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	FAQ/Walkthrough		Donphan		Version .50		01/01/01

 0. Table of Contents						        		  

0.   Table of Contents
1.   Author's Note
2.   PokÈmon Numbers
3.   Walkthrough For Routes 1-46
   3.01 Who Should You Choose?
   3.02 Who did your Rival Choose?
   3.03 Faulkner and The Zephyr Badge!
   3.04 Bugsy and the Hive Badge!

4.   Routes 1-29 and the S.S. Aqua
5.   The TM and HM List
6.   Gameshark Codes
7.   Frequently Asked Questions
8.   Breeding
9.  Evolution
10.  Items
11.  Neat Things
12.  Rare PokÈmon
   12.01 Unown

13.  Evoultion Chart
14.  Mystery Gift
15.  Battle Chart
16.  PokÈmon Move List
17.  The Casino
18.  PokÈmon Locations
19.  Daily Events
20.  PokÈmon Pikachu2 GS
21.  Coming Soon
22.  Version History
23.  Website Usage Terms
24.  Copyright/Credits

 1. Author's Note

        Hello, and welcome to the English version of Donphan's PokÈmon Gold/Silver strategy
guide. You may or not know me by my Japanese version of this guide, or guide for other 
various PokÈmon Games.

	Nothing much to say. I fixed small errors and zipped it up for the millenium 
edition release. You'll notice I also moved the Version History section to the bottom.

 2. PokÈmon Numbers									  

        You will find many new and old PokÈmon in PokÈmon Gold/Silver. This section will 
list all of them, although, certian PokÈmon, such as Mewtwo, Mew, Articuno, Zapdos, and
Moltres will not be found in Gold/Silver. You will also not be able to find Charmander,
Bulbasaur, or Squirtle.

1.Bulbasuar		8.Wartortle             15.Beedrill
2.Ivysaur               9.Blastoise             16.Pidgey               
3.Venasuar              10.Caterpie             17.Pidgeotto
4.Charmander            11.Metapod              18.Pidgeot
5.Charmeleon            12.Butterfree           19.Rattata
6.Charizard             13.Weedle               20.Raticate
7.Squirtle              14.Kakuna               21.Spearow

22.Fearow               29.Nidoran (F)          36.Clefable
23.Ekans                30.Nidorina             37.Vulpix
24.Arbok                31.Nidoqueen            38.Ninetales
25.Pikachu              32.Nidoran (M)          39.Jigglypuff
26.Raichu               33.Nidorino             40.Wigglytuff
27.Sandshrew            34.Nidoking             41.Zubat
28.Sandslash            35.Clefairy             42.Golbat

43.Oddish               50.Diglett              57.Primeape
44.Gloom                51.Dugtrio              58.Growlithe
45.Vileplume            52.Meowth               59.Arcanine
46.Paras                53.Persian              60.Poliwag
47.Parsect              54.Psyduck              61.Poliwhirl
48.Venonat              55.Golduck              62.Poliwrath
49.Venomoth             56.Mankey               63.Abra

64.Kadabra              71.Victreebel           78.Rapidash
65.Alakazam             72.Tentacool            79.Slowpoke             
66.Machop               73.Tentacruel           80.Slowbro
67.Machoke              74.Geodude              81.Magnemite
68.Machamp              75.Graveler             82.Magneton
69.Bellsprout           76.Golem                83.Farfetch'd
70.Weepinbell           77.Ponyta               84.Doduo

85.Dodrio               92.Gastly               99. Kingler
86.Seel                 93.Haunter              100.Voltorb
87.Dewgong              94.Gengar               101.Electrode
88.Grimer               95.Onix                 102.Execute
89.Muk                  96.Drowzee              103.Exeggutor
90.Shellder             97.Hypno                104.Cubone
91.Cloyster             98.Krabby               105.Marowak

106.Hitmonlee           113.Chansey             120.Staryu
107.Hitmonchan          114.Tangela             121.Starmie
108.Likitung            115.Kangaskhan          122.Mr.Mime
109.Koffing             116.Horsea              123.Scyther
110.Weezing             117.Sedra               124.Jynx
111.Rhyhorn             118.Goldeen             125.Electabuzz
112.Rhydon              119.Seaking             126.Magmar

127.Pinsir              134.Vaporeon            141.Kabutops
128.Tauros              135.Jolteon             142.Aerodactyl
129.Magikarp            136.Flareon             143.Snorlax
130.Gyrados             137.Porygon             144.Articuno
131.Lapras              138.Omanyte             145.Zapdos
132.Ditto               139.Omastar             146.Moltres
133.Eevee               140.Kabuto              147.Dratini

148.Dragonair           154.Meganium            160.Feraligatr 
149.Dragonite           155.Cyndaquil           161.Sentret 
150.Mewtwo              156.Quilava             162.Furret 
151.Mew                 157.Typhlosion          163.Hoothoot 
152.Chikorita           158.Totodile            164.Noctowl 
153.Bayleef             159.Croconaw            165.Ledyba 

166.Ledian              173.Clef                180.Flaffy
167.Spinarak            174.Igglybuff           181.Ampharos
168.Araidos             175.Togepi              182.Bellossom
169.Kurobat             176.Togetic             183.Marril
170.Chinchou            177.Natu                184.Azumarril
171.Lanturn             178.Xatu                185.Sudowoodo
172.Pichu               179.Mareep              186.Politoed

187.Hopip               194.Ampharos            201.Unown
188.Skiploom            195.Quagsire            202.Wobbuffet
189.Jumpluff            196.Espeon              203.Girafairq
190.Aipom               197.Umbreon             204.Skarmory
191.Sunkern             198.Murkrow             205.Forrestress
192.Sunflora            199.Slowking            206.Duglari
193.Dunsparce           200.Misdreavus          207.Gligar

208.Steelix             215.Sneasel             222.Corsola
209.Snubble             216.Teddiursa           223.Remoraid 
210.Granbull            217.Ursaring            224.Octillery
211.Qwilfish            218.Slugma              225.Delibird
212.Scizor              219.Magcargo            226.Mantine
213.Shuckle             220.Swinub              227.Wooper
214.Heracross           221.Piloswine           228.Houndour

229.Houndoom            236.Tyrogue             243.Raikou
230.Kingdra             237.Hitmontop           244.Entei
231.Phanpy              238.Smoochum            245.Suicune
232.Donphan             239.Elekid              246.Larvitar
233.Porygon2            240.Magby               247.Pupitar
234.Stantler            241.Milktank            248.Tyranitar
235.Smeargle            242.Blissey             249.Lugia


 3. Walkthrough For Routes 1-46							          

      You are about to embark on a long journey. When the game begins, you will notice 
that Professor Oak has overslept! He needs you to set the time for the game. Program in
the correct time, and you will get Professor Oak's lecture.

      Professor Oak's comment will explain the world of PokÈmon. If you played previous
versions of PokÈmon, you'll know what he's talking about.

      You will begin your journey in New Bark Town. you will be in your bedroom inside of
your house. When you leave your room to go downstairs, you will be interupted by your 
mother. She will ask you what day of the week it is, and you will get your PokÈGear. If you
are not falmilliar with the PokÈGear, you can have your mother explain it to you. Now you
can go get your first PokÈmon.

	Leave your house, and head left. You'll notice a large building. This is Professor
Elm's labratory. He will greet you, and ask you for a favor. He'll give you a PokÈmon. 
Afterwards, outside, you'll notice someone spying in the window. Who could this be? You'll
find out very soon. 

 3.01 Who should you choose?								  

		The grass type PokÈmon. Only advanced players should choose Chikorita, 
for it is the hardest route to take when you are in jouhto, but it great for the second 
half of the game.
		The water type PokÈmon and my favorite of the three. You will not encounter 
any hard trouble throughout the game with Totodile, because it has no real disadvantage at
any gym.
		The fire type PokÈmon, and your best bet of the three. Jouhto will be easy,
but the second half of the game won't. He is the most popular PokÈmon of all of them.


        After recieving your 'partner' Elm will then give you his number and tell you to
call him if you ever need his assistance.

	Continue along Route 29, collecting the items, and talking to the people. You may 
notice a building that leads north. This building does not serve a purpose in this part of
the game. It will, however, be used later.

	Make your way to the next town, Cherrygrove City. At the entrance of the town, you
will notice an old man standing there. He has been a PokÈmon Trainer for a long time, so
he knows a lot about the world. Take his tour of Cherrygrove, and he will give you the 
map, which will be accessible through your PokÈGear.

	Heal your PokÈmon, and head north out of town. Continue going north, until you 
reach a fork in a road. Inside this house, you will find a man that will trade you an Onix.
Take the right fork, and you will eventually come across a building. Inside, Professor Oak
will give you a PokÈdex, and an egg, which was to be studied at Professor Elm's lab.

        Once you get outside, you will recieve a Phone Call on your Cell Phone informing
you that a PokÈmon has been stolen! He needs you to come to his lab immedeatly. As you 
reach the exit of Cherrygrove, you will bump into a person. This is the person who was 
lookig in Prof. Elm's lab earlier, and above all, the PokÈmon Theif.

 3.02 Who did your Rival Choose?							  
	This can vary. If you chose Chikorita, he will have Cyndaquil. This is because fire
is super-effective against grass.

	If you chose Totodile in the beginning, he will counter it with a Chikorita, 
because grass has an advantage against water.

	Finally, if in the beginning of the game, you chose Cyndaquil, the fire type, he 
will have stolen Totodile, because his water PokÈmon has an advantage against your fire
type PokÈmon.


	After you defeat your rival (or lose), return to Professor Elm's lab. He will be
there with a police officer, and will ask you what the boy's name was. You will then be
prompted to name your rival. Afterwards, the police officer will leave, and Professor Elm
will examine the egg. His lab aid will give you 5 PokÈBalls for your effort on your way 

	Take Cherrygrove city north, fighting trainers along the way until you come
across the fork in the road. Take the left fork, and keep going north, until you come
across a new town. Welcome to Cherrygrove City.

	First, go all the way north in the town. You will come up to a very tall
building. This is the Sprout Tower. This is the building where you'll be getting Flash! Go
inside, fighting trainers. Eventually, you will reach the top of the tower. You will get a
chance to see your Rival fighting the Leader there. He will lose, and leave the building, 
not challenging you to a match. You can now fight the leader of Sprout Tower.

	After defeating Sprout tower, it is time to go to the Gym Leader, Falkner!

 3.03 Faulkner and The Zephyr Badge!							  
 Gym leader: Falkner
 For: Zephyr Badge
 Prizes: $900 and TM31
 Pidgey- If you picked Cyndaquil, he will work well against Pidgey. Totodile will also
fare well. However, Chikorita is weak against flying type PokÈmon, but if it was trained
fairly, it should do well.    
 Pidgeotto- You may find Pidgeotto a little more difficult than Pidgey, but it shouldn't
be too much of a problem for you as long as you have a well balanced team. Use Sentret if
you can. Depending on your version, you can have either Ledyba or Spiniarak.


	Congradulations, you have achieved your first badge, and by now, you should at 
least have your starting PokÈmon evolved. 

	After exiting the gym, you receive a phone call from Prof. Oak. He tells you to 
pick up something important at the PokÈmon Center. When you get to the PokÈmon center, 
you will see one of Elm's aids. He will give you a PokÈmon egg. The egg will hatch at 
about 2,000-3,000 steps.

	Now proceed west of Voilet City. There is a tree-like PokÈmon blocking your path!
Oh well, you can still go south. Once you enter the building, you'll be in the Ruins of 

	There are many things you will be able to do here later, but if you'd like, you
can (It's Not Manditory) solve the Kabuto Puzzle, which will open a floor below you, and
will allow you to catch a variety of Unowns. Unown has 26 different shapes- one for each
letter of the alphabet! Try to collect them all later.            

	Follow the checkpoint that heads east to Route 32. Fight trainers along the way
down. A man standing near the PokÈmon Center will try to collect 1,000,000 Dollars from
you but will not be able to do it, because you don't have enough. He will mumble 
something about kids today being loaded with money and will leave you alone.

	SPECIAL: On Fridays, a girl will be just north of the PokÈmon Center. Her name
is Frieda and she will give you 'Poision Barb,' an item that raises the PokÈmon 
eqqiped with it's Poision Attacks.

	Enter the cave, and fight the trainers inside along the way. There aren't many,
but fight them anyway to strengthen your team now, because it will pay off big time
later.There really isn't much you can do in this cave now, but come back when you have
surf to fully explore it.

	SPECIAL: On Fridays, in Union Cave, after you have Surf, you can catch a Lapras.
Lapras will appear even after you have caught it so you may catch as many as you'd like!

        After exiting the cave, you will find yourself on Route 33. Fight HIKER ANTHONY
and get his Phone Number. He will supply you with information on some rare PokÈmon
later in your journey.

        When you get to Azalea Town, you will notice a strange man blocking the 
entrance to Slowpoke Well. Talk to Kurt, and he'll scare off the person, who you find
out is a part of the New Team Rocket that has reformed after being expelled from the
world 3 years ago. When you go down into Slowpoke Well, you will find Kurt injured
and unable to move, You will have to remove of the remaining Team Rocket Members on
your own. 

	Defeat the Team Rocket Members, and return to Kirts house. He will award you
with a LURE BALL, a ball which gives you a higher chance of catching PokÈmon you 
encounter while using a ROD to fish.

	Now, you are able to go to The Azela Town Gym, where you will fight Bug-Type

 3.04 Bugsy and the Hive Badge								 
 Gym Leader: Bugsy
 For: Hive Badge									  
 Prizes: TM49, PokÈmon up to Level 30 Obey						  
 Metapod - Lv.14 - An extremely easy PokÈmon to beat. You may want to use one of your    
weaker PokÈmon against Metapod to gain some easy levels.				  
 Kakuna - Lv. 14 - Another easy PokÈmon to beat. Once again, you should be working on    
leveling up your weaker PokÈmon for experience Points.				  
 Scyther - Lv. 16 - You've fought your easy PokÈmon, and now it's time for a small	  
challenge. If you chose Cyndaquil, Scyther will be VERY easy. Any other type of PokÈmon 
strong against Bug-Types will fare well, too.						  

	After you defeat the gym leader, immedeatly go to the PokÈmon Center and save your
game. It's time to fight your Rival Again.

 3.05 Rival Battle #2									  
For: [Nothing]

 Gastly - Lv 12 - Gastly will be easy if you have a normal PokÈmon with an attack that 
isn't normal type. Gastly is unable to attack normal type PokÈmon, and Normal type PokÈmon
are unable to attack Gastly.

 Zubat - Lv. 14 - Zubat shouldn't be difficult at all either. Any PokÈmon will fare well
against it. The only attack to look out for is Leech Life, which drains HP from you 
PokÈmon and gives some of it to Zubat.


 Croconaw - Lv 16 - If your Rival has Croconaw, it'll have Watergun. That is the only
attack to watch out for. If you have Cyndaquil, don't use it here. Use a grass type 
PokÈmon if avalible.

Bayleef - Lv. 16 - If your Rival Has a Bayleef, watch out for it's Razor Leaf attack! It
has a great chance of getting a critical hit, which Can be very painful, considering 
critical attacks do 1.5 times the damage.


Quiliva - Lv. 16 - Nothing much to worry about here. Quiliva shouldn't be problem at all
for you.


        Now go north, and into a house that will lead you into 
the forest. You see that a boy has lost his Farfetch'd, after 
returning it to him, his father will come along and give you 
the HM01, Cut. 

        Cut the shrub, and continue going north. You will 
eventually reach a town much similar to Celadon City. It will 
have a large shop, and it will be the largest town in the game. 
This town is also a very important town.

        The gym here will use normal type PokÈmon. Watch out, 
her Mirutanku is extremely powerful.
| Gym Leader: Akane                             |
| For: Normal Badge                             |
|                                               |
| Clefairy- Looks can be decieving, and you'd   |
| better pray that Clefairy doesn't use         |
| Metronome on you. Have a quick and Powerful   |
| PokÈmon like Rattatta or Raticate.            |
|                                               |
| Mirutanku- Mirutanku has a strange attack that|
| makes your PokÈmon get woozy. Your PokÈmon    |
| not attack the Mirutanku for a few turns, but |
| while waiting to attack, Mirutanku will attack|
| you with a powerful pound-like attack. Once   |
| again, have a powerful and quick PokÈmon      |

        When you are done, talk to the gym leader to receive 
your badge and TM. Go north, and into the park to fight many 
trainers, believe me, you need the expirence. Go to the most 
upper  righthand house in the town, and a lady will give you 
something  called 'Squirtle Water'. Now you can fight the 
tree PokÈmon, Usokki, that you could only move slightly 
before. Catch this PokÈmon, for it is rare. Go northwest, to 
reach the next town. In this town, a man will trade you a 
Krabby for a Shelder.

	A trainer just east of where Usokki used to be will 
give you the TM08 (Rock Smash) ability. This will allow you
to break the rocks and free the Legendary Cats.

	Before you go, you can also go upstairs in the shop and 
purchase a TM02, which will allow you to shake trees. You can
fight all sorts of old and new PokÈmon in the trees, so shake
all the little trees you find.

        The gym here in this town will specialize in ghost PokÈmon. Your
PokÈmon should be at around level 30-35. You will have to follow a trail 
to get to the gym leader. Once you get to the Gym leader, and believe me,
she's no joke:
| Gym Leader: Matsuba                           |
| For: Phantom Badge                            |
|                                               |
| Gastly- Her easiest PokÈmon she will use, but |
| still isn't too easy. Try using a water or    |
| fire attack, but don't waste your time using a|
| normal type- it won't work against ghost.     |
|                                               |
| Haunter-  Both Haunters and Gengar will use an|
| extrelemy powerful attack that will hurt them |
| about half way, but curses you and hurts you  |
| very much every time you attack.              |
|                                               |
| Gengar- Gengar isn't easy at all- infact it is|
| one of the toughest battles you will face in  |
| the entire game. Look out for that powerful   |
| attack that Haunter, it is exactly the same   |
| only coming from a much stronger PokÈmon.     |
|                                               |
| Haunter- Use the same strategy that you used  |
| against the previous Haunter.                 |
        After defeating the gym, go to a house in the northern part of the 
town. The trainers here will use Eevee evolutions, which includes two new
Eevee evolutions. After you defeat them all, a man will award you with the 
surfing HM03.

        A farm which has Mirutaknus, I'm guessing it would be called 
Mirutanku farm will have a sick Mirutanku. The plant which gives you items 
next to the town will give you a fruit that will heal the Mirutanku after 
about after 7 or so. The mother inside the house will award you with a TM, 
and the dad in the house gives you milk, which heals PokÈmon HP.

        When you get to the next town, you'll find the gym here to be 
completely empty, except for the person who alwasy stands next to the 
statue at the entrance.

        You might want to heal your PokÈmon at the PokÈmon center now, and 
take out a PokÈmon you would like to learn strength. Now, go to the house
in the most southwestern part of the town. A person inside will give you the
Strength HM, HM04.

        Now you have to equip strength and surf on your PokÈmon. Keep surfing
south, fighting the trainers here, gaining expirence. 

        Eventually, you will come to a small town. In the southern part of 
the town, you will see the gym. You fight two trainers in the gym, and then 
come up to a boulder maze. Move the left and right boulder up, and then push
the middle boulder to the left. You will fight one more trainer, and then you
will come up to the gym leader.
| Gym Leader: Shijima                           |
| For: Shock Badge                              |
|                                               |                       
| Primeape- A bird PokÈmon would be a good bet, |
| but my Raticate had no problem and Primeape is|
| strong against it.                            |
|                                               |
| Poliwrath- Fly may be a good use for Poliwrath|
| because it is not very fast, a Yorunozuku can |
| easily knock out this PokÈmon                 |              

        After you beat the gym, go south to a house. A guy inside the house,
wearing sunglasses will give you some medicine. Take this medicine and go 
back to the fifth gym, but don't forget to get the Fly HM, HM02, from the
house nearest the gym, and also important is the medicine from the house with
the guy who will be wearing sunglasses, for the medicine he gives to you is
what you need to give to Mikan, so she can heal her sick PokÈmon.Assend the 
light house, and give the medicine to the gym leader at the top. She will 
give the medicine to her sick PokÈmon and then return to her gym. She 
introduces a new type of PokÈmon here called the steel type.
| Gym Leader: Mikan                             |
| For: Steel Badge                              |
|                                               |
| Magnemite- Looks easy, but it's sonic boom    |
| attack is very powerful, even against PokÈmon |
| that are strong against it. Use a Geodude or  |
| Graveler to prevent serious damage.           |
|                                               |                                     
| Magnemite- Use the same strategy as you did   |
| with the last Magnemite.                      |
|                                               |             
| Haganail- Another stong PokÈmon that likes to |
| use Powerful attacks. Make sure you have a    |
| rock, ground or fast PokÈmon if you want to   |
| win the match.                                |              

        After defeating the gym leader here, go east, and through the route 
change house. Someone takes some of your money for no reason at all! Now go 
north, taking the grassy path, as not to be charged 1,000 for every path you 
take on the Team Rocket side. Eventually, you will come up across a lake. You
can see something in the lake. When you fight it, it turns out to be a 
Gyrados! Try to catch it.

        After getting out of the water, you will notice Lance, the dragon 
trainer waiting for you. You will talk to him, and he will take you to the
'shop' in the town with the ghost gym. He will show you a secret underground
passageway in the shop, and you will follow him downstairs, only to fight a 
many Rocket trainers. Eventually, you will meet up with Lance again, and he
will heal your PokÈmon. He will then go off again, and you have to keep 
fighting many Rocket trainers. There are many items here, and make sure you 
have room for all of them. Also, talk to each and every Team Rocket trainer
you beat, and you will get the keycard to the second level door. 

        Once on the second level, open the door, and fight the trainer. He 
will give you the first level keycard. Go to the first level. Lance and you
fight each fight two Rocket trainers. A girl and a boy. Lance takes on the 
boy with his Dragonite, and You fight the girl, who may look falmilliar to 

        After defeating the Rocket Trainers, you and Lance need to shut down
the power supply to the generator. You can do this by defeating the 

        Finally, now that you've destroyed the generator, Lance will award
your hard work with an, HM06, the whirlpool remover HM.
        You can now enter the Ice gym, or gym No. 7. Getting to him will be
tough, so I made an ice maze strategy. When you first enter the gym, move to
the very left if the left statue. Go up, up, right, down, left, up and 
finally right. You will be standing in front of the gym leader. Good luck!

| Gym Leader: Yanagi                            |
| For: Ice Badge                                |
|                                               |
| Seel- An electric attack will put seel out for|
| the match. Not very strong.                   |
|                                               |
| Dewgong- Just slightly better than Seel. It   |
| might even get an attack on you. (oh no!)     |
|                                               |          
| Inomu- A powerful, but slow PokÈmon, Inomu    |
| rely on ice moves to win the match. Use an    |
| water PokÈmon like Marril.                    |

        You will get a phone call informing you that the city in which you 
recieved your third badge, the one with Mirtanku, the cow PokÈmon, has been 
overrun by Team Rocket! Fly to the city, and you will see that Team Rocket
has pretty much overrun the whole city. Go back to the building with the 
Jigglypuff inside of it. This is where all of the Team Rocket trouble is 
going on. Go on up the tower, defeating trainers, and defeat the final guy
at the top of the tower.

        One of the people in the underground tunnel will give you an Eevee
if you have a space in your inventory.

        Now you have to go to an underground tunnel outside. When you are in
the tunnel, go right, to the door that was once locked. You recieved the key
when you defeated the final person atop the tower. Be ready for a fight with
your rival. He will have the final evolution of his starting PokÈmon. Defeat 
the Rocket trainers, and play around with the switches until you get over to
the elevator. Fight the woman, and then take the elevator up. You should now
be able to open the once locked door back in the Team Rocket tower.

        Go to the third floor, and defeat the last of the Rockets, and return
to the seventh town. Go right and fight the trainers. Marril lovers can catch
a Marril here. Now enter the cave. The first Ice maze is the most diffucult,
but, I have the solution on how to complete it! Complete it by standing on 
the area right below the ice. Now, go up, left, up, right, up, right, down,
left, up, left, down, right, down, right, up, right. 

        When you complete the first ice maze, go right and get the PokTball.
You will get a HM07, or waterfall climbing HM, which can later be taught to 
Goldeen. From here go to the next floor, and use strength to move the 
boulders to the lower level, so you can get out.

        When you get out, you will be at the 8th town. There is a very useful
person here who can remove your PokÈmon's moves that are unwanted, but most
importantly, you can now go to the eighth gym. This gym is a dragon gym. 

        Again, you will need strength to move boulders to the lower level to
reach the gym leader.
| Gym Leader: Ibuki                             |
| For: Raging Badge                             |
|                                               |
| Dragonair- A pretty intiminating PokÈmon, that|
| turns out to not be too much of a challenge at|
| all. If you move ahead first, and catch Inomu |
| from the Ice Cave, you can use ice moves to   |
| defeat it.                                    |
|                                               |
| Dragonair- Use the same strategy as you used  |
| on the last Dragonair                         |
|                                               |
| Kingudora- Seadra finally gets used by a      |
| dragon trainer- well at least it's evolved    |
| form. Again, use ice attacks, but electric    |
| will work too, since this is also a water     |
| PokÈmon.                                      |
|                                               |
| Dragonair- Her final, PokÈmon Dragonair, is a |
| bit more powerful than the previous ones. It  |
| will use the Hyper Beam attack, as well as    |
| Dragon Rage. Thunder won't work this time, so |
| once again, you must rely on Ice PokÈmon to   |
| defeat Dragonair.                             |          

        After defeating her, she tells you she has no badge for you. You can
still get the badge, though, by taking a PokÈmon that has surf and one that 
can remove whirlpools, and surfing behind the gym. When you are  about to 
pick up one of the PokÈballs, she will show up, awarding you with your eighth
badge! You can also now use the HM07 you got in the ice cavern.

        We now move on to the hunt for Houou! Fly back to the town where you
fought the ghost gym before. Go to the northern part of the town. You can
enter a house here and go upstairs. You will have to solve a puzzle to get to
the top. However, the puzzle is worth it, when you get to the top, you will
see Houou flying there. Save before you fight Houou, for you will only get 
one chance to catch it. After you catch it, you can fly from the roof instead
of going back down the maze. Fly back to your hometown.

        Once home, go to Prof. Utsugi's lab and heal your PokÈmon. Now go 
outside and surf eastward. You will eventually come up to a coastal area with
a cave. Enter the cave. I suggest you catch a Goldeen and teach it HM07, so
you can go up the waterfalls. The cave is simple, and when you get out, you
may want to look at the map. Keep moving northward, until you come up upon a
house. A girl inside will heal all of your PokÈmon. Keep going north, 
fighting trainers. You will find yourself in a much simpler, trainer-free
Victory Road. Here you can catch for the very first time, the best PokÈmon,
Donphan. Be prepared, for your rival will have many strong PokÈmon with her.
You fight her because she wants to see if you are really ready for the 
Orange league.

The Orange League Trainers will use:
| Trainer 1: Itkusi                             |
|                                               |
| Neiteio- A penguin PokÈmon. It will use ice   |  
| and psychic attacks- a powerful combination.  |
| Houou's gust attack is enough to put the      |
| penguin to rest                               |
|                                               |
| Slowbro- A water and Psychic PokÈmon. Slowbro |
| may be very slow, but he is very powerful. Try|
| using an electric type PokÈmon against it.    |
|                                               |
| Neiteio- Use the same strategy that you used  |
| against the last Neiteio.                     |
|                                               |
| Jynx- Like Neiteio, Jynx is another psychic   |
| and ice PokÈmon. It's defense is extremely low|
| so any PokÈmon should be able to put Jynx out.|
|                                               |
| Exeggutor- A grass and Psychic type PokÈmon.  |
| One Fire Blast from Houou should do the trick |
| on this one.                                  |
|                                               |
| Trainer 2: Koga                               |
|                                               |
| Araidosu- A bug PokÈmon. Hopefully, your Houou|
| is still consious, because any flying or fire |
| attacks will put this bug out.                |
|                                               |
| Venomoth- Another bug PokÈmon that will be a  |
| pain if your Houou has fainted. It will use   |
| powerful psychic attacks, and almost every    |
| PokÈmon are very vunerable to.                |
|                                               |
| Muk- A poision PokÈmon that Houou will not be |
| strong against. Use a water type or a normal  |
| type. (Raticate will do)                      |
|                                               |
| Kuroba- Being the evolved form of Golbat, it  |
| has strong flying and annoying poision        |
| attacks.                                      |
|                                               |
| Fuoretosu- Is this the evolved form of        |
| Cloyster? Maybe, but it's a water type, and it|
| has very high defense, and Houou may not be   |
| able to do it. Use your starting PokÈmon if   |
| you didn't pick the Fire type.                |
|                                               |
| Trainer 3: Bruno                              |
|                                               |
| Kaporea- For some odd reason, this PokÈmon    |
| likes to stand on his head. A bird type, Houou|
| or Lugia will do.                             |
|                                               |
| Hitmonchan- The punching fiend. It will use   |
| various elemental punches, so there really    |
| a PokÈmon that it isn't super effective       |
| against. Use a bird type again.               |
|                                               |
| Hitmonlee- The kicking fiend. It uses various |
| kicking attacks. Go ahead, use another bird.  |
| This might be a good PokÈmon to get a         |
| Togechikku expirence points with.             |
|                                               |
| Machamp- A PokÈmon with high attack Power, but|
| low defense. A quick bird PokÈmon should do   |
| the trick.                                    |
|                                               |
| Onix- Onix is a simple PokÈmon that is not too|
| hard if you have a water or grass PokÈmon.    |
| Even using the simplest moves of these types  |
| will take care of it.                         |
| ----------------------------------------------|
| Trainer 4: Karin                              |
|                                               |
| Burakki- Appears to be an evil evolution of   |
| Eevee. It shouldn't be too hard if you have   |
| just about any type besides a normal or grass |
| type PokÈmon.                                 |
|                                               |
| Vileplume- A grass type PokÈmon that will be  |
| easy for any bird type. Using fly would be    |
| your best bet against this PokÈmon.           |
|                                               |
| Gengar- Remember the ghost gyms Gengar? This  |
| is the same thing, only much harder. Again, it|
| has curse, which will stab itself, and attack |
| you very much after or before every turn. Be  |
| careful and make sure you have a strong and   |
| quick PokÈmon.                                |
|                                               |
| Yamikarasu- A very fast, but not too strong   |
| PokÈmon that looks much like a Spearow. It    |
| take adventage of it's quickness and try to   |
| hurt you before you can hurt it. A fire,      |
| electric, or ice type will do.                |
|                                               |
| Heruga- A fire type dog PokÈmon of the evil   |
| type. It has many strong attacks, so make sure|
| you have a water PokÈmon handy.               |
|                                               |
| ----------------------------------------------|
| Final Trainer: Lance                          |
|                                               |
| Gyrados- A Dragon and flying type PokÈmon,    |
| gyrados is extremely weak to  electric type   |
| attacks. If not, any slash or bite attack will|
| take longer, but it will have to do.          |
|                                               |
| Dragonite- An extremely strong PokÈmon, and it|
| doesn't make you feel any better to know that |
| he has three of them. Use an ice attack, or   |
| again, a slash.                               |
|                                               |
| Dragonite- Use the same strategy as you used  |
| the previous dragonite.                       |
|                                               |
| Dragonite- Again, use the same strategy you   |
| on the previous two Dragonites.               |
|                                               |
| Aerodactyl- A very powerful PokÈmon, again    |
| with the hyperbeam attack. Use a water,       |
| electric, or ice attack to defeat this flying |
| rock.                                         |
|                                               |
| Charizard- Lance's Charizard will have a Hyper|
| beam attack, as well as fire attacks. Be quick|
| because this PokÈmon is very powerful.        |
        After defeating the Orange League Trainers, you've beaten the first
half of the game. A very impatient news reporter comes, and expects you to
"do" an interview with you. Finally, Lance will become impatient and take
you into the next room to be inducted into the hall of fame while the news
reporter lady paces back and fourth saying "What about my interview!" The
credits will roll, while playing some snappy music, and finally the game will
say the end. Don't turn your Gameboy off yet, the game isn't over.

        There is no more fighting your rival at the end of the game....well
at least yet. The game isn't over yet!

        After the credits finish rolling, go into Prof. Utsugi's lab. He will
give you a boat ticket! Take that ticket back to the town with the light 
house and where you got strength. Go south, until you reach a house that 
takes you down to a docking bay. Here you can get on the boat. Once on the 
boat, you will fight many trainers. Fight them all, it is fun. Afterwards,
you will talk to a guy in a room that looks like he works on the ship. Talk 
to him, and he will leave the room. When you get off the boat, you will find
yourself in Vermillion City!
        Feel free to look around a little bit. You see the gym looks pretty
much the same and the PokÈmon club is also still there. However, this time,
the city has a giant snorlax blocking the path to Diglett's Cave. First, heal
your PokÈmon. Now, go get the Ultra Rod from the fishing man. Now it is time
to go and face Lt. Surge.
| Gym Leader: Lt. Surge                         |
| For: Orange Badge                             |
|                                               |
| Raichu- Lt. Surges most powerful, Raichu likes|
| to use strong electric attacks. A strong rock |
| or ground type PokÈmon should be enough to    |
| beat it.                                      |
|                                               |
| Magneton- Lt. Surges most annoying PokÈmon,   |
| Magneton uses it's speed and cheap attacks to |
| win the match. Once again, use another strong |
| rock or ground type PokÈmon to win.           |
|                                               |             
| Electabuzz- A strong and fast PokÈmon, that,  |
| like Raichu uses strong electric attacks. It  |
| is a pure electric type PokÈmon, so rock or   |
| ground with an ice move, maybe a Kabuto or    |
| Kabutops will be perfect.                     |
|                                               |
| Electrode- A weak, but fast electric PokÈmon, |
| Electrode won't really be much of a challange | 
| for you. Use an ice or rock type              |
|                                               |          
| Electrode- Use the same strategy as you used  |
| on the previuos Electrode to beat it.         |             
        After easily defeating Lt. Surge, it is time to go to Saffron City.
Once you get to Saffron City, you'll notice that Silph. Co. Has been blocked
off by a guard who won't let you go upstairs. Anyway, we aren't worrying 
about Silph. Co. right now. We are worrying about your tenth badge right now.
You have to fight Sabrina. After all these years, she is still working as a
PokÈmon Gym Leader. Her gym is exactly the same, and the trainers are still 
there. This time, it is harder to avoid gym trainers in her gym, because 
they are constantly looking in all different directions. They also have a 
longer sight range. You should fight them anyway. Sabrina has a new look, but
she doesn't look entirely different like some other trainers will further in 
the game.
| Gym Leader: Sabrina                           |
| For: Gold Badge                               |
|                                               |
| Mr.Mime- An easy, but annoying PokÈmon,       |
| Mr.Mime will like to mimic your attacks and   |
| minimize itself during battle.                |              
|                                               |
| Alakazam- A Very powerful, but also very weak |
| defensive PokÈmon, Alakazam uses pure psychic |
| moves, so be careful.                         |
|                                               |              
| Eifi- Another weak PokÈmon, maybe a little bit|
| stronger, Eifi will also use psychic attacks, |
| so be careful.                                |                  

        She is even easier than Lt. Surge, but not the easiest trainer in the

	Befor anything, go to the power plant near Cerulean City. 
You will have to surf to get there. Inside the Power Plant, talk
to everybody. When you are leaving, someone will say something 
to you. Leave the power Plant.

        Now you have to go to Cerulian City. When you get there, 
you will notice that the place looks pretty much the same. However, 
when you go into Misty's gym, you'll notice that the gym is empty. 
A Team Rocket trainer will bump into you and leave. After you leave 
the gym, go north. You will be going in the direction where Bill's 
lighthouse used to be. You will fight the Rocket Trainer you met in 
the gym and he will confess to you after you beat him that he hid 
something in the Cerulian City gym.

        Take the piece that you got from the gym and go to what 
used to be the power plant in older PokÈmon games. The person here 
will thank you and give you a TM, and you are now eligible for a 
radio upgrade. Go back to Lavander town and go in the radio station. 
The man standing looking at the wall will give you a radio upgrade, 
which allows you to awaken the Snorlax.

        It isn't over yet. Now you must go to Vermillion City, and 
enter the PokÈmon Lovers Club. A man sitting at the table will give 
you his PokÈmon doll that was sitting next to him. Remember copycat 
from Saffron City in Red,Blue, Yellow, and Green? She of course 
still loves dolls, and does a really creepy impression of you, but 
when you bring her the doll, she will give you an item that will 
allow you to travel between the two maps much easier.

        Go back to the gym. In the little pool in the middle, you will find
what the trainer was talking about, a missing part that belongs to the power
station in the left upper corner. When you reach what used to be Bill's 
lighthouse, you will find Misty, and she will be smooching, as quoted from
PokÈmon Zero. She will then return to her gym, suprised from what just 
happened. Don't surf in the waters to get it. It is in the upper right hand 
area which can be obtained without ever going into the water.

        When you return to her gym, you will see that she is no piece of cake
like the last two gyms were. Misty is not to hard. 

| Gym Leader: Misty                             |
| For:                                          |
|                                               |
| Golduck- Has Misty finally evolved her        |
| Psyduck? It appears so. Golduck will have some|
| strong water attacks, so use an electric or   |
| grass type to defeat it.                      |
|                                               |                                     
| Nuo- Evolved from Upaa, Nuo doesn't really put|
| up too much of a fight. Once again, a grass or|
| electric type will save the day.              |
|                                               |                                        
| Lapras- Being a little harder, and more       |
| diffucult to defeat if you have a special type|
| PokÈmon, Lapras is unfourtanetly a psychic and|
| water type. A long battle will take place, and|
| an electric PokÈmon should win the battle.    |
|                                               |                                       
| Starmie- Another psychic and water type, but  |
| it has recover, which you'll learn becomes    |
| extremely annoying. Use a grass or electric   |
| type once again to defeat it.                 |

        After you defeat Misty, you can now get your 12th badge from Erika.
So go to Celadon City. You can play slots here, and the big PokTmart is also
still here. If you go in the back of the house, you won't get an Eevee, and
a floor has been cut off of the place. You can go around front of the same
building and still look at the programmers things.

        Now it is time to fight Erika.
| Gym Leader: Erika     |
| For: Rainbow Badge    |
| Tangela               |
| Victreebell           |
| Vileplume             |
| Kireihana             |
        After defeating Erika, you now must take the Bicycle path down the
trail. When you reach the bottom, you will go right and end up in Fushia 
City. The town is almost perfect...Until you find out that the Safari Zone
has been removed! Go in the houses and talk to the people. Now you can get 
your 13th badge! The leader in this gym is obviously not Koga. She will
use Poision and Bug types, just like Koga did.
| Gym Leader: Anzu      |
| For: ?                |
| Kurobatto             |
| Ariadosu              |
| Weezing               |
| Weezing               |
| Venomoth              |

        After defeating her, It is time to awaken the Snorlax that blocks 
your path.
        Using your upgraded radio, fly back to Vermillion City, and go to the
Snorlax. Tune into the second to last station, and push A. The music will 
begin to play. When the music begins to play, return to the game and talk to
the Snorlax. It will wake up, and like before, attack in a grumpy manner.

        The Snorlax is a great PokÈmon to catch. It heals itself after every 
move it does, and when it rests, it will do a very harmful attack. It also
still has headbutt. It will also learn Hyper Beam at level 57! However, the 
fact that it slightly heals itself after every attack, even while sleeping,
makes this PokÈmon very diffucult to catch. I finally used my Master Ball
equivelent. It was well used. 

        After the battle with Snorlax, go in the cave that was blocked by it.
You are in Diglett's Cave. You may catch a Diglett if you want. Dugtrio's 
also randomly appear.

        When you come out of the cave, you will find yourself just South of 
Pewter City. Brock is the gym leader here.
| Gym Leader: Brock     |
| For: ?                |
| Graveler              |
| Onix                  |
| Rhyhorn               |
| Omastar               |
| Kabutops              |

        After defeating Brock, go east to Mt. Moon. When you get to Mt. Moon,
you will encounter your rival for the first time in a long time. This may or
may not be the final time you battle her, but she is strong, and she appears
to be going somwhere important after you defeat her. Go upstairs, and into
the house. Face the man. Tune into the same frequency you tuned into
for Snorlax. This is supposedly a way to obtain Serebii, but has not
been proven.

you'll need to go south. You can try to stop 
at the Viridian City gym, but no one is there...At least now. 
Instead, go south, until you reach Pallet Town. Go inside Prof. 
Oak's Lab and talk to him. He will tell you to go face the Seafoam 
Island Gym leader, because Cinnibar Island no longer has people 
living on it. Talk to Professor Oak's mputer also.

        Surf to Cinnibar Island anyway, and talk to the mysterious person 
here. He will shoot up into the sky and leave. Could that have been Gary Oak?

        Keep surfing to Seafoam Island, fighting trainers along the way, and
eventually you'll get there. Inside the place, you'll meet up with Blane.
| Gym Leader: Blane     |
| For: ?                |
| Magakarugo            |
| Rapidash              |
| Magmar                |

        After defeating Blane, you should return to Pallet Town and talk to
Prof. Oak again. He will tell you to go to the Viridian City gym. Go North, 
heading for the gym, and fight any missed trainers. Finally, when you get to
the gym, you will see that it is no longer empty. There is one person in 
here, and his name is.......Gary!
| Gym Leader: Gary      |
| For: ?                |
| Pidgeot               |
| Alakazam              |
| Exeguttor             |
| Rhydon                |
| Arcanine              |
| Gyrados               |

        Gary is not so easy. He may take numerous tries to beat. Use a good
strategy, but remember, unless you know Japanese, there is no way of telling 
what PokÈmon he will use next, for every trainer uses PokÈmon in different 

        After you beat Gary, you now have 16 badges! It isn't over yet. go
back to Pallet Town and talk to Professor Oak. He will tell you that there is
something related to PokÈmon that is sure to suprise in the mountains.

        Once again, go back to Viridian City, but head west, and go to where
PokÈmon League used to be. When you enter the building, keep going west, and
go out the door. You will now be in the mountains that Prof. Oak was talking
about. The PokÈmon here are extremely strong. There is a PokÈmon Center here
also which also allows you to fly back here at any given time.

        Eventually, you will come across a cave in which you need Flash to 
see. Collect the items here and make your way through the cave. The final 
room in the cave will hold none other than the famous PokÈmon Trainer Ash
Ketchum himself! Talk to him, he will not say anything. You will just begin
battling him.
| Final Battle: Ash Ketchum                     |
| For: Bragging Rights                          |
|                                               |
| Pikachu- Lv. 81- A rock type PokÈmon such as  |
| an expirenced Donphan should be able to take  |
| out Pikachu easily.                           |
|                                               |
| Efi- Lv. 79- A psychic evolution of Eevee that|
| is one of the hardest PokÈmon Ash will use.   |
| have something good or it's Psychic moves can |
| easily take out any of your PokÈmon quickly.  |
|                                               |
| Blastiose- Lv. 77- I had the final showdown   |
| between the Blastoise and my Odairu, used     |
| Slash, and knocked out the Blastoise with only|
| a little bit of trouble.                      |
|                                               |
| Venusaur- Lv. 77- Constantly takes advantage  |
| of being a grass type by using Solar Beam and |
| Razor Leaf.                                   |
|                                               |
| Charizard- An easy PokÈmon. If you have a     |
| water type, he/she should be very easy to     |
| defeat.                                       |
|                                               |
| Snorlax- Lv. 79-Possibly Ash's hardest PokÈmon| 
|  He constantly heals himself and uses very    |
|  stong moves. Good luck!                      |

        After you defeat Ash, the credits will roll. 
Congradulations, you have completely beaten the game! Every couple 
of days, Ash will return to the mountain if you want to rematch him 
or just get plain old experience.

 4. Routes 1-29 and the S.S. Aqua						         

        After achieving all eight badges, and defeating the orange 
leage, you will be able to go to the old world, that was once only 
able to go to in the Previous versions of the PokÈmon games. Fly 
back to the town where you got your 6th badge, or the one with the
really tall lighthouse in which you had to get the gym leader to 
come down from. Go south. You will be able to board Aqua-gou, and 
fight PokÈmon trainers while waiting. Make sure you are healed 
before you go here, for there is no PokÈmon treatment center on the 

        Eventually, you will arrive at Vermillion city. A lot of the 
music has been remixed to almost sound like the old games. Here, you 
can fight Lt. Surge, Misty, Erika, Sabrina, A new trainer at Koga's 
gym, Brock and even Ash Ketchum himself! Sure this section tells you 
how to get to routes 1-29, but the walkthrough section will tell you 
exactly what to do when you get there.

        You can go back on the Aqua-gou anytime you want, but you may 
not know how to get off of the boat. Well before I thought it was a 
specified amount of time you had to wait to get off, but I now know 
that you can goto sleep in the bed at your room and when you wake up, 
you'll be able to leave.

 5. The TM and HM List									  

	Not all of the TM's are here, but I have gotten a hold of a list. The numbers to 
the right of the TM are the digits you can use if you use a Gameshark. Use the Gameshark 
codes with the Item Modifier code.

TM Number	Move		GameShark Code

1.  		Explosive Punch     	71
2.  		Headbutt               	72
3.  		?????               	73   
4.  		Body Slam           	74
5.  		Roar                	75
6.  		Toxic              	76
7.  		Thunder Ball        	77
8.  		Rock Smash          	78
9.  		?????               	79
10. 		Spin Ball           	7A 
11. 		Eruption            	7B
12. 		De-Accuracy         	7C
13. 		Snore               	7D
14. 		Blizzard            	7E
15. 		Hyper Beam          	7F
16. 		Numbing Wind        	80
17. 		Barrier             	81
18. 		Acid Rain           	82
19. 		Giga Drain          	83
20. 		Defend              	84
21. 		?????               	85
22. 		Solar Beam          	86
23. 		Iron Tail           	87
24. 		Dragon Blizzard     	88
25. 		Thunder             	89
26. 		Earthquake          	8A
27. 		Splash tackle      	8B
28. 		Dig                 	8C
29. 		Psychic             	8D
30. 		Shadow Ball         	8E
31. 		Sand Hell           	8F
32. 		Double Team         	90
33. 		Ice Punch           	91
34. 		Confuse Breath      	92
35. 		Snore           	93
36. 		Demon Bubble    	94
37. 		Meteor Shower   	95
38. 		Fire Blast          	96
39. 		Swift               	97
40. 		Fire Curl           	98
41. 		Thunder Punch       	99
42. 		Delayed Psychic     	9A
43. 		Dodge               	9B
44. 		Rest                	9C
45. 		Mellow Mellow       	9D
46. 		Pay Day             	9E
47. 		Iron Wing           	9F
48. 		Fire Punch          	A0
49. 		Mega Slash          	A1
50. 		Nightmare           	A2


 6. Gameshark Codes									  



1 PokÈmon Modifier 			01??23DA 
2 Skill Modifier (1st Position) 	01??2CDA 
3 Skill Modifier (2nd Position) 	01??2DDA 
4 Skill Modifier (3rd Position) 	01??2EDA 
5 Skill Modifier (4th Position) 	01??2FDA 
6 Trainer ID# Modifier 			01??30DA
7 Exp. Modifier 			01??32DA
8 Infinite PP (1st Position) 		01??41DA 
9 Infinite PP (2nd Position) 		01??42DA 
10 Infinite PP (3rd Position) 		01??43DA 
11 Infinite PP (4th Position) 		01??44DA 
12 Level Modifier 			01??49DA 
13 Infinite HP (Larger) 		01??4CDA 
14 Infinite HP (Smaller) 		01??4DDA 
15 Max HP Modifier (Larger) 		01??4EDA 
16 Max HP Modifier (Smaller) 		01??4FDA 
17 Max Attack Modifier (Larger) 	01??50DA 
18 Max Attack Modifier (Smaller)	01??51DA 
19 Max Defense Modifier (Larger)	01??52DA 
20 Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) 	01??53DA 
21 Max Speed (Larger) 			01??54DA 
22 Max Speed (Small) 			01??55DA 
23 Max Special Defense Modifier (Large) 01??56DA 
24 Max Special Defense Modifier (Small) 01??57DA 
25 Max Special Attack Modifier (Large) 	01??58DA 
26 Max Special Attack Modifier (Small) 	01??59DA 

 Name Modifier Codes 
27 Default Name End (Must Be On) 	015096DB 
28 Slot 1 				01??8CDB 
29 Slot 2 				01??8DDB 
30 Slot 3 				01??8EDB 
31 Slot 4 				01??8FDB 
32 Slot 5 				01??90DB 
33 Slot 6 				01??91DB 
34 Slot 7 				01??92DB 
35 Slot 8 				01??93DB 
36 Slot 9 				01??94DB 
37 Slot 10 				01??95DB 

Quantity Digits to Accompany PokÈmon Modifier Codes

1D-Nidoran (F) 
20-Nidoran male
7a-Mr. mime 

Quantity Digits to Accompany Name Modifier Codes 

50 - NULL (End of Name REQUIRED Where It Is Used!)
60 - BOLD A (Not Available On Name Screen)
61 - BOLD B ( " )
72 - BOLD P ( " )
80 - A
81 - B
82 - C
83 - D
84 - E
85 - F
86 - G
87 - H
88 - I
89 - J
8A - K
8B - L
8C - M
8D - N
8E - O
8F - P
90 - Q
91 - R
92 - S
93 - T
94 - U
95 - V
96 - W
97 - X
98 - Y
99 - Z
9A - (
9B - )
9C - :
9D - ;
9E - [
9F - ]
A0 - a
A1 - b
A2 - c
A3 - d
A4 - e
A5 - f
A6 - g
A7 - h
A8 - i
A9 - j
AA - k
AB - l
AC - m
AD - n
AE - o
AF - p
B0 - q
B1 - r
B2 - s
B3 - t
B4 - u
B5 - v
B6 - w
B7 - x
B8 - y
B9 - z
BA - È
BB - 'd
BC - 'l
BD - 's
BE - 't
BF - 'v
E1 - PK
E2 - MN
E4 - 'r
E5 - 'm
E6 - ?
E7 - !
EF - Male Symbol
F0 - Currency Symbol (P with Horizontal Slashses)
F1 - x (Multiply)
F2 - . (Period)
F3 - / (Division)
F4 - ,(Comma)
F5 - Female Symbol
F6 - 0
F7 - 1
F8 - 2
F9 - 3
FA - 4
FB - 5
FC - 6
FD - 7
FE - 8
FF - 9 


1 No Random Battles 			01000BD2 
2 Always On Bike 			010182D6 
3 Day Of Week Modifier 			01??DCD1 
4 Hour Modifier 			01??DDD1 
5 Minute Modifier 			01??DED1
6 Infinite Money 			019973D5
7 Have All Badges 			01FF7CD5
8 Key Item Modifier 			01??E2D5 

9 Upper Left Corner  			01??60D9 
10 Poster by Door [Note 1] 		01??5CD9 
11 Lower Left Corner  			01??59D9 
12 In Front of TV  			01??5DD9 
13 Left Side of Shelf  			01??5ED9 
14 Right Side of Shelf  		01??5FD9 

Note 1: With this code, DO NOT put anything other than poster digits in the
poster modifier, as most other digits will make the stairs disappear and trap 
you in the room.

 7. Frequently Asked Questions								  

        These are actual e-mails I get from people. I try my hardest to answer their 
questions as best I can, and if I recieve an e-mail about a question that is answered in this 
section, I will most likely ignore it.

Q: I can't figure out the correct order to flip the switches in the Team Rocket Basement.

A: Start at the left and flip all switches to the right in order. You should now be able 
to get through to the elevator.

Q: Where and how do I get the 'Squirtle Water'?

A: You can get the squirtle water from the most extreme north
eastern house in the town where you get your normal badge. A 
lady in the house will give it to you.

Q: What ARE those symbols next to my PokÈmon's Icon for?

A: There are a numnber of answers. First things first, we know you've attached an item to
your PokÈmon by selecting attach from the backpack. However, you may have attached 
anything from a potion to a King's Crown to it. To figure out what is attached to it, go
to PokÈmon from the main menu and move to the statistics section of your PokÈmon's info.
You will see what item is attached to it.

Q: How do I get the radio? I've heard about the upgraded radio, but I don't even have the 
first one!

A: To get the radio, go to the place that Team Rocket will or has taken over and walk 
up to the girl on the far right standing behind the counter. Talk to her and answer 
yes, yes, yes, no, yes, no.

Q: How do I solve the first ice maze?

A: This question is answered above in this strategy guide. I am the man.

Q: I don't know how to withdraw and deposit PokÈmon, can you help me?

A: Ok, this is wehere there was a glitch in the game. On one of my files, when I
caught PokÈmon, they could not be withdrawn. I had them set to go in box 7, and box
seven still holds them, but when I go into it, it shows no PokÈmon.

Q: How do I awaken the Snorlax that blocks me from entering the 
cave in Vermillion city?

A: Get a radio upgrade from the man in Lavander town who is standing in the building. 
You'll have to find a missing tool in Misty's gym first in order to do this.

Q: Where is Misty?

A: Go to Bill's lighthouse, and enter. Misty will be in love with someone, and when they 
see you, they both run off. Misty will return to her gym, and you can fight her from 
there. Make sure you get the missing part in her gym!

Q: Where can I get a lot of expirence?

A: You can obtain a fair amount of experience by fighting RED, or by going to Vermillion
City and fighting your clone in the basement in the Mirage Center. You will face an 
image of yourself, and his PokÈmon will give you a larger amount of experience than

Q: Is it possible to catch Pikachu and Marrill in this game?

A: Of course it is. Your PokÈdex can easily tell you how to find these PokÈmon, but 
I will tell you anyway. Pikachu can be caught just above Viridian city, and below 
Pewter City. Just south of what is left of the Viridian forest, you will see a patch 
of grass. Here you can catch Pikachu, both male and female gender. Maril is caught in 
caves east of Asagi, or the town with the ghost gym.

Q: How do I get other evolutionary PokÈmon from before like Bellosom?

A: Using different stones on other PokÈmon cause different things to happen. For 
instance, using a leaf stone on Gloom will evolve it into Vileplume, but if you use 
the solar stone on it, it will evolve into Bellosom.


A: You can get the TM08 from a man east of where you fought SudoWoodo. Additionally,
you can get TM08 from the Casino as a prize.

Q: Can I use this strategy guide on my website?

A: No. Just kidding. Read the section Website Usage Terms.

 8. Breeding										  

        Breeding is one of the main key features of PokÈmon Gold and Silver, and it's 
definetly something that makes it stand out from the rest. Breeding also opens up new 
possibilites, and can help you recieve an endless supply of rare PokÈmon. But perhaps the 
best thing about breeding is that is not only helps you tremendously, it opens up a whole 
new world of evolution. Brand new 'pre-evolution' PokÈmon are being discovered, and it's 
only the beginning.
	To breed PokÈmon, go to the town in which you acuired your third badge, the one 
with Mirutanku the cow PokÈmon. Go south from this town until you come across a house. 
Inside, an old man and woman take care of PokÈmon and even run own their own breeding 
farm! Give a male version of a PokÈmon to the man, and a female PokÈmon to the woman. 
Leave and walk around or do something for a while. When you come back, the man will be 
standing outside and he will give you an egg. You can also get your PokÈmon back. After a 
certian amount of steps, the egg will hatch and you will have a brand new 
PokÈmon on level 5!

Pre-Evolutionary PokÈmon:

Pichu --------> Pikachu
Cleffa -------> Clefairy
Elekid -------> Electabuzz
Igglybuff ----> Jigglypuff
Magby --------> Magmar
Smoochum -----> Jynx

 9. Evolution										  

	So before you go and e-mail me about the evolutionary stones, read this section. I
don't want you to bother me with this, and NO E-MAIL ABOUT THEM WILL BE ANSWERED.

