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*** Wetrix - The FAQ ***
Author: marshmallow (

Wetrix, in a word, is a blast! Fun, addicting gameplay, like the old 
days. Not really the best game to write a FAQ for...but hey, who's going 
to stop me?

Shortly before releasing this FAQ I found the official Wetrix Website! 
It can be found at

It's a lot better than this FAQ, mainly because of the High Score tables 
from around the world (some astounding amount of points in there!). I 
suggest you check it out, it's the best Official Game Site I've ever 

Version 1.0
First release

1) Options
2) Gameplay
3) Items
4) Tips and Tricks
5) Secrets 
6) Credits
7) Legal Stuff
8) Final Notes/Final Notes

1) Options

2) Gameplay

This game is sorta like Tetris...Pieces fall from the sky and they can 
stack up against each other. The similarties end there.

The object of the game is to get as many points as possible, and this is 
accompished by making lakes, rivers, and yes, even oceans. How is this 
accompished? Well, pieces will fall - one at a time - and you control 
where they go on a 3D enviroemtn (a flat piece of land). You stack the 
pieces up to make walls, damns, cayons, containers, and more. After a 
few seconds of this, pieces will be replaced (not 100%, they will still 
come down) by even more objects! The focus being water. Guide it into 
the containers and such that you have made. If there is even a tony 
leak, or it gets to high, it will overflow/leak out and run off the map. 
If this happens, a small beaker on the right hand side of the screen 
will start to fill with water, when it is filled to the brim the 
game/level is over.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Sorry, there's more to it than that...

On the left hand side is the Earthquake Meter. Everytime you stack down 
a piece, it raises a little. Now, this is hard to do, but after you lay 
down a ton or so of pieces, the Earthquake Meter will fill and an 
Earthquake will occur, destroying nearly all of the containers and 
surely ruining the level. 

But you need points! You get a few dozen points for daming more and more 
water, but what you really need are ducks and rainbows! Confused? Good. 
CHeck out the next section.

3) Items

Rainbows - Dam large quantites of water, usually an "ocean" which covers 
almost the entire level, and you get a Rainbow! A shimmering array of 
colors will fly over it...ah. Now any pints you will receive will be 
multiplied by 10! You can get multiple rainbows over one ocean, so you 
can rack up the points...

Rubber Ducks - Get some water that is deep and you get a rubber ducky 
with hilarious sound effects! The best way to do this is to stack up two 
hollow square pieces. A Ducky will multiple your points by two...Try 
using this with Rainbows!!

But, what about those other items that fall down! Well, here ya go...

Bombs - Bombs, which look more like missiles, fall from the sky very 
quickly, so try to control them the best you can. 

Pros: Knocks off land, therefor reducing the Earthquake meter. 
Cons: Makes holes in the ground, which water can escape through at 
astoudning rates! If a bomb falls through a hole, a strange reaction 
will occur where three bombs will automatically fall from the sky and 
make holes in your land...not a good idea. THis is called a rebomb.

Fireball - These are quite slow, and have some nice graphical effects 
when landing.

Pros: If this touches water, it will vapourize it and give you points! 
Great when the water is coming too quickly or the water is 
overflowing...This item also behaves like a bomb and knocks off pieces 
of land, but does NOT make holes.
Cons: Um...uh...Yeah.

Ice Cubes - You can't control these...

Pros: If it hits water it will freeze it, so you won't have to worry 
about it. If it hits dry land you'll get bonus points!
Cons: If it hits water, you don't get any points :)

Mines - Like Cubes, you don't have any control over them.

Pros: None.
Cons: They blow up and act like bombs. If they land in water, which is 
usually rare, they won't do anything.

Uppers - These are the pieces that fall down and you use to make dams 
and stuff like that.

Downers - These will make Upper Pieces dissappear! Useful when trying to 
make oceans, since you can start out small, make a mountain of pieces, 
then break a path in between and connect it all! Confused, yet again? 
Well, you'd know if you were playing the game...
4) Tips and Tricks

THis is the best way to gain points, as it is the easiest, but it gets 
more difficult as more elements are introduced. First build a peremeter 
wall around the playing field so no water can escape, then concentrate 
on making duckies. Just out two hollow squares toegther and then fill it 
up! I would advise only making about four or five duckie lakes, because 
you still want some rainbows, and besides, your earthquake meter can 
stand it! Put any strange or useless blocks (i.e. T shaped ones) in a 
corner, then when a bomb comes, blow her up over there! Now your water 
should be fine...WHen the ice starts to come, put a piece of land where 
it will land IF it is going to fall in the "rainbow lake." Now whenever 
cubes fall there you'll get bonus just continue on until 
your game is over.

5) Secrets