....................                                 ..
    ..........###..........  ..........     .::..  .      .........
 .....;#####,........#######;.......###.....###.........:,...... .............
  .......,###.;.........................................................,   .
  ;.....................A R M A G E D D O N............................
     :.......:   ....:..:.......:,;,  ,.;....;,,:,:,: .,,,::,,.,.


      _________                               _________
 ___ /         \_____________________________/         \___
|   |                                                  |   |
 \  |                     Contents                     |  /

 1. Legal Disclaimer
 2. Introduction
 3. FAQ History
 4. Walkthrough
    I.    Mission 1 - The Beginning
   II.    Mission 2 - Spawn's Turf
   III.   Mission 3 - The Evening News
   IV.    Mission 4 - A Very Old Enemy *BOSS*
   V.     Mission 5 - Desk Job
   VI.    Mission 6 - Seas Of Blood
   VII.   Mission 7 - Power Behind The Throne
   VIII.  Mission 8 - Unwelcome Attentions
   IX.    Mission 9 - Angel Attack
   X.     Mission 10 - Mayhem *BOSS*
   XI.    Mission 11 - Cause And Effect
   XII.   Mission 12 - Falling Angels
   XIII.  Mission 13 - The Living Forest
   XIV.   Mission 14 - The Hellhole
   XV.    Mission 15 - Hell On Earth
   XVI.   Mission 16 - Heaven's Soldier *BOSS*
   XVII.  Mission 17 - Descent Into Hell
   XVIII. Mission 18 - Meeting With Malebolgia *BOSS*
   XIX.   Mission 19 - Bat Out Of Hell
   XX.    Mission 20 - Rogue Angel Rescue
   XXI.   Mission 21 - Citadel Of Heaven
   XXII.  Mission 22 - Angel Station
   XXIII. Mission 23 - The End Of The World? *BOSS*
 5. Credits

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|   |                                                  |   |
 \  |                1. Legal Disclaimer               |  /

	This guide is created for free public or private use. It may not be
posted on any site other than gamefaqs, without consent from me; Which you
can gain by e-mailing me at PrinceNathan@hotmail.com

Copyright 2003 Chris Quigley (aka SayainPrince )

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 ___ /         \_____________________________/         \___
|   |                                                  |   |
 \  |                  2. Introduction                 |  /

        This guide contains spoilers, and is not meant to be used if you'd
like to figure out things on your own. Also, as I write it, I am redoing the
game, in Normal Mode. There may be small differences compared to Easy or Hard

        Also, I am NOT writing this guide to help you get comics. In fact, in
several occasions, I will knowingly give a path leading away from comics, as
this guide is made for a direct walkthrough of the game.

        It is also my first FAQ. It can be used for personal use. If you wish
to use any part of it for public use, please e-mail me, I will likely say yes.
My E-mail is: PrinceNathan@hotmail.com

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 ___ /         \_____________________________/         \___
|   |                                                  |   |
 \  |                  3. FAQ Histroy                  |  /

Current Version: 1.0

Version 1.0 - The final two missions are complete. This FAQ is finally complete!
Oh, and I fixed the character-max line limit... Now, it shouldn't  screw up the
format of the whole guide... Oh, and a new layout so the guide doesn't look like
crap. I've been busy, sorry it took so long. ( 1/24/03 )

Version 0.9 - First 21 missions now have guides.Disclaimer is also added.
( 1/11/04 )

Version 0.7 - This Version adds the FAQ History section, as well, as a guide for
all missions up  to mission 16. This version was released only for feedback, and
was not updated to GameFaqs for display. ( 1/7/04 )

Version 0.5 - The first released version of this FAQ, extending to Mission 9 in
the Walkthrough section. This FAQ History Section was not even added yet.
( 1/3/04 )

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|   |                                                  |   |
 \  |                  4. Walkthrough                  |  /

 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | I. Mission 1 - The Beginning                            |   __|

	"The city has been attacked by some unknown force that only Spawn can see -
And now demons run rampant in Spawn's alley. Spawn sets out to clear the streets
of demonic trash."

A. The First Hell Field
	As you begin, you will be given instructions on some of the moves Spawn
can do. You'll also notice several items that you can pick up right away. You
may also want to bring your axe down on the garbage cans, or other obstacles,
as they hold items as well.

	When your ready to move on, approach the glowing hell field, and get
ready for your first battle. It's nothing big, just one Imp. Take him down, and
the hell field will vanish.

B. Using Your Hell Powers
	As you move up the alley way, you will be told how to use your Hell
Powers. You can practice on a group of Imps that will emerge in front of you,
or you could take them out any way you want. (I personally think its fast and
easy to use chains.)

C. Spawn's Jumping Skills
	The Imps you defeated will drop soul orbs. You'll want these later, so
pick them up. You should also clear the alley of any other items before you

	When you have all th items, you can walk to the area that the hell field
faded from. Several double jumps will have you to the top, and into a new area.

D. Spawn's Chains
	You will be ambushed by a group of imps when you walk into the area you
are entering. The game will tell you to use your chains, nd thats probably best,
for this situation.

 	Walk through the alley, killing Imps that appear - remember, they may come
from behind you as well. There is also a surplus of things that can be

E. The First Guardian
	There will be a web-fence, with what seems to be a monster growing on it.
Once a task has been fulfilled (In this area, it is defeating all the Imps) the
guardian, will open its "mouth". You can now destroy it, and move forward.

F. Shotgun Time!
	Immediately after passing through wear the web was, you'll find the Sawed
Off Shotgun. Now you'll be able to kick some ass! Use your chains to grapple
the wall, and get ready.

	In the next area, various Imps and Flying Imps will attack you. You'll
notice that there are two hell fields in the area. Slaughtering the first wave
demons will result in the first field going down, letting you access a side-
alley. Defeat the enemies in the side-alley, and back in the main alley, to have
the second hell field fade. Now you can move forward again.

G. The Claw Demon
	This part doesn't exactly warrant its own section, but I'm breaking up this
guide by tasks, and it seems the Claw Demon was a specific part of the tutorial
in Mission 1...

	Anyway, You'll be told you can flip it, you should do so, and then either
use Agony,chains, or the shotgun to take it out while he's on its back.
Personally, I think chains work the fastest. After defeating it, the exit will
form in front of you. Touch it, and get ready to move on!
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | II. Mission 2 - Spawn's Turf                            |   __|

 	"A strong demonic presence lurks somewhere in the bowery. Spawn takes to
the rooftops to track it down and show who the true master of this city is..."

A. Greeted By Imps
	As the level begins, you are on what appears to be a empty street. However,
when you move forward, towards the end of the street, a wave of Imps will
including some Flying Imps from the air. You shouldn't have much trouble with
them though. Upon defeating them, a nearby hell field will disappear.

B. Learning To Wall Jump
	The hell field that just faded, left a small area between to walls open.
The game will then tell you how you can do a wall jump. You can use these walls,
to get to your next destination, using this skill. Get between them, and jump of
one wall onto the next, and continue this pattern until you reach the top.

C. Over The Rooftops
	Once you reach the top, and you approach the edge of the building, the game
will tell you how to glide. Jump over the ledge, and use this technique to make
it to the building across from the one you are on.

	From the second building, to get to the building above you, you will have
to make use of Spawn's grappling skills, with his chains. Do a double jump of
ledge, and at the height of your jump, grapple on and pull yourself up. You can
now move to the opening between the fence on top of the third building, to enter
a new area.

D. The Parking Lot
	You will find yourself in a parking lot. The first thing you should know
about this area, is that while you are fighting, you can always destroy one of
the cars or trucks. They often hold necroplasm orbs, health orbs, or valuable

	Move into the parking lot, and you will be greeted by a new type of enemy,
the Fire Demon. You can take him out with any of your weapons, however, once
again, I approve of the chains. They do quick easy damage, and if used right,
keep him from using his fire attacks.

	Once he appears to be dead, you may notice that he leaves an organ type
limb on the ground. You must attack it quickly, or he will reform, and you'll
have to take him down again. The best way to destroy this limb, is with Agony.
Jump, and attack while in the air, to bring agony down on top of it. This will
defeat the limb in one blow, and give you a technique point to boot.

	After you defeat the first Fire Demon, you will once again have to fight an
array of Imps and Flying Imps, complete with another pair of Fire Demons. I
suggest taking out the Imps and Flying Imps first, so you can fight the Fire
Demons, which are probably more of a threat, without having to worry about other

	After you have cleared the area of demons, you can head to the Guardians on
the side of the parking lot opposing that you entered on. Destroy it, and leave
the lot. From here, do some more double jumps up the walls, and land on an upper
platform on the building. You can leave this area from here.

E. Hotel 696
	As you enter this area, you will have to glide to a building across from
where you start. This building bears a sign with the words "Hotel 696" (Also,
know that you can hit the letters to get items, and that hitting the middle one,
flips the 9, so that the new number is "666").

	Some more Imps and Flying Imps may form while you are on this building, so
be ready. When you are done with them, and you have flipped the 9, you can move
on. Move to the  edge on the left hand side of the building, and look for a
grapple sign. Double jump  toward it, and glide forward, and when you are close
enough, grapple to it. Get ready to take care of some more lesser demons (once
again, Imps and Flying Imps.)

	When you take care of all of them, the large hell field will vanish. Glide
over to the building that was previously blocked by it. More of the Imps and
Flying Imps will attack. You are probably used to that by now though, heh...

	Grapple back to the building you came from, and take a look to the other
side. You should see a building with an unmarked check-point obstacle on it.
a double jump and glide to that building (you may have to pull yourself up from
the side, once there.)

	You will once again be barraged by enemies, but you can handle them, ya?
Ince done, the hell field next to the building you re on will fade away, opening
the path to one last building for you to get.

