##                                  ###
          ###       #            ##            #####            ##########
          ###       ###        #####           ###            ##         ###
          ###       ###            ##          ###           ##            ##
          #############       ########         ###          ##     ####    ####
          ####      ###     ####    ####       ###                         ##
          ####      ###    ####      ####      ###       #               ###
         ######     ###  #####        #####  #############      ##########

                               !##!              !###!
                              ##        ####!!     #####
                                   !                   !
                              !#! ####################

                            Halo 2 Tricks and Easter Eggs
                                     Version 1.1
                                     By Kyle Barr
                  (TablesandChairs4, Kitchensink108, Scooter McDue)
                                   Also By Quan Jin
                                    (Dark Vortex)

///////////////////////////// - Introduction - ////////////////////////////////

Well, right now, as I'm beginning this guide, Halo 2's been out for nearly a
week. I beat it on normal, started exploring, then came to the message boards
and found out just how quickly tricks were being discovered. Not just tricks,
either, but a horde of easter eggs. Normally, I'd be like "yes!" except for the
mere fact that many of the discoveries can only be accomplished on legendary, a
difficulty level revved up a couple levels since Halo 1.

What I'm trying to say is, I'll be including as many things as have been found
as possible, but I'll be including many of them without myself verifying them.
I'll mark these as being so, and try to get to them as soon as possible, but
writing this FAQ will be greatly different than my previous.

As always, I take no credit for the discovery of these tricks. I'd say now it'll
mainly be a text version of highimpacthalo.org, plus anything else that might
show up on halo.bungie.org or gamefaqs.com in the meantime.

In the ToC, there may be some discrepancies over what's a trick, what's a
tidbit, and what's an Easter Egg. I'm using my own discretion here, depending on
exactly what it is, what it does, and how you get it.

A final note: To go directly to a trick, find its name in the ToC, press bring
up the search function (ctrl+f on Windows), paste the name into the box,
surround it by brackets ([]), and click 'Search.' Complicated wording, but it's
actually quite simple and time efficient. For example, to go to "Crouch
Jumping," search for "[Crouch jumping]" without the quotes.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!---REALLY BIG NOTE ON MULTIPLAYER GLITCHES---!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please do us all a courtesy and refrain from using glitches in matchmade games.
I know full-well about dummying, but will not include it here, as it's value as
a multiplayer cheat greatly outweighs its value value as a fun glitch. The
sniper rifle flag capture is not included here for the same reason. Modem stand-
by isn't a glitch with Halo, it's an exploit. Basically anything you can do that
your opponent(s) can't do back is unethical, and if it isn't clearly cheating,
certainly borders on it.

/////////////////////////// - Table of Contents - ///////////////////////////

,,,,,Crouch jumping
,,,,,Grenade jumping
,,,,,Player stacking
,,,,,Warthog jumping
,,,,,Sword flying
,,,,,Sword cancelling
,,,,,Infinite active camo
,,,,,Launching MC with a tank
,,,,,Top of the level, Cairo Station
,,,,,Keeping Sarge with you, Cairo Station
,,,,,Repelling the second boarders, Cairo Station
,,,,,Banshee on Metropolis
,,,,,Banshee sling, Metropolis
,,,,,Riding a Pelican, Metropolis
,,,,,Scarab gun, Metropolis
,,,,,Soccer ball, Metropolis
,,,,,Scorpion in Metropolis
,,,,,Top of the level, Outskirts
,,,,,Stationary shield launching, Delta Halo
,,,,,Top of the level, Delta Halo
,,,,,Top of the level, Regret
,,,,,Bottom of the elevator, Regret
,,,,,Top of the level, Sacred Icon
,,,,,Top of the level, Quarantine Zone
,,,,,Ride A Phantom, Quarantine Zone
,,,,,Heretic Banshee, The Great Journey
,,,,,Skip the second to last battle, The Great Journey
,,,,,Banshee in the final battle
,,,,,Multiplayer tank launching
,,,,,Giant holograms, Burial Mounds
,,,,,Overloading The Bridge, Zanzibar
,,Top of multiplayer levels
,,,,,Burial Mounds
,,Multiplayer launching
,,,,,Wraith Boost
,,,,,Fusion Cores
,,,,,Tank launching
,,Easter Eggs
,,,,,,,The Armory
,,,,,,,Outskirts 2
,,,,,,,The Arbiter
,,,,,,,The Oracle
,,,,,,,Delta Halo
,,,,,,,Sacred Icon
,,,,,,,Quarantine Zone
,,,,,,,High Charity
,,,,,,,The Great Journey
,,,,,Zanzibar computer crash
,,,,,David Candland
,,,,,Why am I here?
,,Hidden swords
,,,,,Foundation MP map
,,,,,Nerve gas
,,,,,Food containers
,,,,,Killing birds
,,,,,Sarge's cigars
,,,,,Face-like Markings
,,,,,Cairo computers
,,,,,Monkey bomb
,,,,,MC poster
,,,,,Grenade ring on Regret
,,Version history
,,Legal and Contact info

/////////////////////////////// - Requests - ////////////////////////////////

If you know of a cool trick or really strange glitch, feel free to e-mail it to
us. For inclusion, please include a fair amount of detail and, of course, use
some correct spelling and grammar. Credit is given before the description for
direct quotes, as well as at the bottom of the document. Credit is given only at
the bottom for anything except direct quoting.

