New Japan Pro Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden 2 FAQ 

This FAQ is Copyright January 15, 1997 by Wayne Baker, and is made available
as a service to the Internet community.  It may not be sold in any medium,
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"Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and he works in the off season as a 
programmer for Yukes."  These were my thoughts as I played New Japan Pro 
Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden 2 for the first time.  The update on the
original, which was released back in the fall of 1995, has resulted in a more
detailed representation of New Japan Pro Wrestling .  

No one has ever complained about the original Toukon Retsuden so Yuke's have 
concentrated their efforts on making the sequel a more detailed and fuller 
gaming experience. Although it can be argued that Toukon Retsuden had the
best graphics of all the Playstation wrestling games combined with solid
gameplay, it fell short in other categories when compared to other wrestling
games released in the last year.  Fire Pro Wrestling was it's first
competitor and had a strong following due to it's successful series on the
SNES.  Although the gameplay and graphics were good the lack of selectable
wrestlers and game testing (ie. wrestler's standing on air outside the ropes,
poor collision detection, etc :( ) ultimately doomed the game as unfavourable
when compared to New Japan Pro Wrestling.  Next in line was Champion
Wrestler, which to this day is probably the best wrestling game available on
the Playstation besides Toukon Retsuden 2.  Here we saw a game filled with 
wrestlers from various promotions and different match modes of play (singles, 
tag-team, battle royal) and it supported 4 players.  On top of that there was 
a commentator who gave play-by-play announcing throughout the matches.  The
only downside to the game, and it wasn't a big one, was it's average 2-D
graphics.  Otherwise we had a serious argument brewing to decide who would be
declared champion.  Shortly afterwards the newest kid on the block, Virtual
Pro Wrestling, appeared.  Although Virtual Pro Wrestling had a horde of
wrestlers and promotions on tap it offered little else that we hadn't already
seen in both the New Japan and Fire Pro games.  Yuke's have taken the finer
points from these other games and created the best wrestling game available
on the Playstation.

"So what's new" you may ask.  Well to begin all the graphics look better than 
ever.  The wrestlers look more detailed, there are more venues and rings, and 
camera flashes light up the arenas during each move.  There are now 18 
wrestlers with 8 more hidden throughout the game.  Each wrestler's repertoire 
has been increased with more moves as you will see with the sample move list
I have supplied further on in the FAQ.  Also new to Toukon Retsuden 2 is the
Tag Team and Battle Royal modes.  By using a multi-tap you and 3 friends can
now go toe to toe for wrestling supremacy.  Realism has always been one of
the strengths of the game and this time Yuke's acquired Kensuke Sasaki as
their advisor.  All these additions add up to make this the wrestling game of 
choice.  If you are or ever have been a wrestling fan this is the Playstation 
game for you.

Now where's my damn controller ... I've got to practice my Asai moonsault :)

Controller Setup

Menu Screens

O               Advance to next screen
X               Go back to previous screen

In Game

Direction Pad   Moves your wrestler around the ring
Triangle        Submission Hold/Pin Move (See Wrestler Moves Lists)
O               Strength Move (See Wrestler Moves Lists)
X               Strike (See Wrestler Moves Lists)
Square          Action (See Wrestler Moves Lists)
Select          Frame advance during paused game
Start           Pause Game.  Brings up menu below

		Move Name       On Off
		Camera Flashes  On Off 
		End Match       Push O

L1              Appeal to crowd (can be used in conjunction with direction
		pad for different appeals) 
L2              Appeal to crowd (can be used in conjunction with direction
		pad for different appeals)
R1              Appeal to crowd (can be used in conjunction with direction
		pad for different appeals)
R2              Appeal to crowd (can be used in conjunction with direction
		pad for different appeals)

Note:  When in Tag Team or Battle Royal mode the shoulder buttons work as 
described below:  In this example Player 1 is Masahiro Chono, Player 2 is 
Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Player 3 is Keiji Mutoh & Player 4 is Kensuke Sasaki.  The 
shoulder buttons can be used to change the target of attack or appeal to the 

