellow: Visit the blue bar again on a Tuesday evening and Karen will
  talk about her real feelings with you.  
  The Special* Girls:
  The other girls that you can marry in the game take a good deal of work
  to get.  These are more for the true fans of the game who like a little
  extra challenge in their lives.  These 4 women require years of work and
  commitment to tie the knot with.  I don't have all that much on them,
  but I will share what I have. As usual if anyone has the information and
  would like to submit it I will add it and give credit. Thanks to
  hmgardian for the information here.  
  Harvest Goddess:
  The Harvest Goddess is probably one of the hardest to Marry in the game.
  Before you can even get started you need to unlock her by bringing back
  60 of the harvest sprites.  Then you can give her gifts at her spring by
  throwing in items to up her affection rating.  She likes strawberries
  the best and doesn't care for diamonds like the rest of the girls.  The
  manual includes that you must also ship one of each sellable items and
  rescue all the harvest sprites before she will marry you.  If you have
  the patience, dedication, and determination required to marry her I wish
  you the best of luck.  To date I have only unlocked her black heart
  Black:  Unlock 60 harvest sprites and the goddess will say tadaa and
  introduce herself.  
  Purple: You need to walk 10000 steps with the pedometer, ship 10000
  items, and catch 10000 fish.  You also need to reach the bottom of the
  first mine. Once this is done throw an item into her spring to trigger
  the event.  
  Blue: You need to unlock all 9 harvest sprite channels and throw an item
  into her pond to begin the event.
  Yellow: You need to be in your fifth year or later and you need to have
  given her more than 500 gifts to trigger the event.  To trigger it,
  throw an item into her pond.  
  Note: Once she reaches the red heart level, throw the feather in to
  propose marriage to her.  
  Witch Princess: 
  The Witch Princess lives in the small shack next to the Villa and is the
  one responsible for sending the harvest goddess and the sprites away in
  the first place.  She is supposedly easier to marry than the goddess,
  but she is still pretty tough.  Her favorite gift is red grass.  The
  manual adds that you need to pass out 100 times and neglect several of
  your sick animals before she will even consider marrying you.  Again
  good luck to those of you who want to marry the games first real
  villain.  I have only found her black heart event.  
  Black: Enter the witch princess's home early in the morning.  You will
  find her casting a spell and she will ask you whether or not you like
  the harvest goddess.  Answer no and her affection will increase
  Purple: You need to have been very mischievous to open this event.  You
  need to have let 50 of your sick animals die, offered poison at the
  harvest festival at least 5 times, littered 100 times, tried to leave
  the valley at least 10 times and passed out 5 times.  If you have done
  so, you need to go the harvest goddess spring after you free the goddess
  to trigger the event.  
  Blue: Go the witches house during the day.  
  Yellow: You need to completely empty your ruck sack and head over to her
  house to trigger the final event.  
  Keria is not all that hard to make happy.  However, marrying her is
  still a very big commitment for two reasons.  First, her favorite gift
  is gold lumber, which can get very expensive.  The second reason is that
  she lives on the 255 floor the 3rd mine.  Keria is a version of a maiden
  supposedly sleeping beauty.  You need her first heart event before you
  can unlock the fourth mine.  She is a big commitment, but she is worth
  Black: Dig down to the 255 floor  of the mine and make sure you have
  ultimate curry with you.  She will talk to you a little and introduce
  herself.  You cannot give her any gifts until you complete this event.  
  Purple: Dig your way down again.  This time she wants relaxation tea
  leaves for the present.  
  Blue:  Say hello again and this time you need to give her a specific gem
  from the second mine.  It will vary so make sure to bring several
  different types.  
  Yellow:  Dig all the way down again and offer her favorite gift, Gold
  lumber.  She is difficult to Marry. 
  Note, to make ultimate curry takes a little bit of work.  You need the
  pot and several in ingredients.  You need to make each of the eight
  basic curries, which are rice balls + curry powder + each of the types
  of colored grass individually.  Rainbow curry uses the pot and all the
  other types of curry except black curry.  Ultimate Curry requires the
  pot, black curry + rainbow curry + all six types of burnt food.  Again
  good luck.
  The Mermaid. If I get one more email about the mermaid. Okay seriously,
  the issue on everybody's mind is how to marry the mermaid.  I have
  received quite a few questions about how to do it so here it is.  Leia,
  did I mention she is a mermaid, is recovering from an injury and is
  currently living in Daryl's basement.  In order to meet her you need to
  get Daryl up to 100 friendship points by giving him gifts.  It takes
  about a week and a half to meet her.  Daryl likes fish and colored grass
  the best.  After you cross the friend ship threshold, head over to the
  trap door on the right side of his house and press the a button next to
  it.  It will open and allow you to enter his basement to meet Leia.  She
  is probably the easiest of the special girls to marry in the valley and
  takes the least work.  You can just go to Daryl's basement in the
  morning to give her gifts like the rest of the girls.  She likes the
  white flowers that grow in the summer and large fish the best.  You need
  to have the pond on your farm before you can marry her because she needs
  a place to live.  She cannot stay in your house without legs.  
  Black: Get Daryl to 100 friendship points and head down the basement. 
  Leia will introduce herself. 
  Purple: Enter the basement again and you will hear the two of them
  talking.  The conversation implies something that isn't necessarily
  Blue:  Head down the basement again and this time you can help Leia with
  an experimental cooking dish.  It turns out quite interesting.
  Yellow:  Give her the message in a bottle that you will find at night on
  the beach after her heart turns yellow.  Note, you may want to hold off
  on this event until her affection is higher.  After this event triggers,
  she will return to the sea.  You can still find her on the beach after
  midnight on Wednesdays, but this will limit you to one gift a week and
  slow the love process way down. You need to mythic fishing pole to find
  the bottle.  You find it by charging up the fishing pole in the spring
  and reeling it in.    
  Well, there you have it.  All the girls neatly layer out for your
  marital bliss.  I know I have more events to find and that I also want
  to comment on what happens after you get married.  But that will have to
  wait until the future after I get married.  I am going to marry Lumina
  if anyone cares.  If anyone has anything for this section please pass it
  along.  I will try to get more in the future.  
  As for Leia's section of the guide, I apologize for the sarcasm.  But, I
  have really gotten quite a few emails requesting how to marry the
  mermaid.  So, in the spirit of good fun I would like to add a new
  section to this guide.  If you have a good reason to marry or not to
  marry the mermaid send it along in an email. For example, fish make poor
  children.  I will put the best 10 or so for both sides in the guide if I
  get enough responses.  Send it to darkrangeresp@yahoo.com and mark the
  subject of the email "Marry the Mermaid Reason".  Make sure you include
  your reason and a alias to identify yourself with if your reason is
  chosen.  Let's keep them clean I want to keep this guide G rated.  This
  isn't really a contest for anything.  I am just curious why everyone
  wants to marry the mermaid.  
  Well, there we have it all the heart events for each of the girls.  Each
  of them also has a red heart event, but they are easy to trigger.  They
  are all done the same way. Once you have the girl up to 60000 affection
  points, give her the blue feather.  She will take you to someplace
  special to her and accept the proposal.  She will also drag you along to
  tell her friends and family about the coming engagement.  If you propose
  too early, she will decline your offer and lose several thousand love
  9. Home Shopping Channel and other items:
  The home shopping channel sells various items and you can buy one each
  week.  These items enhance the functionality of your house and allow you
  to achieve other goals in the game.  You can buy one item each week.  
  Watch the second channel on the harvest sprite stations and look for
  items that you can purchase.  You will be able to tell if you can buy
  something because they ask for a currency called Karbos that you don't
  have and cannot spend.  The rest of the items are just there for comical
  effect and to pass the time between items you can buy.  Once you see an
  item you want, use the phone to order it between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. 
  Thomas will deliver the item to you in 2 to 3 days.  You need to but
  several items to unlock the ability to upgrade the house.  Some items
  are only available after you upgrade your house. 
  Listed below are the items, their purposes, and costs.  
  Decorations:  These items decorate the house and may have a secondary
  purpose.  The Big bed is only available after the house upgrade and is
  necessary to get married.
  Coffee Table: Decorates House:      500g 
  Clock: Tells you the exact time:    1000g
  Big Bed: allows you to get married: 10000g
  Storage Containers: The storage containers allow you to store the items
  you usually keep in your ruck sack.  Each of the has nine screens of 15
  spaces where you can store items. You can stack up to 99 of the same
  item in one space.  You need to buy the first house upgrade to purchase
  most of them.
  Tool Box: Stores Tools:                      2000g
  Beauty Box: Stores Accessories:              2500g
  Fridge: Stores edible items and ingredients: 2500g 
  Shelf: Stores everything else:               2500g
  Cooking:  These items allow you to prepare food in the kitchen.  You
  need the second house upgrade to buy the kitchen and utensils.  Each
  utensil allows you to prepare more recipes.  
  Kitchen: Allows you to cook:        4000g
  Pot: Prepares pot Recipes:          1200g
  Steamer: Prepares Steamer Recipes:  1200g
  Frying pan: '' frying pan '' :      1000g
  Oven: '' oven '':                   2000g
  Mixer: '' mixer '':                 1500g
  Other items:  These items are not purchased from the home shopping
  network and are not edible or used as ingredients.  This section is just
  to cover other items that appear in the game that aren't tools or other
  items related to animals or accessories.
  TV: You buy this from vans shop for 10000g.  It severs to decorate your
  house and is used with the DVD player.  It is needed to unlock one of
  Lumina's heart events.  
  DVD Player:  You also buy this from van for 20000g.  When used with the
  TV and DVD's it allows you to watch the background images from the TV
  shops from friends of mineral town.  You need it to marry Lumina.
  DVD's: These are bought from van and vary in price.  The DVD's are used
  with the TV and DVD Player also purchased from van.  They allow you to
  view the background images from fomt TV shows.  The show varies with
  each DVD.  You can unlock more DVD's by leaving the harvest moon friends
  of mineral town or more friends of mineral town game pack in your DS
  Records:  These are bought from the sprite shop and vary in price. They
  allow you to change the background music in the game. In order to change
  the music, you need to go to the fifth channel and select the new song
  you wish to listen to.  You need to buy five records to unlock the
  channel.  Note, if you load your game or use the teleport stone, the
  music will revert back to the default song for the season.  The songs
  vary in title.  They are all from previous harvest moon games.  More
  records are unlocked by linking the games.  You will unlock the seasonal
  songs and the ending theme from mineral town for 10000g each.  Finally,
  additional records are unlocked when you get married and have a kid. 
  There are a little over 20 in all.  They cost between 100g and 10000g
  10. Fishing
  Aside from mining and foraging, fishing is another activity that you can
  perform in the game to make money. All you need to fish is the fishing
  pole and plenty of time on your hands.  This section will outline the
  basics of the fishing process and all the involved tasks.  
  Getting the fishing pole:
  The first thing you need to do in order to fish is acquire the fishing
  pole.  You get it from a small event involving Galen, the old man who
  lives in the little shack across the river with his wife Nina.  To get
  the fishing pole, you need to visit Galen on a clear Saturday in the
  spring between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.  To trigger the event, all you need
  to do is to walk into the his house with your tool slot empty.  You will
  view a short cut scene where Galen tells you that he found an old
  fishing rod cleaning and doesn't want to throw it away.  He offers to
  give it to you and does.  Now you have the fishing pole.  
  The fishing pole can be upgraded like any of the other tools using the
  ores located in the first and third mine.  You need to gather experience
  for it by using it repeatedly before you can upgrade it.  You can
  monitor your progress on the information menu by touching your
  character's head.  Their is a bar their that will display you current
  experience with the tool.  The higher you level up the tool, the better
  the fish you can catch with it.  Listed below are the levels of fish and
  their shipping prices.
  iron-copper small fish 100g
  silver-gold medium fish 300g
  mystrile-blessed large fish 500g
  The mythic fishing pole can catch two additional and very expensive
  items.  These items are caught off of the beach during specific seasons.
  During the Summer, you can catch pirate treasure by charging the mythic
  rod all the way up. They sell for 10000g.  Similarly, you can catch rare
  fossils during the fall that sell for 5000g.  The mythic pole can also
  be used the catch the bottle needed to marry Leia during the spring on
  the beach at night.  You need to fully charge it to catch any of these
  items and it will usually take several tries to get one.  
  Additionally, you can catch boots, cans, and fishbone that sever as
  garbage.  You can ship each of them for 1g.  Make sure not to throw them
  on the ground though, because it is considered littering and will lower
  the affection and friendship levels of the people in town.
  There are a number of locations where you can fish in the valley.  You
  can fish off of the beach in the open sea.  You can also fish off any
  point on the river all the way from the sea side up to the waterfall. 
  There are two other locations for fishing.  You can also catch fish in
  the harvest goddess's pond and the turtle swamp.  The type of fish you
  can catch at each area varies in type and size with the seasons.  There
  are too many types to list here.  The type really isn't important to the
  shipping prices.  If you want to catch all the types of fish in the game
  I recommend that you hire the fishing team. There are supposedly kings
  in the game to catch, but I haven't found them yet.  
  Uses for fish:
  In addition to shipping fish for money, there are a few other things you
  can do with them.  They can serve as ingredients in several of the
  cooking recopies in the game. You can also eat them as they are for a
  little stamina and fatigue recovery.  Finally, they can be give as gifts
  to the towns people. Daryl and Leia both enjoy receiving fish as a
  present.  They allow you to raise their affection ratings quickly.  
  Unlocking the fishing team:
  The specific requirements for unlocking each sprite on the fishing team
  are located in the harvest sprite section.  However, I think it would do
  some good to explain this better here.  If you try fishing, it seems
  impossible that you would ever have the time to catch 50,000 fish. 
  However, you don't have to catch them yourself.  You can hire the
  fishing team to do it for you.  They will catch and ship fish that will
  quickly bring your count towards your required amount.  You still need
  to catch the last fish of each mark yourself in order to unlock the
  harvest sprites.  For example, when the team has shipped 1000 or more
  fish, you need to go out and catch one fish on your own to unlock the
  harvest sprite.  
  Well, that's about it for this section. There really isn't all that much
  to the fishing system to explain here other than what's here and a list
  of all the types of fish and their locations.  I don't have the patience
  to type that out.  If someone would like to email me a complete list in
  a usable text format I would be willing to add it to the guide and give
  11. Resource Management
  Harvest moon DS is a game that revolves around managing three key
  resources effectively to work your way ahead in the game.  There is
  quite a bit for your character to accomplish in this game, but you need
  to learn to manage your resources well in order to get the most
  productivity out of your days.  The three resources I am talking about
  are stamina, money, and time.  If you learn to balance them, you will be
  able to acquire more of them to use.  The purpose of this section is
  just to outline the details of each resource and the ways to maximize
  their uses.  I want to describe and look at each one in depth.  
  The first resource you have at your disposal is your stamina.  I should
  note that you also have fatigue, but I consider them one resource since
  the activities that deplete stamina also deplete fatigue at the same
  rate if your stamina is gone.  Your character begins the game with a
  maximum stamina of 100 that depletes as you use tools and work.  You
  character also begins with a fatigue limit that increases as you do work
  if your stamina has been depleted or certain other conditions have been
  met.  Stamina is a valuable resource, since it determines the amount of
  work you can do each day.  If you stamina runs out fatigue takes over. 
  Be careful though, if your fatigue reaches 100 and you have no stamina,
  you will pass out and be forced to go to bed.  When you wake up you will
  lose half of your money.  So, be careful to keep an eye on these meters
  during the day to avoid passing out.  
  Using Stamina:
  You will lose stamina by using tools on your farm.  You can also loose
  it by falling down holes in the mines.  You will usually lose at most 1
  point per floor you descend, but you will never lose more than 100 units
  per fall.  Listed below are the activates that can reduce your stamina.
  Note, the level of tools assumes that you charge them up to their
  highest level. For example, you can still use the mythic hoe to till one
  square of ground for 2 stamina
  hoe, sickle, axe, hammer, watering can, fishing pole 
  level                        Cost points of Stamina 
  Iron                            2
  Copper                          4
  Silver                          5
  Gold                            8
  Mystrile                        10
  Blessed                         15
  Mythic                          20
  Other tools:
  Clippers                        8
  Milker                          4
  Brush                           2
  Sowing a bag of seeds           2
  Using animal medicine           2
  Using a miracle potion          2
  Using the legendary sword       5
  Falling down a hole             1/floor or less if a long drop
  Getting touched by an enemy     1 per hit
  Fatigue is the second part of the stamina resources.  If you run out of
  stamina, using a tool or performing a task will increase your fatigue by
  an equal amount to the stamina.  There are a few other things that will
  cause fatigue in addition to doing work.  You need to be careful,
  because, if your fatigue rate is too high you won't be able to recover
  stamina as easily.  Listed below are activates that increase your
  Activity                                   Fatigue increase
  Using the teleport stone                           2
  Using a necklace to work through the map          2+work done
  Working on a rainy or snowy day                    1+work done
  Extending Fatigue and Stamina:
  In prior harvest moon games, you would collect power berries to increase
  your maximum fatigue and stamina rates in the game.  Unfortunately,
  harvest moon DS doesn't have any power berries to find.  You increase
  your maximum stamina and fatigue by equipping several of the goddess and
  kappa accessories found throughout the game.  You can either buy them
  from Van or find their cursed versions in the third mine.  Be careful
  when using them though, because if you remove the accessory you will
  immediately lose any additional stamina or fatigue that it grants you. 
  Unless your worried about running out, it is easier to just monitor your
  stamina and fatigue and replenish them as necessary.  
  Monitoring Stamina:  
  It is important to keep an eye on your stamina and fatigue as you work
  on your farm and around the valley.  The easiest way is to buy the
  yellow bangle from the casino for 2000 medals or 20000g.  If you equip
  it will print out your current values in the lower left hand corner of
  the screen.  This is especially helpful if your in the mine because your
  stamina is constantly being drained fighting and looking for items.
  Remember that your stamina goes down and your fatigue goes up as you
  work.  This is the best way to monitor your stamina directly, but you
  can do it without the bangle.  Your character will go through a range of
  motions at various points during the losses.  Pay attention to these
  bench marks when you don't yet have the bangle or don't have it
  Stamina at 50%: 
  Your character will pull out a handkerchief and wipe the sweat from his
  Stamina at 20%:
  You character will shrug his shoulders and lean forward once expressing
  being tired.
  Stamina at 5%:
  Your character will stop what he is doing and sit down on the ground.
  Stamina at 0% and fatigue beginning:
  You character will stop for a second and fall forward onto the ground. 
  If you are going to use an item to restore only stamina and not fatigue,
  this is the time to do it.
  Fatigue at 50%
  Your character will stop and shake his head back and fourth like he is
  tired.  This is a good point to restore fatigue if you are going to.
  Fatigue at 80%:
  Your character will fall to the ground exhausted and shake his head.  A
  thought balloon with a skull in it will appear above him.  Also, the
  music will slow down.  At this point you are on the last bit of your
  fatigue.  You should stop working and restore your strength.  Failure to
  do so will cause you to pass out.  
  Fatigue at 100%:
  Your character will pass out and fall to the ground. At this point you
  are in trouble.  Someone from the game will come by and help you back to
  your house where you will wake up for the next game day.  They will take
  half of your money for their trouble.  This is something you want to
  avoid at all costs unless you are trying to marry the witch princess.  
  As your supply of stamina and fatigue deplete, you will need to
  constantly renew them throughout the game through several methods.  I
  will list the best ones below.  Remember that if your fatigue is high,
  you cannot recover stamina without first recovering fatigue. 
  When your character goes to bed for the day he will recover both of
  these resources.  If you get at least 6 hours of sleep, your stamina
  will completely refill and your fatigue will decrease by between 15 and
  25 points.  The earlier you go to bed, the more fatigue you will
  recover.  You cannot recover more than your current maximum.  If you go
  to bed late or with high fatigue, you will be forced to sleep in and
  loose valuable game time the next day, so be sure to pick a sensible bed
  time if your fatigue is high.