	Glide to it, and wait, as a Whip Demon, a new type of monster, forms. All
of your attacks work on it, but she has some nice attacks of her own. Watch out
for her electric blasts, and her whips. And if she goes into a crystalis shield,
back off, and wait to hit her when she re-emerges. Use some of your hell powers
if you must, as there's no enemies beyond her in this mission, that you must
necroplasm for.

	Overall, she shouldn't give you to much to gripe about. When you finish her
off, you are rewarded with the exit mark, and a pair of Semi-Auto Pistols. (I
love them as weapons.)
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | III. Mission 3 - The Evening News                       |   __|

	"The abandoned newspaper factory has become the lair of many vicious demons -
something much worse is also hiding here..."	

A. The Storage Room
	You'll start out the mission, in a storage room, of the newspaper company.
There are numerous crates around the room,that can hold valuable items, but
there is also a Berserker, a new type of demon for you to fight. The shotgun is
effective, but not an efficient way to fight him. Your chains and pistols are
useless against him. It's best to take him out with Agony. Try to keep your
attacks in one long chain, so he cant counter with his blades.

	When the original Berserker is defeated, two more will take its place, so be
ready. I like to try and separate one, and take them out one at a time,
however, while using this strategy, make sure to watch your back while the
second one is still alive.

	Upon defeating both of them, a guardian on the wall, that is covering a
control panel will open. Kill it, and destroy the control panel, to unleash a
cart on a cable, from the top of the room. You can double jump on top of this
cart, and from there, double jump up, onto the platform, from which it fell.

	Once there, several Flying Imps will be unleashed Into the rooms. There aren't
that many though, you should have them butchered in a short amount of time,
causing another guardian to be opened. You can find it against the wall,
covering a lever.

	You can activate this lever by hitting it repeatedly with Agony. This will
cause a cart on a cable to slide outward, from on top of the large shelfs in
the middle of the storage room.

B. Over The Wall
	You should double jump - and glide if necessary - onto the cart. From there,
you'll be able to make it to the top of the shelfs in the middle of the room.
There is a control panel waiting to be smashed on top of the shelfs, when you
destroy it, you can jump down to the side of the room you haven't accessed yet.

C. Second Half Of The Room
	There will be two Imps, and a Berserker to greet you, when you land. Take out
the Imps first, as they are weak, then focus on the Berserker. As on the first
side, there are crates with items placed around th room.

	Defeating the first wave of enemies releases another, simply use the same
strategy, and dismiss these lesser demons as well. After these guys are
finished, yet another, third wave will attack you.

	The third wave is the last wave though, once they are defeated, another
guardian will open, revealing yet another control panel. Destroying this one,
will cause the cart that leaves the  storage room to begin moving.

	Double jump onto the metal ladder-lift, type thing that leans against the
shelfs, and from there, double jump back onto the shelfs. Wait for the moving
cart to come back to the shelfs, and then hitch a ride into the print room!

D. The Print Room
	When you enter the print room, you'll be on a platform above the main part of
the room. Jump down, and begin clearing the place of Imps. When defeated they
will be replaced with more Imps, and the second wave replaced with Imps and a

	After that wave, the room will become filled with Flying Imps. Get out your
chains, and bring them all to the ground! When your done, head to the corner of
the room, where there is a large machine, next to a platform on the wall.

	Double Jump onto it, and from there, jump to the platform on the wall. Here,
you will find the Madcap SMG Machine gun. Your new toy! You'll also find
another guardian and a control panel. If you cleared out all the demons, you'll
be able to access it. You can now access the lift, and go to the next area.
E. Clearing The Garage
	When you exit the lift, you'll be in an area that looks like a garage, so
that's what I'm calling it. It's full of Berserkers. Your new gun, the madcap,
isn't effective on them, so you'll have to stick to the old methods of
ass-kicking, heh.

	The Berserkers may get some back up of more Berserkers several times, but when
its all over, you get a new surprise: Flying Imps. By defeating the Berserkers
you unlock a guardian on one side of the room - it's on a platform up on the
wall. By defeating the flying Imps, you unlock a guardian on the opposing side
of the room, also on a platform.

	Grapple up, and destroy the control panels that each guardian had, and you
will have finished the last task of this mission. The exit will appear back on
the lower level.
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | IV. Mission 4 - A Very Old Enemy *BOSS*                 |   __|

	"Spawn's oldest enemy is back in town, more determined than ever to take his
rival out. Spawn has other intentions..."

A. Violator
	You'll start off on a raised platform, and you should notice, that they go
all the way around the room, complete with grapples for your chains. You'll have
to stay on these platforms, because any time you spend on the ground, will
decrease your health. If you fall, you can use the grapples to pull yourself

	Violator has several attacks. He can use an energy blast, however, that
shouldn't be to hard to dodge by simply moving or jumping. Make sure to avoid it
though, because if you touch it, Spawn will be set on fire, and he will lose
of his health.

	His tricky attack, is smashing a platform causing it to fall, slowly making
it harder for you to fall without moving yourself. Take note however, that the
platforms in the four corners of the room can't be broken. Eventually, all the
platforms will be restored - Assuming you don't defeat him by this time, which

	All of your weapons can hurt Violator, but it's obviously not a wise move,
to use your axe. You should use your guns (all work fairly good on him)  if you
don't mind using the ammo. If you run out, or feel you need to save it, you can
use your chains in place of them. If you want to do some quick damage, your
necroplasm ball works nicely, and so does infecting him with Demonic Fury.

	This really isn't a tough fight, you should bring him to his knees in a
fairly short amount of time. At which point, you'll see a short movie (this one
is kind of funny), and finish off the mission.
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | V. Mission 5 - Desk Job                                 |   __|

	"Having penetrated Jason Wynn's office, Spawn finds that it, too is overrun by
Demons. But that wont stop him from finding the information he needs..."
A. A Set Of Doors
	When you begin the level, you'll notice two doors in front of you. One has
a guardian on it, with the guardian ready to be killed, and the other a normal
door. The one with the guardian leads to an optional room with some items and
enemies, but in this guide, I am doing a straight walk through, so if you wish
take the optional room, continue with this guide after you use the door without
guardian on it.

B. To The Lobby!
	In the next room, you will be greeted by a group of Wynn Soldiers. If you
get close to them, they may resort to physical attacks like kicking you. From a
distance,they will use guns. They supposedly wear bullet proof armor, but in
reality, you can kill them by any means you choose.

	After the Wynn Soldiers are defeated, you are greeted by a pathetic new
enemy, the Possessed Soldiers. These guys don't even have legs, or weapons! They
will crawl  around in an attempt to punch  at you. You can take them out real
easily, with any weapon in your arsenal.

	You will be attacked by more Possessed Soldiers after the previous group of
them is defeated. This wave comes with a Meat Puppet. More will appear as you
fight. They aren't very strong however. They will attempt to spin into you, but
slashing combo from Agony will send them back to hell!

	Stay on the attack, and soon you'll open a guardian on the door to the next
room. Go through the door, to find yourself in a large open area, that I've
decided is probably the lobby.

C. The Lobby
	When you enter, the lobby is not empty, down on the ground floor, Imps are
running around, ready to be slashed apart. As you fight them, a new type of
may bother you, the Robot Drones.

	Robot drones are weak, it's best to take them out with chains quick though,
because if you give them enough Time, they do have one powerful attack beam.
Also, defeating them using your chains will give you easy technique points.

	There may also be some Imps on the 2nd or 3rd floors of the lobby. If you
don't see a short video sequence of a guardian opening, check up there for the
Lesser Demons. After you see this sequence, you will again be attacked.

	More Imps and Robot drones, and some berserkers as well. When your done
playing with your "friends" head back up to the third floor, and enter the door,
that you've seen with the open guardian.

D. Hallway-Type Office
	There is an office room here, that seems to serve as nothing but a fancy
hallway to
the next room. Well, anyway, when you enter, there is a Fire Demon on the other
side, and
defeating it, unleashes an Imp and three Berserkers after you. There is a bunch
of furniture
in the room for you to destroy if you need some power-ups.

	As you fight this group, more Imps will come after you. Still, nothing big. And
defeating them, opens the guardian that guards the door to the next room.

E. A Very Bloody Room
	When I entered the room, I thought "Dang...This place is bloody" and it is.
Although, thats irrelevant, I thought it was a pretty cool way to classify this
room, heh.

	Ok, back to the game... In this room, there are a few Possessed Soldiers,
and a Meat Puppet flying around. As usual, as you defeat them, more will come in
their place. If possible, try to kill the Meat Puppets first, as the Possessed
Soldiers aren't nearly as dangerous.
	Defeating this group of demons, opens the guardian guarding the door to
Wynn's office. You can now move forward to the last area in this level.

F. Wynn's Office
	When you enter, a small group of Wynn Soldiers will immediately attack you.
Kill them quickly, and you'll find yourself facing a barrage of Imps again. As
you attempt to destroy the group of Imps, several Berserkers will form as well,
and more Berserkers will come as you fight the original ones. When the final
Berserkers fall to Spawn, the exit will appear in front of Wynn's Desk.

 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | VI. Mission 6 - Seas Of Blood                           |   __|

	"Wynn's computer showed a shipment of heavy weapons being delivered to the
docks this
evening. Spawn heads there to claim them - because the files also mentioned an
experiment heading towards the city..."

A. Spider Tank (Mini-Boss)
	When the mission starts, you'll have no choice but to move forward, and
soon, you'll see a shot video. A Hell field will appear  behind you, and all
around the area. Then, a Spider Tank, a mini-boss, will move in. The fight

	The Spider Tank's movement is limited. While attacking, it won't move, and
when it does move, it wont turn. You'll lose health if it rams you while moving,
but it isn't hard to avoid.

