DUNE 2000
Walkthrough / FAQ

Written by:
SMoon (CsacDanc10293847@aol.com)

Date Created: 11/29/99
Last Revised: 11/29/99

Copyright SMoon 1999

 ***  I N T R O D U C T I O N ***

Hello, y'all. Strategy games and RPGs are my type of game, but Dune 
2000 is one I haven't played in a long while. I did see, however, that 
the Gamefaqs site needed one, so, I am going to go back into the game 
to write the FAQ. 

This game is a lot like Command and Conquer series, as that you do all 
commands the same way. In a way, it is like a 'duned' C&C, in that 
there is a little difference in units, and some improvements in 
gameplay options.

This FAQ is more unique than the other FAQ I have written. I only see a 
need for a FAQ in RPGs, and I really don't know how to write one for 
strategy games yet. But, I will experiment, and, write the best FAQ 
that I damn well can. 

First of all, I haven't played the game much, and I beat the Atreides 
missions. I am (or was) very far in both of the other houses, but I 
haven't beaten them yet. This is where I need your help. If you have 
any information on beating the _ORDOS_ missions, then please tell me! I 
am pretty good at these games, and are revered by other players, but, I 
am not a master. I will beat the ORDOS missions eventually, but I want 
to get the FAQ finished A.S.A.P. Well, enjoy the FAQ!

Also, these strategies are for the EASY category!! They will probably 
work for medium (just requires more speed and slightly different 
strategy) but hard players will probably never find a FAQwriter that 
has that much skill. 

 *** R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y ***

11/30/99       V .3        First release. No walkthrough yet, but It'll
                           be up soon! Please be patient.      

 *** C O N T E N T S ***

I. Game Introduction
II. Gameplay Concepts
III. Structures / Units
   IV. Walkthrough
   - Atreides
   - Harkonnen
   - Ordos
   - Miscellaneous tips
   - Modem/Net/Etc. play tips

\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ I.   G A M E   I N T R O D U C T I O N \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

Dune, a barren, desert world, is a planet that is valuable in one way, 
despite its very harsh conditions. It is the only place in the entire 
known universe that houses the very powerful substance known as the 
Spice Melange. The Spice can lengthen life, power ships, accomplish 
many common tasks. 

Currently, the Padishah Emperor, Federick IV, is the ruler of the 
entire known universe. He is the leader of House Corrino, who trains 
his extremely powerful Sardaukar troops. 

The emperor recently made a challenge...to three of the most powerful 
houses, all of which are hostile to each other. The victor not only 
gains mining rights, but the Governor ship of Dune. Sounds intriguing, 
that such a selfish Emperor would make such an offer...

The houses have accepted the challenge, and all of them are arriving at 
Dune to compete for their precious prize. What could the emperor have 
in store for them? The destiny of Dune is in your hands...

\/\/\/\/\/\/ I I .   G A M E P L A Y   C O N C E P T S \/\/\/\/\/\/\/

Dune is your battle field. A wise commander always knows his 
battlefield. Dune has different types of terrain, that of which can be 
used to your advantage, or even disadvantage.

||||||||||||||               Spice is a reddish color, and is your main
|Spice Fields|               source of dinero. It can be harvested to 
||||||||||||||               obtain credits to purchase units.

|||||||||||||                What do ya think?! It's the most easily                
|Normal Sand|                passable terrain, and also the most 
|||||||||||||                abundant. 

|||||||                      Found in the sand. Obviously, it is hard 
|Dunes|                      pass with vehicles.

|||||||||||||||||            Terrain features that are stable enough to
|Rock Formations|            build structures on. Still, concrete slabs
|||||||||||||||||            must be built for maximum stability.

|||||||||||                  Ridges that are the only elevated areas in
|Mountains|                  all of Dune. Only infantry may cross, 
|||||||||||                  only in certain spots though.

There are two types of species which are indigenous(native) to the 

++ Sand Worms ++      These are an extremely dangerous type of worm.
                      Huge, unseen, and well, huge worms which lurk
                      the sands of Dune. These worms are NOT 
                      invisible, though, and can be killed. The process
                      is very slow, so avoiding it would probably 

++ Fremen ++          These are warriors which live in caves around the 
                      planet called Sietches. Very dangerous and 
                      masters of stealth, they have no allies...yet.

There are three houses that are in a warring state for control of Dune. 
Being some of the most powerful houses in the universe, the Emperor 
sees them as a potent threat, and unleashes a plan that could destroy 
them all, or destroy him, depending on you. The three houses are: