Monkey Island 3: The Cruse of Monkey Island

The Curse of Monkey Island Walkthrough (for normal and Mega !)

By Alfred Biemolt

Table of Contents

General important stuff
Part 1: The Demise of the Zombie Pirate LeChuck
Part 2: The Curse Gets Worse
Part 3: Three Sheets to the Wind
Part 4: The Bartender, the Thieves, his Aunt, and her Lover
Part 5: Kiss of the Spider Monkey
Part 6: Guybrush Kicks Butt Once Again
General important stuff

First of all, this game is really great and shouldn't be solved only with
this walkthrough. There are a lot of other things to do and explore. The
walkthrough just shows the minimal things you have to do in order to finish
the game and this could ruin a lot of the fun. When you get to a new place
explore everything you can, you'll need it to know the names of the places
so you know where to go to with the walkthrough. When it's written to talk
to someone, really talk to the character and get as much information as you
possibly can. This is also very important because sometimes certain things
the characters say, trigger Guybrush to do certain things later and not to
mention the valuable information you get out from them. Where it's written
"Mega-Monkey" it's meant for the Mega-Monkey mode in the game. If you're
playing the easy mode, ignore it. Contact me:

Part 1: The Demise of the Zombie Pirate LeChuck
You start your adventure as a prisoner in LeChuck's ship. Talk to the small
pirate and find out that it's Wally. Talk to him some more and he gives you
some pirate literature, Keep talking to him until starts crying and drops
his plastic hook. Get the plastic hook and the ramrod off the wall. Use the
cannon and shoot down the skeleton's boats. After you shot down all the
boats, open your inventory and combine the plastic hook with the ramrod to
get a gaff. Look out the window. Use the gaff on the debris to get the
skeleton arm and cutlass. You can also talk to Murray the skull and use the
gaff on him if you want. Go back into the room, use the cutlass on the
cannon restraint rope, and use the cannon. In the treasure room get the bag
and the ring. Use the ring on the porthole and out you go.