Go to route 25 and go into the sea cottage. Inside, you will find Bill's grandfather. Show 
him the following PokÈmon on the days (I do not know exactly what days) that it'll work to 
recieve one evolutionary stone.

| What you show him:  |   What you'll get:|
| Vulpix              |   Fire Stone      |
| Staryu              |   Water Stone     |
| Oddish              |   Leaf Stone      |
| Pichu               |   Thunder Stone   |

Moon Stone
 Can be found on Route 27.

Solar Stone
 Will be awarded for winning the Bug Catching Tournament.

 New Types of Evolutions:

	To Get Slowbro to evolve into Slowking, you have to equip it with the King's Rock,
which you'll get from Azela Town's Slowpoke Well. Bring a PokÈmon that has Rock Smash 
along, and you'll find a new path which leads to the King's Crown

	To Get Scyther to evolve into Scizor, you have to equip it with the Metal Coat,
which you get after you find the mans daughter on the S.S. Aqua. You'll find her daugher
bugging the captian.

	To Make Onix evolve into Stelix, equip it with the Metal Coat and trade it to
another game.

        To make Porygon evolve into Porygon2, equip it with the upgrade, and trade it to
another game. You can get it in the Saffron City Building from the man who blocks your 
path to the upstairs.

        To make your Poliwrath evolve into Politoed, you have to equip it with the King's 
Rock, which you'll get from Azela Town's Slowpoke Well. Bring a PokÈmon that has Rock Smash 
along, and you'll find a new path which leads to the King's Crown.

Happiness Evolutions:

Some PokÈmon won't evolve for you until they are happy. To make them happy, always use 
them, don't ever let them get weak. Win battles with them (Ex: Elite Four, Red, etc.) and
let them hold items. Get them haircuts from Goldenrod City, and let Blue's sister play 
with them In pallet Between 4-5 P.M. Don't let them faint, lose battles, store them in
boxes or trade them away.

PokÈmon that Evolve via Happiness:
Eevee --------> Espeon (If evolves during the day [5 a.m. - 6 p.m.])
Eevee --------> Umbreon (If evolves during night [6 p.m. - 5 a.m.])
Chansey ------> Blissey
Golbat -------> Crobat
Togepi -------> Togetic
Pichu --------> Pikachu
Clef ---------> Clefairy
Igglybuff ----> Jugglypuff

 10. Items										  

|	Berry Name	|	Discription		|	Location	|
| Berry			| Heals PokÈmon HP by 10	| Route 29,30,38,46,11, |
|			|				| Nature Park, Mystery  |
|			|				| Gift, Wild PokÈmon	|
| Berry Juice		| Heals PokÈmon HP by 20	| Give Shuckle from 	|
|			|				| Cinawood a Berry	|
| Bitter Berry		| Heals Confusion Status	| Route 1,31,43, Mystery|
|			|				| Gift, Blackthorn City |
| Burnt Berry		| Heals Frozen Status		| Route 44, Fushia City,|
|			|				| Mystery Gift		|
| Gold Berry		| Heals PokÈmon HP by 30	| Mt. Moon, Nature Park,|
|			|				| Traded from R/B/Y     |


 11. Neat Things									  

        This section will talk about some neat tricks in the game that do not fit into any 
of the other catagories, but are still a part of the game.

	-After you have the S.S. Aqua ticket, you can ride on it any Monday or Friday. To
get off of it, take a rest in your cabin. 

        -Let mom collect your money. Eventually, she will call you on the phone and tell
you she has bought you useful items and even decorations for your room!

	- This strategy guide was written by Donphan. You might be wondering why I put
this here. Well if someone steals this strategy guide and says they wrote it, 9 out of 10
chances say they miss this. Hehe.

	-Go east of Fushia City and catch a Chansey, go around the turn and up to find a
patch of grass with a girl standing in it. She will trade the Chansey you caught for an 

	-Did you know that you can use the select button as a hot key? When in your bag, 
push the select button. Push it again to confirm it. Now when you are looking through 
pocket that the item was in and you push select, you will automaticly go to that item!

	-Did you know that you can face your friends anytime of the day? Even if they 
aren't there? Here's how to do it: Using two Gameboy COLORS, start up the game and 
choose the FOURTH option. This will let you and your friend trade teams, allowing you to 
fight your friend instead of your clone in Viridian City.

	-PokÈmon Centers Keep Track of your records! Your game can store your stats against
others for up to 5 people!

 12. Rare PokÈmon									  

        It turns out that there are more rare PokÈmon than you think 
there are.

There are currently 8 legendary PokÈmon.
059. Arcanine*
144. Articuno
145. Zapdos
146. Moltres
243. Raikou
244. Entei
245. Suikun
249. Lugia
250. Ho-Oh

|       Ho-Oh- A legend says that it's body glows in seven colors.  A   |
| rainbow is said to form behind it when it flies.			|
|									|
| Type 1: Fire  Type 2: Flying                                          |
|                                                                       |
|	-Gold Version: Ho-Oh Lv. 40                                     |
|	In Gold Version, catching Ho-Oh should be easy. After beating 	|
| the Orange League, and clearing the event at the Radio Tower, you 	|
| will get a Rainbow feather. Return to the town in which you achieved 	|
| your Phantom Badge. A house in the northern part of the town will have|
| stairs, and you will end up following a path that will take you to the|
| top of the building and Ho-Oh will be there. Save, for Houou is a Rare|
| PokÈmon, and if you don't catch it the first time, you will never get |
| a chance to fight it again.                                           |
|                                                                       |
|	-Silver Version: Ho-Oh Lv. 70                                   |
|       After beating the game, go to the old world, and get a Rainbow  |
| Feather from Pewter City. Now you can get Ho-Oh from the roof of a    |
| building in the town in which you achieved your Phantom Badge.	|
|                                                                       |
|       Lugia- It is said to be the guardian of the seas.  It is rumored|
| to have been seen on the night of a storm.				|
|									|
| Type 1: Psychic  Type 2: Water					|
|                                                                       |
|       -Gold Version: Lugia Lv. 70                                     |
|       After beating the game, go to the old world, and get a Silver   |
| Feather from the man in the eastern part of Pewter City. Go back to 	|
| the new world, and surf over to the islands. Go in the upper right 	|
| island. Here, you will fight Houou.					|
|       -Silver Version: Lugia Lv: 40         				|
|       Clear the event at the radio tower. You will recieve a Silver   | 
| Feather. Go to the islands that seperate the town where you get your  |
| steel badge and the town over the water. Lugia will be in the upper 	|
| right cave. 								|
|									|
|									|
|                                                                       |
| The three Legendary Cat PokÈmon					|
|									|
| PokÈmon Numbers 243, 244, and 245                                     |    
|       You can bring them to life from statues by using TM08 to break 	|
| the rocks in the town where you fight the ghost gym. Fall to the lower|
| level and go up the stairs. You will see three statues, and when you 	|
| are about to enter the platform they are on, they spring to life, each|
|one its own signifigant color and type, and scatter out of the cave to |
| freely roam through the world. However, once you have seen them once 	|
|and battled them, their HP will not be healed, and you will be able to |
| locate them on by using your PokÈdex.     				|
|                                                                       |
|       What makes this game harder and this strategy guide look bad is |
| the fact that the only way to catch these legendary PokÈmon is to find|
| them on either map. I haven't even found one of them yet. If you are  |
| having trouble finding them, there is nothing I can do to help you. 	|
| Keep trying and good luck!                				|
|                                                                       |
| Yes, you heard me right, they are cat PokÈmon, not dog PokÈmon. There |
| is an electric type, an Ice type, and a Fire type. (Does this remind 	|
| you of other Legendary PokÈmon?)                                     	|
|                                                             		|
|       However, there is an easier way to catch these PokÈmon. If you 	|
| want a strong PokTball, go to the most southern town on the new map. 	|
| Go to the nut tree next to the house. After you pick the nut, go into |
| the house, and give the old man the nut. Come back the next day to get|
| the speed ball. It acts as a very advanced ball and I think it ensures|
| a catch every time. It would make a lot of sense, considering there 	|
| are so many rare PokÈmon.    						|
|									|
| Strategy for catching the Legendary Creatures:			|
|	  								|    
|	  Because it is very hard to catch the Legendary Cats, because 	|
| they run away from you everytime they fight you, a strategy was 	|
| developed. To more easily catch the cats, bring along a level 39 	|
| PokÈmon with you, and bring along a lot of gold spray (Super Repel). 	|
| Now go into a area, (On the West Side) and make sure you fight no 	|
| PokÈmon above or equal to level 40 where you think a legendary cat 	|
| might be hiding. You will not be able to fight any PokÈmon except for	|
| the cat you are looking for!			    			|
|       Eevee- You can get unlimited amounts of Eevee's in this game. I |
| wouldn't have put this in this section, but because I recieve such 	|
| large amounts of e-mails concerning Eevee, I put it here. You can get |
| Eevee as many times as you want by going to the casino house in the   |
| town where you achieved your normal badge. Eevee costs 6,666.      	|
|                                                                      	|
| Evolving Eevee into Umbreon and Espeon                                |
|       To evolve Eevee into Umbreon, the evil Eevee, always use it and |
| keep it with you. Eventually, it will evolve into Umbreon, an evil 	|
| type PokÈmon.								|
|									|
|       To evolve Eevee into Espeon, always keep Eevee with you in your |
| team and use it a lot. Eventually, not on any particular level, it 	|
| will evolve into the Psychic type PokÈmon, Espeon.  			|
| Selebi								|
|									|
|									|
|	Rumor #1 says you can get Celebi by catching all 26 Annons and  |
| solving all four PokÈmon Puzzles then playing a strange sounding song |
| on the upgraded radio. It is rumored that after you do this, you will |
| encounter a level 5 Celebi. This is not confirmed, and I have not     |
| attempted to do it, so don't e-mail me about it.			|

* Even though you can get unlimited numbers of this PokÈmon, in the PokÈdex, it is 
described as a legendary PokÈmon. However, that is in previous versions of PokÈmon.

 12.01 Unown										  

	Unown isn't very rare, but this didn't fit into any other catagories and I wasn't
making a whole new section just for this.

	There are 26 Unown. They all represent one letter of the alphabet. Once you catch
3 Unown, you will be given the Unown dex by a labratory scientist from the lab nearby. The
Unown dex will keep track of all of the Unown you caught. Here is the meaning of them...

A - Angry
B - Bear
C - Chase
D - Direct
E - Engage
F - Find
G - Give
H - Help
I - Increase
J - Join
K - Keep
L - Laugh
M - Make
N - Nuzzle
O - Observe
P - Perform
Q - Quicken
R - Reassure
S - Search
T - Tell
U - Undo
V - Vanish
W - Want
Y - Yield
Z - Zoom

Certian Unown won't appear until you complete the puzzles hidden throughtout Union Cave.
The first puzzle is the Kabuto Puzzle, followed by the Omanyte Puzzle, Aerodactyl Puzzle, 
and finally the Ho-oh Puzzle. Here is what letter of Unown the puzzles open up.

Puzzle 1: Kabuto Puzzle
Opens up: A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K

Puzzle 2: Omanyte Puzzle
Opens up: L,M,N,O,P,Q,R

Puzzle 3: Aerodactyl Puzzle
Opens up: S,T,U,V,W

Puzzle 4: Ho-oh Puzzle
Opens up: X,Y,Z

 13. Evolution Chart									  

        This section talks will state a PokÈmon name, and  what it evolves into, what 
it evolved from, what level it evolves  and the PokÈmon's number. This section will probablly 
take longest to make. Soon PokÈmon number 1-251 will be featured in this section.

001: Bulbasaur
Evolves: Ivysaur
Level: 16
Evolved from: ---

002: Ivysaur
Evolves: Venusaur
Level: 32
Evolved from: ---

003: Venusaur
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Ivysaur

004: Charmander
Evolves: Charmeleon
Level: 16
Evolved from: ---

005: Charmeleon
Evolves: Charizard 
Level: 36
Evolved from: Charmander

006: Charizard
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Charmeleon

007: Squirtle
Evolves: Wartortle
Level: 16
Evolved from: ---

008: Wartortle
Evolves: Blastoise
Level: 26
Evolved from: Squirtle

009: Blastoise
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Wartortle

010: Caterpie
Evolves: Metapod
Level: 7
Evolved from: ---

011: Metapod
Evolves: Butterfree
Level: 10
Evolved from: Caterpie

012: Butterfree
Evolves: --- 
Level: --- 
Evolved from: Metapod

013: Weedle
Evolves: Kakuna
Level: 7
Evolved from: ---

014: Kakuna
Evolves: Beedrill
Level: 10
Evolved from: Weedle

015: Beedrill
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

016: Pidgey
Evolves: Pidgeotto
Level: 18
Evolved from: ---

017: Pidgeotto 
Evolves: Pidgeot
Level: 36
Evolved from: Pidgey

018: Pidgeot
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Pidgeotto

019: Rattata
Evolves: Raticate
Level: 20
Evolved from: ---

020: Spearow
Evolves: Fearow
Level: 20
Evolved from: ---

021: Fearow
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Spearow

023: Ekans
Evolves: Arbok
Level: 24
Evolved from: ---

024: Arbok
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Ekans

025: Pikachu
Evolves: Raichu
Level: Thunder Stone
Evolved from: Pichu

026: Raichu
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Pikachu

027: Sandshrew
Evolves: Sandslash
Level: 22
Evolved from: ---

028: Sandslash
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Sandshrew

029: Nidoran (Female)
Evolves: Nidorina
Level: 16
Evolved from: ---

030: Nidorina
Evolves: Nidoqueen
Level: Moon Stone
Evolved from: Nidoran (Female)

Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Nidorina

032: Nidoran (Male)
Evolves: Nidorino
Level: 16
Evolved from: ---

033: Nidorino
Evolves: Nidoking
Level: Moon Stone
Evolved from: Nidoran (Male)

034: Nidoking
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Nidorino

035: Clefairy
Evolves: Clefable
Level: Moon Stone
Evolved from: ---

036: Clefable
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Clefairy

037: Vulpix
Evolves: Ninetales
Level: Fire Stone
Evolved from: ---

038: Ninetales
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Vulpix

039: Jigglypuff
Evolves: Wigglytuff
Level: Moon Stone
Evolved from: ---

040: Wigglytuff
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Jigglypuff

041: Zubat
Evolves: Golbat
Level: 22
Evolved from: ---

042: Golbat
Evolves: Kuroba
Level: ??
Evolved from: Zubat

043: Oddish
Evolves: Gloom
Level: 21
Evolved from: ---

044: Gloom
Evolves: Vileplume
Level: Leaf Stone
Evolved from: Oddish

045: Vileplume
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Gloom

046: Paras
Evolves: Parasect
Level: 24
Evolved from: ---

047: Parasect
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Paras

048: Venonat
Evolves: Venomoth
Level: 31
Evolved from: ---

049: Venomoth
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Venonat

050: Diglett
Evolves: Dugtrio
Level: 26
Evolved from: ---

051: Dugtrio
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Diglett

052: Meowth
Evolves: Persian
Level: 28
Evolved from: ---

053: Persian
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Meowth

054: Psyduck
Evolves: Golduck
Level: 33
Evolved from: ---

055: Golduck
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Psyduck

056: Mankey
Evolves: Primeape
Level: 28
Evolved from: ---

057: Primeape
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Mankey

058: Growlithe
Evolves: Arcanine
Level: Fire Stone
Evolved from: ---

059: Arcanine
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Growlithe

060: Poliwag
Evolves: Poliwhirl
Level: 25
Evolved from: ---

061: Poliwhirl
Evolves: Poliwrath
Level: Water Stone
Evolved from: Poliwag

062: Poliwrath
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Poliwhirl

063: Abra
Evolves: Kadabra
Level: 16
Evolved from: ---

064: Kadabra
Evolves: Alakazam
Level: Trade
Evolved from: Abra

065: Alakazam
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Kadabra

066: Machop
Evolves: Machoke
Level: 28
Evolved from: ---

067: Machoke
Evolves: Machamp
Level: Trade
Evolved from: Machop

068: Machamp
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Machoke

069: Bellsprout
Evolves: Weepinbell
Level: 21
Evolved from: ---

070: Weepinbell
Evolves: Victreebell
Level: Leaf Stone
Evolved from: Bellsprout

071: Victreebell
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Weepinbell

072: Tentacool
Evolves: Tentacruel
Level: 30
Evolved from: ---

073: Tentacruel
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Tentacool

074: Geodude
Evolves: Graveler
Level: 25
Evolved from: ---

075: Graveler
Evolves: Golem
Level: Trade
Evolved from: Geodude

076: Golem
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Graveler

077: Ponyta
Evolves: Rapidash
Level: 40
Evolved from: ---

078: Rapidash
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Ponyta

079: Slowpoke
Evolves: Slowbro, Yadokingu
Level: 37, ??
Evolved from: ---

080: Slowbro
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Slowpoke

081: Magnemite
Evolves: Megneton
Level: 30
Evolved from: ---

082: Magneton
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Magnemite

083: Farfatch'd
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

084: Doduo
Evolves: Dodrio
Level: 31
Evolved from: ---

085: Dodrio
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Doduo

086: Seel
Evolves: Dewgong
Level: 34
Evolved from: ---

087: Dewgong
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Seel

088: Grimer
Evolves: Muk
Level: 38
Evolved from: ---

089: Muk
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Grimer

090: Shellder
Evolves: Cloyster
Level: Water Stone
Evolved from: ---

091: Cloyster
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Shellder

092: Gastly
Evolves: Haunter
Level: 25
Evolved from: ---

093: Haunter
Evolves: Gengar
Level: Trade
Evolved from: Gastly

094: Gengar
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Haunter

095: Onix
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

096: Drowzee
Evolves: Hypno
Level: 26
Evolved from: ---

097: Hypno
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Drowzee

098: Krabby
Evolves: Kingler
Level: 28
Evolved from: ---

099: Kingler
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Krabby

100: Voltorb
Evolves: Electrode
Level: 30
Evolved from: ---

101: Electrode
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Voltorb

102: Exeggcute
Evolves: Exeggutor
Level: Leaf Stone
Evolved from: ---

103: Exeggutor
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Exeggcute

104: Cubone
Evolves: Marowak
Level: 28
Evolved from: ---

105: Marowak
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Cubone

106: Hitmonlee
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

107: Hitmonchan
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

108: Likitung
Evolves: --- 
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

109: Koffing
Evolves: Weezing
Level: 35
Evolved from: ---

110: Weezing
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Koffing

111: Rhyhorn
Evolves: Rhydon
Level: 42
Evolved from: ---

112: Rhydon
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Rhyhorn

113: Chansey
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

114: Tangela
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

115: Kangaskhan 
Evolves: --- 
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

116: Horsea
Evolves: Sedra
Level: 32
Evolved from: ---

117: Seadra
Evolves: Kingdoura
Level: ---
Evolved from: Horsea

118: Goldeen
Evolves: Seaking
Level: 33
Evolved from: ---

119: Seaking
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Goldeen

120: Staryu 
Evolves: Starmie
Level: Water Stone
Evolved from: ---

121: Starmie
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Staryu

122: Mr. Mime
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

123: Scyther
Evolves: ---
Level:  ---
Evolved from: ---

124: Jynx
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

125: Electabuzz
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Elekidd

126: Magmar
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ???