	Masahiro Chono  Hiroyoshi Tenzan  Keiji Mutoh     Kensuke Sasaki
L1      Appeal to Crowd vs. Chono         vs. Chono       vs. Chono
L2      vs. Tenzan      Appeal to Crowd   vs. Tenzan      vs. Tenzan
R1      vs. Mutoh       vs. Mutoh         Appeal to Crowd vs. Mutoh
R2      vs. Sasaki      vs. Sasaki        vs. Sasaki      Appeal to Crowd

Select & Start  Return to Main Menu

Main Menu

After turning on the game and pushing start, you should get the main menu.  
There are 12 menu items to choose from while you're at this screen.  They

1. Play Mode  /  Singles - Tag Team - Battle Royal
2. Weight Division  /  Heavyweight - Jr. Heavyweight - Open
3. Game Mode
			Exhibition Match
			IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match
			G1 Climax League
			G1 Climax Tournament
		Jr. Heavyweight
			Exhibition Match
			IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship Match
			Best of the Super Jr. League
			New Japan Pro Wrestling Tournament
			Burning Spirits Challenge
			Exhibition Match
			IWGP Heavyweight Champion vs. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight 
			New Japan Pro Wrestling League
			New Japan Pro Wrestling Tournament
	Tag Team
			Exhibition Match
			IWGP Heavyweight Tag Championship Match
			SG Tag League
			New Japan Pro Wrestling Tournament
		Jr. Heavyweight
			Exhibition Match
			Super Jr. Tag League
			New Japan Pro Wrestling Tournament
			Burning Spirits Challenge
			Exhibition Match
			New Japan Pro Wrestling League
			New Japan Pro Wrestling Tournament
	Battle Royal
4. Skill Level  / Training (Easy) - Strong (Normal) - Cement (Hard)
5. Time Limit  /  5 - 60 minutes (5 minute intervals) or No Time Limit.  
		  Default is 30 minutes
6. Venue  /  Tokyo A - Tokyo B - Tokyo C - Osaka A - Osaka B - Outside
7. Time Limit Decision  /  On - Off
8. Knockout  /  On - Off
9. Ring Select  /  NJPW 1 - NJPW2 - NJPW3 - NJPW4 - NJPW5 - NJPW6 
10. Viewing Mode  /  Normal - Ringside - 2nd Floor
11. Sound  /  Mono - Stereo
12. Options

	Title History
		IWGP Heavyweight Championship
		IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship
		IWGP Heavyweight Tag Championship
		G1 Climax
		SG Tag League
		Best of the Super Jr.
		Super Jr. Tag League

	Best Bout - Watch replays of your matches. Whenever you win an 
		    exhibition match, you will be asked whether or not you
		    wish to save. Press O for "yes", or X for "no".   You
		    will then be prompted to confirm your decision.  As
		    mentioned before O equals "yes" and X equals "no".  If
		    you do choose to save you can then go here and select the
		    match to watch it again.
	Wrestler Move Lists - Lets you see each wrestler's move list (in 
			      Japanese of course).  Use the direction pad
			      left and right to scroll through the wrestlers
			      and up & down right to scroll through the
	BGM - Lets you listen to the Background Music used in the game. Use
	      the direction pad to scroll through the Track Listings.  Press
	      O to Play and X to Stop.

	Memory Card Reload - Lets you load a saved game from a Memory Card.  
			     Note: I'm not sure about the usefulness of this 
			     option as saved games are automatically loaded
			     when the game boots up.  If anyone has any ideas
			     please let me know.

