Winback: Convert Operations Guide
Created by DomM64
Versions 1.0

This game guide was put together by me, but I have gotten all the 
information from the web. I have the credits from which web sites I have 
taken the information from at the Ending section of my guide. 

--->ContentsStorylineCharactersS.C.A.T. Members


--->Crying Lions
Sgt. Thunder

--->Game ControlsAttack Mode

Automatic Sighting system (R + A)
The automatic sighting system focuses your weapons sight on the enemy in                     
front of you. When faced with more than one enemy, the system focuses 
first on the most dangerous enemy. Using the control stick, you can 
switch the focus to other enemies by simply moving the sight to the 
general area of the enemy you wish to target.

Reload (B)
This reloads your weapon. It is possible to load while in motion or with 
your back to the wall.

Weapon Toggle (C Up)
This button allows you to choose among the weapons that you are 

Manual Sighting (R + Control Stick + A)
The control stick guides the targeting system of the weapon. As 
mentioned previously this allows you to change your aim to different 
enemies. It also allows you to shoot objects other than your enemies. 
(eg. drums, crates, etc.)

Setting Bombs (Directional Button + Down)
Set and explode bombs using this control. 

Hand to Hand (A)
Pressing the A button while in close proximity to an enemy character 
allows you to kick your enemy. Although it does not do much damage, it 
does throw your enemy off balance. This is useful when you need to 
reload. Also, it is possible to defeat your enemy with one blow if you 
can strike from behind before they realize your presence.


Movement (Control Stick)
The control stick causes the character to move in the indicated 
direction. Movement speed is controlled by the angle of the control 
stick. The greater the angle, the faster the character moves. 

Back to the Wall (A)
Pushing the A button while close to a wall allows you to put your back 
to the wall. The control stick allows you to move slowly along the wall 
while in that position. This is useful when approaching corners.

Crouching (Z)
Crouching allows you to hide behind short objects. The control stick 
allows movement while in this position as well. You can move from box to 
box and avoid much enemy fire. Also crouching throws off your opponents 
aim at times.

Evasive Action (A + Control Stick)
Use of these button while ducking down allows you to do a forward roll. 
This is useful if you need to move quickly while staying under cover.

Opening Doors (A)
This button allows you to open doors and get the items or enemies on the 
other side of those doors.

Picking up Items (A)
Allows you to pick up and use various items.


Changing Point of Focus (C Left + Right)
This spans the camera from left to right allowing you to view around 
you. In Capture Camera Mode, it allows you to choose which enemy to lock 
on to. 

Camera Toggle (C Down)
This allows you to choose between camera modes. If pressed while an 
enemy is in your field of view, this locks the camera on that enemy 
(Capture Camera Mode). This is useful when fighting Boss Characters with 

--->WeaponsConfirmed Weapons

Rocket Laucher - A Gun which shoots Rockets out, usually
big, I havent seen one yet in any screen shots, but Im
sure its the weapon everyone wants.

Plastic Explosives - Basically, bombs, plastique, possibly
in an objective you have to lay a bomb, from what I have
seen, the explosives are cool.

Flamethrowers - A gun which throws out flame, I hope
enemies start on fire which would be a neat effect.

Assault Rifle - More of a "machine gun", a great weapon to

Shotgun - Slow but powerful, the shotgun hopefully will give
you the feeling of the kick on one.

Pistol(always with infinite ammo) - a hand gun! 

--->Unconfirmed Weapons

Frenchi Spas12 - Basically a type of Shotgun, This isnt
unconfirmed, but I found it in screen shots.

C4 Explosive - A type of explosive, its in a movie, do you
know which one?

--->Strategy HintsOne at a time

Take your enemies one at a time. One on one is both easier and safer 
than ten on one. Jumping out in a crowd and starting to shoot guarantees 
that you will get hit a number of times. Don't lose life points 
needlessly. Make effective use of the terrain to sneak up on your 
enemies. Be careful about making unnecessary noise. The enemy has very 
good ears and will converge on the area from which the noise      


It is also good to use the exploding crates and drums. Use the Control 
Stick to sight on these explosive items. Enemies hiding behind or near 
these objects take a lot of damage.

--->Use Surprise

After sneaking up close to an enemy, jump out and shoot them. For 
example, at a corner move to the very edge. Then jump out and shoot them 
before they get set. Whenever possible, get around your enemy and shoot 
him in the back. This is extremely effective. Frequently, you can kill 
him with one shot.

