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                                   LEGO Racers
                        For The PC, N64, and PlayStation
                         Written By TBO a.k.a. Gamer 12
                           FAQ/Race Guide Version 0.5
                             Email: tbo12@excite.com
               Homepage: http://home.talkcity.com/InfiniteLoop/tbo

  If you do have this game, No matter if it's on PC, Nintendo 64, or Playstation
  I would really appreciate any tips to the game, guides or walkthroughs to the
  Circuits, and of course codes (In-game codes, GameShark codes, etc.) This FAQ 
  Is still incomplete and can't be complete without YOUR help! Thanks for 


_/Table of Contents_/
01. Updates (History)
02. Intro
03. System Requirements (PC Only)
03. Basics - Controls
   -The Building Blocks
    ~Block Powerups
    ~Building Your Racer
04. LEGO Racers Menu
05. Build
06. Circuit Race
07. Time Race
08. Tips & Tricks
09. Codes
10. Websites
11. My Requests - Wanted Assistance
12. Thank You's
13. Customer Service - Tech. Support (PC Only)
   -FAQ (PC Only)
14. Copyright - About 

_/U  P  D  A  T  E  S_/

11/08 - vERSION 0.0: Started my third FAQ and my first for 
the PC CD-ROM and a racing game. Also its the first FAQ for this game and is 
still a bit uncompleted.

11/13 - vERSION 0.1: Changed a few things around the FAQ to make it usable for 
N64, PlayStation, and PC. Also corrected the shortcut info for Desert Adventure 
Dragway Strategy and found another shortcut on the Magma Moon track as well :). 
Still have a few things incomplete.

11/16 - vERSION 0.2: Updated a few things and added more info to the build menu. 
Also added a Time Race section.

11/24 - vERSION 0.3: Added brand new "Codes" and "Tips and Tricks" to the FAQ.

11/25 - vERSION 0.4: Changed the previous date for the version 0.3 update.

12/10 - vERSION 0.5: Added notice and did some spell checking if any was 

12/11 - vERSION 0.5a: Forgot to put the correct version of this FAQ and 
corrected the previous version word "version 0.5" to "Version 0.5."

_/I    N    T    R    O_/
  "You build your Lego from scratch. Adding a yellow block here, and neon green 
antennas to the back of the Lego car. You pull out your Lego Island set and 
begin to build that. Now you're ready... Vrrrooom! You pass the coconut 
plantations and the dark hidden caves and just up ahead you see the finish line. 
But wait, what's that? It's the Island monster and it's racing against you too!? 
As well as that strange woman named 'Joan of Kart' you met earlier on... well 
they're gonna have to finish after you do! So you grab a green-block powerup and 
as soon as you hit the last turn, you JET! Congrats, you've won... but on this 
race and not the circuit..."

As weird as that sounded, its all possible in this fun, zany, and wacky racing 
game LEGO Racers. Similar to Mario Kart in some aspects, you get to choose from 
a range of characters based on LEGO building sets. "But hey you say its Lego!" 
you say. "Can't I build?" The answer... YES!! You can customize and build YOUR 
own racer in this game! Here's the game description, straight from the creators.

[( Description )]
Customize your own unique LEGO Car and LEGO Driver, then challenge up to five 
other drivers in landscapes based on four LEGO SYSTEM themes. A unique power-up 
system provides players with numerous ways to gain the upper hand. Discover 
hidden short cuts and secret pathways that will help you defeat your Champion 
challengers and become the best in the ultimate racing test. 



Computer required: 100% Windows 95/98 DirectX 6.1 Compatible Computer Game not 
                   compatible with Windows NT, OS/2, Linux or Windows emulated 
                   operating system.
CPU: Pentium 166 MHz required.
Memory: 32MB RAM Required.   
Video: 4MB PCI or AGP Direct3D compatible graphics accelerator card.
CD-ROM: Quad speed (4x) or faster CD-ROM / DVD drive required.
Sound Card: 100% Windows 95/98 DirectX compatible 16-bit sound card 
Input Device required: 100% Windows 95/98 compatible joystick, mouse and 
Joystick/Gamepad:	Recommended.
DirectX (version 6.1+)

Installation requires 210MB free hard drive space (Uncompressed).

_/B A S I C S - C O N T R O L_/

|L E G E N D|
|Block Powerups|
|Building Your Racer|