	Practice Mode   
		(Warning: Once in this menu I do not know how to return to
		the main menu without resetting the game!!)
		Play Mode /  Singles - Tag Team - Battle Royal
		Skill Level /  Training (Easy) - Strong (Normal) - Cement 
		Time Limit /   5 - 60 minutes (5 minute intervals) or No Time 
			       Limit. Default is 30 min.
		Venue /  Tokyo A - Tokyo B - Tokyo C - Osaka A - Osaka B - 
		Time Limit Decision / On - Off
		Knockout / On - Off
		Ring Select / NJPW 1 - NJPW2 - NJPW3 - NJPW4 - NJPW5 - NJPW6
		Viewing Mode /  Normal - Ringside - 2nd Floor
		Use the direction pad up & down to scroll through the options   
		Note:  At the area at the bottom of the screen you can select 
		the wrestler(s) you wish to use along with the control method 
		and appearance.  You must first move the cursor onto the 
		wrestler selection field which will then become highlighted.  
		The wrestler selection can then be manipulated by using the 
		direction pad left & right to scroll through the list of 
		wrestlers.  The control method is selected by either the L1 
		button for manual control or R1 for computer controlled.  
		Appearance is selected by using the Triangle (Type 1), O
		(Type 2), X (Type 3) or o(Type 4), this will change the
		wrestler's appearance (ie. Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger:  Type 1 =
		Red Costume, Type 2 = Blue Costume, Type 3 = White Costume,
		Type 4 = Black Costume)
		This is the translated list of Wrestlers you can select by 
		scrolling right (using the direction pad right)

		1. Antonio Inoki                **Player 1 Default**
		2. Tatsumi Fujinami             **Player 2 Default**
                3. Riki Choshyu                 **Player 3 Default**
                4. Keiji Mutoh                  **PLayer 4 Default**
		5. Shinya Hashimoto
		6. Masahiro Chono
		7. Kensuke Sasaki
		8. Shiro Koshinaka
		9. Hiroyoshi Tenzan
		10. Osamu Nishimura
		11. Satoshi Kojima
		12. Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger
		13. Wild Pegasus
		14. El Samurai
		15. Kohji Kanemoto
		16. Shinjiro Ohtani
		17. The Great Muta
		18. Power Warrior
		19. Young Antonio Inoki*
		20. Seiji Sakaguchi*
		21. Hiroshi Hase*
		22. Young Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger*
		23. Tiger Mask*
		24. Pegasus Kid*
		25. Kero-Chan*
		26. Tiger Hattori*

			* hidden wrestlers

Game Screens

Controller Selection Screen

After selecting a mode of play you are presented with the Controller
Selection Screen.  Here you can manipulate how each wrestler is controlled.
The Playstation icon represents a computer controlled wrestler.  To change
this to a joypad, which represents manual control (ie. YOU), press START.

For Tag Team matches you can switch which player is your partner by using the 
direction pad up & down.

Wrestler Selection Screen

Once you have selected the controller method you are presented with the 
Wrestler Selection Screen.  I have provided the following diagram and 
associated list of wrestlers seen at this screen.

				   01   02
				03   04   05
			      06   07   08   09         26
			 10   11   12   13   14   15
			      16   17   18   19
				20   21   22
				   23   24

1. Tatsumi Fujinami
2. Riki Choshyu
3. Osamu Nishimura
4. Shiro Koshinaka
5. Satoshi Kojima
6. Keiji Mutoh
7. Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger
8. El Samurai
9. Kensuke Sasaki
10. The Great Muta
11. Young Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger*
12. Wild Pegasus
13. Pegasus Kid*
14. Hiroyoshi Tenzan
15. Power Warrior
16. Shinya Hashimoto
17. Kohji Kanemoto
18. Shinjiro Ohtani
19. Masahiro Chono
20. Tiger Hattori*
21. Hiroshi Hase*
22. Kero-Chan*
23. Antonio Inoki
24. Seiji Sakaguchi*
25. Young Antonio Inoki*
26. Tiger Mask*

	* hidden wrestlers
Tonight's Matchup Screen

You are presented with the Matchup screen as the game loads.

Strategy & Rules


The following rules are used in the New Japan Pro Wrestling federation:

A wrestler can win by either pin, submission, count out or disqualification.

When a wrestler reaches the ropes his opponent has 5 seconds to break the
hold.  If he does not he is disqualified.

Wrestler's applying illegal holds have 5 seconds to break the hold or are 

Wrestler's leaving the ring have 20 seconds to return or are counted out of
the ring and lose.  Double countouts, when both wrestlers are counted out of
the ring, are deemed a draw.

For Tag Team Matches only: If a wrestler/wrestlers enter the ring without
being tagged in they are warned by the referee and have to leave the ring
within 5 seconds or their team is disqualified.