127: Pinsir
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

128: Tauros
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

129: Magikarp
Evolves: Gyrados
Level: 20
Evolved from: ---

130: Gyrados
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Magikarp

131: Lapras
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

132: Ditto
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

133: Eevee
Evolves: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Efi, Burakki
Level: Water Stone, Thunder Stone, Fire Stone, Psychic Stone, Dark Stone
Evolved from: ---

134: Vaporeon
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Eevee

135: Jolteon
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Eevee

136: Flareon
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Eevee

137: Porygon
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

138: Omanyte
Evolves: Omastar
Level: 40
Evolved from: Helix Fossil

139: Omastar
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Omanyte

140: Kabuto
Evolves: Kabutops
Level: 40
Evolved from: Dome Fossil

141: Kabutops
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Kabuto

142: Aerodactyl
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Old Amber

143: Snorlax
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

144: Arcticuno
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

145: Zapdos
Evolves: --- 
Level: --- 
Evolved from: ---

146: Moltres
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

147: Dratini
Evolves: Dragonair
Level: 30
Evolved from: ---

148: Dragonair
Evolves: Dragonite
Level: 55
Evolved from: Dratini

149: Dragonite
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Dragonair

150: Mewtwo
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

151: Mew
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

152: Chikorita
Evolves: Beileaf
Level: 16
Evolved from: ---

153: Bayleef
Evolves: Meganuim
Level: 32
Evolved from: Chikorita

154: Meganium
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Bayleaf

155: Cyndaquil
Evolves: Quiliva
Level: 14
Evolved from: ---

156: Quiliva
Evolves: Typhlosion
Level: 36
Evolved from: Cyndaquil

157: Typhlosion
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Quiliva

158: Totodile
Evolves: Croconaw
Level: 18
Evolved from: ---

159: Croconaw
Evolves: Feraligator
Level: 30
Evolved from: Totodile

160: Feraligator
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Croconaw

161: Sentret
Evolves: Furret
Level: 15
Evolved from: ---

162: Furret
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Sentret

163: Hoothoot
Evolves: Noctowl
Level: 20
Evolved from: ---

164: Noctowl
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Hoothoot

165: Ledyba
Evolves: Ledian
Level: 18
Evolved from: ---

166: Ledian
Evolves: ---
Level: --- 
Evolved from: Ledyba

167: Itomaru
Evolves: Aliadosu
Level: 22
Evolved from: ---

168: Aliadosu
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Itomaru

169: Kurobatto
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Golbat

170: Connchi
Evolves: Lantern
Level: 27
Evolved from: ---

171: Lanturn
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Connchi

172: Pichu
Evolves: Pikachu
Evolved from: ---

173: Cleffa
Evolves: Clefairy
Evolved from: ---

174: Igglybuff
Evolves: Jigglypuff
Evolved from: ---

175: Togepi
Evolves: Togetic
Level: 25
Evolved from: ---

176: Togetic
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Togepi

177: Natu
Evolves: Xatu
Level: 25
Evolved from: ---

178: Xatu
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Natu

179: Mareep
Evolves: Flaffy
Level: 15
Evolved from: ---

180: Flaffy
Evolves: Ampharos
Level: 30
Evolved from: Mareep

181: Ampharos
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Flaffy

182: Bellosom
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Gloom

183: Marril
Evolves: Azumarril
Level: 18
Evolved from: ---

184: Azumarril
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Marril

185: Sudowoodo
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

186: Politoed
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Poliwhirl

187: Hopip
Evolves: Skiploom
Level: 18
Evolved from: ---

188: Skiploom
Evolves: Jumpluff
Level: 29
Evolved from: Hopip

189: Jumpluff
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: Skiploom

190: Aipom
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved from: ---

191: Sunkern
Evolves: Sunflora
Level: Sun Stone
Evolved from: ---

192: Sunkern
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved From: Sunkern

193: Yanma
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved From: ---

194: Wooper
Evolves: Quagsire
Level: 20
Evolved From: ---

195: Quagsire
Evolves: ---
Evolved From: Wooper

196: Espeon
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved From: Eevee

197: Umbreon
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved From: Eevee

198: Yamikarasu
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved From: ---

199: Yadokingu
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolved From: Slowbro

200: Muuma
Evolves: ---
Level: ---
Evolves From: ---

 13. Mystery Gift								  

	Mystery Gift. With the Push of a button you get a gift. You can get Mystery Gift
from a little girl in the Goldenrod Dept. Store. She'll say precisely wha the first line of
this section said and you'll have Mystery Gift the next time you turn on your game. So, 
what is the point of Mystery Gift? With two GameBoy Color's, you can 'Mystery Gift' once
per day per person. 

	Wondering what you can actually get with Mystery Gift? Here is the list:

Common Items:
Bitter Berry
Mint Berry
Burnt Berry
Ice Berry
X Attack
X Defend
X Special
Dire Hit
Guard Spec.
Pikachu Poster 
Clefairy Poster 
Jigglypuff Poster 
Weedle Doll 
Jigglypuff Doll 
Diglett Doll 
Oddish Doll 
Geodude Doll 
Machop Doll 
Poliwag Doll 
Shellder Doll 
Grimer Doll 
Gengar Doll 
Voltorb Doll 
Staryu Doll 
Magikarp Doll 
Bluesky Mail 
Eon Mail
Morph Mail

Uncommon Items:
Great Ball
Gold Berry
Miracle Berry
Super Repel
Max Repel
Squirtle Doll 
Bulbasaur Doll 
Pikachu Bed 
Pink Bed 
Polkadot Bed 
Tropical Plant 
Magna Plant 

Rare Items:
Leaf Stone
Thunder Stone
Fire Stone
Water Stone
Focus Lens
Max Revive
Max Ether
Max Elixer
Big Onix 
Big Plant 
Red Carpet 
Yellow Carpet 
Green Carpet 
Blue Carpet 
Virtual Boy 

Ultra-Rare Items:
HP Up 
PP Up 
Big Lapras  
Surfing Pika Doll  

 14. Battle Chart									  

        This is the battle chart. I am not sure of evil, but all other types
I know their strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths: None
Weaknesses: Rock
Can't Affect: Ghost

Strengths: Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel
Weaknesses: Fire, Water, Rock, Dragon
Can't Affect: None

Strengths: Fire, Ground, Rock
Weaknesses: Water, Grass, Dragon
Can't Affect: None

Strengths: Water, Flying
Weaknesses: Electric, Grass, Dragon
Can't Affect: Ground

Strengths: Water, Ground, Rock
Weaknesses: Fire, Grass, Poision, Flying, Bug, Dragon
Can't Affect: None

Strengths: Grass, Ground, Flying, Dragon
Weaknesses: Water, Ice
Can't Affect: None

Strengths: Normal, Ice, Rock, Steel
Weaknesses: Poision, Flying, Psychic, Bug
Can't Affect: Ghost

Strengths: Grass, Bug
Weaknesses: Poision, Ground, Rock, Ghost
Can't Affect: None

Strengths: Fire, Electric, Poision, Rock, Steel
Weaknesses: Grass, Bug
Can't Affect: Flying

Strengths: Grass, Fighting, Bug
Weaknesses: Electric, Rock
Can't Affect: None

Strengths: Fighting, Poision, Ghost
Weaknesses: Bug
Can't Affect: None

Strengths: Grass, Poision, Psychic
Weaknesses: Fire, Fighting, Flying, Ghost
Can't Affect: None

Strengths: Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug
Weaknesses: Water, Grass
Can't Affect: None

Strengths: None
Weaknesses: Psychic
Can't Affect: Normal (Exception: Confuse Ray)

Strengths: Dragon
Weaknesses: Ice
Can't Affect: None

Strengths: Unknown
Weaknesses: Fire, Ground, Fighting
Can't Affect: None

Strengths: Psychic, Ghost
Weaknesses: Unknown
Can't Affect: Normal

 15. PokÈmon Battle Chart								  

	This chart was not written by me. Sure, I revised it a little,
but I didn't write and I take no credit from it. I'd like to thank
lhyduk@yahoo.com and loudon@hotmail.com for letting me use it.

Name(s): 001-Bulbasaur/002-Ivysaur/003-Venusaur
Type(s): Poison/Grass
--       Tackle                           Normal
04       Growl                            Normal
07       Leech Seed                       Grass
10       Vine Whip                        Grass
15       Poison Powder                    Poison
15       Sleep Powder                     Poison
20/22    Razor Leaf                       Grass
25/29    Sweet Scent                      Normal
32/38/41 Growth                           Normal
39/47/53 Synthesis                        Grass
46/56/65 Solarbeam                        Grass

Type(s): Fire, Fire, Fire/Flying
--       Scratch                          Normal
--       Growl                            Normal
07       Ember                            Fire
13       Smokescreen                      Normal
19/20    Rage                             Normal
25/27    Scary Face                       Normal
31/34    Flamethrower                     Fire
X/X/36   Wing Attack                      Flying
37/41/44 Slash                            Normal
43/48/54 Dragon Rage                      Dragon
49/55/64 Fire Spin                        Fire

Type(s): Water
--       Tackle                           Normal
04       Tail Whip                        Normal
07       Bubble                           Water
10       Withdraw                         Water
13       Water Gun                        Water
18/19    Bite                             Dark
23/25    Rapid Spin                       Normal
28/31    Protect                          Normal
33/37/42 Rain Dance                       Water
40/45/55 Skull Bash                       Normal
47/55/68 Hydro Pump                       Water

Type(s): Bug, Bug, Bug/Flying
--       Tackle                           Normal
--       String Shot                      Bug
X/7/X    Harden                           Normal
X/X/10   Confusion                        Psychic
X/X/13   Poison Powder                    Poison
X/X/14   Stun Spore                       Grass
X/X/15   Sleep Powder                     Grass
X/X/18   Supersonic                       Normal
X/X/23   Whirlwind                        Normal
X/X/28   Gust                             Flying
X/X/34   Psybeam                          Psychic
X/X/40   Safeguard                        Normal

Type(s): Bug/Poison
--       Poison Sting                     Poison
--       String Shot                      Bug
X/7/X    Harden                           Normal
X/X/10   Fury Attack                      Normal
X/X/15   Focus Energy                     Normal
X/X/20   Twin Needle                      Bug
X/X/25   Rage                             Normal
X/X/30   Pursuit                          Dark
X/X/35   Pin Missile                      Bug
X/X/40   Agility                          Psychic

Type(s): Normal/Flying
--       Tackle                           Normal
05       Sand-Attack                      Ground
09       Gust                             Flying
15       Quick Attack                     Normal
21/23    Whirlwind                        Normal
29/33    Wing Attack                      Flying
36/43/46 Agility                          Psychic
47/55/61 Mirror Move                      Flying

Type(s): Normal
--       Tackle                           Normal
--       Tail Whip                        Normal
07       Quick Attack                     Normal
13       Hyper Fang                       Normal
20       Focus Energy                     Normal
X/20     Scary Face                       Normal
27/30    Pursuit                          Dark
34/40    Super Fang                       Normal

Type(s): Normal/Flying
--       Peck                             Flying
--       Growl                            Normal
07       Leer                             Normal
13       Fury Attack                      Normal
25/26    Pursuit                          Dark
31/32    Mirror Move                      Flying
37/40    Drill Peck                       Flying
43/47    Agility                          Psychic

Name(s): 023-Ekans/ 024-Arbok
Type(s): Poison
--       Wrap                             Normal
--       Leer                             Normal
09       Poison Sting                     Poison
15       Bite                             Dark
23/25    Glare                            Normal
29/33    Screech                          Normal
37/43    Acid                             Poison
43/51    Haze                             Ice

Name(s): 025-Pikachu/ 026-Raichu
Type(s): Electric
--       Thundershock                     Electric
--       Growl                            Normal
06       Tail Whip                        Normal
08       Thunder Wave                     Electric
11       Quick Attack                     Normal
15       Double Team                      Normal
20       Slam                             Normal
25       Thunderbolt                      Electric
33       Agility                          Psychic
41       Thunder                          Electric
50       Light Screen                     Psychic

Type(s): Ground
--       Scratch                          Normal
06       Defense Curl                     Normal
11       Sand-Attack                      Ground
17       Poison Sting                     Poison
23/24    Slash                            Normal
30/33    Swift                            Normal
37/42    Fury Swipes                      Normal
45/52    Sand Storm                       Rock

Name(s): 029-Nidoran(f)/030-Nidorina/031-Nidoqueen
Type(s): Poison, Poison, Poison/Ground
--       Growl                            Normal
--       Tackle                           Normal
08       Scratch                          Normal
12       Double Kick                      Fighting
17/19    Poison Sting                     Poison
X/X/23   Body Slam                        Normal
23/27    Tail Whip                        Normal
30/36    Bite                             Dark
38/46    Fury Swipes                      Normal

Type(s): Poison, Poison, Poison/Ground
--       Leer                             Normal
--       Tackle                           Normal
08       Horn Attack                      Normal
12       Double Kick                      Fighting
17/19    Poison Sting                     Poison
X/X/23   Thrash                           Normal
23/27    Focus Energy                     Normal
30/36    Fury Attack                      Normal
38/46    Horn Drill                       Normal

Type(s): Normal
--       Pound                            Normal
--       Growl                            Normal
04       Encore                           Normal
08       Sing                             Normal
13       Double Slap                      Normal
19       Minimize                         Normal
26       Defense curl                     Normal
34       Metronome                        Normal
43       Moon Light                       Normal
53       Barrier                          Psychic

Type(s): Fire
--       Ember                            Fire
--       Tail Whip                        Normal
07       Quick Attack                     Normal
13       Roar                             Normal
19       Confuse Ray                      Ghost
25       Safeguard                        Normal
31       Flamethrower                     Fire
37       Fire Spin                        Fire

Name(s): 039-Jigglypuff/040-Wigglytuff
Type(s): Normal
--       Sing                             Normal
04       Defense Curl                     Normal
09       Pound                            Normal
14       Disable                          Normal
19       Rollout                          Rock
24       Double Slap                      Normal
29       Rest                             Psychic
34       Body Slam                        Normal
39       Double-Edge                      Normal

Type(s): Poison/Flying
--       Leech Life                       Bug
06       Supersonic                       Normal
12       Bite                             Dark
19       Confuse Ray                      Ghost
27/30    Wing Attack                      Flying
36/42    Scary Face                       Normal
46/55/55 Haze                             Ice

Type(s): Grass/Poison, Grass/Poison, Grass/Poison, Grass
--       Absorb                           Grass
07       Sweet Scent                      Normal
14       Poison Powder                    Poison
16       Stun Spore                       Grass
18       Sleep Powder                     Grass
23/24    Acid                             Poison
32/34    Moon Light                       Normal
39/44    Petal Dance                      Grass
X/X/X/55 Solarbeam                        Grass

Name(s): 046-Paras/047-Parasect
Type(s): Bug/Grass
--       Scratch                          Normal
07       Stun Spore                       Grass
13       Poison Powder                    Poison
19       Leech Life                       Bug
25/28    Spore                            Grass
31/37    Slash                            Normal
37/46    Growth                           Normal
43/55    Mega Drain                       Grass

Type(s): Bug/Poison
--       Tackle                           Normal
--       Disable                          Normal
--       Foresight                        Normal
09       Confuse Ray                      Ghost
17       Confusion                        Psychic
20       Poison Powder                    Poison
25       Leech Life                       Bug
28       Stun Spore                       Grass
X/31     Gust                             Flying
33/36    Psybeam                          Psychic
36/42    Sleep Powder                     Grass
41/52    Psychic                          Psychic

Name(s):  050-Diglett/051-Dugtrio
Type(s): Ground
--       Scratch                          Normal
05       Growl                            Normal
09       Magnitude                        Ground
17       Dig                              Ground
25       Sand-Attack                      Ground
33/37    Slash                            Normal
41/49    Earthquake                       Ground
49/61    Fissure                          Ground

Type(s): Normal
--       Scratch                          Normal
--       Growl                            Normal
11       Bite                             Dark
20       Pay Day                          Normal
28       Faint Attack                     Dark
35/38    Screech                          Normal
41/46    Fury Swipes                      Normal
46/53    Slash                            Normal

Name(s): 054-Psyduck/055-Golduck
Type(s): Water
--       Scratch                          Normal
05       Tail Whip                        Normal
10       Disable                          Normal
16       Confusion                        Psychic
23       Screech                          Normal
31       Psych Up                         Psychic
40/44    Fury Swipes                      Normal
50/58    Hydro Pump                       Water

Type(s): Fighting
--       Scratch                          Normal
--       Leer                             Normal
09       Low Kick                         Fighting
15       Karate Chop                      Fighting
21       Fury Swipes                      Normal
27       Focus Energy                     Normal
X/28     Rage                             Normal
33/36    Seismic Toss                     Fighting
39/45    Cross Chop                       Fighting
45/54    Screech                          Normal
51/63    Thrash                           Normal

Name(s): 058-Growlithe/059-Arcanine
Type(s): Fire
--       Bite                             Dark
--       Roar                             Normal
09       Ember                            Fire
18       Leer                             Normal
26       Take Down                        Normal
34       Flame Wheel                      Fire
42       Agility                          Psychic
50       Flamethrower                     Fire

Type(s): Water, Water, Water/Fighting, Water
--       Bubble                           Water
07       Hypnosis                         Psychic
13       Water Gun                        Water
19       Doubleslap                       Normal
25/27    Rain Dance                       Water
31/35    Body Slam                        Normal
37/43    Belly Drum                       Normal
43/51    Hydro Pump                       Water
X/X/X/-- Perish Song                      Normal
X/X/X/51 Swagger                          Normal

Name(s): 063-Abra/064-Kadabra/065-Alakazam
Type(s): Psychic
--       Teleport                          Psychic
X/16     Confusion                         Psychic
X/18     Disable                           Normal
X/21     Psybeam                           Psychic
X/26     Recover                           Normal
X/31     Future Sight                      Psychic
X/38     Psychic                           Psychic
X/45     Barrier                           Psychic

Name(s): 066-Machop/067-Machoke/068-Machamp
Type(s): Fighting
--       Low Kick                          Fighting
--       Leer                              Normal
07       Focus Energy                      Normal
13       Karate Chop                       Fighting
19       Seismic Toss                      Fighting
25       Foresight                         Normal
31/34    Ball Braker                       Fighting
37/43    Cross Chop                        Fighting
43/52    Scary Face                        Normal
49/61    Submission                        Fighting

