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Version 0.80
This version made September 16, 2003
Original version published August 23, 2003.



Version History
Non-Player Characters
Environmental Hazards
Basic Types of Levels
Fishy Facts


Okay, this is my very first time making a walkthrough.  I'm creating this
because this game has a few too many frustrating spots.  It's mainly due to 
fact that in some levels, you're given a task but no real direction as to 
to work some of the mechanisms.


I wrote this guide based on the PS2 version, so there may be a few minor
The controls work the same way, but the buttons for the PS2, GameCube, 
& PC are obviously different.  That is why I list the actions and not the
button names.

If you plan on contacting me, title the subject with having to do with the 
or I will likely delete the email under the assumption that it is spam.

Judging from the amount of email I've been receiving lately, I'm beginning 
wonder if I'm the only fan who has wrote a walkthrough...

Fans, also note that FINDING NEMO the movie will be coming home on November 
It's been named one of the top family movies of this year.



0.5 - At the moment, this walkthrough will be the bare bones of the game or
else it would take much longer for me to write this. FINDING NEMO contains a
ton of "side quests" that are not necessary in finishing the game, but only
add to the overall experience.  I'll be adding these extra things later.
Date: August 23, 2003

0.7 - Added the Bonus levels and more text.  I may or may not add the
"side quests" at a later date.
Aug. 25, 2003

0.75 - Added a few comments.
Sep. 2, 2003

0.76 - Comment about the movie.
Sep. 9, 2003

0.80 - Added FAQ, Fishy Facts and Table of Contents.
Sep. 16, 2003


BUBBLE - Swim into it and it will trap the closest enemy.  At which point
you only have about 3 seconds to pop it before the enemy breaks loose.  A
BUBBLE will reform within 5 seconds.

BUBBLE TRAIL - These usually consist of 5 bubbles.  As long as you swim into
them in order, they will form a single bubble.  Now it works like a BUBBLE. 
you miss any, you won't get your bubble.  I find these take a bit longer to
reform than a normal BUBBLE.

KRILL - These little blue guys who resemble shrimp are your fish's absolute
best friends!  KRILL will protect your fish from being hit, which, usually 
the game instantly.  Once you're hit, some of the KRILL will swim away.  
can mean as much as 6 KRILL.  I think it depends on what kind of enemy 
your fish...  KRILL are often found amongst SHELLS.

LUXOBALL - Sometimes, you'll find this item.  Have your fish bounce it and 
it through the BLUE BUBBLE RINGS.  You'll have the most control if you can
balance it on your fish's snout.
*Note - This ball will pop if it hits any sharp objects.

PEBBLES - Located in each level.  Coloured red, blue, and green, you must
carry them to their matching colour platforms.  Do it for all three and 

SEA ANEMONE (a-neh-muh-nee) - In the game, they are blue, finger-like 
that give Nemo and Marlin invincibility for approximately 10 sec.  Swim into
them and your Clown Fish emerges spinning.

SHELLS - These colourful objects only give you points.  Strangely, score
doesn't unlock anything in this game...

STARFISH - Completing each "side quest" awards you with a STARFISH.  Their
purpose is to unlock bonus items in the menu.  By earning at least one 
per LEVEL, you can unlock the bonus level.  By beating the bonus you'll 
another STARFISH. Collect all the STARFISH of each level lets you view 
items.  Collecting the game's load of STARFISH unlocks a special level.


BLUE RINGS - Only for the LUXOBALL.  These are the rings you put the ball

BUBBLE RINGS - These are more of green colour than the manual pictures.  
give you a little bit of speed after you swim through them.  These rings are
what you swim through for a STARFISH.

RED RINGS - Red of course and rarer.  They give a boost of speed, but never

SHELL RINGS - By swimming through their centers, you can collect all their
shells at once.  Found only on "chase/race" levels.

SPEED RINGS - Yellow rings.  They are often left behind by the lead fish in
"chase" levels to give you speed.  Unfortunately, they only last for a few


Nemo - The little star!  His right fin is small, therefore weaker, so he 
in an unbalanced fashion sometimes.
ABILITIES - is small enough to swim through certain spaces
- can only move light objects

Marlin - Nemo's father.  He worries a lot about his son.  He has a reason, 
that is explained in only the movie.  Nemo and Marlin are Clownfish.  Real
Clownfish have been known to live harmoniously with Sea Anemonies.  
anemonies sting animals, but Clownfish can live in them.  While housing in 
Clownfish are protected and receive free food by picking off the scraps.
ABILITIES - medium-sized and is usually in Dory's company
- can activate switches by Darting
- can't move heavy objects

Dory - She's fast and strong, but suffers from short-term memory loss.  
running into Marlin (literally!), the 2 form an amazing team.  They don't
mention it but Dory is a Surgeon Fish, and closely modeled after the real
ABILITIES - large-sized and faster
- is strong enough to knock rocks and heavy objects over
- can't activate most switches

*Note: All fish can Dart and carry pebbles
To switch fish, swim close enough to the other fish and a magenta '?' will
appear.  Press DART and you will take the role of the other fish.


Bruce - You can't miss this big guy.  He seems to be modeled and named after
the mechanical sharks used in the JAWS films...

Anchor - The Hammerhead shark friend of Bruce.

Chum - The other shark that hangs around Bruce.  He has a fish hook stuck
through one of his nostrils.

Sheldon - The seahorse who's got H20 intolerance.

Ted - One of the school fish.  He introduces himself as being obnoxious.
He's yellow-coloured.

Pearl - The little pink octopus.  She hangs around Ted and Sheldon.

Mr. Ray - A gentle giant.  This ray is friendly, cheerful, and loves to

Crush - The old turtle who roams the East Australian Current.

Squirt - One of the baby turtles.

The Tank Gang

Bloat - The puffer fish who's got inflation troubles. (one of my faves!)

Gill - This guy seems to be an old veteran.  His scars are from landing on
dental tools during one of his escape plans.

Jacques - The cleaning-obsessed lobster.

Peach - The starfish.  She is almost always found clinging to the side of 

*Bubbles(?) - The yellow fish who loves bubbles.

*??? - The purple and yellow eel(?) who is often filled with anxiety.

*??? - The blue and white fish who thinks she's got a sister named Flo, who 
actually her reflection.

*Anyone who can confirm these fish's names should email me.  I've seen the
movie twice and still haven't picked up their names.


Clams - They jump up and snap at you and are one of the most common enemies.

Eels - I find most of these green guys swimming around in pairs.
Even through they are only swimming around a lot, they'll shock your fish if
you get too close.

Electric Eels - Found only in level 3.  You'll recognize them by their blue
glow of electricity from a distance.

Hermit Crabs - These guys jump up and snap their pincers at you.

Puffer Fish - I dub thee Bloat's evil relatives!  If you know Bloat, these 
function the same way, except they can hurt you.  They usually inflate, 
and sink in the same pattern.

Sea Urchins - These purple things will show off their spines every 3 seconds 
so.  Time it so you won't get stung.

Spiny Sea Slugs - Very similar to the Urchins, except... these guys float in
the water.  Use the same strategy.

Squishes - You'll only see these mini jellyfishes during the bouncing 
If you're within 3 bouncy objects, chances are that a Squishy will come 
you.  Stay away from them if you value your fish.


I figure I should point this out.  These are things that will hurt you but 
unique in their own sense because they aren't free moving, like most other

Currents - Not really an enemy. However, they are a nightmare when you're in 
tight spot and/or trying to move through certain areas.  Some you can swim
against.  Some will sweep you clean away.

Gas - Some places have dark clouds of gas emerging from holes.  Swim around 
clouds or your fish will be coughing its gills out.

Holes - Sometimes they release harmless bubbles.  But the other half of the
time it's gas.  Gas here is bad.

Mines - These come in a chained form.  Don't go touching them or you'll be
blasted to the start of the level.

Pipes - These things spew out fire, heat, steam, and other gaseous dangers.
Most of them are small and you should recognize them, but some may be part 
a larger piece of piping.  When you see a pipe projecting out, don't go 
in the nozzle.  It just might toast your fish.

Snapping Eels - They live in a hole in the background, but that doesn't mean
they can't bite you.

Spikes and Pointy things - Plenty of these in the game and disguised in
multiple forms.  Common sense is they all hurt.

Tentacles - Found only in the Minefield level.  These "wave" from their hole 
an attempt to grab your fish.  Luckily, they don't have much of a reach.


Sidescrolling - As the name says, you move side to side and/or up or down to

Teamwork - With this form of level, sometimes you may have more than one
fish to control.  DART at the opposite fish to switch over.

Away - You move forward by swimming away from the camera.

Towards - You move forward by swimming towards the screen.

The latter 2 are commonplace for what I call "race or chase" levels.  
there's a picture of your fish and another fish to show your distances.  90%
of the time, you'll want to hold down the SPEED UP button.  One, your fish 
faster.  Two, sometimes speed is the only way to pass to pass the level.
Three, DARTING is not as efficient and really starts to hurt the thumb.

Race - You are competing against other fish in moving through the level.
The first few race levels are only about finishing.  Stages much later 
you to come in 1st place to pass the level.

Chase - You will follow a target.  This target will always be in the lead.
If you fall too far behind, it's game over.  Your fish will also have 
exclamation points (!) pop up.  Green means you're beginning to fall behind.
Yellow means you should hurry.  Red is when you are really close to losing
track of the target fish.

Chased - Almost like Chase, except YOU will be pursued by a fish or enemy.
Throughout this type of level, you must stay ahead of the target or lose.  
chance the enemy decides to grab or bite you, a red "!" will appear.  You 
only a second to dodge or it's over.

Phew.  On to the walkthrough!
LEVEL 1 -- "Going to School"

This is as easy as levels will ever get.  Swim through the 3 greenish bubble
rings and then to Marlin.  If you don't, Marlin doesn't sound too happy...

Ah, the first chase level.  Get used to it; there are A LOT of these... only
tougher.  Try to follow Marlin closely by swimming through the rings, and
holding down the speed up button.  Once that's over, he'll introduce you to
some new tricks.  Now you'll run into Ted and Sheldon, who have lost their
friend, Pearl.  Swim forward and you will come to an obstacle.  Ignore 
discouragement and swim down into the caves.  Go around and you'll find 
Have her follow you back to the others.  She'll drop a pearl.  Pick it up 
set it in the giant oyster.  You're free to move on, until you come to a 
of rocks.  Dart into them.

Here comes a race.  Placement doesn't matter, but first awards you with a
STARFISH.  There are no dangers so hold down speed up the whole time.  Once 
race is done, beat the pair of clams and the level is over.

BONUS: You'll be playing with the Luxoball here, but it's easy.  There are 6
rings.  Right at the start, the ball will have fallen through the first 
Now bump the ball into the left ring and let it fall through the next 
Do the same thing for the rings on the right side.

LEVEL 2 -- "Field Trip"

From the start, collect some shells, then meet up with Marlin.  He will give
some much need tips, so listen up.  You can beat the clams by using the 
of the BUBBLES.  You're guaranteed to get shells.  You may or may not 

Next part is a chase stage.  Follow Mr. Ray, who will drop yellow speed 
You need to swim through them or you'll fall far behind.  There are also
jumping Clams and Flounders to avoid.

Here comes the first Bouncing Level!  Get a feel for the bouncing because 
will be dependant on it later.  Hop to the end.  Here's another Chase level 
then you're back a sidescrolling place.  Play around in the tunnels and move

BONUS: This level takes a bit of luck.  Luck being whether or not the
Squishes decide to follow you or ignore you.  2-3 Squishes are here.  It 
be all over if any of them touch you.  I jump on about 16 of the sponges 
go into a tunnel.  I only use the tunnels when I need to get around to the
opposite side or to avoid being trapped by Squishes.  You have to use your
own judgment for this place.  Listen for the sound made by the Squishes, so
you can make a quick getaway, like through a tunnel.  Whatever you do, don't
get trapped between 2 or you've had it.  Sponges will turn from a dark brown
to a light brownish-orange colour after they've been bounced on.
100 sponges altogether.

LEVEL 3 -- "The Drop Off"

Collect the KRILL as you see them.  Defeat the Hermit Crabs for KRILL, too.
Now dive into the anemone and use the temporary invincibility to help get 
the Puffer Fish.  Lots of Puffer Fish dwell in this level, so be careful.

Once through, watch the cinema.  Start swimming by the chain, while dodging
more Puffer Fish and Electric Eels.  Try to spot these things from a 
because the current doesn't make it any easier to move.