New Japan Pro Wrestling employs 3 basic attack techniques: Punch/Kick,
Strength Move and Submission Hold.  Executing moves are dependent on a few
different variables.  The first is your position in relation to your
opponent's position and condition.  Your opponent can be in any combination
of the following conditions:  facing you, with their back to you, lying prone
on the mat, outside the ring, running and/or groggy/swaying.  The second 
variable is the use of the directional pad.  Whether this is pressed or not 
determines which move to select.  A combination of the 2 variables selects 
what move the wrestler will execute.  (For more information on each 
wrestler's moves refer to the section titled "Wrestler Moves List")

New Japan Pro Wrestling also employs a priority based system similar to the 
rock/paper/scissors game that we all played as kids.  The priority system in 
the game works as follows:  A Strength Move overrides a Punch/Kick, a 
Submission Hold overrides a Strength Move and a Punch/Kick overrides a 
Submission Hold.

Although unseen, all the wrestlers have Hit Points.  The hit points are split 
into 2 categories: Main HP and Sub HP.  Main HP are depleted by doing 
Punch/Kick or Strength Moves.  Sub HP are depleted by executing submission 

When in a submission hold press the directional pad in the direction of the 
nearest ropes and press any button repeatedly.  Your wrestler will move
towards the ropes, which will result in your opponent having to release the
hold.  (see the section titled "Rules" for more information)

There are also times when, due to the crowd's influence, a wrestler will
become stronger and receive a brief advantage over their opponent.  This
"rush" mode happens once the wrestler has been on the receiving end for a
while and has not been able to execute an offensive move.  "Rush" mode is
indicated for a wrestler when the crowd's cheers become louder and the
wrestler's name begins to flash.  This "rush" mode also enables you to
perform the hidden moves for each wrestler.

Move Lists


T       Triangle                                        A       Head
O       Circle                                          B       Arms
X       X                                               C       Mid-section
S       Square                                          D       Legs
+       Directional Pad                                 E       Feet

*       Pin Combination Move
#       ???
$       Reversable Move
!       ???

**Below is a list of common action moves used by all the wrestlers**

Action                  Button Combination      Opponent's Position
Pin Opponent            O (B or C or D)         Lying Face Up On Mat
Run/Dash                S                       N/A
Leave/Return to Ring    S & D-Pad towards       N/A
Irish Whip Opponent     S                       Near Standing & Facing
Turnbuckle/Ring Barrier S                       Standing & Facing, Near 
 Smash                                           Turnbuckle/Ring Barrier
Release Hold/Pin        S                       N/A
Roll Opponent Back      S                       Outside Of Ring Near Apron
 Into Ring
Backstep Away From      S x 2                   N/A
Turn Opponent Around    S                       Standing Groggy or Swaying
Kick Out Of/Reverse     S                       N/A
 Pin Attempt
Roll Opponent Over      S x 2 (C)               Lying On Mat
Drag Opponent In        S (B or D) + towards    Lying On Mat
 Circular Motion         opponent
Drag Opponent Forward   S (A or E) + towards    Lying On Mat
 Or Back                 opponent
Pick Up Opponent To     S (A or E)              Lying On Mat
 Face Toward
Pick Up Opponent To     S x 2 (A or E)          Lying On Mat
 Face Away
Step Over Opponent's    S (C)                   Lying On Mat
Tag Partner On Ring     S                       N/A
 Apron (Tag Team Mode)
Reach For Tag While     S                       N/A 
 Standing On Ring 
 Apron (Tag Team Mode)
Hold Opponent Down for  O (A or E)              Lying On Mat
 Double Team (Tag Team 

**Below is the Move List supplied in the Game Manual for Jyushin "Thunder" 
Lyger.  This can be used as a template to unlock the moves for each of the 
other wrestlers in the game**

**While trying to translate the move list I have tried to use the actual
names for each move, but am sure they are a few mistakes.  If you know the
correct name for a specific move or if I have made a mistake please let me

