Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde FAQ
Copyright 2003 Patrick Fortune

Note: If you are skilled in using ASCII art, please feel free to send in
something for me to put here at PJ688@comcast.net. I will of course give credit
in the appropriate section. =)

Table of Contents:

I.	Introduction and future plans
II.	Story
III.	Version History
IV.	Game basics
        A.  Basic controls
        B.  Resources
        C.  Managing your troops
V.	The Clans
        A.  Stonekrusher
        B.  Hellfire
        C.  Stormbringer
        D.  Plaguespitter
        E.  Nighthorde
VI.	Structures
VII.	Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)
VIII.	Help Needed
IX.	Legal Crap
X.	Credits

                  I.	Introduction and Future Plans

Hello there! =) This is my first-ever FAQ (and second-ever contribution) to
GameFaqs. I am NOT, however, new to the gamefaqs community, and I have been
posting on numerous boards for a while. Any tips, suggestions, corrections,
questions, or (constructive) criticism may be sent to me at PJ688@comcast.net.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the title of your e-mail "Goblin commander" or
something very similar, as I get lots of spam e-mail and having a subject that
sticks out would help me sort through it.

In the future I hope to make a walkthrough for this game. By the time I do,
however, there will probably already be one up on the site. But mine will be
better, damn it! BETTER I SAY!

Note to self: take medication prescribed by doctor.

Anyways, ON WITH THE SHOW!! =)

                               II.	The Story

Note: If you want the "official" story written by the creators of the game
themselves, read the manual that comes with it. Or, maybe the website has it.
Look in the credits for the website. The following is my version, with a couple
of phrases taken from the book to show important elements of the story.

The great human wizard Fraziel, combining his power with that of the five
moons, created five goblin clans to build his "Great Machine." He promised that
if they succeeded in creating this machine, they would be given power beyond
their imagining.

To guide and protect each clan, Fraziel created a chief, and granted each chief
the power of the moon that created him. These children of the moon were given
the ability to control members of their clan directly, or to meld with the
moonlight and direct the entire clan from above.

Grommel of the stonekrusher clan was first to be born. With the power of the
white moon Froxx, he led his clan deep into the earth to uncover stone and
metals for the Great Machine.

Grax was second to be born unto the world. With his Hellfire clan, and the
powers of the red moon Heelinx, he cleared entire sections of the great Ogriss
forest. With some of this lumber he constructed settlements within the forest,
and the rest he sent to his master to aid with the Great Machine.
Faine was next, and he used the power of the blue moon Trist to study the
phenomenon that is electricity. Aided by his Stormbringer clan, he build great
centers of study atop the frozen peaks, and any knowledge he discovered was
shared with his master, Fraziel, in the hopes of using it in the construction
of the Great Machine.
Syst of the green moon Phoust was next. He and his Plaguespitter clan resided
in the swamps, where they gathered rare plants and studied toxicology. They
used this knowledge to make fierce war upon their enemies and to create fuel
for the Great Machine.
Naxus was last to be created, and Fraziel gave him the power of the purple moon
Farthis. He and his dreadful Nighthorde clan scrounged long-forgotten
battlefields and ruined cities for the remains of ancient wisdom and lore, and
used whatever they could find to benefit themselves.
For a long time, the five clans lived in perfect harmony, each carrying out
their duties to their master to aid in the construction of the machine that he
promised would change them forever.

But then something horrible happened, and Fraziel was quite suddenly dead.
Grommel, who was with his master when it happened, sought the aid of the other
clans to find out what had happened. But, the other clans blamed Grommel for
their master's death, and he was forced to battle them to make them submit.

It is up to you to unite the clans, and unleash the horde upon your enemies!

