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Also I would just like to begin the guide with an extra special thanks to TeenageCatgirlInHeat, creator of the miracle information topic on the La Pucelle message board, and without whose help this guide would not have been possible. ___________________________________________________________________________ Version History: 1.00 - I wrote the whole guide. Yeah. 1.01 - Added version history and stream priority sections, along with a couple new diagrams. Spelling erros fixed which added even more names to my long list of credits. 1.02 - Updated my email ___________________________________________________________________________ Introduction: A couple years before Disgaea: Hour of Darkness hit store shelves, a game that took strategy RPG fans by storm, Nippon Ichi released another SRPG by the title of La Pucelle (or La Pucelle: Tactics in North America.) Thanks to the fine localization work done by the people at Mastiff LLC, we've finally had a chance to experience it here in NA. Disgaea brought us an innovative twist on the classic SRPG battle system with its "Geo Panels." Well this FAQ is designed to assist in the understanding, manipulating and combo-ing of La Pucelle's answer to Geo Panels, the dark portals. These little coloured streams of energy you'll find in virtually all levels can be a bit intimidating at first, but with practice, setting up purification streams and circular streams known as miracles, can provide not only huge benefits to your equipment and weaponry, but it's also a lot of fun too. :) Good luck. ___________________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents: I - Basics of Purification i - What is Purification? ii - Purifying Those Coloured Portals iii - Portals and Their Elements iv - Directing the Stream II - Basics of Miracles i - Requirements for a Miracle ii - Effects of a Miracle III - Specifics of Miracles i - Mass Miracles ii - Setting up Your Own Mass Miracle iii - Variables and Bonus Multipliers iv - Advanced Setups and Tactics IV - 600,000 Prica and Counting i - Alex's Step by Step Mass Miracle Supreme! V - Legal This and Legal That VI - Credits and Thanks --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section I - i What is Purification? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many of the characters that will join you in the world of La Pucelle have the ability to "purify" evil. This ability can be used in two ways, one is to persuade fiendish creatures to abandon their evils ways, and fight bravely at your side. As well as recruiting monsters, purification can also be used to set off the many coloured portals you'll find among each level you visit. The latter is the focus of this guide. But first of all how do you purify, who can, and why should you do it? Well most of the human characters who join you have the ability to purify dark portals. The one exception to this is Homard. None of the characters who join with Homard will every be able to purify either. Monsters however can attain the ability to purify. When a monster achieves a happiness rating of 10 (through training) that monster now has the ability to purify. Why should you bother purifying? Well you may be familiar with the item world in Disgaea, which provides the means to level up your items. Not so in La Pucelle, the method of levelling items in this game is Purification. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section I - ii Purifying Those Coloured Portals --------------------------------------------------------------------------- You should already be familiar with simply purifying a portal, as the game forces you to partake in a tutorial almost immediately when you enter the first map. For those who have forgotten, or simply didn't care, here's a quick recap. Each character has a number representing the power of his/her purification. This number is displayed when your character chooses the purify command. If this number is greater than the HP of the portal you wish to purify, purifying that portal will cause it to disappear and send an attack down the length of the stream going out of it. If your purification power is less than the HP of the portal, purifying it will lower the HP of the portal by an amount equal to your purification power. Pretty simple huh? Once the portal has been purified all equipment that character had equipped will receive a certain amount of experience. This experience is roughly equal to the amount of "bonus" you received from the purification, with a minimum in around the 7 - 8 exp range. This bonus value can of course be multiplied in numerous ways, which is of course where things begin to get interesting. However lets not get to far ahead. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section I - iii Portals and Their Elements --------------------------------------------------------------------------- You will notice that each portal has a specific colour which represents their element. Though there are only three primary portal colours (red, green and blue), through combinations of these colours, the streams can be a total of seven different possible colours. These seven possible colours and their elements are: Red (Fire) Green (Wind) Blue (Ice) Yellow (Lightning) - (Red + Green) Cyan (Healing) - (Green + Blue) Magenta (Aid) - (Red + Blue) White (Holy) - (Red + Green + Blue) (Thanks to TeenageCatgirlInHeat for the colour combinations) All of the above purification stream will damage any enemy who stands on them with the exception of the Cyan (light blue) coloured stream. Any ally who stands on this stream will behave a certain amount of HP restored. This stream will have no effect on enemies. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section I - iv Directing the Stream --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters have the wonderful ability to direct the flow of a dark energy stream. When a character moves into the flow of such a stream, it will behave differently depending on the direction of the character. The character can block the flow by facing the opposite direction it is flowing, he/she can leave it unaffected it by facing in the same direction it flows, or turn it 90 degrees left or right by facing in those directions respectively. To change the direction of a character simply hover the cursor on them, hold square and press a direction on the d-pad. Another item called a change up has the same effect. Once placed it can direct the flow of dark energy the same way a character can, and can be rotated as such as well. At only 50 prica per change up, I would recommend hanging on to quite a few of these at all times, they can come in quite handy and are an absolute necessity for the most complex of miracles. There is one important thing to note about change ups, whether it's a glitch or not isn't for me to decide, but either way it's a great help. You can alter the direction any dark portal points its stream, anywhere on the map with very little effort. First go to item and select a change up. Hover this change up over the dark portal you would like to change the direction of, even if it is out of range. Simply by pressing square you can change the portal's direction, and it will remain in that direction even after you've canceled the change up. No item is used in this process and it's a great way to change the direction of those out-of-reach dark portals. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section II - i Requirements for a Miracle --------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is a miracle? The simplest answer is that a miracle is a purification stream that at some point, loops around and intersects itself in the process. Again you should have the basic idea since the game virtually sets one up for you in the Devil's Stomach. There are a few requirements to note for a miracle: - To perform a miracle, a dark energy stream must intersect itself at some point - This stream, including the portal itself, must be a minimum of 15 panels long - With the exception of the healing stream, miracles only occur if an enemy is inside the loop (For the healing stream a teammate must be inside the loop) (Being on top of the dark stream also counts as being "inside the loop") If all these conditions are met, purifying the dark portal should cause a chain that ends in a miracle. Take for example this situation: D>>>>>>>>V ^ V ^ E V ^ V <<<<<<<< The D represents the dark portal, and the arrows represent each one panel of the energy stream. The E is an enemy. In this situation a miracle will occur if the dark portal is purified. The stream is 23 panels long, there is an enemy within and the stream intersects itself. All conditions are met. The following are two cases that would not set off a miracle if purified. D>>>>>>>>V ^ V ^ V ^ V <<<<<<<< This has no enemy, and thus will not perform a miracle. D>>V ^EV <<< This tiny little one contains an enemy, but is far too short (only 11 panels long) and will not perform a miracle. One other thing to note is, while the loop itself may not contain more than 15 panels, as long as the stream does a miracle can still occur, to illustrate: D>>>>>>>>>>>>>V ^ E V <<<<< Despite being a tiny loop, the total stream contains more than 15 panels, the above diagram will cause a miracle when purified. (Thanks to bearsman6 for this) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section II - ii Effects of a Miracle --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that you know purification is the means to raise the levels of your items, what's the purpose of miracles? Miracles have numerous effects, all which can be very beneficial to the player. First unlike purification miracles damage every enemy within a loop, not just the ones on the energy stream. This damage is also much higher than the damage from a simple purification. Second miracles have the wonderful ability to dramatically multiply the bonus you receive, and in turn drastically increase the amount of experience your weapons receive. Third miracles can really bring in the big bucks. Not sounding too bad is it? When you want to start your miracle, there are a few things to consider. First what is the element of your miracle? The element of the miracle, is taken from the colour of the dark stream when it intersects itself. Take care to note this, the colour of the portal does not matter, all that matters is the colour of the last panel of dark stream before it intersects with itself. The miracle that will be performed is as follows: Red - Armageddon (Damages enemies) Green - Requiem (Damages enemies) Blue - Gospel (Damages enemies) Yellow - Testament (Damages enemies) Magenta - Ultimate Insanity (Damages enemies/cause negative status effects) Light Blue - Evangel (Heals allies) White Ragnarok - (Damages enemies) (Again thanks to TeenageCatgirlInHeat for this list and damn posting limit for information about magenta stream status effects) The damage the enemies take has the same element as the miracle, so a fire element monster would take little damage from an Armageddon, but a lot of damage from a Gospel. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section III - i Mass Miracles --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This point marks the true beginning of this guide. A guide that includes the basics of purification and miracles is always handy, but this guide was created in mind of the people searching for the more advanced techniques and rewards miracling has to offer, and that's just what I intend to provide. First I'd like to begin with the simple premise of multiple miracles. While miracles have the ability to damage all enemies within them, they also have one other important property to them. They act as purifiers for every dark portal contained inside them. Portals inside are purified regardless of HP immediately after the primary miracle ends. Now one may think that is you were to purify a portal inside, could you not possibly create a miracle with that portal as well? Indeed you can, and indeed you will. Now lets say we have a set up like this. Don't forget the D's represent Dark portals, E's enemies, and C's characters. DC>>>>>C ^ V ^ E V ^ V ^ V ^ V C<<<<>>>>C ^ V ^ E V ^ V ^ D V ^ V C<<<<>>>>C ^ V ^ E V ^ V ^ D>>>C ^ V C<<<<>>>>>>>C ^ V ^ D V ^ E E V ^ V C<<<<<<<>>>>C>>C ^ ^ V ^ D V ^ E E V ^ V C<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>^ C ^ D** Assume purification order in this case goes from top to bottom, so you would think after purifying D**, D1 would purify next. Now let's say D** was purified, note there is no character at the intersection point between D**'s stream and the loop. It will go around, do a miracle and disappear leaving it to look like this. C<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>C Now even though as we stated, D1 should go next, the idea here is that since D* is newly included, it will purify before D1 despite being near the bottom. Hopefully the diagrams make it easier to understand this idea. Situations like this rarely come up, but on occasion, it is something to keep in mind. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section III - iii Advanced Setups and Tactics --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a fancy name for all the miscellaneous information that still remains an absolute staple of miracle performance, but just doesn't belong anywhere else. Zig Zag Technique Bigger, longer dark energy streams means bigger, better bonuses right? Well you might be saying "But I'm restricted by the walls of the level, how can I make a dark portal stream larger than the outer edges of the level" and I might say "Good news my friend, thanks to Arkady's idea of the zig zag method." Simply put your biggest miracle chains can be increased drastically in size, by running them up the level and back down again. If you fancy yourself a visual learner, take this for example: D>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ^ V ^ V ^ V ^ E V ^ V ^ V ^ V ^ V <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Above you see you have quite a large chain, perfect for a huge miracle, but assuming the confines of the level are just outside these boundaries, how can you make it bigger. Simply do this. D>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ^ V ^ <<< V ^ V ^ V ^ V ^ E V ^ V ^ V ^ V ^ V ^ V ^ V ^ V ^ V <<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< As you can see, it still includes the enemy, still intersects itself, and is substantially longer. Add more than one of these and you'll find your bonus will increase substantially. Arkady has also kindly provided a diagram to better illustrate the technique. http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/2222/Ark1.gif Elemental Weapon Bonuses If you receive a large bonus, your equipped weapons may jump from level 0 to level 10. A reasonable jump when considering a good sized miracle. With the right elemental combinations it is very possible to increase that jump, from the same miracle to upwards of level 20. Weapons with an element that matches a miracle, will receive a generously large boost of experience in addition to what they would have normally received. Say for example two green elemental miracles (Requiem) boosted your Manly Fist from level 0 to level 10. now say that manly fist also had a green element of 5. Now from these two requiems the manly fist would likely jump to level 15 from the same two miracles. A green element of 10 could cause it to jump above level 20. The idea is that matching an element on your weapon to the element of a miracle you create, will give a boost of experience. If you find yourself