	When it stops, be aware, that it has a main cannon, which you'll want to
stay clear of, and two chain guns on its back - obviously, you'll want to avoid
these too.

	All your weapons work on him, but I think the best way to attack, is to use
your Madcap, and strife  around it when it stops; If you keep moving, he will
usually not be able to hit you. When he begins moving, quickly dodge, and follow
him, get in as much attacks as possible before he turns around - your Demonic
Fury Hell Power works good, if you nail him with it while he's turned around.
Continue this pattern until he is defeated.

	If you run out of Madcap ammo, you can still use any other weapon - even
the chains work efficiently in this fight. By defeating him, the hell field that
leads onward will drop, and leave the path onward open - you'll also get a nice
pair of Dual Mini-guns! Booya!
B. More Hell Fields
	After you pick up the Mini-guns, walk a few steps forward, and more hell
fields will rise up around you. You'll be attacked by Flying Imps, and
Berserkers. what kind of sucks, is that the Mini-gun is non-effective on
Berserkers, so take them out the old fashion way. You can always test it out on
the Flying Imps, but I'd just take them all out the normal way.

	After you kill the demons, and any back up that comes - which there is not
a lot of, in this case - the hell fields will drop, allowing you to access the
next area of the mission.

C. Bulldozer (Mini-Boss)
	You'll enter into an area, with lots of warehouses. It may seem
surprisingly empty, because, as you move, no enemies will form to attack you.
as you reach a stone wall on the opposite side of the area, another mini-boss
will come to attack you, Bulldozer.

	When he originally appears, you can't damage him - you can only damage him,
when he lifts his shield-like front. So, simply run back, until he stops moving.
When he stops, he will call upon 1 to 3 Berserkers, depending on how low his
is. However, you can't focus on them yet, because at this time, he lifts his
front part.

	To be able to attack him, equip your Hell Speed Hell Power, and activate
it. While in your super speed, dodge or jump over the Berserker(s) and focus
attack on his eye, until he drops his shielding again, at which point, you'll
have to focus on the Berserkers.

	Be ready, as he may decided top charge forward again, and this will damage
you, if you aren't prepared.

	By defeating the Berserkers, you might gain health or necroplasm -
necroplasm would be good, as you need it to use Hell Speed - if at any time you
run out, you'll have to attack Bulldozer without hell speed, and that may prove
more difficult, as the Berserkers will be attacking you as you try to attack

	Pick up any power-ups that are dropped, and try to keep this pattern up. If
you are successful, Bulldozer will be defeated, and you'll be granted access to
move forward, into the warehouse, through the door ahead. You'll also pick up a
very powerful set of guns, the Brimstone Cannons. You'll want to do some owning
with these guys!

D. The Warehouse
	Inside the warehouse you'll notice that most of the room is blocked off by
a large hell field. Well, you'll face a large group of demons, composed of Robot
Drones, Flying Imps, and Berserkers, and when you are done, the field will drop.

	Here, you'll have a chance to test your new Brimstone Cannons, if you want
(which by the way, work on Berserkers, although are weak against this kind of

	When you defeat them, take the stairs up, until another hell field goes up
around you, about halfway up. You'll take on another wave of Robot Drones and
Flying Imps; And as you defeat them, more Berserkers. Defeat a few rounds, and
the hell field will go down, and you'll be shown a short movie of a door with an
open guardian.

	You'll see a broken staircase, which you can grapple over. Do so, and move
forward until you reach the door. Go into it, and smash the control panel, to
unlock a door on the lower level. Jump down, and go through this door to reach
the next area.

E. Security Compound
	This next area actually involves stealth aspects. There are lots of mounted
guns around the area, as well as control panels. The guns give off laser beams,
and if you are spotted with one of the beams, the guns will shoot at you with a
machined gun. However, if you are to smash a gun with your axe, it will stop
emitting its beam temporarily.

	As you start, take a left, and knock out the gun at the corner nearest you.
Then, attempt to make it across this open area, to the corner, with a gun and a
pair of control panels; Take out both.

	Now, head back to where you started this area. This time, take a right.
Disable the gun that is immediately around the corner, and run to the control
panels near where its laser was pointing. Destroy them quickly, and be ready to
move though, from this spot, several of the surrounding guns are able to shoot
you. Not far from where you are, there is a stack of 2 crates, next to a single
crate, these ones are made of metal, and are against a wall.

	Run to them, and use them to climb up onto the wall. There are two more
control panels here. There is a metal ventilation duct type thing there. Jump
onto it, and you should see a grapple on top of a metal pillar double jump and
grapple to it, and from there, glide over to  the next wall that you can stand
on. There is a control panel on it.

	On this platform, too, there is a vent. Stand on it, and grapple onto the
next metal pillar. From this pillar, glide to the roof of the building in the
middle of the area. Walk across the roof, and double jump/grapple onto a metal
pillar on the other side. From this pillar, glide to the last set of control
panels, which are on the platform in front of you. Destroy them ,to have the
revealed, and complete the mission.

 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | VII. Mission 7 - Power Behind The Throne                |   __|

	"The military warehouse is heavily defended. In order to preserve his
powers for the trials to come, Spawn heads underground to knock out the
power systems..."

A. The First Generator
	In this mission, you'll have to destroy to generators, but they aren't
exactly close to each other. We'll just start by taking a left from the
beginning. There's a new type of enemy waiting for you, in the room you start
the Hell Leach. They are generally quite weak, but watch out for their vomit
projectile, because it drains your necroplasm. But as they are weak to all your
weapons, they can be taken out pretty easily.

	After dispatching the Hell Leaches, move forward to the door that's marked
"Exit". You'll enter another part of the subway, with some flying Imps in it.
You don't have to fight the enemies in this area, since there is no guardian,
so do as you wish, and when your ready, move to the end of the train tracks. A
Fire Demon should emerge, you may or may not take him out, but either way, take
either of the Exit doors to enter the next section of the subway.

	In this next room, there was apparently a train crash, as it's blocking the way
forward. So, take a left, and enter the doorway on the side. Walk forward up
the train
tracks found here, until you come to another opening on the right; Enter it.
When you are
through that door, there is another opening, and inside, you see the first
generator - just
take it out with your axe or something.

B. The Second Generator
	Before you can begin your hunt for the second generator, you'll have to do
some backtracking. Retrace your steps, until you are back at the entrance to
the level. When you are there again, this time, begin heading to the right, the
path we didn't take previously. There will be an Exit door on the left, that
you can go through.

	There is a large hole in This area, and you won't be able to jump it. But, on
the other side, on top of the train car, there is a grapple mark for your
chains. So do a double jump, glide forward, and grapple and pull yourself to
it. Behind the train, you'll probably have the fortunate of facing a Lamenting
Demon, although, it seems in some occasions he doesn't show up at this point.
If he does, you'll want to target him, but keep moving. He has the ability to
create fireballs at your current position, and if you aren't moving, you'll be

	He also has the  ability to create Hell Eyes, which are weak, floating
eyeballs, that will attack you (a few chains will take them down and score you a
technique point, though). He'll also slap a you, and possibly start a green
forcefield around himself if you get to close. So don't attempt to slash him
Agony, use chains or guns.

	When your ready, choose one of the Exit doors - which both lead to the same
place - and move onward! In the next room, there's a few Flying Imps to greet,
you, but they're not much of a threat. There is also another large pit, but this
one can be crossed with a  double jump, and a glide. Once across, take the door
way on the right side of the room, and head through a narrow hallway, until you
are back in a room with train tracks.

	Take a look down the tracks, and you'll notice another generator room. Head
down and axe it! This will cause the exit portal to appear outside the generator
room - assuming you've followed this guide and got this generator second.
mission is done!
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | VIII. Mission 8 - Unwelcome Attentions                  |   __|

	"Having gained access to the military warehouse, Spawn enters, only to find
that the
demonic infestation has spread here, too..."

A. Warehouse Entrance
	You'll start out in a large open room, with platforms above you (You can reach
them, via several grapple points on the edges of the platforms. A group of Wynn
Soldiers are waiting in the room, and will attack you as soon as the mission
starts. Dispatch them, and wait for the next wave of enemies.

	After the Wynn Soldiers are defeated, you'll encounter a set of Robot
Drones, and some Possessed Soldiers. Once you kill off all of the Possessed
Soldiers and defeat the Robot Drones as they come. Take to the metal platform on
the ceiling. In one of the corners, there is a control panel. You can destroy
and jump back down to the floor.

	There is a second control panel on a door on the side of the room parallel to
where you entered. Destroy that control panel as well. Now the door will be
open, and the next room can be entered.

B. The Magma Room
	I've classified this room as the "magma room" because in the middle, there
is a stream of magma. You'll definitely want to avoid this, if you want to
survive this mission.

	Your immediately greeted by a gang of Robot Drones. As they're defeated,
they'll regenerate, as most enemies do. However, this group, in particular,
to do it a very large amount of times. So, you may want to proceed to destroying
the control panels in this room as you fight the Robot Drones.

	The first control panel, is directly above where you enter. Grapple up to
the metal platform above the door you entered, and take it out with Agony. On
same platform,on the left hand side, is a second control panel to destroy, and
the opposite side of the room, there is another door. Above this one, on a metal
platform, is the third control panel.

	After you destroy all three control panels in this room, drop down to the
floor again. Right below the third control panel is a door, leading to the next
area, where you'll fight a familiar mini-boss a second time.

C. Spider Tank: Round 2 (Mini-Boss)
	You'll be fighting another Spider Tank. I don't think we need to go over
the strategy again, as it's already explained the first time you fight him, in
the Seas Of Blood Mission (See Mission 6, Part A).