--->Timely Reloading

You are defenseless while reloading. So don't do it while in the middle 
of a gun fight. Nine times out of ten, you will get shot. Getting shot 
stops the reloading process. Find someplace out of sight of your enemy 
to do your reloading. Whenever possible start a gun fight with a full 


There are two modes for the camera: Normal Mode and Capture Camera Mode                  
(CCM). CCM locks the camera's orientation on an indicated enemy. Each is
different in ease of control and in speed (time it takes to lock on to 
an enemy). Each has its strong points and its weak points. Choosing 
which to use at any given time is important.

--->WalkthroughStage 1

You start out with a machine gun, a shotgun and the pistol. You should 
start out behind a large blue box, turn around and shoot this guy, But 
do not let him run away and get his friend, finish him off right away. 
After killing this guy pick up the magazine and run behind the next wall 
where you will find another enemy. Nail him like the last guy, then if 
you keep on going you will see two boxes like this:


Go to the first box, then run to the next box. You might see some bad 
guys, kill them with your pistol. Then run to a large white box and hide 
behind it, then to a blue box ahead. 3 enemies should come in sight, 2 
of them like to move around alot, kill the two on the ground, dont worry 
about the one on the roof yet. After killing them, go to the truck and 
hide behind the bumper, I use the shotgun for this guy. I pop out and 
the guy should "fall" to his death off the roof. This should be very 
simple if you take your time and use stealth. Now walk to the door, if 
the enemy has his back facing you, simply pistol whip him. then to your 
left you will find a bag of goodies with ammo. Pick the ammo up. Now 
dont just run outside the door, there is one guy who follows you and 
pops up! I reccomend hiding behind something, but you can get away with 
just shooting him. Now keep on going to the silver box and you should 
get a cut scene. After the cut scene two enemies approach, take 
your time and take care of the first one, the other guy should be by the 
last box, take him out. Now you get to your first laser trap in the 
game. Shoot the box like you do in training mode and continue. Be 
careful and crouch between the 2 boxes, try not to let the bad guys call 
for help. Finish all of them off, If you feel like wasting ammo, use 
your machine gun or shotgun, but a pistol is fine. In the right corner 
pick up some ammo for your shotgun,then shoot the brown box. Crouch
and run ahead to the first blue box, then kill the next 2 enemies. Keep 
on crouching between boxes double checking everything and takin your 
time. Then you come up to 2 enemies blast them away with a pistol and go 
ahead. Crawl down the ladder to the checkpoint. Get your machine gun out 
cause you need to kill the next guy quickly so he doesnt go back, crouch 
under the first box and he should show up, after shooting him, crouch 
behind the next one. If you go ahead you will see a blue laser, you can 
check out the cut scene but basically theres a laser switch you need to 
shoot up there. So take a right. Now take a left, get ready for your 
biggest challenge yet. Run crouched to the first box. Take a breath, 
then use my strategy:Run crouched until you see enemies start to run, 
then run back to the box you were at. There should be 3 enemies for you 
to kill. Use your machine gun and try not to get hit. When you do that 
try to let the guy on the upper level leave also. Once killing both
of those guys, climb up the ladder. I have a new strategy, just crouch 
and pick the enemies up with your machine gun because it has a longer 
range. Then pick up the C4 Explosive and there should be a plateau where 
you can see the water. Then shoot that guy with your machine gun 
quickly, and pick up the magazine. Run across the bridge and shoot the 
guy quickly so he doesnt get behind his wall. After this one shoot the 
box to get a med kit! If you turn to your left you will find a laser 
switch on the other side, shoot it and hide by where you shot the guy 
from above. Some baddies should come back, Shoot them! And go back down 
the ladder. Back in the water hide by the med kit and shoot the bad guy
with a pistol. Then theres a guy waiting to your right, dont go left! 
pick him off and continue by taking a right, then you should see 3 bad 
guys, I would use a shotgun or a machine gun, but do this slowly and try 
not to get hit. Shoot a box to continue on. Move ahead and crouch, there 
should be 3 or 2 guys waiting for you, take your time, these guys are 
smart, and use your machine gun to take them out! After getting them run 
to where you were shooting your enemies, but watch out because a 
man may walk up behind you, so be ready.  Now go into the room with the 
big fence around it and by the medkit there should be a ladder, go down 
it. After the cut scene there is a laser hovering, I use a shotgun and 
shoot the enemies, then I  shoot the laser conrtoller thingy and 
continue up the ladder. After doing that, hide behind the blue box and 
kill the enemy. Go into the door and you have beaten level 1!

