WCW Nirto FAQ & Stratagy guide message: \ / /~~~ \ / \ /\ / / \ /\ / \ / \ / \ \ / \ / \/ \/ \____ \/ \/ ======================================== |\ | | ~~~~~~~ |~~~~| |~~~~~| | \ | | | | | | | | \ | | | |~\~~ | | | \ | | | | \ | | | \| | | | \ ~~~~~~~ Stratagy Guide By. Way Too Index ======= 1.Modes of Play 2.Codes 3.Basic Manuvers 4.Signiture Manuvers 5.Unlocking Order 6.Credits 7.Closing 1. Modes of Play ============= 1P Tournament- You fight for the WCW Heavyweight belt. This is the mode which you use to unlock the hidden characters. 1P Exhibition- Fight a single match against the CPU 1P Tag Team- Your tag team VS. The CPU's tag team 2P Vs.- You VS. Another player 2P Tag Team- Your tag team VS. Another players tag team Battle Royal- 30 man Free for all.Throw your opponent over the top rope to eliminate. 2. Codes ===== Note: All codes entered in first menue where mean gene is talking and all will have a confrimation voice excluding the Instant win code. Unlock all wrestlers- C>,C>,C>,C>,C<,C<,C<,C<,R,R,R,R,L,L,L,L,Z Secret Rings- C>,R,C>,R,Z.You will then here Savage, and the ring will change. Now use Z to cycle through all the rings. Big Head Mode- C>,C>,C>,C>,C>,C>,C>,R,Z. Swelling Head Mode- C<,C<,C<,C<,C<,C<,C<,L,Z. Big Heads, Hands, and Feet- R,R,R,R,R,R,R,C>,Z. Huge Head Mode- C>,C>,C>,C>,C<,C>,C<,C>,Z. Instant Win- In the character select screen, enter: C<,C>,L,R,Z. Depending on what character you had highlighted you will get one of the hidden wrestlers. 3. Basic Manuvers ============== Note: Moves are when your wreslter is facing the right side of your screen. Switch any L or R commands(With the d-pad not the C buttons) if your wrestler is facing the left side of your screen. _||_ | _ _ | || | | Key: U = Up | B = B Button C/\ = C Up D = Down | A = A Button C\/ = C Down L = Left | LT = Left Button C< = C Left R = Right | RT = Right Button C> = C Right + = Only Big Wrestlers = = Only Smalled Wrestlers Standing Opponent on Ground C/\ = Chop RT = Pin C< = Puch C< = Elbow Drop C\/ = Kick C/\ = Leg Drop C> = Action C\/ = Knee Drop LT = Block D,C\/ = Stomp A = Switch Focus L,C> = Drag Opponent B = Taunt U,C> = Lift Opponent Up Z = Call for help After Throwing Into Ropes Off of The Top Rope L,C> = Throw into ropes C< = Jumping Elbow Drop C< = Clothesline C/\ = Gulotine Leg Drop C/\ = Spinning Heel Kick C\/ = Jumping Knee Drop D,C\/ = Missile Dropkick Opponent Dazed in Turnbuckle C< = Elbow C/\ = Chop C\/ = Knee D,C\/ = Forearm R,C/\,C/\ = Boot Choke + L,C>,C> Repeatedly = Ten Puckes Standing Moves D,C\/ = Dropkick L,C\/,C> = Throw out of ring L,C< = Hiptoss U,C< = Snapmare C/\,C< = Belly-to-Belly Suplex D,C<,C/\ = Backbreaker U,C/\,C/\ = Scoop Slam D,C/\ = Ab Stretch U,C/\,C> = Gorilla Press Slam* C<,C\/ = Powerbomb C/\,C> = Piledriver L,C/\ = Vertical Suplex U,C<,C/\ = Head Scissors = L,C<,C\/ = Frankensteiner = 4. Signature Manuvers ================== * = Standing with meter flashing red ** = On mat with meter flashing red *** = Lying on the mat with you on the turnbuckel + = After being whipped into the corner ++ = Dazed in corner Hollywood Hogan ---------------------------------------------- Knee Bashes Big Boot+ Hogan Leg Drop** C\/,C>,C> C/\,C/\,C/\ U, C<, C<, C\/ Bret Hart ---------------------------------------------- Leg Sweep A. Headbutt Sharpshooter** C<,C<,C< C/\,C<,C< D, C<, C/\, C< Sting --------------------------------------------- Death