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Version History 3. Introduction/Story 4. Controls 5. Items 6. Char. Description 7. Walkthrough A. The Beginning (Following Aton) B. Flying Forest (Receptacle) C. Hunter's Area (Forest Rune) 8. Actual FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 9. Credits 10. Sites Able To Host My FAQ ================================================================================ ============================== 1. Personal Info. =============================== ================================================================================ This section is just to let you know where and how to contact me. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, praises, fanmail, hatemail, anything like that, please feel free to contact me. My e-mail address is TyAlt21@aol.com and my AIM is TyAlt21. Don't hesitate to send me anything, as I love seeing my inbox packed full of mail. That address again is TyAlt21@aol.com. Right now, the only sites I have given permission to host this FAQ is GameFAQ's, and all of the other sites listed below in section 9,but if you are interested in hosting my FAQ, please e-mail me and I'll add you to the list. This whole FAQ is mine, came from my brain, so all credit is due to me unless I say otherwise. With that out of the way, get on with the walkthrough! ================================================================================ ============================== 2. Version History ============================== ================================================================================ v0.1 (12-29-03) - Decided to do write this walkthrough while being supported by all the people on the GameFAQ's message board. Started writing about the things before the beginning few levels, drew up a basic outline of my walkthrough. v0.2 (12-30-03) - Began writing the walkthroughs of the first few levels, going more indepth on the first level. Planning on getting further into the game tomorrow. v0.3 (1-2-04) - Began work on the next level. Added some newer, better, ASCII art. Neatened up some of the sections and copyright information. v0.4 (1-3-04) - Added some new FAQ's. Added an entire section devoted to only FAQ's from my e-mail and the Kya message board. Made dividers easier to see. ================================================================================ ============================== 3. Introduction ================================= ================================================================================ The story starts out with Kya and her brother, Frank, looking through their basement. They come upon this medallion, and neither one of them knows it's purpose. After screwing around with it for a little while, they get transported into a different world. Kya wakes up in a strange place, and Frank is no where to be seen. Then, little furry animals, or Nativs, find her and tell her to get up, before running away. Aton, the white haired Nativ, commands her to get up and to follow him. This is where gameplay officially begins. ================================================================================ ============================== 4. Controls ===================================== ================================================================================ Here are your basic controls for moving and operating Kya: L1 - Brings up a screen containing your map. L2 - Hold down to sneak; while sneaking, X makes Kya roll. R1 - Hold down to enter first person mode; Right control stick zooms telescope. R2 - Brings up the item screen; Have to push either square or circle to select. Left Analog - Only controls to make Kya move around the screen. Right Analog - Controls the pesky camera; Without this, the view is real bad. Square - Action button; Makes Kya climb, mount things, or throw her boomy. Triangle - No purpose unless fighting. Controls Kya's kicks while fighting. Circle - If an item is selected, uses item. Controls Kya's grabs while fighting. X - Kya jumps, dives, or rolls depending on what she is currently doing. Start - Brings up the pause menu; allows you to save, load, etc. Select - Brings up the items menu; allows you to view Kya's items and equip. ================================================================================ ============================== 5. Items ======================================== ================================================================================ Regular Boomy - This is the first boomy Kya will get. You will have to buy it from the only shop open for a measley 10 nooties. It has no special features, and is just used to kill enemies. Travels at a slow speed. Silver Boomy - The second boomy Kya can get, is a bit more expensive and has a few more special features. This one can be manually aimed by holding R1 and square. Travels at a medium speed. Golden Boomy - The last boomy Kya gets, the golden boomy, is the best. Costing you a whopping 100 nooties, this boomy has the ability to be aimed, like the silver one, but also to be steered around using the left analog stick. Travels the fastest making multiple kills easier. White Bracelet - The initial bracelet Kya starts out with. This allows for a very basic fighting style, while not increasing Kya's stats at all. This is a gift, so you don't have to worry about nooties. Yellow Bracelet - This can be bought for 100 nooties after saving some more Nativs. This enables Kya to gaurd against enemy attacks, and gain the tornado, double kick, and sweep attacks. Green Bracelet - When this shop opens, you can buy a Green Bracelet for 150 nooties. The Green Bracelet lets Kya flip and ride enemies, and