We may also accept alternate descriptions, or alternate methods, for many of the
current tricks listed here.


////////////////////////////////// -Tricks- ///////////////////////////////////

When you load a level, you're basically loading the entire game. Small graphical
glitches are bound to occur at some point. The fact that enemies like to flop
around for a while after they've died is a result of an extremely ragdoll
physics engine.


[Crouch jumping]
Crouch at the top of a jump to get a little extra height. Halo/Halo 2 have many
objects which were made just a little too high for Master Chief to jump onto,
but crouch-jumping enables you to get more height, many times enough to reach
that previously inaccessible spot.


[Grenade jumping]
For times when normal jumping or crouch-jumping still aren't enough, try grenade
jumping. Toss a grenade at your feet, then just before it explodes, make your
jump. Most useful when combined with a crouch-jump.

Plasma grenades have a fuse of three seconds, which begins when the grenade sets
itself. So long as the grenade is moving, the timer is not active. Plasmas are
the grenade of choice when grenade jumping, due to you having more time to jump,
and you have more control over where the grenade goes.

Frag grenades have a short fuse, about one or one and a half seconds. The fuse
begins right when it hits something. For tricking purposes, use frags for fairly
straightforward jumps, and save your plasmas for anything more complex.

For a better chance of survival, find a box or a other small, moveable object.
Pile the grenades under or next to the base of the object, and be standing on
the object during the explosion. The grenades should catapult the box or
whatever into you, forcing you into the air, possibly at a greater velocity than

Another survival tip: grab the Blackeye skull. Although seemingly detrimental,
meleeing enough enemies to death will reward you with a full overshield.
Remember, you don't need to be on legendary to use Blackeye, just to get it. I
highly suggest grabbing the skull, saving and quitting, and entering the level
you'll use for your launching on 'easy' or 'normal.' Better yet, when you're
about to grab Blackeye, hit a checkpoint and save and quit. Use a different
profile for tricking. Now, you can go into that profile and immediately activate
the skull, without having to worry about getting all that way through the level.


[Player stacking]
A way to get even more height, especially when combined with crouch-jumping and
grenade jumping. You can do this on any mode, but co-op is the most relevant.

Have one player stand under the place you're trying to get to. The other player
needs to jump on top of Player 1's head. From there, you have a couple choices:
-Easily jump to your target, or
-If you need more height, toss a grenade either at the ground or on Player 1's
head and make a crouch-jump.

In single player:
Use anyone you can find, if they're in a suitable position. Allies obviously
work best, as they won't be shooting you, but feasibly you can use anyone.

Use your teammate.

Use the other players around you. You can get more height here, as you can have
a tower of up to sixteen people if you need it. The only hard part here is
coordinating all sixteen players.

The real downfall to this is that players interact with each other so much in
Halo 2. If you jump on top of one player, you'll begin to slide off. This means
it's best to get on their head and jump to your destination as quickly as you


[Warthog jumping]
The physics in Halo 2 have changed dramatically. You'll notice, first off, that
just about any object can move or be destroyed. Every vehicle is now prone to
explosion, even the mighty Scorpion tank. Secondly, Master Chief has mass.
Running into a light object or another person will cause them to move. Standing
on a vehicle will weigh it down. . Also note that meleeing your partner in the
back is no longer an automatic kill. Moreover, it will move them forward
slightly (how far they moved is dependent on if the player meleeing was moving
forward or jumping at the time of impact).

Warthog jumping is actually a lot easier in Halo 2, though. At least in co-op it
is. Here's what to do:

First off, don't go in on legendary. In this mode, if one player dies, you
revert to saved. Warthog jumping, however, is all about one player dying. Try
normal or easy.

Now, get a Warthog (I suppose other vehicles would work, but for old time's
sake...). Choose your location wisely. Preferably somewhere where there isn't a
ceiling above you, and where you aren't surrounded by large buildings. Now,
start the grenade pile.

It's best if you went through the level, up to this point, without using any
grenades. This should cause you both to have eight (four plasma, four frag).
Possibly the hardest part of Warthog jumping is making a decent pile. Choose a
spot roughly five feet away from where you'll park the Warthog for the launch.
Have one player stand there, facing where the pile will be.

The other player now bashes in his teammate's back. Might take three or four
melees, but all his grenades should fly forward and land in a fairly nice pile.
Player 1 (doing the killing), needs to stand back for a couple seconds, so
Player 2 doesn't respawn in the grenade pile. He should respawn with at least
one grenade (most probably frag). Have him stand in the exact same spot (or as
close as you can get), and melee him again. Keep doing this to build up your

Take note that, when meleeing, you should stand completely still. Moving forward
while hitting will place your grenades farther away from the pile, or at least
make the creation of a neat pile a lot harder.

If you want, you can also kill Player 1 and get his eight grenades. There are
two disadvantages to this, but both can be overcome:
1. You need one grenade (plasmas preferred), to start the explosion. Not killing
one player makes keeping this grenade out of the pile a lot easier.
2. Both players now have no grenades, so it's likely you'll take some out of the
pile while trying to enter the Warthog.