  Food and Medicine:
  You can also recover your stamina and fatigue using food and medicine. 
  Most raw foods and crops will restore two stamina and one fatigue. 
  Cooked meals and the colored grasses found throughout the valley will
  recover you more efficiently and vary by type. I don't have the space to
  outline all of them here.  Try experimenting and see what works best
  under any give circum stances.  Medicine provides the best recovery
  rates.  Bodygizer restores stamina and turbojolt restores fatigue.  You
  can buy them from Van's shop when he visits the valley.  They are quite
  expensive, but they provide an instant large recovery in a portable.
  form.  Their prices and recovery properties are listed below
  Item         Cost    Recovers 
  Bodygizer    500g       50  stamina
  BodigizerXL  1000g      100 stamina
  Turbojolt    1000g      20  fatigue 
  TurblojoltXL 2000g      50  fatigue
  Hot springs and healing team:
  You can also hire the healing team to restore your stamina a fatigue at
  the harvest sprite tree.  To use them talk to them after you have used
  some of your resources and they will recover your stamina and fatigue by
  a fixed amount.  It begins at 10% and goes up as they gain experience. 
  They can heal you about once an hour unless you have five or more of
  them where they can then heal you twice an hour.  Another option is to
  unlock the hot springs and use them to recover your stamina and fatigue. 
  There are two of them in the game.  The first, which is located by the
  circus is unlocked by triggering Flora's blue heart event. This one will
  recover your fatigue.  The second one located by the harvest goddess
  spring recovers your stamina.  To unlock it, use the first one hundred
  times for more than an hour and Mayor Thomas and the harvest sprites
  from mineral town will build the second in a couple of days.  The hot
  springs restore your stamina and fatigue at a point for each real second
  you spend in them.  They are a cheap way to restore this resource, but
  they aren't portable and take a long time to recover.  
  Time is the second resources you have available to you in the game that
  you need to manage.  It is divided into two aspects, the number of hours
  in a game day and the number of days in season.  You need to be aware of
  these two facts when you are planning your life on the farm.  Time is a
  resource that is constantly distributed throughout the game.  It limits
  the amount of work you can get done in a game day and the number of
  harvest you can make of a particular crop during a game season.  You
  seem to have more free time during the winter month than the others and
  when you have upgraded equipment to save you time.  Below are some
  suggestions to help you manage your time better.
  day to day:  
  You need to be aware of the passage of time in the game during the day.
  You can keep track using the clock in the lower right corner or the
  screen. You need to plan your time so that you don't waist it.  Two
  minutes will pass in the game for each second that passes in the real
  world, so you need to think ahead.  The best way to do this is to plan a
  daily schedule that will get your work done.  A basic one would look
  something like this.  Get up and begin by working on your animals around
  the farm.   Once your finished there, go outside and start gathering and
  shipping any crops that need to be shipped for the day.  Next, by this
  time the stores are beginning to open.  Head out and buy anything you
  need.  Then, you want to start your afternoon by heading around town and
  collection resources, mining, or foraging for things to ship.  You
  should also use this time to give gifts and talk to the valley people. 
  Then, you should return home and water any crops and head to bed at a
  reasonable time. This is just an outline, you are free to reorganize it
  to your likings of course.  Just make sure that you don't try to do too
  much in a day that will cause you to run out of time.
  There are a few other things you can do to save yourself time in the
  game.  First, upgrade your tools, higher level tools allow you to do
  more work in less time.  Also, hire the harvest sprites to share in some
  of the work load.  They can free up a large block of time for you by
  taking up one of the tasks on your farm.  Also, keep stamina recovery
  items with you so that you can renew your strength quickly without
  waiting time.  Also, get the teleport stone as soon as you can.  It will
  completely climate most of your travel time at the cost of a little
  stamina.  Finally, you can use the necklaces to do work on the map from
  inside a building without having time pass at all.  Managing your game
  time can be helped by these ideas, but the best way to maximize its use
  is by planning your day carefully.
  Managing Days:
  You also need to manage your days each season to get the most out of
  your time and profits.   It helps to learn the growing times for each of
  the crops you plant because it allows you to schedule the harvest
  sprites around their growing times for watering and picking.  Use the
  harvest sprites to accomplish whatever task you find the most time
  consuming. This usually falls to picking crops or watering until you
  have the upgraded can.  Also, be mindful of festivals and when they
  occur.  You will have to do all the work yourself on those days because
  the harvest sprites won't work on holidays and you will have less time
  because you attend a festival that eats up part of your day. 
  Make sure that when you arrange crops and other things on your farm, to
  do so that you can take advantage of your upgraded tools to get work
  done faster.  Also, make sure that you have everything you need with you
  when you leave so you don't have to waist time back tracking.  The same
  goes for shopping, but what you need ahead of time and buy a lot of it. 
  This will save you having to wait for a shop to open and unnecessary
  trips out to the shop. You should also be mindful that several purchases
  in the game require an amount of time before they are available such as
  tool upgrades and buildings.  Remember to buy things in the order that
  you need them. Learning to manage your time well requires practice just
  as it does in real life. If you plan ahead you will do better than if
  you don't
  Last but certainly not least is the third resource money.  They say that
  money makes the world go round and harvest moon DS is no exception. 
  Money is probably the one focal resource in the game. The primary goal
  of the game is to gather money so you can use it to expand your farm. 
  It is also the resource that most players notice directly.  You are
  aware of your other resources in the background, but money isn't as
  renewable as they are.  However, money can be exchanged directly for the
  other two. Money is used to but the tools and upgrades that allow you to
  work faster and with less stamina.  It also allows you to  recover
  stamina directly by purchasing medicine from Van.  You begin the game
  will a very limited amount of money and you will need to generate
  several billion gold if you want to buy everything in the game.  Harvest
  Moon DS has requires more money to buy everything than the rest of the
  games put together.  However, it is also one of the easiest games to
  make money in. Below are some tips for money management.  
  Early in the game, you will find this resources to be scarce and the one
  you want to use most.  Early in the game, you need to make a stable
  amount of money through either the mine trick or the medal trick at the
  casino.  You'll find them in their respective sections.  While these
  tricks work for a quick score early in the game, they are too time
  consuming and don't offer the best profit margin.  The best way to make
  money is through leveling up the crops and growing lots of them. 
  However, this requires a few game years and in the mean time, you need
  some money to survive.  While you can run the mine as much as you want,
  it takes roughly two hours to do it, which can be tedious.  If you want
  to minimize your need to run it try to conserve your spending.  Only
  spend money on something if you really need it.  Unless its for a tool
  upgrade or a building, you probably don't need anything that costs more
  than 100000g  in your first year.  Buy things as you need them, not as
  you want them.  Also, make your early buildings out of wood.  It
  provides a reasonable stability at a modest price.  Wood buildings will
  last you for a couple of game years on average and until you can get the
  farm really going.  You can always demolish them and replace them with
  stone or gold lumber later in the game.  Also, use the casino medal
  strategies rather than buying medals for the harvest sprites.  This will
  father conserve your funds.  
  Well, that about wraps up the details of managing the three resources of
  the game.  I know the above section is a bit misleading in its
  suggestions.  Conserving and expanding the limits on each of the
  resources above assumes that you have the other two in abundance.  I
  know that you don't, but I am trying to supply the best and worst case
  scenarios under each of them.  The three resources are linked and depend
  on each other to expand in their limits.  Learning to balance them
  together takes planning and practice.  A lot of trial and error will be
  needed before you get the hang of it.  Money is generally the best to
  measure the other two with.  If you are finding that you have an
  abundance of cash, the other two will fall into place.  Learning to
  balance the three resources is what makes the system behind the game
  function at the mathematical standpoint.  It is also part of the fun and
  addictiveness of the game.  I wish all of you luck in your quest to make
  money and find balance in your busy farming lives.   
  12. Accessories
  One of the new features introduced to the series in harvest moon DS are
  the accessories that you can find throughout the game.  Accessories
  allow you to extend the limits on your fatigue and stamina as well as
  recover them.  They also provide you with more information about hidden
  aspects of the game and allow you to perform several other activities. 
  Accessories are can be bought from Van, the medal shop, and the jet
  sprite shop in the tree. A set of cursed is also available in on several
  floors of the third mine.  These accessories begin cursed and require a
  blessing for 100000g from the church before you can equip them and use
  them to your full potential.  The process for obtaining them and
  removing the curse is the same as it is for the cursed tools. See the
  mining section for a list of floors where you can find them and the
  strategies necessary to uncurse them.  This section includes all the
  accessories that my bothers and I have found so far and what they should
  do.  Listed below are each of the accessories, their uses and where to
  find them. 
  Note: Third mine means the accessory is cursed and you need to dig it up
  in the third mine as outlined in the mining section.  Some of the
  accessories mention a black version of the item you are looking for. 
  You will find the black version in the mine that is cursed.  Be careful
  not to equip it or you will have to contact the church to remove it. 
  Once you have them blessed, they will take their final useful form and
  function normally.
  These necklaces when equipped allow you to use the stylis to use your
  tools anywhere on the map.  To use one, equip the tool you want to use
  and touch the place you want to use it on the map.  The upper level
  necklaces allow you to charge the tools to higher levels.  The basic
  purpose of these accessories is to allow you to use the tools indoors to
  accomplish work while not having time pass.  Each use of the tool will
  deplete the normal amount of stamina and fatigue and an additional 2
  points of fatigue each time you use them.  You still need to have the
  appropriate level tools in order to use them with the necklaces.  All of
  them are bought from the Jet at his store.  More of them will become
  available as you upgrade the level of all of your tools .  You begin the
  game with the iron tool level on for free. You can also find some of the
  necklaces randomly at the dig site for free. The prices of the rest are
  listed below.
  Level        price
  iron         free
  copper       1000g
  silver       2000g
  gold         3000g 
  Mystrile     5000g
  Blessed      10000g
  Mythic       50000g
  Friends ship broaches:  
  The friend ship broaches will allow you to increase the friendship
  values of everyone in town if you equip them before going to bed.  The
  blue one may increase your friendship score on the towns people randomly
  by 1 point.  It doesn't do everyone.  The green level seems to get every
  one to increase by 1 point and some of them 2.  The red level will
  increase everyone's friendship rating by 2 if you equip it before you go
  to bed.  You can buy the green and blue versions from the Jet shop.  You
  need to buy the green before the blue will appear.  The red one is
  obtained by finding the black one in the mine and having it uncursed. 
  Be careful, equipping the black one will lower everyone's friendship
  ratings.  Note, the broaches will affect a person's friendship score,
  not their affection rating.  You still need to give gifts to girls to
  increase their affection towards you for marriage.
  Color       Price
  green       300000g
  blue        500000g
  red         Third Mine 100000g to uncurse.
  The Goddess and Kappa Broaches:  
  These accessories are the key to increasing the limits on your stamina
  and fatigue.  The goddess items work for stamina and the kappa work for
  fatigue.  Each one will increase the maximum amount of their respective
  stats by a fixed amount.  If you go to bed with them on, you can recover
  up to that amount.  The blue levels in increase your limit by 100
  points, the green by 230 points and the red by 500 points.  The green
  and blue levels can be purchased at Van's shop and the red need to be
  excavated from the third mine.  Be careful when using these items,
  because if you unequipped them you will lose any extra stamina or
  fatigue you have and you can pass out.  Also, make sure not to equip
  their black versions in the third mine, because they will lower your
  maximum quite a bit.  Their prices are listed below
  Color    Price
  Green    50000g
  Blue     100000g
  red      third mine 100000g to uncurse
  The Goddess and Kappa Earrings:
  These items allow you to actually recover your stamina and fatigue
  points when they are equipped and you are moving around outside.  Again,
  the goddess earrings affect stamina and the kappa earrings affect
  fatigue. The rate of recovery depends on the color of the earrings.  Red
  is the slowest, blue the second fastest, and green is the fastest.  The
  red and blue ones can be purchased from the jet shop in the tree.  You
  need to buy the red before the blue will appear.  You can find the green
  level ones in the third mine.  Be careful not to equip their black
  cursed version because they will deplete your stamina or fatigue quickly
  and you will pass out very easily.  You need one point of stamina left
  for the goddess earrings to work. The prices are listed below.
  Color                        Cost
  red goddess                  400000g
  red kappa                    500000g
  blue goddess                 700000g 
  blue kappa                   900000g 
  green goddess and kappa       third mine 100000g to uncurse 
  Goddess and Kappa Hats:
  These hats will reduce the amount of stamina and fatigue you use when
  you use tools.  They are very helpful when trying to conserve your
  strength.  The goddess hats lessen stamina loss and the kappa hats
  lessen fatigue loss. The level of prevention depends on the color.  The
  red will decrease the loss a little, the blue will do better, and the
  green do the best.  You can buy the red and blue versions from Van and
  the green versions are found in the third mine.  If you equip the black
  equivalents from the mine, they will increase the cost of using tools
  and you will need to contact the church to bless or remove them.  The
  costs are listed below.
  Color       Price
  red goddess  200000g
  red kappa    200000g
  blue goddess 500000g
  blue kappa   500000g
  green both  Third mine, 100000g each to have them uncursed.
  Thomas gives you the pedometer for free when you start the game.  If you
  carry it in your runk sack, it will count the number of steps you take. 
  Like in mineral town, Guts and the harvest goddess will pop up and let
  you know where you are an major mile marks like 10,000, 100,000, ect.  I
  haven't found any rewards for it yet, but keeping it with you might be a
  good idea.  
  Time Ring:
  The time ring is found in the third mine.  Once you have it blessed and
  equip it, it will cause time to pass outside at half the normal rate. 
  It's cursed counter part will cause time to pass twice as fast.  It
  costs 100000g to have the curse removed.
  Speed Boots:
  The speed boots are located in the third mine as well.  When you equip
  them, they allow your character to run twice as fast when you hold down
  the B button.  They can save you travel time and work time.  However,
  the teleport stone or the horse are better travel options.  Their cursed
  counter parts will disable your ability to run when they are equipped. 
  It costs 10000g to remove the curse.
  Touch panel Gloves: 
  You can buy these from either the chicken farm or yodel ranch for 1000g.
  When they are equipped and combined with other tools, they allow you to
  interact more intimately with your animals.  You can find the
  information about using them in the tools and animals section.  The are
  needed to unlock several of the animal harvest sprites.  
  The remaining items listed here are found from Roller's shop at the
  casino.  You can exchange medals directly for them.  You can win the
  medals from the casino game or buy them for 10g each.  If you want to
  know the price in gold for an item listed here, tack on an extra zero
  and that will give you your price in gold.  For example, the teleport
  stone costs 1000 medals, so it would cost 10000g.  For more information
  on medals and the casino games as well as strategies.  See the harvest
  sprite section.  
  Teleport stone:
  This items is available from the casino shop for 1000 medals.  It allows
  you to transport yourself anywhere on the map touching where you want to
  go with the stylis.  You can only use it outside.  Each use of the item
  will add two points of fatigue to your total.  This item is the most
  convent way to travel and will save you a ton of walking time.  Buy it
  as soon as you can.
  Truth Bangle:
  You can buy this from the casino shop for 2000 medals.  When you equip
  it will print out your current stamina and fatigue in the left lower
  corner of the screen.   This item is useful for monitoring your strength
  while you work, epically in the mine. You should get it as soon as
  Love Bangle:
  This item is available at the casino for 5000 medals. When you equip it,
  you will be able to see the friendship and affection ratings of the
  towns people when you talk to them. If can be useful for monitoring your
  progress in making friends and truing to get married. 
  The Red Animal Cape:
  This item is available from the casino for 65535 medals.  The price
  seems odd, but it is 2^16 - 1 which is the longest integer you can store
  using two bites of memory.  Just like 255 is 2^8 - 1 which is the
  largest integer you can store with one bite of memory.  That's why these
  numbers show up so frequently in video games with limited memory. 
  Anyway  the cape allows you to use the stylis to mover your animals
  around on the map on the touch screen when it is equipped.  You will
  gain two points of fatigue when you use it.
  The God Hand:
  You can buy this item for 100,000,000 medals at the casino.  It becomes
  available after you buy the red cape.  It allows you to use the map to
  harvest your crops using the stylis.  You just need to touch them on the
  screen to ship them.  You will gain two fatigue points each time you use
  The Miracle Gloves:
  You can also buy them for 100,000,000 medals from the casino. 
  Supposedly, they work like the miracle gloves from harvest moon 3.  If
  you throw a crop with them equipped, it will be transported directly to
  your shipping bin. Using them will gain you two points of fatigue.
  Well, that's about it for what I know about in the game for accessories. 
  I think this is most of them but their could be more.  If you know of
  something that I don't have here feel free to email me about it.  I
  haven't gotten the last god hand for miracle gloves yet, but I can guess
  about their uses from the stores description of them and their uses in
  previous games.    
  13. Cooking and Recipes
  This section is long overdo.  Between Two emails and the work my
  brothers and I did, we have all the recipes already composite.  I just
  thought the other sections were more important to get into the guide
  first.  A special thanks goes out to starcat19689 and hmwizard14 for
  their help with this section.  Using the information they sent me and
  cooking a little myself, I have been able to compile all of the game's
  recipes.  They sent me most of the simple ones.  The harder ones such as
  elli leaves are the same as they were in mineral town as are some of the
  other recipes.  Thanks a lot to both of you for all your hard work with
  out you this section wouldn't be possible.  
  Harvest Moon DS continues the proud tradition of cooking in a long line
  of harvest moon games.  Cooking food provides you with several more
  options for using crops and the products you gather from your animals
  and in the wild.  It will allow you to recover more stamina and fatigue
  than eating the items in their raw form.  Cooking items can also be used
  as gifts to increase the valley's people's affection and friendship
  ratings better than the items alone.  Finally, it can serve as an
  additional source of income.  Shipping cooked food will provide you with
  hire profits than the raw ingredients as well.  If you want to ship
  cooked food, you need to put it in the basket and then dump the basket
  into the shipping box.  You cannot place cooked food directly into the
  shipping box.  
  You need several things before you can begin cooking.  First, you need
  to buy the kitchen and the utensils.  You can purchase the kitchen from
  the TV shopping network after you buy the first house upgrade. Once, you
  have the kitchen, the utensils will also become available for purchase. 
  Their are five cooking utensils in all; the frying pan, the oven, the
  steamer, the pot, the mixer, and you can cook without a utensil.  The
  kitchen costs 4000g and the utensils cost between 1500g and 2500g.  The
  process of cooking is very similar to the process in mineral town.
  In order to cook a dish, first you need to select a utensil or no
  utensils in some cases.  They you select up to 8 ingredients either from
  your runk sack or the refrigerator.  The game will then allow you to
  prepare the recipe.  If you combination is successful, the game will
  save the recipe for future use.  You can look up the recipes by their
  utensils by selecting the "look up a recipe" option where they are
  sorted by cooking implement.  If you try a combination that is not a
  recipe the game will yield one of six failed dishes.  While these seem
  worthless mistakes, they are used in several of the recipes so save them
  in the fridge for future use.  The type you get depends on the food and
  utensil used for the attempt.
  I have a complete list of the recipes gathered below.  Note, most of
  these came from the two emails from starcat19689 and hmwizard14 I only
  had to find about a dozen or so of them on my own.  Thanks again guys. 
  Note, I am only listing the default ingredients to each recipe.  You can
  add other things than just what is listed here.  Experiment and you will
  find other combinations that work just as well.  For example, you can
  substitute one type of vegetable or fruit for the ones listed below. 
  The recipes are in order by utensil.
