Hogs of War Game Guide version 1.

Iain Noble (Iain_Noble@compuserve.com)

I don't care what you do with this guide. Post it on your web site, rip it  off,
charge other people to use it. As long as it gets them playing this fun game that
is OK with me.

All comments, suggestions and additional hints and tips welcomed.

It is not really possible to write a step by step walk through for this game as
the strategy you use for each mission will depend on what type of specialists you
have in your team, what promotion level they have reached and how good you are at
using the various types of weapons. So I will just try to give some additional
information about the ranks, the weapons, some hints on how to tackle the
missions and some general tips on how best to knock seven shades of swill out of
the opposition.

Because I am a solitary games player I haven't covered the various multiplayer
options. If anyone wants to send me information on these that would be great.

Career Paths and Ranks

As you play the missions you will be awarded promotion points which can be used
to advance your grunts through the ranks of  4 different specialists. It is
important to collect all the promotion points in each level as the number of
points required to advance to the next rank increases and you will need a crack
squad of top level swine for the final levels. You get 1 PP for completing the
level, 1 PP for keeping all your squad alive and there are bonus PPS for
completing special tasks during a level.  At the end of each area on the map (5
missions) you get extra PPS as well.

Grunt Basic rank with 50 HP and a limited range of weapons

Heavy Weapons Specialist Gunner - Bombardier - Pyrotech These guys are able to
use long range weapons like bazookas and mortars. Excellent for attacking from
long range.

Engineer Sapper - Engineer - Saboteur Close range explosives experts who can
detect mine fields.

Espionage Scout - Sniper - Spy Not visible on the map and able to hide,  they use
stealth weapons such as poison gas and sniper rifles. They can also hide
disguised as crates or trees.

Medic Orderly - Medic - Surgeon They can cure and heal other pigs.  They only
have a few standard weapons.

All paths lead to the final two ranks Commando They can use jet packs to reach
inaccessible areas and they can swim.

Hero The top rank. They have the most health points and can call in powerful air
attacks and parachute into remote areas using special ops. They can also heal

Weapons As with all war toys there is the potential for ‘friendly fire.' Take care
that one of your own side is not on the receiving end of a badly placed shot or

Close Range 

Shoot To Kill 
Rifle Burst X3 
Sniper Rifle 
Super Shotgun
Machine Gun 
Heavy Machine Gun

Fire in the Hold! 
Poison Gas 
Cluster Grenade 
Shrapnel Grenade 
High Explosive Grenade

Long Range 
Air Cluster 
Homing Missile 
Rocket Launcher 
Guided Missile 
Super Air burst

Super TNT (save this to demolish pill boxes and reinforced boxes)
Anti-P Mines

Call In Reinforcements 
Air Strike (aim using the cross hairs and use the R1 and
R2 buttons to rotate the direction in which the airship arrives.) 
Special Ops (parachute into remote areas.) 
F-Rain Air Strike (napalm.)

Drugs and Cures 
Healing Hand (close up cure) 
Medicine Ball (a healing grenade)
Medicine Rifle (long distance first aid) 
Tranquilliser (puts the enemy to sleep
so they miss a turn) 
Self heal (only for heroes)

Pick Pocket  (steal an opponent's weapon) 
Hide (makes you invisible to the enemy)

Jet Pack (remember to press X to eject the pack before you parachute to
the ground. The pack can damage anything on the ground so it can be used as a
weapon but can also destroy valuable crates you may be trying to reach)

Last Resort 
All pigs explode when they die, so beware but if all else fails use
the Suicide option to take them with you.

There are shelters where you can take refuge, tanks that you can
use to move around and attack the enemy, pill boxes and gun turrets can be
occupied if they are empty and used against the opposition.

Hints and Tips 
Early in the game water is harmful as the pigs can't swim. Use TNT
or mines to send pigs into the water so that they drown or lose HP whilst
swimming to safety

Cluster grenades can be deadly on a group of pigs. Press X to detonate the
grenade and X again to explode the cluster.

Plan of Action 
Make sure you have a plan before you start each pig off on their
turn, Time is limited and gets shorter in later missions.

To see all the FMV scenes on the game use the team name PRYING PIGS, use the team
name WATTA PORK to see an extra scene. Use MARDY PIGS to unlock the secret Team

The Missions

Boot Camp 
Follow the instructions to get used to the basic controls and use of weapons

Hogs Head

1. War Foundation Just find and kill the 3 enemy pigs. Use grenades for practice
and try to blow them into the water.

2. Routine Patrol Lots of stuff to pick up and if you have an engineer you can
practice using the TNT to blow up the enemy.

