+-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |=======================================================================| |Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening (PS2) Complete Guide and Walkthrough| |=======================================================================| | | |Written by: Kamran Riaz Khan | | | |Version 1.5- 29/3/05- Even more contributions from readers added in the| |walkthrough. | |Current Size: 211.0 KB. | | | |Version 1.4- 11/3/05- Contributions added from readers. Busted the main| |problem for broken formatting i.e. use of Tabs. | |Current Size: 200.0 KB. | | | |Version 1.3- 8/3/05- Due to formatting complaints from readers, I have | |padded the FAQ on both sides with 71 CPL width. If you see the padding | |broken, it means that other info like figures may also be broken for | |you. Corrected lots of spelling mistakes and added contributions from | |readers in the Walkthrough. | |Current Size: 198.0 KB. | | | |Version 1.2- 7/3/05- All Secret Missions and Blue Orb Fragment | |locations added in the walkthrough. Updated little details left before | |by mistake. | |Current Size: 128.0 KB. | | | |Version 1.1- 2/3/05- First complete version of the walkthrough. All | |missions and weapons info are now completed. I want to thank IGN | |mainly for providing me an incentive to write more by posting this | |FAQ since its 0.2 version on their site. Secondly, I acknowledge all | |of the readers' support through their emails. I do appreciate them a | |lot. Keep em' coming. | |Current Size: 121.0 KB. | | | |Version 1.0- 28/2/05- Walkthrough done up to mission 14. I can't | |believe how much mistakes I leave even after checking my FAQ again and | |again. Sorry for low speed in completing the walkthrough but I believe | |quality matters over quantity so I make the info already written | |perfect instead of leaving it as it is and adding new one. | |Current Size: 98.1 KB. | | | |Version 0.9- 26/2/05- Walkthrough done up to mission 12. Added info on | |Nevan & Spiral. Updated styles info with level 3 moves. As usual, | |several spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and info mistakes are | |also corrected. | |Current Size: 89.2 KB. | | | |Version 0.8- 22/2/05- Added walkthrough for mission 7 & 8 as well as | |info on Artemis. Updated Agni & Rudra strategy and review section. | |Corrected lots of spelling, grammar and info mistakes. | |Current Size: 67.3 KB. | | | |Version 0.7- 20/2/05- Added walkthrough for mission 5 & 6, Divinity | |Statue numbers in missions' status, Secret Mission info, Agni & Rudra | |weapon info and corrected minor mistakes. | |Current Size: 56.3 KB. | | | |Version 0.6- 18/2/05- Got Japanese version from one of my friends (who | |got it from courier), made its backup and started working over its | |bases. But as I couldn't backup English language and sounds so I have | |to work over incomplete bases. Corrected info for mission 2 and 3 (as | |they are slightly different from Trial Edition), and added info on | |Cerberus weapon and Royal Guard style. As well as corrected some minor | |old details. | |Current Size: 43.6 KB. | | | |Version 0.5- 3/2/05- Spelling mistakes corrected, expanded Introduction| |section and updated minor details. | |Current Size: 33.3 KB. | | | |Version 0.4- 1/2/05- Corrected again lots of info. This time the thank | |goes to the wonderful FAQ of DahBomb at IGN forums. | |Current Size: 28.2 KB. | | | |Version 0.3- 28/1/05- Corrected a LOT of names, a HUGE thanks goes to | |YuriSEAL Prime's FAQ at GameFAQs for his helpful guide. Corrected lots | |of mistakes. | |Current Size: 27.5 KB. | | | |Version 0.2- 26/1/05- Added walkthrough for the first two missions. Now| |the guide is as complete as it can get using the Trial Edition. | |Current Size: 26.4 KB. | | | |Version 0.1- 25/1/05- Organizing the structure of the FAQ. I'm planning| |to prepare it before the game release using info from Trial Edition. | |Added Table of Contents, Introduction, Basics, Secrets/Easter Eggs, | |Legal Info, Lyrics/Soundtracks Info, Contact Information and Special | |Thanks sections. | |Current Size: 21.7 KB. | | | |=======================================================================| |Table of Contents | |=======================================================================| |I. Introduction | | A. Synopsis | | B. Storyline | | C. Characters | | D. Review | |II. Basics | | A. Default Controls | | B. Weapons | | C. Movements | | D. Tricks | | E. Combos | | F. Style System | | G. Devil Trigger | | H. Style Points | | I. Orbs | | J. Rankings | | K. Divinity Statues/Customize Menu | | L. Enemies | |III. Walkthrough | | A. Mission 1: A Crazy Party | | B. Mission 2: The Blood Link | | C. Mission 3: The Devils Tower | | D. Mission 4: The Unwanted One | | E. Mission 5: Of Devils and Swords | | F. Mission 6: Family Ties | | G. Mission 7: A Chance Meeting | | H. Mission 8: A Renewed Fear | | I. Mission 9: Faded Memories | | J. Mission 10: The Job | | K. Mission 11: Revenge | | L. Mission 12: Hunter & Hunted | | M. Mission 13: Chaos' Warm Welcome | | N. Mission 14: Drive | | O. Mission 15: The Gatecrasher | | P. Mission 16: Win or Lose | | Q. Mission 17: Inner Demons | | R. Mission 18: Invading Hell | | S. Mission 19: Forces Collide | | T. Mission 20: Screaming Souls | |IV. FAQ | |V. Secrets/Easter Eggs | |VI. Lyrics/Soundtracks Info | | A. E3 Trailer soundtrack: "The Devils Cry" | | B. Lesser Demons Fight Soundtrack: "Taste the Blood" | | C. Cerberus Boss Fight Soundtrack: "Suffer" | |VII. Legal Information | |VIII. Contact Information | |IX. Special Thanks | | | |=======================================================================| |I. Introduction | |=======================================================================| +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |A. Synopsis | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Combining classical melee fighting with modern long-range gun fights, | |Capcom released one of the best games on PS2 in 2001. Astounding | |graphics, hardcore gothic soundtracks, bone-chilling sound effects and | |lightning fast action made are one of the few reasons why this game | |still ranks high in gamers' libraries. However with the release of its | |sequel Devil May Cry 2, gamers were highly disappointed. Surely it had | |bigger arenas and better moves but it was mostly blamed for its | |cakewalk difficulty, less focus on melee fighting, short-game time, and| |most of all, null personality for the ass-kicking Half Man, Half Demon | |Dante. | |It seems that Capcom has learnt a lot from its second part, so here we | |are: with a brand new Devil May Cry game which promises to bring back | |the series the respect it gained with its first part. Better moves, | |arenas, enemies, soundtracks, weapons and story are one of the few | |things it offers. Actually being a prequel to the first part, we'll see| |Dante's brother Vergil in the game and the story behind him | |transforming into the demon Nero Angelo we came to know about in DMC1. | |After seeing many trailers for this highly anticipated game and playing| |itís Trial Edition for almost 13 times, I decided to make this FAQ. If | |you find anything lacking/mistaken in it please send me an email | |on the address provided in the Contact Information section. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |B. Storyline | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Gamers might recall the "Man with Guts n Honor", Nero Angelo from | |DMC1. They may also remember him as "Vergil", the brother Dante lost | |to evil long times ago. In DMC3, we find out about the events that | |eventually led to the transformation of Vergil into the demon. And | |yeah, who can forget our slashy flashy beloved demon Sparda. For | |those of you who haven't played any of the DMC games before, Sparda | |was a powerful demon who rebelled against its own kind for the sake | |of the human race. Although he succeeded in his war and shook the | |demons from our human worlds. He had also sealed the portal to the | |demonic world, and thus he remained in the human world. Eventually | |marrying a human named "Eva" and fathering two children named "Dante" | |and "Vergil". | |Now both the brothers are in their late teens. Both have extra | |ordinary abilities and both are blood-thirsty for each other. A | |mysterious man named "Arkham" is using the hatred of Vergil for Dante | |to revive the portal to the demonic world and thus, gaining back | |the demonic rule. | |In the opening sequence, we find Arkham coming to Dante's office and | |telling him that his brother has sent an invitation for him. Although | |sending Hell demons to deal with Dante wasn't a friendly way of | |sending an invitation, Dante jumps in the party and makes his way to | |the mysterious tower that had appeared besides his office. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |C. Characters | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |1)Dante | |The son of Sparda, Dante surely realizes that he has some special | |abilities but he isn't yet aware of his half-demon form yet. | |Characterized by red overcoat and two handmade guns Ivory & Ebony. | | | |2)Vergil | |Dante's brother, though keeps faith on more honorable fighting by | |not using any kind of guns. Instead, highly skilled with a Samurai | |Sword. Vergil is willing to do anything to see Dante dead and get | |the memento of their mother from him. Apparently, Vergil is | |fascinated by evil far more than Dante. Vergil is characterized by | |blue overcoat and his Samurai Sword. | | | |3)Arkham | |Vergil's right-hand. Using Vergil's hatred against his brother to | |revive the demonic rule. Characterized by burnt face and multi-colored | |eyes. | | | |4)Lady | |Mysterious hunter whoís job is to hunt down every demon, including | |Dante and Vergil. Her eyes also differ in color. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |D. Review | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Devil May Cry 3 is by far the best game in the series. Everything | |including game play mechanics and graphics has been overhauled. Here | |are its scores: | | | |Graphics: 9.0/10 | |Though you don't expect them to be like Metal Gear's, Graphics are | |stunning considering the insanely wide game play. | | | |Soundtracks: 9.5/10 | |One of the main factors of the wonderful experience of the game. | |They blend right with the atmosphere and result in an enhanced | |gaming experience. | | | |Storyline: 9.0/10 | |Better than both of the previous games. It was actually a good idea | |to introduce Dante's Awakening to us in a prequel than him going | |to some sucking village and saving it from demons. | | | |Game play: 10.0/10 | |One of the best games on PS2. If you are an action genre fan, you | |can't miss this. It actually kicks many games due to its wide | |range of available weapons and combos. And did I mention that you | |can switch any kind of weapon with just one button during the | |game? | | | |Controls: 9.0/10 | |Hmm...not much to say here, but they really are properly planned. | |But most of all, if you don't like them, you can change every bit | |of them. | | | |Replay ability: 10.0/10 | |Six styles, option of upgrading four of them style to three levels, | |six guns, six melee weapons and a lots of upgradeable moves. | |What else do you need to motivate you for playing again and again? | | | |Overall: 9.6/10 | |I already said this was one of the best games on PS2. But one word of | |caution: it's not cake-walk like DMC2. In fact people will forget there| |ever was a DMC2 after playing what's a true successor of DMC series. | | | |=======================================================================| |II. Basics | |=======================================================================| | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |A. Default Controls | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |During the whole guide, I will refer to default controls of the game. | |For sake of convenience they are given below: | | | |Left analogue stick- Move character | |Right analogue stick- N/A | |L2- Change Gun | |R2- Change Melee Weapon | |L1- Devil Trigger | |R1- Lock On | |Up Directional Button- Item Screen | |Right Directional Button- Map Screen | |Down Directional Button- Equip Screen | |Left Directional Button- File Screen | |Triangle- Melee Attack | |Square- Shoot | |Circle- "Style" Action | |X- Jump | |L3- Change Target | |R3- Default Camera | |SELECT- Taunt | |START- Pause Screen | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |B. Weapons | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |At the beginning of the mission or at Divinity Statues, you | |can choose two melee weapons and two long-range weapons which | |can then be switched during the game using R2 and L2 | |respectively. Given below are the name of weapons available | |in the game as well as description of how to get them. | | | |Melee Weapons: 1)Rebellion Sword- Available from beginning. | | 2)Cerberus- Available after boss fight with | | Cerberus. | | 3)Agni & Rudra- Available after boss fight with | | Agni & Rudra. | | 4)Nevan- Available after boss fight with Nevan. | | 5)Beowulf- Available in mission 14 "Drive". Just | | after you start the mission, its in the place | | where Vergil fell. | | | |Long-range Weapons:1)Ivory and Ebony- Available from beginning. | | 2)Shotgun- Available in the 3rd Mission "The | | Devils Tower" inside the bar; where you break the | | curse on the door by slashing the magical rune | | clock. In the doorway itís framed on the wall. | | 3)Artemis- Available in mission 6 "Family Ties". | | If you have all the three stones by clearing the | | trials, use all of them on the goddess one by one | | to reveal this. | | 4)Spiral- Available in mission 9 "The Faded | | Memories". Outside the cave behind the waterfall, | | there are some structures you can use to reach a | | hidden area above; Spiral lays there. | | 5)Kalina Ann- Available after boss fight with Lady. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |C. Movements | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Well, what can be simpler than that, use left analogue stick to | |move Dante and X to jump. Use triangle button to wield your melee | |weapon and square for shooting. While facing an enemy, press and hold | |R1 to lock-on to him, this enables quite a few more tricks. If there | |are multiple enemies on the screen, you can use L3 to switch target | |between them. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |D. Tricks | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |-Normal: 1)(Kick Jump) | | [Available from beginning] | | If you jump towards a wall, point left analogue stick | | towards it and press X again when near it, this will make| | Dante double jump by the wall. | | 2)(Free Ride) | | [Available at Divinity Statue] | | When an enemy is on ground and you have Ivory and Ebony | | selected, jump on it (this takes a little practice), | | Dante will use the enemyís torso as a skate-board | | to skid along the area, by pressing square button during | | the trick, you'll do some stylish shooting damaging | | everyone nearby. | | 3)(Helm Breaker) | | [Available from beginning] | | While in air, press triangle to slash your sword down | | for a powerful blow. The more height you do it from, | | the more damaging will it be. | | 4)(Roll) | | [Available from beginning] | | While locked-on to an enemy, press X with combination of | | left analogue stick pointing to any direction to roll in | | that direction, dodging enemies' attacks. | | 5)(Pole Play) | | [Available from beginning] | | When you are near a pole (such as the on in the strip | | club), press triangle to swing on it. Press triangle | | repeatedly to swing with more speed. After you stop | | pressing triangle button, Dante will release the poll | | which can be followed through a jump move. | | | |-Rebellion: 1)(Stinger) | | [Available at Divinity Statue/Customize Menu] | | While locking on to an enemy, press and hold left | | analogue stick towards him and press triangle, Dante'll | | do the old favorite "Stinger" in which he dashes forward | | thrusting his sword at the enemy. | | 2)(High Time) | | [Available from beginning] | | While locking on to an enemy, hold back on left analogue | | stick and press triangle briefly, Dante will do another | | old favorite in which he takes the enemy with him in the | | air with his sword. If you only press triangle once but | | don't hold it, Dante'll send the enemy into air but | | remain on ground. | | 3)(Drive) | | [Available at Divinity Statue/Customize Menu] | | Press triangle anytime/anywhere and hold it to charge up | | your sword with demonic energy. Release the button to | | blow a massive hit in front of you. | | 4)(Air Hike) | | [Available at Divinity Statue/Customize Menu] | | Allows you to double jump in mid-air, escaping attacks | | as well as gaining access to otherwise unreachable | | places. | | 5)(DT Glide) | | Though you can't fly in DT as with Nevan, you can hold | | R1+x in midair to glide for while before coming to ground| | in Rebellion's DT mode. | | | |-Cerberus: 1)(Swing) | | [Available after getting Cerberus] | | While in air, press triangle to swing Cerberus around | | you. | | 2)(Revolver) | | [Available after getting Cerberus] | | While locking on to an enemy, point left analogue stick | | towards him and press triangle. Dante will spin the | | ice chucks around him and produce a massive hit. | | 3)(Windmill) | | [Available at Divinity Statue/Customize Menu] | | While locking on to an enemy, hold back on left | | analogue stick and press triangle. Dante will do a move | | much similar to Prop Shredder with only difference of | | ice chuks in place of sword. | | | |-Agni & Rudra: | | 1)(Jet Stream) | | [Available after getting Agni & Rudra] | | While Agni & Rudra are equipped, hold forward towards | | an enemy on left analogue stick and press triangle. | | Dante will run towards that direction and execute | | a cross slash with the swords. | | 2)(Aerial Cross) | | [Available after getting Agni & Rudra] | | Press triangle in mid-air to cross slash the swords | | in front of you. | | 3)(Whirlwind) | | [Available at Divinity Status/Customize Menu] | | Substitute for Hightime. Hold back on left analogue stick| | while locking on to an enemy and press triangle to take | | the enemies in mid-air with your swords. | | 4)(Air Hike) | | [Available at Divinity Statue/Customize Menu] | | Same as Rebellion one, i.e. allows you to double jump. | | | |-Nevan: 1)(Air Play) | | [Available after getting Nevan] | | Press triangle in mid-air to play the guitar there while | | summoning bats. | | 2)(Reverb Shock) | | [Available at Divinity Statue/Customize Menu after | | getting Nevan] | | While locking on to an enemy, point left analogue stick | | towards him and press triangle to dash towards him and | | blow him a tune. | | 3)(Bat Rift) | | [Available at Divinity Statue/Customize Menu after | | getting Nevan] | | Nevan's answer to Hightime. While locking on to an enemy | | point left analogue stick backwards and press triangle | | to thrust them in air with a slash of your guitar. If | | you hold the triangle button, Dante will also shoot some | | electricity. | | 4)(Air Raid) | | [Available at Divinity Statue/Customize Menu after | | getting Nevan] | | While in Devil Trigger mode, press R1 and x together in | | mid-air to spread your wings and fly there. | | 5)(Thunder Bolt) | | [Available after buying Air Raid] | | Press square during Air Raid move to shoot electricity | | towards enemies. | | 6)(Vortex) | | [Available after buying Air Raid] | | Press triangle during Air Raid move to spin your body | | towards enemies and inflict damage on them. | | | |-Beowulf: 1)(Straight) | | [Available after getting Beowulf] | | While locking on to an enemy, point forward on the | | left analogue stick and press circle to execute this | | substitute for Stinger. You'll dash forward and punch | | the enemy with your gauntlets. | | 2)(Beast Uppercut) | | [Available at Divinity Statue/Customize Menu] | | While locking on to an enemy, point towards your back on | | left analogue stick and press triangle once to thrust | | them in the air. | | 3)(Rising Dragon) | | [Available at Divinity Statue/Customize Menu] | | While locking on to an enemy, point towards your back on | | left analogue stick and press triangle twice. Dante'll | | execute a move that resembles Beast Uppercut, but this | | time he thrusts himself in the air to take care of | | enemies there. | | 4)(Killer Bee) | | [Available after getting Beowulf] | | While in air, press triangle to diagonally kick down an | | enemy beneath you. | | 5)(Air Hike) | | [Available at Divinity Statue/Customize Menu] | | Same as the others, i.e. allows you to double jump. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |E. Combos | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |-Rebellion: 1)(Rebellion Combo #1) | | [Available from beginning] | | Triangle x3 | | 2)(Rebellion Combo #2) | | [Available from beginning] | | Triangle x1, then after a brief delay (for | | about half-a-second, Dante'll be in the | | stance), press Triangle three more times. | | 3)(Million Stab) | | [Available after buying Stinger move] | | During Combo #2, after the delay, when you are| | performing the rest of the combo, lock-on and | | press left analogue stick towards an enemy | | plus triangle (i.e. a Stinger). You'll do a | | "Million Stab" move in which Dante plunges his | | sword at enemy countless times mercilessly. | | This does take some practice to be done | | correctly. Once started, its time period | | can be extended by pressing triangle | | repeatedly. You can also achieve the same move| | with canceling a normal Stinger by pressing | | triangle repeatedly during it. | | | |-Cerberus: 1)(Cerberus Combo #1) | | [Available after getting Cerberus] | | Triangle x5 | | 2)(Cerberus Combo #2) | | [Available after getting Cerberus] | | Triangle x2 -Delay- Triangle x2 | | 3)(Satellite) | | [Available after getting Cerberus] | | After the delay, when you are performing the | | Cerberus Combo #2, press triangle repeatedly | | to make the ice chuks orbit around your body | | at high velocity. | | | |-Agni & Rudra: 1)(Agni & Rudra Combo #1) | | [Available after getting Agni & Rudra] | | Triangle x5. | | 2)(Agni & Rudra Combo #2) | | [Available after getting Agni & Rudra] | | Triangle x1 -Delay- Triangle x2 | | 3)(Agni & Rudra Combo #3) | | [Available after getting Agni & Rudra] | | Triangle x1 -Delay- Triangle x1 -Delay- | | Triangle x1 | | 4)(Million Slash) | | [Available after getting Agni & Rudra] | | Press triangle repeatedly after the second | | delay in Agni & Rudra Combo #3. | | | |-Nevan: 1)(Tune Up) | | [Available after getting Nevan] | | Press triangle in standing stance once to | | position yourself for some playing on | | guitar. All Nevan combos are available | | only in this mode. | | 2)(Nevan Combo #1) | | [Available after getting Nevan] | | While in Tune Up mode, press triangle | | without moving left analogue stick. | | 2)(Nevan Combo #2) | | [Available after getting Nevan] | | While in Tune Up mode, press triangle | | while tilting left analogue stick towards | | Dante's left. | | 3)(Jam Session) | | [Available after getting Nevan] | | Press triangle rapidly during Nevan Combo | | #2. Dante'll play a tune while summoning | | a tornado of bats around him. | | 4)(Nevan Combo #3) | | [Available after getting Nevan] | | While in Tune Up mode, press triangle | | while tilting left analogue stick towards | | Dante's right. | | | |-Beowulf: 1)(Beowulf Combo #1) | | [Available after getting Beowulf] | | Triangle x3. | | 2)(Beowulf Combo #2) | | [Available after getting Beowulf] | | Triangle x2 -pause- Triangle x2. | | 3)(Hyper Fist) | | [Available after getting Beowulf] | | A lightning fast punch combo. Press triangle | | repeatedly during Beowulf Combo #2. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |F. Style System | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |At the beginning of a mission, you can choose the Style you want to | |play in from the Customize menu. These styles can not changed | |during the game normally, except at Divinity Statues. There are six | |styles in the game, their names are given below: | |-Trickster | |-Swordmaster | |-Gunslinger | |-Royal Guard | |-Quicksilver | |-Doppelganger | |Out of these six style systems, the first four are unlocked from the | |beginning, only the Quicksilver and the Doppelganger one have to be | |unlocked. At any given moment, any style chosen affects the "Style" | |Action button (circle) as well as several other actions. Major | |actions like shooting and melee fighting remain the same. The effects | |of styles in different circumstances are given below: | | | |Trickster: 1)(Dash) | | [Available from beginning] | | Press circle with combination of left analogue stick | | pointing in some direction to dash lightning fast in | | that way. | | 2)(Wall Hike) | | [Available from beginning] | | Press circle while near to a wall and left analogue | | stick pointing directly towards the wall to run | | vertically on it. | | 3)(Wall Run) | | [Available from beginning] | | Press circle while left analogue stick diagonally | | pointing to a wall to run on the wall in that | | direction. | | 4)(Sky Star) | | [Available after upgrading to Trickster level 2] | | Press circle while in mid air with combination of | | a direction on left analogue stick to dash towards | | that direction gliding in air. | | 5)(Double Dash) | | [Available after upgrading to Trickster level 2] | | Press circle while dashing to dash once more in | | conjunction. | | 6)(Triple Dash) | | [Available after upgrading to Trickster level 3] | | Press circle during double dash move to dash once | | more. | | 7)(Air Trick) | | [Available after upgrading to Trickster level 3] | | While locking on to an enemy, point left analogue | | stick towards him and press circle to disappear | | and appear in mid-air near them. | | | |Swordmaster: 1)(Prop Shredder) | | [Available from beginning] | | While Rebellion is equipped, Press circle without | | moving the left analogue stick, | | Dante will spin the sword vertically slashing any | | enemies in front of him into pieces. The trick can be | | continued by pressing circle rapidly. | | 2)(Aerial Rave) | | [Available from beginning] | | While in mid-air, press circle button several times | | to launch a combo assault upon any poor enemy soul | | that you've taken along with you. Rebellion must be | | equipped for this combo. | | 3)(Sword Pierce) | | [Available after upgrading to Swordmaster level 2] | | Press circle and with left analogue stick pointing | | towards an enemy. Dante will throw his sword into the | | enemy plunging it deep into him. You can now use | | hand-to-hand fighting combos and tricks for a brief | | period of time after which the sword will return. | | However if you want your sword back earlier, press | | circle button again. | | 4)(Dance Macabre) | | [Available after upgrading to Swordmaster to level 3] | | Hold R1 plus back on left analogue stick and press | | circle button several times to execute a powerful | | Rebellion combo. | | 5)(Crazy Dance) | | [Available after upgrading to Swordmaster to level 3] | | Press circle rapidly during the Dance Macabre move. | | Dante will stick Rebellion in the ground and do a pole| | play on it. | | 6)(Flicker) | | [Available after getting Cerberus] | | While Cerberus is equipped, press circle when you are | | standing still to spin them around your body hitting | | enemies in close range. | | 7)(Crystal) | | [Available after getting Cerberus & upgrading | | Swordmaster style to level 2] | | While Cerberus is equipped, lock on to an enemy, | | point left analogue stick towards him and press | | circle to send ice waves through ground. | | 8)(Million Carats) | | [Available after getting Cerberus & upgrading | | Swordmaster style to level 2] | | Press circle repeatedly while executing Crystal. | | 8)(Ice Age) | | [Available after getting Cerberus & upgrading | | Swordmaster style to level 3] | | Press circle with combination of back direction on | | left analogue stick and R1 button to surround yourself| | in a defensive ice ball. | | 10)(Crossed Swords) | | [Available after getting Agni & Rudra] | | While Agni & Rudra are equipped, press circle while | | standing still to cross-slash both swords in front | | of you. | | 11)(Sky Dance) | | [Available after getting Agni & Rudra] | | While Agni & Rudra are equipped, press circle in | | mid-air multiple times to execute a fire & wind | | combo there. | | 12)(Crawler) | | [Available after getting Agni & Rudra & upgrading | | Swordmaster style to level 2] | | While Agni & Rudra are equipped, lock on to an enemy, | | hold forward on left analogue stick and press circle | | to send fire and air waves through ground to hit | | enemies in long range. | | 13)(Twister) | | [Available after getting Agni & Rudra & upgrading | | Swordmaster style to level 3] | | While locking on to an enemy, hold left analogue | | stick backwards and press circle to hurl up a fire | | & wind tornado. | | 14)(Tempest) | | [Available after getting Agni & Rudra & upgrading | | Swordmaster style to level 3] | | Press circle during Twister move to spread the | | tornado in all directions. | | 15)(Slash) | | [Available after getting Nevan] | | While equipping Nevan, press circle when standing | | on ground to slash the guitar in front of you. | | 16)(Air Slash) | | [Available after getting Nevan] | | Press circle in mid-air while equipping Nevan to | | slash guitar in front of you there. | | 17)(Feedback) | | [Available after getting Nevan and upgrading | | Swordmaster style to level 2] | | It should be called Feed Forward as you can make | | Dante move in electricity in front of him by | | pressing R1, circle and forward direction on | | left analogue stick in combination. | | 18)(Crazy Roll) | | [Available after getting Nevan and upgrading | | Swordmaster style to level 2] | | Press circle rapidly during Feedback move to roll | | Dante in a crazy electric style. | | 19)(Distortion) | | [Available after getting Nevan and upgrading | | Swordmaster style to level 3] | | While locking on to an enemy, hold left analogue | | stick backwards and press circle to summon a | | massive horde of bats on enemies. | | 20)(Zodiac) | | [Available after getting Beowulf] | | Press circle while on ground to shoot a light-ball | | at the enemies. The move can be charges by holding | | on the circle button. | | 21)(Hammer) | | [Available after getting Beowulf] | | Press circle while in air smash a massive punch | | combining both of your hands in front of you. | | 22)(Volcano) | | [Available after getting Beowulf and upgrading | | Swordmaster style to level 2] | | While locking on to an enemy, point left analogue | | stick towards them and press circle to blow a little | | explosion in front of you, severely damaging any | | enemies in its range. | | 23)(Real Impact) | | [Available after getting Beowulf and upgrading | | Swordmaster style to level 3] | | While locking on to an enemy, point left analogue | | stick towards your back and press circle to take them | | in air using this stunning punch. | | 24)(Tornado) | | [Available after getting Beowulf and upgrading | | Swordmaster style to level 3] | | Repeatedly press circle during the Real Impact move | | to spin kick while you're in the air. | | | |Gunslinger: 1)(Twosome Time) | | [Available from beginning] | | While Ivory and Ebony are selected, press circle to | | shoot on an enemy, while shooting, point the left | | analogue stick towards another enemy's direction and | | get ready to see Dante doing some stylish multiple | | shooting that's a LOT better than DMC2, as you can | | shoot as long as you want. | | 2)(Rain Storm) | | [Available from beginning] | | While Ivory and Ebony selected, press circle | | in mid-air. Dante will turn upside down and spin like | | a tornado while firing, hitting multiple enemies | | below. If you are on a pretty height you can press | | circle rapidly to continue raining death for a longer | | period of time. | | 3)(Fireworks) | | [Available after getting the shotgun] | | While Shotgun is selected, press circle while standing| | on ground or in mid-air to spin the Shotgun like nun | | chucks while firing, this will hit enemies everywhere | | around you. To keep the trick going, press circle | | rapidly. | | 4)(Charged fire) | | [Available from beginning] | | Press and hold square to charge your gun with your | | demonic power. When fully charged, you can fire three | | charged up shots from Ivory & Ebony and two shots from| | Shotgun by releasing square and quickly pressing it | | again. | | 5)(Rapid Fire) | | [Available from beginning] | | While Ivory & Ebony are selected, press square | | rapidly, Dante's speed of shooting will increase than | | normal. | | 6)(Wild Stomp) | | [Available from beginning] | | Approach a fallen enemy