  No Utensil Recipes: 
  Salad: cucumber
  Sandwich: tomatoes + cabbage + bread
  Fruit Sandwich: Orange + Strawberry + bread
  Pickled Turnips: turnips
  Pickled Cucumber: cucumber
  Bamboo Rice: bamboo shoots + rice balls
  Matsuke Rice: matsuke mushroom + rice balls
  Mushroom Rice: shitake mushroom + rice balls
  Sushi: sashimi + rice balls
  Raisin Bread: wild grapes + bread
  Sashimi: large fish
  Charashi Sushi: sashimi + scrambled eggs + rice balls + cucumber
  Buckwheat Chips: buckwheat flour
  Ice cream: Egg + Milk 
  Elli Leaves: All six types of failed dishes + Turbojolt XL + bodygizer
  Pot Recipes:
  Hot Milk: milk
  Hot Chocolate: milk + chocolate
  Wild Grape Wine: grape + wine + purple grass
  Pumpkin Stew: pumpkin
  Fish Stew: large fish 
  Boiled Spinach: spinach
  Boiled Egg: egg
  Candid Potato: yam
  Dumplings: cabbage + flour + oil + onion
  Strawberry Jam: strawberries
  Grape Jam: grapes
  Apple Jam: apples
  Marmalade: oranges
  Cheese Fondue: cheese + bread
  Noodles: flour
  Curry Noodles: noodles + curry powder
  Tempera Noodles: tempra + noodles
  Buckwheat Noodles: buckwheat flour
  Tempra Buckwheat Noodles: buckwheat flour + tempra
  Mountain Stew: carrot + bamboo shoots + shitake mushroom
  Rice Soup: rice balls
  Porridge: rice balls + milk
  Tempra Rice: tempra + rice balls
  Egg Over Rice: egg + rice balls
  Stew: milk + flour
  Curry Rice: rice balls + curry powder 
  Blue Curry: rice balls + curry powder + blue grass
  Green Curry: rice balls + curry powder + green grass
  Red Curry: rice balls + curry powder + red grass
  Yellow Curry: rice balls + curry powder + yellow grass
  Orange Curry: rice balls + curry powder + orange grass
  Purple Curry: rice balls + curry powder + purple grass
  Indigo Curry: rice balls + curry powder + indigo grass
  Black Curry: rice balls + curry powder + black grass
  White Curry: rice balls + curry powder + white grass
  Rainbow Curry: blue curry + red curry + yellow curry + green curry +
  orange curry + purple curry + indigo curry + curry rice
  Ultimate Curry: rainbow curry + black curry + 6 types of failed dishes
  Finest Curry: rainbow curry + white curry+ 6 types of failed dishes
  Relaxation Tea: relaxation tea leaves
  Oven Recipes:
  Bake Corn: corn
  Toasted Rice Balls: rice balls 
  Roasted Rice Cakes: rice cakes
  Baked Yam: yams
  Toast: bread
  Jam Bun: milk + egg + jam
  Dinner Role: egg + milk + butter
  Pizza: cheese + flour + ketchup
  Doria: Onion + butter + milk + rice balls + flour
  Buckwheat Ball: egg + flour + buckwheat flour
  Gratin: onion+ butter + milk + cheese + flour
  Sweet Potatoes: egg + butter + yam
  Cookies: egg + flour + butter
  Chocolate Cookies: butter + cookies + chocolate
  Cake: egg + butter + flour + apple
  Chocolate Cake: egg + butter + flour + apple + chocolate
  Cheesecake: cheese + egg + milk
  Apple Pie: apple + flour + butter + egg
  frying pan recipes:
  Stir Fry: oil + cabbage
  Fried Rice: rice balls + oil + egg
  Savory Pancakes: cabbage + flour + oil + egg
  French Fries: oil + potato
  Croquette: potato + flour + onion + oil + egg
  Popcorn: corn
  cornflakes: corn + milk
  Happy Eggplant: eggplant
  Scrambled Eggs: eggs + oil
  Omelet: egg + oil + milk
  Omelet Rice: milk + egg + oil + rice balls
  Apple Souffl‚: apples
  Curry Bread: curry + bread
  French Toast: egg + oil + bread
  Doughnut: egg+ milk + butter + flour + oil
  Grilled Fish: medium fish 
  Fried Thick Noodles: oil + noodles
  Fired Noodles: buckwheat flour + oil
  Tempra: egg + oil + flour
  Pancake: egg+ milk + flour + oil
  Pot Sticker: cabbage + onion + flour + oil
  Risotto: tomato + onion + oil + rice balls
  Dry Curry: rice balls + curry powder
  Steamer Recipes
  Moon Dumplings: dumplings + flour
  Green Dumplings: rice cakes + weed
  Bamboo Dumplings: rice cake + bamboo shoots
  Steamed Bun: flour + oil
  Cheese Steamed Bun: cheese + flour + oil
  Shaomi: onion + cabbage + egg + flour
  Steamed Egg: egg+ bamboo shoots + shitake mushroom
  Chinese Bun: shitake mushrooms + kamugi + bamboo shoots + carrots
  Curry Bun: flour + curry powder
  Steamed Dumplings: cabbage + onion + oil + flour
  Sponge Cake: egg + flour
  Steamed Cake: egg + milk + flour + oil
  Pudding: egg + milk
  Pumpkin Pudding: egg + milk + pumpkin
  Mixer Recipes:
  Pineapple Juice: pineapple
  Tomato Juice: tomato
  Peach Juice: peach
  Bandana Juice: banana
  Orange Juice: orange
  Apple Juice: apple
  Strawberry Milk: strawberry + milk
  Fruit Juice: any two fruits
  Fruit Latte: fruit juice + milk
  Vegetable Juice: any two vegetables 
  Vegetable Latte: vegetable juice + milk
  Mixed Juice: fruit juice + vegetable juice
  Mixed Latte: futile latte + vegetable latte
  Ketchup: tomato + onion
  Butter: milk
  Fish Stick: small fish + large fish
  Well, that is all of the recipes I have found.  The list on my game is
  complete, so I am assuming I have them all.  If you have one that is not
  listed here, please email it to me and I will add it.  Happy cooking
  14. Quick Start Mini guide
  A special thanks goes out to my two brothers for helping me find and
  develop this little quick start trick.
  Warning, while this tactical start works, it also ruins the neat balance
  on the system set up by the game.  Some people might view it as
  cheating, but it works.  As most of you know, you start the game out
  with only iron tools and 100 pts of stamina and fatigue.  Each swing of
  a tool will burn two points of stamina or two points of fatigue if your
  stamina is depleted.  You also start with a basic house, no materials,
  your runk sack, one outdoor shipping box, 500g, and two bags of turnips. 
  Also, only three of the harvest sprites are unlocked and you cannot hire
  any of them to the 8th at the earliest.  Basically you have nothing and
  it is supposed to take you two to three years to get on your feet. 
  However, I have found a tactic that can have you being a millionaire
  before the 15th of your first spring.  Read on if you want to take the
  easy way out.
  Well, the game expects you to spend your first day planting your two
  existing bags of turnips and for you to buy and plant two more from the
  store.  This will deplete most of your money and stamina between
  planting and watering them.  Then your supposed to spend the rest of the
  first day foraging for wild crops to ship and gathering materials if you
  have any strength remaining.  But, you are going to want to do something
  else completely.  In fact, if you are following  this approach, you
  probably won't gather material or start your farm until the middle of
  spring or begin working on your wife or harvest sprites for that matter. 
  So, lets get started.  
  Spring 2
  Get up on your first morning and immediately leave your farm.  Don't
  prepare any soil or plant any seeds.  Head directly downward and turn
  left at the fork in the road.  Next, follow the road over and across the
  bridge past Vesta's farm. Head over to the next intersection and take
  the upward path that leads to the waterfall and more importantly the dig
  site.  Enter the dig site cave and save your game on the first file. 
  Note, this is where the mines are located later, but they aren't
  available yet.  However they will be shortly and they are key to your
  success.  Equip the hoe and start to plow the ground in the room looking
  for dig site items.  Whenever you find jewelry memorize its location and
  continue to dig to find some more.  Then, when your strength is
  depleted, load your game and dig up the items from memory.  This will
  give you several sellable items for only 2 points of stamina for fatigue
  each.  Each time you exit the dig site, the floor will reset and
  distribute additional items randomly.  Repeat this process until you
  have about 30 to 40 pieces of jewelry.  Then, wait outside the door of
  the mine for 10pm to arrive.  You can forage nearby if you want and have
  the time to do it.  At 10pm reenter the mine and you will have a short
  cut scene with carter where he borrows your hammer to open the first
  mine.  After the first mine is open, go back home and go to bed.  
  Don't ship anything just yet.
  Spring 3
  Get up and go back to the dig site cave just as you did the day before. 
  Once you arrive, head over to the left corner and enter the first mine. 
  Work your way down to the bottom floor which is the tenth.  You can do
  this by falling one floor at a time through the holes or by saving your
  game and digging your way down with the hoe.  When you reach the bottom
  floor, kill the chick monster by hitting it with your hammer twice and
  return to the surface.  Once you emerge, use the digging trick from the
  first day and gather another 10 to 15 pieces of jewelry from the first
  dig site floor.  Then exit the dig site and head back towards town.  Go
  back across the bridge and go to the inner inn and go up to the second
  floor.  In the upper left hand corner you will find that Van has come to
  town and opened his shop.  Talk to him and select the sell items option
  at the bottom of his list.  Sell him all of the stuff that you dug up
  from the dig site over the last two days.  He will pay you about 1900 to
  2500g per item which time the 35 to 40 items you have will yield a
  profit of about 60,000g to 80,000g which isn't bad for what you have to
  work with.  But this isn't all the trick has to it.  
  You are going to give all the money right back to Van.  He has a number
  of tempting items for sale, but you want to buy 8 turbojolt XL's and
  spend the rest on bodygizer XL's.  This will give you about 40 to 50 of
  them. Next, exit the inn and head back over to the dig site entrance and
  wait for 10pm to arrive again.  Head inside and the cut scene will
  repeat, except this time Carter will use your hammer to open the second
  mine.  After you complete this head home and go to bed.  
  Spring 4
  Get up and . . . you guessed it, head back over to the dig site area and
  take the second door to enter the second mine.  This is where it gets a
  little complicated.  The second mine has 255 floors to it and you need
  to work your way down to floor 100.  You want to do this by falling
  though holes in the floor and dodging the enemy's every 30 floors or so,
  you should stop to drink a bodygizer XL to completely replenish your
  stamina.  Once you reach floor 100 or greater, you can really start
  making some money.  Start saving your game before you fall though the
  holes in the floor.  What you are looking for are floors that are a
  multiple of either 3 or 10 greater than 100.  You will be able to tell
  them apart because the multiples of 3 are really tall and the multiples
  of 10 are huge.  If you fall past one of these floors, you can just load
  your game and fall though the hole again.  Or you may want to dig down
  one floor at a time with the hoe to avoid missing them.  Now here's how
  to make money.
  When you arrive on one of these floors, the fist thing you need to do is
  save your game.  Then take the sickle or hammer and kill and of the
  chicken and chick monster's on the floor and save your game again. You
  can easily dodge the bugs because they just move in a single straight
  line and are easily avoided.  Now, take the hammer and break all the
  rocks on the floor.  You are looking for two particular items.  You want
  either the pink diamonds or the Alexandrite, which look like a small
  vertical green shaped bar.  Remember where they are when you find them. 
  Once you clear the floor of rocks load your game and go back and dig
  them back up conserving your stamina.  You will usually only find one on
  a floor that is a multiple of 3 and 1 to 3 of them on a floor that is a
  multiple of 10.  Pile them up in your ruck sack and continue onwards
  repeating this hunting process.  Make sure to drink a bodygizer XL every
  15 floors or so to keep your stamina up.  Try not to become fatigued.  
  Once you reach the 255 floor, kill all of the bugs on it and the door
  leading to the maidens house will open and you can enter it.  She will
  be waiting there and gives you the legendary sword which is needed to
  reach the field behind the waterfall later in the game.  Once you have
  it return to the surface.  You will then need to make another two trips
  down the mine on the 4th day or until you run out of stamina.  Each run
  will use up around 15 bodigizers and a turbo jolt or two. This means you
  can make about 3 runs without running out of supplies.  Take only the
  pink diamonds and alexandrite and leave the rest of them down there. 
  When your done go home and go to bed.  Be aware, that this is a major
  time commitment.  It takes about 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours to make one run of
  the mine.  So, it will take you 8-9 hours real time to do this.  
  Spring 5-7
  Now is the time to kick back and relax a little bit.  You can get your
  farm started and plant and water the two bags of turnips you have.  You
  can also gather material and forage to start gaining a small amount of
  income.  If you have a girl you want to marry you can start courting her
  and making friends with the rest of the town.  Your options will be
  pretty limited because you will have no money and no way to recover
  strength outside of eating wild plants but be patient.  You should focus
  these three days on getting some of the easier harvest sprites by
  examining the various areas in town and other easy ones.  Make sure to
  get all the casino and staff sprites unlocked.  Also, you can head over
  to the dig site again late at night to open the third mine the same way
  that you opened the other two.  
  On Saturday, make sure to head over to Galen's house between 11:00 and
  1:00 pm without a tool equipped and you will receive the fishing pole
  when you enter the his house after a short cut scene.  
  Spring 8 
  This is the next big day because it is the next day that Van returns to
  town.  Head over to inner inn at 10:00 when his store opens and go talk
  to van.  From the 4th you should get between 35 and 45 pink diamonds or
  alexandrite per run, multiply by three runs, and you have roughly 105 to
  120 of them.  You can sell each of them to Van for a little over 10,000g
  each which should yield just over 1,000,000g.  You want to buy 300
  bodygizer XL's and 100 Turbojolt XL's Once your done here, head over
  across the bridge to unlock roller who will give you access to medals
  and the ability to buy items from the harvest sprite shop.  Head up to
  the sprite tree and Buy 3000 medals for 30,000g and buy yourself the
  teleport stone and the information bracelet.  The first will allow you
  to travel around the map and the second will let you know how much
  stamina and fatigue you have when it is equipped.  This makes it easier
  to keep track of them when you are mining to make better use of your
  supplies.  You can use the rest of your money to buy whatever you want
  or save it for later.  
  Spring 9 and onward.  
  Over the next week or so, you will probably want to make another 6 to 8
  runs of the second mine to gather money. You can use the money from
  these runs to get your farm jump started and buy pretty much whatever
  you want.  You need to start having Carter build the structures on your
  farm one at a time. You also need to start getting your tools upgraded
  to the mystrile level.  You can find the ore you need on the bottom
  floor of mine one.  It takes 5 days and 5,000g each to upgrade them from
  the black smith.  Start with the tools you have experience with and make
  sure not to do the hoe or hammer too soon, because you cannot mine
  without them.  If you require experience with a tool, you can get it on
  the second floor of the inn by buying medicine from van and using it in
  the air to advance the experience meter.  Once you have them all
  upgraded, you can then start finding the cured tools in the third mine
  on specific floor that I haven't found yet as well as the mythic stones
  when the time comes.  I will include their locations in a future version
  of this guide.  
  Just a final note about this section.  Some people may consider this
  idea to be cheap and cheating. If you think this isn't right then don't
  do it.  This is a fun game with plenty to explore.  This just gives you
  access to money early in the game.  Each person is entitled to their own
  opinion and choices of how to play the game.  My brother's and I found
  this option and decided to share it.  Use it if you want to.  One other
  important thing to mention is, while this produces money in only a few
  game days, it takes several hours of real time to make a run of the
  mine.  This works well for the short term, but you need to switch your
  focus to farming in the long run for three reasons.  First, you need to
  do farming to advance the game and open the harvest sprites.  Secondly,
  this is harvest moon, not maniac miners.  If all you want to do is dig
  up rocks to make money then you're playing the wrong game.  Finally, I
  have a degree in mathematics and I can prove it mathematically that you
  can make more money growing crops than mining like this with less real
  time involved.  I will provide the detailed proof to this in a later
  version of the guide.  Overall, this is a useful approach to get you on
  your feet, but it has it's limits. Good luck all.  
  15. The People of the Valley
  I have received quite a few emails requesting a section outlining and
  describing the residents of forget me not valley.  So, I am adding this
  long overdue section to the guide.  I spent some time in the game
  researching each of the people in the game and what they like and don't
  like.  I also have most of their birthdays.  I have been giving gifts
  out for a long time and I have been keeping track of when they thank me
  for a gift on their birthday.  Just as a side note, you won't find any
  of the girls that you can normally marry in the game in this section. 
  They are listed with their likes and dislikes in the marriage section
  along with their heart events.  The information I am putting in this
  section is already included with them in the marriage section of the
  game.  So, I don't see any point to tying it all out a second time.  
  All of the people in the valley have a friendship score.  The girls you
  can marry also have one in addition to their affection score.  The score
  can be set from 0 to 255 and you can increase it in several ways. The
  higher the score is, the more you are supposedly friends with the
  person. The primary ways is by giving people in town gifts.   The more
  they like the item you give them, the more friendship points they will
  gain from it. Only the first gift counts each day.  Making friends with
  the town's people will trigger various events around the valley and
  supposedly influences your son's career path.  I don't know, because my
  son hasn't been born yet.  I will keep you posted on their impact in a
  future section of guide.  There is a glitch that you can use to raise a
  person's friendship meter.  You can show them either your dog or your
  cat and they will gain one point of friendship.  This can be repeated
  any number of times a day until their meter tops at 255.  
  The following people live in forget me not valley.  I have their likes
  and birthday listed as well as a short description of who they are.  I
  will also list any non window-dressing events that I have triggered with
  them.  They are in no particular order.  
  Valley Folks:
  Name: Walley
  Birthday: fall 10 
  Walley is a jogging health nut who lives in the valley with his wife
  Chris and his son Hugh.  You can find him at his house up from blue bar
  in the morning and running around the valley during the rest of the day.
  Walley is one of the people who can influence your son's development.
  Being a health nut we likes yogurt from the yogurt maker and most
  vegetable dishes.
  Name: Chris
  Birthday: Spring 20
  Chris is Walley's wife and Hugh's mother.  They live together in the
  large house above blue bar.  She is a sincere woman who is employed
  outside of the valley.  You can find her at home during the morning and
  evening hours. You can also catch her on her commute to work during the
  week.  She is gentle natured and likes to receive flowers and diamonds
  as presents.  
  Name: Hugh
  Birthday: Fall 28
  Hugh is the son of Walley and Chris.  He is a health nut in training as
  he takes after his father.  He really is a sweet boy with a very short
  attention span. You can find him running around the valley and at home
  early in the morning and late at night.  Hush likes chocolate and most
  sweet things.  
  Name: Sebastian
  Birthday: Fall 23
  Sebastian is the butler to Romanna up at the villa.  He cooks and cleans
  for her and Lumina.  Sebastian is concerned with Romanna's declining
  health and talks about it frequently.  He pretty much stays at the villa
  for most of the day, but sometimes he wanders a little ways from it.  He
  likes flowers and boiled fish.
  Name: Romanna
  Birthday: Spring 2
  Romanna lives at the villa on the top of the hill.  She is an old woman
  with failing health who is very set in her ways.  Still, she loves her
  family and offers kind hospitality to visitors to her quiet home.  She
  serves as the Matron to the valley.  Romanna likes flowers and
  relaxation tea leaves.  
  Name: Carter
  Carter: Spring 11
  Carter lives and works at the dig site with Flora in a tent.  His entire
  life seems to revolve around that cave.  He is involved with the events
  that open the mines for you to explore.  Carter is dedicated to his task
  convinced that his ancestor's remains are still in the dig site.  He
  loves lithographs from the mines and vegetable dishes.  
  Name: Nina
  Birthday: Spring 28
  Nina is the wife of Galen and lives in the small house on the hill south
  of the dig site.  She is a kind old woman who likes to chat about the
  valley and it's history.  She likes wool and milk.
  Name: Galen
  Birthday: Winter 9
  Galen is Nina's husband and lives with her in the small house on the
  hill.  Like his wife, he likes to talk about the valley and share some
  of his aged wisdom.  He is also involved in the event that will give you
  the fishing pole.  (See the fishing section for details)  Galen likes
  fish and food cooked with tempra.
