Minna No Golf 2 (Hot Shots 2) Japanese Playstation Import General FAQ, v1.0 August 14, 1999 Brian Youn ********************** ** Revision History ** ********************** v1.0, August 14, 1999. First run, general info and menu translations. More to come...? ****************** ** General Info ** ****************** "Minna No Golf 2" is the sequel to the popular golf game that was released in the U.S. as "Hotshots Golf." ["Minna No Golf" actually means "Everybody's Golf"] After playing this game non-stop for the past week with my friends, I decided to put together a general information FAQ, specifically to translate some of the menu options, etc. (Please not I am **not** a native speaker of Japanese, but I do know enough to read the basic options) The mechanics of the actual game are similar; however the gameplay is a bit smoother, especially when controlling the distance bar when hitting. In Hotshots 1, there was a red "concentration" bar under the "0" on the distance meter, which, if you hit dead center, would give you the most accurate shot (likewise, if you missed to either side, the ball would go off in the respective direction). In Minna no Golf 2, there is a smaller purple section within the red bar, and hitting anywhere in the purple section gives you almost just as good a hit as if you were to hit in the dead center. Hitting outside of the purple section, but still in the red section, gives you a slightly less accurate hit, just like in Hotshots 1. This makes for driving shots **much** easier. Putting is a bit more difficult, as there is no longer a grid on the green to help you calculate the angle to putt at. There is only an arrow on the top right of the screen which points in the direction of the slope, along with the indication of whether the green "SLICES" or "HOOKS". Putting definitely takes a bit to get used to, but this is probably more realistic (since there are no grids in real life ^_^). There is still wind and rain, as well as snow. In some of the later holes in each course, the sky will turn twilight to indicate that it is late in the evening. If you are playing with multiple players, there are a lot more voices that you can use to distract the hitter with. (all four buttons, as well as the four directions of the control pad... different sets of voices for tee shots, green shots, and when the ball is in mid-air) About the wind: it seems that the wind in Minna 2 has about 1/3rd the effect it had in the first game. For instance, the strongest wind I ever saw in Hotshots 1 was about 20m, where in Minna 2 the strongest wind we've seen is 8m... which was about the same strength as 20m in Hotshots 1. There are 13 total golfers, 7 courses plus one "mini golf" course, which is a course full of Par 3's, each about 150 yards or so ("Minigolf" is not a putting course as it was in the first game). There are also 5 sets of clubs and 6 sets of golf balls that you can use, which alter your stats in different ways. You start with 3 golfers, and the rest are acquired by beating the CPU in VS mode, much like Hot Shots 1. There are a couple of cool FMV's after the 10th and 13th opponents... after getting all of the golfers, you get to play each opponent again, but they use special clubs and balls and are **very, very** difficult. This game is chock full of features, and is very very cool. I only hope Sony keeps all of the bonuses intact if/when they bring it to the U.S. ****************************** ** Gameshark Lockout codes: ** ****************************** First thing's first... If you are playing this game on a North American Playstation console with a mod-chip installed, you will need to use a Pro-Action Replay or GameShark with the following code(s) to get past the mod-chip lockout (which is being used on most of the new Japanese imports): D0050E3A 1040 80050E3A 1000 or D0016194 4340 80016196 2400 D0016194 4340 8001619E 2400 Apparently, the 2-line code works on GameShark v2.4, but if you are using a GameShark 1.99 (as I am), you need to use the 4-line code. If you are using a GameShark Pro 3.1, you might be out of luck. I tried using both codes on my Pro 3.1, and neither one worked right--the game would still give me the lockout message. I contacted NCS (the internet import dealer, www.ncsx.com) and they told me that I might have luck entering the code **twice**, but that didn't work for me either. Strange that the GS Pro doesn't work... I have no further info about the lockout codes/devices than what I have written here, so if you have any other questions about this, you might wanna contact NCS. Their email is somewhere on their website, http://www.ncsx.com. ************************************ ** Menu translations/explanations ** ************************************ After the opening FMV, you will be given two choices: NEW GAME CONTINUE (Please note that generally, the O button will move you forward, and the X button will cancel/move backwards.) The game will not automatically load your save file, as in the first game, instead you have to select CONTINUE and load your file. But you can keep more than one save file in Minna No Golf 2, which is convenient