Name(s): 069-Bellsprout/070-Weepinbell/071-Victreebell
Type(s): Grass/Poison
--       Vine Whip                         Grass
06       Growth                            Normal
11       Wrap                              Normal
15       Sleep Powder                      Grass
17       Poison Powder                     Poison
19       Stun Spore                        Grass
23/24    Acid                              Poison
30/33    Sweet Scent                       Normal
37/42    Razor Leaf                        Grass
45/54    Slam                              Normal

Type(s): Water/Poison
--       Poison Sting                      Poison
06       Supersonic                        Normal
12       Wrap                              Normal
19       Acid                              Poison
25       Bubblebeam                        Water
30       Constrict                         Normal
36/38    Barrier                           Psychic
43/47    Screech                           Normal
49/55    Hydro Pump                        Water

Type(s): Rock/Ground
--       Tackle                            Normal
06       Defense Curl                      Normal
11       Rock Throw                        Rock
16       Magnitude                         Ground
21       Self Destruct                     Normal
26/27    Harden                            Normal
31/34    Rollout                           Rock
36/41    Earthquake                        Ground
41/48    Explosion                         Normal

Name(s): 077-Ronyta/078-Rapidash
Type(s): Fire
--       Tackle                            Normal
04       Growl                             Normal
08       Tail Whip                         Normal
13       Ember                             Fire
19       Stomp                             Normal
26       Fire Spin                         Fire
34       Take Down                         Normal
X/40     Fury Attack                       Fire
43/47    Agility                           Psychic
53/61    Fire Blast                        Fire

Type(s): Water/Psychic
--       Tackle                             Normal
--       Curse                              ???
06       Growl                              Normal
15       Water Gun                          Water
20       Confusion                          Psychic
29       Disable                            Normal
34       Headbutt                           Normal
X/37     Withdraw                           Water
43/45/X  Amnesia                            Psychic
X/X/43   Swagger                            Normal
48/54    Psychic                            Psychic

Type(s): Electric/steel
--       Tackle                             Normal
06       Thundershock                       Electric
11       Supersonic                         Normal
16       Sonicboom                          Normal
21       Thunderwave                        Electric
27       Lock-On                            Normal
33/35    Swift                              Normal
39/43    Screech                            Normal
45/53    Thunder Jolt                       Electric

Name(s): 083-Farfetch'd
Type(s): Normal/Flying
--       Peck                                Flying
07       Sand-Attack                         Ground
13       Leer                                Normal
19       Fury Attack                         Normal
25       Swords Dance                        Normal
31       Agility                             Psychic
37       Slash                               Normal
44       False Swipe                         Normal

Type(s): Normal/Flying
--       Peck                                Flying
--       Growl                               Normal
09       Pursuit                             Dark
13       Fury Attack                         Normal
21       Tri Attack                          Normal
25       Rage                                Normal
33/38    Drill Peck                          Flying
37/47    Agility                             Psychic

Type(s): Water, Water/Ice
--       Headbutt                            Normal
05       Growl                               Normal
16       Aurora Beam                         Ice
21       Rest                                Psychic
32       Take Down                           Normal
37/43    Ice Beam                            Ice
48/55    Safeguard                           Normal

Type(s): Poison
--       Poison Gas                          Poison
--       Pound                               Normal
05       Harden                              Normal
10       Disable                             Normal
16       Sludge                              Poison
23       Minimize                            Normal
31       Screech                             Normal
40/45    Acid Armor                          Poison
50/60    Sludge Bomb                         Poison

Type(s): Water, Water/Ice
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Withdraw                            Water
09       Supersonic                          Normal
17       Aurora Beam                         Ice
25       Protect                             Normal
33       Leer                                Normal
41       Clamp                               Water
X/41     Spike Cannon                        Normal
49       Ice Beam                            Ice

Type(s): Ghost/Poison
--       Hypnosis                            Psychic
--       Lick                                Ghost
08       Spite                               Ghost
13       Mean Look                           Normal
16       Curse                               ???
21       Night Shade                         Ghost
2/31     Confuse Ray                         Ghost
33/39    Dream Eater                         Psychic
36/48    Destiny Bond                        Ghost

Name(s): 095-Onix/208-Steelix
Type(s): Rock/Ground, Steel/Ground
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Screech                             Normal
10       Bide                                Normal
14       Rock Throw                          Rock
23       Harden                              Normal
27       Rage                                Normal
36       Sand Storm                          Rock
40       Slam                                Normal
X/48     Crunch                              Dark

Name(s): 096-Drowzee/097-Hypno
Type(s): Psychic
--       Pound                               Normal
--       Hypnosis                            Psychic
10       Disable                             Normal
18       Confusion                           Psychic
25       Headbutt                            Normal
31/33    Poison Gas                          Poison
36/40    Meditate                            Psychic
40/49    Psychic                             Psychic
43/55    Psych Up                            Psychic
45/60    Future Sight                        Psychic

Name(s): 098-Krabby/099-Kingler
Type(s): Water
--       Bubble                              Water
05       Leer                                Normal
12       Vicegrip                            Normal
16       Harden                              Normal
23       Stomp                               Normal
27       Guillotine                          Normal
34/38    Protect                             Normal
41/49    Crabhammer                          Water

Type(s): Electric
--       Tackle                              Normal
09       Screech                             Normal
17       Sonicboom                           Normal
23       Self Destruct                       Normal
29       Rollout                             Rock
33/34    Light Screen                        Psychic
37/40    Swift                               Normal
39/44    Explosion                           Normal
41/48    Mirror Coat                         Psychic

Type(s): Grass/Psychic
--       Barrage                             Normal
--       Hypnosis                            Psychic
07       Reflect                             Psychic
13       Leech Seed                          Grass
19       Confusion                           Psychic
X/19     Stomp                               Normal
25       Stun Spore                          Grass
31       Poison Powder                       Poison
37       Sleep Powder                        Grass
43       Solarbeam                           Grass

Type(s): Ground
--       Growl                               Normal
05       Tail Whip                           Normal
09       Bone Club                           Ground
13       Headbutt                            Normal
17       Leer                                Normal
21       Focus Energy                        Normal
25       Bonemarang                          Ground
29/32    Rage                                Normal
33/39    False Swipe                         Normal
37/46    Thrash                              Normal
41/53    Bone Rush                           Ground

Name(s): 106-Hitmonlee
Type(s): Fighting
--       Double Kick                         Fighting
06       Meditate                            Psychic
11       Rolling kick                        Fighting
16       Jump Kick                           Fighting
21       Focus Energy                        Normal
26       Hi Jump Kick                        Fighting
31       Mind Reader                         Normal
36       Foresight                           Normal
41       Endure                              Normal
46       Mega Kick                           Normal
51       Reversal                            Fighting

Name(s): 107-Hitmonchan
Type(s): Fighting
--       Comet Punch                         Normal
07       Agility                             Psychic
13       Pursuit                             Dark
26       Fire Punch                          Fire
26       Ice Punch                           Ice
26       Thunder Punch                       Electric
32       Mach Punch                          Fighting
38       Mega Punch                          Normal
44       Detect                              Fighting
50       Counter                             Fighting

Name(s): 108-Lickitung
Type(s):  Normal
--        Lick                               Ghost
07        Supersonic                         Normal
13        Defense Curl                       Normal
19        Stomp                              Normal
25        Wrap                               Normal
31        Disable                            Normal
37        Slam                               Normal
43        Screech                            Normal

Name(s): 109-Koffing/110-Weezing
Type(s): Poison
--       Poison Gas                          Poison
--       Tackle                              Normal
09       Smog                                Poison
17       Self Destruct                       Normal
21       Sludge                              Poison
25       Smokescreen                         Normal
33       Haze                                Ice
41/44    Explosion                           Normal
45/51    Destiny Bond                        Ghost

Type(s): Rock/Ground
--       Horn Attack                         Normal
--       Tail Whip                           Normal
13       Stomp                               Normal
19       Fury Attack                         Normal
31       Leer                                Normal
37       Horn Drill                          Normal
49/54    Take Down                           Normal
55/65    Earthquake                          Ground

Type(s): Normal
--       Pound                               Normal
05/04    Growl                               Normal
09/07    Tail Whip                           Normal
13/10    Softboiled                          Normal
17/13    Double Slap                         Normal
23/18    Minimize                            Normal
29/23    Sing                                Normal
35/28    Egg Bomb                            Normal
41/33    Defense Curl                        Normal
49/40    Light Screen                        Psychic
57/47    Double-Edge                         Normal

Name(s): 114-Tangela
Type(s): Grass
--       Constrict                           Normal
04       Sleep Powder                        Grass
10       Absorb                              Grass
13       Poison Powder                       Poison
19       Vine Whip                           Grass
25       Bide                                Normal
31       Mega Drain                          Grass
34       Stun Spore                          Grass
40       Slam                                Normal
46       Growth                              Normal

Name(s): 115-Kangaskhan
Type(s): Normal
--       Comet Punch                         Normal
07       Leer                                Normal
13       Bite                                Dark
19       Tail Whip                           Normal
25       Mega Punch                          Normal
31       Rage                                Normal
37       Focus Energy                        Normal
43       Dizzy Punch                         Normal
49       Reversal                            Fighting

Type(s): Water, Water, Water/Dragon
--       Bubble                              Water
08       Smokescreen                         Normal
15       Leer                                Normal
22       Water Gun                           Water
29       Twister                             Dragon
36/40    Agility                             Psychic
43/51    Hydro Pump                          Water

Type(s): Water
--       Peck                                Normal
--       Tail Whip                           Normal
10       Supersonic                          Normal
15       Horn Attack                         Normal
24       Flail                               Normal
29       Fury Attack                         Normal
38/41    Waterfall                           Water
43/49    Horn Drill                          Normal
52/61    Agility                             Psychic

Name(s): 120- Staryu/121-Starmie
Type(s): Water, Water/Psychic
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Harden                              Normal
07       Water Gun                           Water
13       Rapid Spin                          Normal
19       Recover                             Normal
25       Swift                               Normal
31       Bubblebeam                          Water
37       Minimize                            Normal
43       Light Screen                        Psychic
50       Hydro Pump                          Water

Name(s): 122- Mr. Mime
Type(s): Psychic
--       Barrier                             Psychic
06       Confusion                           Psychic
11       Substitute                          Normal
16       Meditate                            Psychic
21       Double Slap                         Normal
26       Reflect                             Psychic
26       Light Screen                        Psychic
31       Encore                              Normal
36       Psybeam                             Psychic
41       Baton Pass                          Normal
46       Safeguard                           Normal

Name(s): 123- Scyther/212-Scisor
Type(s): Bug/Flying, Bug/Steel
--       Quick Attack                        Normal
--       Leer                                Normal
06       Focus Energy                        Normal
12       Pursuit                             Dark
18       False Swipe                         Normal
24       Agility                             Psychic
30/X     Wing Attack                         Flying
X/30     Metal Claw                          Steel
36       Slash                               Normal
42       Swords Dance                        Normal
48       Double Team                         Normal

Name(s):124- Jynx
Type(s): Ice/Psychic
--       Pound                               Normal
--       Lick                                Ghost
--       Powder Snow                         Ice
--       lovely kiss                         Normal
21       Double Slap                         Normal
25       Ice Punch                           Ice
35       Mean Look                           Normal
41       Body Slam                           Normal
51       Perish Song                         Normal
57       Blizzard                            Ice

Type(s): Electric
--       Quick Attack                        Normal
--       Leer                                Normal
--       Thunderpunch                        Electric
17       Light Screen                        Psychic
25       Swift                               Normal
36       Screech                             Normal
47       Thunderbolt                         Electric
58       Thunder                             Electric

Name(s): 126-Magmar
Type(s): Fire
--       Ember                               Fire
--       Leer                                Normal
--       Smog                                Poison
--       Fire Punch                          Fire
25       Smokescreen                         Normal
33       Sunny Day                           Fire
41       Flamethrower                        Fire
49       Confuse Ray                         Ghost
57       Fire Blast                          Fire

Name(s): 127-Pinsir
Type(s): Bug
--       Vicegrip                            Normal
07       Focus Energy                        Normal
13       Constrict                           Normal
19       Seismic Toss                        Fighting
25       Harden                              Normal
31       Guillotine                          Normal
37       Submission                          Fighting
43       Swords Dance                        Normal

Name(s): 128-Tauros
Type(s): Normal
--       Tackle                              Normal
04       Tail Whip                           Normal
08       Rage                                Normal
13       Horn Attack                         Normal
19       Scary Face                          Normal
26       Pursuit                             Dark
34       Rest                                Psychic
43       Thrash                              Normal
53       Take Down                           Normal

Name(s): 129-Magikarp/130-Gyarados
Type(s): Water, Water/Flying
X/--     Thrash                              Normal
--/X     Splash                              Normal
15/X     Tackle                              Normal
X/20     Bite                                Dark
X/25     Dragonrage                          Dragon
X/30     Leer                                Normal
X/35     Twister                             Dragon
X/40     Hydro Pump                          Water
X/45     Rain Dance                          Water
X/50     Hyperbeam                           Normal

Name(s): 131-Lapras
Type(s): Ice/Water
--       Water Gun                           Water
--       Growl                               Normal
--       Sing                                Normal
08       Haze                                Ice
15       Body Slam                           Normal
22       Confuse Ray                         Ghost
29       Perish Song                         Normal
36       Ice Beam                            Ice
43       Mist                                Water
50       Safeguard                           Normal
57       Hydro Pump                          Water

Name(s): 132- Ditto
Type(s):  Normal
--        Transform                          Normal

Name(s): 133- Eevee
Type(s): Normal
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Tail Whip                           Normal
08       Sand-Attack                         Ground
16       Growl                               Normal
23       Quick Attack                        Normal
30       Bite                                Dark
36       Focus Energy                        Normal
42       Take Down                           Normal

Name(s): 134-Vaporeon
Type(s): Water
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Tail Whip                           Normal
08       Sand-Attack                         Ground
16       Water Gun                           Water
23       Quick Attack                        Normal
30       Bite                                Dark
36       Aurora Beam                         Ice
42       Haze                                Ice
47       Acid Armor                          Poison
52       Hydro Pump                          Water

Name(s): 135-Jolteon
Type(s): Electric
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Tail Whip                           Normal
08       Sand-Attack                         Ground
16       Thundershock                        Electric
23       Quick Attack                        Normal
30       Double Kick                         Fighting
36       Pin Missile                         Bug
42       Thunderwave                         Electric
47       Agility                             Psychic
52       Thunder                             Electric

Name(s): 136-Flareon
Type(s): Fire
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Tail Whip                           Normal
08       Sand-Attack                         Ground
16       Ember                               Fire
23       Quick Attack                        Normal
30       Bite                                Dark
36       Fire Spin                           Fire
42       Smog                                Poison
47       Leer                                Normal
52       Flamethrower                        Fire

Name(s): 137- Porygon/233-Porygon 2
Type(s): Normal
--       Conversion                          Normal
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Conversion2                         Normal
09       Agility                             Psychic
12       Psybeam                             Psychic
20       Recover                             Normal
24/X     Sharpen                             Normal
X/24     Defense Curl                        Normal
32       Lock-On                             Normal
36       Tri Attack                          Normal
44       Zap Cannon                          Electric

Name(s): 138-Omanyte/139-Omastar
Type(s): Rock/Water
--       Wrap                                Normal
--       Withdraw                            Water
13       Bite                                Dark
19       Water Gun                           Water
31       Leer                                Normal
37       Defend                              Normal
X/40     Spike Cannon                        Normal
49/54    Ancient Power                       Rock
55/65    Hydro Pump                          Water

Name(s): 140-Kabuto/141-Kabutops
Type(s): Rock/Water
--       Scratch                             Normal
--       Harden                              Normal
10       Absorb                              Grass
19       Leer                                Normal
28       Sand-Attack                         Ground
37       Focus Energy                        Normal
X/40     Slash                               Normal
46/51    Mega Drain                          Grass
55/65    Ancient Power                       Rock

Name(s): 142- Aerodactyl
Type(s): Rock/Flying
--       Wing Attack                         Flying
08       Agility                             Psychic
15       Bite                                Dark
22       Supersonic                          Normal
29       Ancient Power                       Rock
36       Scary Face                          Normal
43       Take Down                           Normal
50       Hyperbeam                           Normal

Name(s): 143-Snorlax
Type(s): Normal
--       Tackle                              Normal
08       Amnesia                             Psychic
15       Defense Curl                        Normal
22       Belly Drum                          Normal
29       Headbutt                            Normal
36       Snore                               Normal
36       Rest                                Psychic
43       Body Slam                           Normal
50       Rollout                             Rock
57       Hyperbeam                           Normal

Name(s): 144- Articuno
Type(s): Ice/Flying
--      Gust                                 Flying
--      Powder Snow                          Ice
13      Mist                                 Ice
25      Agility                              Psychic
37      Mind Reader                          Normal
49      Ice Beam                             Ice
61      Reflect                              Psychic
73      Blizzard                             Ice

Name(s): 145-Zapdos
Type(s): Electric/Flying
--       Peck                                Flying
--       Thundershock                        Electric
13       Thunderwave                         Electric
25       Agility                             Psychic
37       Detect                              Fighting
49       Drill Peck                          Flying
61       Light Screen                        Psychic
73       Thunder                             Electric

Name(s): 146-Moltres
Type(s): Fire/Flying
--       Wing Attack                         Flying
--       Ember                               Fire
13       Fire Spin                           Fire
25       Agility                             Psychic
37       Endure                              Normal
49       Flamethrower                        Fire
61       Safeguard                           Normal
73       Sky Attack                          Flying

Name(s): 147-Dratini/148-Dragonair/149-Dragonite
Type(s): Dragon, Dragon, Dragon/Flying
--       Wrap                                Normal
--       Leer                                Normal
08       Thunderwave                         Electric
15       Twister                             Dragon
22       Dragonrage                          Dragon
29       Slam                                Normal
36/38    Agility                             Psychic
43/47    Safeguard                           Normal
X/X/55   Wing Attack                         Flying
50/56/61 Outrage                             Dragon
57/65/75 Hyperbeam                           Normal

Name(s): 150-Mewtwo
Type(s): Psychic
--       Confusion                           Psychic
--       Disable                             Normal
11       Barrier                             Psychic
22       Swift                               Normal
33       Psych Up                            Normal
44       Future Sight                        Psychic
55       Mist                                Ice
66       Psychic                             Psychic
77       Amnesia                             Psychic
88       Recover                             Normal
99       Safeguard                           Normal

Name(s): 151-Mew
Type(s): Psychic
--       Pound                               Normal
10       Transform                           Normal
20       Mega Punch                          Normal
30       Metronome                           Normal
40       Psychic                             Psychic
50       Ancient Power                       Rock

