Version 1.1

Metal gear solid 2:Sons of liberty FAQ V1.1
For the Sony Playstation 2 (European version)
By Bob the snake 

1. Legal Crap
2. Information
3. The General FAQ
4. Thanks + Contact Me

1. Legal Crap  
This FAQ was made and is owned by me, Bob the Snake. All 
rights reserved, blah blah blah...
All the information in this file may be freely distributed, 
but no copying, reproducing of this FAQ may be done so. Why? 
Because I said so! And I'll hunt ya down n' kill ya. ? .
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is a registered Trade 
Mark of the Konami Corporation.

2. Information
As stated before, this FAQ was created by me, Bob the Snake 
(Not my real name, OK?!). All of the information in this FAQ 
comes from my extensive knowledge of MGS2, a few video games 
magazines and the internet... The questions in this FAQ are 
made up, but they are based on some of the questions I've 
been asked myself, so the answers should prove helpful. My 
E-mail address is at the end of this FAQ, and please send me 
any questions which you have about the game that I have not 
included in this FAQ, BUT for obvious reasons don't send me 
any stupid questions like "How do I crawl?" and "How the 
hell do I open up the codec?". My answer will simply be 
"Look in the manual on the DVD you stupid idiot!" =/ .
By the way, this FAQ, is for the European version of the 

3. The General FAQ

Q. How do I hold up a guard to get their dog-tag?
A. Get a weapon equipped (A handgun preferably) and sneak up 
behind a guard. Look at them in first person mode with your 
weapon pointing at them, and Snake/Raiden will say "Freeze!" 
the guard will stick their hands in the air. At this point, 
move round to face the enemy (Don't unequip your gun) and 
look at them in first person mode. If the guard is co-
operative, he will say stuff like "H-h-help!" and "Don't 
shoot!" and then drop out his dog-tag. If, however the guard 
is a hardcase, he will keep his hands in the air and say 
things like "If you're going to do it, then do it!" and 
"What are you...?". In this case, just shoot him in one of 
his arms or legs and he'll change his mind. 

Q. Where the hell is a guards radio?!
A. A guards radio is usually located at the back of his belt 
on his right side. It looks like a magazine clip (best 
description =/). If you've shot the radio, sparks should fly 
out, and the guard will no longer be able to call for 
assistance. NOTE: when a guard's radio has been disabled, he 
will now run to another area to Get Cheats & Help.     

Q. What can I do to stop bleeding?
A. Crouch down somewhere and wait for your health to go back 
up gradually. NOTE: I don't recommend anybody does this in 
real life for obvious reasons! =/

Q. Where can I get the USP suppressor?
A. After you beat Olga, run a bit to the East and you'll 
come across some steps; go up them and you'll see a mast 
with a ladder going up it; climb up past the first level and 
get off at the second level. The suppressor is there.

Q. Where can I get the Thermal goggles on the tanker?
A. As the answer above, but when climbing the ladder go all 
the way to the top level.

Q. How many dog-tags do I need to get the Bandana on the 
A. 30

Q. How many dog-tags do I need to get stealth on the tanker?
A. This one I'm not too sure about, but I think it's 70.

Q. I heard that the marines in Hold 3 of the Tanker can be 
seen wearing boxers. Is this true?
A. Yes, but this only happens when you complete the game 

Q. Why do I have to enter a name and all those other details 
at the node at the bottom of Strut A?
A. Enter any thing that's on your mind whether it's a 
profanity or your name and in the end movie where Snake asks 
Raiden "What are those?" (Looking at the dog-tags), whatever 
you put in the node will be on the tag. 

Q. What uses has the coolant got?
A. 1. Defusing bombs, 2. Putting out fires, 3. Chasing away 
bugs, 4. Waking up guards who are asleep or unconscious, 5. 
Annoying guards or Emma.

Q. Where the hell are those bombs you have to defuse?
A. Strut C- In the Ladies toilet above the sink (Look up)
    Strut B- Behind the closed door in the Northern area 
where you come in.  (Vague description! Sorry!)
    Strut A- In the room with all the pipes. Run across the 
steps in the South-East area and crawl the rest of the way.
    Strut F- On the Western railing, hang off it and then 
drop into the area where there are lots of crates 
surrounding you.
    Strut E- Go up to the heliport/roof and look under the 
    Strut D- Go down to the bottom level and to the left 
side, lift the furthest panel and the bomb is there. (The 
one opposite the node) 
NOTE: All of these locations are for the normal mode 
Q. What is the difference between the AK74-U and the M4?
A. There isn't really one. They both have 30 rounds per clip 
and they both fire at the same rate. The only differences I 
can think of is that the AK can be Equipped with a 
suppressor and it is essential to get to the hostage area in 
Shell 1.   

Q. I can't be bothered to find Ames with the directional 
microphone, isn't there an easier way?
A. Yes. All you have to do is search for the hostage with 
the long brown hair; he is Ames. When you find him pull out 
your directional microphone and ask him if he is Ames. If 
you've done it correctly, he'll say yes and the cut-scene 
will appear.