III.	Version History

  Version 1.00 (November 20, 2003):
    -The first version! YAAAY!
    -Set up the FAQ, put in all the basic stuff
    -I have unit/upgrade/titan/turret costs for all of Stonekrusher,
     almost all of Hellfire, and most of Stormbringer. Currently I am not far
     enough in the game to provide the rest, so I'll update it as I progress,
     or as I receive information from other players
  Version 1.10 (November 23, 2003)
    -Finished up with Hellfire and Stormbringer research and unit costs.
    -Started on Plaguespitter research and unit costs
    -Discovered that you may only have one support unit per type at a time.
     Updated the FAQ accordingly =)
    -Became experienced with Stormbringer and provided my opinion in the "My
     Opinion" sections of their units
  Version 2.00 (November 27, 2003)
    -The guide FINALLY got posted on GamFaqs. It looked very neat and organized
     in Microsoft Word, but it came out very ugly on GameFaqs. I've fixed it
     and I will be using Notepad from now on.
    -Finished up almost all ofPlaguespitter research and recruitment costs, and
     put in most of Nighthorde's costs.

IV.	Game Basics

-------------------------------A. Basic controls------------------------------

In this ENTIRE document, the following will be my abbreviations for buttons:

S -> the square button
T -> the triangle button
C -> the circle button

The others (start, X, L1, R2, etc.) are pretty self-explanatory. Ok, so here
are the controls:

Left analog stick: used to move the cursor, or the unit or titan you are in
control of.

Right analog stick: zoom in/out. When in control of a unit or titan, used to
rotate the camera as well.

X, S, C: Used to direct the clan associated with the button. For example, lets
say S was assigned to the Hellfire clan, and X was assigned to Stonekrusher.
Press S on the ground to make the entire Hellfire clan move there. Press it on
a structure, enemy, or on debris to make the entire clan attack that object.
Press it over one of your own buildings to make the entire clan defend it. If
you want both clans to do the same thing on the same target, you have to press
S and then X (or vice-versa) on that target.

X: Press when inside a damaged clanshrine or hall of the titans to repair it.
Press when the cursor is over a moongate that you control to teleport to it.

T: When the cursor is over a destroyed building, it rebuilds it, for a cost of
gold. When the cursor is over a defense structure (also called a "turret"), it
destroys it (you DO NOT get your resources back). When over an already-
constructed clanshrine, hall of the titans, alchemist's shop, or observatory,
it allows you to enter that building. When over a unit, it allows you to take
control of that unit, which automatically makes the entire clan follow that
unit. When over a titan, it takes control of the titan (controls unique to
each titan are listen in "The Clans").

When in control of a unit or titan, hold L1 and double-tap a clan button to
make that clan follow you. Multiple clans may follow you at once.

R2: Uses item in the right inventory slot
L2: Uses item in the left inventory slot

Directional pad:
  Right: Shows mission objectives
  Down: Takes the camera to the last ping
  Up: cycles through home markers
      NOTE: Hold L1 and press Up to set home markers
  Left: Access help screen

--------------------------------B. Resources----------------------------------

To purchase upgrades, create units, repair or rebuild structures, make
turrets, or buy items from observatories and alchemists, you need resources.
There are only two resources in the game:

         1. Souls
            How to acquire:
                 -kill units
                 -find and destroy a cache
                 -find and take over a soul fountain
                 -The Nighthorde's witch doctor can steal them

            How it's used:
                 -Creating units
                 -Some units require souls to be unlocked
                 -Some turrets require souls to be built
                 -Purchasing items
         2. Gold
            How to acquire:
                 -Destroy enemy buildings
                 -Destroy debris (type of debris depends on the
                  area you are in)
            How it's used:
                 -Mostly for upgrading
                 -Unlocking new units requires mostly gold
                 -Purchasing items
                 -Repairing and rebuilding your buildings

-----------------------------C. Managing your troops---------------------------

These are a few assorted tips on how to carry out a battle successfully:

-Destroy every single piece of debris you come across as soon as possible and
BUY UPGRADES. 10 goblins with level 3 armor are MUCH MUCH MUCH harder to kill
than goblins with none, and the sooner you get these upgrades, the easier the
mission becomes.