performing miracles of a specific element fairly often, you will find it may be a good idea to plan ahead and use weapons with that element, so they become stronger when you want to level them up. Tricking the Portals Into Purifying in the Loop This idea was brought to light thanks to Thewholeshebang. The idea is that you can trick a portal into thinking it's in the loop, even when your loop exists elsewhere, this is obviously best explained with a diagram: <<>>>^ >>>>>>>>> Despite the lone dark portal not being included in the loop on the right, the main portal is tricked into thinking the loop covers the whole area and as such, will purify the portal, or damage any enemies in that area. This trick can come in handy when one only has a small area in which to try and create a large loop. Shop Surveys and Tripling Your Bonus While in the Rosenqueen shop, or any other shop in the game there is a random chance you will be asked what your greatest wish is and have it granted. Two of these wishes are "Triple Money" and "Triple Purification Experience." While you may be strapped for cash, when mass miracling there is no reason to choose the first. Triple purification experience multiplies your bonus once your miracle is completed, and since you bonus is directly tied to the amount of money you receive, you receive triple the amount of money as well as triple the experience from choosing the second option. When you are planning a large miracle, it should always be preceded by purchasing cheap change ups at the shop, and taking survey until you get the chance to wish for triple purification exp. This wish applies until your first purification, so you are free so fight battles, save, reset etc and it will remain in effect until your first purification. The 14 length Miracle This game counts the point of intersection twice, once as it goes along, and again as the last panel in your loop, so it is actually possible to get a miracle with only 14 panels, like this: D>>>>> ^ V ^ V >>>> Counting the portal, it is only 14 long, but that particular instance will still create a miracle. That is as short as possible however. Lower Purification Power, Bigger Bonus Thanks to Cacticus for this simple, yet extremely helpful bit of information. Enemy damage from dark energy streams and miracles alike, is directly proportional to your purification power, thus if you're having problems with enemies always being killed before you're miracles complete, train a small bit up to ten happiness, and have him set off your miracle. Weaken the portal as necessary with other characters first. Using this simple technique it becomes quite possible to chain up to six miracles in one combo! Recruiting Monsters Effortlessly Thanks to Tygell for noticing that Evangel may not actually have zero effect on monsters, it seems that Evangel acts as a purify command for all monsters within the loop, most likely with equal the strength of your purification power. Many have noted the more Evangels in the combo, the more often they find monsters in their party they don't remember recruiting. :) Stronger Enemies, Larger Payout While not directly affecting the bonus or experience in any way, the stronger the enemies on the map you're playing on, the larger the money payout will be at the end of the level, so people looking to rake in the cash, may find they look for stronger enemies, rather than bigger, more open maps. Also don't forget if you were to do say, a mass miracle with five portals, before clearing the map it would be best to purify that last sixth portal, even if it made little effect. At the end of each map you receive a cash bonus based on the size of your purifications, and if you purified every portal in the level, you receive another cash bonus of equal size,simply for clearing the whole map. Ordering Your Chains For Maximum Payout Thanks go out to TeenageCatgirlInHeat again for much work put into this subject, and while there isn't a lot of specifics that can be addressed on this matter, there are some simple things to keep in mind when trying to choose which portal to begin your combo with. One of the most important things is that if you know for sure your miracles will clear every enemy on the map before your combo is complete, to try and save your most damaging miracles until as close to the end of your combo as possible, so when all the enemies are killed, you're on as high a loop number as possible giving your biggest miracle the largest multiplier you can. The best advice I can give is to experiment with colour order, and stick with what works best. Best Maps for Mass Miracling This question has two answers, and neither is right or wrong. Simply put, if you're still playing through the main game, Hall of the Dead in the Devil's Stomach in the way to go. You may remember this map from the miracle tutorial, it's big, expansive and perfect for setting up those huge combos and zigging and zagging them in all directions. Once you reach the end of the game I find the first Cave of Trials map is the way to go (Training Cave 1.) You will likely find the stronger enemies will not increase your bonuses by a particularly large amount, but you reward money should skyrocket when compared to the same mass