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*           WWF Attitude FAQ            *
*          For Nintendo 64              *
*            Revision 1.5               *
*            By Gruel                   *
*         dkulas@hotmail.com            *
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Version History

---Version 1.5---
Added Finisher Combos for Austin, The Rock, Mankind, Edge, D-Lo Brown, 
Kane, Val Venis, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, & X-Pac. Courtesy of gamepro.com
Added controls also courtesy of Gamepro.com

---Version 1.0---
First Release, Everything New

FAQ Contents

I. Introduction
II. Game Modes
III. Create-a-Wrestler
IV. Career Mode
V. Create-a-PPV
VI. Match Modifier
VII. Controls
VIII. Finisher's Quick Reference
IX. Cheats, Tips, & Tricks
X. Game Shark Codes
XI. Wrestler's Profiles
XII. WWF TV Schedule
XIII. Credits

I. Introduction

Attitude for N64 and PSX is scheduled for a September 1, 1999 release, 
and since I don't have a copy of the game most of this stuff in this 
early version of the FAQ will come out of the coverage that Nintendo 
Power did for in Volume 123. I will get a lot more in this FAQ once the 
game comes out in stores. 

II. Game Modes(* = New mode that wasn't in Warzone for N64)

This is your regular one-on-one matchup. Each players selects a wrestler 
and sets the rules and dukes it out.

---Tag Team--- 
Your regular 2-on-2 matchup with one person from each team in the ring 
and getting your partner in with the tag.

This is a tag match with all 4 men in the ring and you have to win by 
eliminating both members of a team. 

Just like a handicap match, but with all players in the ring.

This is the mode for experts only. You better have the guts to take on 
three guys in the ring at the same time.

A regulat one-on-one match, but with two computer players outside the 
ring to beat the crap out of you once you get thrown out.

One man takes on a team of 4 wrestlers, one-by-one until they all are 

---Tag Gauntlet*---
One tag team takes on 4 tag teams, one-by-one until all teams are 

---Survivor Series*---
A 4-on-4 elimination match with tag team rules.

---Royal Rumble---
A 30-man over the top-rope elimination battle royal.

---Battle Royal*---
Just like Royal Rumble where you have to throw your opponents over the 
top rope, but with only has 4 wrestlers in total that you start out 

A 4 person free-for-all where you can eliminate others by pin or 

---Stable Match*---
This is exactly like War mode, but each wrestler is a member of a 4-man 
team. Once a member of a team is eliminated a new one will come in until 
all members of a team are gone.

---Triple Threat*---
Just like War mode, but with 3 wrestlers in the ring.

Just like Triple Threat mode, but the match ends after only one wrestler 
is gone after administring your wrestler's elimination move.

---King of the Ring*---
This mode is an 8-man tournament based on the WWF June spectacular.

III. Create-a-Wrestler

Create-a-Wrestler is back and is better than ever! Here's a look at what 
you can customize. I hope to include a Create-a-Wrestler in this FAQ 
once the game comes out.

Remember in Warzone's Create-a-Wrestler where if you choose to customize 
the head, all you can do is pick from a hairstyle, skin color, choose an 
accesorie, and about 5 facial layouts. Well, now when you choose head 
you can customize the Hair, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Beard, Mask, plus 

And besides just picking a moveset of a wrestlerlike you did in Warzone, 
you can also pick how much damage each move does. 

Their is also many ways you can choose your wrestling personality by 
choosing you entrance music, run-in partner, fighting style and much 

Their is also 6 categories to distribute your attribute points into 
which are: Strength, Toughness, Recovery, Speed, Mat Skills, and 

IV. Career Mode

Details of this mode are sketchy right now, but you pick a wrestler, and 
he starts off as a WWF rookie working House Shows and Shotgun telecasts. 
Then as you move your way up the ranks of the WWF, you'll make it on 
Heat and RAW telecasts, and even make it on a PPV. You'll also work your 
way through the WWF titles with European title first, then the 
Intercontanental Title, and finally the World Championship. I'll get 
more details on this mode once the game is available.

V. Create-a-PPV

This is a very unique option in Attitude. You get to name the event. 
Pick all the matchups you want for it. 

You also get to edit the stadium you're gonna wrestle in by editing the 
arena lights, entrance color, ring apron, side curtains, Pad Color, Post 
Color, Post Color, Rope Color, Stage Apron, Entrance Sign, and Scaffold 

VI. Match Modifier

Before every match you can make your own stipulations with the match 
modifier in Attitude. 