After you get a decent amount of grenades (5-20+), it's time to clean up your
pile. Have one player pick up any grenades that fell away from the others, and
kill him again, hopefully putting those grenades back with the rest.

Now you can park your Warthog on the grenades. Parking it with the pile in
center of the hog will cause a vertical launch, while parking it without all the
grenades under the hog will cause more a horizontal launch. Mix and match these
physics however you like.

-Get a checkpoint here by wandering around a bit, or killing a couple enemies.
You'll want it in case you botch the launch.

Finally, toss a plasma grenade right onto the pile (or anywhere near, but on it
is fairly standard). Hop in the Warthog before it explodes and enjoy the ride.
You and your Warthog can survive an absurd amount of grenades, many more than
you would have survived in Halo 1. Use this to your advantage and see where you
can get to.

Alternate strategy:
Grab the Sputnik skull, on Quarantine Zone. Now, go to any level you want (say,
Metropolis for its Warthogs). All you need to do is toss a plasma grenade, then
a frag under your Warthog and get in before they detonate. The explosion,
coupled with the skull's effects, will send you flying farther than you would
have normally with five times as many grenades.

Added explosions:
If all you're doing is launching the Warthog, as opposed to riding in it, then
there's a way to get some extra height. Put every grenade you have into the
pile, then have one player stand next to the Warthog, and the other player stand
back and dual wield needlers.

The player with the needlers should fire a full clip from both guns into his
teammate. The needle explosions should give the Warthog a good amount of extra


[Sword flying]
This one's strange, and really fun to do. For best results, go to Coagulation,
with a gametype that includes both Warthogs, Banshees, and energy swords.

Have one player take a Warthog to either end of the level (behind one of the
bases. The passenger seat should be facing away from the wall (toward the
bases). Grab an energy sword and hop in that seat. Have another player walk up
to the Warthog and stand within a few feet of Player 1 (in the Warthog). Player
1 needs to aim at Player 2 and trigger a lunge attack (lock on red, right

You'll hear the sound of an attack, but nothing will happen. With P1 staying in
the hog, P2 should go somewhere far far away. Wherever he goes, make sure you
can draw a straight line from him back to P1.

I suggest grabbing a Banshee and flying to the other side of the map. It'll be
even funnier if you're elevated (keep driving into the top of the cliff wall).
Once P2 is in a good position, have P1 exit the Warthog. Don't move the controls
or anything (unless you just want to look around).

You should be moved automatically towards P2. If P2 is in the air, you'll begin
flying. No matter what the distance or elevation, P1 will travel straight to P2.
Do with this what you want, as I'm sure there's a lot you can do with it.

Here's a description, courtesy of DontEatCream:

Single [player]:
1. Get in a Warthog's passenger seat. You'll need a Plasma Sword, obviously.
2. While in the passenger seat, find a Phantom and lock on to one of the turrets
on the
3. Use the lunge attack. You'll hear a "whoosh" sound effect but nothing will
4. Look in the direction you want to go, and press X to get out of the Warthog.
You'll fly in
that direction.

Multi [player]:
1. Get in a Warthog's passenger seat. You'll need a Plasma Sword, again.
2. Get another Spartan / Elite right next to your passenger seat.
3. Target that Spartan / Elite, and lunge attack. Once again, you won't move
4. Have that Spartan / Elite run his ass all the way across the map.
5. Get out of the Warthog. You'll go flying towards that Spartan / Elite.
This tutorial assembled from various posts across the HIH forums, all
information within is the intellectual property of its assembled members.

Sword Flying/Cancelling/Bumping (hereafter called "Sword Flying") can be
accomplished in a number of manners, and ways. Multiplayer, single-player,
horizontal, vertical, etc.

For the simplest of ease, try with friends first. Take a large open map, and
equip Swords and vehicles (Warthogs and Spectres, please). Meet somewhere
mutual. Have the intended flyer get in the passenger seat of one of the
vehicles. Have the 'destination' player walk in front of the prospective flyer,
and position himself until the flyer can get a lock (red reticule). The flyer
pulls his right trigger once (does NOT need to hold it in), and releases it.
There will be an accompanying sound effect to indicate the dash attack was
successful, but no damage accompanying it (the 'seated' position interrupts and
delays the lunge attack). The destination player then goes wherever the flyer
wants to be.
At this point, the flyer may press 'X' to fly. They will NOT fly toward the
destination player, UNLESS they aim that way. Whatever way you're aiming when
you come out of the vehicle is the direction you will travel, with no
alteration.and you will fly approximately as high (or far) as the destination
player is high (or far) away. Make sense? Try it a few times. You can have tons
of people jousting in the middle of maps, and playing around like crazy.

