MICRO MACHINES V3                                            The Original FAQ
Edition 0.99                                               by Matthew Sephton


  1.0  Introduction
  1.1  The Game
  1.2  Graphics
  1.3  Sound Effects
  1.4  Gameplay
  1.5  Memory Cards

  2.0  Playing Concepts
  2.1  The Joypad
  2.2  Driving
  2.3  Vehicles
  2.4  Courses
  2.5  Power Ups
  2.6  Shadow Racing
  2.7  Modes of Play

  3.0  Cheats
  3.1  Hidden Options
  3.2  Shortcuts
  3.3  Turbo Starts
  3.4  Hall of Fame

  4.0  What Do You Know?
  4.1  Contacting The Author
  4.2  Release
  4.3  E&OE
  4.4  Thanks

  5.0  Version history



This FAQ aims to be the definitive source of information for the PlayStation
game Micro Machines V3, henceforth V3. It serves no other purpose.


V3 is the first incarnation of Micro Machines on the Sony PlayStation. It
follows a number of popular Micro Machines games on many other formats. It is
unique in being the first 3D Micro Machine game. V3 is a Codemasters game and
Micro Machines (R) is licenced from Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc.

Apparently, the game was two years in development and its release was put
back repeatedly as Codemasters tweaked the gameplay. It was worth the wait as
they have done a great job in coupling some neat 3D graphics with absolutely
fantastic gameplay. They've also given the PlayStation the great multi-player
party game it lacked.


Some of the scenery in the game is astonishing. Jaws will certainly drop when
the game is under way. Every part of the scenery is interactive in some way,
even if that just means that you bounce of an object when you drive into it.
Other objects do a bit more.

Some nice objects you may want to examine are: snails, the dog, the cat,
petri dishes, bees, dragon flies, cartons, boxes and bottles.


Most scenery objects have related sound effects, some of which add quite nice
touches to a race. You might want to listen to the sound effects which go
along with: bees, dragon flies, the dog, the cat, the mobile phone, bottles,
glasses, cutlery and water or spillage hazards.


The game has a wealth of modes and options, and you'll only be able to get
the most out of it if you try them all on different occaisions. As your skill
improves, you will find that more of the game becomes appealing to you.

You would be foolish not to do the go through driving school a couple of
times to get the feel of the controls. Effective use of power ups and taking
some aggressive driving lines are a definite requirement for serious play.

Learning the courses may not be the nightmare you first think, and you will
find that previously impossible looking targets become easily obtainable with
more practice.


You can store as many characters on a memory card as there are free slots,
but be aware that the maximum number of players that can be loaded into the
game at once is eight. It is also worth noting that as time records are
beaten all players on the memory cards are updated. As is the case with those
already loaded when swaps occur. Updating memory cards can take some time.

It follows that the best time for a course is universal throughout all
characters on a memory card. I don't know what would happen if you mix and
match memory cards.



As with any other game playing skills will improve over time. Perseverance is
the key. Character selection only dictates vehicle colour, so don't be too
fussy in choice. Each vehicle handles differently so try not to concentrate
on any particular one.


It is essential that a good driving line is taken. You don't have to stay
within the marked road, but you do have to make some effort in doing laps. If
you do veer off the road then be sure to not miss out to big a distance or
the game will decide that you've been trying to take an shortcut.

Some corners are too tight to drive properly, so it is best to cut of bits
here and there. It also may be more sense to lay off the gas or even break
at some points to line yourself up with targets, gain more stability or to
cause opponents to change their driving line or think a bit.


Here is a list of the default joypad buttons and their functions. Remember
that when sharing a controller menu operation is as normal.

 BUTTON     RACING              MENU                   SHARING
 Left       Turn left           Cursor left            P1 Brake
 Right      Turn right          Cursor right              Use power up/horn
 Up                             Cursor up                 Left
 Down                           Cursor down               Right
 Square     Brake/Reverse                              P2 Use power up/horn
 Triangle   Jump                Cancel/previous menu      Turn right
 Circle     Use power up/horn                             Brake
 Cross      Accelerate          Accept/next menu          Turn left
 L1         Jump
 R1         Jump
 L2         Drop power up
 R2         Use power up/horn
 Start      Pause menu          Accept/next menu


Statistics are given for each vehicle at Level 1. Vehicles are ordered by the
total sum of the four characteristics, resulting in better vehicles being
listed first. There are 32 vehicles in the game.

 NAME          ACTUAL            SPEED   ACC.   GRIP   HAND    TOTAL
 Beamer        BMW Series 5        70     70     55     46      241
 Jam Jar       Police car          67     70     35     46      218
 Tank                              45     44     55     35      179
 Micro         Mini                50     58     30     40      178
 Rig           Articulated lorry   57     40     30     38      165
 Speed Boat                        43     36     25     42      146
 Super Snail   Citroën 2CV         36     32     17     32      117
 Locust        Lotus 7            
 Surf Wagon    VW Caravanette     
 60s F1                           
 Willys        Jeep               
 Peace Wagon   VW Beetle          
 Barbarian     Monster truck      
 Conemasters   Ice-cream van      
 GT Racer                         

Getting a vehicle that is already in your collection is not a bad thing, as
it simply goes up a level. This means that it has slightly better statistics
and may also be more difficult to be won in Keepsies. Each vehicle has a horn
which is disctinct, except for tanks which fire shells.