Wrestler's Position     Move Name               Button (Opponent's Condition)
Facing Opponent         Slaps                   X (Normal)
			Drop Kick (#)           X (Groggy)
			Rolling Kick (!)        X (Swaying)
			Punch (!)               X + (Normal)
			Running Drop Kick       X + (Groggy)
			Punch (!)               X + (Swaying)
			Suplex                  O (Normal)
			Power Bomb              O (Groggy)
			Lyger Bomb (*)          O (Swaying)
			Tombstone Piledriver    O + (Normal)
			Brainbuster             O + (Groggy)
			Thunder Lyger Bomb (*)  O + (Swaying)
			Headlock                T (Normal)
			Shoulder Arm Breaker    T (Groggy)
			Small Package (*$)      T (Swaying)
			Swinging Neckbreaker    T + (Normal)
			Armbar Takedown         T + (Groggy)
			Frankensteiner (*$)     T + (Swaying)
Running At Opponent     Running Drop Kick       X (Normal)
			Clothesline             X (Groggy)
			Rolling Kick (!)        X (Swaying)
			Running Tackle          O (Facing)
			Face Crusher (!)        O (Behind)
			Front Rollup (*$)       T (Facing)
			Shoulder Rollup (*$)    T (Behind)

Running Opponent (From  Rolling Kick (!)        X
Stationary Position)    Frankensteiner          O
			Frankensteiner (*!)     T
Running Opponent        Punch (!)               X
(After Irish Whip)      Tilt-a-Whirl Suplex     O
			Sleeper Hold            T

Rebound ???             ??? (#)                 X

Behind Opponent         Drop Kick (#)           X (Normal or Groggy)
			Running Drop Kick       X (Swaying)
			Forearm Smash           X + (Normal or Groggy)
			Rolling Kick            X + (Swaying)
			Back Suplex             O (Normal or Groggy)
			German Suplex Throw     O (Swaying)
			German Suplex (*)       O + (Normal or Groggy)
			Belly to Back           O + (Swaying)
				Suplex (*)
			Abdominal Stretch       T (Normal or Groggy)
			Cross Face Chicken Wing T (Swaying)
			Abdominal Stretch       T + (Normal or Groggy)
			Shoulder Rollup (*$)    T + (Swaying

Opponent Outside Ring   Flying Body Press (#)   X (Normal or Groggy,Near
			Asai Moonsault (#)      X (Swaying, Near Ropes)
						X (Groggy,                  )
			Sliding Kick (#)        X (Groggy,                  )

Opponent Down on Mat    Stomping                X @A (Face Up)
(Letter Gives Position  Knee Drop               X @A (Face Down)
 Relative To Opponent)  Forward Flip            X @B (Face Up)
			Elbow Drop              X @B (Face Down)
			Stomping                X @D (Face Up)
			Stomping                X @D (Face Down)
			Stomping                X @E (Face Up)
			Stomping                X @E (Face Down)
			Chicken Wing Armlock    T @A (Face Up)
			Stepover Armbar         T @A (Face Down)
				Rollup (*)
			Forearm Rub in Face     T @B (Face Up)
			Camel Clutch            T @B (Face Down)
			Achilles Leglock        T @D (Face Up)
			Bow & Arrow             T @D (Face Down)
			Figure Four Leglock     T @E (Face Up)
			Bow & Arrow             T @E (Face Down)

Opponent Up on Top      ??? Drop Kick           X
 Rope                   Deadly Drive            O (Facing)
			??? Back Drop           O (Behind)
Top Rope Dive Moves     Missile Kick (#)        X (Normal or Groggy)
			Flying Cross Body       X (Swaying)
				Block (*#)
			Shooting Star Press (*) X (Face Up, Lying on Mat)
			Diving Head Butt        X (Face Up, Lying on Mat)
			Flying Elbow Drop       X (Face Down, Lying on Mat)
			Flying Knee Drop        X (Face Down, Lying on Mat)
			Flying Body Block (#)   X (Outside Ring, Normal or 
			Flying Back Splash (#)  X (Outside Ring, Swaying)

Top Rope Turnbuckle     Top Rope Frankensteiner O (Groggy, Facing)
 Moves (Opponent in     Top Rope                O (Swaying, Facing)
 Corner Area)                   Fishermanbuster
			Top Rope Back Suplex    O (Groggy, Behind)
			Top Rope Back Suplex    O (Swaying, Behind)