Q. Where are all the locations for the Semtex control units 
on the shell 1-2 connection bridge?
A. The first 2 are by the laser beam things, on the floor to 
your left.
    Another one is right in front of you, on the tall thing 
that Raiden looks at with the scope.
    One is placed on top of the door behind you.
    For the rest of them, you will need the PSG-1 rifle.
    Zoom in on the two by the door opposite from your 
position, take them out.
    One is place behind the "Sons of Liberty" flag (hard to 
see though).
    Another one is behind the "Group of Seagulls" by the 
long pipe to the East of your position.
    The last one can be found by the railing to the North-
Western side of the bridge.
NOTE: All of these locations are based on the Normal 

Q. How do I beat the Harrier?
A. This is a quite straight-forward battle. Start off by 
picking up the stinger that Pliskin/Snake drops for you. Now 
run to the stairs going down to the lower part of the 
bridge, but don't go down them. Stand on the top part and 
fire the stinger when it locks on to the Harrier, this is 
your main objective. Sometimes however, the harrier attacks 
by firing a couple of heat seeking missiles, you can tell 
how close they are by the beeping sound that is made 
(Obviously, the closer the interval between the beeps, the 
closer the missiles are to kicking your butt). When these 
missiles are fired, run for cover to the lower section of 
the bridge, with a little luck, you maybe able to avoid 
them. Don't worry about ammo during the battle; Snake keeps 
dropping more. Other attacks of the Harrier include a shower 
of smaller missiles. When this happens run from one side of 
the bridge to the otherand do some cartwheel flips. They 
should dodge the missiles. The main strategy of this battle 
is to be aware of the attacks the Harrier is using.

Q. Is there any easier ways to control the Nikita missile?
A. Although there aren't any ways to make the control 
easier, you can make the steering a bit easier by using the 
D-Pad instead of the Analogue stick. Just tap the 
directional buttons to turn slightly.

Q. How can I beat Vamp?
A. This Hyper-active dude isn't the challenge he's hyped up 
to be. Simply run around the pool area and fire the stinger 
at him every time he surfaces from diving in the main pool. 
It only gets slightly tricky when his health is low and he 
starts pinning your shadow to the floor and running around 
like a lunatic. When this happens, fire at him at every 
opportunity you get with one of your assault rifles. 

Q. Where can I get the Body Armor?
A. B1 of the Air purification room in Shell 2. It's past the 
point of where you have to fight Vamp, in the second 
swimming area. Explore there.

Q. When I swim with Emma she keeps suffocating. What can I 
A. I had this problem the first time I played the game. The  
only things I can say to help is familiarize yourself with 
the map of the swimming section and learn how to swim 
quickly and effectively.  

Q. Can you give me some help on beating the Metal Gear Rays?
A. Right. This is quite a difficult fight. Make sure to stay 
on the move and only stop to fire the stinger missile. This 
fight is most quickly won by attacking the Rays in turn and 
firing in a pattern of Leg-Head. This basically means shoot 
them first in the leg (making their mouths open) and then 
shoot them quickly in their mouth, like a sort of combo. The 
most damaging attack you can get, is being hit by one of MG 
Rays missiles, they take a lot of your health off. They can 
be avoided by running around (duh!). Things get very tough 
however, when the 'Gears start surrounding you and firing 
loads of missiles and machine gun shots. You will rarely get 
a chance to attack. Pick a good time to attack and if you 
are short of rations, one appears every so often in the 
center of the arena. Be careful when you go for this though, 
a Ray will probably be standing very close to it and if you 
get to close, will either fire a very damaging laser or a 
near fatal foot stomp.

Q. Can you give me some advice on how to beat Solidus 
A. This is probably my favorite battle in the entire game. 
Start off by equping your blade and body armor (if you have 
it). Now run to Solidus and begin an attack of a few minor 
slashes, then stop and block with L1. Solidus should kick, 
and now will be the best time to attack. Don't get greedy 
with your attack though, keep it nice and brief and back 
away when you have finished. This should be your main attack 
pattern for this fight but be aware of his "thrust" attack, 
which leaves a trail of fire. Getting burnt constantly can 
be very annoying and deadly.
Another near death attack is where he gets up a wall and 
jumps down; if he lands on you, you're dead! Counter this by 
going up behind him, and unleashing a good attack. Block his 
tentacles and remember to back away if you're on low health. 
When he says "Good work Jack..." he will lose his tentacle 
but start thrusting around more. This is where it gets 
difficult. Now you'll need to cartwheel like crazy dodging 
his attacks. In the end you should win. 

Q. How many dog-tags do I need to get the brown wig for the 
A. 80. The brown wig gives unlimited ammo, like the Bandana.

Q. How many dog-tags do I need to get stealth for the plant?
A. 120

Q. How can I save the pictures I take with the digital 
A. You need the digital camera you get once you complete the 
game to take pictures and be able to save them.

4. Thanks + Contacts.

Thanks to Gamesmaster Magazine and the Official Playstation 
2 magazine for providing some help for this FAQ.
Thanks to Konami for releasing such a great game!

Contact me at