Part 2: The Curse Gets Worse
Get the glowing ember that's on the ground. Travel to the swamp, talk to
Murray the skull and get into the wrecked ship. Get the pin from the paper
voodoo doll and use the nickels on the gumball machine to get a pack of gum.
Mega-Monkey: Also get the paste from the floor.
Pull the alligator tongue and talk to the voodoo lady until you she has
nothing new to say. You find out that Elaine got stolen and that in order to
lift the curse you'll have to sail to Blood Island, and get a huge uncursed
diamond ring. She also tells you that you'll need a Map, a crew and a ship
in order to get there.
Travel to Puerto Pollo and go to the theater backstage door, get the
dandruff from the pirate coat and find out that it's actually lice, also get
the glove from the coat.
Mega-Monkey: To get the dandruff, look at the pirate coat first. To get the
glove you have to open the pocket in the pirate coat first.
Get the magic wand from the table, and use it on the magic hat, get the book
from the hat and look at the book to learn it's a ventriloquism book. Look
at the worn travel trunk and look at the Blood Island sticker on it. Go
right to the stage and talk to Slappy Cromwell especially about Blood
Go out of the theater and go to the barber shop, talk to everyone about
everything you can. Get the jawbreaker from the floor.
Mega-Monkey: to get the jawbreaker from Cutthroat Bill hit him twice (hand
icon on bill) and he'll spit out the jawbreaker.
Put the lice on the comb that the barber is using when he puts it down, this
will take care of Captain Rottingham and make place for you. Sit on the
barber chair and talk to Haggis while he does your hair. Use the handle once
and get the paperweight that's on the hairstyling book, this will make
Haggis go away so use the handle of the chair until you're high enough to
get the scissors, and take it.
Travel to the mysterious flowers (it's near the lemonade stand, and the
restaurant in Puerto Pollo). Cut the flower with the scissors and Guybrush
will learn it's used as a purgative. Now use the scissors with the
undergrowth and Guybrush will find himself in Snake Crossing. Guybrush will
get eaten by a huge snake now, it doesn't matter what you do. Get all the
stuff from inside the snake until there's nothing more to take. Use the
ipecac flower on the pancake syrup in your inventory to get syrup of ipecac.
Use the ipecac syrup on the snake's head and he'll barf you out.
Great... now you're stuck in quicksand. Open up your inventory, and use the
paperweight with the helium balloons, now blow the floating balloon (use
parrot icon on it) and it should stop right above the branch
(eventually...), get a thorn from the thorny plant that's right infront of
you and get a hollow reed from the reeds behind you. Combine the thorn and
the hollow reed in your inventory and you've just made a world class
pee-shooter. Use the pea-shooter on the floating balloon, and you're out of
the quicksand. Guybrush will now find a new place, but we will get to it
Travel to Puerto Pollo and enter the restaurant, now you can enter with the
reservation slip you got from the snake. Touch the quiet patron and get the
serrated bread knife from his back, also get the club card from between the
chicken bones.
Mega-Monkey: to get the club card, get a biscuit from the biscuit barrel,
open your inventory and eat the biscuit (parrot icon on biscuit), you get
maggots. Use the maggots on the gross chicken, and you got the club card.
Also get the pie pan and the biscuit cutter.
Talk to Captain Blondebeard and learn that he wants something crunchy to
chew on so give him the jawbreaker, that will loosen his tooth a bit, now he
wants something chewy, so give him the gum. When he blows a bubble, pop it
with the pin you got and the gold tooth will fly out of it. Take the gold
tooth from the floor.
Mega-Monkey: You can't leave the restaurant with the gold tooth so do
this... chew some gum (parrot icon), use the gold tooth on the chewed gum,
inhale some helium from the helium balloon (parrot icon again) and chew the
gum with the gold tooth. The gum will just fly out of the window so exit the
restaurant and use the pie pan with the mudpuddle and you got the gold
Get out of the restaurant and go through the pathway near the mysterious
door, that's near the theater (you'll should see a red arrow pointing up).
You'll find yourself in the caber toss place, walk over to the grassy knoll
and use the serrated bread knife on the sawhorse (the rum keg stand
thingie...), this will make the rum keg fall and leave a trail of rum, use
the ember on a stick on the trail of rum and KABOOM. Suprisingly the blasted
log will fall right on the log pile.
Go to the barber shop, and talk to Haggis. Accept his offer for a caber toss
match and of course you'll win it now with the rubber tree log. You got one
crew member, two more to go. Go to Edward Van Helgen in barber shop, and use
the glove on him. He'll take you to the caber tossing area for a duel. When
he lets you choose your weapon close the lid of the middle pistol's box and
choose the banjo. Ok, now you're banjo dueling with Edward. The concept of
the duel is very simple, Edward plays a his thing and then a special note,
he does that a few times, on your turn you have to repeat the notes that
Edward played in the same order. If you get it right, Edward will go crazy
with his banjo, so go to the pistols, pick one and shoot his banjo. Now
Edward is in your crew and you need only one more crew member, so go to
Cutthroat Bill in the barber shop, and show him the gold tooth you got.
That's it, you now have a crew, all you need now is a map and a ship. Travel
to the cabana and talk to the cabana boy, show him your club card. Before
you go in, take three towels and dunk them in the ice bucket. Go to the
beach and try to walk on it, Guybrush will burn up so use the wet towels on
the hot sand three times quickly before they burn out. Talk to the
sunbather, and learn that it's Palido Domingo, Slappy Cromwell's travel
agent, and that he's got the map to Blood Island tattooed on his back. Get
his mug and leave through the gate. Travel to Puerto Pollo and go to the
lemonade stand. Talk to the small pirate and learn about his bottomless mug
policy. Order some lemonade and Guybrush will now understand the meaning of
the bottomless mug policy. Use the mug in your inventory on the bottomless
mug and order some lemonade again. Get the pitcher and fill it up with dye
from the dye vat near the lemonade stand. Travel to the cabana and get a
towel, dunk it in the ice bucket again and use the wet towel on the cabana
boy so he'll go away. Take the cooking oil and go to the beach again (you
don't have to do the towel thing again). Give the bottomless mug to Palido
and pour the dye into the bottomless mug. Palido will turn over, now use the
cooking oil on the map, and then get the map (yuck).
Now all you need is to find Elaine and get a ship. Travel to Danjer Cove use
the boat.
Mega-Monkey: You need to fix the hole in the boat first, so go to the caber
toss area in Puerto Pollo and use the biscuit cutter on the second rubber
tree. Go back to Danjer Cove, use the paste with the new rubber plug and use
the sticky rubber plug with the hole in the boat.
Travel to the pirate ship and board it. The pirates will make you walk the
plank so cut it when you're on the rowboat again with the serrated bread
knife. Climb the ship again, do something, and this time you'll be tarred
and feathered. So now your back on shore and you look like a big chicken.
Travel to the restaurant and Captain Blondebeard will eventually hit you in
the head and you'll be taken to the monkey ship. When you're in the chicken
bucket look at the book in your inventory if you hadn't done so by now, and
learn that it's a ventriloquism book. Use the ventriloquism book on LeChimp.
Get the treasure map and get out of the ship by opening the porthole behind
the chicken bucket.
Travel to Puerto Pollo and look at the treasure map. Go to the theater
backstage and walk up the stairs, pull the handle in the control panel and
you'll find the X.
Mega-Monkey: At the control panel you'll have to follow the instructions in
the treasure map to find the X, for example when it says NorthWest you have
to push the NorthWest button. Follow all the instructions and you should
find the X on the grave on the stage eventually.
Use the chicken grease on the cannon balls that are on the old trunk to get
Slappy off the stage. Walk right to the stage and use the shovel to dig up

