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|                   Author: Alex Eagleson (A I e x)                          |
|                   Began: May 24th, 2004                                    |
|                   Completed: Unknownh, 2005                                |
|                   Email: StarOceanDC(at)gmail(dot)com                      |
|                   University of Guelph, Ontario                            |

Note:  This FAQ is spoiler-free, so please read and enjoy every 
bit of this non-game spoiling information, with my thanks.

Also I would just like to begin the guide with an extra special thanks to 
TeenageCatgirlInHeat, creator of the miracle information topic on the La 
Pucelle message board, and without whose help this guide would not have 
been possible.

Version History:

1.00 - I wrote the whole guide.  Yeah.

1.01 - Added version history and stream priority sections, along with a 
couple new diagrams.  Spelling erros fixed which added even more names to
my long list of credits.

1.02 - Updated my email


A couple years before Disgaea: Hour of Darkness hit store shelves, a game 
that took strategy RPG fans by storm, Nippon Ichi released another SRPG by 
the title of La Pucelle (or La Pucelle: Tactics in North America.)  Thanks 
to the fine localization work done by the people at Mastiff  LLC, we've 
finally had a chance to experience it here in NA.

Disgaea brought us an innovative twist on the classic SRPG battle system 
with its "Geo Panels." Well this FAQ is designed to assist in the 
understanding,  manipulating and combo-ing of La Pucelle's answer to Geo 
Panels, the dark portals.  These little coloured streams of energy you'll 
find in virtually all levels can be a bit intimidating at first, but with 
practice, setting up purification streams and circular streams known as 
miracles, can provide not only huge benefits to your equipment and 
weaponry, but it's also a lot of fun too.  :)

Good luck.

Table of Contents:

I - Basics of Purification
	i - What is Purification?
	ii - Purifying Those Coloured Portals
	iii - Portals and Their Elements
	iv - Directing the Stream
II - Basics of Miracles
	i - Requirements for a Miracle
	ii - Effects of a Miracle
III - Specifics of Miracles
	i - Mass Miracles
	ii - Setting up Your Own Mass Miracle
	iii - Variables and Bonus Multipliers
	iv - Advanced Setups and Tactics
IV - 600,000 Prica and Counting
	i - Alex's Step by Step Mass Miracle Supreme!
V - Legal This and Legal That
VI - Credits and Thanks

                             Section I - i
                         What is Purification?

Many of the characters that will join you in the world of La Pucelle have 
the ability to "purify" evil.  This ability can be used in two ways, one 
is to persuade fiendish creatures to abandon their evils ways, and fight 
bravely at your side.  As well as recruiting monsters, purification can 
also be used to set off the many coloured portals you'll find among each 
level you visit.  The latter is the focus of this guide.  But first of all 
how do you purify, who can, and why should you do it?

Well most of the human characters who join you have the ability to purify 
dark portals.  The one exception to this is Homard.  None of the characters 
who join with Homard will every be able to purify either.  Monsters however 
can attain the ability to purify.  When a monster achieves a happiness 
rating of 10 (through training) that monster now has the ability to purify.  

Why should you bother purifying?  Well you may be familiar with the item 
world in Disgaea, which provides the means to level up your items.  Not so 
in La Pucelle, the method of levelling items in this game is Purification.

                             Section I - ii
                     Purifying Those Coloured Portals

You should already be familiar with simply purifying a portal, as the game 
forces you to partake in a tutorial almost immediately when you enter the 
first map.  For those who have forgotten, or simply didn't care, here's a 
quick recap.

Each character has a number representing the power of his/her purification.  
This number is displayed when your character chooses the purify command.  
If this number is greater than the HP of the portal you wish to purify, 
purifying that portal will cause it to disappear and send an attack down 
the length of the stream going out of it.  If your purification power is 
less than the HP of the portal, purifying it will lower the HP of the 
portal by an amount equal to your purification power.  Pretty simple huh?

Once the portal has been purified all equipment that character had equipped 
will receive a certain amount of experience.  This experience is roughly 
equal to the amount of "bonus" you received from the purification, with a 
minimum in around the 7 - 8 exp range.  This bonus value can of course be 
multiplied in numerous ways, which is of course where things begin to get 
interesting. However lets not get to far ahead.

                             Section I - iii
                       Portals and Their Elements

You will notice that each portal has a specific colour which represents 
their element.  Though there are only three primary portal colours (red, 
green and blue), through combinations of these colours, the streams can be 
a total of seven different possible colours.  These seven possible colours 
and their elements are:

Red (Fire)
Green (Wind)
Blue (Ice)
Yellow (Lightning) - (Red + Green)
Cyan (Healing) - (Green + Blue)
Magenta (Aid) - (Red + Blue)
White (Holy) - (Red + Green + Blue)

(Thanks to TeenageCatgirlInHeat for the colour combinations)

All of the above purification stream will damage any enemy who stands on 
them with the exception of the Cyan (light blue) coloured stream.  Any ally 
who stands on this stream will behave a certain amount of HP restored.  
This stream will have no effect on enemies.

                             Section I - iv
                          Directing the Stream

Characters have the wonderful ability to direct the flow of a dark energy 
stream.  When a character moves into the flow of such a stream, it will 
behave differently depending on the direction of the character.  The 
character can block the flow by facing the opposite direction it is flowing, 
he/she can leave it unaffected it by facing in the same direction it flows, 
or turn it 90 degrees left or right by facing in those directions 
respectively.  To change the direction of a character simply hover the 
cursor on them, hold square and press a direction on the d-pad.

Another item called a change up has the same effect.  Once placed it can 
direct the flow of dark energy the same way a character can, and can be 
rotated as such as well.  At only 50 prica per change up, I would recommend 
hanging on to quite a few of these at all times, they can come in quite 
handy and are an absolute necessity for the most complex of miracles.

There is one important thing to note about change ups, whether it's a 
glitch or not isn't for me to decide, but either way it's a great help.  
You can alter the direction any dark portal points its stream, anywhere 
on the map with very little effort.  First go to item and select a change 
up. Hover this change up over the dark portal you would like to change 
the direction of, even if it is out of range.  Simply by pressing square 
you can change the portal's direction, and it will remain in that direction 
even after you've canceled the change up.  No item is used in this process 
and it's a great way to change the direction of those out-of-reach dark 

                             Section II - i
                       Requirements for a Miracle

What is a miracle?  The simplest answer is that a miracle is a purification 
stream that at some point, loops around and intersects itself in the 
process.  Again you should have the basic idea since the game virtually 
sets one up for you in the Devil's Stomach.  There are a few requirements 
to note for a miracle:

- To perform a miracle, a dark energy stream must intersect itself at some 

- This stream, including the portal itself, must be a minimum of 15 panels 

- With the exception of the healing stream, miracles only occur if an enemy 
  is inside the loop

(For the healing stream a teammate must be inside the loop)
(Being on top of the dark stream also counts as being "inside the loop")

If all these conditions are met, purifying the dark portal should cause a 
chain that ends in a miracle.  Take for example this situation:

  ^      V
  ^   E  V
  ^      V
  ^      V
  ^      V
  ^      V
          ^ E V
 ^     V
 ^   E V
 ^     V
 ^     V
 ^     V
 ^     V
 ^   E V
 ^     V
 ^ D   V
 ^     V
 ^     V
 ^   E V
 ^     V
 ^ D>>>C
 ^     V
 ^                             V
 ^                             V
 ^                             V
 ^                E            V
 ^                             V
 ^                             V
 ^                             V
 ^                             V
 ^                             V