Now, in addition to this method, there's also the 'Cancel' method. A simple
version of this is to simply try to melee an opponent, but press ' X' to cancel
out before contact is initiated. If you'll note, an opponent can walk away from
you, and steadily lead your rapidly locked-on and tapping R/X/R/X-self along a
map. Now, let's insert the sword into your hand. Lock on, press R, immediately
followed by 'X'. WHOOSH.buy the target still lives. The 'X' is what 'cancels'
the attack out, and prevents the killing blow from landing.
This can be used to 'teleport' short distances with the sword. If you can
suspend an opponent a short distance above you, then jump toward them and use
the teleport, you can fly insanely high without the use of a grenade or rocket.
A good example is on Coagulation.the three rocks in the center of the map. Have
one player stand on the tallest of the three rocks, and the prospective flyer
stand on the ground below. The flyer jumps toward the high player, gets the
lock, pulls the trigger, and presses 'X' to cancel. The curvature of the rock
should still keep you flying upward with tremendous force, and eventually bring
you back down onto the rock. (Works best when done to loud 'WheeeeEEEEEE!'
sounds as you fly up.)

Another variation is the lock-on method. Using a weapon with a scope (I've
personally been successful with Rocket Launcher and Battle Rifle), you can
achieve a LONGER lock-on distance (hence making higher jumps and flight
possible). Aim the reticule of the prospective 2x zoom weapon onto your opponent
(I always aimed for the head), and ensure you have a sword as your secondary
weapon. The targeting reticule *MUST* be red in order for this to work. I let
the reticule sit for approximately 7 seconds before attempts. To perform the
teleport, in EXTREMELY rapid fashion, press 'Y', 'R' (and I usually press 'R' a
second time to make sure). The weapon switch should be immediately bypassed by
the dashing animation of the fading 'lock', ramming you at the target.

In single-player, it is suggested that a Warthog with a ton of Marines provides
the best bet. Similar to the previous Sword Flying technique involving a hog or
a Spectre, lock onto a Phantom's gun turret as it comes in to drop off baddies,
and pull 'R' to lunge, while in the passenger seat of a Warthog. After the
Spectre leaves, feel free to press 'X' to begin flying away. Variations on this
can be performed with other vehicles and situations. Try shooting enough Marines
to make them turn hostile, then locking onto a dropship and flying away with
them, for example. Experiment! The world is your pearl.
If you hit either B+X or R+X rapidly, your sword will move very rapidly but it
won't do any damage. The X button cancels the attack so it allows you to perform
another attack immediately afterwards. If a player jumps on top of your head
repeatedly, you can press R+X rapidly to move them infinitely upwards. Another
neat trick is to target an enemy with any ranged weapon such as a rocket
launcher or sniper rifle (preferably one with a scope) and target an enemy until
the reticle turns red. Change to the energy sword and mash R as fast as you can.
You will lunge to the enemy no matter how far away they are. If you don't want
to strike them, just press X before you reach them.
I will warn you... the level of difficulty of this exploit is hard, but not
IMPOSSIBLE like some people are finding the 1st level... its mainly for you guys
who find yourselves running out of ammo in those damn chambers. I have already
passed the game on legendary, but tried to find a way to help others because I
have seen so many topics about people not being able to pass the 1st level at
all. I honestly thought it was the hardest level of the game, so I can relate.

basically, the exploit is the fact that the Sarge (the badass mofo who fires on
the turret at the beginning of the level) turns out to be completly invincible.
Now, you will notice that he just pretty much wants to stay on the turret in the
beginning. So heres what I did (I went through the level twice trying this (on
two different xboxes with 2 different versions of halo 2) to confirm it... plus
my friend wanted me to show him.

When you engage in the first contact with the covenant, you can pretty much let
the marines and sarge take care of everything. after they are ALL dead, destroy
the turret that the sarge is on (by meleeing it) this will make him run
through the doors where the covenant went through. then this is where his set
path ends... he isnt supposed to go beyond this point at all.
now, kill the guy on the turret and destroy the turret down the hall... they get
in the way when trying to do this next thing.

what youre gonna have to do, is melee the sarge down the hall up the
steps... this knocks him off of his set path. you will experience resistance
because youre taking him off of his path...
when butt stroking, make sure you try to keep him in the middle of the pathway,
you dont want him against the wall when meleeing because if you get to the
end, he will get stuck in a corner, this is bad.. because he will run all the
way back to where his path ended like a magnet. also, try not to miss when
whacking... if you have 2 players, you can have one person act as a catcher
while the other person melees.. the catcher will be there just in case
something goes wrong and the sarge ends up running passed the meleer then
the catcher can melee him before he gets back... this saves time. however,
you cant save w/ 2 players... so its give and take..

ANYWAY, if you get him half way up the stairs, he will start on his new path.. I
have no idea why he even HAS a new path during this part.. but this new path is
a HUUUUGE pain in the ass.