  Name: Cody
  Birthday: Winter 28 
  Cody is an artist that lives in the tin hut in the southwest corner of
  town.  He may seem scary at first look, but he is a nice guy once you
  get to know him.  He can influence your child's development if you
  befriend him.  He loves to receive wool and ore as presents.
  Name: Gustafa
  Birthday: Spring 3
  Gustafa is the local hippie who lives in the shack next to the river. 
  He is a laid back guy who loves to sing and play music.  He stays in his
  home and wanders around the valley during the day.  He can also
  influence your child if you make friends with him.  Gustafa loves
  Popcorn and flowers.  
  Name: Kassey
  Birthday: Winter 11
  Kassey is one of the two pyrotechnic twins who makes the fireworks for
  the summer festival.  He lives with his bother Patrick in the water
  tower on the west side of the valley.  He is a fun guy who loves to
  receive Jewelry as a present.
  Name: Patrick
  Birthday: Winter 11
  Kassey is one of the two pyrotechnic twins who makes the fireworks for
  the summer festival.  He lives with his bother Kassey in the water tower
  on the west side of the valley. Patrick loves diamonds as presents. 
  Name: Grant
  Birthday: Winter 3
  Grant lives next to Walley with his daughter Kate.  Like Chris, we works
  for a company outside of the valley, which means you can catch him
  coming or going and at home during the morning and evening.  He likes a
  slower paced life style with his daughter in the valley.  Grant loves
  noodle dishes and toast with butter.
  Name: Kate 
  Birthday: Summer 15
  Kate is Grant's daughter and lives with her father in the house next to
  Walley's.  She is a cute little girl with a spoiled streak.  You can
  find her at home in the morning and wandering around the valley at other
  times.  She is easy to make friends with and likes cheese as a present. 
  Name: Marlin
  Birthday: Spring 24
  Marlin lives on Vesta's farm and helps out there.  He keeps mostly to
  himself at first, but if you get on his good side he is a nice guy to
  know.  He primarily stays around the farm, but he also sometimes goes
  for a walk up to the goddess spring.  Marlin is also the rival to Celia. 
  He likes colored grass and wine as a gift.
  Name: Vesta
  Birthday: Spring 28
  Vesta runs the crop farm on the other side of the bridge.  She is jolly
  woman who lives with Celia and Marlin.  She also runs a shop that sells
  all the seeds that Karen does as well as the tree seeds in the game. 
  Vesta took in Celia as a young child and wants to see her grow up happy
  and find somebody to love.  She likes the colored grasses and flowers
  for gifts.
  Name: Dr. Hardy
  Birthday: Spring 12
  Dr. Hardy is the resident physician in forget me not valley.  He looks
  after all of the villagers here, especially Romanna.  If you get to know
  him, he will advise you how to live a healthy life style. He is also
  involved in the events around the birth of your child.  He loves colored
  grasses and fish.  
  Name: Griffin
  Birthday: Spring 13
  Griffin runs the blue bar after hours in the valley.  His establishment
  is the place to unwind after a hard day of farming and to relax and have
  a drink.  Griffin is a laid back worker who shares his home with Muffy. 
  In fact, he will server as your rival for her in the love game.  He is
  fun to hang out with once you get to know him.  Griffin is a big fan of
  fish and wine.  
  Name: Daryl
  Birthday: Summer 29
  Daryl is the resident mad scientist of the valley.  He lives in the
  messy trailer just north of turtle swamp.  He is a bit reclusive and
  rarely leaves his home where he conducts weird experiments.  Daryl is an
  important person to get to know, if you want to marry Leia.  The mermaid
  currently lives in his basement and he will allow you access after you
  get his love points up to 100.  He also will influence your child's
  career and serves as your rival to Leia.  He likes colored grasses and
  Name: Ruby
  Birthday: Summer 11
  Ruby runs inner inn directly below your farm.  She is a decent cooks
  offering open door hospitality.  She lives at the inn with Rock and Nami
  and allows the visitors from mineral town a place to stay when they are
  in town.  Ruby likes to cook, so she is fond of getting cooked food and
  dislikes most other things
  Name: Rock
  Birthday: Spring 9
  Rock lives at the inner in with Ruby and Nami.  He is a laid back
  carefree hippie in training.  Rock will share his world views of
  laziness with you if you get to know him well enough.  He also serves as
  your rival to Nami.  Rock loves yogurt and cheese as gifts.
  Name: Taknaka
  Birthday: Summer 18
  Taknaka lives on your farm and will offer you advice from time to time
  about farming. He also spends his days talking with Potpourri when she
  comes to town on her days off.  Otherwise you can find him at his house
  early in the morning, but he likes to wander around for the rest of the
  day.  He loves fish and stew to increase his friendship meter.
  Name: Mukumuku
  Birthday: Winter 1
  Well, it really isn't a person, but it is an intelligent creature that
  comes to the valley during the winter.  I don't know if winter 1 is
  really it's birthday, but it was even happier than usual when I gave it
  a gift on the first day of winter.  Mukumuku is a yeti from unknown
  parts that visits the valley in winter.  While it doesn't talk, you can
  give it gifts and make friends with it.  It likes most cooked food as
  long as it doesn't contain chocolate.  
  Name: Murry
  Birthday: Fall 29
  Murry is the valley hobo.  He is homeless and wanders around the valley
  trying to mooch food off of the other inhabitants.  Murry will take
  almost anything as a gift other than the obvious stuff like weeds and
  red grass.  He is a neat character to interact with due to his pleasant
  appearance (sarcasm intended) and limited vocabulary. Murry wanders
  around the valley during the day and sneaks into the harvest sprite tree
  during the night for a place to sleep.  Murry serves as the rival to no
  one because he isn't all that attractive.  He is especially fond of
  dairy products and eggs.
  If you connect your game to a Harvest Moon fomt or mfomt game pack,
  other individuals will come and visit your town on their days off from
  work.  You can find a complete schedule in the linking section of the
  guide.  You make friends with them in the same way you make friends with
  the people of the valley.  Again they are listed in no particular order. 
  Mineral Town Folk: 
  Name: Gary
  Birthday: Winter 6
  Gary runs the blacksmith shop in mineral town and will upgrade her tools
  build the makers for you.  Gary is a hard working individual dedicated
  to the quality of his work.  He will visit the valley on Thursdays and
  helps Flora and Carter out at the dig site.  Gary likes ores from the
  mines and chocolate cake.  He is the rival for Mary from mineral town.  
  Name: Cliff
  Birthday: Summer 6
  Cliff is another resident from mineral town who will visit the valley if
  you link the games.  He works at the vineyard in mineral town, not that
  you could learn that from this game.  He is a laid back traveling guy
  with a kind attitude.  You can find him at the harvest spring during
  when he visits on.  Gary serves as the rival for Ann if you are trying
  to marry her. Cliff likes milk and eggs.
  Name: Rick
  Birthday: Fall 27
  Rick runs and operates the yodel ranch on mineral town.  Probably after
  the old man Barley Passed on.  Rick is Potpourri's sister and will visit
  the valley on Sundays.  You can find him wandering around town and up at
  the harvest spring.  Rick serves as the rival for Karen in the game.  He
  likes eggs, milk, and most other items that you produce on your farm.  
  Name: Dr. Trent
  Birthday: Fall 19
  Dr. Trent is a the doctor from the mineral town clinic. He is caring
  individual who looks after the health of the valley's residents.  He can
  be found at Romanna's in looking after Romanna.  He will visit the
  valley on Wednesdays.  Dr. Trent is the rival for Ellie from mineral
  town.  He likes Mushrooms and wild grasses.  
  Name: Kai
  Birthday: Summer 22
  Kai is an interesting traveler that will visit the valley during the
  summer.  He is good natured and runs the snack stand on the beach during
  the warmest season of the year.  His stand has a wide variety of good
  food that you can purchase to restore stamina during the summer months. 
  Kai serves as the rival for Potpourri.  He likes eggs and most cooked
  Name: Gotz
  Birthday: Fall 2 
  Gotz is a carpenter from mineral town who is in charge of building all
  your house extension.  He is good natured and loves to burry himself in
  his work.  Gotz will visit the valley when you ask him to build
  something or on Saturdays when his shop is closed.  You can find Gotz
  looking for material around the construction site when he isn't working.
  He likes yams and milk.
  Name: Thomas
  Birthday: Summer 25
  Thomas is the mayor of mineral town.  He lost a game of rock, paper,
  scissors and now has to pick up your shipments.  He will visit the
  valley at your farm at 5:00 on all days except holidays to pick up your
  shipments.  He also attends most of the festivals and has several other
  events he is involved in.  Thomas primarily serves as a source of humor
  in the game.  He fights with both you can the harvest sprites during
  several small cut scenes.  He also appears with the mineral town sprites
  to build the second hot springs and harvest any giant crops that grow in
  your field.  However, Thomas is a nice guy when you get to know him with
  a great sense of humor.  He likes potatoes and most foods that contain
  them.  He also likes milk and eggs in a pinch.
  Name: Van
  Birthday: Fall 3
  Van is a traveling salesman who visits mineral town on the days ending
  in 3 and 8 of each month.  During that time, he runs a small shop on the
  second floor of inner inn from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm by the crate you find
  Jet at. He sells a wide variety of items and accessories including the
  TV and DVD players and DVD's.  He also has several accessories and the
  bodigizers and turbojolt.  These make his shop very important to the
  game because you will be relying off of them to keep your stamina full
  for mining and working on the farm.  You can also sell items to van for
  2 to 3.5 times the amount that you ship them out for.  This is
  especially important if you want to sell the expensive items from the
  mine.  Van may be fat, but he is a pretty good guy with lots of money to
  spend and lots to sell.  He loves to receive eggs and egg dishes as
  Well, that is everyone I have met so far.  There may be one or two more
  to find and if I do I will add them later to the guide.  
  16.  Festivals and other events in the game.  
  Well, I decided to add another section to the guide because I think it
  needs to be done.  The purpose of this section is to outline the
  festivals and some of the random events found in the game.  They are
  listed below for your convince.
  Festivals have been part of the harvest moon experience from the start
  of the series.  They provide a fun diversion from the game's usual
  activities.  Additionally, they also provide more information about the
  game and allow you to make friends and meet new people.  They also
  unlock secrets in the game are just fun.  Attendance to a festival is
  always optional, but they are a fun aspect of the game.  Please note
  however, that you will need to plan your work around the schedule of the
  festival for the day.  Also, the harvest sprites will not work on a
  festival day and the business will close during festivals, so plan your
  work and purchases accordingly.  Listed below are the festivals and a
  description about each of them.  
  Spring Festivals:
  Day   Festival 
  1     New Years Day Festival
  14    Spring Thanks Giving Festival
  18    Duck Festival
  22    Cooking Festival
  New Years Day Festival:
  Day: 1
  Location: Beach 6pm to 12:00 am
  The new years day festival take place on the first day of the year.  It
  takes place at the beach and you can go in the evening.  The towns
  people all talk about starting the new year off right and trade ideas
  about their lives for the coming year.  You will also be eating rice
  cakes at the festival.  Talk to the mayor when you are ready to eat and
  he will start the process.  After you consume the rice cakes, the mayor
  will comment that they made too much and offer to let you take some home
  with you.  You will be transported back home and wakeup the next day. 
  You will be holding 10 rice cakes if your rucksack has an empty space
  for them.  
  Spring Thanks Giving Festival:
  Day: 14 
  Location: Your Farm All day
  This festival is a little different from the others.  You will be able
  to work all day uninterrupted with the usual going involved in attending
  a festival.  The harvest sprites and the businesses still take the day
  off. The purpose of this festival is to give cake to the girl that you
  want to marry.  You will get quite a few love points for your trouble if
  you give her some cake.  It can trigger a neat cut scene if the girl
  really likes you.
  Duck Festival
  Day: 18     
  Location: Beach 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  The duck festival takes place on the beach in the morning.  To enter,
  you need to have an adult duck who is not sick.  Potpuri will stop by
  the day before to collect your entry in the morning.  You can go to the
  beach and talk to the villagers about ducks.  Then see Popuri when you
  wish to start the judging.  It takes 8 hearts to win the festival.  If
  you win, you duck will start laying golden eggs when its heart level
  reaches 10.  
  Cooking Festival
  Day: 22      
  Location: Beach 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  This festival takes place at the beach in the morning.  If you want to
  participate you need to have the kitchen installed as well as the
  ingredients and recipe needed to make your entry.  When you first go to
  the festival, talk to the mayor and the gourmet.  They will tell you the
  theme for the year and then you will be transported back to your house
  to cook up the dish. Make your entry and take it back to the beach. 
  Have it held above your head and talk to the mayor to enter your dish in
  the competition.  Next, the gourmet will go through each of the entries
  one by one and grade them.  This can be serious or comical depending on
  your entry.  If you have the best entry you will win the contest and the
  acknowledgement of the town.  
  Summer Festivals :
  Beach Festival:
  Date: 1 
  Location Beach 10:00 - 6:00 pm
  This festival takes place on the first day of summer at the beach.  It
  is to welcome Kai for the season and celebrate the beginning of summer. 
  You can show up any time during the listed interval and the festival
  will still be the same.  You can talk to the villagers about their
  summer lives and hobbies.  The festival ends when you talk to Kia and
  take him up on his offer of free food.
  Chicken Festival:
  Date: 7
  Location: Beach 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  This festival is identical to the duck festival accept that it involves
  chickens instead of ducks.  Similarly to the duck festival, Popuri will
  show up the day before to collect a chicken for the festival.  The duck
  cannot be sick.  Again it takes about 9 to 10 hearts to win the festival
  and winning the festival will allow you to level up the chicken and
  allow you to get level 2 chickens by hatching its eggs.  
  Cow Festivals;
  Date: 20 
  Location: Beach 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  This festival is similar to the other animal festivals.  Accept that it
  involves cows instead of the poultry from the farm.  Rick will show up
  the day before and ask you, which cow you want to enter. The cow must be
  adult and giving milk.  It also cannot be sick or pregnant.  You will
  need 9 to 10 hearts to win the event.  If you win, your cow will level
  up one level and you will be able to make more higher level cows by
  impregnating the winner.  
  Fireworks Festival:
  Date: 24
  Location: Beach 6:00 pm - midnight
  This festival takes place in the in the evening during the late summer. 
  If you attend, you can watch the fireworks that the pyrotechnic brothers
  worked hard all year on. It is a neat festival to attend and puts on one
  of the better displays.  This festival also allows you to date one of
  your perspective brides or your wife if you are already married.  Your
  girl friend will ask you to watch them with her and if you say yes it
  will raise her affection level.  
  Fall Festivals:
  Harvest Festival:
  Date: 9
  Location: Beach 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  The harvest festival is a celebration of the bounty from farming.  If
  you go to the beach you will find everyone there.  The villagers will
  tell you about the feast that they are looking forward to.  The purpose
  of the festival is that the whole town is making a community stew and
  you are welcome to bring an item to the mix.  To add something to the
  pot talk to the mayor while you are holding it.  He will ask you if you
  have brought something for the pot and you if you say yes he will add it
  to the mixture.  There are two outcomes to the festival based on what
  you offer.  If you offer an normal item, everyone will tell you how much
  they loved the stew and that they are full.  The second option is to
  offer something poisonous like red grass or a toadstool.  This will make
  everyone unhappy after eating the stew.  They all blame each other for
  putting the bad ingredient in.  You need to do this for five years
  running if you want to marry the witch princess.  However, be aware that
  the friendship and affection ratings of the town will all go down if you
  offer something poisonous.
  Sheep Festival:
  Day: 20 
  Location: Beach 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  This festival is the same as the cow festivals in all respects.  It
  takes 9 or more hearts to win and you will level up the sheep if you
  win.  Rick will show up the day before and ask you to select a sheep for
  the competition.  The sheep cannot be shorn, sick or pregnant.
  Pumpkin Festival:
  Day: 30
  Location: Your farm in the morning
  This festival takes place on your farm.  People, namely the valley kids
  will visit the farm and ask you for candy.  You can give them chocolate
  or any other sweet dish to make them happy.  Or you can offer them
  something else if you want a comical situation.  They stop showing up
  around noon.
  Winter Festivals:
  Winter Thanks Giving:
  Date: 14
  Location: Your farm all day
  This festival is just like the spring thanksgiving festival.  The
  exception is that the girls will be giving the guys sweets instead of
  the other way around.  If you are married, your wife will give you
  something while you sleep at night.  However, if you give a girl cake
  during the day it will up her affection greatly.  If you are not married
  yet, but you have a girl with a lot of affection, she may show up
  outside your house and offer you cake in the afternoon.  You need to
  walk in and out of your house to trigger the event.  If a girls friend
  shows up, it is a good indication that she is ready to be married to
  Winter Festivals:
  Winter Thanks Giving Festival:
  Day :14
  Location: Your Farm all day
  The winter thanksgiving festival is just like its spring counter part. 
  However, this time around the girls give you gifts instead of you giving
  them gifts.  There are two possibilities of where you can get a gift
  from.  The first is that if you are married, your wife will slip a slice
  of cake into your ruck sack while you are sleeping at the end of the
  day. The other situation is if you are not married.  In this case, a the
  girl you have the most love points with will come by your house in the
  afternoon and give you cake if you have enough affection points with
  them to trigger the event.  You need to walk in and out of your house
  sometime during the afternoon to trigger the event.  This will also
  increase the affection rating of the girl if you accept her gift of
  Starry Night Festival:
  Day: 24
  Location: Beach 6:00 pm - midnight
  The Starry night festival takes place on the beach during the evening. 
  You will look out at the beautiful starlit sky.  You can also go on a
  date with your bride or girlfriend if they have enough affection points. 
  It really is an interesting festival to attend.
  Stocking Festival:
  Day: 25
  Location: Your house late evening
  This festival is like several of the other festival that really don't
  have a town gathering to attend.  The purpose of this festival is that
  after you go to sleep, Thomas will stop by and drop something into your
  stocking.  It usually turns out to be a gem from the second mine and its
  type is random. In order to participate in the festival, you first need
  to get the sock from Nina. (see below)
  New Years Festival:
  Day: 30 
  Location: Beach 6:00 pm - midnight
  This festival takes place on the last day of the year in the evening at
  the beach.  You can go there and talk to the villagers about a variety
  of things.  They comment on the past years accomplishments and looking
  forward to a new year. The festival also involves eating buckwheat
  noodles.  You can start the eat part of the festival by examining the
  table in from below.  This will start your character eating the noodles
  and wrap up the festival. At the end Thomas will comment that they made
  too much and offers to let you take some buck wheat flour home with you. 
  When you wake up the next morning, you will find 10 units of it in your
  ruck sack provided you have a free space.  
  Other Events:
  The festivals and heart events make up a large portion of the games
  interaction with the villagers. However, there a quite a few other
  little cut scenes that occur in the game that you can trigger under
  certain conditions.  I am going to list some of the ones that I have
  found in this section of the guide.  I will give you what I know about
  triggering them and a summary of the event.  This section will also have
  information about unlocking events that give you things like the fishing
  pole and opening the mines.  If you have witnessed other events than
  what are list here, you are welcome to write them up yourself and I will
  add them to the guide.  Email them to me at darkrangeresp@yahoo.com and
  I will give credit as always.  Thanks to all who contributed already.
  Get the Fishing Pole:
  This is the event that everyone keeps emailing me about so, I will go
  through it one more time here in detail.  You get the fishing pole from
  Glean in the game.  The event requires the following criteria to open
  it.  You need to head to Galen's house on a spring Saturday while it is
  sunny from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  You may have to walk in and out of the
  house several times to trigger the event.  Also, make sure that you do
  not have anything equipped in your tool slot when you walk into the
  house or the event WILL NOT TRIGGER! The event involves Galen and Nina
  are doing a little spring cleaning and Galen has come across an old
  fishing rod.  He doesn't use it any more and decides to give it to you
  rather than to throw it away.  There is quite a bit of dialogue and you
  get to hear about Galen's youth.  The event ends with you exiting the
  house with the fishing rod in hand.