--->Level 2

When you reach the edge of the building, the camera perspective changes. 
You now look down over an open area with some crates in it. An enemy 
will move across this area from left to right. You can only target him 
with your submachine gun. You don't have to take him out, but if you 
want to, you'll have to lead your shot a little in front of him. Target 
him with the bottom C button, aim with R, and use the joystick to move 
your laser sight just barely in front of him as he runs. Another enemy 
will enter from the upper right; he'll take cover behind a crate and 
start shooting. Use your submachine gun on him, too. You can waste him 
pretty easy, or just ignore him and run away. When you're finished here, 
move to your left and run toward the camera until the perspective 
returns to normal. Follow the fence to the door and go through the door. 
You're in a room with one long conveyer. Move to the edge of the 
conveyer and head right; you'll trigger a cut scene. Some crates will 
start moving. Guards face you on the other side of the belt; hide behind 
the moving crates to reach the far end of the conveyer belt. Go around 
the end to the left.  As you work your way down the other side of the 
belt, you'll come up from behind on two guards. You can pistol-whip each 
one if they didn't see behind the moving crate. Continue past where the 
second guard was and go through the door. You're back out on the roof. 
To your left is a large structure that looks like a generator or large 
fan housing. Crouch down in the middle of it; an enemy will position 
himself just around the corner of the rail up ahead. When you see him, 
target him and take him out. Once he's out of the way, move to the edge 
of the railing (just before it turns the corner). The railing provides 
adequate cover from your next enemy, a guy with a machine gun. The rail 
he's hiding behind may protect him from your auto-aim shots. You might 
have to auto-aim, then pull back very slightly on the joystick to raise 
your laser sight and hit this guy in the head. Once he's gone, continue 
around the corner to the next generator-thing and hide behind it. 
There's another enemy behind the far rail. He can't hit you even if you 
stand up behind this generator structure. Swing out and get rid of him. 
Again, you may have to aim high. Now go around the generator and follow 
the path around. You'll see a recess in the fence with a ladder going 
down. Go down the ladder. As soon as your feet are on the ground, crouch 
down, turn left, and blow up the wooden crate. The brown crate on top of 
it will drop down, making the back of the truck accessible. You'll have 
to backtrack quite a ways to the ramp that leads up to the truck, but 
it's worth it: there's an ammo pouch in the truck. Now move to the right 
of the ladder, around the blue container. You'll find a laser switch. 
Take it out. Go behind the sand bags for some health, then come out from 
behind the sand bags, and follow the wall of the large white container 
they're up against. Go around the first corner, put your back up against 
the white container's wall, and slide to the left. You'll see three 
enemies waiting for you. Target the enemy furthest to the left and take 
him out one shot at a time. Remember the other two guys will try to aim 
and shoot before you swing back behind the container each time you 
shoot, so be quick! Once the far left guy is gone, target and take out 
the middle guy, then the guy on the right. Continue around the corner 
and go through the door. Run around the blue container to your left. 
You're in an empty alley with a small building and an explosive barrel 
at the other end. Shoot the barrel as soon as you can see it. The 
building has an open doorway facing into the alley. DO NOT go in the 
doorway, there are two enemies standing inside it. Sneak up to the wall 
just to your side of the doorway, put your back up against it, and pop 
these guys with the swingout technique. Enter the building, go to the 
desk in the corner and get the key. Get the health in the other corner 
if you need it. Walk out of the building and quickly crouch down behind 
the small blue box. Take out the enemy on the other side of the small 
blue box, and stay down. Take out the other enemy behind the low wall to 
your left. If you only hit this guy once, he'll try to run away, so make 
sure you finish him quickly. Go back to the door you came in from and go 
through it. Crouch down and move to the red box on your left. If you're 
lucky, the enemy won't see or hear you, and will just continue 
patrolling past. The next time he walks by, wait for him to turn his 
back on you and pop him. Go around the red crate and put your back up 
against the white wall adjacent to the red crate. Swing out and take out 
the enemy at the top of the ladder. Go around the corner and put your 
back against the white wall. Slide to your right and blow away the three 
guys behind the sand bags. One might reposition himself in front of the 
sand bags, but he won't rush you. Try using your shotgun on these guys, 
they're close together. Go past where the lasers were and through the 
door in the fence. Head up the ramp on your right. You're back in the 
hall with the exploded wall. Immediately run to the red box and crouch 
down. An enemy will position himself on the other side of the box. Don't 
worry, he won't shoot you when you're crouching. Be bold and take him 
out. Use the crates for cover from the enemies behind them. Once the 
first guy is out, move up to the conveyer belt. You'll have three new 
enemies, each one behind a different conveyer belt (near, medium and 
far). Use the crates for cover and start with the nearest enemy. You can 
take out all three with your pistol. Cross the room (around the conveyer 
belts) and go through the door. Go down the hall, through the double 
doors, down the ramp, and make a U-turn. Crouch down behind the small 
blue box and drop the nearest enemy. You can use your submachine gun to 
take out the far enemy from behind the blue box. If you're out of 
submachine gun ammo, you'll have to make a run for it through the 
doorway to the big red container, where you can swingout and waste this 
guy. Note that as soon as you reach the big red container, two new 
enemies will jump off the roof of the building past the container. These 
guys wear all black, and they carry knives. They will run up to you and 
stab you, killing you instantly. They won't hide behind something and 
wait for you to shoot. Be ready for them! Don't put your back against a 
wall, just stand still behind the big red container, facing the corner 
each enemy will have to turn. Have your shotgun loaded and ready, and 
when the first thug in black comes around the corner, blast him-twice if 
you have to. Do it again for the other thug in black. Once they're out 
of the way, continue over to the building they jumped down off of, and 
open the door. You've completed level two!