Now, in this new area you will see a turret with a downed marine... ignore the
turret and follow the sarge down the hall. He will pause going down the other
steps about half way, because there is an elite and a grunt down there. quickly
melee him off the steps.. dont melee him OFF the steps but rather, actually make
him fall off the side through the small glass divider. This will knock him
between the elite at the bottom of the other stairs, and another elite
on the other side... now you can watch him in action! (he should still have the
battle rifle at this point...)

now you need to pretty much kill all the elites and grunts in this area... even
the ones through the doors at the end of the hall BUT DO NOT GO ALL THE WAY IN
they close behind you if you go in, and you cant get back...

after you kill all the enemies, you will now embark on the hardest part of this
excercise. Meleeing the sarge allll they way through those doors. It took me
10 tries at least, on my first go at this exploit. there is one thing that
REALLY sucks though.. sometimes, like 1/5 of the time, if you miss, he will try
and run ALL THE WAY BACK TO HIS ORIGINAL PATH ENDING, meaning back up the
stairs, and down on the other side... so try to get good at meleeing, I cant
stress this enough. If you do manage to get him through these doors, and passed
the boxes, you will reach a checkpoint, and the doors will close. Now you can
relax! the worst is over! and now this level might even seem fun!

heres what ya do... melee the sarge up these new steps. dont worry this
time though.. his set path is completly gone, so you can take your time. when
you reach the top, whack the sarge through the doors and on to that platform in
this 1st chamber (try to get it so that he can pretty much overlook the entire
area that the elites and grunts are). As soon as he starts firing, you will
pretty much be in the clear, cause I guarantee that he will draw virtually all
of their fire... so in the meantime, YOU go to that other platform where all the
plasma grenades are.. dont even bother trying to help the other marines in the
room.. screw em. you just focus on throwing grenades where the sarge is

after you get that over with, you will hear some goofball say something like "we
won!!" then "this is bad" while this talk is going on, your mission is to get
the sarge off of the platform and onto the ground below.. just be careful on
this part because youre supposed to get a checkpoint here but it doesnt even
happen most of the time... *shakes fist* if you DO get a checkpoint, go down
with the sarge and do battle with the elites that come through the new door. if
you DONT, then stay up there, and let sarge handle it while you throw grenades
once again. after all of them are gone, GET THE NEEDLER IN THIS AREA!! its among
the dead bodies somewhere, so find it and it with the sarges battle rifle. its
awesome cause he doesnt have to reload the damn thing ever...
now take him down that hall where the new door opened, and you will get a
GUARANTEED checkpoint. when this happens, use the battle rifle you took from
sarge to shoot out the 2 grunts that are on the turrets... then melee the
sarge out there. Sarge likes to hide behind boxes.. so ive been working on some
ways to get him out from behind those damn things.. cause what use is an
invincible sarge if he doesnt even freakin do anything...

1. melee the boxes he hides behind. this will make him not be against it
anymore.. if you try to melee HIM while he is cowering behind a box, he
wont budge. trust me.

2. plasma grenade that mofo right in his face!!! you heard me right. sometimes
he will freak out, and run in the opposite direction toward the bad guys...
doesnt work all the time though... again, if you manage to get him out in the
open, he will draw ALL of the fire. And with the needler in hand he will be a
force to be reckoned with! I love watching him go up against the sword elite..
its pretty funny :)

This is the room everyone was getting stuck in, so from here you can either:

A. just try to take on the rest of the level yourself and leave sarge behind.

B. pick up the sword that the elite drops in this 2nd chamber and you can whack
the sarge WAAAAAY easier and quick er with the right trigger.

I have been able to take him through the ENTIRE level in 2 and a half hours on
my 2nd try.. seems like a lot but its better than wasting 3 hours in one of
those damn chambers only to find yourself run out of ammo.
1)Is this real? Do I need a hacked X-Box? Will it mess up my game?
Yes. No and no. This is 100% real, no hacks needed and won't screw up your

2) Why should I bother with this?
Because once you pull it off you get a weapon with the destructive power of the
main cannon on the Scarab with unlimited ammo and no overheating.

3) How do I get it?

Step 1: Load the level Metropolis on any difficulty. It is recommended that you
kill the marines at the starting area so they don't become a problem later.
Board the tank and head out. Remember to also kill the marine that joins you
half way across the bridge.

Step 2: When you reach the other side, hijack an enemy Ghost and clear out the
area by any means, leaving at least one Banshee still flying.

Step 3 (CO-OP only): Have one player keep the Banshee(s) occupied while the
other takes a Ghost into the tunnel and clears out all the enemies, make sure
you also destroy the Warthog full of marines when it comes by. When you reach
the last section come back to the end of the bridge.

Step 4: Go through the tunnel, firing back at the Banshee from time to time to
keep it "interested." If playing single player take out the Warthog that shows
up so they don't kill the Banshee.

Step 4a: This is very annoying, you will find the Banshee getting stuck against
walls and buses several times. When it gets stuck, use the opportunity to shoot
off the wings as this makes things easier but be careful not to destroy the
Banshee. To get the Banshee unstuck you need to walk around it and back slowly
away until it retargets you and starts moving again.

Step 5: Now for the really hard part, getting the Banshee into the small tunnel
at the end. This is the most likely place for you to screw up and have to
restart so be careful. There's no real way to make getting it in easier except
that if it starts to veer away from where it needs to go(and it probably will)
start backing up as far as you can in the direction you want it to go. Once it
gets almost to the checkpoint you need to move behind it and try to move it
forward by meleeing it. It should get stuck just before the checkpoint so force
it through and immediately start boarding it. You need to actually start the
hijack a moment before the checkpoint so that you grab on as you cross otherwise
the Banshee disappears and you gotta start over.