gets the tail grab, hammer head, catapault, tail kick, side kick, grab kick, tail turn, and overboard attacks. Blue Bracelet - The Blue Bracelet allows Kya to dodge enemies, and gains the mega uppercut, kicking straight up, and the triple pound abilities. Brown Bracelet - The Brown Bracelet lets Kya use a new technique, the boomy storm, and power up. Boomy storm is kind of a cool technique, and isn't blocked as often as her other attacks. Black Bracelet - The Black Bracelet costs 400 nooties and the only thing Kya can gain from the Black Bracelet is the counterattack. Silver Bracelet - The Silver Bracelet gives Kya up to a 10% strength in battles, which comes in handy when fighting some of the bigger wolfen in the game. Gold Bracelet - The Gold Bracelet gives Kya up to a 30% strength boost in battles, surpassing even the power of the Silver Bracelet. Jamgut Birdcall - This item is purchased in order to ride the wild Jamguts you'll find out in the world. Telescope - This allows Kya to zoom in on specific things and makes aiming at things a little easier. The only bad thing about this telescope is that stupid little crack in the upper right corner of the circle. Magic Bouncers - The magic bouncers let Kya bounce back and forth between two close walls. This is helpful a few times when there seems to be no possible way to the top. Climbing Gloves - Climbing Gloves give Kya the ability to climb uneven surfaces such as vines. Regeneration - This is a power that allows Kya to gain life points back when near a piece of Amber. To activate the stones, you press the triangle button. The only bad thing about doing this is that it uses your mana balls. The large piece of Amber in Nativ City is different then those you find out in the world, as it doesn't require any mana balls. Magic Board - This board doesn't make you go any faster than you would on your feet, but it allows you to jump over any logs or other obsticles that would be blocking your path otherwise. Speed Board - This is an uprgraded version of the Magic Board, it just makes you go faster all the time and reacts to the speed plants that you'll find on some of the slides out in the world. Receptacle - Kya needs to get the Receptacle in order to collect the seven runes that you will have to find throughout the game. Runes - The runes are scattered throughout the game and when collected, allow you to carry 50 more mana balls, and, when brought together, will create the medallion you need to get home. There is a rune in the Roots, Flying Fortress, Hunter's Domain, Quarry, Air Post, and Forgotten Island. Invincibility Fruit - If you eat this fruit, you will be rendered invincible and unable to lose any life points for a short time. Strength Fruit - Eating this fruit will increase the damage you give in all of Kya's attacks. Life Fruit - This fruit restores some of Kya's life points. Trap Bomb - This bomb when struck, releases one of those traps that grabs whatever lands on it and flies away. Needed for the Zoo quest. Electric Bomb - This bomb will give off a small lightning charge when you lay it and hit it with your boomy. ================================================================================ ============================== 6. Char. Description ============================ ================================================================================ Kya - She may be a babe from the city, but don't be fooled. Nothing stops this girl; not inter-dimensional travel to a mysterious realm, not even the threat of world destruction. She may not know it yet, but she is the One... Kya, a young woman adapting to this challenging and somewhat strange situation, has found the hero within. She combines that newfound strength and purpose with her own personality and attitude to right what has gone wrong, but in her own way and style. Brazul - This dark presence is ruler of the parallel world, and creator of the evil Wolfens. He possesses terrifying magical knowledge and conquered the realm by perfecting a process for transforming Nativs into his Wolfen army. Brazul is a madman bent on domination and destruction. He is a powerful, brilliant and unstoppable foe. He is the reason that Kya is on this parallel world -- and this is why Kya must confront Brazul in order to rescue her brother, save the Nativs, and find a way home. Nativs - They are the gentle tribe transformed and persecuted by Brazul. They live in Nativ City and pass most of their time building shops and selling you objects, or inticing you to win money in challenges! At first, there are few Nativs in the village, but when you exorcise Wolfens, the freed Nativs head back to the village and build more shops, selling even more new objects! Free the Nativs from their wicked spell to progress in the game. Wolfens - They are the terrible army of Brazul, former Nativs mutated by evil. There are three types of Wolfens: the savage Scrawnies, the brutal Grunts and the clever Kronos. Each type of Wolfen is different in its role and abilities. The only way to transform Wolfens back to Nativs is to fight them and knock them out! Once they're KO, you can use your magic energy to exorcise them. Stuff - This crazy furry animal is a Galbo, a very rare species that allows Atea to contact Kya through telepathy. Stuff knows the environment very well and will help you by giving tips and useful information throughout the game. ================================================================================ ================================================================================ ============================== 7. Walkthrough ================================== ================================================================================ ================================================================================ ================================================================================ ============================== (A) The Beginning =============================== ================================================================================ The beginning really holds no challenge to the experienced gamer, but it's just a way to get to know Kya's controls, how she moves, how high she jumps, etc. You'll start out on the ground, and Aton will tell you to get up. You do as told and he'll start running. Simply follow him jumping when something blocks your path. Watch out for the things that look like little piles of dirt. After running and dodging the traps for a bit, you'll need to use square to kick an animal into the trap, opening a place for you to cross the obstacle. Eventually you'll get to a place where you have to start boarding, but since you have no board, you'll just slide all the way down on your feet. This still isn't hard, so just follow the trail and move left or right depending on where the rocks and trees come in. Once you're done sliding, it's just more jumping and running until you get to the wind cannon. Here is were a slight challenge begins. You will start out flying through the air, and you can't steer Kya while she's going up. Once you start to fall though, is when the fun begins. Using the control stick, you have to guide Kya through a tunnel. If you're going to hit the bottom of the tunnel, simply hold up on the control stick to get more elevation. If you make it out of the tunnel alive, you'll next come to a place that tries to push you up, and you need to use X to dive and regulate your height. Just pump X to get through the narrow places and you'll be out. Aton will tell you that there's a hidden entrance to his village just beyond the wolfen, so you need to take him out. He pushes you towards a stump. Go stand on the stump and push square to taunt him. He'll start running towards you. Right after you taunt, make a right and run past the big X on the ground. The wolfen will run right onto it, and Aton activates the trap rendering the wolfen unconcious. From there, it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to Nativ City. Congradulations! You've beaten the easiest part of the game! Once in Nativ City, Nativs will tell you that you need a weapon. To get this weapon, head through the woods collecting nooties as you go. Once you have all ten of them, follow the pretty arrows to the shop you'll need to buy your boomy at. With this weapon in hand, it's time to advance to the first level of the game. ================================================================================ From now on, in the rest of the walkthrough, each shell elevator will be seperated by a number. The number matches the corresponding number on the shell elevator. For example, (1) is the shell elevator with the 1 in the upper left corner. ================================================================================ ================================================================================ ============================== (B) Flying Forest =============================== ================================================================================ ((1)) After getting your boomy in the village, follow the arrows over to the forest entrance. If you haven't quite figured the boomy out, push square to destroy the two amortos blocking your path. Take the elevator into the forest. Once in the forest, you'll see a large gap. Jump up and hang off of the thin ledge and start to shimmy across, making sure to look out for the small spiders. You'll see a Wolfen walking around in the clearing, KO him and bring back your Nativ buddy. For some extra sliding practice, as well as some more mana balls, take the air current up to the top of the slide, collecting as you go down. When you fall, be sure to land on the soft amortos, or you'll wind up hurting yourself. Jump into the air current blowing horizontally, and you'll see a strange machine. Push the button on this machine and a bomb will come out and blow up the rocks that are blocking your path. Push the button a second time to take care of the second set of rocks. Kill the three wolfen you come to, and man the air cannon. With the air cannon, turn to your left and blow up the rocks blocking the air current. Kill the 2 wolfen you see in the clearing, and stand on the elevator. Throw your boomy at the switch, causing your elevator to move to the top of the cliff. Once you're at the top, you'll see 5 nooties, seemingly sitting out in the open. If you move in to collect them, you'll see that it was a trap and have to fight 4 wolfen. Throw your boomy at the rope thats tied to a rock, crossing the bridge. Since you don't have the climbing gloves yet, you can't climb the vine, so obviously you have to jump down the floating platforms on your right. You'll have to walk down a small hallway, killing the wolfen. Make your way behind the boxes to find 2 more wolfen and an elevator. Stand on the elevator and hit the switch with your boomy, bringing you to the egg. Stuff will come out, and you'll have to hit the switch with your boomy opening the gate. Move Kya over to the acidic looking lake and Stuff will show you which stumps to jump on. Before opening the shell elevator, find the two rocks and cut them both down. Open the shell elevator and you're ready to move on. If you're counting how many wolfen you should have by now, the answer is 17. There have been 17 possible wolfen so