For options you turn the intros on or off, turn TKO's on or off, Set a 
time limit, Pick an arena, and pick a way you want to win a match. Here 
are the options that you can choose to win by:

Iron Man Match: Most wins in a certain amount of time
Cage Match: First person to get out of the cage wins
Weapons: Play with weapons anywhere and not get DQ'd
I Quit Match: Win by making your opponent say "I quit"
First Blood: Wrestler who bleeds first loses
Finisher Only: Wrestler who executes his finisher first, wins.
Falls 2 out of 3: Whoever gets 2 falls first, wins.
None: Have none of the stipulations above on and play the match as it 
would be.

VII. Controls

L Button: Sidestep Left
R button: Sidestep Right
A: Kick
B: Punch
Bottom C: Block
Right C: Run
Left C: Tie Up
Top C: Climb in/out of ring, climb top rope

VIII. Finisher's Quick Reference Sheet

Right now I got combo's for 10 of the 40 wrestler's Trademark and 
Finisher moves. Please note Trademark moves can only be done if your 
opponent's health meter is in yellow or red, and the finisher can only 
be done when it's in red. All directions for moves are when your 
opponent is to the right to you. (Note: If a move listed facing an 
opponent doesn't work try doing it in a tie-up and vice versa.)

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Trademark Move: Piledriver(While facing opponent tap Right, Left, Down, 
Top C)
Finishing Move: Stone Cold Stunner:(While facing opponent tap, Up, Down, 
Up, Left C)

Shawn Michaels: Sweet Chin Music

Trademark Move: Double Arm DDT(While facing opponent tap  Right, Left,
Down, B)
Finisher: Mandible Claw(While facing opponent tap Right, Left, Dpwn,
Left C or Right, Left, Down, Left C)  

Owen Hart: Sharpshooter

Hunter Hearst Helmsley: Pedigree

D-Lo Brown
Trademark Move: Sky High(while facing opponent tap Up, Down, A)
Finishing Move: Lo-Down(when opponent is on ground and you're on the 
turnbuckle simultaneously tap Left C + Bottom C)

"The Rock" Rocky Maivia
Trademark Move: People's Elbow(Above a fallen opponent tap A)
Finishing Move: Rock Bottom(While facing opponent tap Right, Left, Down,
Left C or Left, Right, Down, Left C) 

The Big Boss Man: The Boss Man Slam

Bradshaw: Clothesline from Hell

Faarooq: Dominator

Trademark Move: Chokeslam(In a tie-up tap Right, Left, B)
Finishing Move: Tombstone Piledriver(While Facing opponent tap Up, Up, 
Down, Left C)

The Undertaker: Tombstone Piledriver

Goldust: Curtain Call

Trademark Move: Bronco Buster(While Opponent is stunned at turnbuckle 
tap Up, Down, B)
Finishing Move: X-Factor(While Facing Opponent tap Up, Down, B)

"Too Sexy" Brian Christopher: Tennessee Jam off Top Turnbuckle

Jerry "The King" Lawler: The Piledriver

Thrasher: La Sillia

Mosh: Moshpit off Top Turnbuckle

"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn
Trademark Move: Ass Kisser(While opponent is stunned at turnbuckle tap 
Up, Up, A)
Finishing Move: Fame Asser(While Facing opponent tap Right, Left, Right, 

"Road Dogg" Jesse James
Trademark Move: Crazy Legs Kneedrop(While above a fallen opponent tap 
Right, Left, Left C)
Finishing Move: Stretch Armstrong(aka Pumphandle Slam, while behind an 
opponent press right, left, A)  

Mark Henry: Death from Above

Ken Shamrock: Ankle Lock

Paul Bearer: 450 Splash

Jeff Jarrett: Figure-4 Leglock

Jacqueline: Kamikaze Headbutt

"Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman: Running Air Kick

Chyna: Groin Smash

Droz: New Jersey Naptime

Val Venis
Trademark Move: Pornplex(while in a tie-up tap right, B)
Finishing Move: Money Shot(while opponent is down and you're on top 
turnbuckle simultaneously press A + B) 

Trademark Move: Dragon Suplex(While facing Opponent tap Right, Down, B 
or Left, Down, B) 
Finishing Move: Downward Spiral(While facing opponent tap  Up, Down, A)

Sable: Powerbomb

"Marvelous" Marc Mero: The TKO

Sgt. Slaughter: Cobra Clutch

Taka Michinoku: Michinoku Driver

Kuurgan: Bearhug Slam

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams: Oklahoma Stampede

Gangrel: Implan DDT

Al Snow: Snowplow

"The Godfather" Kama Mustafa: The Pimp Drop

Christian: Gothic Face Drop

IX. Cheats, Tips, & Tricks

I'll get cheats in this section once they become available.