	One change that I'd like to mention though, is that now you have the
Brimstone Cannons and the Mini-guns. Both are very effective weapons. The Mini-
guns do fast easy damage, and the Brimstone Cannons make heavy hits on him.

	Beating this guy should be a breeze, especially considering you've already
whooped his ass back at the docks! Heh. By beating him, you'll pick up the
extremely powerful Burst Missile Launcher (Oh yeah! ) and the exit of the
will appear.
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | IX. Mission 9 - Angel Attack                            |   __|

	"An unexpected ambush greets Spawn as he leaves the military warehouse. If
Spawn is killed here, he'll never find his answers..."

A. An Angel Ambush!
	This mission is very short. You'll start outside of the warehouse, and
that's where the entire level will take place. Here, you'll have your first run-
in with an enemy of Angelic origin; The Angel Hunter.
	The Angel Hunters generally like hand-to-hand combat. When they are far
away, they'll jump at you with their Javelin. If they are close enough, they'll
thrust it at you. If they manage to pierce you with the Javelin, they are going
to turn it into a short combo, where they keep thrusting it to you. They can
teleport near you, if you get to far from them.

	Your strongest attacks against them, are your hell powers. One necroplasm
ball almost completely drains them of there health! A very fast way to defeat
one, is to use a necroplasm ball, then deliver the final blow with your chains.
If you run out of necroplasm, though, you'll have to find a new attack pattern,
your guns work fine.
	The Angel Hunters will keep coming, for a while. There's not so much as to
make this mission incredibly difficult however, in fact, it's pretty easy. When
you defeat the final Angel Hunter, you'll be shown the exit.
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | X. Mission 10 - Mayhem *BOSS*                           |   __|

	"Spawn's lengthy recovery of the heavy weapons is completed just in time -
As the escaped experimental soldier is almost in town..."

A. Cy-Gor
	It's time for another boss fight! This guy may seem, hard at first, but
once you learn his weakness, and how to dodge/predict his moves, he's not that
hard at all, anymore.
	Cy-Gor has some strong moves, but they are all easily predictable by the
way he moves his hands. If he lifts a hand (or both hands) with blue flames on
them, he is going to do a shockwave. If he lifts both, you'll be safe in the
middle, if its just one, run to the other side.

	Sometimes, he'll punch the wall. This means he's about to pick up a piece
of rubble and throw it at you. You can dodge this by simply running or jumping
out of its path, or you can destroy it, and stun him temporarily, by hitting it
with a heavy attack (necroplasm ball, Brimstone Cannon, Burst Missile Launcher).
If he begins flinging his arms in the air, he's about to pound the ground. This
will create a shockwave that you have to jump over.

	Cy-Gor is extremely weak against necroplasm balls. Depending on how large
your necroplasm meter is (from powering it up between stages), you can do
3/4 of his health, or completely kill him! Then again, if you didn't upgrade it
at all, you won't get nearly as much of this trick

	Once your out of necroplasm, you should probably focus using the Brimstone
Cannons, as they aren't like the Burst Missile Launchers (disabling your ability
to move fast and jump). If you run out of Brimstone Cannon ammo while he's still
alive, you should dodge, and attack with the Burst Missile Launcher when you get
a chance - make sure you switch back after you attack though, or you'll have
trouble dodging...

	If you run out of Burst Missile Launcher Ammo too, and by the off chance
that he's still alive, move down the ranks to your other guns. Soon, he should
dead, and you'll win the mission.

 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | XI. Mission 11 - Cause And Effect                       |   __|

	"Demons, angels, and cyber-enhanced soldiers run amok in the city. Spawn sets
out over
the rubble to meet Mammon's mysterious allies. But a surprise is waiting for

A. Lesser Demons Await You
	When you enter, you don't have much choice but to go forward. Hop over the
pile of rubble in front of you, to reach the next area. Two claw demons and a
Berserker are waiting for you. You can actually continue moving forward, but if
you do, there are a lot, and you can gain lots of soul orbs. If you fight, I
suggest taking out the Berserker first, then focusing on the two Claw Demons.

	After you take out the Claw Demons, two more Berserkers will emerge for you
to fight. And soon, a Fire Demon will appear as well. If you still continue
fighting as opposed to moving on, another Claw Demon and Fire Demon will greet
you next. After that, is the final wave, consisting  of Fire Demons, Claw
AND Berserkers.

B. Climbing Rubble
	The next area starts you off in an alleyway with several Berserkers and a
Claw Demon at the end waiting for you. More claw demons and Berserkers will form
as you fight. When you get a chance, move on through the alley and into an open

	When your done with the Claw Demons and Berserkers, jump the the pile of
rubble, between the two destroyed buildings. From here, double jump into the
third floor, of the building on the right. From the edge of the third floor, you
can jump to the 4th floor, and from here up to the roof.

	If you succeeded in destroying All the Claw Demons and Berserkers in the
area, there will be an open guardian. If not, you'll have to go back, and
slaughter any enemies you missed. When it's opened, kill the guardian, and enter
the next area.

C. Over The Alley
	You'll start on top of a roof, in this area. Jump down to the main section
of the roof below. On the right hand side, you should be able to see a green
check mark, on a roof over the alley. Thats where you need to be, so double
and glide over there, and exit to the next area.

	Also, if you take the time to look down, over the edge, you'll notice that
your in the same area that you were in, in the "Lesser Demons Await You" section
of this FAQ. If you fall, you'll have to climb back up to this rooftop, by going
back through the rubble; So try not to fall, heh.

D. Fire And More Rubble
	This area has more destroyed buildings, but it also has a stream of magma in
the middle,
that you'll obviously want to avoid - Hence the name of this section.

	When you begin, take a left, and jump into a floor of the building. Carefully
jump from
floor to floor, until you get to the top. Once at the top, jump, and glide to
the building next
to you, on the same side of the magma as you.
	You'll be attacked by 2 new types of Angels. The first, is the Assassin. They
destructive guns, and can transport around at will, as well as hover in the
air. These are
another enemy weak against necroplasm. Weapons like the Brimstone Cannons are
also good, as
well as attacks from Agony.

	The second new type of Angel you'll be fighting, is the Brute. He will attempt
to punch
you with his fists. He also has the abilities to generate shock waves. They
also have the
ability to jump really far - Don't think your safe if you glide to another
building - As well
as throw energy balls at you.

	I think its best to use Hell Powers for these guys. Infecting them with
Demonic Fury, or
tossing a Necroplasm Ball work well. When you defeat them all, you'll
hear a guardian open. You can reach this guardian by gliding over the magma,
and climbing over
the rubble between the two buildings.
	Double jump, and lift yourself onto the ledge in front of you. The guardian is
up here,
and should be open. Destroying the guardian will reveal the exit portal, and
you can finish
off the mission.
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | XII. Mission 12 - Falling Angels                        |   __|

	"Several new types of Angel are abroad in the city, and they seem dedicated to
destruction. Yet Mammon sent Spawn this way to meet with his informants. Did
Mammon send Spawn into a trap?"

A. Angel Hunting
	You begin, near three large statues of horses, with a street that goes around
the area in a
large circle. There are angels on that street that your going to have to
destroy! Head onto the
street at any point, and begin heading around it, killing any enemies you see.
Remember, there
are cars, and you can destroy them to get power-ups.

	When you destroy some of the angels, more may take there place - Depending on
many you've already killed. After you kill off them all, a much stronger angel
will appear...

B. Reaver (Mini-Boss)
	Now, I'm not sure if this actually qualifies as a mini-boss... His health bar
is small, like
a normal enemy's, however, he's quite strong, and you only face him once. So,
he'll be labeled
as a mini-boss in my book.

	The Reaver has a sword, and he seems very capable of handling it while
fighting. He
knows moves from basic slashes, to doing combos, and if you get to far, he'll
even throw it at
you. He can both walk, and run, and make a shield around himself, to block your

	However, he's a very simple opponent, if you are able to time your combos
If you manage to hit him with a 3-hit combo with agony, you've basically won
the fight. He will
stumble back, giving you time to end your combo. run forward, and start it
again, before he
regains his balance. You can do this throughout the whole fight for a very easy

	Also, just for the sake of having a detailed description of Reaver, if you
attempt to use
your guns, particularly the heavier ones, such as the Burst Missile Launcher,
or the Brimstone
Cannon, he may or may not set up his shield in time. If he does, he will take
no damage, as the
projectile will go through his body without exploding.

	When you drain Reaver's health bar completely, you'll be shown another short
You'll have a little more of the story revealed to you, and you'll have
finished off Mission 12.

 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | XIII. Mission 13 - The Living Forest                    |   __|

	"Spawn senses the power of hell emanating from Central Park. Leaving Mammon and
The Reaver to their plans, Spawn heads to the park to investigate..."

A. Into Central Park
	When you begin, walk forward. About the time that you reach where the raised
you are on, and the ground below, battle music will begin playing.  Hell
Leeches will begin
forming on the path in front of you, and possibly the path behind you. Note,
that when you begin, there is a path on the right, that leads to a now-closed
guardian. Hell Leeches may form on
this path as well. Up ahead, there is a fork in the road, however, both ends
lead to dead-ends. There is no need to come up here at all, unless you can't
find anymore enemies, and the guardian won't open.

	As you defeat some of the Hell Leeches, a new type of lesser demon will form
to attack
you; The Tree Demon. From up close, they tend to try to slap you, and if you
are at a distance
they may try to ram you. Agony is very effective on this type of monster.