Name(s): 152-Chikorita/153-Bayleef/154-Meganium
Type(s): Grass
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Growl                               Normal
08       Razor Leaf                          Grass
12       Reflect                             Psychic
15       Poison Powder                       Poison
22/23    Synthesis                           Grass
29/31    Body Slam                           Normal
36/39/41 Light Screen                        Psychic
43/47/51 Safeguard                           Normal
50/55/61 Solarbeam                           Grass

Name(s): 155-Cyndaquil/156-Quilava/157-Typhlosion
Type(s): Fire
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Leer                                Normal
06       Smokescreen                         Normal
12       Ember                               Fire
19/21    Quick Attack                        Normal
27/31    Flame Wheel                         Fire
36/42/45 Swift                               Normal
46/54/60 Flamethrower                        Fire

Name(s): 158-Totodile/159-Croconaw/160-Feraligatr
Type(s): Water
--       Scratch                             Normal
--       Leer                                Normal
07       Rage                                Normal
13       Water Gun                           Water
20/21    Bite                                Dark
27/28    Scary Face                          Normal
35/37/38 Slash                               Normal
43/45/47 Screech                             Normal
52/55/58 Hydro Pump                          Water

Name(s): 161-Sentret/162-Furret
Type(s): Normal
--       Tackle                              Normal
05       Defense Curl                        Normal
11       Quick Attack                        Normal
17/18    Fury Swipes                         Normal
25/28    Slam                                Normal
33/38    Rest                                Psychic
41/48    Amnesia                             Psychic

Name(s): 163-HootHoot/164-Noctowl
Type(s): Normal/Flying
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Growl                               Normal
06       Foresight                           Normal
11       Peck                                Flying
16       Hypnosis                            Psychic
22/25    Reflect                             Psychic
28/33    Double-Edge                         Normal
34/41    Confusion                           Psychic
48/57    Dream Eater                         Psychic

Name(s): 165- Ledyba/ 166-Ledian
Type(s): Bug/Flying
--       Tackle                              Normal
08       Supersonic                          Normal
15       Comet Punch                         Normal
22/24    Safeguard                           Normal
22/24    Reflect                             Psychic
22/24    Light Screen                        Psychic
29/33    Baton Pass                          Normal
36/42    Swift                               Normal
43/51    Agility                             Psychic
50/60    Take Down                           Normal

Name(s): 167-Spinarak/168-Ariados
Type(s): Bug/Poison
--       Poison sting                        Poison
--       String Shot                         Bug
06       Leer                                Normal
11       Constrict                           Normal
17       Night Shade                         Ghost
23/25    Leech Life                          Bug
30/34    Fury Swipes                         Normal
37/43    Spider Web                          Bug
45/53    Screech                             Normal
55/63    Psychic                             Psychic

Name(s): 170-Chinchou/171-Lanturn
Type(s): Electric/Water
--       Bubble                              Water
--       Thunderwave                         Electric
05       Supersonic                          Normal
13       Flail                               Normal
17       Water Gun                           Water
25       Spark                               Electric
29/33    Confuse Ray                         Ghost
37/45    Double-Edge                         Normal
41/53    Hydro Pump                          Water

Name(s): 172-Pichu
Type(s): Electric
--       Thundershock                        Electric
--       Charm                               Normal
06       Tail Whip                           Normal
08       Thunderwave                         Electric
11       Sweet Kiss                          Normal

Type(s): Normal
--       Pound                               Normal
--       Charm                               Normal
04       Encore                              Normal
08       Sing                                Normal
13       Sweet Kiss                          Normal

Name(s): 174-Igglybuff
Type(s): Normal
--       Sing                                Normal
--       Charm                               Normal
04       Defense Curl                        Normal
09       Pound                               Normal
14       Sweet Kiss                          Normal

Name(s): 175-Togepi/176-Togetic
Type(s): Normal, Normal/Flying
--       Growl                               Normal
--       Charm                               Normal
07       Metronome                           Normal
18       Sweet Kiss                          Normal
25       Encore                              Normal
31       Safeguard                           Normal
38       Take Down                           Normal

Name(s): 177-Natu/178-Xatu
Type(s): Psychic/Flying
--       Peck                                Flying
--       Leer                                Normal
10       Night Shade                         Ghost
20       Teleport                            Psychic
30/35    Future Sight                        Psychic
40/50    Confuse Ray                         Ghost
50/65    Psychic                             Psychic

Type(s): Electric
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Growl                               Normal
09       Thundershock                        Electric
16/18    Thunderwave                         Electric
23/27    Cotton Spore                        Grass
X/X/30   Thunderpunch                        Electric
30/36/42 Light Screen                        Psychic
37/45/57 Thunder                             Electric

Name(s): 183-Marril/184-Azumarill
Type(s): Water
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Defense Curl                        Normal
06       Tail Whip                           Normal
10       Water Gun                           Water
15       Rollout                             Rock
21/25    Bubblebeam                          Water
28/36    Take Down                           Normal
36/48    Rain Dance                          Water

Name(s): 185-Sudowoodo
Type(s): Rock
--       Rock Throw                          Rock
--       Mimic                               Normal
10       Flail                               Normal
19       Low Kick                            Fighting
28       Rock slide                          Rock
37       Faint Attack                        Dark
46       Slam                                Normal

Name(s): 187-Hoppip/188-Skiploom/189-Jumpluff
Type(s): Grass/Flying
--       Splash                              Normal
--       Synthesis                           Grass
05       Tail Whip                           Normal
10       Tackle                              Normal
13       Poison Powder                       Poison
15       Stun Spore                          Grass
17       Sleep Powder                        Grass
20/22    Leech Seed                          Grass
25/29/33 Cotton Spore                        Grass
30/36/44 Mega Drain                          Grass

Name(s): 190-Aipom
Type(s): Normal
--       Scratch                             Normal
--       Tail Whip                           Normal
06       Sand-Attack                         Ground
12       Baton Pass                          Normal
19       Fury Swipes                         Normal
27       Swift                               Normal
36       Screech                             Normal
46       Agility                             Psychic

Name(s): 191-Sunkern/192-Sunflora
Evolution(s): Sun Stone-->Sunflora
Type(s):  Grass
--        Absorb                             Grass
X/--      Pound                              Normal
4/4       Growth                             Normal
10/X      Mega Drain                         Grass
X/10      Razor Leaf                         Grass
19/19     Sunny Day                          Fire
31/X      Synthesis                          Grass
X/31      Petal Dance                        Grass
46/X      Giga Drain                         Grass
X/46      Solarbeam                          Grass

Name(s): 193-Yanma
Type(s): Bug/Flying
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Foresight                           Normal
07       Quick Attack                        Normal
13       Double Team                         Normal
19       Sonicboom                           Normal
25       Detect                              Fighting
31       Supersonic                          Normal
37       Swift                               Normal
43       Screech                             Normal

Name(s): 194-Wooper/195-Quagsire
Type(s): Water/Ground
--       Water Gun                           Water
--       Tail Whip                           Normal
11       Slam                                Normal
21/23    Amnesia                             Psychic
31/35    Earthquake                          Ground
41/47    Rain Dance                          Water
51/59    Haze                                Ice
51/59    Mist                                Ice

Name(s): 196- Espeon
Type(s): Psychic
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Tail Whip                           Normal
08       Sand-Attack                         Ground
16       Confusion                           Psychic
23       Quick Attack                        Normal
30       Swift                               Normal
36       Psybeam                             Psychic
42       Psych Up                            Psychic
47       Psychic                             Psychic
52       Morning Sun                         Normal

Name(s): 197-Umbreon
Type(s): Dark
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Tail Whip                           Normal
08       Sand-Attack                         Ground
16       Pursuit                             Dark
23       Quick Attack                        Normal
30       Confuse Ray                         Ghost
36       Faint Attack                        Dark
42       Mean Look                           Normal
47       Screech                             Normal
52       Moonlight                           Normal

Name(s): 198-Murkrow
Type(s): Dark/Flying
--       Peck                                Flying
11       Pursuit                             Dark
16       Haze                                Ice
26       Night Shade                         Ghost
31       Faint Attack                        Dark
41       Mean Look                           Normal

Name(s): 200-Misdreavus
Type(s): Ghost
--       Growl                               Normal
--       Psywave                             Psychic
06       Spite                               Ghost
12       Confuse Ray                         Ghost
19       Mean Look                           Normal
27       Psybeam                             Psychic
36       Pain Split                          Normal
46       Perish Song                         Normal

Type(s): Psychic
--       Hidden Power                        Normal

Name(s): 202-Wobbuffet
Type(s): Psychic
--       Counter                             Fighting
--       Mirror Coat                         Psychic
--       Safeguard                           Normal
--       Destiny Bond                        Ghost

Type(s): Normal/Psychic
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Growl                               Normal
--       Confusion                           Psychic
--       Stomp                               Normal
20       Agility                             Psychic
30       Baton Pass                          Normal
41       Psybeam                             Psychic
54       Crunch                              Dark

Name(s): 204-Pineco/205-Forretress
Type(s): Bug, Bug/Steel
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Safeguard                           Normal
08       Self Destruct                       Normal
15       Double-Edge                         Normal
22       Rapid Spin                          Normal
29       delayed power punch                 Normal
36/39    Explosion                           Normal
43/49    Spikes                              Ground
50/59    Take Down                           Normal

Name(s): 206-Dunsparce
Type(s): Normal
--       Rage                                Normal
05       Defense Curl                        Normal
13       Glare                               Normal
18       Spite                               Ghost
26       Pursuit                             Dark
30       Screech                             Normal
38       Double-Edge                         Normal

Name(s): 207-Gligar
Type(s): Ground/Flying
--       Poison Sting                        Poison
06       Sand-Attack                         Ground
14       Harden                              Normal
20       Quick Attack                        Normal
28       Faint Attack                        Dark
36       Slash                               Normal
44       Screech                             Normal
52       Ultra-Slash                         Normal

Type(s): Normal
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Scary Face                          Normal
04       Tail Whip                           Normal
08       Charm                               Normal
13       Bite                                Dark
19       Lick                                Ghost
26/28    Roar                                Normal
34/38    Rage                                Normal
43/51    Double-Edge                         Normal

Type(s): Water/Poison
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Poison sting                        Poison
10       Harden                              Normal
10       Minimize                            Normal
19       Water Gun                           Water
28       Pin Missle                          Bug
37       Double-Edge                         Normal
46       Hydro Pump                          Water

Name(s): 213-Shuckle
Type(s): Bug/Rock
--       Constrict                           Normal
--       Withdraw                            Water
09       Wrap                                Normal
14       Encore                              Normal
23       Safeguard                           Normal
28       Bide                                Normal
37       Rest                                Psychic

Type(s): Bug/Fighting
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Leer                                Normal
06       Horn Attack                         Normal
12       Endure                              Normal
19       Fury Attack                         Normal
27       Counter                             Fighting
35       Take Down                           Normal
44       Reversal                            Fighting
54       Megahorn                            Bug

Name(s): 215-Sneasel
Type(s): Dark/Ice
--       Scratch                             Normal
--       Leer                                Normal
09       Quick Attack                        Normal
17       Screech                             Normal
25       Faint Attack                        Dark
33       Fury Swipes                         Normal
41       Agility                             Psychic
49       Slash                               Normal
57       Beat Up                             Dark

Type(s): Normal
--       Scratch                             Normal
--       Leer                                Normal
08       Lick                                Ghost
15       Fury Swipes                         Normal
22       Faint Attack                        Dark
29       Rest                                Psychic
36/39    Slash                               Normal
43/49    Snore                               Normal
50/59    Thrash                              Normal

Name(s): 218-Slugma/219-Magcargo
Type(s): Fire, Fire/Rock
--       Smog                                Poison
08       Ember                               Fire
15       Rock Throw                          Rock
22       Harden                              Normal
29       Amnesia                             Psychic
36       Flamethrower                        Fire
43/48    Rock Slide                          Rock
50/60    Body Slam                           Normal

Type(s): Ice/Ground
--       Tackle                              Normal
10       Powder Snow                         Ice
19       Endure                              Normal
28       Double-Edge                         Normal
X/33     Fury Attack                         Normal
37/42    Haze                                Ice
46/56    Ice Beam                            Ice

Type(s): Rock/Water
--       Tackle                              Normal
07       Harden                              Normal
13       Bubble                              Water
19       Recover                             Normal
25       Bubble beam                         Water
31       Spike Cannon                        Normal
37       Mirror Coat                         Psychic
43       Ancient Power                       Rock

Name(s): 223-Remoraid/224-Octillery
Type(s): Water
--       Water Gun                           Water
11       Lock-On                             Normal
22       Bubblebeam                          Water
22       Psybeam                             Psychic
22       Aurora Beam                         Ice
X/25     Octazooka                           Water
33/38    Focus Energy                        Normal
44/54    Ice Beam                            Ice
55/70    Hyperbeam                           Normal

Type(s): Ice/Flying
--       Present                             Normal

Name(s): 226-Mantine
Type(s): Water/Flying
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Bubble                              Water
10       Supersonic                          Normal
18       Bubblebeam                          Water
25       Double-Edge                         Normal
32       Agility                             Psychic
40       Wing Attack                         Flying
49       Confuse Ray                         Ghost

Name(s):227- Skarmory
Type(s): Steel/Flying
--       Leer                                Normal
--       Peck                                Flying
13       Sand-Attack                         Ground
19       Swift                               Normal
25       Agility                             Psychic
37       Fury Attack                         Normal
49       Steel Wing                          Steel

Type(s): Dark/Fire
--       Leer                                Normal
--       Ember                               Fire
07       Roar                                Normal
13       Smog                                Poison
20       Bite                                Dark
27/30    Faint Attack                        Dark
35/41    Flamethrower                        Fire
43/52    Crunch                              Dark

Type(s): Ground
--       Tackle                              Normal
--       Growl                               Normal
09       Defense Curl                        Normal
17       Flail                               Normal
25       Double-Edge                         Normal
X/25     Fury Attack                         Normal
33/33    Rollout                             Rock
41/X     Focus Energy                        Normal
X/41     Rapid Spin                          Normal
49/X     Take Down                           Normal
X/49     Earthquake                          Ground

Name(s): 234-Stantler
Type(s): Normal
--       Tackle                              Normal
08       Leer                                Normal
15       Hypnosis                            Psychic
23       Stomp                               Normal
31       Sand-Attack                         Ground
40       Take Down                           Normal
49       Confuse Ray                         Ghost

Name(s): 235-Smeargle
Type(s): Normal
--       Sketch                              Normal

Name(s): 236-Tyrogue
Type(s): Fighting
--       Tackle                             Normal

Name(s): 237-Hitmontop
Type(s): Fighting
--       Rolling kick                       Fighting
07       Focus Energy                       Normal
13       Pursuit                            Dark
19       Quick Attack                       Normal
25       Rapid Spin                         Normal
31       multi-fight                        Fighting
37       Agility                            Psychic
43       Detect                             Fighting
49       Triple Kick                        Fighting

Type(s): Ice/Psychic
--       Pound                              Normal
--       Lick                               Ghost
09       Sweet Kiss                         Normal
13       Powder Snow                        Ice
21       Confusion                          Psychic
25       Sing                               Normal
33       Mean Look                          Normal
37       Psychic                            Psychic
45       Perish Song                        Normal
49       Blizzard                           Ice

Type(s): Electric
--       Quick Attack                       Normal
--       Leer                               Normal
09       Thunder Punch                      Electric
17       Light Screen                       Psychic
25       Swift                              Normal
33       Screech                            Normal
41       Thunderbolt                        Electric
49       Thunder                            Electric

Name(s): 240-Magby
Type(s): Fire
--       Ember                              Fire
--       Leer                               Normal
13       Smog                               Poison
19       Fire Punch                         Fire
25       Smokescreen                        Normal
31       Sunny Day                          Fire
37       Flamethrower                       Fire
43       Confuse Ray                        Ghost
49       Fire Blast                         Fire

Name(s): 241-Milktank
Type(s): Normal
--       Tackle                             Normal
04       Growl                              Normal
08       Defense Curl                       Normal
13       Stomp                              Normal
19       Milk Drink                         Normal
26       delayed power punch                Normal
34       Rollout                            Rock
43       Body Slam                          Normal
53       Healing Bell                       Normal

Name(s): 243-Raikou
Type(s): Electric
--       Bite                               Dark
--       Leer                               Normal
11       Thundershock                       Electric
21       Roar                               Normal
31       Quick Attack                       Normal
41       Spark                              Electric
51       Reflect                            Psychic
61       Crunch                             Dark
71       Thunder                            Electric

Type(s): Fire
--       Bite                               Dark
--       Leer                               Normal
11       Ember                              Fire
21       Roar                               Normal
31       Fire Spin                          Fire
41       Stomp                              Normal
51       Flamethrower                       Fire
61       brag                               Normal
71       Fire Blast                         Fire

Type(s): Water
--       Bite                               Dark
--       Leer                               Normal
11       Water Gun                          Water
21       Roar                               Normal
31       Gust                               Flying
41       Bubblebeam                         Water
51       Mist                               Ice
61       Mirror Coat                        Psychic
71       Hydro Pump                         Water

Name(s): 246-Larvitar/247-Pupitar/248-Tyranitar
Type(s): Rock/Ground, Rock/Ground, Rock/Dark
--       Bite                               Dark
--       Leer                               Normal
08       Sand Storm                         Rock
15       Screech                            Normal
22       Rock slide                         Rock
29       Thrash                             Normal
36/38    Scary Face                         Normal
43/47    Crunch                             Dark
50/56/61 Earthquake                         Ground
57/65/75 Hyperbeam                          Normal

Type(s): Psychic/Flying
--       Airolast                           Flying
11       Safeguard                          Normal
22       Gust                               Flying
33       Recover                            Normal
44       Hydro Pump                         Water
55       Rain Dance                         Water
66       Swift                              Normal
77       Whirlwind                          Normal
88       Ancient Power                      Rock
99       Future Sight                       Psychic

Name(s): 250-Ho-Oh
Type(s): Fire/Flying
--       Sacred Fire                        Fire
11       Safeguard                          Normal
22       Gust                               Flying
33       Recover                            Normal
44       Fire Blast                         Fire
55       Sunny Day                          Fire
66       Swift                              Normal
77       Whirlwind                          Normal
88       Ancient Power                      Rock
99       Future Sight                       Psychic

Name(s): 251- Cerebi
Type(s): Psychic/Grass
--       Leech Seed                         Grass
--       Confusion                          Psychic
--       Healing Bell                       Normal
--       Recover                            Normal
10       Safeguard                          Normal
20       Ancient Power                      Rock
30       Future Sight                       Psychic
40       Baton Pass                         Normal
50       Perish Song                        Normal

 16. New Moves										 

Please note that most of these names are Japanese.