far, if you have less, I suggest going back and collecting the ones you missed. ((2)) Go down the shell elevator you just opened up, and you'll see a short scene with the village elder. After he gets done talking, you need to follow the arrows to an open shop, and buy the magic board, and the telescope if you have enough. With your new board in hand, return to the elevator and take the shortcut you took back to where the egg was. There is a slide right next to the alter where the egg was kept. Jump into the slide, and jump over any obstacles you might encounter. The slide is short, and dumps you out right next to the next shell elevator; yeah, it was that simple. ((3)) Starting out this next area, you'll need to push the micken (the little animal) over to the wall, bouncing on it's head to get up. Hit the small plants from a distance so they won't shock you, but rather shock each other. Move through the plants and on to an area with 2 air currents. You need to move to the top of the currents, and stand on the first switch. While standing on the switch, throw your boomy at the fruit straight across from you. The micken below will move out of harms way to eat the fruit and you can release the switch, moving on to the next one. You have to do the same thing here, putting the micken into perfect position to bounce up onto the next platform. Eventually, you'll encounter another one of those tunnels with the wind trying to blow you up, just use X to regulate your height like you did before. Once out of the tunnel, stand on the hole covered with vines and throw your boomy at the switch. You'll find an armed wolfen standing in front of your elevator! The easiest way to deal with him, is to hit the first switch you came across. It will shoot the wolfen high into the air, allowing you to hit the switch and ride the elevator to the top of the ledge. Turn left right away, and jump off the bridge onto the land to the right of the tree. Follow the wall until you come to another bridge. The wolfen will land, breaking the bridge in half. Climb the bridge like a ladder, and move to the right of the cavern. You'll find another micken, and use it to get to the roof of the house. Fall into the second hole and hit the switch. You can now sneak up and kill that armed wolfen. Go back to the micken and follow the planks on the houses all the way to the closed gate. Jump down and open the gate, then use the air cannon to blow yourself over to the next shell elevator. ((4)) Go left of the shell elevator, and kill the 2 blue enemies that you find. Go up the stairs you just opened up, and you'll find an alter with the receptacle on it. A winged creature will steal it, and you'll have to chase it down the series of slides. It's not possible to catch him, so just go slow and avoid the rocks and trees. You'll land on some amortos, move just to the left of them. You'll have to kill 3 more wolfens and another blue enemy, before coming upon a platform. Stand on the platform until the moving chair-like thing travels to you. Jump on and wait to get to the other side. Move forward just a little bit, and in the winged creatures nest, you'll find your receptacle. Activate the shell elevator, and travel back into town. ================================================================================ ============================== In Nativ City =================================== ================================================================================ When you first return to Nativ City, Stuff will tell you that he and Atea are waiting in the Hunter's Area. Go back into the room with all the elevators in it, and Stuff will point out which shell elevator you need to take. ================================================================================ ============================== (C) Hunter's Area =============================== ================================================================================ Once back in the level, go back to that cave that had vines in it before, but you couldn't do anything because you didn't have the climbing gloves. Navigate your way through the vines and climb up the vines to the elevator. Once there, hit the bomb machine so a bomb is put on the elevator, then hit the switch. You'll take out both wolfen in the process. Wait for a raft to come to you on the dock, and ride it until you get to the air current. When the air current stops blowing, you will see a raft coming from behind you. Drop down onto the raft and continue on to the Hunter's Area. Go down the slide which is through the door that is surrounded by all the spiders. Blow up the first rock you see, opening a ladder of vines for you to climb up. Now you're in the Hunter's Area. Try and defeat both wolfens with guns, and then continue on to the hut to your right. Climb up the vines and wait for one of the platformed boxes to appear. Jump on the closest platform. In the next few minutes, you will see a fence with wolf guys standing guard on it. You'll always want the box in between you and the fence. When the box changes directions, so should you. When the giant hammer starts swinging at the boxes, keep jumping to the platform farthest away from it. Once you've made it past here, you'll encounter a smaller platform with a small box on it. Jump inside the box and crouch down. You'll fly past a few wolfen, and when a giant rock is about to crush you, jump out. You'll have to hit a switch to open a gate, then ride the air current way up to a high platform. You'll collect your first rune and fight your first boss. To kill the boss, you'll just need to dodge and throw. Dodge whenever he spits lava at