while Ivory & Ebony are | | selected. Lock on to him and press square rapidly, | | a light will flash and Dante will shoot at the enemy | | mercilessly following a kick that'll send'em in the | | air. | | 7)(Gun Stinger) | | [Available after getting Shotgun & upgrading | | Gunslinger Style to level 3] | | While equipping shotgun, press and hold the left | | analogue stick towards on enemy while locking to | | him, and press circle. Dante will do a move similar | | to Rebellion's Stinger but with Shotgun this time. | | 8)(Point Blank) | | [Available after getting Shotgun & upgrading | | Gunslinger Style to level 3] | | Press circle rapidly during Gun Stinger move to shot | | powerful charged shots an enemy from close distance. | | 9)(Multilock) | | [Available after getting Artemis] | | Hold circle while Artemis is equipped to charge fire | | and release it to shoot multiple energy balls towards | | an enemy. | | 10)(Sphere) | | [Available after getting Artemis & upgrading | | Gunslinger style to level 2] | | While equipping Artemis, lock on to en enemy, point | | left analogue stick towards them and press circle to | | create an energy sphere in front of you, damaging | | nearby enemies. | | 11)(Acid Rain) | | [Available after getting Artemis & upgrading | | Gunslinger style to level 2] | | Press circle repeatedly during Sphere move. | | 12)(Trickshot) | | [Available after getting Spiral] | | While equipping Spiral, press circle to fire a | | ricocheting bullet, hitting enemies in its path. | | 13)(Sniper) | | [Available after getting Spiral and upgrading | | Gunslinger style to level 3] | | While locking on to an enemy, point left analogue | | stick towards him and press circle to fire a piercing| | bullet at him. | | 14)(Reflector) | | [Available after getting Spiral and upgrading | | Gunslinger style to level 3] | | Press circle rapidly during Sniper move to make the | | bullet ricochet on the walls. | | 15)(Hysteric) | | [Available after getting Kalina Ann] | | Press circle while on ground to launch a barrel of | | little devils on enemies around you. | | 16)(Grapple) | | [Available after getting Kalina Ann and upgrading | | Gunslinger style to level 2] | | While locking on to an enemy, point left analogue | | stick towards him and press circle to call em near you| | for a good spanking. | | | |Royal Guard: 1)(Block & Charge) | | [Available from beginning] | | By pressing circle, Dante will assume a stance in | | which he crosses his arms. Normal attacks (like the | | ones from Hell family) will be deflected by this with | | a flash of blue light. If an attack is successfully | | deflected, its energy will be stored in Dante which | | can be released using the action below. However it | | should be noted that the attack is not completely | | blocked but only a small amount of health is affected.| | 2)(Release) | | [Available from beginning] | | When you have stored energy in Dante by Block & Charge| | as described above, lock-on to an enemy; point left | | analogue stick towards him and press triangle. You | | will execute a powerful attack damaging enemy relative| | to the energy stored in you. | | 3)(Air Block) | | [Available after upgrading to Royal Guard level 2] | | Same as Block & Charge, with the enhanced capability | | of executing it mid-air. | | 4)(Air Release) | | [Available after upgrading to Royal Guard level 2] | | Same as Release, with the enhanced capability of | | executing it mid-air. | | 5)(Ultimate) | | [Available after upgrading to Royal Guard level 3] | | Press circle with combination of R1 and back on left | | analogue stick to summon a shield that'll stop | | enemies' attacks and convert them into health energy | | for you. | | | |Quicksilver: 1)(Time Lag) | | [Available after unlocking Quicksilver style] | | Press R1 and circle together to slow down time for | | enemies while you'll still be able to move quickly. | | DT gauge is constantly consumed during this move. | | | |Doppelganger: 1)(After image) | | [Available after unlocking Doppelganger style] | | Press R1 and circle together to spawn a second shadow | | version of yourself. Just as the Time Lag, DT gauge | | will be consumed during this move. | | | |When you defeat a demon with a certain style, you gain experience. You | |can check current experience level at equip screen (down directional | |button). After reaching a certain level, a style is upgraded adding | |new moves to it. If you want to quickly upgrade style levels, the | |quickest way is to replay mission 18 "Invading Hell". Wanna know why? | |This is because every boss you defeat adds a handy amount of experience| |points in your bucket and you can fight almost all bosses in that | |single level. Approximately, you can gain 80000-90000 experience points| |in that mission. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |G. Devil Trigger | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |After mission 7, Devil Trigger mode will be made available. DT Gauge's | |circles are shown below the health bar. It allows you to transform | |into demonic form of Dante by pressing L1 during the game for a brief | |period of time. If you hold L1 while transforming into demon form, the | |additional devil trigger gauge circles (i.e. extra circles after the | |first three that are added using Devil Stars at Divinity Statues or | |Customize Menu) will start to glow red. When you release the | |L1 button, those circles will be used to cast a charged transformation,| |severely hurting nearby enemies. | |When you're in Devil Trigger mode, Dante is much more powerful than | |usual form and some extra commands are also made available. Once the | |gauge runs out, you are again in Dante's human form. You can fill the | |gauge again by fighting enemies or by taunting them. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |H. Style Points | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |When fighting, you'll see a bar showing up in the upper-right corner of| |the screen. If you use different combos and tricks, the bar fills, | |eventually changing into the next style level. You can also fill the | |bars by doing a Taunt (SELECT Button) after performing a successful | |combo. Given below are various style levels ordered by increasing | |esteem. | |D: Dope | |C: Crazy | |B: Blast | |A: Alright | |S: Sweet | |SS: Showtime | |SSS: Stylish | |It is also interesting to note that the red orbs a dead enemy leaves | |are directly proportional to the style you had at the time of executing| |him. For example if you have a SSStylish rank when you finish a demon, | |he may leave even four hundred orbs but if you have a Dope rank, | |he may leave as low as 10 orbs. This creates a link between Stylish | |Points and Red Orbs in the final rankings. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |I. Orbs | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |There are many magical orbs in the game, each one with magical | |properties given below: | | | |Green Orb: Restores Health. Can be found by destroying certain | | objects in the game or by hunting demons. | | | |Red Orb: Can be used to upgrade Dante's skills from Divinity | | Statues. These too can be found by destroying objects | | or by killing enemies. There are also some Red Orb | | Pedestals in the game. Red Orbs will continue to fall | | when youíre performing melee combos on these pedestals | | and will eventually stop when the pedestal is | | destroyed. | | | |Blue Orb: There are fragments of blue orbs hidden throughout the | | game. When you collect four of them, your health bar's | | capacity increases. They can also be bought at Divinity| | Statues/Customize Menu. | | | |Gold Orb: (In NTSC/UC i.e. North American version) | | Allows you to continue game from the last used door | | whenever you die. | | (In NTSC/JAP i.e. Japanese version) | | Allows you to revive with full health whenever you die.| | They are hidden throughout the game as well as | | available at Divinity Statues/Customize Menu. | | | |White Orb: They are rarely dropped by enemies. These recover magic| | power/DT gauge. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |J. Rankings | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |After every mission, your rankings in different aspects are shown. Your| |overall ranking depends upon these aspects. You get Red Orbs for reward| |of your rankings PLUS you can unlock hidden arts by getting S, SS ranks| |in all missions. Please note that SS rank is obtained by earning a S | |rank in all the categories. It will not be shown on the mission | |completion screen but when you check your Total Rankings from the | |mission select menu, it'll be marked there. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |K. Divinity Statues/Customize Menu | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |These can be found scattered in the game. Press Action button near them| |to activate them, newer skills can be bought or older ones can be | |upgraded from here using Red Orbs. The same menu is available before | |you start the mission under Customize option. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |L. Enemies | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Hell Pride: These are the ones who attack you in the | | beginning of the game. They were purple cloaks and | | wield an axe. They are slow to attack. However they | | can cause problem when they are in masses. All known | | combos and tricks work on these. However if you are | | surrounded by them, a multiple enemy combo such as | | Twosome Time/Fireworks/Rain Strom is recommended. | | Sting-ing/Pierce-ing one enemy and dealing with others | | also works fine. | |Hell Lust: Same as Hell Pride, though they tend to dash around | | here and there quickly. Keep an eye on them and jump | | whenever you see them charging towards you. Their brown | | cloaks differentiate them from Hell Prides. | |Hell Wrath: These are first met in the 2nd mission | | "The Blood Link". They carry some sort of bomb, which | | is constantly pulsating and ready to explode. Watch the | | color of the bomb. When it changes to orange, they'll | | explode it. Get away from these as far as possible, then| | if you've got an opportunity, you can fire at these | | causing them to blow early. Otherwise they'll blow after| | sometime themselves. | |Hell Vanguard: They look very much similar to Sin Scythes from DMC1. | | However there is only one difference between them; i.e. | | they are far more easier than those. These also carry | | a scythe and are the most threatening demon of the Hell | | family because of their ability to fly. You can damage | | them by using any melee combo (much easier as in DMC1, | | you had to hit their head accurately). And you | | should've known by now that in any DMC battle, the trick| | is more about avoiding their attacks by dodging, rolling| | and jumping if you want to survive at all (let alone | | defeating them). | |Enigma: These alien-lookin weirdoes drop from the | | sky in the 3rd mission. They shoot damaging blades at | | you. Avoid them and try getting near these and doing | | some powerful melee attacks, that'll take care of them. | | DON'T try to fight these from a distance, and be quick | | once you get near them as they can zip-zap quickly here | | and there. | |Hell Sloth: These are first met in the Bull's Eye bar. These are | | white demons and also carry a scythe but are far more | | threatening than Hell Prides because of their ability to| | teleport anywhere. However, all effective combos of Hell| | Prides are effective on these too. But be careful when | | you see them disappearing because it is certain that | | they'll wield that scythe after appearing somewhere near| | you. | |Hell Gluttony: Brown sandish things with only one difference from Hell | | Prides. They vomit sand which can damage up to a pretty | | extent. Same strategy as others, Avoid & Attack (Golden | | A&A Rule for DMC games). | |Hell Greed: These would have been much more safer in their coffins | | but they decided to face Dante carrying it with them. | | Fortunately these are very slowly moving creatures with | | only one threat i.e. to slash their coffin at you. | | You can't stop this by counters so the only option | | available for you is to be away while they are doing | | this silly move. | |Hell Envy: Only Hell Jailor who is made of liquid. Not very mobile | | which makes hunting them easier for you. They are | | characterized by green liquids flowing over their | | bodies. | |Gigapede: Huge worm-resembling demon which moves through the | | hallway in 4th mission "The Unwanted One". Avoid its | | attacks and jump on it, do some melee combos to damage | | it until it turns and you fall down. Do the same thing | | a couple of times to take out all his health. | |Blood Goyle: Bat like creatures which fly here and there and spit | | blood. Shoot at them for quite a period of time and | | they'll fall on ground stunned, and that's your chance | | to blow them some melee fighting. Before they're stunned| | all good melee fighting will do is to multiply them so | | be careful to blow them with your guns first. | |Damned Pawn: Chess Pawns holding two swords. They are slow to move, | | attack them until you see their swords glowing red. | | That's your time to move out of their range. | |Dullahan: Dullahan means "bride" in Urdu language and its up to my| | wonder how they resemble a bride. These creatures carry | | a protective shield and float in air. None of the | | attacks will work from front so deal with them from | | their backs. | |Soul Eater: These can be frustrating at moments. They flow in form | | of blue mist, only to appear for short periods of time | | in which you can attack them. They stun you with their | | mist to eat away your soul. | |Damned Bishop: Carry a magic staff. Hit them when they are static and | | get out of their way when the staff starts to glow. | | They'll try to fire you up then. | |Fallen: Angelic looking creatures. They hold a light spear with | | which they'll try to damage you. Sometimes they'll | | throw the spear which'll explode afterwards. Their | | belly is their only vulnerable point and is constantly | | protected by their tough wings. Wait until their strike,| | then do a powerful mid air attack during their move. | | One of their wings will be broken so you'll be able to | | slash their abdomen then. They'll regain the wings | | though after some time. | |Damned Knight: Same slow pieces. Jump away when you see them tilting | | their heads. If they jump into air, they'll slam | | somewhere near so that's again a time for changing your | | place. | |Damned Rook: Will shoot a laser beam in four directions after getting| | a few good slaps from Dante. These beams can also be | | dodged by jumping away. These can also spawn other chess| | pieces. | |Damned Queen: Most mobile of all chess pieces. Eliminate others first | | to concentrate on this one. | |Damned King: Just like the queen, this one is difficult at first. | | Kill other less dangerous chess pieces than focus on | | this one. Though if you manage to destroy this one | | before others, the rest of the pieces will be diminished| | automatically. | | | |=======================================================================| |III. Walkthrough | |=======================================================================| +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |A. Mission 1: A Crazy Party | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 0 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 0 | |Divinity Statues: 0 | |Secret Missions: 0 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 0 | | | |After a spectacular cut scene in which we see Dante gaining back his | |kick-ass style that was lost in DMC2, you are left in his office | |surrounded by demons. This is very basic mission. You've just got to | |finish of every demon before the game can proceed. So use Rebellion | |and Ivory & Ebony and teach those fools a lesson. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |B. Mission 2: The Blood Link | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 0 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 0 | |Divinity Statues: 0 | |Secret Missions: 0 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 1 | |Boss Fights: 0 | | | |So you're out of the office and the mysterious tower stands in front of| |you. You have to fight your ways through the city to reach it. So here | |we go: | |As soon as the mission begins you are again surrounded by dumb-ass | |fools you fought before. Kill the lot and some Hell Wraths will appear | |carrying a bomb and howling weird voices. Get as away from him as | |possible and start shooting at him, he'll explode damaging other | |enemies near by. Now another lot and a Hell Wrath will be there | |for you to fight. While fighting the demons, be as far away from the | |bomb one as possible until it explodes itself. Or if you do get a | |chance, shoot it and make it leave for hell. Prepare yourself for your | |first sub-boss fight with a Hell Vanguard. It's not much difficult, | |just keep in mind the golden DMC A&A (Avoid & Attack) rule. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |C. Mission 3: The Devils Tower | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: Shotgun | |Blue Orb Fragments: 2 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 1 | |Divinity Statues: 1 | |Secret Missions: 1 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 1 | | | |Now on the second street: Two Enigmas will fall on the platform in | |front of you as soon as the mission begins. Leave everything and head | |towards them, kick jump to reach them, and do a melee combo and stinger| |on either of them. Jump quickly and do the same on the other one. Now | |they'll fall on ground where they'll be much less threatening. | |Eliminate all other demons, eventually facing a Hell Wrath too. | |When everyone's sent to hell, deal with the Enigmas, they are not | |difficult on ground, they just zip-zap here and there, just get near | |them and blow them up with melee fighting. There are also barrels in | |the far side of the area which you can explode with shooting to help | |you. After you've killed everyone, the door in the far side of the area| |will be unlocked. | |Go through the door to find yourself in a bar. Destroy tables/chairs | |and every object you can find to find red orbs plus a green orb. | |Above the counter, you can kick jump to reach some more barrels | |with red orbs and one huge green orb that replenishes most of the | |health. Now coming down, there's a juke box which'll play a remixed | |version of "Lock & Load" soundtrack from DMC1 when destroyed. Now, | |on the right of the juke box, there's a destructible wall, break | |it to find yourself facing a magical rune clock. Smash it with your | |sword to see runes lighting up. Smash it until all runes come to life | |, the curse on the door on the right will be broken now. Go there to | |find a shotgun framed on the wall in the doorway. After picking up the | |shotgun, head forwards to the next door. | |Now you're in the second area of the bar, in front of you is a pole, | |you can swing on it by pressing triangle near it. This can be useful in| |the coming fight. On the right there's a door, head towards it | |to find it being cursed and yourself being surrounded by Hell Sloths, | |they can disappear and appear anywhere so you have to be lightning | |quick to take them out. There's also a green orb to help you in the | |fight on the stage above the cursed door. When you've taken everyone | |out, the curse will be lifted and you are now back on a street. | |After advancing a little forward, there will be a secret area on left | |which you can enter after breaking the door. You can get tons of Red | |Orbs from the Red Orb Pedestal there. After leaving it you can break | |the box in front of you to find a Green Orb. Follow the street | |to find red orbs scattered on the rooftops (sometimes you have to | |kick jump to reach them) and a divinity statue. A little back from | |divinity statue is a blue orb fragment on the rooftop on your right. | |On your left is also a blue orb fragment hidden in a destructible | |statue on a rooftop. When you have collected both, press circle near | |the door of the house before Divinity Statue to enter Secret Mission | |1. | | | |Secret Mission 1: The Exorcist | |You have to defeat those Hell Prides, Wraths and Sloths within a | |minute. You can do that by now, can't you? | | | |Go ahead in the tower after clearing this mission to face your first | |boss battle with a three headed dog. | | | |Boss Battle: Cerberus | |This extraordinary big dog is made up of ice and has several powerful | |attacks. They are listed below: | |1)From the beginning, it'll shoot ice blades on you from a distance. | | Lowers his head before this attack. | | Damage: Low. | | Defense: Roll away from the blades with good timing. | |2)Ice blades'll fall from above on your current location. Cerberus | | roars at the ceiling before this attack. | | Damage: Low. | | Defense: Jump sideways from your location quickly. | |3)After lowering its head, tries to hit you with it. | | Damage: Low. | | Defense: Jump backwards. | |4)After lowering its head for a while, it jumps wholly towards you. | | Damage: High. | | Defense: Jump towards far sides. | |5)Tries to attack you by moving his paws. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: Watch his feet, get out of the way of one and start | | demolishing the other. | |6)Inhales ice from the ceiling and exhales it on the ground. | | Damage: Dante freezes, medium-high. | | Defense: Quickly move to someplace else. | |7)Stomps on the ground sending ice waves in it. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: Jump. | |8)Near the middle of the fight, he'll shout "You're not human are you?"| | and stomp on ground to raise ice from it. | | Damage: High | | Defense: Jump n' shoot. | |The dog has five damageable points, three on each of his heads and two | |on each of its paws. To damage any point, you have to first melt ice | |on it, using shotgun is recommended as it does reasonable damage. | |Once the ice is melted on a particular point, go ahead carefully and | |take that point with either melee fighting if you have chance or | |shooting if you are too scared to get near him. But remember that | |once the ice is melted on a point, melee fighting does a handy amount | |of damage to him. During the fight, he'll break his chains and his | |attacks will become more devastating. Remember one things, no matter | |how good an evil hunter you are, don't try to attack always. This | |fight is partly based on defense and partly on how cleverly you | |attack. | |Additional Strategy by ~Hon~: This DMC fan has made a wonderful | |contribution to Cerberus boss fight strategy. Just concentrate on | |the dog's feet while fighting and eventually the dog'll fall. At this | |time some melee combos can be done on him to inflict a great amount | |of damage. | |After you've defeated this monster, he'll praise you and give you his | |soul in the form of the weapon "Cerberus". Collect the orbs left by him| |and move forward to the next mission. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |D. Mission 4: The Unwanted One | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 1 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 0 | |Divinity Statues: 1 | |Secret Missions: 0 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 1 | |Boss Fights: 0 | | | |Whoa! Lady has definitely got some style. Now you are in The Devils | |Tower. Don't be afraid, you yourself are half devil so as long as | |demons here don't launch a nuclear attack, nothing will trouble Dante. | |The place you start in is called "The Chamber of Echoes" and its stairs| |have complicated structure so you can easily get lost in it. | |Thus my first advice is to move around all the stairs you see without | |entering a door, that's gonna help you recognize the feel of tower. | |What! you don't have time for this? OK, first of all there is a | |Divinity Statue beside the big door you came from. Take the stairs on | |Dante's right, go up, follow the path until you reach a caged door with| |stairs and light in front of it. Take right from the stairs, collect | |red orbs in the path and kick jump the gap using the wall (this can be | |a little tricky, but you have no other way). Enter the blue door, and | |test your new weapon Cerberus on those Hell Prides there. Follow the | |stairs, enter the door, praise how weirdly Enigmas appear from the | |statues, kill everyone in the room, see the next sealed door on the | |stairs unlocked enter into it and take a breath. | |Hmm...you don't want to rest do you, smash those statues in the room | |to drop Red Orbs. There is a rune clock in the room, after activating | |it a platform will appear, jump onto it and up up away! By the way I | |liked the gothic design of the tower which was visible when the | |platform was going above. They are getting back DMC1 feel. | |Get ready for your introduction with some Hell Gluttonies alongside | |with some Hell Prides and Hell Sloths. And yeah, you noticed before me,| |there is a Blue Orb fragment on a platform above the door. To reach it,| |use the pipes/walls with kick jump. If you can't reach it, take DMC3 | |back to the shop because this is the very basic fussle (it can't be | |even called a puzzle)in the game. Get back on ground and go through the| |door. Take the stairs and watch another beautiful phenomena imported | |from DMC1. Stairs fall and you face a trial with Hell family demons. | |After departing them to their homeland (Hell), a light will flash in | |the middle of the room, step into it to find yourself back in the room | |you were before. With the only difference of big sealed door on your | |right being open now. Go into it to face some really weird sub-boss | |called Gigapede. A&A, and jump on it to slash some serious damage to | |it. Do it a couple of times and you're fine with the door unlocked at | |the bottom of the hall. Go into it to find a cut scene in which for the| |first time you'll see a Joker as an interesting character. Well that's | |the reward of your ending of mission as well as a Wheel-Gear to use in | |the Astronomical Tower in the Chamber of Echoes.. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |E. Mission 5: Of Devils and Swords | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 1 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 1 | |Divinity Statues: 2 | |Secret Missions: 1 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 1 | | | |As soon as you start in the hallway you fought Gigapede before, you | |are surrounded by some Blood Goyles. Take'em out to unlock the door at | |the top which you came from. Go through it and take a look at that | |broken staircase. Hmm...we're gonna find a way to cross it, but of | |course, we can't fly yet. Take the door on right to get back to The | |Devils Tower. On top of it, on the side of the window is a mechanism | |in which you have to use the Wheel-Gear you got from the jester. This | |will move the blocking stones some levels below. Remember the blue door| |which you entered earlier? On one level above it and a little forward | |towards left were the blocking stones. After they are moved, go there | |to find a fork thingy called Vajura (during the whole guide you may | |not be able to understand Chamber of Echoes' locations correctly, so | |try to find your way around these stairs yourself if you can't reach | |something). You can use the Divinity Statue on the ground level of | |the chamber. Go back in the blue door you previously entered, kill the | |Hell Prides, go into the door at the top of the stairs. In the room, | |jump upon the ledge on either sides of the room and follow them to a | |space in which a mechanism rests in which you can use Vajura. After | |using it the cage on the stairs will be lifted, go there to find Soul | |of Steel, which'll let you fly over the broken staircase I was talking | |about earlier. But No! not that fast, kill those Enigmas and Hell | |Gluttonies in the room and go in the door at top you went in the | |previous mission. In the room, there'll be some destructible statues | |as well as a Red Orb Pedestal. After you've gathered everything, go | |back to the door and follow your way back to the Chamber of Echoes. | |Go into the brownish door some levels above in which the staircase | |was broken. And when you are in, walk the gap. No you won't fall | |instead you'll walk through the air because of the Soul of Steel. | |Attack the statue on the right with Cerberus several times to drop a | |blue orb fragment. After getting it, use the Soul of Steel on the | |big door in front of you, enter it, and press circle near the read | |box on the wall beside the rune clock to enter Secret Mission 2. | | | |Secret Mission 2: Untouchable | |You have to defeat those Enigmas without getting damaged, just jump | |a lot to avoid their blades and slash'em whenever you get chance. | |Remember that as soon as you get even touched by their blades, you'll | |fail the mission. Clear it to get a blue orb fragment. | | | |After you've completed the secret mission, you'll be back in the room. | |Activate the platform using the rune clock and fight your way through | |Hell Prides while going up. Be careful not to fall down as you'll have | |to activate it again. After you've reached the top, follow the ledge | |to a Divinity Statue and some destructible objects for gaining red | |orbs. Go into the door to face a battle with a couple of twin ... | |swords. | | | |Boss Battle: Agni & Rudra | |Agni stands for fire in Indian language and that perfectly describes | |him and his sword. Same is true for Rudra which stands for "father of | |the storm gods". Here are their attacks: | |1)Either of them will execute a sword combo. | | Damage: Low | | Defense: Move anywhere but near them | |2)Either of them will run at you and slash their swords in air. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: Roll/Jump out of their way | |After one of them falls, other will take his sword and combine them to | |unleash new attacks such as: | |1)Combine both of swords and hurl up a tornado | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: What else can you do than to jump out? | |2)Send three fire waves through air one by one. | | Damage: Low | | Defense: Don't even think of getting near him while he is doing | | this; even for the purpose of attacking him. | |If you attack right after one of their attacks, you'll temporarily | |knock sword out of their hands which'll be your chance to strike. | |Though don't concentrate on any one of them for long. This has two | |benefits. Firstly, you'll avoid most of their attacks if you focus on | |both of them. Secondly if one of them falls and you have drained the | |other's health to a pretty extent, you'll have to fight the combined | |swords for lesser time. And do I need to tell A&A is a must here? | |Additional Strategy by ~Hon~: In the start of the fight, try to damage | |both of the twins until they both have very little health left. Then | |kill both of them by shooting before anyone of them runs to the pillar | |and combine both swords. This is possible with perfect timings and is | |very helpful as you don't have to fight the combined swords this way. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |E. Mission 6: Family Ties | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: Artemis | |Blue Orb Fragments: 1 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 0 | |Divinity Statues: 1 | |Secret Missions: 0 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 0 | | | |The goddess in front of you is staring at the door on right. You'll | |have to move to take the other door, clear at least two trials and come| |back to offer the goddess their rewards. Of course you'd want to | |complete all the three trials as they're not difficult and you get | |Artemis weapon as a reward for completing all of them. First of all, | |jump on the goddess' statue to summon a massive number of red orbs | |from no where. Then head forward for the next door on the staircase. | |A Divinity Statue is on your left as you enter the room. In front of | |you are three staircases for three different trials. Let's tackle them | |one by one. | |The staircase in front of the purple stone leads to the Trial of | |Wisdom. You'll find three doors in the room plus one you came from. All| |four of them have red lights burning over them. They differ in count | |from each other. Remember the message of purple stone? A crawling | |infant walks on four so take the door with four lights first. A man | |standing tall walks on two so take the one with two lights next and | |finally take the door with three lights as an old man walks on three | |(feet plus stick). If you managed the order right, you'll be in the | |central room ready to take the essence for intelligence in the middle | |of it. Tell your parents that you're not dumb because your school | |report wasn't all that cool, you are now an honored intelligent gamer. | |Of course, if you mess the order, you'll have to endure a fight and | |start over from scratch. | |The middle staircase (orange one) leads to Trial of Skill. Just avoid | |those spikes. You ask me how? Well when spikes come from left, move to | |right and vice versa. Similarly when they come from above, roll under | |them and when they come from ground, jump above them. Get the essence | |of technique and fight your way back to the chamber of trials. | |The last staircase is the one in front of green stone. Your warrior | |skills will be put to test. You can use sharp needles there to Pole | |Play, but beware. The enemies in this trial are in Devil Trigger mode | |so you can't deal with them normally. Which means you can't Hightime | |them and you'll have to avoid every single move of theirs. You can, | |however deal with them normally by smashing both rune clocks in the | |area but that'll be only for a certain amount of time. Complete | |this trial and get back to the goddess you met before. Yeah! Wait and | |equip Agni & Rudra at the Divinity Statue if you haven't equipped it | |already. You'll need it a little while later. Use all the three stones | |on the goddess and get Artemis as a weapon as well as unlock the door | |in front of you. After you're in, blow the statue on the left using | |Agni & Rudra. See those flames on it? Using different (and I mean | |different) moves you'll extinguish them one by one. Pick up the blue | |orb left by the statue. Follow the stairs to a cut scene and the end | |of mission. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |G. Mission 7: A Chance Meeting | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 2 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 1 | |Divinity Statues: 2 | |Secret Missions: 1 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 1 | | | |As soon as you start, go into the tower and kick jump that white | |light beside the door to enter a ledge. Press circle near the red | |light to trigger Secret Mission 3. | | | |Secret Mission 3: Death From Above | |This is one really really difficult secret mission. You have | |to stay in air for 20 seconds or more. My advice is to buy the | |Air Hike move for Rebellion at Divinity Statue/Customize Menu and | |upgrade Trickster to level 2 (by hunting demons while you are in this | |style). Start by Hightime, shoot with Ivory & Ebony for quite a time, | |jump off the enemy, shoot again, do an Air Hike, a Sky Star towards | |another enemy, jump off him too and continue on. This depends a lot | |on your luck of finding enemies to jump off. Of course you can leave | |this mission and do it later. A little trick I used to complete this | |mission was to leave it for now and come back when I had the weapon | |Nevan and Air Raid move. I went into Devil Trigger mode and started | |gliding in the air, eventually using a Devil Star to retain Devil | |Trigger. Of course some people won't like to use this but that is | |totally their decision. | |Additional Strategy by ~Matt Leahy~, ~Ertai~, ~Juraj Grcevic~ and | |~James Ladd~ and ~Gendo landmann~: | |Numerous people have emailed me about a different and simpler way of | |doing this mission. It includes going to a corner, waiting for Hell | |Prides to gather around you and then using Kick Jump and Enemy Jumps | |to keep yourself in the air. Depending on your skills, it has the | |potential of making the job easier for you as well as impossible to | |accomplish. Personally I found this very useful but many people in DMC | |community have reported that they simply can't get the hang of it. | | | |After the Secret Mission, grab the blue orb fragment that is on one of | |the ledges on the left of the door. You can use Kick Jump to reach it. | |After taking the BOF, take the door and jump down to the ground | |level. No this is not Prince of Persia so you won't be killed, | |mainly because of Dante being half-demon. Go into the door at ground | |level to enter Divine Library. One of the damned pawns there will | |have a shiny item near its feet (do they have any feet?). Kill only | |that pawn and take the Orihalcon Fragment. Get out of the library | |ignoring all other pawns or kill them first if you are low on red | |orbs. Jump into that circular red platform out of the library to | |experience a powerful thrust that'll send you in air. Continue doing | |it until you reach a level with a Holy Water item. Pick it and use | |another thrust to get on a level with green door. Inside the room, | |above the stairs are many ledges that contain red orbs plus one blue | |orb fragment. Its a little difficult to take them all but try your | |best is all I can say. You can use Wall Hike and Air Hike moves to | |get them; and remember not to move a lot, jump and move a little to | |forward to next ledge. When you have taken the blue orb fragment, | |take the door on right. Damned Pawns again. You don't have to kill | |them all but you can do so. Anyway, take the door in the left | |corridor, advance to the goddess in the room. Defeat all Hell demons | |there and take the Siren's Shriek that'll fall down. Take the big | |door next to the goddess, attack that statue there using Rebellion | |and different combos until all flames are put out. Take the stairs | |and use Orihalcon Fragment on lift control panel. Drop down the | |stairs to the lift, which'll take you back to the Chamber of Echoes. | |You can use the Divinity Statue at the ground level near the door. | |Remember a flaming door in the Chamber? Use Siren's Shriek there | |to open the door. Down the path there is a Gold Orb. Take it and | |follow the path to the door above, killing Hell Demons on your way. | |Go into the door, break the wall in front of you, turn on the rune | |clock and break that big ball that drops down by continuous melee | |combos. An easy way would be to jump on the ball and smash it while | |flying. Take the Crystal Skull, kill every demon there, follow | |your way back to the lift in the Chamber of Echoes and all the | |way up to the goddess statue's room where you were before. Go | |into the hallway you came from and fought Damned Pawns. use | |Crystal Skull on the big door at the end of the hallway, enter | |it. Get red orbs from the Red Orb Pedestal there and use Divinity | |Statue to upgrade. Follow the way to the Peak of Darkness and | |prepare for your first fight with your own twin brother. | | | |Boss Battle: Vergil | |Lightning Fast, what else can better describe him. In close range | |combat, you barely have a chance to get out without getting some | |hits from him. Here are his attacks: | |1)Yamato Sword Combo | | Damage: Low | | Defense: Jump away and shoot with handguns while in air to stay | | there for a while. | |2)Teleport attack | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: Same as the last one. | |Wait until he is tired by his combos, attack him at that time and | |do some powerful melee combos. All the rest of fight you should be | |relying on your guns. After all they are the difference between | |Dante and Vergil. | |Additional Strategy by ~hellboy105~: There are several statues around | |the arena. Hide behind one of them and Vergil will shout "Where's your | |motivation?" (not a bad question though) and try to attack you from | |close-range but hit the statues instead. The lag-time after the attack | |will give you plenty of time to slash back and do powerful damage to | |him. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |H. Mission 8: A Renewed Fear | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 2 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 1 | |Divinity Statues: 1 | |Secret Missions: 1 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 1 | | | |Dante has awoken, he can now use the Devil Trigger finally. But what | |a messy place to start with. You are inside that big ugly Leviathan. | |On the ledge on your right is an eyeball. Smash it to open a single | |tusk on a path. Across the ledge is another eyeball. After slashing | |it, drop on ground, avoid that acidic liquid and take out that | |eyeball near the buss (that Leviathan went on ground to eat that | |thing?). Just opposite to the buss is a breakable wooden structure | |in which lays Secret Mission 4. | | | |Secret Mission 4: Devil's Teeter-totter | |You have to ride the elevator to the top. Not as easy as it sound in | |the real life. In fact it would have been much easier if there were | |stairs as Devil Triggered demons will constantly jump on the elevator | |and if the weight is too much, the lift will fall down to start over | |again. So be quick to slash them, or drop them out of the ledge. The | |lesser the demons on the lift, the better it'll be. | |Alternate Strategy found by ~Keith Gonzalez~: This strategy makes | |this mission a breeze if you pull it off correctly. But beware as | |you might consider this one a cheat as it exploits a bug in the game. | |You have to be in Trickster style for this. When the lift is going | |up, wait until Hell Prides fall down. Then jump towards the wall | |in front of you and run vertically above it. When you fall back on | |the lift, viola! All the demons have disappeared for good. Once | |again thanks to ~Keith Gonzalez~ for discovery of the helpful bug. | |Additional Strategy by ~Charles Flowers~: You can just knock the | |enemies off the elevator if you want by using Shotgun's chraged up | |shots. This way you won't get any orbs or style points from them but | |they'll be off the elevator so it can keep going upwards. | | | |Back in this weird place. Above the area of Secret Mission is a ship | |which contains a blue orb fragment on its deck. After getting it, | |head towards the buss on the opposite side. Jump above it, and take | |the narrow path on right in the wall, don't even think of taking a | |bath in that shower of acid there. Take out the eyeball there, and | |Kick Jump the ledge on right to continue upwards. Gather red orbs | |using the red orb pedestal there. Take out the final eyeball and | |drop down to the bus ledge. Enter the hole that opened there. | |Follow the path, upgrade if you need using the Divinity Statue on | |right. Blast that sticky stuff blocking the way, admire the horrible | |heart core of Leviathan, take the other hole in the heart core, be on | |run from that Gigapede, eventually jumping and shooting at him if he | |gets too close. After he is stuck on a small hole, enter the other | |way in that area. Encounter those Hell Envies there, continue till | |you reach the beast's retina area. Kill demons there and sigh that | |all the red orbs are being absorbed by that big ball in the middle. | |It'll soon offer a shiny item "Ignis Fatuus" as a reward for those | |orbs. Take it and go through the hole lightened on your back. On | |your way there's a Combat Adjudicator on a secret passage on left, | |use Cerberus to break it apart and continue your path. When you are | |back in Leviathan's Stomach, take the hole you entered before for | |making your way to its Heart Core again. Once you are inside its | |heart core, use the Ignis Fatuus on the membrane and a battle with | |the heart core will start. | | | |Boss Battle: Leviathan's Heart Core | |Tricky, but easy. Hell Envies will constantly attack you. Avoid their | |attacks and concentrate on the heart sides. When any of the sides' | |health is destroyed, the middle heart will be open for quite a brief | |period of time. That's your time to smash it. It has also got some of | |its own attacks to protect itself. Here they are: | |1)Shoot energy balls at you. | | Damage: Low | | Defense: Move sideways or jump/roll. | |2)Shoot a straight laser line in diagonal form one end of the area to | | the other. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: Jump when the laser gets near you. | |3)Shoot two laser beams across the area. Eventually crossing each | | other. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: Stand in the middle and wait till the beams cross each | | other. That's your time to jump. | |After you defeat it, a sequence of cut scenes will be triggered. | |Congratulations on being out of that weird thing. | |Additional Strategy from ~ttaw bbew~: Equip Artemis and walk around any| |of the organs then start using Acid Rain. The organ will be heavily | |damaged alongside with all the enemies around you. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |I. Mission 9: Faded Memories | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: Spiral | |Blue Orb Fragments: 1 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 0 | |Divinity Statues: 2 | |Secret Missions: 1 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 1 | | | |Take the door at the other end of the bridge, kill all Arachnes there | |and enter the unsealed way. Use Divinity Statue if you need. A blue | |orb fragment is hidden above the statue. After getting it, solve | |the light puzzle in front of you. Here's the simplest definition of | |the puzzle. (S)tart statue reflects a light ray on the (M)irrors | |which you have to transfer to the (T)arget statue by destroying | |the (D)estructible mirrors. Figure A & B represent the initial and | |final arrangements for the puzzle respectively. | |+---------------+ +---------------+ | ||Figure A | |Figure B | | |+---------------+ +---------------+ | ||(S) | |(S) | | || | | | | | | || | | | | | | || | | | | | | || | | | | | | ||(D) (M) (M)| | | (M) (M)| | || \ / | | | | \ | | || \ / | | | | \ | | || \ / | | | | \ | | || \ / | | | | \ | | ||(M) (D) (M)| |(M)----+----(M)| | || | | | | | || | | | | | || | | | | | || | | | | | || (T) | | (T) | | |+---------------+ +---------------+ | |After you've solved the puzzle, the blue sealed door in front of the | |Divinity Statue will be opened. Go through it and slay all the | |Enigmas there. Continue the circular path to reach the door at the | |other bank. Enter it to find yourself in Subterranean Garden. Some | |Red Orbs as well as a Large Green Orb are scattered in the hidden | |area on your right. A divinity statue also rests on the left of the | |door you came from. Just beside the Divinity Statue is a door, enter | |it, avoid the spinning blades and follow the path to the door on | |opposite side. After entering it, take Ambrosia fruit in the room, | |kill all Arachnes there and continue back towards the Subterranean | |Garden. Head towards the cave under waterfall there. A little behind | |the cave are some broken walls. Use them to reach the platform | |above. Spiral weapon lays there. After you've obtained it, drop down | |and go through the cave. | |On your left is a Devil Star item after dropping down to a slope. | |After getting back by the slope, kick jump the wall on right to | |enter a secret hole. Press circle near those red crystals to trigger | |Secret Mission 5. | | | |Secret Mission 5: Destroyer | |Destroy all 50 background objects within the time limit (40 | |seconds). No strategy involved here at all. Just keep your eyes | |open for objects that look destroyable. | | | |After clearing the mission, follow the cave to a narrow path which | |leads to a door. Use Ambrosia there and enter it for a battle with | |the female sorceress Nevan. | | | |Boss Battle: Nevan | |The first boss battle I experiences trouble on. Nevan has several | |powerful and hard to avoid attacks: | |1)Shoot bats combined with electricity at you. | | Damage: Low | | Defense: Jump/Roll | |2)Raise black blades from the ground, heading towards you. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: Run away | |3)Cover all the ground with electricity. | | Damage: High | | Defense: Jump (Air Hike if you have it), and shoot it her using | | Ivory & Ebony to stay there for a while. | |4)Send electricity in shapes of lines towards you. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: Analyze the shape and jump as appropriate. | |5)Hurl black blades around her body. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: Be away, and remember she is vulnerable for a couple of | | seconds after this attack. | |6)Near the end of the fight, she tries to kiss you, you can judge | | this move by her arm thrusting stance. | | Damage: Very High | | Defense: Jump n' Shoot. Her kiss is not as cool as the one from | | your girlfriend so don't suppose it to be nice. If she manages to | | catch you anyway, start Devil Trigger mode to lose her quickly. | |Nevan will teleport around the room. After you have dodged several | |of her attacks and inflicted a little damage on her, the bats | |supporting her will be lessened, eventually disappearing | |completely. Do some melee combos on her at this time and jump out | |when she gathers the shadows. Be patient and after quite a long | |battle you'll exterminate her. Enter the little door that'll be | |unsealed after the fight to end the mission. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |J. Mission 10: The Job | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 1 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 0 | |Divinity Statues: 2 | |Secret Missions: 1 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 0 | | | |Basically, you need to get back all the way of mission 9 to reach | |the Rotating Bridge you started on earlier. Take Stoned Mask in | |front of you and follow your way backwards until you're out of the | |cave. Use Nevan at the statue on left of the broken structures | |to reveal a blue orb (if you don't have Nevan equipped, you can do | |so by the Divinity Statues on the opposite side). If your memory | |is in a good condition, you'll remember that there are two doors | |on the side of Divinity Statue. Between the doors, there's a | |statue. use Stoned Mask on it to conjure a path on water towards | |the Altar on the other side. Take Neo Generator from there and | |trigger Secret Mission 6 by pressing circle near the crystal at | |the right of the Altar. | | | |Secret Mission 6: Flight Of The Demon | |Nevan must be equipped for this mission to go smoothly. If you | |haven't equipped it yet, do so by the Divinity Statue near | |on the lake. You should also buy Air Raid move for this one | |and depending on your skills you might also need a Devil Star. | |After getting things ready, just fly around the mission using | |Air Raid and collect every red orb you can see. There are also | |white orbs spread around to keep you in DT mode but if you are | |low on DT gauge, use Devil Stars to keep soaring. | | | |Once you are back on the lake, head back towards the big door on | |the right of the statue you used Stoned mask on the (it's also the | |one you came from in the last mission). Defeat Dullahans there | |(you have to attack on their backs to damage them) to open the | |door. Kill Enigmas if you need some red orbs or continue your | |path around the area and enter the door at the other side. Upgrade | |if you need to using the Divinity Statue there. Enter the door on | |your left, kill Arachnes there and watch the cut scene that will | |be triggered when you are on the Rotating Bridge. After the bridge | |is rotated, cross it and enter the door at the other side. | |Proceed a little forward and wonder how easy and short the | |mission was. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |K. Mission 11: Revenge | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 1 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 0 | |Divinity Statues: 1 | |Secret Missions: 1 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 1 | | | |Kill the Enigmas, take the red orbs in the area and make your way | |down the wheel gears to the ground level. On the left of the brown | |door there, is a platform. Jump on it and Air Hike to reach another | |hidden area on the top which contains Secret Mission 7. Start the | |mission by pressing circle near the big red circular structure. | | | |Secret Mission 7: Hang 10 | |A time limit of 30 seconds is provided for you to reach the blue orb | |fragment on the other side of the area. Just ignore the demons and | |make your way around the area. Transforming into Demon state would be | |helpful if you have some DT Gauge saved for yourself. | | | |Once back, enter the brown door on the ground level of the gears. | |Kick jump to reach the blue orb fragment on your right, kill Soul | |Eaters in the pathway and continue your path towards the next room. | |A statue lays there with three heads. While facing it, there's a | |grey statue stabbed with a sword on your left. A red orb lays on the | |sword. Jump on the sword to get the orb and jump again to the ledge | |above. There's a rectangular block on the ledge. Get behind it and | |do some melee combos on it to push it towards the direction of the | |red light. One more statue will start bleeding down when the block | |touches the red light. From there, make a round about the room on | |ledge. You'll see a crack with white light coming from in one of | |the walls. Slash it to reveal another block. Do the same on it to | |push it to the other end. After this, a path will be opened in one | |of the statues below as well as a Hell Vanguard and some Soul | |Eaters will be conjured up there. Slay them, enter the path, go | |through the door, descend stairs, attack that weight block to reveal | |a hole in the ground, drop down for a large green orb, get up again, | |blow the statue there using Agni & Rudra, jump on the platform on | |your right i.e. Temperance Wagon. When you have sent all the Hell | |Demons to their home, the wagon will stop. Take the stairs there, | |upgrade if you need to using the Divinity Statue, enter the big | |door and prepare for clearing a mess that wants to take revenge | |of Sparda from his every blood relation who'd face him. | | | |Boss Battle: Beowulf | |Phew! This big ugly junk is not easy. He fights more like a boxer than | |a demon. Here are his attacks: | |1)Punch combo. Although this is the same attack that you'll meet at | | first if you trouble a bully in your college, Beowulf's punches do a | | handy amount of damage that's far more threatening than some bully's | | hand waving | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: What do you do when someone tries to punch you? Present your| | face in a wrapped up gift paper? Of course not. You avoid it by being| | out of its range. | |2)Stomp on ground. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: Jump n' shoot. | |3)Stomp on ground to make a pillar drop from the ceiling, then punch it| | towards you. | | Damage: High | | Defense: Get behind Beowulf if you are near him; that'll give you a | | chance to attack. Of course you can dodge it if you are far away. | |4)Shoot lightning towards you. | | Damage: Low | | Defense: Jump n' shoot. One defense that works on almost every attack| | in the game. | |There's no special time for attacking Beowulf like in the matter of | |other bosses so keep attacking him whenever you get chance. Now don't | |be disappointed because this was the first demon who didn't give you | |any weapon (second if you count Vergil a demon too). You get the | |Haywire Neo Generator after you've defeated him. | |Additional Strategy by ~Sergetrigger88~: Beowulf hates it when he's hit| |in his eyes. When he is performing his punch combo, wait till he lands | |his last punch on ground. Then slash your sword at his head and he will| |be stunned for quite a while. Giving you an oppurtunity to inflict a | |handy amount of damage to him. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |L. Mission 12: Hunter & Hunted | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 1 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 0 | |Divinity Statues: 2 | |Secret Missions: 0 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 1 | | | |Run! You're constantly in Devil Trigger mode and your health is | |consumed in exchange. Get back on Temperance Wagon, be fast in killing | |the Hell demons (they will leave Green Orbs more often for your ease), | |head back towards the door on stairs, slay demons on your way, hop all | |the way on the Gears of Madness back for the door on top you came from,| |defeat Hell Vanguard and Hell Prides there, enter the green door on | |the other side and finally get rid of the Haywire Neo Generator on | |the rotating bridge. | |After the bridge has rotated, cross it. A Divinity Statue and a Large | |Vital Star await you ahead. Alongside with a boss battle at the end of | |Spiral Corridor. | | | |Boss Battle: Geryon | |You start the battle on the bridge. Here Geryon has only one attack | |that it runs towards you. Jump (and Air Hike if you have) and start | |shooting at it. After it runs a couple of times across the bridge, | |it'll be tired and will stop for several seconds. You can melee attack | |him at that time. When his health bar is damaged for about an quarter, | |the bridge will fall and the second part of the fight will begin. | |Geryon has following attacks in the Underground Arena: | |1)Run around shooting missiles (not nuclear) at you. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: You have to run around too, occasionally jumping to dodge | | the missiles. | |2)After running in circles for a brief period of times, halt in the | | center of the arena. His carriage will take a revolution while | | halting which can damage you. | | Damage: High | | Defense: Be away. Another defense that works on countless times. | |3)Shoot black spheres at you. | | Damage: Will slow you down whereas Geryon will still be lightning | | fast. He will try to ramp you now. | | Defense: Avoid the spheres. If they hit you anyway, turn DT mode | | on and jump away. | |When Geryon halts in the center of the arena, blow some melee combos | |on his back legs (Cerberus is extra handy here) and fall down for some | |more. Do it a couple of times and he'll be defeated; unlocking the | |Quicksilver style. | |Additional Strategy by ~Justin~: This is hard but can be very useful if| |you pull it off correctly. When fighting with Geryon running around, | |try to jump on his cart and slash away at him with Cerberus. This'll | |take a pretty amount of his health before he stops. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |M. Mission 13: Chaos' Warm Welcome | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 1 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 0 | |Divinity Statues: 2 | |Secret Missions: 2 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 1 | | | |Hunt down those Damned Pawns & Bishops and enter the door that'll be | |unsealed. Sprint down the spiral corridor. One of the lights on the | |wall is red in color. Press circle near it to start Secret Mission 8. | | | |Secret Mission 8: Tough Guys | |No! That's a lie, Dante is tougher than anyone. Show this to those | |supposedly tougher Hell Vanguard and Arachnes. | | | |After being back in the Spiral Corridor, continue downwards. At the | |bottom of the stairs you'll find a big door and a corridor on the left.| |Follow the corridor and enter the door at its end. Kill the demons in | |the next corridor or ignore them if you want to. Enter the door at the | |other side to face a puzzle like the one before. Like last time, | |(S)tart statue shines a light ray on (M)irrors which you have to | |transfer to the (T)arget statue by breaking = wall as well as | |(D)estructible mirrors. Figures A & B represent the initial and final | |arrangements of the puzzle like last time. | |+-----------------------------++-----------------------------+ | ||Figure A ||Figure B | | |+-----------------------------++-----------------------------+ | || * (T) *|| * (T) *| | || * *|| * | *| | || * *|| * | *| | || * *|| * | *| | || * *|| * | *| | || (S) (D) *|| (S) | *| | || * *|| * | *| | || * *|| * | *| | || * *|| * | *| | || * *|| * | *| | ||(M) (M) (D) = (M) *||(M) (M)-------------(M) *| | || ***********|| | ***********| | || * || | * | | || * || | * | | || * || | * | | ||(M) (D)---(M) * ||(M) | (M) * | | || | | * || | * | | || | | * || | * | | || | | * || | * | | || | | * || | * | | ||(M) (M)---(M) * ||(M) (M)---(M) * | | || | * || | * | | || | * || | * | | || | * || | * | | || | * || | * | | ||(M) (M) (S) * ||(M) (M) (S) * | | |+-----------------------------++-----------------------------+ | |After you have solved the puzzle, take the Orihalcon in the hidden | |doorway at (T)arget statue. There's a (S)ecret area in the wall on | |left which you can access by kick jumping. The red circular things | |gives access to Secret Mission 9. | | | |Secret Mission 9: Target Practice | |You start on Temperance Wagon and other mobile wagons come in front | |of you. You have to kill everyone there before they make it out. It's | |a good idea to blow the Hell Wraths that appear there as that severely | |damages anyone near them. | | | |Head back out of the Vestibule after clearing the secret mission. Run | |to the other end of the corridor facing Chess Demons again. A Divinity | |Statue is on your left after entering the door. Equip Nevan at it if | |you haven't equipped it already and smash the Combat Adjudicator at | |the end of the corridor to obtain a blue orb fragment. Then enter the | |big door in front of the divinity statue by using Orihalcon on it. | |Yes, Vergil is the only boss in the game who appears more than once | |to fight you. | | | |Boss Battle: Vergil 2 | |A little different from the last time. Mostly because of Vergil | |having Beowulf gauntlets now. A list of his attacks is given below: | |1)Punch/Kick combo followed by a fist in the air. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: Jump or roll on the other side. Once he is in the air, he | | may land a kick from there so run sideways at that time. | |2)Transform into a demon and continue his normal and teleport attacks. | | Damage: High | | Defense: Attacking him at this time will do no good. Avoid him for | | some time and he'll be in his human form again. | |3)Lightning attack. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: The ground'll flash before lightning so move somewhere | | else. | |4)Old sword combo. | | Damage: Low | | Defense: Just like the last time. | |Like any other boss in the game, Vergil is vulnerable just after his | |attacks. So wait, and attack him right after hi finishes a combo. Do | |it a couple of times and the fight'll be over. Yeah I wondered why | |Jester also had multi-colored eyes! | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |N. Mission 14: Drive | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: Beowulf | |Blue Orb Fragments: 2 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 1 | |Divinity Statues: 3 | |Secret Missions: 0 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 0 | | | |A divinity statue is on near you just after you start the mission. | |Wondering why? Well Beowulf gauntlets are near the place where Vergil | |fell and you have to take them, equip them at the Divinity Statue and | |break the Combat Adjudicator using them at the door you came from. Take| |the blue orb fragment dropped by it, enter the room, run around the | |lift in front of you and hack red orbs from the red orb pedestal behind| |it (thanks goes to ~twiztidjuggalo125~, ~Tret Allen~ and ~Luc~ for | |locating the pedestal). After you've earned the orbs, use the lift in | |the room, cross the pathway to the broken wall, enter the door once you| |are inside the broken wall, cross the Vestibule area, follow the hole | |on your right, enter the dark area at the end of the path, kill the | |Hell Vanguard and Soul Eaters there, enter unsealed the door in the | |corridor in one of the statues, take the large green orb in the hidden | |area beside the Temperance Wagon, board the Wagon, make your way to | |the other side, upgrade if you need to using the divinity statue and | |enter the room to face a puzzle of multi-colored doors and rooms. | |You start in a room of lime colored light, enter the room that is | |colored violet, then the light-colored one, kill the demons there and | |head back towards the violet room. Now enter the other door that leads | |to a light-purple room, enter the brown room at the other side, kill | |the demons there and enter the now opened light-green room. Take the | |blue orb fragment there, kill the demons and then take the other door | |that'll be opened. Take the last door in the room to finally get out | |of the puzzle in front of an wooden door. | |Now you are in Subterranean Garden and a Divinity Statue is on your | |left for upgrading. Take the small door in front of the Divinity Statue| |to find yourself in the familiar area of Sub ground Water Vein. Run | |forward, and you'll see a bright white light column in one of the | |platforms. Walk onto it and you'll be taken back to the Bull's Eye | |bar you played in the beginning of the game. Use the door that leads | |to the Devils Tower, run a little forward and the mission ending | |cut scene will be triggered. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |O. Mission 15: The Gatecrasher | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 1 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 1 | |Divinity Statues: 1 | |Secret Missions: 0 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 0 | | | |One word of caution! You can get lost easily in this mission, so read | |carefully walkthrough for this one. As soon as you start, head towards | |the colored door. Deal with the Fallens that appear. You have to first | |cut their wings then attack on their bellies. After you've dealt with | |them, enter the colored door and kill the Arachnes in the next room. | |Take the unsealed door on the other side, follow the corridor to the | |Devil sprout Lift. You need three Orihalcon's to revive the lift. But | |first you need to revive the tower itself. Go into the red door on | |the side of the lift. After proceeding a little forward, you'll see | |a Red Orb Pedestal above the door. To reach it, stand a little forward | |from the door and kick jump one of the walls on either side. After | |taking orbs from the crystal, jump down and turn on the rune clock at | |the bottom of the stairs. The tower will rumble, i.e. it will revive | |for certain mechanisms. The trickier part starts here. | |Go back to the door you came from, pass the Devil sprout lift, enter | |the room in which you fought Arachnes before. You'll see a blue rune | |clock has now appeared there, turn it one ONCE, kill the Arachnes and | |enter the door at the other side. The tower has shown its beautiful | |complexity so you are now on gears of madness. They are worse then | |before as they are rotating. Drop down the brown door at the bottom, | |enter it, take the Orihalcon fragment at the end of the corridor, | |eventually passing the big cutters. Get back to the gears of madness, | |turn the blue rune clock on one of the bottom gears ONCE, get back | |above and enter the door at the top. One again the tower has rotated | |and you're in the Rounded Pathway. Avoid those blades spinning on the | |ground and enter the door at the other side. Take the second Orihalcon | |fragment on the altar in the room and make your way back by killing | |the Arachnes. Once you're out of the room, turn on the blue rune clock | |in the Rounded Pathway. Then sprint back and enter the door which you | |came from. You'll now be in Top Subterria Lock (this tower's | |complicated mechanism is definitely to protect it from terrorists). Use| |the divinity statue if you need, collect the red orbs in the far right | |side of the area and enter the colored door in the middle of the area. | |Avoid the blades, take the Orihalcon fragment and the green orb in the | |corridor, get back out of the room. And turn the rune clock in the | |middle of the place (near the divinity statue) once. Enter the colored | |door, go down the spiral corridor and drop down the Underground Arena | |to find a blue orb fragment. To get back on the way, jump on a rocky | |platform in the Underground Arena which'll take you back upwards. Then | |turn the rune clock near the Divinity Statue in Top Subterria Lock and | |enter the colored door again which'll take you to Provisions Storeroom | |Now you're fine with three fragments. If you turned the rune clock near| |the divinity statue twice, you'll be in the Provisions Storeroom which | |leads to the Devil sprout lift. Use the three Orihalcon fragments on | |the lift, ride it upwards and the mission will end with a cut scene. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |P. Mission 16: Win or Lose | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 0 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 0 | |Divinity Statues: 2 | |Secret Missions: 1 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 1 | | | |Enter the door at the side of the Divinity Statue. Kill the enemies | |there if you need red orbs or head for the door at the top of the | |stairs. Defeat the demons in the next room and enter the red door at | |the top that'll be unsealed. Turn on the rune clock in the room, jump | |upon the big ball and slash it open. A secret area will be revealed, | |take the Golden Sun item there and examine the golden door on right to | |initiate Secret Mission 10. | | | |Secret Mission 10: Guiding Light | |There are several crystal puzzles for this mission which show up | |randomly. Choose the one from figures give below which the game | |throws upon your time. Just destroy D mirrors to solve the puzzle. If | |on Puzzle 6 however, you have to destroy the = wall too. | |+---------+ +---------+ +---------+ | ||Puzzle 1 | |Puzzle 2 | |Puzzle 3 | | |+---------+ +---------+ +---------+ | || T T | |M D M M| | M M M| | || D T M| |M D M| |M D M | | ||M M M M| |T M M| | M M| | ||M D M| |M D M| |M D M| | ||M M M D M| |M D M| | M M | | ||M M M| |M D D| |T D M| | ||M M| |M T M T| |T M M D | | || | | | | M M M| | || | | | | | | |+---------+ +---------+ +---------+ | |+---------+ +---------+ +---------------+ | ||Puzzle 4 | |Puzzle 5 | |Puzzle 6 | | |+---------+ +---------+ +---------------+ | || M | | | | * T *| | ||M M M M| | | | * D *| | || D M| | M| |M M = M *| | || M M| |T M | |M M M T *****| | ||M T M | |D D M D M| |M M M M * | | || M D M M| |M M M| | M M * | | ||T D M | |T M D M| |M M D M * | | ||M | | D | | * | | || | | D M M | |M T M * | | ||M M M | |M T | | * | | |+---------+ +---------+ +---------------+ | | | |I hope you have not lost your mind in that crystal puzzle. For me it | |was more difficult to draw it in ASCII than to solve it. Anyway, after | |getting the blue orb as your reward. Follow your way back to the Devil | |sprout lift. This time take the door on the other side of the lift. | |Instead of going up, head down and enter the crack in the wall. Turn | |on both the rune clocks there, two balls will drop down. You have to | |clash the balls with each other. To do it, first hit the left ball | |towards right and vice versa. After they're broken a small door will | |be unlocked in the area. Take the Onyx Moon shard from there, battle | |the Fallens and make your way back to the lift. Use the two items you | |have gained on the door in front of the lift. Enter it after it's | |unlocked. Kill the demons in the chamber if you want or jump up the | |hole in the roof (above the rocks bearing Enigmas). Take the stairs | |on left and enter the big door there. Run down the broken stairs in | |the next room but be careful now to fall down in the place you got Onyx| |Moonshard in. Take the big red door at the other side of the broken | |staircase. Kill the demons in the Giant walk Chamber if you want or | |head towards the door at the bottom of the other end. Use the divinity | |statue in the next room if you need to or enter the other door. Prepare| |to fight the only human in the game in Divine Library. | | | |Boss Battle: Lady | |As the only human in the game, she doesn't rely much on her power | |rather her speed and agility is her weapon. Given below are her | |attacks: | |1)Shoot missile at you. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: Keep moving/rolling/jump whatever you want but not in the | | direction of the missiles. | |2)Shoot bullets at you. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: These bullets only hits you when you are moving directly | | towards her. Come on! She's not that attractive, is she? | |3)Throw grenades at a place. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: Obviously a grenade only affects the place it is thrown | | upon. What can it do to you if you are far away from it? | |4)Shoot mini-missiles from her rocket launcher by first stomping it | | on ground. | | Damage: Low | | Defense: Attack her when she's doing this with some lightning move | | like Stinger to get both advantages of stopping and damaging her at | | the same time. | |You have to be extra quick in this fight. She flies here and there | |using her rocket launcher. Try to get near her and do some melee combos| |as she is exactly opposite of Vergil because of her choice of guns. | |After a melee combo, if you have performed a powerful move like | |Stinger, she'll be thrown away, but she'll not go silently. She shoots | |bullets at you even then, so jump after you perform a powerful melee | |attack on her. Do it a couple of times and she'll give you her rocket | |launcher "Kalina Ann" when the fight's over. | | | |After you're out of the library, jump upon the red circular pod and | |keep flying until you reach the brown door at the top. Enter it to end | |the mission. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Q. Mission 17: Inner Demons | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 2 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 1 | |Divinity Statues: 3 | |Secret Missions: 1 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 1 | | | |Kick jump the wall on the door's side when you start the mission to | |find a Vital Star S in a secret area in the wall (the place which had | |a Secret Mission before). After that, run down the corridor, taking | |the red orbs on the ledges above with you. Enter the hole beside the | |big door to face a trial of warrior again. You gain a gold orb in | |reward for beating those Dt'ed enemies. When you're back, enter the | |big door. Smash Red Orb pedestal in the next room as well as a Combat | |Adjudicator using Beowulf gauntlets. Use the cubes to get to the door | |a level above the one which you came from. Kill the Hell Vanguard and | |Enigmas in the room and enter the door on the opposite side. Use | |Divinity Statue if you need. Take stairs a little forward of the statue| |and take the blue orb fragment in the big room there. Trace your way | |back to the God-cube chamber. Make your way to the door above using | |the cubes but beware that you'll have to start over again from the | |ground if you fall. Enter the door. Only a single way of the three | |before will be remaining. Take the stairs which lead to the Trial of | |Wisdom room. Arachnes have conjured up there this time. Defeat them | |and enter the other door with four lights above it. Face the trial | |of skill again but this time its a little difficult than before. Anyhow| |the basic technique is the same as the last one. Enter the hole in the | |wall on the other side of the hall. Jump upon the red pod there to | |charge upwards to the next level. Enter the broken area in front of | |you. Take left and collect the red orbs on the ledges above you. You | |can play Secret Mission 11 by examining the glowing statue on the | |middle beam. | | | |Secret Mission 11: On Pins And Needles | |How many times the game thought before that it can beat you down with | |this trial but you still managed to get this far and this is | |certainly not a place to quit back. You have to avoid those spikes | |like before but with little space available now. Use Trickster's Dash | |and Rebellion's Air Hike to help you. The rest depends upon your | |reflexes about judging your next move. | |Additional Strategy by ~Zax~: You can also pass the spikes by using | |Trickster's Dash and timing it correctly. | | | |After clearing the Secret Mission and getting the blue orb fragment, | |drop down and enter the door at end of the stairs. Defeat the | |relatively easier enemies called Abyss there. There's no specific | |strategy in defeating them so use anything you want. Enter the door | |at the other side, run forward, use the Divinity Statue if you want, | |enter the next door, continue your run until the fight with your own | |shadow starts. | | | |Boss Battle: Doppelganger | |Stomp on your shadow and what happens? Nothing! So slashing this boss | |won't benefit you in the slightest way. You have to bring him in light.| |The plates on the edge of the area emit light when they are hit certain| |times. On Normal mode, they take 3 to 4 hits to emit light. First check| |how many hits are required to illuminate a plate. Then stand by one, | |slash it one less than the required hits as to prepare it for | |brightening up the shadow with just one hit. Wait for a moment, and | |just when Doppelganger gets in the range after zipping towards you, | |shower him with the light from the plate slashing the last hit. He'll | |be vulnerable to your attacks for a handy period of time. Do it again | |and again till he is down. | |Of course you can also illuminate all the platforms at a time by | |continuously running around and hitting them but this strategy can be | |little difficult as Doppelganger tries to extinguish the lights you | |have brightened during the fight. Just as mentioned in his attacks' | |list given below: | |1)When you are standing at the edges, he'll zip towards you and fist | | the ground to produce a vertical slash. | | Damage: Low | | Defense: As I explained above, this is your time to brighten up the | | poser and beat him for ruining Dante's personality. | |2)Shoot black balls at already illuminated lights to extinguish them | | Damage: You have to illuminate them again. | | Defense: Keep him busy so he can't do this. If he does, you can't | | do anything to stop it. | |3)Conjure a black void at the place you are standing. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: Surely this boss wouldn't be complete without a move which | | required you to jump out of the place... | | | |Once you've taken him down, you unlock the Doppelganger style, run | |forward to the top of the tower which is also the end of this mission. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |R. Mission 18: Invading Hell | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 1 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 1 | |Divinity Statues: 1 | |Secret Missions: 1 | |Sub-Boss Fights: Variable | |Boss Fights: Variable | | | |Note the term "Variable" in Boss and Sub-Boss fights' status. Well | |this is one unique kind of mission. You'll fight almost all bosses of | |the game in this one single mission. If this sounds too much boring for| |you, think again. You can gain 80000-90000 style points by completing | |this single mission. In fact as I said in the Styles section, I suggest| |replaying this mission again and again if you need to level up styles | |quickly. | |Run forward when the mission starts, continue as platforms will form | |in front of you. Jump in the mirror that'll appear. Kill the chess | |demons there, concentrating more at Demon King and the Demon Queen. If | |the King dies, everyone else is worthless in both real life and in this| |mission. Jump back in the mirror that'll appear on the chess board | |after you've defeated everyone. Run forward, slay those Fallens that'll| |appear on your way and continue your path to the next mirror. There's | |a big foot statue behind the mirror. On the right of the statues you | |can find a red orb pedestal if you drop down. Similarly on the left | |lays the last Secret Mission of the game. | | | |Secret Mission 12: Final Ascension | |Gaining altitude move from DMC2 now looks like a breeze. You have to | |reach at the top of the area by using the rotating blocks. Trickster's | |Sky Star move and Air Hike are a basic necessity here nonetheless | |having Nevan's Air Raid can also prove to be mighty helpful. If you | |get frustrated by falling down again and again, you can get a big | |unsightly message i.e. "Secret Mission Failed" by entering the door | |on ground level. But quitters never win do they? | | | |After getting back, enter the mirror in front of the big foot statue. | |In this mirror lays my favorite part of the whole game. Be prepared. | |This whole area is cluttered with platforms carrying colored stones. | |By pressing circle near these platforms, you'll enter a fight you've | |fought before in the human world. Here is a list of the fights: | | | |Orange: Two Hell Vanguards plus plenty of all other Hell Demons.| |Light Blue: Cerberus | |Golden: Gigapede | |Green: Agni & Rudra | |Red: Heart of Leviathan | |Violet: Nevan | |White: Beowulf | |Blue: Geryon | |Black: Doppelganger | | | |There are various large green orbs scattered around the area as well as| |a Divinity Statue for you to use. Once you complete a trial, that | |stoned will be brightened in the central structure and you'll conjure | |up there. In the central structure, you need to connect the stones to | |form a light. Some possible combinations that are minimally required to| |proceed are given below. These are ordered from most fights involving | |most of the bosses to the fights involving minimum of them. As I stated| |earlier two times, you get Style Level benefits by fighting bosses so | |try them | | | |Blue, Violet, Green, Red, Orange, Golden, White | |Violet, Blue, Light Blue, Golden, Green, White | |Black, Green, Golden, Red, Orange, Light Blue | |Green, Violet, Black, Light Blue, Golden, White | |Blue, Green, Light Blue, Violet, Golden, White | |Golden, Green, Orange, Light Blue | |Black, Light Blue, Golden, White, Violet | |Violet, Green, Blue, Black | |Green, Light Blue, White (Thanks to ~Aj Brotherton~ for the tip) | | | |If you anyhow decide to complete all the trials in this area, you'll | |get a blue orb fragment in reward. Otherwise, you can complete any of | |the minimum requirements given above and end the mission by fleeing in | |the mirror that'll appear beside the central structure. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |S. Mission 19: Forces Collide | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 0 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 0 | |Divinity Statues: 1 | |Secret Missions: 0 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 1 | | | |Kill the Abysses that have gathered in here, and jump in the mirror | |that'll appear in the middle of the room. In the next room there's a | |statue on which you'll have to use something later. Presently, you'd | |notice that you're attacks are not doing much good on those demons. | |Mirror time! Run around the mirrors and you'll see that Dante is not | |appearing in them. One of them will show Dante's reflection. Smash that| |one and the demons will be demised. Do it several more times until | |a you defeat all of them. A mirror will appear in the center of the | |room. Hop in. | |There's an Hourglass in the middle of the next room alongside with some| |more Abysses. Luckily these take damage through normal means this time.| |Slay them all before the Hourglass is depleted or there'll be more of | |them. When you have trounced everyone, a path will appear to the | |Hourglass. Take Samsara there and leap in the mirror that'll emerge in | |the room. | |Now you're back in the Lost Souls Nirvana area you fought bosses in | |before. Enter the mirror like the last time. Do the same in the next | |room. Use the Samsara on the statue in the mirrors room (i.e. Nirvana | |of Illusions). Teleport using the mirror that'll appear this time. | |Sprint forward, use the Divinity Statue if you need to and enter the | |door to trigger the second-last boss fight with none another hideous | |junk. | | | |Boss Battle: Arkham | |As usual, an attack list: | |1)Hmm..if you can call that a hand, he'll punch at you. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: I'm getting bored by saying it again and again. Jump away. | |2)Similarly, if you can call that tentacle a leg, he'll kick you. | | Damage: Medium | | Defense: Same as the last one. | |3)Materialize his legions in a troublesome amount in the room. | | Damage: They'll follow you and explode upon touching. High | | Defense: Jump to avoid them & use melee combos when you get chance to| | clear your path. | |When his legions are cleared up, attack him carefully jumping right | |away the moment you see a tentacle menacing towards you. | |When his health is damaged to half, Vergil will join you in the fight. | |Now you'll not be able to use DT which is the price for having that | |kick-ass swordsman on your side. Rest of the fight, he'll follow your | |lead and throw his own swords combo at enemies. | | | |Moving on, its time for the last mission. Take that Arkham! You were | |nothing but a wastage of Sparda's power. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |T. Mission 20: Screaming Souls | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Secret Weapons: None | |Blue Orb Fragments: 0 | |Red Orb Pedestal: 0 | |Divinity Statues: 0 | |Secret Missions: 0 | |Sub-Boss Fights: 0 | |Boss Fights: 1 | | | |No time for closing comments now. Will save them for later on. The | |moment of final battle is upon us. | | | |Boss Battle: Vergil 3 | |Vergil's more powerful than either of his conflicts with us before. | |Here are his attacks: | |1)Sword combo. | | Damage: High | | Defense: Roll | |2)Take stance of pulling his Yamato and conjure up damaging orbs in | | the air. | | Damage: High | | Defense: Run for your life. And yeah that means running away from | | him. | |3)Transform into a demon and execute vertical Helm Breaker resembling | | vertical sword slashes multiple times in a combo. | | Defense: Very High. Once you get stuck in this combo, be sure to have| | a high blood pressure. | |Do anything, use every item you've got. This is your last battle in | |this game. Attack him just after he has executed his combos and keep | |your eye on his stances all times. After this truly entertaining | |battle, you'll have the cut scene with Lady which'll follow the | |credits. You'd be a fool to pass them. You can slash those pesky and | |relatively weak demons during the credits. The current number of your | |executions will be displayed on the upper right corner of the screen. | |Get it over 100 to see an extended ending sequence. | | | |At last! You have beaten this game. Personal Congratulations from me! | |But I strongly doubt you have unlocked all the moves in your first play| |of the game. If the game didn't send you in comma for high blood | |pressure or nervous breakdown. Play it once more and trust me, you'll | |enjoy it more than before with unlocked moves and better understanding.| |Thanks for reading my Walkthrough. If it did help you, rate it on the | |site you got it from. If it didn't, sincere apologies from me! | | | |=======================================================================| |IV. FAQ | |=======================================================================| |Q: Where can I get the soundtracks mentioned in Lyrics/Soundtracks Info| | section? | |A: (Devils Never Cry) | | http://babildo.brinkster.net/music/Theme audio.rar | | (Taste The Blood) | | http://babildo.brinkster.net/music/Fighting music.rar | | (Suffer) | | http://babildo.brinkster.net/music/Boss music.rar | | Thank goes to eredh at IGN forums for discovery of these links. | | | |Q: I can't equip this weapon! | |A: You have to select four weapons (two fire arms and two devil arms) | | near the Divinity Statues/Customize Screen in Equip Menu. The | | on-the-fly switch is then made between these four weapons during the| | game. | | | |Q: What is A&A? | |A: Avoid & Attack. The golden rule of DMC. As writing it again and | | again in the FAQ seemed boring, I abbreviated it in this form. | | | |Q: I can't use 2P mode! | |A: After plugging in the second controller, you have to press START on | | it to trigger the 2p mode. | | | |=======================================================================| |V. Secrets/Easter Eggs | |=======================================================================| |-If you are bored of the "Now Loading" screen, you can press square | | or triangle to shoot at it or slash it respectively. Not very useful | | but it helps you to keep up your devil hunter spirits during the | | loading. | | (Update) Additional Info by ~Tenjinmon Ninja~: You can control the | | direction of slash by pressing a directional button in combination | | with the triangle button. Moreover, you can break the Now Loading text| | by slashing it in vertical direction. | | | |-In the 3rd mission "The Devils Tower", there is a jukebox in the bar. | | If you slash it with your sword, you'll hear a remixed version of | | "Lock & Load" (soundtrack from DMC1) for a short period of time. | | | |-On main menu, press and hold L1, L2, R1 & R2 together, rotate left | | analogue stick clockwise two times. If you entered the cheat | | correctly, a voice calling "Devil May Cry" will be heard. All modes, | | galleries and characters will be unlocked. Beware though that this is | | strictly recommended for fools who want to take the fun out of DMC3. | | If you want to enjoy the game, don't use it. | | | |-During the credits, kill 100 or more enemies to see an extended | | ending sequence. | | | |-Before every mission there's a hidden mission number somewhere in the | | sequence. They all are given in the list below. | | Mission Numbers in cutscene squences by ~Cameron Jones~: | | Mission 1 | | The number "1" on the pizza box. | | Mission 2 | | The number "2" on the billboard at the end of the cutscene. | | Mission 3 | | The burning enemies form the number "3" at the end of the cutscene. | | Mission 4 | | The hanging banner/flag at the beginning of the cutscene is shaped as | | the number "4". | | Mission 5 | | The blood on the wall at the end of the cutscene forms the number "5".| | Mission 6 | | The explosion at the end of the cutscene leaves the number "6" on the | | ground. | | Mission 7 | | The blood stain on the wall reveals the number "7" at the end of the | | cutscene. | | Mission 8 | | The moon in the background has the number "8" engraved in it. | | Mission 9 | | The bullet at the end of the cutscene has "9mm" marked on it. | | Mission 10 | | The blood on the book at the end of the cutscene forms the number | | "10". | | Mission 11 | | The blood on the ground marks the number "11". | | Mission 12 | | At the end of the cutscene, the chain attached to the ceiling is | | holding the number "12". | | Mission 13 | | At the end of the cutscene, the wall in the background has the number | | "13" engraved. | | Mission 14 | | The number "14" is on the side of the platform, in the pit. | | Mission 15 | | The branch at the end of the cutscene shapes the number "15". | | Mission 16 | | The number "16" is lightly scratched on the ground. | | Mission 17 | | The top of the pillar at the end of the cutscene forms the number | | "17". | | Mission 18 | | A paper containing the number "18" quickly flies by in the air. | | Mission 19 | | As the camera pans to Lady at the beginning of the cutscene, the | | number "19" is lightly marked on the ground. | | Mission 20 | | The number "20" is formed by the clouds in the background. | | | |-During the Doppelganger mode, plug in a controller in the second port | | port and press START button on it to control your shadow using it. | | Please note that the camera will focus on 1P only and 2P can't cycle | | between weapons either. The same 2P mode can be activated by pressing | | START and played in the fight against Arkham using Vergil. | | | |-Beat the game in following order to unlock the given costumes: | | Easy/Normal: Coatless Dante, DMC1 Dante | | Hard: Coatless DMC1 Dante, Legendary Dark Knight | | DMD: Super Dante (Infinite DT) | | | |=======================================================================| |VI. Lyrics/Soundtracks Info | |=======================================================================| |Note: These lyrics are now taken from official website of Shootie HG, | |the person who wrote them. So you shouldn't concern mailing me anymore | |about different versions of them. | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |E3 Trailer Soundtrack: "Devils Never Cry" | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Steel a soul for a second chance | |But you will never become a man | |My chosen torture makes me stronger | |In a life that craves the hunger | |A Freedom and a quest for life | |Until the end the judgment night | | | |Stepping forth a cure for soul's demise | |Reap the tears of the victimís cries | |Yearning more to hear the suffer (of a) | |Of a demon as I put it under | | | |Killed before, a time to kill them all | |Passed down the righteous law | |Serve a justice that dwells in me | |Lifeless corpse as far as the eye can see | | | |The eye can see (X3) | | | |(clean vocal lyrics) | | | |We are falling | |The light is calling | |Tears inside me | |Calm me down | | | |Bless me with the | |Leaf off of the tree | |On it I see | |The freedom reign | | | |We are falling | |The light is calling | |Tears inside | |Calm me down | | | |Midnight calling | |Mist of resolving | |Crown me, with the | |Pure green leaf | | | |Bless me with the | |Leaf off of the tree | |On it I see | |The freedom reign | | | |Praise to my father | |Blessed by the water | |Black night, dark sky | |The devilís cry | | | |(demonic lyrics under clean voice) | | | |The power's proven to end the madness | |Upon I take it to end the savage | |The rays of light a truth to meaning | |To my father my blood is pleading | | | |A justice rage for all to feel | |With innocent cries and hatred squeals | |The gore of evil seems to satisfy | |When slain an maimed and pacified | | | |My chosen torture makes me stronger | |In a life that craves the hunger | |A Freedom and a quest for life | |Until the end the judgment night | | | |Watch the footsteps but never follow | |If you want to live tomorrow | |Steel a soul for a second chance | |But you will never become a man | | | |Lyrics written and performed by Shootie HG (owned by Capcom) | |Music by Tetsuya Shibata | |*Clean vocal lyrics were written by Shootie HG and performed by | |David Baker. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Lesser Demons Fight Soundtrack: "Taste the Blood" | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |The flinch in your eye calls your bluff | |Feel free to die when you've had enough | |Useless cause is breaking your back | |Your life will end when you attack | | | |Make your move | |Make your stand | |Make the win | |(ha..) Like you can | | | |See the war | |See me rule | |See the mirror | |Youíll see a fool | | | |To take me out you must fight like a man | |You've yet to prove that you can (youíve yet to prove me that you can) | |I see your might and it compares to something | |That is if something is nothing | | | |Time to figure | |Time to sin | |Your times done | |When you begin | | | |Live for suffer | |Live for revenge | |Now your life | |Comes to an end | | | |Taste the blood | |Taste your fate | |Swallow your pride | |With your hate | | | |Your last breathe | |Your last stance | |The last of all | |In your command | | | |Kneeís in the (blood) with your crying pleas | |Wade in your sorrow, bathe in your fear | |Clear the mind from righteousness suffered | |Witness the moment of (your) failures prosper | | | |Lyrics written and performed by Shootie HG (owned by Capcom) | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Cerberus Boss Fight Soundtrack: "Suffer" | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |You got nothin' and nothin's got you | |I can see your fear it surrounds you | |Built with strife and insight but it's not enough | |I'll defeat and discreet your every move | | | |This instinct that you dwell will just take your life | |One step, one breath you're under my knife | |Killing slow is the way I conquer | |It's time for torture test can't wait no longer | | | |With your first step you will burn | |Canít control your hate you've learned | |Killing slow is the way I conquer | |Until you know the meaning of suffer | | | |Step twice you invite and welcome death | |Pay ÖÖ.. to me with your last breath | |Say goodbye to a life that you once knew | |Along with every being that was before you | | | |Lyrics written and performed by Shootie HG (owned by Capcom) | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Lesser Demons Fight Soundtrack: "Divine Hate" | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ |Now you've really crossed the line | |Your hate for me is divine | |My love yearns your suffer | |On your grave lurks my prosper | | | |Taunt more as a lure but it's no use | |Knots tight my excite I prepare the noose | |Say no more it's time for you to make your move | |My blackened soul lit by your fuel | | | |Implodes your moral and drain your pride | |Too late for debate or run and hide | |Time to take your life it tolls the bell | |To your hell Iíd like to welcome you | | | |Lyrics written and performed by Shootie HG (owned by Capcom) | | | |=======================================================================| |VII. 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Special Thanks | |=======================================================================| |-To YuriSEAL Prime for the helpful FAQ on demo version. | |-To DahBomb for the excellent FAQ on IGN Forums. | |-To Omer Lutfi for introducing me to Devil may Cry series | |-To Vegard Aure for publishing this guide on DevilMayCry3.com | |-To eredh at IGN Forums for "discussing" The Devils Cry lyrics with | | me. I hope I didn't trouble you this time by wrong grammar usage. | |-To ayham0 at IGN Forums for passing mission 12 on DMD just for helping| | me. You've really got some skills dude! | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+