Corner ???              Rolling Kick (#!)       X

?????                   Clothesline (#)         X

Counter When Getting    Drop Kick (#)           X
 Up Off Mat (either by  Punch (!)               X +
 yourself or opponent   Snap Mare               O
 picking you up) OR     Frankensteiner (*)      O +
 when Groggy state      Small Package (*$)      T
 ends  **  Note ** You  Frankensteiner (*$)     T +
 must be close to  
 opponent to perform  
 these moves

?????                   Rolling Kick (#!)       X
			Clothesline (#)         X
			Drop Kick (#)           X

**Below is a list of Double Team Moves that can be used in Tag Team Mode.
For moves that can only be performed by certain wrestlers only the initiator
of the move must be able to execute it.  It does not matter if his partner 
uses the move or not as he will still assist him with the double team.**

Wrestler's Position     Move Name       Button  Wrestlers Who Use This Move
Both Facing Opponent    Double Arm      T       All
Both Facing Opponent    Double Suplex   O       All
Both Behind Opponent    Double Knee     T       All
Both Behind Opponent    Double Back     O       All
One Facing Opponent,    Double Power    O       Sasaki, Koshinaka, Tenzan,
 One Behind Opponent     Bomb                   Power, Kojima, Lyger,
						Pegasus, Samurai 
Both Behind Opponent    Double Face     O       Mutoh, Sasaki, Muta, Power, 
			 Crusher                Nishimura, Lyger, Pegasus, 
						Kanemoto, Ohtani

Hidden Characters

There are 8 hidden wrestlers in the game.  There are 2 ways to get each 
character:  1)  Enter a code at the Title Screen (Easy Method) or 2) Using a 
wrestler listed below beat all the other wrestler in the Burning Spirits 
Challenge Mode (Harder Method).  

You can save hidden wrestlers by answering Yes (O) to Save Game questions
when completing the Burning Spirits Challenge or if the wrestlers were
activated by a code saving a game in progress. (ie. a league or tournament)

To access the Pegasus Kid you must:

1)  L1, select.  The "Press Start" will flash to indicate the code has been 
    accepted, or
2)  Beat the Burning Spirits Challenge using Wild Pegasus

To access the Kero-Chan you must:

1)  L2, select.  The "Press Start" will flash to indicate the code has been 
    accepted, or
2)  Beat the Burning Spirits Challenge using Power Warrior

To access the Hiroshi Hase you must:

1)  R1, select.  The "Press Start" will flash to indicate the code has been 
    accepted, or
2)  Beat the Burning Spirits Challenge using Kensuke Sasaki

To access the Tiger Hattori you must:

1)  R2, select.  The "Press Start" will flash to indicate the code has been 
    accepted, or
2)  Beat the Burning Spirits Challenge using The Great Muta

To access the Young Antonio Inoki you must:

1)  T, select.  The "Press Start" will flash to indicate the code has been 
    accepted, or
2)  Beat the Burning Spirits Challenge using Tatsumi Fujinami

To access the Young Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger you must:

1)  O, select.  The "Press Start" will flash to indicate the code has been 
    accepted, or
2)  Beat the Burning Spirits Challenge using Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger

To access the Seiji Sakaguchi you must:

1)  X, select.  The "Press Start" will flash to indicate the code has been 
    accepted, or
2)  Beat the Burning Spirits Challenge using Antonio Inoki

To access the Tiger Mask you must:

1)  S, select.  The "Press Start" will flash to indicate the code has been 
    accepted, or
2)  Beat the Burning Spirits Challenge using Kohji Kanemoto

60 FPS with all Hidden Wrestlers and Rings

1.  Before powering up the Playstation press and hold the following O + S +
    L1 + L2 + R1 + D-Par (Up/Right) + Select + Start.  I've found turning the
    controller upside down works best, unless of course you have a spare set
    of hands :)

2.  Power up the Playstation while holding the buttons and after the usual
    boot sequence you should see a menu similar to the Practice Screen
    instead of the normal TOMY logo and FMV intro.