	In the event, that you have cleared the area of demons, a Lamenting Demon will
form, in front of the guardian. He serves as the final enemy between you and
the guardian of this area. When he's defeated, destroy the guardian, and smash
the branches it was guarding, and the path to the next area will be

B. Tree Demon Attack
	Immediately after you enter this area, a hell field will rise behind you. This
should be
your first clue that you are about to be attacked by enemies; and it's correct.
You'll have to
face an assault by a group of Tree Demons.

	What is special about this area, is, that spurts of magma will randomly erupt
where you are  standing; So it's better to keep moving as you fight. There is
no way to tell where it's
coming from, and it's impossible to stop (until you open the guardian in this

	After you defeat the last of the Tree Demons, head to the right-hand side of
area. There will be a guardian, with a newly formed Lamenting Demon in front of
it. By
destroying the Lamenting Demon, the guardian of the area will open, and the
fire will
stop firing at you. You can move onward again, now.

C. Field Of Chaos
	Upon entering this area, yet another hell field is set up behind you. Once
again, you'll
be doing some fighting! This area is nothing but a large field, either, so
there are no little tricks
to pull, it'll be straight fighting. Keep in mind, spurts of magma erupt from
the ground in this
area as well.

	The first enemies that arrive to fight, are the Hell Leeches, which you know
by now
are quite weak. After them, however, comes a more formidable group of enemies;
Claw Demons.

	If they bunch together into a group, it's best to try and hit at least two of
them with the
same uppercut with Agony, to flip more then one at the same time. Once one is
flipped, you
can pull it from the group, and begin your massacre on it. Just try not to get
stuck between
two or more of them, and you should be fine.

	The first few kills, will result in a  new Claw Demon being formed, to take
the place of
a killed one. However, after that, they'll stay dead. At which time, a
Lamenting Demon will enter
the field. You know the drill for these guys.

	Once again, defeating the Lamenting Demon unlocks the guardian, which was
across the
field from where you entered. Use Agony's blade, and your ready to go again!

D. Winding Paths
	There's a winding path in front of you, when you first enter this area. When
you reach the
end of it, you'll be attacked by some Tree Demons. Take them out with easily
with Agony, and
take a right at the end of the path.

	You'll be at another path junction, with the right being blocked off by
branches; Smash
the branches, and kill any Tree Demons that were previously behind them Now,
turn around,
and take the left path.

	Head up the path, killing any more Tree Demons you encounter, until you reach
a part of the ground where the other side is higher then where you're standing.
Jump up, and tear apart the
group of Tree Demons that are there.

	Now, begin heading back down, on the path that you came to this dead end with.
more Tree Demons may form on the way back, but they shouldn't  pose much of a
threat. When
you get back to the winding path that you entered from, you should see a
Lamenting Demon
waiting for you. Kill him, and move forward via the guardian and branches
behind him.

E. The Second Field
	Again, you'll find yourself in a field. Waiting for you in it, to start with,
are two
Claw Demons, and a Lamenting Demon. Also, watch out for the  blasts of magma
from the ground
in this area as well.

	As you probably know by now, the Lamenting Demons make little explosions that
wherever you are. Because of this, it's a good idea to take out the Lamenting
Demon before
bothering with the Claw Demons.

	The best way to do this, for me, seems to be to lock on, and keep moving
around him
while using your chains. When the Claw Demons jump at you, immediately do a
side-jump of
your own in the opposite direction. An even better way, is to use your chain
gun, however, this
may not work, because due to the time it takes for the gun to warm up, before
it fires, may cause
you to be hit by the Claw Demons.

	When the Lamenting Demon is destroyed, focus on the Claw Demons, using the same
technique that worked for you in Section C of this mission ( Field Of Chaos.) 
These are not
the final enemies though.

	After defeating them, near the guardian, another Lamenting Demon  will appear.
He's all
alone, so use whatever method you want, to kick his ass! Once again, the
Lamenting Demon is
the key to opening the guardian, so after you beat him, move ahead.

F. The Last Leg Of The Park
	Yet again, you're put into a field with a bunch of enemies to kill. Starting,
again, with a
Lamenting Demon, and two Demon Claws. Use the same strategy you used in the
last section,
when you had to face the same line-up.

	A second Lamenting Demon will form after the first one, and the Claw Demons
been dispatched. Once it - And any Hell Eyes it may have produced - have been
the exit will form in the field.
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | XIV. Mission 14 - The Hellhole                          |   __|

	"A Hellhole has opened up in Central Park, releasing Demons and malevolent
forces into
the city. Now Spawn must fight to avoid being sucked down into hell with the
rest of the Earth!"

A. Facing The Newborns
	This mission is sort of like Mission 9 (Angel Attack) in the sense that your
in one area,
and you face an ambush of enemies. However, this time your in Central Park -
Near the

	The enemy you'll have to face, is a new brand of demon, the Newborn. They are
to the Imps, however, these guys are definitely not as pitiful. They move slow,
but if you get
within a close-enough distance, they will scratch at you.

	The Newborns will come in waves of three, and it's not the best strategy to
attempt to
take them on as a group. Keep moving, and when you get a chance, move in close
to one, and
seperate it from the group with Agony. Keep slashing, and pushing it away, as
you move away
from the other two, until it's defeated.

	The in-game encyclopedia says that using Agony is effective, but dangerous,
however, I
still say it's the best way to go, as it will save you necroplasm, and ammo;
And in actuality, it's
not that dangerous if your careful, and stay on the attack.

	When you defeat all three of them, three more are formed in their places. They
repeat this process many times, however, due to there speed, if you follow the
strategy I've
stated, on defeating them, you should come out of this, losing little or no
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | XV. Mission 15 - Hell On Earth                          |   __|

	"Angel experiments are responsible for opening the hellholes in parts of the
city near
Central Park. Spawn goes to investigate one of them, which has appeared in an
opera house..."

A. Theater Entrance
	This mission takes place in an opera house, and waiting for you as you begin,
is a Claw
Demon, and a Hell Leech. Of course, you know by now, that  enemies rarely come
in a single
wave, heh. By defeating them, a second Claw Demon and another pair of Hell
Leeches will

	Five Hell Leeches appear after you kill off the second wave of enemies, and
they are
followed by a trio of Claw Demons, upon their defeat. When they are gone, the
guardian of the
door leading to the auditorium will open, and you'll be granted access to move

	This area isn't particularly difficult, but if you take damage, and need
heath, there are
plenty of breakable obstacles in the area. One to take note of, is the soda
vending machine near
the entrance, which will hold a valuable Health +25% orb.

B. The Auditorium
	You'll enter into the auditorium, from the back, where what remains of the
seats are. The
stage is on the opposite side of the room. Before you continue into battle,
remember, there are
lots of chairs, and many of them hold health, necroplasm, or ammo.

	Ahead, is a Berseker,  and on stage, another pair of them. Upon defeating
these guys,
another pair of Berserkers will form, and you'll begin seeing the little
explosions in the air, that
tell you a Lamenting Demon is near.

	The Berserkers will be either on the stage, or in the audience, take them out
at your leisure.
To find the Lamenting Demon, hop up onto the stage, and head to the back of to
the the stage and to
the right hand side. He should be just next to the first large pillar, waiting
to be slaughtered.

	By defeating the Lamenting Demon, you will cause a Whip Demon to form on the
hand side of the stage, and a second Lamenting Demon to from in th audience.
Odds are, the
Lamenting Demon won't be bothering you from that distance, so take out the Whip
first, then head back for him.

	Head back onto the stage; There's another Whip demon, as well as a Claw Demon
waiting for you. Since Berserkers are weak, it may be better to quickly kill
it, and fight the
Whip Demon one-on-one.

	Now, get back into the audience. Another Whip Demon and Berserker should have
appeared. Use the same tactics as before, to destroy both of them - Unless,
however, the
Berserker is on stage, which is possible, in which case take them out
separately, however you
see fit.

	Now we're read to move backstage. If your not on the stage already, get onto
it, and
move to the back on either the left or right side. Both sides have a door with
a now-open
guardian on it. Go through one - it doesn't matter which, as they both lead to
the same place.

C. Backstage Fighting
	You'll enter into the backstage are of the opera house, which is loaded with
Most noticeable, is a large Viking boat, which you jump on top of. This can
actually be very
useful, as you can attack enemies below from up there, and they will not be
able to get you -
well, the Berserkers can, but you'll be safe from Whip Demons that will soon

	Waiting for you as you enter; Three Berserkers. Defeating them results in the
of a Whip Demon, along with another Berserker.  Quickly take out the Berserker
first, then
take on the Whip Demon - This is a very good chance to use the boat, to avoid
taking any

Jump onto of the boat, and begin using your chains on the Whip Demon. She has
no means
of following you, up onto the boat, and none of her attacks can hit you; You
can kill her with
ease from this point.

	Her defeat is avenged with the arrival of a Berserker... Or actually, you can
just kill
him with a few Axe Slashes, heh. When he's gone, again you'll face two Whip
Demon and two more
Berserkers. You know what to do - take out the Berserkers first, and take out
the Whip
Demons from above the Viking boat.

	If one of the Whip Demos happen to be to far from the boat to target, you can
wait for them to come within range, or just take them out the regular way; It's
probably easier
to just do it the second  way as well, but remember, you can always do the
first if you need to
save health.

	After them, you will again fight two Berserkers and another Whip Demon. Then,
do some fighting with a new type of enemy,  the Angel Warriors.

D. Angel Warriors
	Angel Warriors look much like Angel Hunters, except they wear gold as opposed
to blue
armor. They arem uch stronger, however, and they prefer ranged combat. They
have the same
Javelin skills as Angel Hunters, but generally don't use them, unless you
forced them into close

	What you'll have to watch out for, is their prayer, which causes fire balls to
fall from the
air over where your standing. This can do quite a bit of damage, if you get hit
by some of them.
if you manage to hit one, they'll stop this prayer. They can also cause a large
beam to emit from
their Javelin, and when they do so, they spin, causing it to move in a large
radius. You can
simply jump over this though.