-As soon as you are able, get a support unit. One (or possibly more) from each
clan should be with you at all times. And DON'T forget to upgrade your support
unit's abilities in the clanshrine.

-Don't be afraid to use turrets if the situation demands it. If you are off
collecting resources or securing an area, but enemies are still coming at your
base from a different direction, protect it with turrets. If you have to go to
a place that can only be accessed by warping (via moongates), leave a titan
behind, as well.

-USE TITANS. They can wreak massive damage upon your enemy. Take control of it
and have your troops follow you, then go whack some baddies =)

-When you get access to a new clan, see to your defenses and then explore the
clanshrine a bit. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your new goblins and
plan accordingly. Also remember that you may not get all five of the goblin
types on the first mission you have that clan. Check for new units each mission
until the clanshrine is full.

-If you come upon an enemy turret, USUALLY (but NOT always) it is best to
ignore enemy units and take out the turret first. If there is a titan, take
that out, then the turrets, then the units. This is much easier if you have all
your upgrades.

-Use a clan's strength to your advantage. For example, early on you may want to
use Stonekrusher Pitbosses to do the heavy meleeing while Hellfire bombardiers
and hunters are blasting the enemy to bits.

-Use runes! The green ones with a heart heal your units. Others damage or
incapacitate enemies for a limited time. The yellow one with an eye clears a
patch of the fog of war, and the blue shield increases your units' armor for a
limited time.

-Pay attention to the mini-map and the pings that appear on it.
   Blips (small squares on the mini-map):
     -Green = Friendly unit/structure
     -Red = Enemy unit/structure
     -Yellow = gold
     -Blue = soul fountain/soul cache

   Pings (rotating, circular symbols on the mini-map):
     -Green = You have captured a structure
     -Yellow = The enemy is attacking one of your units/structures
     -Red = The enemy has captured/destroyed one of your structures

-Use the help screen if you are new and don't know what a certain object is or
how to use it. To do this, place you cursor over the object and press Left on
the control pad.

                                V.	The Clans

The five clans, Stonekrusher, Hellfire, Stormbringer, Plaguespitter, and
Nighthorde, each have 5 unique goblins (four combat and one support), a turret,
and a titan. The following sections will list those units and give details on

Cost to unlock = the amount of resources it takes to unlock a unit. A unit must
be unlocked once at the beginning of each level before it can be recruited.
NOTE: "N/A" listed in this category means you never have to unlock the unit;
you always start with the ability to recruit it.
Cost to recruit = the amount of resources needed to create one of this unit.

Combat = Damage done
Toughness = How much damage can be sustained
Attack = Type of weapon/attack used
Bonuses = Certain advantages of the unit

NOTE: I, like the manual, will use "Poor", "Average," "Good," and "Excellent"
to rate  combat and toughness. Excellent > Good > Average > Poor.

Furthermore, each clan has an overall strength against another clan, and an
overall weakness versus another. I will provide these strengths and weaknesses
as well.

--------------------------------A. Stonekrusher--------------------------------

The stonekrusher clan was made by Fraziel to collect stone and precious metal
for the great machine. It is strongest against the Nighthorde clan, and weakest
against the Stormbringers.

         Clan-chief: Grommel
         Moon: White moon Froxx


           1.	Miner: Basic melee unit

                Cost to unlock: N/A
                Cost to recruit: 6 souls

                Combat: Average
                Toughness: Good
                Attack: Blunt
                Bonuses: -Armor vs. Piercing
                         -Excellent vs. Structures

                My opinion: The miner is good to use only when you have a
                very limited supply of souls, or in the early game when it's
                the only melee unit you have access to. The damage versus
                buildings is nice, but it's best to use better melee units
                for this clan, and then use the ranged attacks of other clans
                to take out buildings.