  Open the Mines:
  You will get to see this event a total of 4 times in the game, once for
  each of the mines you need to open.  To trigger this event you must
  visit the dig site either very late at night or very early in the
  morning.  Either after 10:00 pm or before 8:00 am.  The event will not
  trigger after midnight.  You also need to have the hammer equipped in
  your tool slot when you enter the dig site.  Carter will be standing by
  the back wall and tells you that he has found the entrance to a mine. 
  He asks to borrow your hammer to check to see if the mine is there. 
  After some chitchat, your character will walk up to the back wall of the
  dig site and hammer away at it.  This will open the pathway to the next
  mine where you can go digging and exploring.  
  Each of the mines must be opened in order and they all have special
  requirements.  To open the next mine, you need to have dug down to the
  bottom floor of the previous one and killed all the enemies on the
  bottom floor.  This can take quite a while in the game so be patient. 
  Also, in order to open the 4th mine you must have triggered Keria's
  black heart event.  See the marriage section for details.
  Get the Sock:
  This one is a little bit tricky to get.  This event lead to you getting
  the sock from Nina required for the stocking festival.  In order to
  trigger the event, you need to walk into Nina's house on a sunny
  afternoon after you have met the other requirements.  In order to get
  the sock from her, you need to have given Nina about 50 large wool and
  gotten her heart rate up to the maximum of 255.  You cannot use the cat
  and dog showing trick to open this event.  Once you trigger the event,
  you will walk into Nina's hut and she will tell you that she has been
  knitting a sock for you.  She also talks about the stocking festival and
  a few other things.  When you return home, you will find the stocking on
  the sock hook next to the TV.  You need the sock in order to get the
  free gift during the stocking festival.
  Thomas's winter Request:
  This event will happen on the second day of winter every year.  When you
  first walk outside your house for the morning you will be greeted by
  Mayor Thomas.  He will go through a long speech about a bet he made with
  the mayor of a neighboring town.  Then, he explains that he is in a bit
  of a bind and asks you for the item he needs to win the bet.  The item
  is random and hard to come by in the game.  The full list includes,
  green peppers, different colored grasses, truffles, bracelets, a
  specific type of gem from the mines, and a few other hard to find
  things.  You can respond to the request either by offering to fill it or
  not.  If you choose no, the mayor will walk away disappointed.  If you
  say yes, he tells you good and that he will be back around 5:00 to pick
  the item up. 
  If you say yes to this event, you had best make sure you have the item
  to give him.  If he shows up and you cannot deliver, your friendship
  points with everyone and your girls affection rating will drop.  The
  item is random, but there is a sneaky little trick you can use.  Save
  your game before you go outside.  If the mayor asks for something you
  don't have, then simply load your game.  When you walk outside the
  second time, the item will usually change.  You can repeat this trick
  until you get an item you can provide for the mayor.  If you give Thomas
  the item at the end of the day he will give you a piece of gold lumber
  for your trouble.  
  Well, those are the major events that I have triggered so far in the
  game.  Send me some more if you have any and I will add them.  I have a
  few others that will appear in the next update to the guide.
  17. Legal Stuff and contact
  This is a new updated version of the legal agreement concerning the
  hosting and reproduction of any part of this guide.  This is a
  modification of the old agreement and replaces it entirely.  Sites
  hosting version 1.05 or earlier of the guide are subject to the old
  agreement.  This legal section will take the place of the existing one
  from here on out.  
  This guide is copywrite September 20, 2006 originally and version 1.06
  is officially copywrite for November 19, 2006 by me Darkranger or my
  real name Timothy Brintnall.  I reserve all the legal rights to this
  guide and its publication except those specifically given here. 
  Original Trademarks:
  Harvest Moon, Natsume, Nintendo, and Nintendo DS and any other
  registered trademarks of any company that is affiliated with the
  creation of the game are their property.  I do not claim or infer
  ownership of any of them in this guide.  They are the intellectual
  property of their respective owners.  They are only mentioned in the
  guide for the purpose of giving credit to the company who put so much
  hard work into this great game.  Thanks Natsume and Marvelous
  Interactive for a great game !!!
  Submitted information:
  The information found in the guide from the tables and other ideas is
  derived from two sources. The first is my experience playing the game
  and the second is from information submitted by others for the guide. 
  If information presented here is taken from another source i.e. someone
  else's guide ect.  It will be done so only with the person's permission
  and proper credit will be observed.  Note, I have not done this yet, but
  I am leaving this here in case I need it for future reference.  
  You are welcome and encouraged to submit information you find about the
  game to me by email for the guide at darkrangeresp@yahoo.com.  Anything
  that you don't see here that you think would be useful is welcome.
  Please understand, that by submitting information to the guide via email
  you are directly giving me permission to use it in the guide without
  farther notification.  If you submit something please give me an alias
  or a nickname to use to credit you in the guide.  I choose to give
  credit where credit is do.  If you submitted something and I misspelled
  your nickname or forgot to give you credit please email me and let me
  know.  I have received a couple thousand emails and sometimes these
  things get missed.  
  I reserve the right to modify, reformat, or clarify anything that I put
  into the guide.  I also reserve the right to decide what information I
  want to include and at what point in time I choose to include it.  If
  you submit something and I tell you I plan to use it, it may be several
  updates before I put it to practical use.  This is my guide and I have
  the sole discretion of what to put into it.  
  Extracting information from the guide:
  Not all the information in this guide is my legal and intellectual
  property.  For example, the shipping prices of the level 1 crops is
  considered common knowledge. However, my intellectual ideas, the
  presentation of the information, the comments, and my strategies in this
  guide are and remain my copywrite intellectual property.  They may not
  be used directly without written permission from me or a direct citation
  similar to what would be found in a research paper.  A situation must be
  in outstation marks and quoted as follows (Darkranger's Harvest Moon DS
  Guide, section XX, 2006)  where XX is the section number from the guide. 
  You are welcome to take general information from the guide as long as
  you present it in your own format and words.  If you choose to do so,
  your guide needs to have a section giving me credit for what you took. 
  I have a similar section in this guide for the submitted information I
  use.  If you are confused by this section, you can email me at
  darkrangeresp@yahoo.com for a clarification on what information you want
  to use from the guide.  Please be specific on what you want to take. 
  You can also request permission to use any information in this guide in
  a work of your own at the above email address. I am pretty open minded
  on letting people copy the information here.  I just need to make sure
  that I am receiving credit for my work and that my ideas are not being
  taken out of context.  
  Transformation of the guide:
  I have had a couple of requests about building a website from this guide
  directly.  I have already created an html version of the guide at . 
  However, if you would like to make a site based on this guide and add
  pictures or a new format I would be willing to consider such a request.
  Permission is herby granted to transform the guide into another format
  for distribution subject to the following terms.  
  1. This legal agreement must be present and easily accessible in the
  document or site.  It must be in its original for and unaltered.  
  2. The first page of the document or site must credit me for the guide's
  basic information.
  3. You must notify me by email within 7 days of any posting or
  distribution of the guide in an altered form for my review.
  Note, just copying and pasting the text directly unaltered into an html
  document without adding any html tags to the body of text does not
  require the above permission.  See the terms of hosting the guide listed
  below for the relevant information.
  Hosting of this guide:
  I believe in the free right of individuals to post this information. 
  Permission is herby granted to post this guide anywhere on the internet
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  1.  The guide must be presented in its text format unaltered and up to
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  2.  The hosting site must be geared towards content related to the
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  3.  This guide is a free product and cannot be used for commercial or
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  Advertisements or links to adds may be presents as long as they are not
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  4. You must email me within 48 hours of posting the document at
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  terms and conditions. 
  5. The site in question may not contain explicit or offensive material
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  6. The guide must contain this legal agreement unaltered and intact.  
  I know that is a lot to take in, but I wanted to be clear as I can. I
  want to keep track of where this guide is on the internet for the
  purposes of updating and the upkeep on it.  Note, that I get quite a few
  emails about the game at the above address and I sometimes miss a
  request to host the guide.  So, If you emailed me and do not receive a
  reply in 30 days you may assume that I have reviewed your site and it is
  satisfactory to post the guide.  You may continue to post the guide
  during the thirty day period and indefinitely thereafter unless I
  specifically contact you and tell you otherwise.  
  Other forms of distribution:
  I have had a few other request about giving the guide out between
  friends.  You may distribute this guide in paper or electronic form such
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  use of the receiving party only.  The guide must be unaltered and
  contain the license agreement if the entire guide is transferred. 
  Basically, this means you can give it out to your friends on a disk or
  paper as long as you don't sell it. You can also make any number of
  personal copies for your own use playing the game.  
  Updates and Current Hosts:
  This guide is currently a work in progress and I will be releasing
  updates to it intermittently at my discression.  I will always submit
  any new updates to www.gamefaqs.com first.  You can always find the most
  current version of the file there.  I will try to get it to everyone
  else as best I can remember, but please check there for the most current
  version.  I will also try to release the current update from my site on
  the game. Please check there intermittently to see if I have updated the
  guide.  I would appreciate it if everyone would keep the most current
  version posted to ignore confusion about what is covered in the guide.  
  Other sites than the ones listed above have been given permission to
  host the guide.  However, despite my best efforts, I have lost the list
  I was keeping of it.  If you have a site that you are hosting it on and
  would like your name added to the above list please email me and I will
  make every effort to accommodate your request.  You can also request a
  current update of the guide at the above email address.  
  I apologize for those of you who had to read through this for any
  reason.  However, I just wanted to make everything more clear than the
  older agreement did.  I received quite a few emails asking about hosting
  requirements and I got tired of retyping all this information in
  individual emails.  Nothing has really changed all that much from the
  old agreement.  I thought that most of the new stuff here was commons
  sense, but apparently I was wrong.  I am just clarifying some of the
  obscure points from the old agreement in greater detail.  If you are
  hosting the guide with permission you can continue to do so without
  worrying about this section.  Thanks to all my submitters and hosts for
  making this guide such a huge success.  This agreement is subject to
  change without notice, but will be included in the version of the guide
  that the changes pertain to. 
  If you have questions concerning this section or questions about the
  game in general email me at darkrangeresp@yahoo.com.  
  18. Email Questions I will not Answer.  
  Quite a few guides have faqs in them, but since I am just starting this
  one, I really don't have any frequently asked questions yet.  So,
  instead I am including an list of questions I don't want to be emailed. 
  Q.  Your guide sucks, is stupid, or anything similar
  A.  If you don't have something nice or constructive to ask or say,
  don't waste my time.  I don't need an email box fool of junk mail.  I
  get enough of that from advertisers.  Seriously, if you email me
  something like this I will just block your address from my receiving box
  and move on.  
  Q. Where do you find Harvest Sprite X or item Y.
  A.  I don't know.  I am not some all knowing Guru on this game.  I just
  bought it a week ago.  Every relevant piece of information I know is in
  this guide.  I will add more as I find it or have time to type it out. 
  If you have a question about clarification or you find a mistake in the
  guide please let me know.  Otherwise please be patient, I will add
  information as it becomes available this is a work in progress.  You are
  always welcome to submit stuff and I give credit where it is due.  
  Q. Your strategy is dead wrong.  You need to do this instead. 
  A. Your welcome to your own opinion on the matter.  However, I can
  assure you that I have spent a fair amount of time working out the
  strategies that I provide here and I do the work behind them.  I have a
  college degree in Mathematics, and I am pretty good at working out the
  numbers.  Don't send me an email telling me that I am wrong in two or
  three sentences.  I will just ignore it.  However, I am human and make
  mistakes from time to time.  If you are sure, include a detailed
  argument why and show me your work if it involves numbers.  I am not
  afraid to stand corrected, but short criticism needs to be supported by
  evidence not just opinion.  
  A:Read the guide it is in here 4 or 5 times!!!!!!!
  You are welcome to send me request for what information you want added
  to the guide.  If I get asked the same question a few times I will start
  a FAQ and post the answer there.  Note, some of my numbers in the
  harvest sprite section are approximations.  I will post exact values if
  someone can provide them and they seem reasonable.  
  Just  a quick note on the emails I have been receiving.  I appreciated
  everyone's responses and questions, but I am afraid that I just don't
  have the time to answer all of them individually.  I will try to answer
  a few, but most of them will let me know what people want me to add to
  the guide.  So please be patient and I will address most of them by
  updating the guide.
  19. Thanks and acknowledgements.
  This is a new section that I am adding to the guide so that I can give
  credit where it is due.  If you email me something and I decide to add
  it to the guide I will add a thank you and your name to this page.  I
  have received more than a hundred emails about this guide in first week
  and a half about it.  Most of them were questions and people thanking me
  for putting this together.  But, a few of you were kind enough to give
  me some useful information.  Note, I will only add your name here if you
  send me something that I can really use for the guide.  
  New information is surfacing all the time that I plan to use in this
  guide.  I have a friend and two brothers who are helping me gather
  information for it behind the scenes.  However, it is a big undertaking
  to compose a document of this size and try to confirm the accuracy of
  everything here.  We are finding quite a bit out ourselves, and if I
  find something before I get it in an email, I plan to post it as my own.
  However, I have received some information in the last week that I want
  to add to the guide.  
  If you submit information for the guide please be aware of the following
  conditions before you report it.  First, make sure that you want me to
  have it to put it in the guide.  From a legal standpoint, if you email
  me something and I decide to use it, be aware that by sending it to me
  you are legally licensing me to publish it as part of this guide.  Also,
  if you want me to use something in the guide, make sure of several
  things about your information. First, make sure that you confirmed it
  and that it is good.  Secondly, make sure that the information you send
  is complete and organized.  If I can't make sense of it, I won't use it
  in this guide.  Finally, maker sure that there is enough information to
  be useful to the guide.  For example, I have received more than a dozen
  emails just telling me how to find the healing harvest sprite Anime by
  eating colored grass.  However, I already found him.   I will credit
  information on a first come first serve basis provided it is accurate.
  Finally, I reserve the right to modify any information that I receive
  for the guide from an outside source.  I got an interesting email about
  the new casino information.  However, the format that I received it in
  was useless to the guide because it wasn't well thought out or organized
  and it also contained html.  Let me be clear, this guide is going to be
  a text only document.  I reserve the right to reformat, edit, change,
  comment, or rearrange any information I have been sent.  This is my
  guide and I have a particular style that I like to write in, so I am
  planning to stick with this format of writing.  I will still credit
  those who send me information that I use, but I want to keep the
  formatting and language to a standard tone.  If this upsets anyone, I am
  willing to remove your name from the guide if you wish.  If you want me
  to consider using your formatting, make sure that you include all the
  relevant information on the topic and outline it in a similar manner to
  what you already see in the guide here.  I will run spell check on
  anything I get.
  Finally, if you want credit for your information please leave me a name
  to include for credit.  By default, I will use the alias from your email
  or your first name only for privacy reasons.  Also, if you want to
  submit something and don't want to be credited please say so in your
  email.  Thanks 
  First and foremost, I would like to thank my to brothers and my friend
  who wish to remain anonymous by name.  They have been very helpful in
  gathering and verifying information for me.  Also, I think it is only
  right to give the credit for the quick start trick to my brother who
  originally thought of it.  I refined it and outlined it in the guide,
  but he brought the idea to my attention.   
  The rest of these are in no particular order 
  Thanks to Kayla who gave me the information on the mushroom shed listed
  in the buildings section.
  Another thanks goes out to Andrew who brought the idea of discussing the
  casino games as a profitable option and some information on them to my
  Thanks goes out to ExpertatFF for his additional harvest sprite
  information.  We're really starting to get there.
  A very special thanks goes out to starcat19689 and hmwizard14 for
  sending me so many of the recipes that are listed in the cooking
  section.  Without them it would have been several more updates before I
  got this section put into the guide fully.
  A thanks goes to Waldark for his help in revising the quick start guide
  used to springboard the walkthrough section.  
  Thanks to Bret who corrected a few of my errors and 
  Another thanks goes out to Bryan Ng for the complete lists of the mines
  floors for the cursed tools and accessories.  Also thanks for pointing
  out the game takes place 100 years after AWL.
  I want to thank stormofthedusk for her contribution about finding the
  necklaces at the dig site as well as some useful dig site info. 
  The following individuals were helpful in gathering the harvest sprites:
  beLio from mapleglobal
  A special thanks goes out to Gohan2939 for the information on Thomas
  Island in the secrets section.
  The names of the contributors for the marry the mermaid section are
  listed there.
  Please note that if you sent me something useful and you don't see it
  here.  That doesn't mean I don't plan to use it.  For example someone
  sent me several if the recipes before I had the cooking section
  established and they were added later.  Be patient I am building this
  guide in the order that I think the information is the most pertinent. 
  Keep them coming and I will see you all soon.
  20. Linking to Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town
  One of the newer innovations that came out with Friends of Mineral town
  and A Wonderful Life was the ability to link the two games together to
  unlock additional content in the game.  This trend has continued in
  harvest moon DS.  Harvest Moon DS can be linked with either Friends of
  Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town for the game boy advanced. 
  You can link the two games together by inserting the fomt or mfomt into
  the second slot on the DS for playing game boy advance games.  You need
  to leave the cartridge in for 1 game day and then save your game on the
  DS.  From then on, the additional content will be unlocked.  You cannot
  play both games simultaneously on the DS, this will just unlock the
  additional content below.  
  New Music:  
  Linking the two games will allow you to buy the records of the
  background  music from friends of mineral town.  You can buy each of the
  four seasons as well as the ending theme for 10,000g each from Jet at
  the sprite shop company.
  New Friends:
  If you link the games together it will also cause some of the charters
  who run the phone stores in mineral town to come and visit the valley on
  their day off.  This will allow you to courted and marry the mineral
  town girls, but if you choose to marry one of them your game will end
  because you move to mineral town.  Linking the games will also cause
  some of the mineral town characters to attend the festivals in the
  Sunday: Potpourri from the chicken farm will also come over she hangs
  out a Tanka's house talking about farming.
  Monday: Mary, will come over and from the library.  She will hang out at
  the Villa for most of the day.
  Tuesday: Karen from the general store will come over to the valley.  She
  hangs out primarily in blue bar and Vesta's farm.
  Wednesday:  The doctor and Ellie will visit the valley.  The will visit
  both Dr. Hardy's house and the Villa.
  Thursday: Gary will come over from the black smiths.  He hangs out in
  the dig site looking for ore.  
  Friday:  Ann will come over from the inn in mineral town.  She hangs out
  at inner inn helping Ruby run the place.
  Saturday: Gotz will come over and visit the valley if he isn't working
  for you.  He hangs out at the circus construction site looking  for new
  materials to build with.  
  I have seen another person or two coming and going, but I haven't
  figured out their schedule yet. 
  Linking the two games together adds one more thing to the game.  If you
  linked the mineral town cartridge that you are using to A Wonderful Life
  on the game cube, the name of your character on the game cube will be
  located on the tombstone behind the circus.  Supposedly, Harvest Moon DS
  takes place in forget me not valley 100 years after a wonderful life. 
  You character has passed on and left the farm to the character you are
  playing as in harvest moon DS.  That's about all that I have unlocked
  from linking the games so far.  If I find anything else I will include
  it here.  As always, if you have any additional information for this
  section feel free to email me and I will credit your work.  
  21. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  Well, after more than 500 emails about this guide, I finally have some
  questions to add for a frequently asked questions section. Here you'll
  find answers to questions that I get sent in emails quite a bit. 
  Q: What to I give to Daryl to increase his affection so I can meat Leia?
  A: Daryl likes the colored grasses that grow around the valley.  He
  lives all of them except the red poisonous grass and the black grass
  that grows in the mine.