Oh no!  The diver is right on your tail.  Speedily swim in the middle of the
screen so it's easier to get those Speed Rings.  As long as you're not too
slow, you can avoid his grabs.

BOMUS: A puzzle of Ted.  Unfortunately, I don't have a real answer to this
puzzle because I make too many moves.

LEVEL 4 -- "Mask Chase"

Nemo has been captured!  If you want him back, then you must help Marlin
survive future dangers.

Okay, this is Marlin's first level.  There isn't much of a difference 
his controls and Nemo's.  You have 90 seconds to get to end of this section
before the mask is lost.  In this level, you will always be swimming 
and downward.  Take out the first few enemies to get some KRILL.  Keep 
around and beware of the Snapping Eels.  Swim all the way to the right and
you'll find yourself in another section.  This time it's 65 sec.  There are
Hermit Crabs to get past.  Move on an you'll be swimming downwards.  Two 
will be right below you.  Take care of them or ignore them and let's keep a
move on.

Half way there!  75 seconds here.  Travel down and right.  As you head down,
there will be several Snapping Eels, Urchins on ledges, and some Sea Slugs.
None of these can be destroyed.  When you finally reach the bottom areas, 
the Clams and Crabs the usual way, and make your way to the last section.

80 seconds here.  Swim right, then all the way down.  Again, be wary of
Snapping Eels and the Urchins sitting on the ledges.  At the bottom, swim 
and you should eventually see a Puffer Fish.  Squeeze under this guy.  Avoid
a second Puffer and keep goin'.

A Chased Level.  Marlin tries to ask for help but gets caught in what 
rush hour traffic.  Swim fast while dodging the oncoming fish.  They'll 
yell something before they pass you by.  It really helps to have KRILL here.
Hopefully, you still do.

BONUS: A mix and match game.  16 characters to match.  Character locations 
always random.  Speed doesn't really matter here, so take your time. ^_^

LEVEL 5 -- "Catch Dory"

Meet Dory.  She's strong, fast, and carefree... seeing as her memory tends 
disappear after only a few seconds.  This level is broken into 3 similiar
parts.  The first part isn't too bad.  The second part involves some gas
emerging from holes in the ocean floor.  Marlin will choke if he runs into 
The third part is the most difficult.  Not only does Dory increase her 
but you'll have barrel obstacles and more gas to get past.  When you wind up
in a barrel, Dart to make it open.  You'll also notice some tunnels on the
sides.  Some of these lead forward.  Some go back.  I usually don't bother
with these because they slow me down.  If you want to enter them, hit the
Dart button when Marlin is close enough.

No matter which part you are in, basic conditions are the same: Swim through
as many Speed Rings as possible and tag Dory.  When that's over, meet your 

BONUS: Another fish puzzle.  I don't have a solution here either.  All I 
is the blue fish takes up most of the puzzle and small orange fish belongs 
the bottom left.

LEVEL 6 -- "Minefield"

"'Name's Bruce!"

Welcome to the land of explosions.

I hope you've gotten the hang of the chase because "Minefield" is all about 
shark chase. ^_^  Follow Bruce through the treacherous tunnels filled with 
clouds and grabby Tentacles.  It may take a few tries, but you'll make it.

Made it?  Good.  Here's another Bouncing Level.  The only danger is... 
be bouncing on MINES!!  As Bruce said, you can only bounce on each mine a
maximum of 3 times.  The mine will change colours too.  So when it glows 
you'll know it's gonna go BOOM!!!  Zig-zag left and right to find the 
path out of the mines, which is way at the top.

Finally, you'll be behind Bruce again.  Squeeze between the mines, nab the
Speed Rings, and watch the Currents.  These are the things that will 
make your fishes go boom.  Once past the red water, you'll be in the tunnels
again.  Dodge the same gas traps and Tentacles, and you're clear.

BONUS: Ack!  You'll be tossing the Luxoball between MINES.  11 mines here 
each will explode whether it's Marlin or the ball that makes contact.  Right
above the start should be around 3-4 rings close to the mines.  Use the
currents on either side to help bring the ball to top.  From there, find a
nearby ring.  There are a few more just below those.  Do the same for the
other side.

LEVEL 7 -- "Submarine"

Uh oh.  Looks like the scent of Dory's blood has knocked Bruce back to his 
habits.  Anchor and Chum try to restrain him as Dory and Marlin flee.  But 
big guy breaks loose.