Drop S. Splash++ Scorpion Death Lock** C/\,C/\,C> C\/,C>,C\/ D, C<, C\/, C< Lex Lugar --------------------------------------------- Mahhattan Drop Forearm+ Toture Rack* C\/,C\/,C> C/\,C/\,C/\ U,C/\, C<, C/\ Giant --------------------------------------------- 1 H. Pancake 2 H. Choke Choke Slam* C<,C/\,C/\ U,C/\,C< U, C\/, C>, C> DDP --------------------------------------------- Tilt a Wirl Pancake Diamond Cutter* C<,C<,C\/ C/\,C>,C> U, C\/, C\/, C> Raven --------------------------------------------- Cheap Shot Armdrag Evenflow* C<,C\/,C< R,C\/,C> D, R, C/\, C/\ Saturn --------------------------------------------- Saturn Driver Gargoyle Suplex DVD* C\/,C>,C\/ R,C\/,C> U, C\/, C\/, C\/ Goldberg --------------------------------------------- G.Press Slam Spear JackHammer* C/\,C>,C> D,C/\,C>,C> U, C/\, C/\, C/\ Kevin Nash --------------------------------------------- Side Slam Choke Jacknife PB* C<,C<,C/\ U,C/\,C< U, C<, C\/, C< Scott Hall --------------------------------------------- Heatbutt Fallaway S. Outsiders Edge* C\/,C<,C< L,C/\,C> U, C<, C<, C\/ Curt Hennig --------------------------------------------- Belly-Back Snap Suplex Hennig Plex* U,C\/,C< C\/,C\/,C< L, C/\, C/\, C< "Macho Man" Randy Savage -------------------------------------------- Face Smash Macho Suplex Flying Elbow Drop*** C<,C\/,C\/ C/\,C/\,C< U, C/\, C>, C/\ "Big Pappa Pump"Rick Steiner ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Spine Buster Powerslam Gargoyle Suplex Football Tackle* D,C/\,C> C<,C<,C< L,C\/,C\/ D, C/\, C> , C> Scott Steiner ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Forearms D.Underhook Suplex Gargoyle Suplex Steiner Relcliner** C/\,C/\,C/\ C\/,C\/,C\/ L,C\/,C\/ D, C<, C<, C/\ "Milliniam Man"Chris Jericho ------------------------------------------------- Body Scissors Swinging Head Scissor Lion Tamer** L,C\/,C< C/\,C<,C/\ D, C<, C<, C< Brian Adams ----------------------------------------------------- Tilt a Whirl Gorilla Press Slam German Suplex* C<,C<,C\/ C/\,C>,C> U, C\/, C>, C\/ British Bulldog ---------------------------------------------------- Leg Sweep Atomic Headbutt Death Valley Driver* C<,C<,C< C/\,C<,C< U, C\/, C\/, C\/ Booker T -------------------------------------------------- Scissor Kick Harlem Flip Death Valley Driver* U,C/\,C< C/\,C>,C/\ U, C\/, C\/, C\/ "Man of 1000 Holds"Dean Malenko ------------------------------------------------ Spinebuster Snap Suplex Texas Cloverleaf** D,C/\,C> C\/,C\/,C< L, C/\, C<, L Wrath ------------------------------------------------- Knee Bashes Gorilla Press Slam Beat Down* C\/,C>,C> C/\,C>,C> U, C/\, C/\, C/\ Ultimo Dragon ---------------------------------------------------------- Body Scissors Swinging Head Scissors Steiner Recliner** L,C\/,C< C/\,C<,C/\ D, C<, C<, C/\ Billy Kidman ------------------------------------------------------ Atomic Drop Flying Headbutt DDT* C\/,C\/,C> U,C<,C/\,C/\ D, R, C/\, C/\ The Disciple ---------------------------------------------- Knee Bashes Fallaway S. The Apocalypse* C\/,C>,C> L,C/\,C> U, C\/, C\/, C> "Canadian Crippler" Chris Benoit ---------------------------------------------------------- German Suplex Flying Headbutt Crippler Crossface* C<,C/\,C< U,C<,C/\,C/\ L, C/\, C/\, C< Scott Norton ------------------------------------------------ Knee Bashes Fallaway S. Beat Bown* C\/,C>,C> L,C/\,C> U, C/\, C/\, C/\ K-Dawg