  Q: How do you ride the horse?
  A: Walk up to the horse and push the A button next to it. You will mount
  the horse and you can then ride it around the valley, which is faster
  than walking around.  
  Q: Where do I find Mythic ore to upgrade the blessed tools?  
  A: You can find mythic ore in the third mine.  It will appear on floors
  less than 250 that are divisible by 10.  I.E> 10, 50, 70, 100, 130, ect.
  It will only appear after you have all six cursed tools blessed.
  Q: How do I get the cursed tools and accessories blessed?
  A: Call the church on the phone on any day except Saturday of Sunday and
  select the "undo a curse" option.  You will be charged 100,000g for the
  privilege and then the curse is gone.  You need to have the cursed item
  that you want to uncurse equipped when you call.
  Q: How do you open the hot springs?
  A: The first hot springs is open by triggering Flora' blue heart event.
  You need to walk into the area where their tent is located by the
  waterfall on the over world map around 11:00 pm after you have Flora up
  to a blue heart to trigger it.  She will take you on a short walk and
  unlock the hot springs by the circus construction site.  It can restore
  your fatigue if you sit in it over time.  Unlocking the second hot
  springs by the harvest goddess spring requires that you unlock the one
  by the circus first.  Once it is unlocked, use it 100 times for more
  than an hour and Thomas the harvest sprites from mineral town will
  appear and trigger an event.  They comment on how much you like the hot
  springs and offer to build another one for you.  They will construct it
  in a few days up by the harvest goddess spring.  You need both of them
  unlocked to gather several of the harvest sprites.  
  Q: Can I post this guide on my site?
  A: Yes.  You can post this guide on any site you may own as longs as it
  is related to videogames or harvest moon (which is a video game).  Just
  email me to let me know you posted it.  This guide is a frequently
  updated work in progress.  I just need to know where to send updates to. 
  Q: How do I get the fishing pole
  A: I get asked this question more times than anything else.  So, let me
  clarify it here one last time explicitly.  If you follow this you will
  get the fishing pole.  I will not answer that question by email any
  more.  You need to go to Galen's house on a clear Saturday during the
  spring.  You need to arrive between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.  You may need
  to enter and exit the house several times to trigger the event.  When
  you walk into the house is it important that you do not have a tool
  equipped in the tool slot on the ruck sack screen. If you have a tool
  equipped, the event will not trigger.  You can get the rod regardless of
  the friendship points you have with Nina or Galen.  
  Q: Where do I find the bottle for Lei's heart event.
  A: The bottle is found by fishing on the beach during the spring.  You
  need to have the mythic fishing pole and you need to charge it all the
  way up.  I have found that it will appear in different weather
  conditions and different times of the day.  However, you should wait
  until after midnight for the best success rate.  Catching the bottle is
  random and it will take a while so be patient.  The bottle will not come
  if you have already married another girl in the game.  The only purpose
  the bottle serves is to trigger Leia's yellow heart event.  
  22. Secrets and Glitches in the game
  This section is to list out some of the secrets and the glitches hidden
  in the game that I have found so far.  As usual feel free to send more
  if you have them to give.  
  Milk the sheep:
  This is a neat little trick that will allow you to get milk from your
  sheep or horse.  Equip the brush and the touch panel gloves.  Then,
  quickly drag the milker over to the equipment slot and push the y button
  next to the animal.  If done correctly, it will initiate a milking on a
  sheep or horse. The same is true for the clippers.  You can sheer your
  cows or horse.  
  Game Freezes:
  This is an unfortunate glitch that Natsume failed to fix.  Sometimes
  when you walk through a door or enter a new area, the game will freeze. 
  There isn't much you can do except turn off the power and reload your
  game.  This is an important reason to save and save often.  
  House Building Glitch:
  If you put stone in your shelf, you will find out that the game has a
  hard time keeping track of it.  You can buy the second house upgrade
  this way with only 200 stone when the game says you need 700 stone to
  build it.  
  The Billion Dollar Glitch:
  I have received several emails about this glitch.  The glitch is that
  when you go to sleep at night and wake up the next morning your money
  will be set to 1 billion g.  I have not managed to trigger it myself
  yet, but it seems that you need to hire the fishing team during the
  winter or the harvest team during some other time during the year. 
  Occasionally, this will trigger accidentally.  
  Barns are all messed up:
  Sometimes in the game you will find that your barns will mess up and
  look like a bunch of lines.  This is cause by a damage glitch in the
  game during the winter.  It will sometime happen if you have a fodder or
  wooden barn during the winter and it gets damaged by the snow.  The game
  will correct itself if you walk in and out of any normal building or if
  you walk out the bottom entrance of your farm.  
  Save file becomes useless:
  Sometimes the game will not let you load a file from the one of the save
  files.  This is probably caused by a data read error due to moving
  objects while you are saving.  The best solution here is to save both
  files of your game a few minutes apart and to save and save often.  You
  can also avoid this by making sure nothing is moving on the screen when
  you save the game.
  The RPG battle Mini Game:
  Examine your doghouse at 4:44 in the morning and you will activate a
  short minigame where you fight the girls from harvest moon.  It works a
  lot like an RPG battle system.  You will get a title if you can defeat
  all of them. You can ship it for one gold.
  The 3 Bears Game: 
  If you enter the Witch Princess's hut at exactly midnight she will greet
  you and warp you to a mini game where you try to follow the movements of
  three bears in front of her. The game is like the old shell and pea
  The girl memory game:
  This game is opened by touching the record holder in your house at
  exactly 6:01 am.  You need to run out and back into the house very
  quickly in the morning to trigger this game.  The time ring and the
  clock can be helpful when trying to play this game.  You will be shown a
  screen containing 15 images of the girls from the game facing random
  directions in rows for a few seconds.  Then, the game will ask you
  random questions involving how many girls were facing a certain
  direction or how many were a particular girls.  If you get it right
  several times in a row you will win a prize.
  High low Harvest Goddess Game:
  This is the same as the new years game in mineral town.  You can play
  this game once for every 10 gifts you give to the harvest goddess.  Each
  10th item you throw into the spring will trigger the game.  The goddess
  will pick a number between 0 and 9.  Then she will ask you whether the
  next number she will choose will be higher or lower.  If you guess
  correctly you will continue playing if not the game ends.  If you get
  several in a row she will give you a prize ranging from colored grass to
  some really nice stuff for 50 or more wins in a row.  
  Gifts from the Witch Princess: 
  If you litter 10, 100, or 1000 times, she will give you a small gift
  that you can store in your ruck sack.  Carrying it around will slowly
  lower the rating for your farm so get rid of it quickly.  
  Littering and Fishing:
  If you litter in the game or throw things in the water, it will cause
  you to catch fewer fish for a few days and increase the amount of
  garbage you will catch.  
  Bye-bye Ball:
  If you give your ball away to someone as a gift or throw it in the
  water.  You will find that the mayor will return it to you in a few game
  Buy the Island from Thomas:
  Have you ever noticed the little island on the map in the instruction
  manual.  You can buy it from Thomas later in the game for 900,000,000 g.
  You need to have more than that amount on you during the first day of a
  season in the morning.  If you do, Thomas will show up and offer to sell
  you the island.  It is rather expensive for what you supposedly get out
  of it.  I haven't bought it yet, but I got an email about it. 
  Supposedly, Gotz will build you a vacation house on it for an expensive
  fee. You get to it by taking the boat on the beach. I think there are
  also several new types of fish to catch on it.  More to come on this
  Well, that is all for now I will add more as I find them.  
  23. An Analytical Look at Harvest Moon
  Alright, before I get started with this section of the guide, I think
  that I need to point a few things out.  This section is unlike what you
  would typically find in any other guide.  There are probably several
  people who disagree with me that this section belongs in this guide.  It
  could be put out as a stand alone review or other look at the game.  If
  that is your opinion on the matter, that's fine with me feel free to
  skip this section and use the rest of the guide.  The rest of the guide
  is still an excellent reference to the game and contains most of the
  necessary information about the game and its various areas.  However,
  this is my guide and I feel that I have a legal right to include it
  I have decided to add this section to the guide for a number of
  different reasons.  The primary one is that I am adding this section to
  make my guide different from all the other faqs and walkthroughs that I
  see on the site for every other harvest moon game.  Which, brings me
  back the reason I am writing this guide in the first place.  One purpose
  of this guide is to provide the sought after information about this game
  including, the basic strategies, explanations of where things are, the
  little tables showing prices, and the other commonly found in guides
  about harvest moon and similar game.  I am probably one of the first to
  write a free guide for the U.S. Release of the game.  While that is a
  worthwhile endeavor in itself, I know that in the next 3 to 5 months
  there will be quite a few guides just like this one that spring up on
  game faqs and similar sites.  They will contain basically the same
  information as the first few sections of my guide.  Probably in a
  different format, but with the same content listed here.  
  There will be several general guides like this one appears now and quite
  a few smaller ones on the specific topics of the games.  While I want
  this guide to fulfill those objectives, I also want to use it as a
  chance to take a deeper look as the mechanics that drive the game and to
  develop a detailed walkthrough for it.  Now, I have seen several guides
  online for past harvest moon games that give you a getting started
  walkthrough that leads you through the first few weeks or season of the
  game.  Most of them are similar in content and do a good job getting out
  of the starting gate, but nobody really seems to know where to go from
  there.  This provides me with an opportunity to provide two new sections
  to this guide for uniqueness.  I plan to add a in depth walk through
  later on when I have finished compiling the necessary information to do
  so.  Also, I want to include this section because it can be useful for
  long term planning to examine the game from a different stand point. 
  This section will break down the games mechanics to a simple form that
  you can use to plan ahead and get an idea of how the walk through will
  be.  It can also be interesting to look at the game from this stand
  Alright, lets get started by looking at what the harvest moon series is
  in the first place.  I have seen the game commonly classified both as an
  RPG and a strategy game or simulation game.  Most people consider it a
  combination of the two.  The character moves like an RPG and the
  animations and mechanics play and feel like a real time RPG on a
  counsel.  However, regardless of the view you take, this game is a
  simulation strategy game at its basic core.  If you disagree, that's
  fine but we each have the right to our own opinion.  I will argue mine
  here.  To see this clearly, you need to pull away all the character
  interactions, the story line, the experience tool upgrades, and the
  collecting things game play.  Basically all the window dressing and look
  at what you have left to work with.  Don't get me wrong, these things
  all make the game fun to play and I enjoy the show they put on. But if
  we're going to look at the game seriously we need to see past all the
  gloss and examine the base of the games mechanics.  
  The core mathematical strategy system that harvest moon revolves around
  is very simple in ideal.  However, it is more complicated than most
  other strategy games.  Harvest moon's core system revolves around three
  variables and the limits they put on your advancement through the game. 
  They are money, time, and stamina or productivity.  They begin the game
  in very limited quantities and you need to balance them so that you can
  raise their limits. The higher you raise their limits, the quicker and
  more advanced you can progress through the game. These three variables
  provide a complex balancing system by working with and against each
  other.  You can usually trade one for another, but usually at a loss. 
  This is quite a bit harder to analyze than a typical strategy games. 
  They usually rely off of only two variables, time and money. Let's look
  at each one individually.  
  Money is the key resource in the harvest moon game. You acquire it by
  using your other two resources.  You do this by purchasing seeds or
  animals on your farm and then using your time and stamina to interact
  with them to make a profit yielding more money.  You can trade it for
  more of the other two directly and indirectly.  For example, you can buy
  bodygizer and turbo jolt to restore stamina. You can also but better
  tools that allow you to do more work in less time and with less stamina. 
  Finally, you use money to make money by purchasing the items you need to
  interact with the other resources.  
  Stamina is the second and odd ball resource in the game.  It limits the
  number of times you can interact with your animals and crops to make
  money.  You can use it to expand the other resources in several ways. 
  Making money should be pretty implicit.  You can increase your time by
  charging up tools.  This will cost more stamina, but take less time to
  accomplish the same goals. 
  Time is a constant resource throughout the game.  It is divided into two
  controls, the amount of time in a day and the number of days in a
  season.  The first limits the amount of work you can get done in a day
  and the second limits the number of times you can produce a profit from
  a specific source.  You can trade it directly for stamina by using the
  hot springs or foraging for something to eat.  You can trade it for
  money by gathering items or working on the farm.  
  There you have it, that's is the basic structure of how the game
  operates at the most basic level.  The main objective of any harvest
  moon game is to find the most productive balance between the three
  resources.  Thus, the game is a strategy game at its roots, but you
  don't have to play it like one if you don't want to.  The harvest moon
  series has quite a few other aspects of game play that you can achieve. 
  But, the primary focus is expanding the limits of these three resources. 
  The next thing to look at is how the expansion occurs and what the other
  aspects of the game have to do with them.  Let's continue.  
  Let me outline the mechanics that the system is supposed to work on. 
  When you start out the game, you are supposed to have a constant amount
  of time, a limited amount of stamina and a small amount of money.  The
  first few days of game play are pretty predictable.  You will spend your
  meager money to purchase a few bags of seeds.  Then, you will use your
  stamina to plant the seeds and water them.  This will take most of your
  resources from the first day cumulatively.  The next few days, your
  money is gone and you will spend the other two trying to recover it. 
  You'll likely water the crops and spend the second half of the day
  foraging or fishing to bring in a little money on the side.  Eventually,
  the crops will mature and you will make more money from them.  You can
  then use this money to buy more seeds and the profits should grow
  geometrically (multiply by itself).  I. E, you use money to make more
  However, there is a problem with this approach.  You will soon find that
  the number of crops you want to produce is also constrained by your
  stamina and time.  You either lack the strength or time to care for all
  the crops you would ideally like to produce.  So, you need to spend
  money to do more work in less time and with less stamina.  This is done
  by buying more efficient tools and accessories in this game and Stamina
  restoring items. You can also buy things like the teleport stone that
  saves you travel time at the expense of money and stamina.  Or, you can
  buy a ruck sack that allows you to carry more items, thus allowing you
  to ship items faster.  The remaining aspects of the game interact with
  this equation in several ways.  
  The other aspects of the game exist to allow you to expand the resources
  and to consume the excess amounts you gain as their limits increase. 
  For example, the mythic watering can will water 252 spaces in 10 game
  minutes for 20 stamina.  While, the iron one would take 504 stamina and
  all day for the same result.  The watering can costs a lot of money, but
  it frees up the other two resources of time and stamina.  This system
  works fine to begin with, but what happens when all three resources
  reach their threshold?  For example, what happens if I have a lot of
  money but I have already bought every item related to increasing my
  productivity available. Money becomes worthless and I get bored with the
  game because expanding my money serves no benefit. This problem is why
  some of the earlier harvest moon games ended after a set number of
  years.  However, Natsume has done a pretty good job at expanding their
  system to consume extra resources to avoid this problem.
  Mining, fishing, and foraging serve several purposes in the game.  They
  allow you to consume the extra time and stamina you have at the end of a
  game day for a monetary value.  They take less stamina than working on
  the farm and provide an alternative profit margin.  They also assure
  that you won't go broke completely if you spend all your money stupidly. 
  I.E. Buying 10 bags of flour to start with that you cannot make a profit
  off of.  They ensure you have a way to restart if you go broke.  Animals
  work in the same way in this game.  They allow you to make money and
  expend less stamina than crops.  They are also used provide another use
  for any time and stamina you don't spend on crops.  Additionally, they
  require you to spend money to gather them food and a place to live.
  Finally, animals add a fun aspect to the game allowing for an
  interactive thing to do, and they allow you to personalize your
  experience some.  
  The same thing can be said about cut scenes, festivals, collecting
  things and marriage in the game.  All of these things consume the
  resources of your time and money.  The time spent at festivals and
  hunting down cut scenes is pulled away from your time to make money. 
  Collecting items and going after a girl require both time and money. 
  You will often need to spend time looking for things or tracking the
  girl you want to marry down to give her gifts.  Also, the gifts you give
  to her either cost money or you lose money because you could ship them
  rather than give them to her.  They may also burn stamina to retrieve
  Finally, we have the window dressing effects that eat your money for
  breakfast.  Natsume made sure that there was plenty to buy this time. 
  Buying everything that you can will cost you several billion gold in
  this game.  I mean you really don't need a gold lumber barn for the
  cows.  It's indestructible and impressive to show your friends, but you
  could build several thousand grass ones for the same price.  The same
  goes for the kitchen stuff, Van's TV and DVD's, the records, the table,
  the clock and any other hokey thing I forgot to mention.  These provide
  no other useful function in the game other than something to look at and
  to give you some thing to spend your money on.  That way you won't get
  bored from having nothing to buy.  Before you get mad at my opinion of
  this, please finish the section so you can get the full story.
  Okay, that's the system that you play with in this harvest moon game in
  a nut shell.  Please don't take this section the wrong way, the other
  aspects of the game are what really make it enjoyable to play.  After
  all, the cute graphics, hunting stuff down and getting married are what
  make this game fun.  They keep it from getting boring and repetitive in
  a short amount of time.  They also serve as milestones for measuring
  your overall progress through the game and add a new more challenge to
  it.  The purpose of this section is to allow you a look inside my
  reasoning behind the strategies that appear in this guide and are to
  come in the future.  I know that I have overanalyzed this, but it helps
  to explain some of my ideas in this guide.  It can also be used to
  explain why some of my strategies work so well.
  Take my quick start mining trick for example.  This strategy trades
  stamina directly for quite a bit of money.  It doesn't require much game
  time since time hardly passes in the mine.  If you follow the common
  sense mining tricks I learned playing mineral town regarding saving and
  loading for a floor you can conserve stamina easily.  It, doesn't
  require any advanced tools either.  So all that leaves you with is the
  need for 3 to 4 thousand stamina in a portable form.  The obvious answer
  is to buy bodigizers from Van.  So, all you need it 30,000g to get
  started.  You can get that from about two weeks of crops and foraging or
  from digging in the dig site for 2000g items to ship.  Then you have
  pretty much infinite money to start with if you want to make multiple
  trips a day.  The point is that you need to understand how the
  underlying system works if you are going to find a way to beat it.  
  Overall, the rpg effects of the game attract the younger intended age
  group of 7-12 year olds to the game.  They can be enjoyed by everyone,
  but its really the strategy of harvest moon that attracts teenagers and
  adults to the game. I am in my early 20's and I still love this game
  because there really isn't anything else like it on the market.  Natsume
  got the system right the first time, and they have just been improving
  it since.  Some of the strategies I want to include later will require
  some explanation that I will summarize.  But, I don't want to take the 3
  to 4 pages of algebra to prove a point.  Most people don't understand it
  and get a headache looking at it.  So, I added this section to show my
  reasoning intuitively in an understandable fashion.  For those of you
  who made it this far, thanks for sticking with me through this.  I hope
  this can be of some help to other's of you planning to write guides for
  this game.  
  24. Marry the Mermaid
  Well, I have been getting a lot of interesting emails from everyone
  about marrying the mermaid.  This section is just meant to add some
  cheap laughs and fun to the document.  I am compiling a list and still
  need to add a few more to this section.  I have quite a few, but not all
  of them will fit here.  You are still welcome to send more along and I
  will update the section.  I was originally going to do a top 10 on each
  side of the issue, but it's so hard to choose so I will add them all. 
  At least the good ones anyway.  
  *Reasons not to Marry her:
  Hoodau: She might be hard to find after a hurricane. 
  1. If she gets homesick, it would be rather hard to take her home.
  2. Meeting her parents would not be easy.
  3. She probably smells like dead fish.
  4. Next thing you know, you catch your cat trying to eat her.
  Tails12:She won't EVER let you eat seafood again (nooooooo!)
  1. You never get to go on a date
  2. You have to get in close proximity to DARYL!! *shivers*
  3. what would you say to her parents if you married her? I bet her    
  father has one of those trident things... 