X. Game Shark Codes

I'll get Game Shark Codes in this section once they become available.

XI. Wrestler's Profiles(as of July 28, 1999)

I divided the wrestlers into 5 groups: The Main Eventers, The Mid-
Carders, Low Card/Jobbers, Women, and Officials/Managers

The Main Eventers

Name: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin        
Height: 6'2"                       
Weight: 252 pounds                     
From: Victoria, Texas                   
Finisher: Stone Cold Stunner         
WWF Titles Held: World Title(4),        
Tag Title(3) with Shawn Michaels,    
Dude Love, & Undertaker,
Intercontanental Title(2)

Name: The Undertaker
Height: 6'10" 
Weight: 328 pounds
From: Death Valley
Finisher: Tombstone Piledriver
WWF Titles Held: World Title(3),
Tag Title with Steve Austin

Name: Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Height: 6'4"                    
Weight: 246 Pounds              
From: Greenwich, Conneticuit          
Finisher: The Pedigree               
WWF Titles Held: Intercontanental        
Title(2), European Title(2)              

Name: Kane
Height: 7'
Weight: 326 pounds
From: ???
Finisher: Tombstone Piledriver
WWF Titles Held: World Title, 
Tag Title(3) with Mankind(2), & X-Pac

Name: Mankind                           
Height: 6'2"                           
Weight: 287 pounds                     
From: The Boiler Room               
Finisher: The Mandible Claw              
WWF Titles Held: Tag Title(4) with      
Steve Austin, Terry Funk, & Kane(2),     
Hardcore Title, World Title(2)

Name: "The Rock" Rocky Maivia
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 275 pounds
From: Miami, Florida
Finisher: The Rock Bottom
WWF Titles Held: Intercontanental 
Title(2), World Title(3)

The Mid-Carders

Name: Owen Hart
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Finisher: The Sharpshooter
WWF Titles held: European Title, Intercontanental
Title(2), Tag Title(3) with Yokozuna, British
Bulldog, and Jeff Jarrett

Name: Ken Shamrock
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 235 pounds
From: Sacremonto, California
Finisher: The Ankle-Lock Submission
WWF Titles Held: Intercontanental Title, 
Tag Title with Big Boss Man

Name: X-Pac                       
Height: 6'                        
Weight: 222 pounds               
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota          
Finisher: X-Factor                
WWF Titles Held: European Title(2),   
Tag Title(3) with Marty Jannetty,  
Bob Holly, & Kane 

Name: "Road Dogg" Jesse James
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 236 pounds
From: Nashville, Tennessee
Finisher: Pump Handle Slam
WWF Titles Held: Tag Title(3) 
with Billy Gunn(3), Hardcore Title, 
Intercontanental Title

Name: "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn           
Height: 6'4"                          
Weight: 270 pounds                       
From: Austin, Texas                  
Finisher: Fameasser                     
WWF Titles Held: Tag Title(6) with   
Bart Gunn(3), & Road Dogg(3), 
Hardcore Title

Name: Goldust
Height: 6'6"
From: Hollywood, California
Finisher: Shattered Dreams
WWF Titles Held: Intercontanental Title(2)

Name: Val Venis                         
Height: 6'4"                         
Weight: 250 pounds                   
From: Las Vegas, Nevada                 
Finisher: The Money Shot             
WWF Titles Held: Intercontanental   

Name: Edge                            
Height: 6'4"                             
Weight: 240 pounds                   
From: ???                              
Finisher: Downward Spiral               
WWF Titles Held: Intercontanental 

Name: The Big Boss Man
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 290 pounds
From: Cobb County, Georgia
Finisher: The Big Boss Man Slam
WWF Titles Held: Hardcore Title(2), 
Tag Title with Ken Shamrock

Name: Al Snow                       
Height: 6'1"                           
Weight: 234 pounds                      
From: Lima, Ohio                      
Finisher: The Snowplow                   
WWF Titles Held: Hardcore Title          

Name: "The Godfather" Kama Mustafa
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 320 pounds
From: Las Vegas, Nevada
Finisher: The Pimp Drop
WWF Titles Held: Intercontanental Title