miracle in Hall of the Dead. Enemy Damage and Additional Bonus In the final part of this section I'd like to acknowledge Catgirl's ongoing work, sticking to the idea that the damage an enemy receives is somehow related, whether as a multiplier of a single bonus to the total bonus you receive from a combo. I have never been any to find any such relation, but admittedly enemy damage is an obscure variable to work with, so I invite anyone who finds any relation, and has proof to email me, and I'll gladly add it to this guide, full credit included. Any other information can be e-mailed to me, but the ideal spot to discuss it is on the La Pucelle message board, preferably in TeenageCatgirlInHeat's topic while it still remains. That will be my primary source of further information while I still feel the need to update this guide. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section IV - i Alex's Step by Step Mass Miracle Supreme! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following is a comprehensive guide I wrote awhile ago that walks step by step through the process of achieving a miracle worth over 600,000 prica and 20,000 bonus. It also includes some helpful information regarding the process of miracling in general, definitely worth reading if possible, so without further ado: Alex's Step by Step Mass Miracle Supreme! Due to my multitudes of updates on my last guide, and the fact that I've near doubled the bonus you get out, it seemed best to simply make a separate topic for it. As the title explains this will walk you through what should be a not-to-easy at first, but simple once you get the hang of it guide to the biggest miracle bonuses you've ever seen. The idea is that when you save and reload your game on the world map, and immediately go to the first Cave of Trials level, the portal setup will always be the same. This guide is based off that setup. Be sure there are two blue streams coming down the left, and two greens in the middle, one meeting a red and becoming yellow and moving toward the front of the screen. First the basics: What you'll need 16 Change ups (You'll use them ALL) Minimum of 4 pairs of shoes Angel Shoes (Recommended - Defeat the whale in chapter 4) (Also as I'm writing this guide, I return to this point to say these are virtually REQUIRED) Also for best results (not REQUIRED) you'll need a weak character who can purify at range. What you're looking for here is someone with a purify power of about 50 (you can level the character a bit if the value is lower) and a range of 2-3 panels or more. So hopefully one of your story characters hasn't levelled too much. Also, this is easier, get a character with less than 20 purification power, as this will be the character to set off your miracle. The low power means low damage and you can do more miracles, getting larger bonuses. From here, the one more thing you'll need is a character with a ranged attack, possibly a spell or a level range ability with enough power to take out one of the shrooms in CoT1 in a single turn. Minimum range of 4, 5 is recommended. (I always use Prier's batter Up ability if you need an example.) This character should also have movement no less than 6. (A quick note about the 50 and less than 20 power purification characters. I say these powers because the average HP for the portal is around 65 or so. Your best bet is to check the RED portal at the top left area to see it's HP. If it was 80, you'd need a 60 purification power character, to go with your 20 character, so then 60 character can weaken it enough for the 20 character to set off.) Now you should have everything you need, onto the guide. Turn 1: Diagram for turn 1: http://www.angelfire.com/empire/wasteofspace/turn1.JPG Take out your range attack character. If they have a range of 4 attack, move them to spot (2,2), if 5 attack range, then spot (3,2). (3,2 would mean right three and up 1, simple x,y coordinates.) Now equip that character with your most powerful equipment and take out that damn shroom at (3,6). He's the only enemy that gets in your way. Next get one of your best movement characters, equip them with shoes if you need to and move them to (1,1), the bottom left corner. Make sure to unequip the shoes. Now this character or the next one SHOULD be your story character with about 50 purification power. If you do not have one, then this part doesn't matter. Just use any character. The next character should be put at (3,1) and should be your really weak monster with less than 20 purification power. Again ignore this if you don't have the 50 power story character. Next you want one more character, who doesn't matter, to be placed at position (4,1). Your characters should be setup like the ones at the bottom left of the diagram. Next take a high movement character, he'll probably need shoes, and send him to the bottom right corner, position (18,1). next send another character to (17,1) and another to (16,1). The person at (16,1) may be in danger of being attacked if the nearest shroom has 5 movement. If so instead of (16,1) give him LOTS of shoes and send him to (18,2). Now before anything else, you should have 8 characters in approximately the positions of the diagram. For example here's what