  1. You have to buy the pond.
  2. You have to make friends with the nerd (Daryl) to meet her
  3. She lives in the nerd's basement.
  4. You cannot take her on a real date other than the beach.
  5. You cannot hold a get together with her extended family.
  6. I have to teach the kid to swim or he can't visit his grandparents.
  7. Are our parts compatible? 
  *Reasons to Marry the Mermaid:
  Cukeman: This is (probably) the first Harvest Moon (or possibly any
  video game) in which the player creates such a relationship with a
  mythological or supernatural being, so gamers want to marry the Mermaid
  purely because of curiosity of a new concept.  (Too long.)
  Cukeman: Mermaids are cool. (Much better)
  1.The smell of dead fish isn't that bad...**
  2.She could probably wash you animals!
  1. It's my choice to marry her
  2. Seriously, does anyone really want to spend about 5 HM: DS game
  years(That's probably about 3 weeks or 2 months worth of playing) trying
  to get at the Witch Princess, or even attempt at the Harvest Goddess?
  Leia is pretty easy, and it's probably better to have a wife that you
  know doesn't have overwhelming status nor power. The Witch Princess
  isn't that attractive anyways, and the Harvest Goddess is a some what
  flashy show off. If I'd have more determination and so forth, I would go
  for them. 
  3. Celia, Nami, Muffy, Lumina, and Flora all don't seem too HM-ish to
  me. And don't get me started on that Keria....
  4. She's pretty 
  Several: You get the bid bed all to yourself.  
  Tails12: She won't be able to catch you flirting with that blonde babe
  Muffy cause she's stuck in that dumb pond!
  1. It would provide an interesting lesson in anatomy. If you know what I
  2. Justifies building the pond.  
  3. She's cute
  Okay, I know the humor is a little crude, but it's all in good fun keep
  the reasons coming okay.  
  25. Coming Soon:
  Walkthrough Complete
  Married life and children.  
  and much more hopefully
  This guide is being released as a work in progress.  I have only had the
  game for about a week now and I need more time to explore it before I
  can put strategies and all of its secrets here.  I will update this as I
  find more information to add to the guide.  If you want to contribute
  something feel free to email me at darkrangeresp@yahoo.com and I will
  add it to the guide if it is credible.  If I use something you send me,
  I will give you credit for the information at the information's location
  in the document and at the thanks section I will be adding when I have
  some contributions. Until next time, happy farming and have a good time
  Another Update finished and ready for distribution to everyone.  I got
  quite a bit added to the guide this time and I hope to add more in the
  near future.  The file keeps getting bigger, but there is so much to add
  about this game. Natsume must have really put their time into producing
  it for me to have to write all of this. The next release will have the
  walkthru done through the first year and hopefully some information
  about the kids.  I finally had a child and I am looking forward to see
  what becomes of him.  I am sending out a desperate cry for help with
  this undertaking at this point.  I only have one kid and I don't have
  the time to replay the game a dozen times to check each of the other
  brides.  I need help with developing the later years section. Please
  send me anything you have about your kids so, I can make this section as
  complete as possible.  
  Again thanks to everyone who sends information along for the guide. 
  This work would not be possible without all your contributions. I really
  appreciate your input into it.  
  Currently we have
  pages: 99
  words: 55401
  characters: 230769
  26. Website Version of the Guide
  The purpose of this section is just to inform everyone that I put a web
  site on the game together.  The website is nothing special, it is just a
  html version of this guide.  The information on the site is word for
  word the same as it is in the guide. However, I changed the look and
  added some tables and headings.  The site is meant to serve two
  purposes.  First, this guide is getting pretty long and tougher to
  navigate through.  I put the site up so that you can navigate through
  the guide a little easier than just with this text document.  The second
  reason I put the site together is because I believe that html provides a
  much better medium to display the information than this text file does. 
  The site is found at: http://darkrangerhmds.freehostia.com/
  The site itself is nothing special all that special, it is just another
  way to traverse this guide.  There aren't any pictures of the game on it
  mostly because I don't have a digital cameral good enough to get images
  from the DS for it.  Also, given the amount of information that it
  contains I wanted it to load fast for anyone still running a 56k modem
  or slower and I don't want to waste bandwidth with picture files.  
  The website is not offering any new information to the about the game. 
  It is just another format that I am distributing the guide in.  I will
  still be updating the text version of the guide so don't worry if that
  is the version you like.  For my future updates, I will update the text
  version first and the site second.  So, it may be a week or two before
  the website is updated.  I will still be releasing my primary update to
  gamefaqs.com and the other sites that I submit updates to.  
  27. The Walkthrough
  Okay, now that I have most of the major sections of the main guide in
  place, I want to get started on the complete walkthrough of the game.  I
  know that I have been advertising this section for a long time and now
  it is time to get started on it. The intended purpose of this section is
  to provide a complete start to end walkthrough for the game Harvest Moon
  DS.  I have seen a good number of guides on the web for previous games
  in the harvest moon series.  Several of them have a getting started or a
  walkthrough for the first few days to the first few weeks of the game. 
  However, after that they just leave the gamer hanging with a good base
  of information and an unpaved path.  The problem being that harvest moon
  is an open ended game with an almost unlimited number of paths you can
  take through out the game. 
  This can be difficult to navigate and plan for the long term player. 
  Many players don't reach the latter game years of the game because they
  either get bored with the game or don't have a good direction to follow
  for the remainder of the game. That is what I want to examine in this
  walk through. The biggest question in harvest moon is how to start out
  and get past the early goals in the game.  The guide already does that
  well, but I am going to go into them even farther in depth here. 
  However, the main purpose of this section is to look at the highest
  achievement level the game provides and the necessary steps to reach it. 
  It is difficult to deal with, but I have experience in playing harvest
  moon games for many game years beyond the game's intended threshold.  I
  tried this with mineral town and had some success, I think Darkranger's
  Guide to Retirement is still up on Gamefaqs, but this time I want to go
  all the way.
  With mineral town, there were already plenty of faqs and guides already
  written for the game.  So, I assumed that if you had a specific question
  about how to get something mentioned in the guide you could find out
  about it elsewhere.  Unfortunately, this time there weren't any
  preexisting guides for the game.  So, before I could write a walkthrough
  I needed to write an in-depth guide that indexed all the aspects of the
  game.  This is my first long guide of it's kind and I think it turned
  out pretty well.  I wrote the above sections to cover most of the major
  sections of the game and I still have a little to add.  They should be
  sufficient to cover all the information needed here. I will be
  referencing them, so be prepared to look something up if you haven't
  read it already.
  For a final note before I get started, this is a complete walkthrough
  and spoiler of the game.  Therefore if use it at your own discression. 
  I am not suggesting that this is the only way you can play harvest moon
  DS or accomplish the goals in the game.  I am taking a look at the
  quickest way that I can plan out how to make it through the mainstay of
  what the game has to offer.  You don't have to follow this to a complete
  agenda.  For example, you could take two or three game years to get to
  where I suggest to be at the end of the first game year.  This is just
  the most efficient path from point a to point b in the game.  The path
  here is about as fast as it can be done. I am about two weeks behind it
  myself in the game. It took me a while to figure things out, but I can
  still outline it here for you. Here we go.
  By the way, a special thanks goes out to Waldark for helping me revise
  the first week of the game below.  I am not using his words exactly, but
  I am incorporating a lot of his ideas with my own here.  This
  information is used with permission.  Thanks again.  
  Walkthrough Contents
  0. Prelude 
  1. Before you start
  2. The first week
  3. Week 2
  4. Week 3
  5. Week 4
  1. Before You Start
  This section is really a guide all on its own, which is why it has its
  own contents and section numbers.  I could put it buy itself, but it
  makes reference to the main guide above. So, I decided to put it all
  together in one file for viewing convenience.  I know if you just bought
  this game or you are starting a new file on it, it can be tempting to
  put it into the DS and just start playing the game.  You are welcome to
  do that if you want to, but if you are going to follow this guide
  exactly you need to do a few things first.  Keeping on track with the
  walkthrough requires you to do a little preparation and planning before
  you start the game.  That way you will be up to speed while your playing
  and won't have to look back to the walkthrough or the guide so often.  
  First, if this is you first harvest moon game or the first time you
  played through the game, then read the directions that came with it
  first.  The instruction manual to this game is very well organized and
  will teach you most of the basics you need to play the game.  It really
  helps to be familiar with the controls and the techniques required to
  accomplish tasks in this game.  The second thing you need to do is start
  reading this guide a little before you start playing the game.  Go back
  to the general guide and skim over each of the major sections before you
  begin playing.  Make sure you have a chance to read through the quick
  start miniguide, the mining, and the harvest sprite and casino sections
  before you start looking at the walkthrough.  Knowledge from these
  sections is critical to get through out the first spring.  So,
  familiarizing yourself ahead of time will get you ready to proceed.  
  The next order of business is to get some references in place for while
  your playing the game.  The first part of the guide is full of useful
  tables that you will likely want quick access to while your playing the
  game.  For example, you will want a list of the harvest sprites and the
  heart events for the girl you want to marry available to you for quick
  reference.  It can be a pain to boot up the computer and sift through
  this long file every time you want to find something.  I would suggest
  that you print out some of the key pages you want to use.  You can print
  a selection of text by highlighting it and choosing the print option
  from the file menu.  Now that your ready to get started, you need to
  make a few decisions before you approach this game with the walkthrough.
  The other major decision you need to make before you start is who you
  are going to marry in the game.  The walkthrough plans for you to be
  courting your new bride on the second or third day of spring.  So, you
  need to know who you are going to marry ahead of time.  Open the
  instruction manual and look up the girls from the valley and pick one
  out to marry.  Note, that this guide assumes you are going to marry one
  of the five valley girls or the mermaid.  Marrying the mineral town
  girls ends your game and the harvest goddess and with princess each take
  five years to court.  Keria lives at the bottom of the second mine and
  is a pain to reach especially because you need ultimate curry to start
  the relationship and her favorite gift is gold lumber.  If you want to
  marry one of the harder girls, just ignore the marriage subjections in
  the sections below and follow their events listed in the marriage part
  of the guide.  This will just push back your marriage and family for a
  couple of years.  
  The final thing you need to do is learn to read ahead of where you are
  in this guide.  While the path you are following through the game can be
  predicted, there are a few small things that are easy to forget along
  the way.  You should read ahead a few weeks to a game season of where
  you are and come back to review the guide.  Believe me when I tell you
  that it is easy to forget something.   The little details of the game
  can set your long term goals back quite a bit if your not careful.  So
  check where you are often in the guide.  Now that the preliminary stuff
  is done let's get down to the game itself. 
  2. The first week
  The first week of the game or so is already outlined in the quick start
  magnitude very well. You should focus on following that and you will be
  right on target to starting off on the right foot.  Here is a list of
  goals for the first few weeks as well as the rest of the first spring.
  Get a base of money established.
  Get most of the iron tools to mystrile level.
  Start building up the affection rating of your girl friend. 
  Attend some of her heart events.
  Get the home shopping network open and start buying things.
  Ship a cabbage and start working on unlocking harvest sprites.
  Get a couple of animal shed up and running.
  Get your house expanded at least once.  
  Purchase most of the accessories and tools you will need.  
  Get a stock of bodygizer and turbojolt ready.  
  Attend two festivals.
  Retrieve the fishing pole.  
  Expand your ruck sack twice.
  Get a base of medals established at the casino.
  Well, as you can see that is quite a lot to get done in the first game
  season, but if you stick to a well planned schedule you will be able to
  get through it with flying colors. Getting established early in the
  season will give you more options to advance through the rest of the
  Spring 1
  This is the first day of spring in the game.  You cannot actually get
  the farm started until the second.  Enter your name and birthday as well
  as the name of your farm and pets.  Then sit back and watch the opening
  sequence to get a feel for the story line of the game.  The go to bed
  and get ready to get started the next day.
  Spring 2
  Get up and greet the first day that you can work on your farm and get
  established.  Your plans for the day should be pretty straight forward. 
  Head over to the dig site. Use the saving trick to learn where things
  are buried in the floor.  You goal for the day is to collect jewelry
  that you can ship.  The bracelets and broaches sell for 2000g each and
  you need to find about 30 to 50 of them. Then you want to double back
  and go back to the dig site and trigger the event with carter to open
  the first mine. You can use the colored grasses and bamboo shoots to
  restore stamina and fatigue if you run low.  Use the resource management
  guide to learn how to keep track of your fatigue and stamina.
  Go home and go to bed.
  Spring 3
  Head back over to the dig site and start going through the first mine
  down to the bottom.  The descending process is outlined in the mining
  section.  Kill the monster on the bottom floor and return to the
  surface.  Use up the rest of your stamina and fatigue to gather more
  jewelry from the dig site.  When your running low on both, head over to
  the inner in and wait for 10:00 am to roll around.  Head upstairs and
  talk to Van.  Sell him the jewelry that you got from the dig site.  Van
  will offer you more money than just shipping the items would yield. 
  Haggle with him a few times until you make around 3000g for each of the
  items you are selling him.  Then buy 10 to 12 turbojolt XL and spend
  every remaining penny you have on bodygizer XL.  You may also want to
  examine the crate while your here to unlock Jet. During one of each and
  head back over to the mine and wait for 9:00 pm to roll around.  When it
  does enter the dig site and trigger the event with carter again to open
  the second mine.  Note, you need to have the hammer equipped to do it. 
  Then head into the mine as the miniguide outlines and fill your ruck
  sack with pink diamonds and amethyst.  Each of them is worth 10000g or
  up to 15000g to Van.  After your run you will likely be out of supplies
  or low on them.  So head back to the farm and go to bed. 
  I should comment on one other event that you will likely encounter on
  that day.  It is the process involved in getting the legendary sword
  from Keria on the 255th floor of the second mine.  If you don't get it
  the first time, you can repeat theses steps on any run of the mine to
  retrieve the sword from her.  When you reach floor 255 you will notice
  that there is a large boulder blocking a path into an upper room.   You
  need to kill all of the enemies on the floor including the bugs with one
  of your tools.  Then the screen will flash white for a second and reload
  the room with the boulder removed. Next, you need to walk into the room
  at the top before you leave the mine.  Inside you will meet Keria and
  she will be holding a sword.  She asks you if you want it and you need
  to respond with a yes reply.  She will then give you the sword and you
  will be transported back to the surface.   
  Spring 4.
  Unfortunately, Van has left town and won't return until the 8th.  He
  comes in on every day ending in a 3 or an 8.  You will have to wait for
  his return to resume making mining profits.  Once you get up, head out
  the door of your house and over to the shipping box.  Ship two of the
  pink diamonds from the mine.  I know Van will pay more for them, but you
  will need the 20000g for the next few days just to survive.  With that
  done, head out into town and start gathering the harvest sprites that
  work in the casino and the sprite shop.  Unlock any of the sprites that
  require you to examine something in town to unlock them.  You can do
  this over the next few days if you want, but they need to all be here by
  the 8th.  Find the girl you want to marry and give her a diamond from
  the mine unless it's Nami in which case you will have to use flowers
  If you still have time left, you should go ahead and forage for anything
  that you can carry are from around the map.  This includes all the wild
  grasses and the weeds.  Pick them up with the a button and place them
  into your backpack with the Y button.  Then, when you get back at the
  end of the day ship all of them out through the shipping box and head to
  bed.  This will increase total number of items that you have shipped. 
  You need to ship 1000 items to get the horse and this will help you to
  unlock several of the harvest sprites. 
  Spring 5 and 6
  You will need to spend these two days just like you did on the 4th of
  spring.  You need to give the girl you're going to marry a gift each
  day, additionally, you should start giving a gift to Flora each day
  until you trigger her blue heart event.  It is the first step towards
  unlocking both of the hot springs.   Note, it is assumed from here on
  out that you will be giving both girls a gift every day until Flora's
  blue heart event is triggered and the other girl is ready for marriage. 
  I won't be including these instructions again. Go about your business
  until 10 am and then head back to your farm.  Head over to the phone and
  call Karen's general store.  She will have a number of items for sale,
  but the one you want is at the bottom of the list.  It's a larger ruck
  sack that will double your carry capacity.  
  In addition to the ruck sack, you also need to buy another item of your
  choice from the store.  It really, doesn't matter what, either seeds or
  any food item will do for this requirement.  You need to continue
  purchasing an items from the store everyday for the next 10 days that
  the store is open. This is the key to unlocking the second harvest
  sprite channel and being able to buy the items sold on the home shopping
  network. Spend the rest of your days foraging for more items to ship and
  if you still have stamina you can go start to gather building materials
  now that you have space to store them in your ruck sack.  Breaking
  stones and cutting lumber are the keys to unlocking several of the
  harvest sprites.  
  Spring 7
  Today is a little different from the last two game days that you have
  had.  There are three tasks that you need to complete on this game day
  other than the girls and the super market.  First thing in the morning,
  you need to head out of your house and leave your farm. Then you need to
  head over to the river and head upwards towards the harvest sprites
  tree.  Just follow the river to the north until you come to the water
  fall.  You will notice two large rock formation that you cannot break
  with the hammer.  You need to equip the legendary sword and walk up next
  to them.  Then while facing them push the A button and you will trigger
  a short cut scene where you character will destroy them with the sword. 
  This will yield two benefits.  First, it will open a more northern route
  between the dig site and the harvest sprite tree.  Second and more
  importantly, this will open the cave that leads to the second field
  behind the waterfall.  Crops planted here will grow two days faster than
  on your farm.  This is important because it allows you to level up crops
  the fastest.
  Once this event is complete, head over to the dig site and enter the
  first mine again.  Work your way down to the 10th floor conserving
  stamina by looking for the holes that will drop you one floor at a time. 
  Once you arrive, kill the one dark chick that is there and start looking
  for mystrile in the rocks with the hammer.  You will need to find at
  least six pieces of it here.  So, save your game and break all the rocks
  on the floor to find out where the mystrile is hidden.  Then you can
  reload your game and dig up only the pieces that you need to reach the
  six that you require.  Then exit the mine and head south towards the
  small shack where Galen and Nina live.  When you arrive, head up towards
  the door and wait for time to pass.
  The event you are trying to trigger occurs some time between 11:00 am
  and 2:00 pm.  Just keep walking in and out of the house at 10 minutes
  intervals until it triggers.  When you enter the house, you will trigger
  a short cut scene with Galen where his is doing a little spring
  cleaning.  He finds an old fishing pole and gives it to you.  This is
  how you get the fishing pole in the game.  If you miss this event for
  some reason, you can trigger it later on any Saturday in the spring
  between 11 and 2 to get the fishing pole.  You need to have it by the
  end of the spring for sure.  Otherwise you will be a year behind this
  Once you have the fishing pole, head over to the harvest goddess spring
  and the watering hole on your farm in any order.  Cast the rod out into
  both of them and reel it back in.  This will unlock two of the fishing
  harvest sprites.  Once you have them, if you still have time, go forage
  for items to ship and then go to bed.  
  Spring 8
  This will probably be the longest game day you have during the whole
  game unless you try to run the 4th mine.  However, it is the most
  important and the best way to get going.  Early in the morning, you need
  to head out and cross the bridge towards Vesta's farm.  This will
  trigger a short event where you meet the harvest sprite Roller.  He will
  introduce himself to you and teleport you back to the harvest sprite
  tree.  Here, you will get a short lesson on how the medal system for
  hiring the sprites works in the game and an explanation about the
  casino.  The entire system is outlined and explained in section 6 of the
  above guide.  You will then be put outside of the tree and you need to
  wait there until the tree opens for business around 9 in the morning. 
  Once it opens, head inside and go into the back room through the door on
  the right side of the screen. Walk over to the counter on the far left
  and talk to roller.  
  You need to speak with him and buy some medals from him. You will want
  to buy about 100 to 200 medals from him for 10g each.  Now that you have
  enough medals to get started, you need to generate quite a few of them. 