Konnan --------------------------------------------- Power Slam D.Underhook Lion Tamer** C\/,C>,C\/ C\/,C\/,C\/ D, C<, C<, C< Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart ----------------------------------------------- Leg Sweep Snap Suplex Football Tackle* C<,C<,C< C\/,C\/,C< D, C/\, C>, C> "Rowdy"Roddy Piper -------------------------------------------------- Leg Sweep Shoulder Toss Crippler Crossface* C<,C<,C< C/\,C>,C/\ L, C/\, C/\, C< Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell ----------------------------------------------- Death Drop Snap Suplex Hennig Plex* C/\,C/\,C> C\/,C\/,C< L, C/\, C/\, C< Kanyon ---------------------------------------------- Spear Pancake Outsiders Edge* D,C/\,C>,C> C/\,C>,C> U, C<, C<, C\/ Alex Wright ----------------------------------------------- Pancake Shoulder Toss German Suplex* C<,C<,C\/ C/\,C>,C/\ U, C\/, C>, C\/ Eddy Guerrero ---------------------------------------------- Body Scissors Huricanrana Frog Splash*** L,C\/,C< C/\,C<,C/\ U, C/\, C>, C> Van Hammer ------------------------------------------------------- Knee Bashes Gorilla Press s. Beat Down* C\/,C>,C> C/\,C>,C. U, C/\, C/\, C/\ Stevie Ray ------------------------------------------------ Spear Shoulder Toss Beat Down* D,C/\,C>,C> C/\,C>,C/\ U, C/\, C/\, C/\ Scotty Riggs ------------------------------------------------ Death Drop Powerslam Texas Cloverleaf** C/\,C/\,C> C<,C<,C< L, C/\, C<, L Horace Hogan ------------------------------------------------ Spear Fallaway S. JackHammer* D,C/\,C>,C> L,C/\,C> U, C/\, C/\, C/\ Rey Mysterio Jr. ----------------------------------------------- Body Scissors Huricanrana Hennig Plex* L,C\/,C< C/\,C<,C/\ L, C/\, C/\, C< Lodi ---------------------------------------------- Juvi Driver Gargoyle S. DDT* C\/,C>,C\/ L,C\/,C\/ D, R, C/\, C/\ Sick Boy ---------------------------------------------- German Suplex Toss Spear* C<,C/\,C< C/\,C/\,C< D, C/\, C>, C> Disco Inferno ---------------------------------------------- German Suplex Gargoyle S. DDT* C,,C/\,C< L,C\/,C\/ D, L, C/\, C/\ Ernest "The Cat" Miller --------------------------------------------- Body Scissors Huricanrana Lion Tamer** L,C\/,C< C/\,C<,C/\ D, C<, C<, C< The Barbarian --------------------------------------------- Knee Bashes Shoulder Toss German Suplex* C\/,C>,C> C/\,C>,C/\ U,C\/,C>,C\/ Meng ----------------------------------------------- Headbutt Big Boot+ Beat Down* C\/,C<,C< C/\,C/\,C/\ U, C/\, C/\, C/\ Fit Finley --------------------------------------------------- Leg Sweep Shoulder Toss Death Valley Driver* C<,C<,C< C/\,C>,C/\ U, C\/, C\/, C\/ Reese ---------------------------------------------- Side Slam Choke Choke Slam* C<,C<,C/\ U,C/\,C< U, C\/, C>, C> Chavo Guerrero Jr. ---------------------------------------------- Body Scissors Huricanrana DDT* L,C\/,C< C/\,C<,C/\ D, L, C/\, C/\ La Parka ------------------------------------------------ Side Slam Pancake JackHammer* C<,C<,C\/ C/\,C>,C> U, C/\, C/\, C/\ Eric Bischoff ---------------------------------------------------- Cheap Shot A. Headbutt Flying Elbow Drop*** C<,C\/,C< C/\,C<,C, U, C/\,C>, C/\ Mean Gene Okerlund --------------------------------------------------- Face Smash Overhead Armdrag Toture Rack* C<,C\/,C\/ R,C\/,C> U, C/\, C<, C/\ Miss Elizabeth ---------------------------------------------------- Atomic Drop A. Headbutt Flying Elbow