           2.	Rock Thrower: Basic range unit

                Cost to unlock: N/A
                Cost to recruit: 8 souls

                Combat: Good
                Toughness: Average
                Attack: Blunt
                Bonus: Chance to knock a unit back (not including titans)

                My opinion: Only use this unit when the stonekrusher clan is
                all you have. After you get hellfire, which is MADE for
                ranged combat, start training only melee stonekrushers.

           3.	Lugger: Melee unit

                Cost to unlock: 30 gold
                Cost to recruit: 10 souls

                Combat: Good
                Toughness: Good
                Attack: Blunt
                Bonus: Chance to stun the target

                My opinion: The pitboss is much better, and not much more

           4.	Pitboss: Melee unit

                Cost to unlock: 40 gold
                Cost to recruit: 14 souls

                Combat: Excellent
                Toughness: Excellent
                Attack: Blunt
                Bonus: Chance to kill target instantly

                My opinion: The pitboss is the best tank of the clans,
                besides Nighthorde. The chance to kill instantly is a good
                enough reason to get these guys, not even looking at their
                other stats. Fully upgraded and in large groups, these guys
                wreak havoc and are tough to kill. Team up 10 upgraded
                Pitbosses with some upgraded ranged units from another clan,
                and you have a very powerful force.

           5.	Drummer: Support unit

                Cost to unlock: 50 gold
                Cost to recruit: 12 souls

                Combat: None
                Toughness: Excellent
                Attack: None
                Bonus: Heals nearby units

                My opinion: Never leave home without him. A fully upgraded
                drummer can heal your entire army after a battle in only a
                few seconds.


           1.	Damage:
                -First level: 20 gold
                -Second level: 60 gold
                -Third level: 150 gold

           2.	Armor:
               -First level: 30 gold
               -Second level: 50 gold
               -Third level: 150 gold

           3.	Healing (Drummer):
               -First level: 40 gold
               -Second level: 80 gold
               -Third level: 140 gold

       Stonekrusher turret: Rock lobber

               Cost: 40 gold
               Description: Throws big ol' boulders at the enemy. How fun!

        Stonekrusher titan: Stone Ogre

               Cost: 140 souls
               Description: The ogres lost a war with the Goblins and now
                            they serve them eternally.

               Unique controls:
                   X: Swing your club forward to bash the enemy
                   C: Swing your club around to knock the enemy around
                   S: Pick up and eat a small creature to restore health.
                      Note: If there are no enemy units around when you
                            press this button, and one of your own units
                            is in front of you, YOU WILL EAT THAT UNIT.
                            You have been warned.

---------------------------------B. Hellfire-----------------------------------

Fraziel brought forth the Hellfire clan to harvest lumber for his Great
Machine. Hellfire is strongest against Plaguespitter and weakest against

         Clan-chief: Grax
         Moon: Red moon Heelinx


            1.	Lumberjack: Basic melee unit

                Cost to unlock: N/A
                Cost to recruit: 7 souls

                Combat: Good
                Toughness: Good
                Attack: Slashing
                Bonus: Armor vs. Slashing damage

                My opinion: Worthless, worthless, worthless. NEVER use this
                guy. Not even to save resources (the archer costs the same
                amount). The Hellfire clan was built for ranged warfare. Leave
                the melee to another clan.

            2.	Archer: Basic ranged unit

                Cost to unlock: N/A
                Cost to recruit: 7 souls

                Combat: Good
                Toughness: Poor
                Attack: Piercing
                Bonus: Armor vs. Piercing damage

                My opinion: Only use him when you have just gotten Hellfire and
                you only have the first two units, or when you need to save
                resources. Upgraded, it is still relatively powerful, but get
                hunters and bombardiers over these if you can.

            3.	Hunter: Ranged unit

                Cost to unlock: 30 souls, 20 gold
                Cost to recruit: 12 souls

                Combat: Excellent
                Toughness: Poor
                Attack: Piercing
                Bonus: Chance to kill target instantly

                My opinion: These are excellent units. Take some of these along
                for combat, along with a few bombardiers to take out buildings (I
                usually take 6 hunters, 3 bombardiers, and a scout).