Part 3: Three Sheets to the Wind
Sing along with the crew members until they get tired of it. When Haggis
asks you what kind of a captain you are he's actually letting you decide on
the difficulty level for the sea battles in this part. If you really want to
work and have fun tell him you want full control, if you ask for their help
the sea battle will be MUCH easier. Don't worry, if you change your mind
later you can always talk to Haggis again and ask him for help, or regain
full control of the battles.
The goal of this part is to beat Captain Rottingham in sea battle and sword
fight, to get back the map to Blood Island. In order to do that you'll have
to fight other pirates and upgrade your weapons until your good enough to
fight him. Use your navigation chart and meet other ships to fight with.
In the beginning go for the really easy ships, if you beat them in sea
battle, you'll board the ship and start sword fighting. The sword fighting
has the same concept as in Monkey Island 1 only here the insults have to
rhyme. In almost every fight you gain some new insults and the witty answer
to the insult. You have to remember the answers to the insults and this is
how you'll win those fight. Also, sometimes if you don't have a treasure on
your ship, you might want to lose an insult on purpose, just to get a new
insult from the other guy.
Every ship you defeat in the sword fight, you take their treasure. Then you
have to go back to Puerto Pollo and upgrade your weapons. The more fearsome
the pirates are, the more treasure they have and the better fire power you
need to defeat them. After you defeat a ship in sea battle, you don't have
to defeat them again, you can just board the ship and sword fight them. You
can also fight the same ship a few times after you got their treasure, just
for practice, this is very recommended.
You gain levels and fight stronger pirates, until you fight Captain
Rottingham himself. The Captain doesn't use the same insults as the common
pirates use, so you have to think what simple insult answer is appropriate
and make sure it rhymes. Good Luck.