Name: Jeff Jarrett
Height: 6'1"      
Weight: 230 pounds
From: Nashville, Tennessee
Finisher: Figure-Four Leglock Submission
WWF Titles Held: Tag Title with Owen Hart,
Intercontanental Title(4)

Name: D-Lo Brown
Finisher: Lo-Down off Top Turnbuckle
WWF Titles Held: European Title(3)

Name: Bradshaw
Finisher: Clothesline from Hell
WWF Titles Held: Tag Title with Faarooq

Name: Faarooq
Finisher: Dominator
WWF Titles Held: Tag Title with Bradshaw

Name: Mark Henry
Finisher: Death from Above
WWF Titles Held: None

Name: "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman
Finisher: Running Air Kick
WWF Titles Held: None

Name: Droz
From: New Jersey
Finisher: New Jersey Naptime
WWF Titles Held: None

Name: "Marvelous" Marc Mero
Finisher: The TKO
WWF Titles Held: Intercontanental Title

Name: "Dr. Death" Steve Williams
From: Oklahoma
Finisher: Oklahoma Stampede
WWF Titles Held: None

Low Card/Jobbers

Name: Taka Michinoku
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 206 pounds
From: Iwate, Japan
Finisher: The Michinoku Driver
WWF Titles Held: Light Heavyweight Title

Name: Gangrel                  
Height: 6'2"                           
Weight: 250 pounds                       
From: Unknown                                
Finisher: Implant DDT             
WWF Titles Held: None

Name: Christian
From: Unknown 
Finisher: Gothic Face Drop
WWF Titles Held: Light Heavyweight Title

Name: Kuurgan
Height: 7'0"
Finisher: Bearhug Slam
WWF Titles Held: None

Name: Mosh
From: His own Private Hell
Finisher: Moshpit off Top Turnbuckle
WWF Titles Held: Tag Title with Thrasher

Name: Thrasher
From: His own Private Hell
Finisher: La Sillia
WWF Titles Held: Tag Title with Mosh

Name: "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher
From: Memphis, Tennessee
Finisher: Tennessee Jam off Top Turnbuckle
WWF Titles Held: None


Name: Sable                     
Finisher: Powerbomb                
WWF Titles Held: Womens Title

Name: Jacquelyn
Finisher: Kamikaze Headbutt
WWF Titles Held: Womens Title

Name: Chyna
Finisher: Groin Smash
WWF Titles Held: None

Backstage Official/Managers

Name: Shawn Michaels
From: San Antonio, Texas
Finisher: Sweet Chin Music
WWF Titles Held: Tag Title(4) with Marty
Jannetty, Diesel(2), and Steve Austin,
Intercontanental Title(3), World Title(3)

Name: Jerry "The King" Lawler
From: Memphis, Tennessee
Finisher: The Piledriver
WWF Titles Held: None

Name: Paul Bearer
Finisher: 450 Splash
WWF Titles Held: None

Name: Sgt. Slaughter
Finisher: Cobra Clutch
WWF Titles Held: World Title

XII. WWF US TV Schedule(All times are in Central US Time)

Monday: RAW, USA Network, 8pm-10pm
Thursday: Smackdown, UPN Network, 7pm-9pm(coming this fall)
Saturday: Livewire, USA Network, 9am-10am
Saturday: WWF Shotgun Saturday Night, check Local Listings(Shotgun will 
end August 31, 1999)
Saturday: WWF Jakked, Check Local Listings(Jakked will start in 
Saturday: WWF Metal, Check Local Listings(Metal will start in September)
Sunday: WWF Superstars, USA Network, 9am-10am
Sunday: WWF Sunday Night Heat, USA Network, 6pm-7pm

XIII. Credits

WWF Attitude is developed by Acclaim Studios Austin(Formerly Iguana, 
Formerly Sculptured Software) and published by Acclaim

WWF Attitude, World Wrestling Federation, and its logos are trademarks 
of Titan Sports Inc. 
Copywright 1999 Titan Sports, Inc. 

Gangrel created by White Wolf, Inc. 
All Rights Reserved

This FAQ was made by "Gruel" Dale Kulas
Copywright 1999
All other sites may use this FAQ on there site as long as they ask 
permission, give credit to me, Dale Kulas
and with my e-mail adress, dkulas@hotmail.com        
Make sure to visit my site too, DX/NWO Wrestling