Bruce is right behind you.  Make Marlin move fast, but do pay attention to 
Every few seconds, a red ! will appear and she'll swim to one side.  Quickly
follow her lead to dodge Bruce's deadly bite.  I recommend not getting too
close to the left and right sides because there are gas leaks.

Now you're trapped in a room.  Snatch the KRILL.  Defeat the Hermit Crab for
more.  Watch the structures carefully because flame spews out from many of 
pipes.  Swim right, while maneuvering around the pipes.  Here you'll meet 
These green fellows swim quite slowly and don't actually pursue you, but 
do hurt to touch.  Squeeze past them.  At the end, you'll see the locked 
Go left, dodging the flame, around the pipes and Dart at that big green 
That is one of the many switches you'll see in this level.

Head out the door and you're back in front of Bruce.  This shark will be
fish hungry for the remainder of this level.  Dodge his chomps like last 
and you'll be in another room again.

Follow the trail of Shells into the big pipe.  A single KRILL is hidden at 
very bottom of it.  In this section, you'll be trying to avoid Sea Slugs and
Eels.  Move down, beat the Crab for KRILL, and travel right.  DO NOT touch 
big mine.  It looks like the background, but it definitely is not.  Continue
through the open doorway.

At the beginning of the oncoming "pipe maze", swim up to top of the screen, 
travel through the broken pipes.  Go right, down, around, then finally hit 
switch.  Doing this now will save you the backtracking work.  Get out of the
maze and swim rightward.  Watch for more gas and the 2 big mines.  Go 
the big pipe.  The last switch opened up a small path that leads to a 2nd
switch.  Hit it and get out that door.

Guess what?  It's the big guy again.  Luckily, this is the last time.  
as before and you'll find yourself in a small room.  This is the game's 
tile puzzle.  The solution to this is behind the door.  Unfortunately, I 
walk you through this because I make too many moves.  Once you solve it, hit
the switch to the left and get outside.

BONUS: A race against Dory is here.  All you have to do is swim through the
Red Rings to beat her.  The only things that can hurt Marlin are the gas
pipes at the sides.

LEVEL 8 -- "Hide and Seek"

This is one of my favourite levels! ^_^  I'll tell you the location for each
player of the Tank Gang.  You can decide the order of finding them.

Bubbles(?) - Grab the key hanging from the ship and unlock the treasure 

Bloat - Swim left of the big rock and search those things that look like
the familiar Anemonies.

Jacques - Knock down the 3 coconuts from the trees.

Purple fish - Enter the structure and find your way to the top.  He will be
hiding there.

Peach - She's clinging high on the side of the tank.

Blue fish with stripes - Solve the tile puzzle to lure her out.  This is 
My simple way is to number the pieces as they appear on the board, no matter
what part of the fish they may be.  Therefore the first row will contain
1,2,3.  Second row: 4,5,6... and so on.

The quickest I can do this is in 10 moves: 3,2,5,4,7,8,5,6 & 9.

BONUS: Another matching game.  Only 15 pairs here.

LEVEL 9 -- "Mask Search"

It's dark.  You may want to adjust the brightness of your tv here.

Kill the clams for KRILL.  Now go right.  Have Dory find Marlin within 40
seconds, lest you want her to forget what she's doing.

A Teamwork level has arrived.  Move forward and have Dory knock the green 
over.  Switch to Marlin.  Make him swim through the new passage and hit a
switch to open a passage for Dory.  Use Dory to swim all the way right.
You have 20 seconds to meet with Marlin.  Then use her to activate a yellow
knob on the top of the pipes.  Back to Marlin.  Have him swim through the 
opening and hit another switch to open the pipe.  Go back for Dory.  Find
another knob, then change to Marlin.

Tile puzzle.  This shouldn't be too hard either.  Arrange the BLUE pieces at
the bottom, set the green pieces on the left side, while also tinkering with
the red pieces which should wind up at the top.  The yellow should be on the
right and the hole in the middle.  Swim through the hole.  Open another 
return to Dory, and she'll have 15 sec to get to Marlin.