	They can be dealt with efficiently with any of your weapons - and especially to
necroplasm, however, I don't suggest wasting it on such a weak enemy unless you
have too.

	In this level, there is only one wave of the Angel Warriors, and it consists
of a mere
three enemies. This shouldn't take long at all. When they are dead, the exit
portal will appear
on the stage, and you can finish the mission.
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | XVI. Mission 16 - Heaven's Soldier *BOSS*               |   __|

	"The angels have decided to take Spawn alive, to power their ultimate weapon
for the
war against hell. They send their finest soldier to complete the task - the

A. Redeemer
	It's once again, time to face off with a boss, to test your strength.
Personally, I see this
boss as both the most fun boss, as well as the easiest boss. You should have
few problems
kicking this guy's ass, if you follow the strategy I'm bout to give you.

	As the fight starts, the Redeemer is floating in front of you. While in this
position, he can
toss blue fire balls down at you - they are easy to dodge, if you keep moving,
however. You
should take advantage of the time he's in the air, you can score some easy
damage on him at
this time.

	While he's moving, it's best to use the Madcap while you have the ammo. If
not, any
of your guns can actually work. Hell, even chains and Necroplasm Balls make
good attacks
for this phase of the fight.

	If at any time, you see either the Redeemer put his arms up, or you see any
pillars with
grapples for your chains, you know he's about to release large shockwaves -
They will cover
the whole arena. So, when you see either of these signs, grapple onto the first
pillar available to
you, and wait until the shock wave fades, then you can jump down.

	As you fight him, he may land on the ground. This is to use one of his
attacks, he'll take
out an extremely (I mean damn...it's huge! ) large sword, made of energy, and
do one slice.
(horizontal, or verticle, as he can do both.) It should be easy enough to dodge
with a side-flip
though. Try to get in several more hits  (Brimstone Cannon, and Burst Missile
Launcher work best
for some quick shots in here) before he begins hovering again.

	As I've previously said, this fight is not that hard at all. When you
completely drain the
Redeemer of his health, you'll be shown another cinema, and you'll finish off
the mission. Next
mission takes you to Hell!

 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | XVII. Mission 17 - Descent Into Hell                    |   __|

	"Spawn has returned to hell. There is only one way out - to strike a new
bargain with his
master. Malebolgia..."

A. Welcome To Hell
	So, hell really is made of fire and brimstone, heh. Well, first, before we go
in depth with
this mission, I'm just going to give you a little tip; Falling off the
platforms is not dangerous. It's
annoying, as you'll be brought farther back in the stage (depending on where
you fall, you'll be
brought back to a different platform.)

	That being said, let's tackle this mission! As you begin, there's a large gap
in front of you,
but it's not so big, that a double jump and a glide won't get you across. From
the platform you
land on, there is a small chasm, that blocks another platform.

	Jump over it, and follow the curved platform up to the top. Move to the edge
of the
platform, and you should see another large platform sticking out of the magma,
at a distance
from where you are. It's to far to jump, but there's a grapple on it, that you
can reach by
gliding and using your chains.

B. A Hell Sentinel
	As you move forward, you'll be told (by an in-game message) about Hell
They are the strange looking statues that guard paths in the area. This first
one, guards the
bridge to the gap in front of you, leading ahead.

	Hit the guardian, with Agony or your chains, and keep hitting it, until you
see a large
rocky platform rise from the fire, and bridge the gap in front of you.
Remember, it will sink
if you take to long crossing it, so just run across.

C. To The Next Level Of Hell
	After you've crossed the bridge, you'll have a choice to go left or right. Be
that the left path holds a Claw Demon, that may decide to come down the path,
and look
for a fight - although, you can just kill it, heh.

	Take the right path, and grapple up to the raised platform. You'll be on
another path.
This path also has a fork in it, in which, you should go right. You should now
be near two more
Hell Sentinels.

	Each one of them holds guards one half of the bridge forward, so to get
across, you'll
have to hit each one quickly, and run across, before either of the halves drop.
The best way to
do this, is to hit the left Hell Sentinel repeatedly with chains, until the
first half of the bridge is as
high as it will go.

	Immediately, turn to the right, and begin hitting it with your chains as well.
By the time
the second bridge is fully up, the first will already be starting to fall. So
jump to the first one, and
run across. At the end of it, jump up to the second one. From here, you can
make it to the
other side of the chasm.

	Near the wall, on the ground, you should notice one patch of ground that seems
Stand on this ground, and target onto the Hell Sentinel. As you it it with
chains, the patch of
ground your standing on will begin rising. Keep hitting the Hell Sentinel to
get to the top, where
by double jumping, you can enter the door to the next area.

D. Climbing A Mountain
	This area is like a mountain - Hence the title - that has some parts with
simple paths, and
some with other, more difficult ways to climb. If you fall off into the magma,
you'll be brought
back to the bottom.

	Walk forward from where you begin, and jump over the small gap. Continue until
reach the end of the path your on, where you'll see a larger gap. See that
platform to the left of
where you are? That's where you need to be; Jump, and glide to it.

	From there, you can double-jump forward, onto the ledge above, and in front of
Walk along the path, until you see two holes in th wall, emitting flames. It is
possible to run by
both when they stop, and leave unscathed, however, getting caught in th flames,
can really do
some damage, as you can't move until the flame stops, once your stuck. I find
it best to use
Hell Speed when the flames stop, and run by them that way, you'll be much safer.

	After you pass the two "flame holes" (the game makes no mention of these, so
I'm just
going to call them this from here-on to make things easier) move ahead, to
reach a Hell Sentinel.
After you hit it numerous time, a bridge will rise; Jump to it, and run across,
and once reaching
the other side, jump to the platform in front of you.

	A Lamenting Demon will form - Or it may have already. You can fight it if you
want, but
another one will form, as will another after that. You don't get anything
(aside from orbs) for
defeating them, so I'd avoid fighting them altogether, due to the small ledge
you'd be fighting on.

	On the platform where you now stand, there's a passage leading through the
center of the
mountain; Head through it. Upon reaching the other side, some Hell Leeches will
form, so get
ready to kill.

	When your ready to move on, head toward the left. There are 3 more flame holes
in the
wall. You could use your Hell Speed, or even risk running through them
normally, however, this
set can be avoided altogether. If you notice, there is a little tab of land, on
the right side of the
path. From here, you can double jump, and glide across th gap, to the other
side, without having
to deal with the flame holes.

	On the other side, past the flame holes, there are a few more Hell Leeches,
and then a
chasm for you to jump across. You'll land on a platform with a wall with a
skull on it. Walk
around it, and get ready for the tricky part of this level.

	You'll have to wall jump up to the platform above you, jumping back-and-forth
the two walls here. however, as well as there being two flam holes directly
after you make it to
the top, there are numerous on the walls your jumping between as well! I
suggest using Hell
Speed again, and starting your jump from the left wall. If you time your jumps
wisely, you can
dodge the flame holes on the wall. Since you can't actually see the flame holes
at the top until
your there, but, if you make a wall jump, off the right wall, at the top, you
can glide, and pass
over both of them.

	Proceed forward after passing the two flame holes, and there will be a Hell
Leech or
two waiting for you; Not much of a problem. Followed by - yet again - two flame
holes. as
you pass, a Lamenting Demon will even form behind you. I'd suggest just moving

	When you reach a spot where the magma is splashing down on the platform your
do a double jump to see a platform above you with a grapple point for your
chains. Grapple up
to it. From here, double jump toward where the magma is falling, and you'll see
another platform.
Grapple onto it as well.

	There are two Hell Leeches on this platform waiting for you, but when your
done with
them, move to the edge of it - The edge you didn't jump onto from. Double Jump,
and grapple
onto the platform above you. The door leading inside the mountain is on this

E. Inside The Inferno
	This place, is very dangerous, because in this place, falling IS deadly.
You'll have to
start the entire mission over from the beginning if your not careful. That
being said, it's time to
get going.

	There is only one path downward, so you'll have to take it. As you move
Hell Eyes will begin attacking you; That's because there's a Lamenting Demon
waiting for you
farther down.

	As you move, the first obstacles you'll encounter, are two verticle moving
Not to bad, just wait until they lower down, and jump across. Next you'll see
another pile of
magma falling to the platform, just jump around it.

	A little past that, you'll see a gap, with a Lamenting Demon on the other
side. You can
actually target him before jumping over, and kill him with your gun - Safe out
of attacking
distance from him. When you beat him, the magma level will begin to drop,
allowing you to

	You should probably wait for the magma to drop all the way before you try to
continue -
Remember, it's death if you fall in. When you begin going again, there are two
small gaps, for
you to jump over. They are followed by a larger jump; This time you'll double
jump, and glide

	After that, is another small gap. From here, you'll see two Lamenting Demons
on the
next platform. This time, they may be a little to far away to hit, without
getting on the same
platform as them. If they are, jump over to it, but stay near the edge that you
jumped onto. They
will not be able to hurt you with the explosions from there. Take them out at
your leisure -
watching out for Hell Eyes of course. Approach the edge they were at, and the
magma will again begin dropping.

	After the magma lowers, jump over the pool of lava in front of you, and walk
to the edge
of the platform your on. Again, there's a verticle moving platform. When it
lowers, almost to the
bottom, jump and glide towards it; Remember, ALMOST to the bottom, if it's at
th bottom
when you jump, it'll be to high for you to land on by the time you reach it.