if you're sharing the game with some friends... (like me ^_^) If you select NEW GAME, you will be asked to input a name for the save file. You can choose Hiragana, Katakana, and ABC's ^_^. The name can be up to 6 characters long BTW. *************** ** Main Menu ** *************** Afterwards you will be taken to the MAIN MENU, which reads as follows: [each menu will be explained in their respective sections] MAIN MENU GAME DATA HOMEPAGE CONTINUE OPTIONS *************** ** Game Menu ** *************** Selecting GAME will take you to the GAME MENU, which reads as follows: GAME STROKE MATCH TOUR VS MINIGOLF TRAINING Stroke is your basic stroke mode, lowest number of strokes wins. Match is scored by number of holes won, regardless of stroke count. Tour mode is new in Minna 2, and is where you unlock courses 3-7, as well as other bonuses. VS mode is one player VS the computer, match play, to unlock the last 10 golfers. You must beat the computer golfer to gain access to that character. Minigolf is 18 holes of short par 3's--NOT a putting range. Training is your basic practice mode, where you can practice on any hole of any course that you have unlocked. --Selecting a golfer-- First you need to select a golfer. You will have 3 golfers to choose from initially, the last 10 are won through VS mode. Their names are displayed in the bar across the top of the character info box, along with an arrow in the top right to indicate whether the character hits straight, draw, or fade. The names of all the characters (which are in Kana) are: KUMI (The "Mary" of this game) LOU (the "Taku" of this game... ^_^) SUZUKI HITOMI TAKUA SILVIA CHARLES BEN LEON (Tiger Woods, anybody? ^_^) HOKU (A cowboy, not sure exactly what his name is supposed to be) LEILA COUGAR VADER I won't give stats, cuz that's part of the fun... ^_^ But just like Hotshots 1, there are no "perfect" players. The four attributes for each character are (from top to botton): POWER (driving power) CONTROL (I think this affects the size of your red bar, for hitting) IMPACT (Affects the size of the purple bar, which is within the red bar) SPIN (degree of spin... with a "B" you can burn skidmarks on fire!) Each stat is graded from "A" thru "E", "A" being the higher end, "E" being the lowest. Once you have access to the special clubs and balls, it is possible to get an "S" rating on certain attributes, which is the highest. Initially you only have STANDARD clubs and balls, but eventually you will have 5 sets of each, plus a 6th set of balls: STANDARD (Clubs and balls) PINHOLE (Raises control, lowers impact) TURBO SPIN (Raises spin, lowers power and impact) BEGINNERS (lowers power, but raises impact) BIG AIR (raises power, lowers control and impact) COMICAL (balls only... these balls do weird things, is all I'll say...) Pressing L1 and R1 change the clubs, L2 and R2 the balls. I apologize for not having any way of typing out the Japanese equivalents for the clubs and balls... --Tour Mode-- To unlock the different courses, clubs, and balls, you will have to play through Tour Mode and build up points. There are 5 tour classes: AMATEUR, SEMIPRO, PRO, TOUR PRO, TOP PRO. In each class there are 4 seasons to play, 18 holes each. You are rewarded a certain number of points depending on your finish in each season, and you need a certain number of TOUR POINTS to advance to the next class. There is a second set of points, which are COURSE POINTS. Reaching the set number of COURSE POINTS will unlock the next course after finishing the fourth course of each class. If you don't reach the necessary number of TOUR POINTS, you need to redo the class until you do... ^_^ And if you reach the number of points needed to advance in the first 3 courses, you can opt to skip the fourth (of you can skip the first and play the last three... and so on) Winning a course will give you a trophy and a special bonus, such as a new set of clubs, balls, HOMEPAGE specials (which are useless if you can't read Japanese), Pocketstation minigames (which are useless if you don't have a Pocketstation ^_^), caddy voices, menu background wallpapers, and other cool goods. --Saving the game-- Minna no Golf 2 can be saved in any of the major game modes (stroke, match, tour, and VS). All you need to do is press select between holes on the screen where the score is displayed. DO NOT PRESS CIRCLE on this screen if you want to save, or else you will have to wait until after the next hole. If you push select, the dialog box will ask you if you want to save the game, so select YES (the first choice). You will be taken to a different screen, just keep selecting YES. After saving, the game will quit and you will be taken back to the MAIN MENU. To resume the game you just saved, just select CONTINUE on the bottom left, and select the game to continue (you can select more than one). *************** ** Data Menu ** *************** The Data Menu looks like: DATA STATUS VTR HISTORY PROFILE VS HISTORY(?) SPECIAL(?) The STATUS menu shows what class you are in, tour points earned/needed, and course points earned/needed. It also shows the best overall score from each course (cool ^_^), as well as the best ranking in all of the tour mode contests, which courses you have opened up and which characters you have access to. VTR is the Video Tape Recorder, which is like a highlight reel (just like in Hotshots 1). It will record chip-in birdies and eagles, as well as hole-in-ones and albatrosses. We haven't actually gotten an albatross yet, although we did get two of them on the first Hotshots... HISTORY is a log of tour mode, showing tour level, points earned, and finishing rank in each season of each tour played. PROFILE shows information on each of the characters, including name, age, country of origin and other information... which is all in Japanese ^_^. VS HISTORY(?)