I have setup. Dark Eclair, Alouette (my 50 purification person), a bit (my >20 purification person), Homard with Prier above the bit and she killed the shroom. This is at the bottom left corner. At the top I have Father Salade, Papillion and a bear going from right to left, 18, 17, 16 positions. Now for change ups. Use the four characters at the bottom left who have done nothing to put change ups at (1,1), (2,2),(3,3), and (4,3), just look at the diagram. Their direction doesn't matter now. At the top you want change ups at (18,1),(18,2), and (18,3) like the diagram. Thus ends turn 1. :) Turn 2: Diagram for turn 2: http://www.angelfire.com/empire/wasteofspace/turn2.JPG Ok lets start on the right side, there's barely anything to do. Take your character at (18,1), equip him some shoes and move him up to (18,13), for that he'll need at least 11 movement. Shoes'll take care of that. Unequip the shoes and go back to the other two characters. Use them to put change ups at (16,5) and (17,5) like the diagram. Now to the bottom left people. Equip a bunch of shoes on your 50 purification person and move them to position (2,11) this should be three panels away from the red one. Use purify on it, make sure you don't set it off, this character is meant to weaken it. If you don't have a weak purifying character, still send this character up, but forget about purifying. Next take another of your bottom left characters (doesn't matter who) and equip them with shoes and send them to about (1,11) or (1,12). Somewhere up the side where they won't be attacked is all that matters. Now for the remaining characters at the bottom. If you plan on using a weak character to set off the portal then go to that character now. It's likely this character will only have a purification range of 1. Make SURE you have the character in a position where they can equip all the shoes you have and still be able to make it one panel away from the red portal. For example my bit with only 4 movement, even with angel shoes and 3 sneakers can't make it beside the red portal from the bottom row, he has to move up once on this turn. Just be sure he doesn't move within attacking range of the shroom, and you still need him to set a change up so don't move him too far up. This is the only part that may get a bit confusing, I'll try to explain as best I can. Take your >20 purifying character, or anyone if you don't have one and (assuming you have the angel shoes) move them to (3,2). Even with a 4 movement stat, with angel shoes and 3 sneakers they can get beside the red portal. Now have this character use a change up at position (6,3), should be on the same row as two on the left and have a blue stream going through it. Now here's where you have to be careful. Check the two closest shrooms movements. If either are 5 KEEP that in mind. I can't give you every possible circumstance, you just have to use your own judgment here. You NEED change ups at positions (7,3) and (8,3) as well. Since you have two characters who haven't done anything at the bottom left, those are who you'll use. But to get in range to put change ups there, you risk getting in the way of 5 movement shrooms. Use your discretion. (5,1), (7,1),(8,1), and (10,1) are good examples of possible places to move to. One more thing though, you NEED one character with at least 5 movement at position (8,1) OR a character with at least 6 movement at (7,1). The reason will be clear next turn. If both nearest shrooms have 5 movement both these panels are unsafe. Tough luck I dunno what to do, it's never happened to me. If so just move there and hope they don't kill you or block your stream. I've put people in the positions I used in the diagram, since this turn can vary, not all your people may be in those exact places, but ALL the change ups should be identical, the people should be similar, and when you end turn NO enemy should move. Now... check the diagram... and end your turn. (Note I put a little yellow line from the people this turn and where they set the change ups) Turn 3: Diagram for turn 3: http://www.angelfire.com/empire/wasteofspace/turn3.JPG Start this turn again on the easier right side. Take your character at (18,12) (guy far up right side) and move him to (18,18) top right corner. Now take one of your other bottom right characters, hopefully with good movement (I use Papillion) equip some shoes and move all the way to (17,13). Now unequip the shoes and use a change up at (16,12) and check the diagram to make sure first. Now move your last bottom right character back into your home base. Note: Don't do any of the stuff marked by the stars you aren't planning on using a weak character to set off the portal. You can still get a big bonus even if you don't. (Note, read it anyway and use the change up glitch to point the GREEN stream down, but don't touch the red one) ******Now would be a good time to do the change up glitch so go to item, and choose a change up, don't PUT it anywhere just do the following. Move it up to the red portal at (4,12). While hovering over it, press square enough times to point it shooting the stream to the left, then go off of it, noting it remains in the direction. Keep in mind if you accidently mess up the direction of another one on your way, use this trick to fix it. Now go down to the green portals, one is facing right, change it to face downward and you're set. Cancel out of the change up. Now take your weak >20 purification character and move him ALL the way up to (3,12) just to the left of the red portal. He should now be able to change directions and send the red stream anywhere. Leave him for now, he'll be the one to set it off if you're doing it this way.