3.  Release the buttons.

4.  Setup your game and when you are ready to proceed press and hold in
    sequence: R1 + L1 + L2 + R2 + Start. 
5.  If done correctly there will no longer be a game background, but the
    game will now be running at 60 FPS.

Note:  This cheat also enables all the hidden wrestlers and 2 extra rings: 
       Tokyo A 2 & Outside 2.
       The 60 FPS only works in Singles matches.  Tag Team and Battle Royal
       matches remain unchanged.

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New Japan Pro Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden 2 FAQ Version 1.1

author:         Wayne Baker

contributors:   Craig Freyer
		Brad Thiessen
		Alvin Muolic    orion@hooked,net
		Brett Nation

If you have any comments, suggestions, corrections or additions please
contact me at

Questions For You!! (And maybe even a prize :))

I am still looking for more info on this great game.  If anyone could provide 
additional info on the following it would be greatly appreciated:

1)  A translated manual.  I do not speak or read Japanese, but if someone has 
    or can translate the manual I would be interested to hear from you.  Of 
    particular interest would be sections within this FAQ that remain

2)  Codes. I'm not sure if there are any more hidden wrestlers, but it
    wouldn't surprise me.  If you know of any other codes please let me know
    so I can update the FAQ.  Appropriate credit will be given.

3)  Different Colours.  Is there any way to change your wrestler's appearance
    other than in the practice mode?  If you know how please let me know

4)  The manual mentions the button combination of L1 + R1 + D-pad + X.  Does 
    anyone know what this does.  I have tried in game, menu screens, etc.,
    but have no idea what it does.

5)  Rush Moves.  If you find any please let me know.  I'm working on version 
    2.0 and would like to include the hidden moves for each wrestler.  To
    make this interesting and promote finding all these moves I have decided
    to hold a competition.  Everyone who sends me a rush move for a wrestler
    will be entered into a draw to win a compilation video tape of New Japan
    Pro Wrestling.  The more rush moves you send me the more entries you will
    have into the prize draw. There will only be one winner and the closing
    date will be March 23, 1997.  The winner will be announced the following
    day, March 24, 1997. BTW, I can make the tape NTSC, PAL or SECAM so don't
    be discouraged if you live outside North America.  I don't know if anyone
    has ever given a prize away along with a FAQ so this might be a first,
    and last if I don't get enough response.

Special Thanks To:

Brad Thiessen - For the hidden wreslter info and other miscellaneous bits and 
Craig Freyer - For all the input and keeping me on my toes to make sure this 
	       thing got out on time... well sort of on time :)
Alvin Muolic - For the much needed help with Japanese Translations in all my
	       FAQ's.  I would never have been able to write the first Toukon
	       Retsuden FAQ without Alvin's help.  Many Thanks!!
Brett Nation & RAYSURX - For the info on the 60 FPS game.  Thanks Guys!
MAVRIK - For additional info on who to beat in Burning Spirits mode to access
         Hiroshi Hase and Young Antonio Inoki
Joe @ Tronix - Thanks for getting the game to me so quickly during the busy 
	       Christmas period and putting up with all the phone calls
	       between October and December that started with "Do you have a
	       date for Toukon Retsuden 2 yet??"
John Roda - For the much appreciated legal advice.  Thieves beware!

And a big NO THANKS To:

	Activision - Besides the fact that they ruined a great game by 
	"Americanizing" it.  Next time you want to copy stuff out of one of
	my FAQ's you could at least ask.  It's embarassing to you manual
	writer and your company when there are passages of text that have
	been lifted directly from someone else's FAQ.  The least you could do
	is give me credit for it.  
	For those who don't understand what I'm talking about read my FAQ for 
	the original Toukon Retsuden then read Activision's manual for Power 
	Move Pro Wrestling you'll get a strange feeling of deja-vu at certain 
	points.  BTW,  Just for the record my FAQ was written and published 
	during January 1996.  Power Move Pro Wrestling came out November 14, 
	1996.  I'll leave the rest to you. 
	BTW, Activision, if you are reading this make sure you read the first
	section.  It's dedicated to you :)
*************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************