Drop*** C\/,C\/,C> C/\,C<,C< U, C/\, C>, C/\ "The Enforcer"Arn Anderson ---------------------------------------------- Spinebuster Powerslam DDT* D,C/\,C> C<,C<,C< D, R, C/\, C/\ Bobby Heenan ------------------------------------------------ Spinebuster Snap S. Buzzkiller* D,C/\,C> C\/,C\/,C< D, C\/, C>, C\/ Kimberly ------------------------------------------------ Atomic Drop A. Headbutt Hennig Plex* C\/,C\/,C> C/\,C<,C< L, C/\, C/\, C< Larry Zbysko -------------------------------------------------- Beat Down D.Underhook Crippler Crossface* C/\,C/\,C/\ C\/,C\/,C\/ L, C/\, C/\, C< Sonny Onoo ---------------------------------------------- Scissor Kick Huricanrana Frog Splash*** U.C/\,C< C/\,C<,C/\ U, C/\, C>, C> Steve "Mongo" McMichael --------------------------------------------- Side Slam Shoulder Toss German Suplex* C<,C<,C\/ C/\,C>,C/\ U, C\/, C>, C\/ Kaz Hayashi ----------------------------------------------- Body Scissors Huricanrana Sharpshooter** L,C\/,C< C/\,C<,C/\ D, C<, C/\, C< Jimmy Hart ---------------------------------------------------- Powerslam Armdrag Flying Elbow Drop*** C\/,C>,C\/ R,C\/,C> U, C/\, C>, C/\ Rick Rude ---------------------------------------------------- Cheap Shot Gargoyle Suplex Hennig Plex* C<,C\/,C< L,C\/,C\/ L, C/\, C/\, C< Mike Enos --------------------------------------------------- Atomic Drop Powerslam Death Valley Driver* C\/,C\/,C> C<,C<,C< U, C/\, C/\, C/\ Psychosis -------------------------------------------------- Body Scissors Huricanrana Texas Cloverleaf** L,C\/,C< C/\,C<,C/\ L, C/\, C<, L Juventud Guerrera --------------------------------------------- Body Scissors Huricanrana Buzzkiller* L,C\/,C< C/\,C<,C/\ D,C\/,C>,C\/ Rick Fuller -------------------------------------------------------- Spear Gorilla Press Slam Beat Down* D,C/\,C>,C> C/\,C>,C> U, C/\, C/\, C/\ 5. Unlocking Order =============== If you decide you want to prove your worth (instead of using the code) these are the order's in which you unlock the hidden characters. Example: Bret Hart Unlocks British Bulldog, Buldog unlocks Van Hammer, and Van Hammer unlocks Mean Gene Hollywood Hogan Bret Hart Sting Brian Adams British Bulldog Booker T. Eddy Guerrero Van Hammer Stevie Ray Eric Bischoff Mean Gene Miss Elizabeth Lex Luger Giant DDP Dean Malenko Wrath Ultimo Dragon Scotty Riggs Horace Rey Mysterio Jr. Arn Anderson Bobby Hennan Kimberly Raven Saturn Goldberg Billy Kidman The Disiple Chris Benoit Lodi Sick Boy Disco Inferno Larry Zbysco Sonny Oono Mongo Kevin Nash Scott Hall Curt Hennig Scott Norton Konnan Anvil Ernest Miller The Barbarian Meng Kaz Hayashi Jimmy Hart Rick Rude Macho Man Rick Steiner Scott Steiner Roddy Piper Buff Bagwell Kanyon Fit Finley Reese Chavo Guerrero Jr. Enos Psychosis Juventud Guerrera Chris Jericho Alex Wright La Parka Rick Fuller 6. Credits ======= Thanx to all of these reference's for making this guide possible GamePro Magazine Expert Gamer Magazine CheatPlanet.com BestCheats.com gamefaqs.com JkHmr (FAQ writer) & of coarse THQ 7. Closing ======= Well, thats about all you need to know in order to master WCW Nitro. I hope you enjoyed this guid. Feel free to print this guide or to post on your own web site. Just make sure that my name is at the top, not yours. You can e-mail me at way2EXTREME4U@yahoo.com Or you can visit my Jeff Jarrett fan page at http://homepages.msn.com/StageSt/duble_j/jarrettm.html Thanx