Step 6: Once you successfully board the Banshee, fly out of the tunnels and into
the circular area where the Gauss Warthog is driving around. Fly up, way up
towards the two bridge like structures. The closest one has the Scarab Gun on
it. It is hard to see until you get up on it but it looks like a Plasma Rifle
sitting on top of one of the "Danger" cones.

Method 2- This one's easier but means you get to do less with it.

Step 1: You need an energy sword for this. I think you have to have one carry
over from the previous level but I'm not sure.

Step 2: Get past the bridge/tunnel till you get to where a Pelican comes in. You
need to have at least 4 marines with you at this point and a warthog. Kill the
four marines and get in the passenger seat of the warthog with the energy sword.
Lock onto the gunner in the Pelican and pull the trigger. Wait for a few moments
then aim up at the bridge and get out. You should be propelled upwards towards
the bridge and land on it. Now you can get the gun but getting down in another
An extremely easy way to get the banshee to follow you into the narrow tunnels 
just before the load and checkpoint is to switch weapons. Just keep one human 
weapon in your arsenal, and have the other weapon be a covenent weapon. Now 
whenever the Banshee gets stuck, or stops following you, just switch to your 
human weapon. the Banshee will suddenly become unstuck and follow you again. 
This works every time! You don't even need to shoot at it or around it, it 
just starts going after you again.
So you found the first Scarab Gun, huh? However, do you have the skill the get
it with only one grenade? However, it also requires a Warthog and a Marine
gunner. There is a video floating around on highimpacthalo.org that highlights
a way to get this second Scarab Gun with one Fragmentation Grenade with 9wt
and Overrida with the video. However, it is still UNPROVEN!

Before you go to Metropolis, you must first find the Sputnik Skull located in
Quarantine Zone on Legendary. Check the respective section elsewhere in the
FAQ. Got it? Good.

Progress through Metropolis as you normally would past the first bridge and
through the bridge blockade. Move through the tunnel getting out of your
Scorpion at the other end. After clearing the sewage tunnel back to the
outside, a Marine will drive a Warthog in your direction. Go through the level
until you are obligated to go into the building to eventually lead up to the
Scarab. Drive the Warthog (with a Gunner and one Frag Grenade) up the stairs.

The only really difficult part might be the first hallway transition. If you
get stuck, get out of your Warthog and push. With the Sputnik Skull, your
melees are stronger eventually getting the Warthog through. Once you reach
the first outdoor ledge, drive the Warthog leftwards as if you were going
through the level again. Pass the door up some more stairs until you finally
reach the outside area where the Scarab would move in.

Turn right and drive your Warthog to the very end. Look up to see a gigantic
bridge above. Position your Warthog on the open bridge and get out. Select
the Frag Grenade (the Marine still in the gunner) and throw it at the very
rear end of the Warthog (if you hit the middle, the Warthog will explode).
Quickly jump on top of the gunner and you should be launched high into the air
eventually hitting the bridge. The Scarab Gun, you'll see, is to your left.
Have fun.

Again, this is still UNPROVEN although numerous people have claimed to have
picked it up.


[Soccer ball, Metropolis]
There's a giant soccer ball on one of the rooftops in Metropolis. The
description of getting there is courtesy of djdeej.

(Co-op mode)
To get the soccer ball, you must first get the skull for Sputnik mode.
(Legendary, Guarantine Zone.  For more information on this, please see the
skull FAQ.)  This will allow you to launch your warthog further.  Next, save
and quit, then go to Metropolis, (I suggest on easy, it's easier to not get
killed and such) and go to the place where there is a building with a
waterfall in it.  Right outside the indoor waterfall place you will see an
open area with a white building that has a gaping hole in it right in front
of you.  You should have a Warthog that has been out of harms way (in other
words, not ****ed up), because you'll need it in as good as shape as
possible.  Next, make sure you have a rocket in hand, and park the Warthog
about 10-15 feet away from the building.  (Give or take a few feet.)  Then,
have your partner get in the passenger seat, and have the guy with the
rocket shoot under the gunner seat behind the hog.  (Think of it the same
way you would do a traditional warthog launch.)  Be careful, though, because
sometimes the Warthog explodes.  With a little trial and error, you'll make
it up there.  When you land inside the gaping hole, you will see a set of
steel beams.  Climb them to the roof.  Once on the roof, turn to your right,
and walk on the top ledge.  In a dark corner you will find the soccer ball.
Melee it down and have fun!
After you get the Scorpion tank go across the bridge (destroying ghosts as
you go), go through the tunnels and you'll come out in front of a temple.
Stay at the top of the hill and destroy all the ghosts and covenant. Drive
around to the right and you'll notice a grassy ledge, if you go to near the
left hand edge you can drive the Scorpion up the ledge and then drive up
the vertical cliff face to the top of the level.

Once on top of the level you can drive around hills and up vertical
mountain sides. You can also drive underwater - this didn't have any effect
on the fire coming out the side of my tank or the sniper sat at on the

You can drive to the end of the level and find it devoid of covenant.
Theres also a rectangular patch of sky in the middle of a hillside - its
the top of a shaft in one of the temple structures - it looks bizzare.
After you extend the bridge, drive over
and eliminate the Wraith (or hijack it), and kill any enemies, but make sure
you have Ghost to use. Look over on the left side for a little slope against the
wall. It has a yellow color on it. Turbo boost the Ghost up the wall there,
and strafe a little to the left as you go, into a groove.