you, and throw your boomy at his spots. Hit the first two spots from ground floor, then move up a stair. Throw your boomy knocking out the next two spots, then move up one more level. Use your boomy to hit the last two spots, and you'll have killed your first boss! Once he dies, all the lava will disappear leaving you with a clear entrance out. Make sure when you're thorwing your boomy at the boss, you're only doing it while his spots are red. You can only hurt him when they're red, otherwise, your boomy will have no effect. ================================================================================ ============================== In Nativ City =================================== ================================================================================ After taking the shell elevator back to Nativ City, you'll see a little cinematic, and the crazy Nativ will mark where you have to go next on your map. If you haven't saved 30 Nativs yet, you're going to have to go back through the worlds to save more, because the shop you need to open requires 30 nativs. Once you have 30 Nativs, go to the newest shop in town and buy the Jamgut Birdcall. Head back through the shell elevator you opened up after the Forest Boss. ================================================================================ ================================================================================ Of course this FAQ isn't done, I just wanted to share what I have done with the world. If you have any better information than that listed above, please feel free to e-mail me. I'll be updating all the time, so check back often! ================================================================================ ================================================================================ ================================================================================ ============================== 8. Frequently Asked Questions =================== ================================================================================ Q: How do I get to the top of the wind tower in order to make it to The Quarry? A: You stand and crouch behind rocks making you safe from the gusts of wind, and then you should try to make it to the next rock or boulder before the wind picks up again. You should be able to make it to the top Q: There's a wolfen with a gun that I can't seem to beat. How do I kill him? A: Try and use L2 to sneak up behind him. If you can, another good strategy is to jump off of a high ledge almost right on top of him, he'll have to fight you only using his fist. Q: The bosses in this game are kind of hard. Could you include a boss section in your FAQ? A: I'm thinking about adding a seperate section devoted to nothing but bosses. Look for it in future versions. Q: Only version (insert version number here)? What's that all about? A: I intend to make versions for awhile, and this guide isn't even close to being done. Once I get done with all the levels, this guide will be at 1.0. I was also thinking of adding a section on where to find all 260 wolfen in the game. Extras like these won't be included for awhile. Please check this FAQ often, as I update a lot more than you'd think. ================================================================================ ============================== 9. Boss Strategies ============================== ================================================================================ ((Hunter's Area - Giant Lava Spitting Monster)) To kill this boss, you'll just need to dodge and throw. Dodge whenever he spits lava at you, and throw your boomy at his spots. Hit the first two spots from ground floor, then move up a stair. Throw your boomy knocking out the next two spots, then move up one more level. Use your boomy to hit the last two spots, and you'll have killed your first boss! Once he dies, all the lava will disappear leaving you with a clear entrance out. Make sure when you're thorwing your boomy at the boss, you're only doing it while his spots are red. You can only hurt him when they're red, otherwise, your boomy will have no effect. ================================================================================ ================================================================================ ============================== 10. Wolfen Locations ============================ ================================================================================ ================================================================================ This section is currently unavailable. Look for this around version 1.5 ================================================================================ ============================== 11. Credits ===================================== ================================================================================ So far, the only people to thank are me and my Kya game manual (for the char. descriptions) There's always room for more people to thank, and if you have something to make this walkthrough even better, give me an e-mail and I'd be happy to add your name and information in here. This FAQ is not to be sold and only to be used for personal use. Besides myself, I'd like to thank: -ThinkOriginal ================================================================================ ============================== 12. Sites Able To Host My FAQ =================== ================================================================================ www.gamefaqs.com www.911cheats.com www.cheatcc.com www.game-revolution.com www.cheathappens.com www.ign.com www.cheatplanet.com All information is Copyright 2003-2004 Tyler Tabako (TyAlt21@AOL.com).