            4.	Bombardier: Ranged unit

                Cost to unlock: 45 souls, 25 gold
                Cost to recruit: 12 souls

                Combat: Good
                Toughness: Average
                Attack: Piercing
                Bonuses: -Area damage (splash)
                         -Excellent vs. Structures

                My opinion: Always take a few of these along to take out the
                buildings. The splash damage helps as well.  See "My Opinion"
                for the hunter for a recommendation on how many to bring.

            5.	Scout: Support Unit

                Cost to unlock: 60 souls, 30 gold
                Cost to recruit: 10 souls

                Combat: None
                Toughness: Good
                Attack: None
                Bonuses: Increases range of vision

                My opinion: Not the best support unit. I have found that my
                units attack enemies whom I wish to avoid when I have a scout
                with me. However, it may be useful in certain situations.


             1.	Damage:
                -First level: 40 gold
                -Second level: 90 gold
                -Third level: 140 gold

             2.	Range:
                -First level: 30 gold
                -Second level: 60 gold
                -Third level: 80 gold

             3.	Vision (Scout):
                -First level: 50 gold
                -Second level: 80 gold
                -Third level: 100 gold

       Hellfire turret: Lens Cannon

                Cost: 10 souls, 35 gold
                Description: Two lenses made from sap use light to blast the
                             baddies to bits.

        Hellfire titan: Warpigpult

                Cost: 90 souls, 25 gold
                Description: These war pigs were once very docile creatures, but
                             were corrupted when the Hellfire clan captured them
                             and put catapults on their backs.

                Unique controls:
                     Right analog stick: Rotate the catapult
                     Hold and press X/pull back and release right analog stick:
                     Fire the catapult
                     S: Switch between Rock and Fire ammo.

---------------------------------C. Stormbringer-------------------------------

Fraziel created the Stormbringer clan to harness the power of electricity for
his Great Machine. Stormbringer is strongest against stonekrusher and weakest
against Plaguespitter.

        Clan-chief: Faine
        Moon: Blue moon Trist


            1.	Acolyte: Basic melee unit

                Cost to unlock: N/A
                Cost to recruit: 7 souls

                Combat: Average
                Toughness: Average
                Attack: Blunt
                Bonus: Chance to knock back the target

                My opinion: Just as worthless as the Hellfire's lumberjack.
                Leave the melee to clans like Stonekrusher.

            2.	Conjurer: Basic ranged unit

                Cost to unlock: N/A
                Cost to recruit: 7 souls

                Combat: Average
                Toughness: Average
                Attack: Piercing
                Bonuses: -Armor vs. Blunt
                         -Chance to stun the target

                My Opinion: I actually prefer this unit over the Pyro Mage,
                but it's still not as good as the Ice mage.

            3.	Pyro Mage: Short-Ranged unit

                Cost to unlock: 30 souls, 20 gold
                Cost to recruit: 9 souls

                Combat: Good
                Toughness: Average
                Attack: Fire
                Bonuses: -Area damage (splash damage)
                         -Excellent vs. Structure

                My Opinion: This unit gets killed way too easily because of its
                short range. Sure, it's good versus structures, but you can get
                Hellfire bombardiers, Stonekrusher miners, or anything else
                Excellent vs. Structures for that, and they will last longer.
                The Bombardiers are too far back to get hit much, and the
                miners can have their armor upgraded. The Pyro mages have
                neither of those advantages.

