The King of The Fighters '95

                       Sony Playstation FAQ ver. 1.0


                       Tony Chin (kchin1@gl.umbc.edu)


Table of Contents

1. Introduction of what this is FAQ about
2. Codes
    2.1  Boss Code
    2.2  Win Demo Code
    2.3  Escape Code
    2.4  Extra Code?????
3. What Simple setting does
4. What Special setting does for each team
    4.1  Hero Team (Team Japan)
    4.2  Kyokugenryu Team (Team Mexico/Team Art of Fighting)
    4.3  Garou Team (Team Italy/Team Fatal Fury)
    4.4  Ikari Team (Team Brazil)
    4.5  Psycho Soldier (Team China)
    4.6  Kim's Team (Team Korea)
    4.7  Ladies Team (Team England)
    4.8  Rival Team (Team USA)
    4.9  Bosses
           4.9.1  Saisyu Kusanagi
           4.9.2  Omega Rugal
5. Special Endings
    5.1  No Continues On Level 8 Ending
    5.2  The Psycho Soldier Team Ending
6. Load Times and Glitches
    6.1 My timed Load times
        6.1.1  Intial Battle Load Time
        6.1.2  Changing Character Load Time (Not the same character)
        6.1.3  Changing Character Load Time when same character 
    6.2 My Encountered Glitches
    6.3 My Encountered Missing Frames of Animation from Arcade
7. Picture Quality
8. Acknowledgements


1. Introduction 

 What this FAQ is about are the options that are in the King of the 
Fighters '95 for the Sony Playstation [The Japanese Version (version 2.0 
will be the US version when the game is released)]. If you want a moves and 
story FAQ, I suggest getting Joseph Palanca's (jgpalanca@csupomona.edu) 
arcade FAQ. His FAQ has all the stories, qoutes, moves, and endings taken 
from the english arcade version. You can get his FAQ from him through 
e-mail or from the following FTP sites:
   sanar.kaiwan.com /users/dvillva
   ftp.netcom.com /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs
I highly recommend getting it, especially if you want to know what's 
going on the Japanese version and you can't read Japanese. Also, please 
excuse the errors that may be in this FAQ because its my 1st FAQ!!

2. Codes

2.1  The Boss Code
   This code happens to be the same one from the arcade. The button 
configuration is the same, no matter what configuration you change it to.
The Boss code goes as follows:
   1. Choose Team Edit "Yes"
   2. Hold Start while doing the moves listed in 3
   3. Up + Circle, Right + Square, Left + X, and Down + Triangle
   4. If it doesn't work, try again

2.2  The Win Demo Code
   This code allows you to shut off the Victory Picture, where the score 
is counted up and shows your team (or person) or shows the Team (or person) 
that beat you. The code really doesn't save that much by eliminating the 
Victory Picture. The Code is as follows:
   1. Go to Options
   2. Go to Configuration
   3. Press L1+L2+R1+R2 simultaneously
   4. You should hear a beep (sounds like entering the options) and the Win 
      Demo Menu will pop up
   5. You can toggle On or Off

2.3  The Escape Code
   This code allow you to exit the game at anytime (except during 
loading) to the Main Menu. The code is the following:
   1. Hold Circle, Square, X, and Triangle down
   2. While hold those 4 buttons down, hit select
   3. The Main Menu will appear

2.4  The Extra Code????
   There seems to be a slot for something else on the Extra Menu. Perhaps 
there is a code to save the bosses. Then again, maybe not. I tried the 
Win Demo code on this menu and heard the beep, only to realize that you can 
active Win Demo anywhere in the options.

3. What the Simple Setting does in the LR controls menu

      L1: Charge Desperation Move
      L2: Taunt
      R1: Dodge
      R2: Knockdown Attack

4. What the Special Setting does in the LR controls menu for each team

 4.1  The Hero Team (Team Japan)
       Kyo Kusanagi
         L1: Slow Fireball
         L2: Spinning Kick (The Single Kick Version, not Triple)
         R1: Small Dark Thrust (Flaming Uppercut)
         R2: New Wave Smash (Requires another kick button to finish)
       Benimaru Nikaido
         L1: Lighting Fist
         L2: Short Shinku Katategoma
         R1: Small Lighting Kick (Flash Kick-like)
         R2: Iaido Kick
         R2, then R1: Hando Sangari (Triple Kick)
       Goro Daimon
         L1: Mine Layer
         L2: Slam and Throw (Close)
         R1: Super Ukemi (Invulnerable Roll)
         R2: Trip Slam (Close)