	Glide forward, off of the moving ground your standing on, glide to the next
From here, there are two gaps, that you can easily jump over. So do so, and
stop on the
next platform. Again, there's a Lamenting Demon waiting for you after the next
jump. Target
him from where you are, and shoot hi, or use a Necroplasm Ball, to take him out
from a
distance. Then you can jump across to where the Lamenting Demon was.

	The magma will drop for the final time, and reveal the exit portal at the
bottom. Don't
get cocky just yet though. Falling will still kill you. There are to two more
gaps. Glide across
both, and you'll be able to use the exit portal. Now you can be cocky! Heh.
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | XVIII. Mission 18 - Meeting With Malebolgia *BOSS*      |   __|

	"Malebolgia may agree to free Spawn - If he can defeat his

A. Frenzied Violator
	This guy is back for another beating from you! There are a few changes that
I'm gonna
tell you, but this is essentially the same Violator that you faced back in
Mission 4 - Although
sporting some new colors, heh.

	In terms of layout, the area is much the same as it was last time, except this
time it is in a
Hellish environment. And this shouldn't be a problem, but going to far out of
the arena, where it's
all black, leads to instant death.

	The four corner platforms can still withstand Violator's attack, that will
attempt to knock
them down, however, they pose a threat of their own - although, admittedly,
it's not that big of a
threat. there are organic-looking statues on each one, that can actually shoot
flames at you.

	The strategy you'll use to attack Violator, will be much the same as last
time. In fact, the
only probable difference, is that now, you can use some of your newer weapons,
like the Burst
Missile Launcher.

	It seems Frenzied Violator does have one new trick, that Violator did not. If
he bends
over partly, he might be getting ready to throw some electric-looking orbs at
you. You can
dodge them by moving or grappling away - They'll follow you, but they have a
relatively short

Since this boss is essentially a repeat, I don't really see a cause to describe
it again; You
know the drill, ya? When your done, you'll see another short video of
Malebolgia making
a deal with Spawn, and you'll finish the level.
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | IXX. Mission 19 - Bat Out Of Hell                       |   __|

	"Malebolgia has cut a new deal. Spawn must destroy the angel weapon before it
again. But jealous demons will try to prevent Spawn's escape from hell..."

A. Back up The Inferno
	Perhaps when you were coming down this place, in Mission 17, you were wondering
why there were grapple points on many of the platforms? Well, know you know.
You'll be
climbing back up - with the magma slowly coming after you, so be careful not to
take to long.

	Begin moving upward, and grapple over the first three gaps ( you'll have to do
a double
jump and glide to make the second one ). Simply jump over the next two small
ones. Next, you'll
have to get on the moving platform, and ride it up, so wait for it to lower,
and double-jump onto

	When it's at the peak of its verticle path, jump, and glide onto the next
platform. Jump
over the small magma pool, and continue, grappling over the next chasm. After
that, there are
two more jumps, the first can be done with a double jump, and the second with a
glide, and grapple combo.

	There are small gaps on this platform as well, one with magma in it. Jump over
and grapple over a third that comes after them. A little up ahead, is another
small magma pool
for you to jump around, and it's followed by two more verticle moving platforms.

	Jump to the first when it's at its low point, and from it, jump to the second
one. Once
on the second, you can easily make it to the final path, leading up to the exit
of the inferno.

B. Destroying The Cylinders
	When you enter this area, you'll be shown a bunch of cylindrical shaped
objects. They
drop power-ups when you destroy them, but more importantly, by destroying them
all, you'll
open the exit from the area.

	When you begin, jump off the left side of where you are, and land on the
platform below.
Lesser Demons will appear throughout this area, but for the most part, it seem
random (on the
platform you landed, I've had to fight Whip Demons sometimes, and Fire Demons
other times
for example. Because I've this, I'm just gonna explain where the cylinders are,
and you can kill
what you want, heh.

	Walk to the right-hand edge of the platform, and look across, past the magma
falling from above. You'll see a ledge with a grapple point on it; Jump and
grapple to it. The
first cylinder is on the same platform as the grapple.

	Walk off the left edge of this platform as well, and you'll land on another
platform below
you. Go to the right, avoiding the flame holes in the walls, and jump down,
when you reach the
two walls you jump kicked between back in Mission 17. Jump down, watching out
for the flame
holes in the walls. At the bottom, go left, and destroy the cylinder on the
path with you.

	Now, jump and glide across the gap that's in front of you, onto the next
platform. Walk
along the path, until you reach some flame holes. Remember, these are the ones
you can jump
around, so do so. Now, you're back at the passage through the mountain. The
next cylinder is
inside it.
	Continue through the passage, until you emerge on the other side. Now, take a
glide off
the right-hand side, and you'll (hopefully) land on the platform with the next
cylinder on it;
Destroy it. This was the last cylinder, you'll be shown the exit of the area
open. Turn around, and
jump over the small gap, and go through the exit.

C. Escaping Hell
	When you enter the area, there's a grapple in the air in front of you, grapple
onto it. There
is another grapple in the air after that. Grapple to that from the first one,
and then grapple to a
third one from the second one. From there, you can jump to the next platform.

	A Whip Demon and two Flying Imps await you, but you can probably own them
a second thought by this point. When your ready, double jump near the edge, and
grapple onto a
grapple point in the air. There are seven grapple points that form a curve up
to a higher platform.
Move from grapple to grapple until you reach it.

	From here, move to the edge of the platform, that you jumped up onto. Double
Jump, and
glide forward, to the next platform. You'll have to fight another Whip Demon
and a Lamenting
Demon now. When your done, move to the left of the platform.

	There is another grapple point in the air, grapple onto it, and again, go
through a chain of
grapples, until you make it to the next platform. A group of Flying Imps will
be waiting for you,
unaware that they are pitiful, heh. After killing them off, several more will
come, but they are
still just Flying Imps, and can be taken care of easily.

	Move to the edge of the path you're on, and look for a grapple point, on a
platform. Double-jump and glide towards it, and grapple to it. From this
platform, double-jump
and glide to a platform little further out, and grapple onto it.

	Do this technique one more time, and you'll find yourself on a platform with
two layers.
It also has a Lamenting Demon on it, while playing sometimes (At least once,
I've played and it
did not appear.) Defeat it, and get on the top layer of the platform - If you
aren't already.

	Ahead, you'll see a platform with whitish-grey rock on it. Double-jump and
glide to it.
Walk off the edge of it, while going forward, and you'll get a brand new,
kick-ass weapon, the
Inferno Cannon! You'll also reach the exit portal, and finish off the mission.
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | XX. Mission 20 - Rogue Angel Rescue                     |   __|

	"Hunters are tracking down the traitors to heaven's cause Spawn must find them
persuade them to join him if he is to launch an attack on Angel Tower..."

A. Pursuing Rogue Angels
	This level is really easy and short, once you know what to do in it. However,
before I
begin writing the actual guide for this level, let me explain a new enemy
you'll find in this level:
The Angel Predator. Along with Angel Warriors and Angel Hunters, make up the
set of
enemies you'll encounter in this mission.

	Angel Predators looks just like the Angel Hunters or Warriors, however they
pink. They can shoot fire balls, release shock waves, use javelin attacks, and
even teleport.
However, like the Angel Warriors and Angel Hunters, Agony can deal damage, and
Powers will drain their health a lot.

	Now for the actual level guide! When you begin, jump over the turn styles, and
over the tracks. There are some angels in the area - You don't have to fight
them, but you
can. Defeating them causes more angels to come..you know how it works. On the
other side of the
tracks, is a stairway. This leads to the next area.

	When you enter the new area, head onto the tracks. You'll see a wall of fire,
that keeps
rising, and dropping. Approach it, and when it drops, jump over it. You'll now
face a blue
ghostly figure. This is actually not an enemy, but a Rogue Angel. Approach it,
to cause it to
disappear. Take a right around the train car that's ahead, and go up the next
set of stairs.

	Again, you'll enter an area with train tracks. Get on the tracks, and move up
them. You'll
be attacked by Angel Warriors in this area - If you decide to fight them, know
that there are
three waves of them. As you move up the track, you'll see another Rogue Angel.
Again, approach it
so it disappears.

	Ahead is a small room with a control panel in it. Destroyig this will cause a
trin car that
you'll see later in the mission to move - Although this is useless, as the
train doesn't have to
move at all, you can pass it easily either way. So, just get off the tracks,
and head up the
stairs, left of the control room.

	You'll find a set of three more fire walls in the next area. Carefully
proceed, jumping over
them when they are lowered. Past the thrid one, is an open gate to pass
through, with another
Rogue angel behind it. "Collect" this one as well.

	Continue up the tracks, taking care of - Or running from, if you choose - the
Predators and Angel Hunters that attack you. On the far end, is another control
room, with a
Rogue Angel at the door. This control panel is important, so get the Rogue
Angel, and destroy
the control panel. Now turn back, and head up the stairs, outside of the
control room.

	In the next area, you'll be attacked by two Angel Warriors. Defeat them both,
and a third
will come; Kill her as well. Now, head forward, to the end of the track. If you
hit the control
panel in the previous room, a path will be on the magma. Jump on it, and move
to the edge of it.

	Jump to the second path from here, and move to the edge of that as well. The
next Rogue
Angel is here, so collect it and turn around. Move back to the first platform,
and double-jump,
and glide towards the left side of the train car, on the other side of the
platform - The one you
haven't been to. Go behind the train, and through the gates, to rerach the next

	Move forward, and continue up the tracks. You may be attacked by angels,
sometimes, you will not. Farther up the track, is another fire wall. Jump over
it, and you'' find
the last  Rogue Angel. After he vanishes, the exit portal will appear.
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | XXI. Mission 21 - Citadel Of Heaven                     |   __|

	"With the help of the Rogue Angels, Spawn infiltrates Angel Tower. Now he must
through an army of angels to reach the transporter room at the top..."