****** Now you should have two characters halfway up the right side (not counting your weak >20 purification character.) Take one of them and send them to the top left, position (1,18). Take the other and move them close, to position (3,17). Now have them use a change up beside themselves at (2,17). Like the diagram. Good. Now go back near your base, equip all your shoes on your character at either (7,1) or (8,1). If he's at (7,1) move him up all the way up to (7,13) and (Unequip the shoes don't forget), use a change up at (8,12). If he's at (8,1) do the opposite, move him to (8,12) and use a change up at (7,13). My guy was at (8,1) so that's what the diagram is. For you it could be switched. Almost done. Now move your other character at the bottom who was near the one you just moved, and put them at position (12,3) a green stream should be hitting them. Have them use a change up at position (10,3) for the red stream to hit. Remember that character you put back in the base? Bring them out again and put them and position (9,3) in front of the final green stream. Now here's a note for people who aren't weakening a portal, just setting it off with one character. ******Since you didn't move someone beside the red portal, they should still be at the bottom, send them back into the home base. Now bring them out again and put them at position (10,7) and face them downward. They will be purifying this red portal above them, and the red one on the other side is best left facing in no direction.****** Now all your characters and change ups should be set. Obviously it's time to point them in the right directions, you will likely be able to figure this out yourself, but use this diagram as a guide. (I turned the people into arrows so you know which direction they are facing) this only applied to the weakening and purifying portal way. For the other way, it's identical but instead of someone at (3,12) you have them at (10,7). http://www.angelfire.com/empire/wasteofspace/final.JPG If you're ready, use your weak character (don't forget to equip the stuff you want levelled) at (3,12) to set off the red portal. Or using the other way, use your character at (10,7) to set off the OTHER red portal. The first way I can almost guarantee you if your purifier was weak enough ,6 miracles, 20,000 bonus, 600K no problem. The other way used to net me a nice 500K with 12 16,000 bonus depending on if the last green kills Catoblepas or not. (In fact I've been setting this up as I write it, so I'll set it off now and give you an example of the exact stats for the method in which you use a weak purifier. My "Bit Enigma" will set it off, with a purification strength of 11.) Length: 1115 Bonus: 20, 228 Battle Bonus: 37,212 Purification Bonus: 333,762 All Purification Bonus: 333,762 Good luck and happy miracling. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section V Legal This and Legal That --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This guide is copyright (c) 2006 - 2007 Alex Eagleson, the author. This walkthrough was written solely to be hosted at www.gamefaqs.com. It can also be found at www.ign.com, www.neoseeker.com and many other websites, all who sent an email asking permission to put them guide up on their site. I do by the way, encourage people to send email, feedback is always appreciated in any form, it's always nice to know you've helped someone. For a list of all my work, please visit the following URL: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/45802.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section VI Credits and Thanks --------------------------------------------------------------------------- First of all I'd like to thanks the following people for their work that was included in this guide: - TeenageCatgirlInHeat - Thewholeshebang - bearsman6 - damn posting limit - Cacticus - Arkady - Tygell Second I'd just like to thank everyone who posted in Catgirl's topic, who whether it was proving information, asking question, or posting for no reason, all made it possible for this guide to come to be, they are (in order of appearance): TeenageCatgirlInHeat, Thewholeshebang, Receipt, Rion999, Arkady, VeghEsthar, Corlanthis, F0rever Drag0n Zer0, bearsman6, drakkhen, damn posting limit, ngkircheis, Meru, holydivineknight, Tygell, Tioaz, Prrcyval, Zenthor, beotwork, lemaster666, Talith, Mauler OoR, MCIYB, LoZeRX, sansjason, Cacticus, AE86 Trueno, iceknight jd, Captain Lavander, Slayer1, jsol5, Jamic77, jbacc, Fulgore 7575, Crazy Shoehand, yug eman yuG, NjzFineztEva, Smee, Sariel, thebannedbirdhouse, Sisustorm, ThisNameIsTaken... whew Sixth Ghost, miniver, and Knight of Aquamarine for picking up those little errors I never would have found myself. 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