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        7777    7777    7777  7777    7777     " SONY PLAYSTATION "
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                        Version 0.1 (Jan 20th 1999)
                  by : Stephan Lee (liewanto@mailcity.com)

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enquires or additional info about the game may contact the author through 
email liewanto@mailcity.com. International Superstar Soccer developed by Konami.
Visit their official Homepage at http://www.konami.com
This FAQs is original and based on the author's own experiences and 
strategies. Any tips and strategies are welcomed to submit.


  1. Introduction
  2. Features
  3. Game Menu
  4. Playing the game
  5. Team Management
  6. Tips & Tricks
  7. Cheat
  8. Acknowledgement

  International Superstar Soccer is the 3rd soccer game released by Konami of
  America in Sony Playstation Console. The other two are Goal Storm & Goal Storm
  97. Maybe you guys realize that i was the author of Fifa'99 FAQs, so i want
  to explain the difference between Fifa'99 & ISS Pro'98.
  The ISS Pro'98 game is more easier & fun to play than Fifa'99. Why ?
  You just can see that in ISS Pro'98 there are no complicated button combination
  like Fifa'99 has. The game is just that simple. Shooting, passing, heading, 
  volleying are easier to do. There are no in game strategy, IGM, just only has
  simple strategy. The "ball in the air" situation is more "live" than Fifa'99. 
  The bad is the player are not licensed (Ronaldo is Ronarid ?), the movement 
  aren't as realistic as Fifa'99. So my suggestion is, if you find that a soccer
  game is seriously, need more skills to play, & cool then pick Fifa'99, but if 
  you just wanna play easy, think soccer as fun & get comfortable with, choose
  ISS Pro'98. Overall Fifa'99 (9/10), ISS Pro (8/10). Ok let's cut the crap, go
  to features section.


  Now endorsed by Carlos Valderrama, international superstar and captain of 
  Colombia's national soccer team. Now International Superstar Soccer appears 
  for the first time on multiple platforms. The market-leading Nintendo 64 version
  has been extensively expanded and the new PlayStation version introduces many 
  first-time features. 

  Special Features : 

  - Extensive motion-capture animations, with over 17,000 animations. 
  - Live, realistic commentary by UK sportscaster, Tony Gubba. 
  - Intuitive, adjustable artificial intelligence.
  - Up to 36 international teams with 16 players per team. 
  - Up to five unique soccer venues.
  - Adjustable gameplay speed. 
  - 16 pre-set formation types with an infinite number selectable.
  - Over eight pre-set strategies multiple camera angles.
  - Analog Controller Compatible.
  - Six exciting gameplay mode including training, penalty kicks, &
    league, & tornament play.
  - Easier controller interact & comfortable gameplay.


  Mode Select
  - Exhibition Mode : play or watch an exhibition match with your friend or 
                      the CPU.

  - League Mode     : Challenge the International Cup & go for glory.

  - Cup Mode        : Challenge the cup tournament & try to win the tournament.

    There are 8 mode of cup available, there are : 
    * Int'l Cup          : Up to 32 player can challenge for the cup.
    * Konami Cup         : 3 to 16 team, you can choose the tournament mode.
    * European Cup       : 16 European Teams
    * African Cup        : 5 African Teams
    * North American Cup : USA, Mexico, & Jamaica
    * South American Cup : 5 South American Teams
    * Asian Cup          : 4 Asian Teams & Australia.

  - All Star Match  : You can play or watch as the all-stars team.

  - P.K. Mode       : Watch a match or a penalty kick shootout.

  - Training        : Practice shooting, passing, & kicking.

  - Game Option     : The game option.