Switch to Marlin.  On the platform with the Pebbles, go right and knock off 
green nut.  Now use Dory to move a big green pipe.  Marlin can travel 
there and open another passage for Dory.  Dory will have 2 more knobs to 
Have Marlin swim up new pipe, across, down, and hit another switch.  Change
fish, swim forward, and touch the mask.

BONUS: This 16-piece puzzle forms Bloat.

LEVEL 10 -- "Anglerfish Chase"

While Dory is busy reading the mask, Marlin will have to distract the
Anglerfish.  During this Chase level, dodge the fish's bite everytime a red 
appears above him.  I usually have him swim down to dodge and return to the
centre again.  Repeat this chase 3 times.  That is all to this level.

BONUS: Many of the rings are inside the pipes.  The easiest way is to send
the Luxoball down from the top of the pipe, while Marlin waits at the 
This saves you the bumping work and getting the ball stuck at the bottom is 
big pain.  23 rings.

LEVEL 11 -- "Mount Wannahockaloogie"

Follow Jacques while maneuvering around those "flame breathing" masks.  
orange bubbles appear several times in this level.

Apparently, there's a leak.  Nemo must fix it.  All you have to do is locate
the shaking rocks and shove them into the firey bubbles.  The first is 
Travel rightward and you'll see another.  Just to the right of the 2nd rock
is an odd sign.  Dart to make it spin.  Memorize the order of the masks.  
is what you'll need to activate the masks, causing another wall of fiery
bubbles to go away.  Continue right, up over the volcano then down.  You 
see a sign by the wall of bubbles.  Dart at it over 20 times to lower the
diver, who will plug up the leak.  Soon you'll see another puzzle.  You need 
make a big S out of the pieces.  The top of the S shape is stretched 

With the leaks fixed, Nemo may face his destiny.  Swim back and forth 
the rings of fire.  Get all of them and you're done.

BONUS: Simon Says, or at least that's what the manual calls it.  Here you
need to select the creature that the Moonfish form.  In this level, the fish
consist of the Tank Gang.  They have distinctive differences so it should 
be hard at all.  I suggest grabbing a piece of paper and pencil to write 
the fish that are shown.  It's handy during the latter levels like this.

LEVEL 12 -- "Jellyfish Race"

Whoopie.  Another race.  This time you have to beat Dory.  If you've seen 
movie, you'll know why.  Use the brightly coloured (nearly white) jellyfish
to give you springy boosts.  You have to hit the ACTION button within a 
of landing upon one of these jellies, or else you'll slow.  Done correctly,
you won't even need to touch the D-pad.

BONUS: Send the Luxoball through the 12 rings at the top of the level.  
worry about the jellyfish; they're only a part of the background.  Head to a
ledge at the left for more rings.  Then go down.  There is a loop of rings 
the right.  If you drop your ball in the sand, find some ground that rises a
bit to get the Luxoball back up.  Don't forget the rings at the very bottm
too.  Many rings also line rocky arch.  If you're missing some, that's where
to look.  81 rings.

LEVEL 13 -- "Training With Gill"

Follow closely behind Gill, while swimming through the Speed Rings he 
That part was easy.  Here comes the nasty part.  You have to sort the snail
shells by bouncing on them.  It's best to start from one end and work your 
to the other end. I like to begin on one of the 2 shells closest to the 
I jump on both, then the set of 8, then the last 6.  The ugly part is... 
is only time to bounce on each shell ONCE before the first "sorted" shell 

Like last time, trail behind Gill again.  After that exercise, you'll be 
the LUXOBALL.  Send the Luxoball through the Blue Rings spread all over the
tank.  Be aware that ALL sharp and pointy things will pop the ball, so 
have to go back to the start for another Luxoball.

First, send the ball through eye sockets of the skull to acquire both those
rings.  Move right while keeping the Luxoball under your control.  The 
from the treasure chest will make the ball sail up high.  Work around it for
those rings.  Keep going and you'll see Bloat.  He'll puff up, so swim high
to avoid popping your ball.  Head over the ship and through the rings.
Carefully move it through the dropping rings.  I say start high up and have
the ball drop down.  Be waiting at the bottom to save it from some pointy 
objects.  Send the ball high over the big clam (it'll pop it too).  Once 
let it fall through the rings while you wait at the bottom.

You'll be swimming with Gill again.