There are 48 courses in total. Which courses are available to you depend on
which game mode you are playing. The courses available for Time Trials are
different than those available for Challenges which are listed below.

 BEGINNERS                       TRICKY
 Swerve Shot                     Pond Life
 Periodic Park                   Formula X
 Cheesey Jumps                   The Main Course
 Vindaloo Drive-Thru             Beached Buggies
                                 Super Bowl

 DIFFICULT                       ADVANCED
 Baguette Balance                Snail Trail
 Beware of the Dog               ?
 Right on Cue                    ?
 Interesting Voyage              ?
 Bucket and Speed                ?

Use scenery to your advantage, whether it is to get you around a corner
faster (bounce off an object) or to slow you opponent down (bounce them into
the scenery). Some scenery ahs side-effects, see Section 2.5.

Watch out for uneven surfaces. Even slight imperfections, or small objects
can throw you off course or hinder your driving.

Use track-side objects to help you remmeber the layout of each course.


The a few power ups available and effective use is definitley required to get
through anything past Beginner. They are the little green parcels that you
see around the courses. Multi-coloured parcels are global power ups for every
opponent on the track.

 ITEM                  NUM   EFFECT
 Dynamite                3   Straight ahead in an arc. Can ricochet.
 Fire Ball              '5   Explodes any contact. Harder to judge direction.
 Force Field             3   Repels any close opponents away.
 Mallet                  3   Crushes any vehicle under it.
 Mines                   3   Explodes vehicle that comes into contact.
 Missile                 3   Straight ahead and level. Can ricochet.
 Turbo Boost             !   Gives vehicle burst of acceleration and speed.
 Wheels of Fire         '5   Half way to a fire ball. Sort of.

 SCENERY               NUM   SIDE EFFECT
 Green spillage         '3   Causes fire ball.
 Milk                    !   Reduces grip.
 Red spillage           '3   Causes invisibility.
 Transparent spillage    !   Slows vehicle down.

 KEY: ! = instantaneous, '? = number of seconds.

It is a good thing to figure out what each power up on a course is and then
decide which one is most effective with your driving method and try to pick
it up on each lap. This can be the difference between winning and losing a
race, regardless of driving skill. Some power ups are hidden away.


When you complete a Time Trial your exact race movement is remembered and if
you race the same course again, without loading a new one, then you can race
against the shadow of your previous attempt. If you beat the shadow, then
that new performance will replace it, if you don't then it won't. Simple.


There are numerous modes of play, but they are all based on a couple of basic
themes. These are discussed below, along with any other modes that deserve a
special mention.

The aim is to get all the lights down the side of the screen to your colour
by getting far enough (about a screen) ahead of your opponent. The winner is
the first to do this or the one who has the majority after the three laps.
If you are equal after the laps, then the first to get ahead in a playoff is
the winner.

This is the more normal race mode. you have to finish first or second to
progress to the next course. To win a group, you must come first in the last
race of the group. Vehicles are awarded for coming first in a race.

Learn the Micro Machine essentials here.

Vehicles are awarded for completing a group.

Vehicles are awarded for beating your current record.

It is perfectly legitimate, in my book, to repeatedly race Time Trials and
Challenges to further your vehicle collection. Even if you've completed them
fully many times before.



At current I don't know of any cheats for V3, but some useful bits and pieces
are outlined below.


To start with you can race Beginner, Tricky and Difficult. On completion of
these more groups become available.

 Difficult  ->  Advanced  ->  ?


It is important to remember that you don't have to stay within the confines
of the marked road. It is beneficial most of the time to cut corners. In a
few circumstances whole chicanes can be cut off, and as long as the computer
controlled opponents stay follow the track you'll leave them behind.


If you start accelerating on the second bleep, then when the race starts you
will get a Turbo Start. A proper, full Turbo Start is greeted with a message
saying so on the screen.


If you think that you have a fast Time Trial record, then you may want to get
it noticed for the fact. Codemasters offer a service as part of their web
site, where you can enter your times intoa Hall of Fame. If they are good
enough, they will be automatically placed under the relevant section.


To do this you need to fill in your Name, Location and the verification code
which is displayed under your time on the records screen.



If you have any additions which you think should be included in this FAQ then
please send them to me as below. Already there are a number of questions
that need answering.

 1 Do you have any relevant information that would add to this FAQ?

 2 Is it possible to actually reach the power-up on top of the Love Triangle?

 3 Are there any proper cheats?


The author of this FAQ, Matthew Sephton, can be contacted by e-mail or
through his web page (which contains information about Björk, other music,
Monkey (Magic), the Sony PlayStation and is the place to download some of my
Windows 95 shareware).

  e-mail: u5ms@csc.liv.ac.uk
     www: http://www.csc.liv.ac.uk/~u5ms/


This FAQ is obtainable from various places on the Internet, but the latest
version can always be downloaded from this URL:


I have written FAQs for Choro Q Racing/Penny Racers, Hermie Hopperhead, Motor
Toon GP 2 and WipeOut 2097/XL which are also available.

4.3  E&OE

All errors and omissions excluded. As far as I know the information in this
document is accurate. Correct me if I'm wrong. Use at your own risk.


Original FAQ by Matthew Sephton. Thanks to my brother Chris Sephton for all
his help and being fool enough to race me at Keepsies.



0.99, 08 Apr 1997  First public release to prompt for more information.
                   Some tables are incomplete.


*************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************