... I put a question mark there because the word(s) after VS is written in Kanji, which is like Greek to me. But this shows a history of your VS mode matches against the computer, who played against whom, etc... SPECIAL(?): This was written in Kanji as well, so I don't know if it says "SPECIAL", but it shows you all the CLUBS&BALLS, ITEMS, and TROPHIES that you have won. The twelve special ITEMS that can be won are: -Soundtrack CD, which lets you do a soundtest of all the music, in the options menu. -Two TV Cameras, which add special camera angles for replays... -Three volumes of some kind of book... I think these might be the wallpaper backgrounds, but I'm not too sure about this... -Two Pocketstation minigames... don't know what these are, as I don't have a Pocketstation and I can't really read the descriptions, but one of them is some sort of "Near Pin" game... -"Arisu Mirror"... Alice mirror maybe? This lets you play in a mirror image course by holding the select button when choosing your course. -Two special caddy voices. One is an additional female voice, and the second is a "DJ" voice, which is the only voice that speaks English. ^_^ -Pinch Hitter Tickets... I've collected two of these, and I have no idea what they are for... best I can make of the description: something to do with VS mode against the computer. I'll try to figure this out, as it looks interesting. ******************* ** Homepage Menu ** ******************* The "Minna No Golf 2 OFFICIAL HOME PAGE" is a collection of information about the game, like a homepage about the game, only you don't need to surf the web to reach it, it is actually in the game. Really cool stuff, if only I could really read Japanese... This is where you download the Pocketstation games. ***************** ** Option Menu ** ***************** Here is a list of the options in the option menu: BGM (background music) ON/OFF GALLERY ON/OFF CADDY VOICE FEMALE/MALE/CRAZY MALE OK PUTT ON/OFF SHOT SKIP ON/OFF MENU CHARACTER OFF/RANDOM/(choose a character) MENU WALLPAPER RANDON/(choose a wallpaper) *MUSIC MODE (select a song to listen to) MEMORY CARD LOAD MEMORY CARD SAVE The BACKGROUND MUSIC is not nearly as annoying as in Hotshots 1. The music is actually pretty decent, like some good RPG music... but most of the time I still turn it off and listen to the radio... ^_^ I believe GALLERY is the option to turn off the audience that sometimes watches you play in tour mode and VS mode (The crowd is pretty cool, they move out of your way when you aim your shot left and right, and carry umbrellas when it rains ^_^). There are two additional caddy voices that can be earned, which become the 4th and 5th choices. OK PUTT is a new feature in Minna 2... when you are over par on a hole, and your putt misses, but is within one meter of the hole (yes, close shots are measured in meters, not feet... although the drives are still measured in yards... ???), the computer will automatically putt the ball in for you, to save time. This is ONLY if you are above par on the hole. (ie, on a par 3, if your tee shot gets to within one meter of the hole, you will have to putt it in yourself for the birdie.) SHOT SKIP... I'm not sure what this is, but the description says: "Shot..... X button.....ball no....skip...... ." I'll mess around with this one... MENU CHARA selects the character for your menu companion... Mary was the "companion" in all of the menu screens for Hotshots 1, for reference. MENU WALLPAPER is the background, and there are some really cool ones. MUSIC MODE must be unlocked in tour mode. And memory card load/save... well, those don't need an explanation, I hope. ******************** ** Final comments ** ******************** Whew, that's about it for now... I know I missed a few things here and there, but much of that is because my Japanese is far from perfect. If anyone else out there has this game and can help me with some of the stuff I missed, I would really appreciate it. If you have any other questions feel free to email me. This FAQ is copyright August 1999, by Brian Youn. All rights reserved, if you wish to use the FAQ anywhere, I would prefer you notify me, and give me credit. Otherwise I don't mind this being used. But don't sell it for money... and if you do, I want a cut of the share... ^_^ (Just kidding, don't you dare sell it.) http://vgstrategies.about.com HTML © 1999 Just The FAQs. All images and content © by the respective owner(s). All rights reserved.