New move:		Japanese Name		Type			Description
Sweet Scent                      		Normal		Causes wild pokemon to 
					    			attack & lowers attack

Scary Face                       		Normal		Lowers speed greatly

Rain Dance	                    		Water		Powers up all Water 
					    			moves for 5 turns

Mystery Protect                  		Normal		Prevents abNormal status 
					    			(ex: sleep, paralized, 

Sand Storm                       		Rock		Damage all non-Ground, 
					    			Rock or Steel types for 
					    			multi turns

Encore                           		Normal		Makes your enemy use the 
					    			same move it did last round 
					    			for 2 to 6 turns.

Black Gaze                     			Normal		Blocks switching/running

Sparkly                          		Normal		Raises accuracy

Flame Curl                       		Fire		Fire spins around you, 
					    			then hits

Wierd Tackle					Fighting	Some damage, always last

Cross Chop                     			Fighting	Heavy damage

Ghost Helper					Ghost		Drains PP

Wake Up Powder                   		Normal		Moderatly strong attack

Share Pain                       		Normal		Takes average of both
					    			PokÈmon HP, and gives 
					    			that much to both (can 
					    			damage or heal)

Cobweb				 		Bug		Blocks Switching

Curse                            		Unknown		If equipped on a ghost
								PokÈmon, it will stab it-
								self, and put a curse on
								you for the amount of HP
								it took away from itself.

Destiny Bond                         		Ghost		If used the turn before
					    			you pokemon is KO'd, enemy 
					    			also is KO'd.

Crunch						Evil		Critical Damage

Juke				 		Fighting	If successful, raises evade. 
					    			if unsuccessful, lowers 

HP Guard			 		Normal		Prevents from being KO'd for 
					    			1 turn (HP can't go below 1)

Faint Attack			 		Evil		Disapears, then hits enemy
					    			(100% Accurate)

Chase                            		Evil		Tackle-like move + damage
					    			when enemy switches. 
					    			(Withdrawn pokemon)

Rollout		                     		Rock		Each attack, damage doubles

Brag				 		Normal		Confuses, but raises enemies

Delayed Power Punch	Kaman     		Normal		Glows, wait 2 turns, then a
					    			major punch.

Clairvoyance                     		Psychic		Bide two rounds, then attacks
					    			dealing major damage

Horrible Note			 		Normal		3 round countdown. If either 
					    			PokÈmon is still out, it is 

Dandelion                        		Grass		Greatly lowers enemy speed

Tornado                          		Dragon		Moderate Dragon damage

Iron Claw			 		Steel		Very Heavy Damage

Snowfall			 		Ice		Weak Ice Attack

Fire Rain                        		Fire		Raises Fire attack power
					    			for 5 turns

Dragon Glow                   			Dragon		Glows, then hits.  Massive 
					    			Dragon damage, sometimes 
					    			confuses you though.

Mellow Mellow (Lil' Heart)       		Normal          Greatly Lowers Attack

Angel Kiss                       		Normal		Confuses enemy

Mega Horn                        		Bug		1 hit KO (30% Accurate)

Okutan-Bubble                    		Water		1 big bubble (Major damage)

Present				 		Normal		Large damage sometimes, 
					    			heals others (random, but 
					    			damage more often than not)

Steel Wing			 		Steel		Heavy Attack

Milkdrink			 		Normal		Heals you, and other PokÈmon

Holy Fire			 		Fire		Massive Fire Attack

Air Blast			 		Flying		Large Beam, doing much damage

Flail	           Jitabata			Normal		Damages them, but not you

Synthesis     	   Kougousei			Grass		25% heal

Spinning Tackle    Kousoku spin  		Normal		Moderate damage

healing            Tsukenohikari 		Normal		Heals 50%, Like Recover

Multi-Rock Throw   Meganichuudo  		Ground		1-10 Rocks are thrown, 
					    			damaging the enemy

Electric Shock     Denjihou      		Electric	Very large bolt

False Swipe          Mineuchi      		Normal		Normal damage, but CANNOT 
					    			lower below 1HP

Poision Sludge     Hedorubakudan 		Poison		Major damage

Bone Spin          Boonrashu     		Ground		Bone spins on enemy.  

Star Kick          Keshekaisei   		Fighting   	Powerful kick

Multi-Fight        Kauntaa       		Fighting	Strange attack...

Ultra Slash        Hasamikirochin 		Normal		Masive damage

Beat-Up		   				Evil		Each of your PokÈmon use a
								tackle attack

self hypnosis      Jikoanji      		Normal		Put yourself to sleep

Painful Song       Haradaiko     		Normal		50% damage to self. Singing
					    			notes and slaping on you.

Recon              Rokuon        		Normal		Raises/lowers stats
Hidden Power			    		Psychic		Unown's only move- May be a
								normal or psychic move
Homming            Kokoronome			Normal		Homming signs go in, attacks

Ringing Bell	 Iyashinosuzu  			Normal		?????

| 17. The Casino									  |

	What's more addicting than the actual game itself? None other then the two 
different casino games. You can play the origional slot machine in color, or you could 
play the new memory-type game, which is enough reason to buy this game.

	Before you can play, you have to have the coin case. You can obtain the coin case 
in the underGround section at Kogane City (with Mirutanku the cow PokÈmon in the gym). It
will be an item sitting on the floor. There you have it, you can now play the games!

	If you didn't know, there are two different cities that have a casino in them. They
are Kogane City (The city with Mirutanku, the cow PokÈmon) and Celadon City. 

	Unlike the older version of PokÈmon, the slot machines are not rigged. Well, almost.
This time, they'll plain old cheat, but what the shocking thing is, they cheat for YOU. 
Ok, you are trying to line up three 7's, which will earn you 300 coins. You get the first 
Seven, no problem. The second time, the seven was only one above your last seven, making 
it impossible to win - this is where the computer cheats, they'll knock that seven that 
wasn't in the right spot to the row with your first seven. Now it is time for your third
seven. You push A, but you missed! The computer has a few tricks (or 8 662lb Rock PokÈmon)
up their sleeve. 8 Golem's will fall down, knocking down a block each time, if after 8 
Golem's, it lands on Seven, you'll win your 300 coins.

        The second, or new game, the memory-type game, the computer will let YOU cheat. 
To do this, go all the way up into the upper-left hand corner and push over and up. You 
will be able to highlight two full rows, either vertically or horizontally instead of 
just one block. This increases your chanses of winning by almost 50%!

| 18. PokÈmon Locations									  |

NUMBER    	NAME			WHERE                   	VERSION

152     	Chikorita       	New Bark                  	G/S
153     	Bayleef         	Evolved                 	G/S 
154     	Meganium	       	Evolved                 	G/S 
155     	Cyndaquil	      	New Bark                 	G/S
156     	Quiliva		     	Evolved                 	G/S
157     	Typhlosion         	Evolved                 	G/S 
158     	Totodile        	New Bark                	G/S 
159     	Croconaw	       	Evolved                		G/S
160     	Feraligator          	Evolved                 	G/S
161     	Sentret          	Route 1,29              	G/S
162     	Furret	         	Route 1                 	G/S
163     	Hoothoot       	 	Route 1,2,29,30,31,35,  	G/S
                   	    		Nature Park, 36, 37
164     	Noctowl		      	Route 2,8,12,14,15,43   	G/S
165     	Ledyba	         	Route 2,30,31,37        	Silver
166     	Ledian         		Route 2 (Morning)       	Silver
167     	Spinarak         	Route 2,30,31,37 (Night)	Gold
168     	Ariados	        	Route 2 (Night)         	Gold
169     	Crobat		       	Evolved                 	G/S
170     	Chinchou         	Fish/New Bark, Azela Town 
        	                	(S.S. Aqua), Vermillion 
        	                	(S.S. Aqua), Route 21    	G/S
171     	Lanturn          	????                    	G/S
172     	Pichu           	Breed Pikachu           	G/S
173     	Cleffa             	Breed Clefairy          	G/S
174     	Igglybuff         	Breed Jigglypuff        	G/S
175     	Togepi          	Egg in Violet City	     	G/S
176     	Togetic		      	Evolved
177     	Natu	          	Ruins of Alph	          	G/S
178     	Xatu	         	Evolved                 	G/S
179     	Mareep          	Route 32,42,43          	G/S
180     	Flaffy          	Route 42,43            		G/S
181     	Araidos         	Evolved                 	G/S
182     	Bellosom	       	Evolved                 	G/S
183     	Marril          	Mt. Mortar	             	G/S
184     	Azumarril        	Evolved                 	G/S
185     	Suudowoodo          	Route 36 [RARE]         	G/S
186     	Politoed	       	Evolved by Trading      	G/S
187     	Hopip            	Route 13,14,15,32,33    	G/S
188     	Skiploom            	Route 14                	G/S
189     	Jumpluff         	Evolved                 	G/S
190     	Aimpom          	Shake Trees @ New Bark    	G/S
191     	Sunkern		      	Nature Park, Route 24, 
        	                	Shake Trees             	G/S
192     	Sunflora        	Evolved W/Stone         	G/S
193     	Yanma	        	Route 35 (Night)        	G/S
194     	Wooper             	Route 32,33             	G/S
195     	Quagsire             	Route 10,12,13,14,15,26,	G/S
        	                	27, 32, 33 
196     	Espeon            	Evolved Eevee (Day)     	G/S
197     	Umbreon         	Evolved Eevee (Night)   	G/S
198     	Murkrow		      	Route 7, 16 (Night)     	G/S
199     	Slowking	       	Evolved by trading      	G/S
200     	Misdreavus           	Mt. Silver(Night)	 	G/S
201     	Unown           	Ruins of Alph              	G/S
202     	Wobbuffet         	Dark Cave		     	G/S
203     	Girafarig       	Route 37,43             	G/S
204     	Pineco		      	Shake Trees Route 31,34,	G/S
        	                	Ilex Forest (Night)
205     	Forretress       	Evolved                 	G/S
206     	Dunsparce        	Dark Cave		    	G/S
207     	Gligar	         	Route 44                	Gold
208     	Steelix	        	Evolved by trading      	G/S
209     	Snubble         	Route 30                	G/S
210     	Granbull	       	Evolved                 	G/S
211     	Qwilfish         	Fish Route 12,32        	G/S
212     	Scizor	         	Evolved by trading      	G/S
213     	Shuckle		      	Cinnawood City (Use TMO8)  	G/S	
214     	Heracross	     	Shake Trees     	        G/S
215     	Sneasel          	Route 28 (Night)        	G/S
216     	Terriursa        	Route 45                	Gold
217     	Ursaring         	Route 28, Victory Road, 	Gold
            	            		Mt. Silver	
218     	Slugma		       	Route 16,17,18          	G/S
219     	Magcargo	      	Evolve Slugma	        	G/S
220     	Swinub           	Ice Cave                	G/S
221     	Piloswine           	Evolved                 	G/S
222     	Corsola          	Fish @ Cinnawood City       	G/S
223     	Remoraid         	Fish @ Route 44         	G/S
224     	Octillery          	Evolved                 	G/S
225     	Delibird        	Frost Cave                	Silver
226     	Mantine	        	Fish Route 44           	Gold
227     	Skarmory          	Route 45                	Silver
228     	Houndoor        	Route 7 (Night)         	G/S
229     	Houndoom          	Evolved                 	G/S
230     	Kingdra		       	Evolved by trading      	G/S
231     	Phanphy         	Route 45                	Gold
232     	Donphan         	Route 28, Victory Road, 	Gold
        	                	Mt. Silver  
233     	Porygon 2       	Evolved by Trading      	G/S
234     	Stantler	       	Route 36,37             	G/S
235     	Smeargle          	Ruins of Alph              	G/S
236     	Tyrogue          	Route 33 Cave           	G/S 
237     	Hitmontop         	Evolved                 	G/S
238     	Smoochum         	Breed Jynx              	G/S
239     	Elekid	        	Breed Electabuzz        	G/S
240     	Magby           	Breed Magmar            	G/S
241     	Miltank		       	Route 38,39             	G/S
242     	Blissey	        	Evolved                 	G/S
243     	Raikou          	Everywhere in Johto side,	G/S
        	                	except for buildings and
244     	Entei           	Everywhere in Johto side,	G/S
        	                	except for buildings and
245     	Suikun          	Everywhere in Johto side,	G/S
        	                	except for buildings and
246     	Larvitar        	Mt. Silver	         	G/S
247     	Pupitar		      	Evolve Larvitar         	G/S
248     	Tyranitar       	Evolve Pupitar		       	G/S
249     	Lugia           	Whirl Islands [rare]     	G/S
250     	Ho-Oh           	Tin Tower [rare]		G/S
251     	Celebi	         	Nintendo Promotions (If any)  	G/S

| 19. Daily Events									  |

	The great thing about PokÈmon Gold/Silver is something is always happening! You'll
find at least one event every day, which makes the re-play valuse of the game go way up!
Below is a list of the events that happen every day.

Sunny of Sunday - Sunny will give you a Magnet on Sundays. He appears on Route 37.
S.S. Aqua - Travels from Vermillion City to Olivine City.
Bug Catching Contest - The Bug Catching Contest does not take Place.
Radio - PokÈmon March (Raises chance of encountering random PokÈmon while playing)
Goldenrod Shops - Herb Shop
Haircut Brother in Goldenrod - Younger Haircut Brother
Rival at Indigo Plateau - You do not face your rival today.
Other Events - TM27 from woman in Goldenrod Dept. Store if your PokÈmon are happy, TM21
if they aren't happy.

Monica of Monday - Monica will give you the Sharp Beak on Mondays. She appears on Route 
S.S. Aqua - Travels from Olivine City to Vermillion City.
Bug Catching Contest - The Bug Catching Contest does not take Place.
Radio - PokÈmon Lullaby (Lowers chance of encountering random PokÈmon while playing)
Goldenrod Shops - Bargin Shop (Open ONLY during the Morning hours)
Haircut Brother in Goldenrod - No one is on duty today
Rival at Indigo Plateau - Battle!
Other Events - Bring a PokÈmon with Strength to Mt. Moon at night to get a Moon Stone
from top.

Tuscany of Tuesday - Tuscany will give you the Pink Bow's on Tuesdays. She appwars on 
Route 29.
S.S. Aqua - The S.S. Aqua does not sail on this day.
Bug Catching Contest - You may participate in the Bug Catching Contest once.
Radio - PokÈmon March (Raises chance of encountering random PokÈmon while playing)
Goldenrod Shops - There are no Shops open on this day.
Haircut Brother in Goldenrod - Older Haircut Brother
Rival at Indigo Plateau - You do not face your rival today.
Other Events - You can watch your rival train in the Dragon's Den.

Wesley of Wednesday - Wesley will give you the Black Belt on Tuesdays. He appears at the
Lake of Rage.
S.S. Aqua - Travels from Vermillion City to Olivine City.
Bug Catching Contest - The Bug Catching Contest does not take Place.
Radio - PokÈmon Lullaby (Lowers chance of encountering random PokÈmon while playing)
Goldenrod Shops - There are no Shops open on this day.
Haircut Brother in Goldenrod - Younger Haircut Brother
Rival at Indigo Plateau - Battle!
Other Events - There are no other events on this day.

Arthur of Thursday - Arthur will give you the Hard Stone on Thursdays. He appears on Route
S.S. Aqua - The S.S. Aqua does not sail on this day.
Bug Catching Contest - You may participate in the bug Catching Contest once.
Radio - PokÈmon March (Raises chance of encountering random PokÈmon while playing)
Goldenrod Shops - There are no Shops open on this day.
Haircut Brother in Goldenrod - Older Haircut Brother
Rival at Indigo Plateau - You do not face your rival today.
Other Events - You can watch your Rival train his PokÈmon in the Dragon's Den.

Frieda of Friday - Frieda will give you the Poision Barb on Fridays. She appears on Route
S.S. Aqua - Travels from Olivine City to Vermillion City.
Bug Catching Contest - The Bug Catching Contest does not take Place.
Radio - PokÈmon Lullaby (Lowers chance of encountering random PokÈmon while playing)
Goldenrod Shops - There are no Shops open on this day.
Haircut Brother in Goldenrod - Younger Haircut Brother
Rival at Indigo Plateau - You do not face your rival today.
Other Events - Lapras Appears in Union Cave! Bring a PokÈmon with Surf!
Other Events - A New ID number for the ID Number Contest is announced on the Lucky
Station in the Goldenrod Radio Tower.

Santos of Saturday - Santos will give you the Spell Tag on Saturdays. He appears in Black-
thorn City.
S.S. Aqua - The S.S. Aqua does not sail on this day
Bug Catching Contest - You may participate in The Bug Catching Contest once.
Radio - PokÈmon March (Raises chance of encountering random PokÈmon while playing)
Goldenrod Shops - Herb Shop
Haircut Brother in Goldenrod - Older Haircut Brother
Rival at Indigo Plateau - You do not face your rival today.

| 20. PokÈmon Pikachu2 GS								  |

	What is compatible with PokÈmon Gold is PokÈmon Pikachu2 GS, the sequel to PokÈmon 
Pikachu. Not only is it all in color, but you can trade your 'watts' in for items that are 
valuable in PokÈmon Gold/Silver. This is a list of the items you can obtain from PokÈmon
Pikachu2 GS.

WATTS      |   ITEM
100 ~ 199  |   Berry 
200 ~ 299  |   Bitter Berry 
300 ~ 399  |   Great Ball 
400 ~ 499  |   Max Repel 
500 ~ 599  |   Ether 
600 ~ 699  |   Miracle Berry 
700 ~ 799  |   Gold Berry 
800 ~ 899  |   Elixer 
900 ~ 998  |   Revive 
999 ~ 999  |   Rare Candy 

| 21. Coming Soon									  |

Future Versions:
- Finish Trainers and Their Locations

Coming Soon from Donphan:
- PokÈmon Crystal Version Strategy Guide
- Dragon Warrior Strategy Guide
- Harvest Moon2 GBC Strategy Guide

Strategy Guides also avalible by Donphan:
- PokÈmon Yellow FAQ/Walkthrough
- PokÈmon Stadium FAQ/Strategy Guide
- Perfect Dark Cheats Guide

 22. Version History

	-Version 0.50 (2k1 Edition)
		-Changed ASCII Art and Section Header Format
		-Worked on Walkthrough
		-Fixed Typographical errors
		-Moved some sections around

	-Version 0.41
		-Finished PokÈmon Abilities Chart
		-Updated FAQ section
		-Finished PokÈmon Locations Section
		-Retrieved Working GameShark Codes
		-Renamed Mysterious Present section Mystery Gift
		-Worked on Mystery Gift Section
		-Started and finished Daily Events Section
		-Started and progressed on Items Section
		-Started and Finished Unown Section

	-Version 0.25
		-Translated Names
		-Added Whats Different Section
		-Changed Some Title Names
		-Fixed some Errors On Walkthrough
		-Continued Walkthrough Re-Write

	-Version 0.01
		-Began Walkthrough Re-Write
		-Translated Many PokÈmon Names and other various things to English

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