            4.	Ice mage: Ranged unit

                Cost to unlock: 30 souls, 20 gold
                Cost to recruit: 9 souls

                Combat: Good
                Toughness: Excellent
                Attack: Ice
                Bonus: -Chance to freeze the target

                My opinion: The Ice mage is much better than the Pyro Mage,
                simply because it has a longer range, with pretty much the same
                attack power (Ice mages don't get splash damage, however). Plus,
                they can freeze a target, rendering them helpless. =)

            5.	Wind mage: Support unit

                Cost to unlock: 120 souls, 10 gold
                Cost to recruit: 11 souls

                Combat: None
                Toughness: Good
                Attack: None
                Bonus: Armor bonus to friendly units

                My Opinion: The crazy amount of souls needed for this is
                entirely worth it. Even with no upgrades your units are tougher
                to kill, and at level 3 they are near-unstoppable =)


            1.	Damage:
                -First level: 40 gold
                -Second level: 80 gold
                -Third level: 120 gold

            2.	Health:
                -First level: 10 souls, 30 gold
                -Second level: 10 souls, 70 gold
                -Third level: 10 souls, 110 gold

            3.	Shield (Wind mage):
                -First level: 10 souls, 30 gold
                -Second level: 10 souls, 70 gold
                -Third level: 10 souls, 110 gold

       Stormbringer turret: Tesla coil

                Cost: 20 souls, 30 gold
                Description: Metal tower with a sphere on top that blasts enemies
                             with an electrical charge.

       Stormbringer titan: Lightning Elemental

                Cost: 80 souls, 30 gold
                Description: Made of metal rods that have been animated by the
                             Stormbringer clan, these creatures mindlessly destroy
                             all of their enemies with fearsome electrical attacks.

                Unique controls:
                    X: Shock enemies in front of you with electricity
                    S: Start a whirlwind attack

--------------------------------D. Plaguespitter-------------------------------
Created by Fraziel to use herbs to fuel his Great Machine, this clan uses
poison to slowly kill their enemy even after their defeat. The Plaguespitter
clan is strongest against Stormbringer and weakest against Hellfire.

       Clan-Chief: Syst
       Moon: Green moon Phoust


            1.	Cropper: Basic melee unit

                Cost to unlock: N/A
                Cost to recruit: 4 souls

                Combat: Average
                Toughness: Good
                Attack: Slashing
                Bonuses: -Armor vs. Blunt
                         -Chance to slow target

                My Opinion: The cropper, like all basic melees, is fairly weak.
                If you can, use Nighthorde or Stonekursher units to melee.

            2.	Savage: Basic, short-ranged unit

                Cost to unlock: N/A
                Cost to recruit: 5 souls

                Combat: Average
                Toughness: Average
                Attack: Piercing
                Bonuses: -Acid
                         -Chance to kill the target instantly

                My Opinion: The savage is weak as well, but a good balance of
                plaguespitter units (besides the cropper) seems to work best.
                Bring one or two of these guys along.

            3.	Bile Spitter: Melee unit

                Cost to unlock: 60 souls
                Cost to recruit: 10 souls

                Combat: Average
                Toughness: Excellent
                Attack: Corrosion
                Bonuses: -Acid
                         -Area damage (splash)

                My Opinion: These guys look really cool (large snail-like
                things with a goblin on their backs)! As said above, I like to
                use a good balance of Plaguespitters, so about 3 or 4 of these
                is always appropriate for your army.

            4.	Shaman: Ranged unit

                Cost to unlock: 120 souls
                Cost to recruit: ?

                Combat: Good
                Toughness: Good
                Attack: Piercing
                Bonuses: -Acid
                         -Area damage (splash)
                         -Chance to knock the target back

                My Opinion: The shaman is a very powerful unit, especially when
                upgraded. Fill up what space is not used by Bile spitters or
                Savages with these guys. 4-6 seems about right.

            5.	Spore fiend: Support Unit

                Cost to unlock: 150 souls
                Cost to recruit: ?

                Combat: Average
                Toughness: Excellent
                Attack: Corrosion
                Bonuses: -Poison
                         -Weakens enemy armor

                My Opinion: ALWAYS take one with you. He makes your enemies
                easy to kill, and he gets better and better with upgrades.