    * Memory Card utility : revise the difficulty setting & match time of
                            league & cup mode.
    * Player Edit Mode    : edit player names, since this game don't have
                            Fifa license, you must edit your player's name.
    * Controller Config   : change controller config.
    * Sound               : change the sound settings.
    * Screen Alignment adjust mode : adjust screen alignment.
    * Screen text language : change language of messages to be used on the
  Environment Setup Menu
    - Condition        : Day or Night (Clear or Rain).
    - Match time       : 5 - 10 - 15 Minutes.
    - Difficulty Level : Level 1-5.
    - Home/Away        : 1P/2P or CPU / CPU or 1P/2P.
    - Stadium          : 5 different stadiums.


  a. Basic Moves / Offense
     Long Pass / Centering       : O
     Short Pass                  : X
     Shoot                       : Square
     Through Pass                : Triangle
     Cursor Change               : L1
     Dash                        : R1
     In game strategy            : L2 or R2
  b. Defense
     Sliding                     : O
     Press                       : X
     Keeper Charge               : Triangle
     Cursor Change               : L1
     Dash                        : R1
     In game strategy            : L2 or R2

  c. Heading (Ball in the air)
     Heading to teammate's feet  : X
     Heading to teammate's head  : O
     Straight heading            : Square

  d. Team Management Button
     L1 or R1                    : Change Formation.
     Square                      : Change Libero, Line, or Sweeper style.
     Triangle                    : Change Auto/Manual cursor change.
     Select                      : Strategy Board appear
  e. Other button
     Semi Automatic 1-2 play     : hold L1 then press X, this will make you
                                   player pass the ball to another player,
                                   and the other player (handle by CPU) auto-
                                   matically pass the ball back to you.


  - Player edit mode : you can edit you player name if you know hte player's 
                       real name. Here i'll give you some example of the edited
    Brazil  : Ronarid  = Ronaldo
              Donka    = Dunga
    Chile   : Sarez    = Salas
              Zanora   = Zamorano
    Croatia : Shoker   = Suker
              Bogsic   = Boksic
    England : Shereng  = Sheringham
              Sheallar = Shearer
    Italy   : Ziola    = Zola
              Pieri    = Vieri
    That was some samples, if you a big soccerfans you must know how to edit
    the players name in every teams. If you ind trouble visit http://www.fifa.com

  - Player Color     : You can find out your player condition by see his color,
    Red    : Superb
    Orange : Very Good
    Yellow : Good
    Blue   : Poor
    Black  : Very Poor

  - There are 8 kind of strategy in the "in game strategy", there are Normal, Left
    and Right Side Attack, Center Attack, Zone Press, Counter Attack, & Offside
    trap. Learn when to use it.


  - The through pass (Triangle button) is the best way to destruct opponent's
    defense area. Make sure to do it at the right timing.
  - Combine between Dash & normal run to pass opponent's players, you must learn
    to do when to use Dash, when to use normal run.

  - Corner Kick is the best way to score, the percentage is 80%. Pass to the
    center of opponent's penalty area then try to head it using Square button.

  - During play you can use Select button to change your player priority, if
    you push select, you see that the little box under the player name moving.
    Forwars is more attacking, cente is normal, back is defensive.

  - The best formation to use is 4-4-2 C formation because the middle area 
    are very strong & penalty area are more saver because of the devensive 
    midfielder are helping to defend from opponent's attack.

  7. CHEAT

  - Classic all-star team : Highlight the "Exhibition menu", then press Up(2),  
    Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, X. If you entered the code 
    correctly, you will hear the sound of clapping hands. Then at the team 
    selection screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press X. 
  - Game Shark Codes

    P1's Team is Very Good       B666575C 595A
                                 3662FF7E 595A
    P1's Team is Very Bad        B666575C 595A
                                 3662FF7E 5956
    P2's Team is Very Good       B666575C 595A
                                 3662FFBE 595A
    P2's Team is Very Bad        B666575C 595A
                                 3662FFBE 5956

  Well, this is my 2nd FAQs since Fifa'99 for Playstation & PC. I plan to write
  more sports FAQs especially soccer, but my future FAQs is Knockout Kings,
  NBA Live'99, and maybe Championship Manager 2 for PC.
  Please if you want to use this FAQs in you Homepage e-mail me first, i'm very
  disapointed that some page using my Fifa'99 FAQs without my permission.
  At least let me now when you want to use this FAQs in you page.
  Thanks to : - Benny Gunawan for the Playstation.
              - Gamefaqs for keeping this FAQS.
              - Konami for making this game & Silent Hill.
              - All of you Soccerfans.

                  * Stephan Lee (liewanto@mailcity.com) *