BONUS: Just like in the level, you have to bounce on snail shells except...
these ones stay down and you will have 3 Squishes to deal with too.  Move
from left to right while trying to dodge the jellyfish.

LEVEL 14 -- "East Australian Current"

Dory will like to play a little game.  You'll only have a few seconds to 
her... several times.  Fight the current and go around the turtles.  Find 
and tag her.

With that over comes another bouncing game.  This isn't as bad as the last.
Bounce on ALL the turtles to locate the 5 baby turtles.  If you take too 
the big turtles will roll over and the babies can go hide again.

It's a race against Dory again.  You can come in 1st or 2nd this time. ^_^
Use the Red Rings for a speed boost and dodge the turtles.

BONUS: Another Simon Says game.  You'll have to make 8 matches total.
These guys are mostly the side characters in the story: the whale, Dory, 
the mask, Anglerfish, Gill, Bruce, and Ray.  I think the Moonfish make Dory
resemble one of those Goldfish crackers...

LEVEL 15 -- "The Plan"

There are 5 RED Pebbles to seek out.  Once found, drop the pebble into the 
of the filter, exactly as Gill instructs you to.  Like the other level, I'll
just give you the locations:

1 - Inside the diver's helmet.
2 - Find the big structure, grab the pebble, drop it in the green ringed 
go up, drop it in the purple ringed tube and it'll be sent to the top.
3 - Dart the plastic covering off the skull and grab the pebble.
4 - In the BIG Clam.
5 - On the ship.

Get your congrats from the Tank Gang.

BONUS: It's a race against the Tank Gang.  If you manage to swim through all
the Red Rings, you should be in at least 2nd place.  I find it's the corners
that cause the problems.  You have to make the smallest turn while swimming
through the rings.  Too big a turn results in someone passing you.

LEVEL 16 -- "Whale Chase"

Speedily swim in the middle to pass through the rings.  At least the whale
won't snap at your fish...

Eventually, your fish will be swallowed.  Bounce along the whale's tongue 
avoid the Squishes.  Seems you have made it into its stomach.  There is a
current pushing you right, but you're heading that direction anyway.  Dodge
the dripping acid and the spouting gases.  Defeat some of the animals to
acquire KRILL.  Keep moving along and you'll see an urchin.  Sneak past it.
Go downwards and you'll soon be flying through a tube.

BONUS: You need 8 matches in this Simon Says round.  Most of these guys are
the game's enemies: Electric Eel, Flounder, Jellyfish, Sea Slug, Squirt, 
Hermit Crab, and Puffer Fish.  The only trouble may be trying to distinguish
the Eel and Slug apart.  The Slug is spikey lookin'.

LEVEL 17 -- "Treatment Plant"

For this dark level, turn up the brightness of your tv.

Swim along and some blades will appear.  You can't touch any part of the 
because of their spikes.  Swim in between the blades to the right.  A pair 
Hermit Crabs are here.  It's a good time to get KRILL.  Do the same for the
next set of blades.

Let the current carry you and you will come upon 2 more Crabs.  Destroy 
Have Nemo sit right at the edge of the grate.  Your target is a grate above,
but you have strong currents to fight through.  Be quick.  Move into the
currents and Dart.  Hopefully, you'll make it through the next grate.  If 
are swept upwards, let the current carry you back.  If you are knocked
downwards, a long Hermit Crab will be waiting for you at the bottom.  Beat 
and follow the currents back.

For the next grate, you will do the same, but this time you're aiming for a
grate below.  Missing it will send you back to the first one.

Get through it and you will be in a new area.  Move down and be wary of 2
Crabs.  Hit the switches for these "wheels".  Then head down.  Wait for the
gas pipes to pause and proceed.  Dodge 2 Snapping Eels, go up, then down 
more gas pipes.  Activate 2 switches.

Try swimming in the middle for rings and to avoid the fan blades.  Defeat 
crab.  Follow the water level to the top and get over the grate.  Repeat 
A Hermit Crab is eagerly awaiting you at the bottom of the 3rd grate. Go 
get past the gas pipes, and between the blades.  Travel up a pipe.  Another
blade is here.  The exit is at the TOP.  This current moves right.  Drop in
between the metal to grab some goodies.  Drop down the 4th or last one and
head to a small grate and Nemo will swim to another area.