Once you pass through several of the flat textures of leaves, and get to a
somewhat level area
(your Ghost might flip over here, but just get back in) turn a little to the
right(toward the sun) and continue going up. You'll get to a top edge which is
safe to go over, and you'll end up on a flat section. Turn right and start
exploring. You'll see the "patch of sky" mentioned by Corky; it's an opening
into the tunnel below, without textures on its walls. You will fall down inside
die) if you drive into it.

If you keep going forward a while, you can then go right and enter the water
that's at the beginning of the level. If you go left, you can go to the
mountains that you mentioned in your FAQ. I got to the top of the highest one
from the back, which is a less steep way, but I guess it's possible from the
It's fun to get to the top and see almost the entire level, and because you
are so high/far away, the stuff in the distance does "pop up" when you turn left
and right.

Then you can turbo forward, toward the water. It's like sled riding down a...
well, down a mountain! ;-) It is safe to enter the water, just don't try
going in down a steep slope, or you might die. If you travel quickly down a
too-steep slope, it's like falling, and it will trigger the death. It may be
possible to go down a steep slope sideways (or slightly backwards) by "hanging
on" with turbo in the Ghost, but there are lots of gentle slopes into the water
around, so that's not necessary.

Before you do this trick, you can use the Scorpion to push some Ghosts, the
Warthog, or the Wraith off the edge by the bridge, and then find them in the
water to use later (this helps if the Ghost you are using gets damaged while
driving and you want a fresh one).

You can also find other slopes that let you go up out of the water, but
WARNING: if you exit the water in an area that, during regular gameplay, is
where you could possibly FALL INTO the water, YOU WILL DIE. In other words,
made it so if you fall off a cliff into the water from areas they expect you to
be in, E.G., around the bridge, you automatically die. So touching the surface
of the water by exiting the water there is deadly. But in areas away from
these places, it is safe to exit the water.
...drop to the other side and take out all the bad guys before proceeding up the
sewer pipe. I've found that you can actually get the Scorpion up the
ramp and into that pre-pipe level thus inflicting massive death to the
Covenant horde.

Push one of the battered trucks parallel to the ramp (the jeep works
well there too.) Back up the Scorpion and drive part up the ramp and up
whatever car you've used. Aim right for that "gap" you are supposed to
walk through. Angle it just right and the Scorpion will go right
through the gap and drive right into the mess of badguys inside. You
can plink and explode them with either the big gun or the .50 cal.
Hella fun.
When the level begins you will be in a small room where you will be attacked 
by a few enemies. If you are on easy, you can just ignore them. Go past the 
hologram in front of you and up the ramp, then go left. If you look up you can
see an arch going across the room and some pillars. You need to grenade jump 
on top of any of the structures (Sputnik may be required).  Then, once on top 
of the arch/pillars go to the edge of the room and look up. You need to 
position yourself where you can see the sky and grenade jump out to the top of 
the building you started in. Explore as you wish up there but be careful--The 
snipers can see you so watch out if on heroic or legendary. Ok, you're up 
there. Now if you want to, explore the mountains/water you can jump down to the 
ramp where you came from on the previous level. Once up the ramp you can 
grenade jump up the steel structure at the end and be out of the level. From 
there, you can explore the water and mountains and such. There is a structure 
that looks remarkably similar to the "center structure" of Delta Halo. 
(Be quick! the Phantom leaves after a while) When the level begins, look 90 
degrees to your right. Jump on the rock in front of you. Now, in front of you 
is a snow covered ledge. Jump to the part closest to you. Now Grenade Jump 
(Sputnik may be required) up to a high ledge adjacent to the ledge you are on. 
Now run over to where the Phantom is and grenade jump up on top of it. When 
the Phantom starts moving it makes a quick turn and accelerates so it takes 
some effort to stay on it. It flies off out of the level and disappears.
This is a neat trick that allows you to make the bridge (the one you can lower 
to get to the sword/rocket area) disappear. Neat trick. Pointless, but cool. 
You need 8 people or so to get on the bridge and go to the squared off corner. 
Everyone needs to look at their feet and walk into the corner. You know it's 
working when you hear the bridge creaking. It will suddenly disappear and be 
gone until the end of the game. You can do this theoretically with any 
structure not attached to the map. 
Simple, pointless, and uneventful. Get someone to get in the Banshee. Get 
someone else to ride on top of the Banshee. (You can fit 3 at a time 
on a Banshee). Fly up to the back of the base. When you're close enough, jump 
off to the ramp and walk to the top. It's the highest point on the map and you
can't fly the Banshee up there. I've never seen anyone do this in combat but I 
guess you could.
Go to the Beam Rifle spawn and use the MP Launching method using a Ghost or 
Hog. I suggest using the boulders outside the structure. The boulders in 
between the ribcage and the Beam Rifle spawn. Once up there, Happy Sniping! 
Nice rocks to hide behind and everything. I've had this used on me several 
times in matchmaking. All that work for nothing because I just snipe the guy 
There's is a slope that doesn't have a wall at the top of it, that's the one
that can be used to get on top of the level. Just grab a Banshee and remove
the wings, then fly towards the top of the slope while boosting. You should
be able to get on top (the wings prevent you as you don't have enough
clearance to compensate for the flight ceiliing). You can explore the area
with some grenade jumps. The second terrace of the building to your right is
reachable, and the one to your left can be used to run around to the area
behind the hanging section of road. There's not much tactical advantage to
this position, other than sniping.
It is possible to get the ghost to ridiculously more areas on any map with
baracades, making the easiness of multiple kills unrealistic. To go over any
baracade with the slightest difficulty, stop serveral yards from a baracade, and
simply hold A whil boosting. The front end of the ghost will lift off the
ground, and you'll be able to reach places thought unreachable.