 4.2  The Kyokugenryu Karate Team (Team Mexico/Team Art of Fighting)
       Ryo Sakazaki
         L1: Fast Tiger Flame/ Flying Tiger Flame (must jump first)
         L2: Kyokugenryu Dance (Close)
         R1: Big Koho (Uppercut)
         R2: Gale Kick (2-hit version)
       Robert Garcia
         L1: Fast Dragon Blast
         L2: Kyokugenryu Dance (Close)
         R1: Big Ryuga (Uppercut)
         R2: Flying Dragon Blast Kick (must jump first)
       Takuma Sakazaki
         L1: Fast Tiger Flame
         L2: Shoran Kick (Close)
         R1: Fast Haoh Shi Hoh Ken (The big fireball)
         R2: Gale Kick (2-hit version)

 4.3  The Garou Team (Team Italy/Team Fatal Fury)
       Terry Bogard
         L1: Fast Power Wave
         L2: Long Burn Knuckle
         R1: Big Power Dunk
         R2: Long Crack Shoot
       Andy Bogard
         L1: Fast Hisho Ken (Fireball)
         L2: Long Dam Breaker (4-hit combo, must press button constantly)
         R1: Fast Sho Ryu Dan (Uppercut)
         R2: Long Zan Ei Ken (Sliding Elbow)
       Joe Higashi
         L1: Fast Hurricane Upper
         L2: Long Golden Heel Kick
         R1: Big Tiger Knee
         R2: Long Slash Kick

 4.4  The Ikari Team (Team Brazil)
         L1: Slow Cross Cutter
         L2: Storm Bringer (Close)
         R1: Moon Slasher ("Kill")
         R2: Neck Roller
         L1: Vulcan Punch
         L2: Super Argentine Back Breaker (Close)
         R1: Gatling Attack
         R2: Small Blitzkrieg Punch
         L1: Vulcan Punch
         L2: Super Argentine Back Breaker (Close)
         R1: Gatling Attack
         R2: Super Arabian Burglary Back Breaker

 4.5  The Psycho Soldier Team (Team China)
       Chin Genzai
         L1: Long Gourd Attack
         L2: Long Rolling Punch
         R1: Short Burning Sake Punch (The combo spin)
         R2: Long Burning sake Punch
       Sie Kensou
         L1: Fast Super Bullet Attack [Note: Fast is twice is not a mistake]
         L2: Fast Super Bullet Attack/Dragon Talon Tear (must jump first)
         R1: Big Dragon Uppercut
         R2: Long Dragon's Fang
       Athena Asamiya
         L1: Fast Psycho Ball Attack  [Note:Same as Kensou]
         L2: Fast Psycho Ball Attack/Phoenix Arrow (must jump first)
         R1: Big Psycho Sword
         R2: Psycho Reflect

 4.6  The Kim Kaphwan Team (Team Korea)
       Kim Kaphwan
         L1: Short Crescent Moon Slash
         L2: Short Comet Cruncher
         R1: Small Flying Slice
         R2: Small Angle Flying Stomp (must jump first)
       Chang Koehan
         L1: Faster Breaking Iron Ball
         L2: Nothing
         R1: Small Flying Ball Breaker (Backflop)
         R2: Spinning Iron Ball
       Choi Bounge
         L1: Short Kaiten Hienzan (Roll)
         L2: Short Flying Monkey Slice (Spinning Drill)
         R1: Small Hurricane Cutter 
         R2: Small Angle Soaring Kick (Stomp)

 4.7  The Ladies Team (Team England)
         L1: Fast Venom Strike
         L2: Fast Double Strike
         R1: Trap Shot
         R2: Long Tornado Kick
       Mai Shiranui
         L1: Slow Kacho Sen
         L2: Ryu En Bu (1-hit)/Flying Squirrel Dance (must jump first)
         R1: Ryu En Bu (1-hit flame spin) [note: Same as Kensou]
         R2: Small Flying Dragon Blast
       Yuri Sakazaki
         L1: Slow Tiger Flame
         L2: Hundred Slaps (Close)
         R1: Small Yuri Super Upper (1-hit)
         R2: Small Angle Rai Koh Ken (Air fireball)