This part needs some steady fingers.  DO NOT touch the surfaces of the giant
moving structures; they're spiked.  The yellow dust only obscures the spikes
from view.  Go through the first 2 structures.  On the 3rd structure, make
sure to go upwards (you'll see green rings), or else you will hit a deadend.
However this deadend contains lots of KRILL.

Head through the rings and Nemo will be swept down a pipe.  Let it carry you 
the top half.  Find the exit there.  Then go through a tunnel and you'll be 
the harbour.

BONUS: Here's a troublesome spot.  There are 10 rings here.  When the round
begins, the Luxoball is already falling.  Try to bring it back up to collect
the 6 rings above.  For the lower rings.  The current will always be 
the ball against the walls of the pipe.  Try to position Nemo between the 
and the ball.  Have him bump it a bit and it should just be enough to get it
through the rings.

LEVEL 18 -- "Fishing Net Rescue"

This is it!  The Final level.  Compared to everything you've had to face, 
should be a cinch.  Dory and the other fish are trapped in the net.  Only 
can help them.  You have about a minute to "tag" Dory 10 times.  She's 
the net.  If you're in front of her, hit the Action button.  She and Nemo
will convince the other fish to swim down.  While swimming around the net,
be extra careful not to touch the falling debris.  This will knock Nemo out

I find that Dory's first location is close to Marlin, which is a bit to the
right from the starting point.  I zig-zag a lot instead of swimming around
and around the net.  Do whatever you want.

BONUS: This is the first and last bonus level involving teamwork between all
3 fish.  Begin with Marlin to open the first barrel.  Then use Dory to knock
the big rock aside, revealing a small passageway.  Have Marlin go through it
and hit the latch at the lower end of the first barrel.  Swim ahead to 
the third barrel.  Return to Dory.  Make her swim all the way through the
tunnel and come up in the third barrel.  Dart at it to open it.  Swim left 
knock down the rock on the second barrel.  Go back to the tunnel and 
the blue pebble.  Leave it beside the open lid of the last barrel.  Now get
Marlin to open the second barrel.  Return.  At last, it's Nemo's turn!  
the first barrel, grab the red pebble, swim through the small opening, and
use the pebble on the platform in the second barrel.  Take the green pebble
and bring it to alcove at the far right of the level.  Go back and grab the
blue pebble.  Squeeze beneath the lid and set it on the last platform. Done!

When you're all done.  Sit back and watch the ending.  Congratulations!  You
have finished FINDING NEMO!!



Q: How do I sort shells?
A: You must bounce on all 16 shells in one pass.  There is no room for error
here.  Starting from one end and moving to the other end helps.  Because of
the controls, Nemo takes a while to turn around, so you need to pre-plan 
route and have a quick thumb.

There is a level similar to this involving the turtles...

Q: What are the PEBBLES for?
A: The tri-coloured pebbles come in three colours: red, blue, and green.  
set them on coloured platforms of their respective colour.  Do it for all 
in a level, and your reward is a STARFISH.

Q: What are STARFISH for?
A: There is a total of 60 STARFISH in the game.  Get all of them, and you 
unlock a special level.  Getting all the STARFISH for a Level unlocks 
for that particular Level.
STARFISH are awarded by:
-placing 1st in a race
-defeating enemies
-swimming through Bubble Rings
-placing Pebbles
-beating Bonus Levels

You'll know what the task is by looking at the corresponding picture next to
the STARFISH on the Level Select screen.  By Pausing the game, your 
tasks will scroll by onscreen.

Q: What are SHELLS for?
A: These rainbow-coloured things seem to only give you points...

Q: How do Bonus Levels work?
A: Bonuses are opened by getting at least ONE STARFISH for that Level.
Completing Bonus Levels awards you with another STARFISH.

Q: What are those character icons on the screen?
A: These icons will light up once you locate or complete a certain task.  
of these involve finding certain fish.  Have them all lit up to pass the 



Did you know...

-Marlin and Nemo are Clownfish
-Dory is a Blue Surgeon Fish
-Ted is a Forceps Fish
-Bloat is a Blowfish/Pufferfish
-The yellow fish obsessed about bubbles is a Yellow Tang
-Gill is a Moorish Fish
-a diverse range of marine animals exist east of Australia in the Great 
Reef, which can actually be seen from space

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