            1.	Acid:
                -First level: 15 souls, 35 gold
                -Second level: 15 souls, 70 gold
                -Third level: 15 souls, 105 gold

            2.	Speed:
                -First level: 10 gold
                -Second level: 40 gold
                -Third level: 140 gold

            3.	Plague (Spore fiend):
                -First level: 40 gold
                -Second level: 80 gold
                -Third level: 140 gold

       Plaguespitter turret: Hive

            Cost: 30 souls, 25 gold
            Description: The Plaguespitter hives contain poisonous flies that
                         attack enemies.

       Plaguespitter titan: Green Slime

            Cost: 70 souls, 35 gold
            Description: Strange globs of acid that have allied themselves with
                         the Plaguespitter goblins that destroy units and
                         buildings simply by touching them.
            Unique controls:
                 Dissolve units/structures by moving into them. The more you
                 dissolve, the larger you grow. Once you have grown, press
                 S to explode and damage things around you.

----------------------------------E. Nighthorde--------------------------------
It is unknown why Fraziel created the Nighthorde clan, and today they use
whatever they scrounge to benefit themselves alone. Nighthorde is strongest
against Hellfire and weakest against Stonekrusher.

         Clan-Chief: Naxus
         Moon: Purple moon Farthis


            1.	Scrounger: Basic melee unit

                Cost to unlock: N/A
                Cost to recruit: 7 souls

                Combat: Good
                Toughness: Good
                Attack: Soul
                Bonus: Chance to loot the corpse of a dead enemy

                My Opinion: Worthless. Dont even use it, unless Nighthorde is
                all you have and you need something cheap to keep enemies off
                of your ranged guys.

            2.	Reaper: Basic Ranged unit

                Cost to unlock: N/A
                Cost to recruit: 7 souls

                Combat: Average
                Toughness: Average
                Attack: Piercing
                Bonuses: -Triple Shot
                         -Chance to knock the target back

                My Opinion: Definetly not as good as Hellfire or Plaguespitter
                ranged units, but if you dont have those, bring a couple of
                these along.

            3.	Cannibal: Melee Unit

                Cost to unlock: 30 gold
                Cost to recruit: 10 souls

                Combat: Excellent
                Toughness: Excellent
                Attack: Slashing
                Bonuses: -Chance to regain health
                         -Chance to kill the target instantly

                My Opinion: I like a good mix of Cannibals and Grave Robbers.
                Both units are good tanks, so use Cannibals for their instant-
                kill, and the Grave Robbers to knock down buildings. Bring 3-5
                of these along with your army.

            4.	Grave robber: Melee unit

                Cost to unlock: 50 gold
                Cost to recruit: 12 souls

                Combat: Excellent
                Toughness: Excellent
                Attack: Blunt
                Bonus: Extra damage vs. Structures

                My Opinion: Again, mix them up with Cannibals. Fill up the rest
                of your army with them, but save room for the Witch Doctor if
                you can afford him.

            5.	Witch Doctor: Support unit

                Cost to unlock: 120 souls
                Cost to recruit: 12 souls

                Combat: Poor
                Toughness: Excellent
                Attack: Soul
                Bonus: Chance to steal souls

                My Opinion: He doesnt provide much in the way of combat damage,
                but the extra souls are always nice. Always take one along,
                unless you have a lot of soul fountains and more souls than you


            1.	Damage:
                -First level: 60 gold
                -Second level: 90 gold
                -Third level: 130 gold

            2.	Armor:
                -First level: 40 gold
                -Second level: 90 gold
                -Third level: 120 gold

            3.	Soul steal (Witch doctor):
                -First level: 20 souls, 30 gold
                -Second level: 20 souls, 60 gold
                -Third level: 20 souls, 90 gold

        Nighthorde Turret: Soul Vortex

             Cost: 40 souls, 20 gold
             Description: This portal to the netherworld sucks the soul out of
                          enemy units.