Part 4: The Bartender, the Thieves, his Aunt, and her Lover
Talk to Haggis about everything, especially the lotion. Get the bottle from
the shore and bite the cork to open it (use the parrot icon on the bottle).
Travel to the cemetery, walk down and get the mallet and chisel. Get some
smelly dog hair and the dog treats, give the old dog some dog treats so
he'll bite you.
Mega-Monkey: There are no dog treats in this mode, so give the old dog the
maggoty biscuit so he'll bite you.
Travel to the hotel and enter the bar. Talk to Madame Xima, ask for fortune
telling and get the five "death" tarot cards also Get the cushion from one
of the bar's stools, get the recipe book, and get the brochures.
Mega-Monkey: Madame Xima won't give you all the five "death" cards at once,
you have to ask her to tell you your fortune five times so you'll have all
the five.
Read appendix in the recipe book and learn the ingredients for the hangover
cure. Go to the door in the bar. Use the chisel on the big wheel of cheese
to get some cheese and get the refrigerator magnet from the refrigerator.
Travel to beach. Use the cushion on the rocks under the tree and use the
mallet on the tree. Travel to the windmill and get the pepper from right
near it. Travel to the hotel and enter the bar. Give the egg, pepper and dog
hair to the bartender, he'll wake up and give you a hangover remedy. Talk to
the bartender about everything you possibly can.
Mega-Monkey: Before you order the grog, order a big fruity drink with an
umbrella in it to get an umbrella.
Order some grog (don't drink it yet). Open your inventory and use the chisel
on the Head-B-Clear bottle to open it. Get the jar from the counter. Use the
Head-B-Clear bottle on the grog glass and drink up. Oops, you died (remember
the warning in the recipe book?).
You are now in the tomb, use the chisel with the coffin you're in. Get the
coffin nails from the coffin you were in. Use the chisel with the coffin in
the middle to let Stan out. Go back to the hotel and enter the bar, go up
the stairs and into the closet room. Use the mallet on the nail in the wall
and go out. Get the nail from the hall and enter the open bedroom.
Mega-Monkey: Also get the portrait that fell with the nail. To unlock the
bedroom door use Stan's business card with it and enter the bedroom.
Take down the bed and use the coffin nails on it and the nail from the
portrait. Get the book from the skeleton and look at it. Go down out of the
room and downstairs to the bar.
Mega-Monkey: Before you go downstairs to the bar, go to the hall and use the
portrait in your inventory on the closet door (from the outside). Use the
scissors with the portrait, enter the closet room and look through the
porthole. This will make the bartender believe you're a Goodsoup relative.
Talk to the bartender about why you haven't been buried with his aunt. Tell
him your a member of his family, and finally talk about the Goodsoup family
history. order a drink. Use the head-b-gone on it, to die again.
Now, you are in the crypt of the Goodsoup family. Talk to the ghost bride
about everything. Go to the left of the crypt. Get the crowbar and walk
towards the crack. Murray will fall from above, take him. Look through the
crack in the wall and talk to Mort. Use the skeleton arm on the lantern and
go back to the crypt.
Mega-Monkey: To get the lantern, use the paste on the skeleton arm and then
use it on the lantern.
Use the lantern on the coffin lid, then use Murray with the lantern. Get out
of the crypt and into Stan's new place. Talk to stan and ask for an
insurance policy. Offer him a gold tooth and he'll give you the insurance
Travel to the hotel, enter the bar, go into the storage room. Get the death
certificate. Go back into the bar, upstairs. Enter the bedroom, use the
crowbar with the boarded hole and then the crowbar with the bed. After the
short scene you'll find yourself in the crypt again, so take the engagement
band. Travel to Stan's place, ask Stan to cash the insurance policy. Stan
will give you a lot of money.
Travel to the village. Get the block of tofu, the auger and the measuring
cup. Go up, and talk to Lemonhead about everything. Open the inventory and
use the auger on the block of tofu to make a tofu mask. Use the tofu mask
and go up again. Talk to Lemonhead and you will get in the ceremony. Throw
some cheese down the volcano so it will erupt. Go to the hotel and put the
cheese in the cooking pot, then take the cooking pot and Haggis let you take
the slippery greasy hand lotion.
Travel to the windmill. Enter the windmill and use the jar with the barrel
to get some sugar water.
Mega-Monkey: To enter the windmill use the umbrella on the windmill blades.
Open your inventory and use the scissors on the jar lid. Travel to the
clearing and use the jar on the stump. When the fireflies are in the jar,
use the jar lid with the jar to trap the fireflies.
Mega-Monkey: Before you go to the lighthouse you will need a mirror. Go to
the bar, take the mirror, put the face that's in your inventory in the
mirror frame.
Travel to the lighthouse and put the lantern on lantern post.
Mega-Monkey: Also put the mirror on the lighthouse mirror.
Travel to the beach and talk to the lost welshman you gotta give him a
compass. Open the inventory and read the encyclopedia, it explains the
concept of a compass. Use the measuring cup with seawater, open inventory,
use the refrigerator magnet with pin, use the pin with the cork, and use the
pin with the measuring cup. Give the compass to the Lost Welshman and you'll
get a ride to Skull Island.
Walk to the cliff top and talk to the winch operator. Tell him you want to
go down, he'll start lowering you and then drop you. When you fall, quickly
use your umbrella (hand icon on umbrella in inventory) and you'll get to the
smuggler's cave. Tell them you have a lot of money, and talk to King Andre.
Agree to play poker with them for the diamond. While in the game give King
Andre the five "death" tarot cards. You'll win the game and get the diamond.
You find yourself back on Blood Island. Travel to the clearing where Elaine
is. Use the slippery, greasy hand lotion with the cursed diamond ring on
Elaine's hand, and take it off. Open your inventory and use the diamond with
the engagement band. Use the completed diamond ring on Elaine's ring finger
and that's it, you saved Elaine from the curse. But of course in Monkey
Island adventures it's never that easy...