I thought you might want some examples, so I will give you the tricks for the
best place to use them: Headlong.

Accessing Buildings:

Building near Warthogs. To gain entrance to any via the 3 entrances to this
building, back up mid-long range from the baracade. Boost towards the baracade
while holding "A". This will lift your front end, and allow you to make your way
over the baracade and into the building.

Building with Rocket Launcher. This building can be accessed by going up from
the dirt ramp then using the trick mentioned above to go over the baracade to
the area with the Covenant Sniper Rifle. Then procede across the bridge to gain
access to the building.

Building with Plasma Sword. This building has multiple entrances. You can use
the trick above and then go into that tower, down a floor once inside, then
across the bridge and around to come in on the second floor. You can use the
jump trick listed below to jump from the building mentioned above directly to
the second floor. You can come from the middle of the map with the small bridge
and use the front end lift trick to go over the baracade and enter on the first
floor. The final way is different. There happens to be an air lift near the
Banshee and two Ghosts. Go to this area and you'll notice there's a large
opening that you can jump up into and access the building via the first floor.
It is possible to bring the Ghost with you, yet it's slight complicated.

To enter here, line straight up with the opening and back up until you are even
with the Banshee. Boost towards the opening, and only hold "A" right before you
go up the first hill towards the opening. Two things will happen here. 1) You'll
wind up straight up, leaving you very vulnerable as the Ghost will not kick you
out; or 2) The mid-underside of the Ghost will hit the lip of the entrance, and
you'll bounce up and into the opening. After this, there's one slight problem
with accessing the rest of the building.

Once you're inside, you'll notice that your Ghost wont fit through the first
doorway. Don't go and blow your wings off, you still won't fit, and it's best to
keep your Ghost in perfect condition so that someone doesn't get the jump on you
in these tight quarters and blow you up. To get into this doorway, accelerate
(not boost) towards the doorway on a slight angle. You're left/right wing will
bounce up and into the doorway, and you'll be stuck there this / angle. You'll
have to boost through, and after that, you'll have access.

Jumping from building to building:

This trick allows you to move between both the buidling you can warp to, and the
building that has a rocket launcher outside on a ledge. Go to where the Rocket
Launcher sits, and go around the corner and down to the end so that you can see
the turret sitting kiddy-corner to your location. Back into the building all the
way to the wall on an angle facing to the right of the turret (it may be
necessary to shoot and destroy the turret, but most times not). Simotaneously
boost and hold "A". Your front end will lift, allowing you to jump across the
ledge and land into the building, giving you access to that building.

To jump back across, proceed to the top floor of the building you will now be
in. In order to get where you'll need to jump from, after you go up the stairs,
turn 180 degrees and then move forward and turn to your left so that you'll be
straight across from the small glass railing that runs along the stair case.
Using the method above, back against the wall and boost while holding "A" to get
over the glass wall. Go all the way to the wall and turn facing the window. Near
the window ledge and aim for the corner of the ledge on the opposite building
where you jump from to the building you are in. Back until you just touch the
wall, and then boost while holding "A" to get back to the building you started

Why do it:
Exploiting this trick gives you a very good advantage over your opponents. The
possibilities are endless, and I find new things to use the trick for faster
than I can write them. Just keep working it, and before long you'll be able to
go anywhere you like without hesitation.

Other fun things to do:
There are a few other things you can do with the Ghost that require the trick.

First of all, there is a long steel I-beam hanging in the air, while actual
execution line up is pretty much random, it's possible to start near the Rocket
Launcher and ride across to the hanging section of bridge, and from there
procede to the bridge with the Human Sniper Rifle without going around.

Secondly, once you are in the building containing the Plasma Sword, you can park
the Ghost directly over the portal location and disallow players from warping
across. While I have not tested, this also works for CTF, as you can park the
Ghost over the Flag base.
Go to zanzibar in a gametype that has the scorpion. You may want to
have overshields enabled as well as fast vehicle respawn time. Now,
drive the scorpion around infront of the right entrance to the base
and drive the tank into the rotating wheel. When one of the arms comes
around it will start to pick you up. Immediately start driving forward
and continue driving forward. The arm will come around to the walkway
above where you can shoot the box and make the rest of the walkway
come down, anyway, if you drove forward far enough the arm and the
walkway will squeeze the tank and then basically spit it out, throwing
you all over the level. If you are lucky, you might land ontop of the