        Nighthorde Titan: Battle Ball

             Cost: ?
             Description: Metal ball with sharp spikes that can explode and
                          jump through the air.
             Unique controls:
                 X: Jump
                 S: Detonate
                 To attack an enemy unit or structure, ram into it.
                             VI.	Structures

Throughout the many lands in Goblin Commander, there are several buildings with
several functions:

1.	Clanshrine

Each clan has its own clanshrine. You have one in your base for each
clan under your command. Inside of these buildings, you may unlock
and/or recruit goblins of the clanshrine's clan, and you may purchase
upgrades for those goblins. Clanshrines can be destroyed.

2.	Hall of the Titans

You have only one Hall of the Titans in your base. In it, you may
purchase a clan's Titan or Turret, as long as that clan is under your
control. To place a turret, select it in the Hall of the Titans,
choose a valid place on the ground to put it, and press X. The Hall
of the Titans can be destroyed.

3.	Observatory

Once you have captured it, you may buy Moonstones from the
Observatory. Moonstones enhance the fighting capabilities of its
corresponding clan for a short duration. You may buy as many
moonstones as you want, provided you have the gold and the enemy does
not recapture the Observatory. Also, you may only have two items at
once. Observatories cannot be destroyed.

4.	Alchemist's Shop

Once captured, the Alchemist's shop provides you with inexpensive
runestones. Each runestone has a different effect. You may buy as
many as you want, provided you have enough gold and the enemy does
not recapture the Alchemist's shop. Also, you may only have two items
at once. Alchemist's Shops cannot be destroyed.

5.	Soul fountain

Once captured, the soul fountain provides you with a flow of souls.
At first the flow of souls is relatively fast, but later it slows
down. The more soul fountains under your control, the more souls you
steadily get. Soul fountains can be recaptured, but not destroyed.

6.	Scout Towers

Once captured, scout towers provide a wide range of sight in their
area. They can be recaptured, but not destroyed.

              VII.	Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: How do I capture a structure?
A: Easy. Kill all enemies around it, then stand a unit close to it for a while.
A green ping will appear on the mini-map signifying its capture.

Q: What is the maximum number of units I can have?
A: You may have 10 regular goblin units (including support units) from each
clan at a time, and you may only control 3 clans at a time. You may also have
one titan, and three turrets. So, that's 34 units total, unless you count
turrets as units (I don't), in which case the max would be 37.

There will be more frequently asked questions as soon as more questions are
asked - frequently! =) See "Help Needed" for how to contact me.

                            VIII.	Help Needed

I can't do it all by myself! These are the things I need, and anyone who sends
in helpful information will get their name posted in the Credits section:

    1.	I need more tips for the "Managing your troops" section

    2.	If anyone sends in a strategy for a particular level, or even a
        general strategy for that matter, I'll make a "Strategies" section.
        Eventually, if I write a walkthrough, I'll include them in that

    3.	I need more questions for the Frequently Asked Questions section. I
        would prefer it if you guys made sure the question isn't answered
        somewhere else in the FAQ, but if enough silly folks ask the same
        silly question, I'll post under Frequently Asked Questions.

    4.	Any other information you think this FAQ could use. If it's about
        Goblin Commander, and will help people beat or understand the game,
        it will most likely end up in the FAQ

If you have something that could help this FAQ grow more complete, send it to
PJ688@comcast.net. MAKE SURE that the subject has "Goblin Commander" or
something VERY similar to that in it, so I can easily sort through all the junk
I get. Please include your alias (what you want to be listed in the credits as)
somewhere in the e-mail.

I thank you all in advance for your help!!

                         IX.	Legal Crap

Sigh. this part is so boring. Anyway, here it goes:

This document is copyright 2003 by Patrick Fortune. This document may not be
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance
written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

In short: Don't use my FAQ unless you just want to beat the game, or unless
you've gotten my permission first.

                              X.	Credits

The following folks have helped get this FAQ to where it is now, and I would
like to thank them =) :

GameFaqs, for hosting my site.                           www.gamefaqs.com

Jaleco Entertainment, for making such a cool game        www.jaleco.com

Me, PJ688, for making this guide =)