Part 5: Kiss of the Spider Monkey
So... LeChuck's captured you and Elaine. Talk to LeChuck until you get tired
and LeChuck puts a curse on you. After they leave open the door, and... oops
your a seven year old kid. And not just that, you got a terrible hangover.
Talk to Dinghy Dog and ask him to guess your age, he'll let you pick a
prize. It doesn't matter what you choose, you'll eventually have to take the
anchor. Get the anchor and put it in the meringue pie near the guy in the
rat suit.
Mega-Monkey: In mega-monkey you have to use the shaving cream with the pie
pan to make a fake pie, use the anchor with the fake pie and put it on the
pie stack near the rat guy.
Go through the gate and use the hole. The guy in the rat suit will shoot a
pie and you'll have some meringue. Walk over to Dinghy Dog and push him a
few times until he bites you. You get to grab some dog hair while he's at
it. Go to the soda jerk and order a plain snow cone also get the pepper mill
from the counter. Open up your inventory once again and do the following:
combine the meringue pie with the snow cone, put some pepper on the snow
cone, put the dog hair on too and eat up.

Part 6: Guybrush Kicks Butt Once Again
Now you're in LeChuck's roller coaster. When you want to get off click on
the place just before you get into the screen. In the hanging scene get the
rope, in the ship scene get the keg of rum, in the torture scene get the
flask of oil from the lantern.
Mega-Monkey: To get the flask of oil you have to open the lantern, blow out
the fire (parrot icon) and get the flask of oil.
In the ice scene open your inventory, use the oil with the rope, and the
oily rope with the keg of rum. Go up the screen to the giant snow monkey and
put the keg of rum under the snow monkey's arm. Go down the screen and wait
for LeChuck to come. When he's about to burn you, use the pepper on him and
he'll sneeze fire right on the rope that happens to be connected to the rum
keg, that means that it's gonna be one big blast, and the end (yeah, right)
of LeChuck and this great adventure.