--->Level 23

Firstly you start out right in front of a helicopter pad, still alive. 
Slowly move your way to the right side of the first crate in front of 
you. Hug agaisn't it, you'll see a terrorist pacing back and forth, when 
he turns around (with his back facing you) nail him with you gun handle. 
Now move to the next crate and hug agaisn't it, when the terrorist turns 
around, nail him with your handle also. Quickly turn around and aim your 
gun at a terrorist on top of the crates making a run for it, it isn't 
Terry Fox, so take him out with a couple of hits. Now sneak up the 
ladder onto the top where the terrostist was making a run for it. A 
video sceen will show you that there is a machien gun post inplacement 
inside the back of a 18 wheeler. Quickly run all the way across with out 
him hitting you, then take the ladder down to the other side of where 
you started off. When you start moving another video sceen occurs, and 
shows you that there is a terrorist and a machien gun post, don't waist
your time, and just run across. Once you get across to the next set of 
crates, another gun placement, and a couple of terrorist wait for your 
appearance, just do the same as you did before and just run across to 
the next part, where another video sceen takes place. It shows a group 
of four trigger happy terrorists, when video sceen is over, crouch run 
to the blue crate then roll over to it. If you do it correctly, then you 
should just see the bullets wisping past you head. Once you have some 
cover, slowly run to the pillar closet to them and get a lock on one of 
them. Hug the pillar, and spin around a take two shots at him (the two 
shot rule, if you go for three they always get you). Work your way 
though all of them till they're all dead. Now run for the door located 
on the right side, go trough it. In this small little room pick up the 
medi pack, if you need it, then open the door going inside. Run up to 
the first pillar and hug agaisn't it, two terrorists will come running 
up from either side. In this case you can just spin around at one, and 
keep on firing at him, because the other guy won't be able to get you. 
Then spin around the other side and take out the other guy. (note: this 
guy usually runs to an explosive crate over near the other pillars, just 
duck once he starts firing, and he'll nick the crate and kill himself). 
Now move up to the next pillar and hug it, another two buddies, will 
come up from either side, just take them out like you did above. Run
the rest of the way down the tunnel, and you'll meet up with a shot law 
leaning agaisn't a wall. He'll force you onto the elevator, and you'll 
get to watch him die with honor. Anyway once you come down, you'll get a 
checkpoint, and will have to battle Gunt.


First, you hug the first column your at and target the helper with the 
boss. Then, pull out your shotgun and blast the helper away, it will 
help to do it first. Then, run across the room verticly to the coloumn 
next to the medkit. If you still have the rocket launcher, pull it out. 
If not, pull out the sub machine gun. Press C-Down to Camera the boss, 
and as she takes her pauses from firing, step out and shoot her. It will 
take awhile, and you may need the medkits, but it's an easy way to kill 
her. The rocket launcher is the easiest to use, but make sure your not 
standing in front of a wall or it will reduce your health to red or 
death. If you follow these steps and common sense, you should have 
beaten that ugly hag, Lila.

--->Sargent Thunder

Sargent Thunder has his self a big ole FlameThrower, uhoh!  And there 
are 3 enemies surrounding, uh oh! When I beat Thunder I ignored those 
badguys up there, and for the most part it works. But Sargent Thunder 
shoots his flamethrower in a certain way. Try to keep Thunder from 
shooting his flamethrower by hitting him constantly, I just thought of 
this, but maybe if you had a C-4 Explosive you could take care of him? 
Also if hes by a box, shoot the box it will hurt his health severlely. 
So basically its trial and error with this guy.