 4.8  The Rival Team
       Iori Yagami
         L1: Fast Fireball
         L2: Long Deadly Flower (3-hit combo, must hit button constantly)
         R1: Big Dark Thrust (uppercut)
         R2: Long Dark Cresent Slice (Run 'n Grab)
       Eiji Kisara
         L1: Long Mist Slash 
         L2: Fast Bone Cutter (Run 'n Slash)
         R1: Fast Steel Wave Slasher
         R2: Long Reflect
       Billy Kane
         L1: Club Blow
         L2: Club Twist
         R1: Sparrow Drop
         R2: Super Power Club (Pole Vault)

 4.9 The Bosses
     4.9.1  Saisyu Kusanagi
               L1: Fast Fireball
               L2: Nothing
               R1: Big Dark Thrust
               R2: Wave Smash
     4.9.2  Omega Rugal
               L1: Fast Reppuken
               L2: Genocide Cutter
               R1: Fast Kaiser Wave
               R2: Long Dark Crystal Reflector

5. Special Endings

 5.1 The No Continues on Level 8 Ending
      After you beat the game and the credits go by, the game shows a 
table with Black and White Sketches of all the teams. Then the screen 
fades to show Kyo with his back turned. Japanese words are scrolling on 
the bottom (I can't read Japanese, but the words King of the Fighters 
comes up). Then Kyo turns from color to B/W and he turns his shoulder to 
face the screen. Fade out and words "See you next King of the Fighters" 

 5.2 The Psycho Soldier Ending
      Just like the Neo Geo CD versions of KOF'94 and KOF'95, Team China 
does a little concert during the credits. Chin is on Drums (sneaking a 
drink every once in a while), Kensou is on the Electric Guitar, and 
Athena is Singing (she is dressed in her school-girl outfit). The song is 
in Japanese.

6. My Timed Load Times and Encountered Glitches
 6.1 The Load Times
    The numbers varied alot when taking down the many numbers. I noticed 
that character native to the stages loaded faster. So a good tip would be 
when playing 2-player game, start with the character the stage belongs to 
(The first person the 2nd player picks will be the stage).
    6.1.1  Initial Battle Load Time: 18.60 seconds averaged
             Initial with native Characters: 14.80 Seconds averaged   
    6.1.2  Changing Character Load Time: 8.67 Seconds averaged
             Changing with native Character: 5.55 Seconds averaged
    6.1.3  Changing Character when same a opponent Load Time: 3.45 sec avg
             Changing same opponent that's native: 2.80 seconds averaged 

 6.2  My Encountered Glitches
    1. Slow Down when 2 Long Desperation Moves are going. (e.g. Choi's 
tornado and Joe's Screw Upper).
    2. Slow Down when a Desperation Move and charing up at same time.
    3. Ralf/Clark against Ralf/Clark Computer. I jump in the air towards 
the computer at the same time the computer jumps towards me, then it 
chops to the computer Vulcan Punching me.
    4. Computer can double pump an Uppercut. I had a computer Athena, 
Andy and Rugal do this. It looks like they start to uppercut and then 
start to uppercut again. This makes them almost invulnerable due to 
fireball/uppercut trap; lucky the AI in the PSX version is stupid.
    5. Computer Andy has on numerous occassions done a double desperation 
move on me before I hit the ground. Needless to say it kills me. 
    6. I jumped in when Computer Yuri did her Air Fireball and did not 
attack. She instantly appeared under me and walked under me.
 6.3 My Encounter Missing Frames of Animation from the Arcade
    1. The teams in the background don't move constantly. They only move 
when their teammate gets hit or make a hit.
    2. Daimon's Mine Layer does not make the teams in the background 
bounce up.
    3. Eiji's Desperation Move does not contain knife slashing.
    4. Character may move less fluidly than the arcade, but you get used 
to it and it seem like the real thing.

7. My Observations on Picture Quality
    1. One thing the PSX version has over the Neo Geo is clear 
backgrounds. Neo Geo's Background tend to be "blocky" (e.g., the Ladies 
Stage) while the PSX's backgrounds are more hi-res.
    2. PSX characters are a little blurred. What I mean is that they 
don't look as defined as the Neo Geo.
    3. Overall, I think it PSX version is a good home translation. This 
is coming from a guy, who literally spend over a hundred dollars in the 

8. Acknowledgements

Thanks to:
    Joseph Palanca (jgpalanca@csupomona.edu) for his Arcade FAQ, which 
        helped with the names of the moves,etc.

    Rex Racer (Raysurx@msn.com) for the post to rec.games.video.sony that
        gave the code for the Win Demo.

    And of course, those Brilliant People at SNK!!!!!!!!

*************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************