A. The First Floor
	Soon after you begin, you'll hear a voice say "security breach". At this time,
you'll be
attacked by three Angel Hunters. After defeating them, you'll face a pair of
Angel Predators.
The door will open after you kill them both, but before you leave, there are a
number of
destroyable objects in the room - You can restore health and ammo before you
move on.

	In the next room, just outside the door, there are two cylinders - the idea is
to smash
both of them; When they're destroyed, you'll have to cross the section of floor
that has lasers
on it. They'll take health if you touch them, so wait until they both rise,
then pass through. On
the other side of the room, destroy both cylinders as well.

	The door will open once all four cylinders are destroyed, but you'll also be
attacked by
an Angel Predator and an Angel Hunter. Take care of them, and pass through the
door, and
through the short hallway it leads to.

	You'll find yourself in a large room. There are numerous objects in here that
power-ups, if you need them, but there's nothing important in it. Go through
it, and into the next
room, where you'll find an Angel Warrior; Destroy it, and take the elevator up,
to floor two!

B. The Second Floor
	When you get off the elevator, you'll be in another large room. Again, you'll
be attacked
by Angel Hunters, that you can easily defeat. As you move forward, in the room,
you'll see two
cylinders. Destroy both, and move to the large door at the end of the room,
where there's a third.

	By destroying all three, the door will open, allowing access to the next room.
Here, you'll
again fight two Angel Hunters. When you take care of both of them, go through
the open door,
and through the short hallway that follows it.

	You'll fight another group of Angel Warriors, three of them, to be more
precise. After
defeating them, the  door to the next room will open. And guess what? There are
a few more
Angel Hunters! Heh.

	Slaughter both of them, and when your done, look for the cylinder in the room.
destroying it, you'll be shown a door opening in back at the elevators. So do
some back tracking,
and go through it. Next stop: Floor Three.

C. The Third Floor
	When you get off the elevator, approach the door on the left-hand side of the
room. It
will open, and allow you to continue. There are a lot of lasers in this room,
so you'll have to be
careful; And remember, the little gaps in the floor are where lasers are,
between theses gaps are
safe-spots. Also, watch out for two Angel Hunters that like to try to mess you
up, by attacking
you while your crossing the lasers - Hell Powers would be the best choice, to
get them to die

	After crossing the lasers, approach the next door, and move onward when it
opens. There
is an Angel Hunter in hear as well, but that's not a problem - Especially when
there's only one -
So kill her, quickly.

	There are three cylinders in this room. One, right by the door where you
enter, another
about halfway through, on the side of the room with windows, and the last close
to the door on
the far-side of the room. Destroy all three to open the door.

	In the next room, you'll again deal with some Angel Hunters -these ones will
come in
waves. When you defeat them all, and they stop re-spawning, go forward, and
board the
elevator, again.

D. The Fourth Floor
	First, go through the door in front of you, and through the hallway after it.
three Angel Hunters in the following room, waiting to die. There are also three
cylinders in
plain sight. By destroying all three, you'll open up a door.

	You'll go through another short hallway, and into a larger room. This room
contains a
more comlex series of lasers. You're still safe between the gaps though, so be
careful, and
pass through them. On the other side of the lasers, there are two cylinders;
Destroy both to
open the door, and get attacked by Angel Hunters.

	When your ready, move on through the next short hallwy, and into a mostly
emtpy room.
There are three cylinders in it, but that's about it - Although, an Angel
Hunter or two may
attack you.

	Go through the door that just opened, and go through the hallway. You'l lenter
a small
room with an elevator in it. Take that elevator, and prepare for you're arrival
in the
trasnporter room!

E. Transporter Room
	From where you enter, head out into the middle of the room. You'll by a small
group of
angls, an Angel Predator, an Angel Warrior, and an Angel Hunter. They actually
thought they'd
be able to put up a fight by themselves, heh. After killing all three of them,
the exit portal
will appear, and you'll finish the mission.
 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | XXII. Mission 22 - Angel Station                        |   __|

	"Having reached the Angel Station, the staging area of all angelic operations
on earth,
Spawn must find the power chamber of the ultimate weapon, and try to reverse
its effects..."

A. First Cylinders
	This is easily the longest, most annoying level in the game.  Well,
we better start on it. When you start, continue down the path that Spawn is
facing, and go through the door. Head down the ramp in front of you, and
destroy the cylinder in the middle of the area. Now, take a left (from where you
entered) and go through the red door.

	here is a new type of enemy in the large open areas of this level; The
Space Station Crews. They are strong, and can set up shields. Also, watch out
their Halo, which they can attack with. Using your Hell Powers work best on

	You'll be in a hallway. Take a left at the opening ahead, and pass by the
lasers, being careful not to get hit. Take a left and go through the purple
You'll be in a green hallway, with two more cylinders to destroy. When you break
both of them, head back through the door you entered from.

	Continue all the way up the hallway, through the purple door on the other
side. There's another green hallway with two cylinders; Destroy both and leave
the room again, and go to the part of the previouis room, where you can
Walljump up to the next floor.

	From here, cross the first laser grid, and go through the blue door. You'll be
brought to a hallway with one cylinder. Destroy it, and turn around again.
Now, go through the second, and go through that blue door; Destroy the cylinder
in the path after it, and head back. Go all the way back to the room where you

B. Remaining Cylinders
	There are two more doors that you haven't been in yet. Head to each one,
respectively, and clear out the cylinders the same way you did in Section A of
this mission. When you're done, come back to this room again, and you'll have
a new way to advance in the mission.

C.The Second Floor
	Now, a platform in the middle of the room will be rising. Take out any of
the angels in the room, so they won't knock you off it, then jump on, and ride
it to the top.

	There are three doors, but one of them - the green one - is locked.
Go through either of the other ones. In these rooms, there are platforms
overhead, with grapple points on them. So, head into the middle of the rooms,
and grapple up. Each one has a organic orb tpye thing, with tentacles on it.
out Agony, and axe them until they change colors.

	Once you have both rooms done, head back to the green door that was
previously locked, and you'll be able to enter it. This is the control room.
You'll be barraged by enemies, Space Station Crews, Angel Hunters, Angel
Predators, and Angel Warriors. Once they are all defeated, the exit will appear.

	Also, as a note, the Space Station Crews can't climb, or fly, so once they
are formed, or knocked ot the ground floor, you'll be safe attacking from the
floor. Now it's time for the final mission...

 _____|                                                         |_____
|__   | XXIII. Mission 23 - The End Of The World? *BOSS*        |   __|

	"One hurdle remains before Spawn can free the earth and himself. The ultimate
form of
The Redeemer - The Metatron."

A. The Metatron - Phase 1

	You'll be facing The Redeemer again, for a final showdown, but this time, he
won't be as
easy as he was before. He has two forms, the first which looks much like a
Scorpion. Get ready
to do some ass-kicking!

	The Metatron, in his scorpion form, can toss blue balls of energy at you. He
can also
attack you with his tail if you get within range, as well as with his pincers,
so try to avoid
being too close to him. Another attack he has, is to shoot out his pincers, on
an electric beam
- the range isn't that large, but you should avoid it.

	His last attack is probably his most powerful, but is easily avoided. He fires
a large
blast of enemy at you. However, he's immoble while he does this; Take advantage
of that and
attack him a few times.

	The best way to hurt him in this form, is to use the Brimstone Cannons. The
reason for this,
is that, often, a blast between his front pincers, will cause him to fall back,
and drop an item.
The Inferno Cannon is also good - but due to it's limited ammo, try to make the
shots count, and
hit it when he puts his gaurds down (he can take minimal dmaage, if his pincers
block it.)

	You'll want to save your Burst Missile Launcher ammo for the second part of
the battle, so
if you run out of ammo for the Brimstone Cannons and Inferno Cannon, swtich to
your weaker guns,
or even your chains, attacking as you move around him.

	After doing some damage to him, he'll put up a shield, and begin restoring
health. He'll
also begin generating small enemies, called "Metablades". As a side note, these
aren't in the
encylopedia. You should take them out as quick as possible with your chains -
the faster you kill
them, the faster the Metatron lowers his shield and stops regaining life. They
may drop power-ups
if you're lucky.

	Continue this pattern, trying to save as much necroplasm, and health as
possible. You'll go
through his pattern of putting his shield up and regaining health every time
you do a perceptible
amount of damage to him, but eventually, he'l ltransform to his second form.

B. The Metatron - Phase 2

	In his second form, the Metatron takes the form of a giant robotic humanoid
creature. This is
a much stronger form, and is the most difficult part of the fight, however, if
you saved your Burst
Missile ammo, you should be able to win.

	He is capable of firing blasts at you, however, you can dodge them by running,
or strifing. As
you move, you should hjit him with chains, or a weak gun - not with your
missiles. His attack that
you should be careful of, though, is when he jumps. He can jump to any part of
the platform, damaging
you - and even sending out a shockwave, which can also damage you.

	You can dodge it, by running, and gliding, or by running in Hell Speed.
However, as soon as he
lands, quickly get back, because this is where he lets his gaurd up. If you
fire all three missiles into
him from directly in front of him, you'll knock him backward, stun him for a
second or so, and possibly
cause him to drop power-ups.

	Keep up thi pattern, and when his life gauge drops completely, you'll finish
the misison, and
the ending movie will begin. Congratulations, you have won!

      _________                               _________
 ___ /         \_____________________________/         \___
|   |                                                  |   |
 \  |                    5. Credits                    |  /

~The information for the walkthrough was composed and gained by SayainPrince

~The ASCII Art used for the logo, was given to me by tgfcoder with permission
to use.

~The Level Introductions are direct quotes from the in-game introductions.