You start off right in the line of his fire so immediately duck.and 
press c-down to lock and pop up and fire he will duck but continue to 
fire at the cans. If you dont blow up the cans quit and restart. Next he 
will run to your left,stay were you are,so you dont turn on the 
lazers.RELOAD. Again fire at him, when he ducks keep firing to blow up 
the cans.If you don't blow up the cans Quit and restart the process.
Now he will run all the way to the boxes on the far right. Pull out your 
Machine gun. and pre aim at the barrels next to him and blow them up If 
you dont blow them up restart. Now run to where the midipack on the 
right is and whip out the shotty. Shoot Dan in the Face until he will probably have no health left when you kill him. Now a 
little movie comes on but you are not done. You start off below Cecil so 
immediately run to the medipack on the left pick it up and run up the 
ramp. Now it gets extremely difficult. Avoiding the lasers by ducking 
walk up the ramp and try to kinda pre aim before popping up to shoot the 
little box thing for the lazer. then run to the stationary gun to 
shoot Cecil to death.  


You start off on the opposite side of the generator as Jin. Shoot him 
the second he comes around the corner then run to the other side of the 
same generator(to keep track of him), because he blows up or shoots out 
fire or some wierd thing to kill you. just keep him coming, after you 
and shoot and run. It will not take long to kill him and he wont kill 
you fast by him shooting you.


You start off right behind a bunch of explosive boxes so run to the 
right immediately. Lure his bullets to the gas can by the pillar by 
staying be hind it ata good distance. Once he blows up the can hide be 
hind the pillar. Use the back to the wall and pop out technique to shoot 
him if you have a shot gun use it. after he is about 3 quarters  the way 
dead run back to the starting point the boxes should be blown up 
already,do not try to shoot him on the way or he goes crazy and doesnt 
pause shooting he just spreads lead everywere.once you are behind the 
pillar use the pop out technique to shoot him again. Now he will go 
crazy and shoot all over the place from right to left  once he is 
firing towards the right hand of the screen pop out and cap him good. If 
you have a shot gun do this a couple more times and you will kill him. 
If not run toward the frontleft side  and hide behind that pillar after 
he blows up the explosives. Pop out when he is firing toward the 
opposite side of the screen, he should die be fore you have to run again 
but if not run toward the right and hide behind that pillar and do the 
same as all the other pillars. 


You start off in the middle of a room. immediately run right avoiding 
his rockets (try to stay a little ways from the wall or the rockets will 
explode and kill you. then shoot him and run righ up next  to him,shoot 
him again, run to the other side of him and shoot him. Reapeat this 
proces as close as possible to him.If you do this all right you can beat 
him without getting hurt.Try to use the shot gun since it takes off the 
most damage. 

--->CheatsGet all the Multiplayer Characters

At the main menu when it says press start, press Up, Down, Down, Right,
Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Left, C-Up + Start. 

--->Extra medkit

In the beginning of the game when you get your first ammunition pack, do 
not kill the bad guy. If you hide behind the crate where the ammuntion 
pack is, he will put a medical kit on the table in the right corner of 
the room. 

--->Flame Thrower In Multi-Player Mode

First you have to unlock the boss characters. Then while playing in 
multi player mode choose Thunder as your character. Now while in the 
game press R to raise weapon, then press the reload button to fire your 
Flame Thrower. 

--->Greater lock-on range for pistol

If you need a farther lock on for your pistol, switch to your machine 
gun and then switch back to your pistol. You will then be locked on. 

--->One-Hit kills

Beat the game on hard difficulty with the best ending and Sudden Death 
Mode opens up, where one hit kills (you, enemies, bosses, objects). 

--->Trial Mode (Level Select)

To unlock the Trial Mode to play all of the levels in WinBack without 
beating the game, enter this code: At the "Press Start" screen, enter 
the following: (On the Directional Pad)- Up, Down x2, Right x3, Left x4, 
then hold C-Down and press Start. You must do this before the 
movie/cutscene starts playing or the code will not work. After a message 
about a Controller Pak, you chould hear a gunshot which tells you that 
the code worked. Trial Mode should now be available in the menu. 

--->Unlimited Ammo

If you beat the game on the normal difficulty level, you may play the 
game with Max Power. This gives you infinite ammo for every weapon. 

--->Game Shark CodesEndingCredits

--->Until Next Time
Well that is the end of this guide. If you can help me clean it up or 
have anything to help contribute to this guide, please E-Mail me at 

I will not be answering any questions on this game at this time. If you 
send me any they will be deleted.