3. Trench Warfare Keep away from the skull and crossbones signs as these indicate
a minefield.  Try using your engineer and his mines to blow pigs up and onto the
minefields. There are some cluster grenades in the crates.

4. Morning Glory There is only one way across the river to your right. Try to
blow pigs onto the mines using bazookas or grenades. Don't stand close to the
water or in a group as the enemy will do the same to you (this is good general
advice throughout the game.) There are mortars in the crates.

5. Island Invasion You can't reach the island so you will need to do some
accurate long range shooting. There is a spy hidden in a crate.


6. Under Siege Use grenades to blow the pigs up on the hills into the minefield.
Use your engineer to negotiate the mine field to pick up the crate. Watch out for
the enemy snipers. Pick up all the health crates in the camp.

7. Communications Breakdown Use the high ground to bombard the pill boxes or you
can make a daring dash to grab the Super TNT in the crates and blow them up. Keep
well out of range of the pill box guns.

8. The Spying Game Practice your jumping skills using the Square button to get
your squad over to the mainland. Watch out for spies hidden in the foliage and
use the MASH tent to heal yourself if necessary.

9. The Village People. Use your engineer to get through the minefield to pick up
the PP and a jet pack that will get him to the island and an air strike. Accurate
use of the mortar is essential on this level.

10. Bangers ‘N Mash You need to take the long scenic route to get to the gun
turrets. Use super TNT to blow the crate with the extra PP and the MASH tent if


11. Saving Private Rind Use an Engineer to get the PP in the minefield and the 
jet pack  from the prison camp to get to the air strike on the tall pillar.

12. Just Deserts Try to cause as much damage to the enemy tanks using air bursts
when they are all grouped together. Once they are all gone you can use an
engineer to get the PP from the minefield. Try to grab the air strike that drops
down as a crate on the left of the battlefield before they do.

13. Glacier Guns You need to get rid of all the gun turrets (anti-p mines are
good for this.) Use a jet pack to reach the extra PP on the ledge and collect the
goodies that are dropped each time you destroy a turret.

14. Battle Stations It is relatively easy to mortar the enemy bases but before
you destroy them completely use an engineer to negotiate the minefield to get to
the extra PP and the homing missiles on the very top of the hill.

15. Fortified Swine Don't destroy the wine store by accidentally detonating the
barrels next to it. Use a commando with a jet pack to get to the island to
destroy the stolen hardware. Watch out for mines as you sneak over the bridge.


16. Over the Top You need to destroy the guns to get your extra PPS but before
you do you can jet pack up there and occupy them.

17. Geneva Convention You must destroy all the MASH tents to get your extra PP
(NOTE there is a bug in this level which means you can only ever get 1 bonus PP
even though 2 are shown.)

18. I Spy Use the super TNT to blow up the container with the extra PPS in it.
Time is short and there are lots of spies hidden in the area.

19. Chemical Compound Take out the chemical transporters (hitting the barrels
next to them helps in their destruction.) Use jet packs to reach the air strike
in the crate in the minefield and the rocket launcher on the hill top. Make sure
you save at least 1 jet pack to reach the final extra PP up on the mountain

20. Achilles Heal Just the one MASH tent to destroy but loads of surgeons who can
heal each other and are deadly with grenades. Keep one pig back at base to pick
up the stuff that drops down and the extra PPS. If some brave soul reaches the
drop zone near the tent he will be rewarded with HE grenades.


21. High and Dry Destroy all the outhouses (including the one on your side of the
area) and you will get 3 extra PPS. Blow the door of the storage shed early on
with some TNT so you can collect the guided missiles that get dropped. Hide in
the shelters if injured.

22. Assassination You need to blow the gates or use a jet pack to get out of the
fortress. Try to hi-jack the gun turret when its occupant leaves. Make sure you
pick up the air strikes in the far left of the area. Keep some jet packs or
special ops in reserve to collect the extra PPS when they arrive.

23. Hero Worship Get away from your landing zone as soon as possible as they
enemy are all heroes and can call in air strikes. Swim and hide. Long range
attacks and air strikes should destroy their base and the enemy themselves. Use
jet packs and special ops to reach the extra PPS at the far end of the level and
on the hilltop when they get dropped.

24. Hamburger Hill Loads of enemies.  As you get rid of them extra PPS arrive.

Isle of Swill

25. Well, Well, Well You are up against Legends here who can call up Air Strikes
and F-Rain Air Strikes. Grab the health crates near the wells, if you manage to
destroy a well you will get some extra supplies. Watch out for the green pools
which are poisonous (use this to your advantage if you blow an enemy pig into
them.) You need to have 5 heroes in your team to have any chance of finishing
this level. I have not made it so far and would welcome any tips from somebody
who has!