  You can do this by gambling until you get luck with the double up.  See
  section 6 for details on this process.  You will need to generate about
  20000 medals to stabilize your position in the game.  Once you have
  reached the required number of medals, you need to buy a couple of
  things from Roller.  Talk to him and select the trade medals for items
  option.  You need to purchase the teleport stone first.  It allows you
  to transport yourself anywhere in the valley for 2 fatigue points which
  saves on travel time.  Secondly, you need to buy the truth ring, this
  will allow you to see your stamina and fatigue.  It is very helpful when
  mining because it allows you to know when to drink bodygizer and
  turbojolt.  The third item I recommend buying is the friendship ring. 
  It allows you to see the friendship and affection values of the
  townspeople when you equip it.  It is helpful for monitoring your love
  relationships.  Also, buy a bag of cabbage seeds.  
  Okay, now that you have your items purchased here, back into the first
  room and talk to Guts.  Go ahead and hire the fishing team for a week.
  This will allow you to gain fish towards unlocking the later members of
  the team.  It takes a while so, you might as well get started now. 
  After you finish with your affairs here, head outside and fire up the
  teleport stone.  You want to teleport to inner inn and head upstairs to
  meet Van.  Sell him the pink diamonds and Alexandrite from your
  inventory.  This should yield about 500,000g to 800,000g if you haggle
  over the selling price several times.  You need to take all the money
  you just made and buy BodigizerXL and TurblojoltXL with it until your
  broke.  You want about 100 turbojolt XL's and the rest should go to
  bodigizers.  With this finished, grab the teleport stone and head back
  outside the inn.  Next, teleport back up to the dig site and get ready
  to run the second mine.  You are going to excavate it for pink diamonds
  and alexandrite again top to bottom just like you did on the third day. 
  This time, get as many floors as you can along the way. Stop and every
  multiple of 3 for a pink diamond and every multiple of 10 for 1 or more
  alexandrite between floors 100 and 255.  
  When you finish your first run of the mine, dig it up a second time
  thoroughly.  After the second run is complete, go ahead and do a third. 
  I know this is very time consuming.  It takes about 2 to 2 1/2 hours
  real time to run the mine once.  But, this will likely be the last time
  you need to run it for a while.  Equip the truth ring and keep an eye on
  your stamina and drink bodigizers as needed.  After you finish your
  third run of the mine, you will notice that time passes very slowly in
  the mine.  It will likely be between noon and 1:00 p.m. when you finish
  in the game.  So, far so good, but you still have a little to go.  The
  next order of business is to head over to the secret cave behind the
  waterfall and plant the bag of cabbage seeds and water it.   You need to
  ship a cabbage to unlock one of the shipping harvest sprites, so you
  might as well get started on it.  Next, you need to teleport back to the
  inn to sell your latest hall of stones to Van.  This time, if you are
  patient on the price, you will get around 2 to 3 million g for them.
  That sum will sustain you for quite a while.  
  Next, teleport back to your farm and get on the phone.  Look up all the
  businesses you can call and buy any of the tools that you can for under
  10000g a tool.  The list includes the brush, milker, sheers, touch panel
  gloves, and anything else you see that you want.  Now, you need to put
  in a call to Gotz and order an animal shed.  You will obviously need to
  purchase the material, wood is a good compromise at 35,000g.  It is
  sturdy and won't drastically drain your account.  Keep in mind that you
  will have to knock several of the animal sheds down later in the game to
  make way for chicken sheds to unlock several of the sprites.  So, think
  carefully before you commit to an expensive stone building.  The final
  order of business for the day is to teleport back to inn one last time. 
  Head up to the second floor and talk to van again.  You need to restock
  your BodigizerXL and TurblojoltXL.  You need about 500 BodigizerXL. 
  Then teleport back to your farm.  
  Once your back to the farm it's time to start working on the tools.  You
  want to get all of the expertise for your tools up to the point that
  they are ready to upgrade to mystrile.  To do this, simply use the tool
  continuously in the house because time won't pass here.  Keep the truth
  ring equipped and keep an eye on your stamina.  Refill it every time it
  runs out with a BodigizerXL and repeat the process until all your tools
  are ready for the mystrile level.  You can keep track of their progress
  on the status menu by touching the picture of your character's head with
  the stylis.  You will need to fill the watering can repeatedly to
  upgrade it.  Once most of your tools reach the final level, or 3:30
  whichever comes first, call Gary the blacksmith on the phone.  Select
  tool upgrade from him and upgrade your hammer to mystrile level.  You
  will lose your hammer for about 5 days.  I know you need it to mine, but
  with 1.5 to 2 million g in your pocket you should have enough money to
  get by for now if you don't buy anything you don't need.  
  3. Week 2 Intro
  Well, you made it through your first week of the game without much
  difficulty and look how far you have already come.  However, you have a
  long way to go in the game.  I need to point a few things out at this
  point that I am going to take for granted and assume that you will do on
  your own.  These are things you need to get done as soon as you possibly
  can and remember to update daily.  First, each day you need to give your
  girlfriend a gift to increase their heart rating.  You should also start
  working on Flora even if you aren't going to marry her.  Her blue heart
  event is needed to unlock the hot springs.  Next, you also need to
  continue upgrading your tools all to the mystrile level.  The process is
  simple, when one tool is finished, call Gary and have him start on the
  next one until all six are done.  Make sure to do them in an order that
  won't interfere with your farm work.  For example, wait until you have
  shipped a cabbage to get the watering can upgraded.  You also need to
  make sure to buy something from Karen's store everyday that it is open
  until the second harvest sprite channel unlocks.  
  Also, you need to keep hiring either the fishing team or the healing
  team since you need to use them several times to unlock their later
  members.  You should also start throwing you dog and cat and petting
  them with the touch panel gloves once a day.  The goal of all of this is
  to start unlocking the harvest sprites.  You can find the requirements
  to unlock all of them in section 5 of the guide.  Try to get as many as
  you can especially the harvesting team. They will be the main stay of
  you profit later in the game.  You also need to unlock 60 of them to get
  married.  The family life unlocks quite a bit in the game so getting
  married by the end for the first year is a worth goal. You also need to
  water you cabbage everyday until you can ship one to unlock the shipping
  Finally, this guide now assumes you know how to make money when you need
  it.  If you try to do everything suggested in the walkthrough here on
  your sleeping stamina allotment, you will find that you cannot.  I am
  assuming that you will be going thru 2-6 BodigizerXL a day just getting
  the farm work done.  As such, you will need money to stock up on them
  when Van comes to town the days ending in 3 and 8.  Also, there are
  quite a few things you need to buy to get through the game.  You will
  find that the 2 million g g you now have will last quite a while, but it
  will eventually run out, especially if you buy the expensive
  accessories.  The mine is your primary source of income at this point in
  the game.  I will not advise you to make another run again in this
  walkthrough.  I will assume that you will make them as your finances
  require you to do so.  After the second year completes, you won't ever
  need to do it again with any luck.  
  spring 9
  Wake up and have Gotz build your new barn.  It will take two days to
  complete.  Put it someplace easy to reach from the house.  Take care of
  your girl and forage for the rest of the day or gather materials to
  unlock the orange sprites and defer your building costs. You should also
  go to the harvest sprite casino and purchase a bag of cabbage seeds. 
  Then you need to plant and water a them for the day.  Shipping a cabbage
  will unlock one of the shipping sprites who is key to making money later
  in the game.   
  spring 10
  Not much new here, you should spend the day gathering materials and
  foraging.  If the map is running low now, you can pass the time fishing.
  You should also call yodel ranch if they're open and buy 99 pieces of
  fodder from them.  
  spring 11
  Gotz will finish with your first animal shed today.  You can spend the
  day pretty much as you have been doing, but you need to do one
  additional thing today.  Call yodel ranch, if they're open and order 4
  cows.  Rick will deliver them to the front of your farm and you will
  need to push them into the barn. Call Gotz again and have him build the
  silo this time. preferably out of stone it's not that expensive.  Then
  you need to head out to the barn and talk to each of the cows.  Then you
  need to pet them by equipping the touch panel gloves and pushing the A
  button next to them.  You also need to wash them by equipping the brush
  and the touch panel gloves at the same time and using the brush. 
  Finally, you need to feed all of them.  It will be a week or so before
  you can start milking them. You can also wash and pet your horse. The
  actions you are taking here will eventually unlock about 12 of the
  harvest sprites over the next few seasons.  
  spring 12
  Nothing much new here.  Gotz will arrive and start work on the new silo.
  Bury it in some remote corner of the farm.  Make sure you water the
  cabbage and give the girls a gift each.  Take care of the animals by
  petting, washing, talking, and feeding all of them.  (From here on this
  will be referred to as taking care of the animals.) This is extremely an
  extremely important part of getting the harvest sprites together.  If
  you read the unlocking section, you will see that more than one third of
  the required sprites to release the harvest godess can be obtianed by
  caring for your animals.  You should start with the washing and petting
  of the cows and you can start working on the shipping milk sprites in a
  week.  You can also pet your dog and cat each day and wash your horse to
  increase your path towards these sprites. Once you have milked your cows
  700 times you can switch over to sheep and start on getting wool.  Keep
  in mind that all the unlock activites must be done with the touch panel
  gloves equipped. From here on out I will assume that you wash, pet, and
  milk each of your animals daily. When you finish, forage or gather
  material for the rest of the day.  
  spring 13
  You day should start with Gary returning your hammer to you.  Walk in
  and out of your house a second time and Gotz should be done with the
  silo.  Take care of the animals and work until 11:00 rolls around.  Fire
  up the phone and call Gotz.  Have him start construction on another
  wooden animal shed for you.  You should then call Gary and have him
  start working on upgrading your next tool. The hoe is a good choice to
  have it done and out of the way Finally, you should call  Rick and have
  him fill up your new silo.  
  Spring 14
  Today is the spring thanksgiving festival and the first event you can be
  part of in the game.  Really, the game day is nothing special accept if
  you give a girl a gift it will count for extra and the shops will be
  closed.  Take care of your animals and forage for the rest of the day. 
  It would is also a good day to be collecting wood with your axe and
  hammer if you want stone.  
  Spring 15
  Today is similar to the last few days you have played so far.  Gotz will
  show up early in the morning and ask you where you want the new barn. 
  Place it and get to work on your animals for the day.  Make sure to wash
  and pet all of them with the touch panel gloves.  Make a run out to your
  girl when you are done and give her a gift to increase her affection.
  Make sure you are doing this every day.  Water your cabbage and spend
  the rest of the day gathering either materials for foraging. Remember
  that you need to gather a certain amount of material to unlock several
  of the harvest sprites.  
  4. Week 3
  Well, with the first two game weeks under your belt, you are off to a 
  great start at the game.  If you have been reading this walkthru
  carefully, you are beginning to see a pattern in your days progression. 
  From this point forward, I won't be reminding you to pet or wash your
  animals and give a gift to your girl friend each day. Also, make sure
  that you are buying something from Karen's store everyday that it is
  open excluding Tuesdays, Sundays, and holidays to go towards channel 2
  getting unlocked. I am assuming that you are completing each of these
  tasks daily towards the furtherance of your long term goals. You should
  see the pattern of daily events and I don't need to remind you of them
  constantly.  However, don't get too comfortable, things will change
  before you know it.  
  Spring 16
  Another quiet day on the farm spend attending to the animals and
  gathering resources.  You should call Yodel farm today and fill up the
  silo completely with fodder so that you have a steady supply on hand.
  Keep fishing and foraging if you have extra time. If you have time on
  your hands at this point in the game, you are well established and could
  spend it exploring the town and meeting people rather than working on
  gathering resources for the farm.  
  Spring 17 
  Today, Gotz will finish with your second barn. You will need to run your
  normal daily routine with a few exceptions. Today you need to contact
  Gotz again and have him start on a third barn You should also order 4
  more cows and start caring for them from Yodel ranch.  Remember, the
  more animals that you have, the quicker you will be able to unlock the
  rest of the harvest sprites.  You need 60 of them before you can get
  married and that requires focus if you want to be married by the end of
  year 1.  Also, you should be getting pretty close at this point to being
  triggering your girl friend's second heart event.  Consult the marriage
  section for the specific locations and requirements.
  Spring 18
  Well, it is time for the Duck festival at the beach.  Popuri will have
  come to your house the day before but, you certainly don't have a duck
  to enter so, you will have to wait for the following year to enter the
  festival. Still, you should attend the festival anyway because unlocking
  channel six requires you to attend 3 festivals.  Make sure that you take
  care of your animals and water your cabbage before you attend the
  festival.  You can also finish any unfinished work in the evening.
  Spring 19
  This will be one of the most significant days to the changes in your
  routine in the game.  A great deal will unlock and change during this
  game day.  At its start, you will find Gary returning with your hoe in
  the morning followed by Gotz to place your third barn. After you collect
  the new tool, take care of the animals and water the crops as usual. 
  You will need to call Gray at some point during the day and have him
  start upgrading on your next tool.  Anything but the watering can is a
  good choice at this point since you need it to water the crops.  Pick
  your favorite tool and send it along to Gray to upgrade.  Two other
  significant event will happen during this game day.
  The first, is that by this point channel two should be unlocked if you
  have been buying something from Karen each day.  This will grant you
  access to the home shopping network that will sell you one item each
  week.  The first item up for bid is the table, which may seem only
  decorative, but it is necessary to allow you to upgrade the house.  You
  need to order it before the day is out by using the phone to call the
  home shopping network.  The second item of importance is that your first
  batch of cow should be giving milk today. Remember that you need to have
  the touch panel gloves equipped if you want the milking to count towards
  unlocking the harvest sprites.
  Spring 20
  Today will be a normal boring day.  Just keep the farm running and keep
  working towards your long term goals.  Today is also a good day to run
  the mine if you are starting to run low on money.  Gotz will show up and
  you can tell him where to put the third barn at.  Also, by this point
  Karen's store should have the second Ruck sack upgrade, which will allow
  you to get a third inventory menu.
  Spring 21 
  Again, just keep things running at status quo today.  There are a few
  boring days in the games progression like this one.  Again it might be a
  good time to run the mine if you are bored.  
  Spring 22 
  Today is the cooking festival on the beach in the morning.  You cannot
  enter the festival because you cannot cook without a kitchen.  But, you
  should still attend to work on unlocking channel six.  Make sure you
  take care of the animals and water the crops.  
  Week 4
  Well, as we approach the last week of spring we are getting pretty close
  to the goals we established for the season.  Hopefully you have some
  rocks from the mine that you should be ready to sell Van to replenish
  your money supplies.  Also remember, that you may not be exactly where
  the walkthru puts you at this point. It is entirely possible that you
  made a small mistake or that I miscalculated something due to the days
  of the week.  Just keep working at it and you will get to where you need
  to go sooner or later. Here we go.
  Spring 23
  This a another important day in the first season on your farm a lot will
  be happening today.  First, Gotz will arrive early in the morning to
  inform you that the third barn is done.  At some point in the day you
  need to fill it with cows.  Remember, the more cows you have the faster
  the sprites will unlock.  In fact having 10 cows will unlock one of
  them.  The second major item of the days is that the table should have
  arrived by now.  This means that you can access the first house upgrade. 
  You will need to contact Gotz to order the expansion, which requires a
  good deal of stone to build.  You may have it already gather, but more
  than likely you will need to buy at least some of it from him.  
  You should also not that Van visits today, so it is a good day to sell
  him your mined diamonds and stock up on healing supplies.  The final
  thing to note for the day is that your cabbage should be grown by now
  and ready to ship.  Especially if it was planted behind the waterfall. 
  This will unlock one of the harvesting sprites, which is crucial to you
  later in the game.  
  Spring 24
  Today is just an ordinary day in your rotation.  Gotz will arrive to
  announce the start of the house upgrade and Gary will return your tool
  to you.  You should contact him today and have him start working on the
  watering can upgrade.  It is an ideal time because you should be between
  the spring and summer growing seasons.  
  Spring 25
  Another quiet day on the farm.  You should take care of the animals and
  keep working on your girl friend.  Also make sure that you are giving
  gifts to Flora on a regular basis to work towards her blue heart event
  and the hot springs unlocking.  
  Spring 26
  Today is another quiet day on the farm taking care of animals and giving
  a gift to your girls. If you have the upgraded version of the axe or
  hammer you should consider breaking up stumps and boulders in your spare
  time on the map.  Doing these will unlock a couple of easy harvest
  sprites.  You should also be able to buy your second item from the home
  shopping network today.  It will likely be one of the containers.  This
  is another good day to make a run of the mine for money.
  Spring 27
  Alright, Gotz should be finished with the first house upgrade by now.
  You will notice that your house's area will be expanded.  This will
  unlock several new items for sale on the shopping channel.  Keep running
  with the animal routine and have Gotz start work the next day on your
  fourth cow barn.  
  Spring 28
  Gotz will show up and announce the placement of the fourth cow barn. 
  Tell him where to stick it and get to work on your farm.  Keep an eye on
  your girls affection points at this time.  You should be closing in on
  her third heart event and Flora's blue on needed to open the hot
  springs.  Keep those gifts coming in a steady stream. Also, note that
  Van comes to town to day if you need to stock up on money and supplies. 
  Spring 29
  The second to last day of spring is finally here and you have gotten
  your farm off to a good start.  Gray will show up and return the
  mystrile watering can to you today and you should have him start
  upgrading one of your two remaining tools towards mystrile level. You
  also need of buy a bag of pineapple seeds from the casino shop today. 
  Take care of the animals and keep looking for sprites that you can work
  towards unlocking.  
  End of Spring Conclusion 
  Well, if you have followed the steps listed above so far, you should be
  well on your way to getting through the game. Okay I know there is one
  day left, but I am going to add it to summer.  By this points, you
  should have around 20 - 25 of the harvest sprites unlocked as well as
  most of the channels accept 6 and 9 at this point. Your girl friend and
  Flora unless they are one in the same should both be nearing their blue
  heart event level.  Flora is important because her third heart event
  opens the hot springs which allow you to unlock 5 of the harvest sprites
  later in the game.  You should also have about 6 to 8 million g on hand
  and 500 Bodygizer XL's and Turbojolt XL's ready to keep your stamina
  available to you.  The mine can provide you with the required funds if
  you don't 
  Well, I am going onto Summer now, but I am going to change the flow of
  the guide a little.  In stead of doing the day by day report, I am going
  to start going through things week by week.  I assume that you have
  learned by now that Gotz takes 4 days to make something and order the
  next building, Gray takes 6 to upgrade a tool counting the day of the
  order, and that cows require a week to produce milk after you but them. 
  I trust that you also know to take care of your animals and girl friend,
  and forage each day as well.  Also, you need to keep buying one thing a
  week from the shopping network and keep your farm stocked with animal
  feed, healing supplies, animal medicine, and anything else you use on a
  daily basis.  Finally, you need to make runs of the mine periodically to
  gather money from Van, but only as you need it.  From here on out I
  won't be reminding you of these things unless they have an important
  significance to you.  In other words keep up the good work.  The entries
  will be a little long, but they cover a whole week and not just one day
  any more. 
  Just as you had a list of goals for spring, here is a list of goals you
  should accomplish by the end of summer. 
  Have 40 or more harvest sprites unlocked.  
  Have the house upgraded twice
  Purchase 4 more things from the home shopping network. 
  Build a maker shed.
  Get the seed maker.  
  Have all the tools to Blessed level.
  Open the third mine.  
  Gather some of the cured accessories.
  Start closing on your girl's fourth heart event.  
  Have 4 of your animals give birth once.
  Build 2 chicken coops.
  Attend the festivals
  Unlock the first hot springs.  
  Keep things running smoothly on the farm.  
  I know this looks like a pretty long list to get done in just one
  season, but I can assure you that it can be done and that you will have
  no trouble if you keep up with your daily requirements listed in the
  first paragraph of the season.  If you can get through this season, then
  you will be married the first year and be able to start planning for
  your future profit margin in year two during the fall.  Good luck let's
  get started.